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Cowboy Poet earns his Wanted Poster

Dean “Cowboy Poet” Thomas apparently has been declared by the “church” of Scientology.  According to their issue his greatest sin was hanging with Billy the Kid. But, I know enough about the inside and top to know that is just a shore story. So much has been invested  by DM in creating an image amongst sheep Scientologists of me that all you have to do is say “he’s with Marty” and people know to avoid one like the bubonic plague.  So, that is no reason for declare.  Cowboy Poet got declared because his poetry and posts, and actions communicate something loud and clear to Miscavige that effects him like water effects the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. The Cowboy has got no use for Miscavige and the latter couldn’t impinge on the former if he spent all billion of his war chest trying.  Making nothing of the SP, drives the SP over the edge. And nobody communicates a healthy insouciance with regard to the little dictator better than Dean.  Now, I happened to be in a position with Dean whereby I got to take a look at the manner in which he informed his wife of his declare. It is so damn reflective of the NON PTS attitude he exudes (that I wish we all could live by) I called in a few chips to coerce Dean’s permission to post it.  Here it is:

Hi Sweetheart,
I spoke to Ellie tonight. Apparently she spoke to Diane tonight and Diane asked her if she’d heard I was declared.  Ellie said no and asked what for.  (Gees, I guess I was working my hind-end off over here and didn’t get the invitation to appear at my own Comm Ev that probably didn’t happen. I hope the attendees got engraved invitations—I’m an important man!) 
Diane said she read on goldenrod that I was hooked up to the biggest, baddest SP known for all time who was attacking the Cob.
(Note: Not LRH or Scientology. The Cob.)
“Whose that?” asked Ellie.
“I don’t remember…..but it was someone who was behind the St Pete Times article.”
“Oh, did you read that?” asked Ellie hopefully.
“No, but I did read the whole Freedom Magazine issue that explained the attacks against COB.”
I remember about 35 years ago when Freedom Magazine had some journalistic integrity and reported about the Nazi ties that Interpol had. The most recent tie being the head of Interpol who had been an SS officer under Hitler. Things quickly changed at Interpol and the way the Scientology was viewed in Europe. Now that was the subject matter of intelligence and PR tech correctly used.
Sweet Dreams….I love you.
PS Maybe all this SP stuff explains all those problems you’ve been having with me lately. 🙂
Cowboy Poet is one of my heroes: