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Ayatollah Miscavige and Radical Scientology

We are living in interesting times.  The western media has created a branch of Islam called “radical Islam.” It is a means to take the actions of some blood-thirsty, violent radicals and position them as somehow influenced or caused by a religion practiced by upwards of a billion peace loving humans many of whom happen to inhabit land sitting atop earth’s currently most valuable natural resource, oil.

The term is convenient because it tends to appease the billion peaceful ones, while at the same time satiating the oil-thirsty appetites of hundreds of millions of westerners living high off Middle Eastern oil. After hearing out well-financed propaganda from both sides of the spectrum, we’ve got this idea developing that those religious organizations in “established”, wealthy and conservative settings need not be feared. What ought to be feared are “cells” of  “radicals” putting into practice a literal and “fundamental” interpretation of the Koran.

It is against this backdrop that the Church of Scientology has spent hundreds of millions to position itself as the conservative, do-gooder, PTS to the middle class, traditional, mom and pops “church.”  They also spend tens of millions annually to position those with the intelligence and courage to point out that that is all a facade as “radicals” clinging to “fundamental” (and “background”, or “no longer used”) data to practice Scientology outside of the corrupt golden domes.

And the sheep – overlooking the fact that the workable philosophy the whole religion was predicated upon was largely jettisoned to attain this desired image –  remain apparently comfortable. In fact, they are carefully and fearfully hiding that deep inside they are actually dying  slow, agonizing deaths.

I am pointing this out so that the intelligent and courageous ones don’t ever get duped by this billion dollar op being run by Miscavige.

Fact of the matter is, Miscavige operates the Church of Scientology very much as an Ayatollah runs “radical Islam” sects.

Think about it.

The Ayatollah implants his followers with the notion that Mohammad’s most radical individual statements against enemies he faced or perceived some 1500 years ago must be used to destroy imagined evil in present time. Infidels are defined as any and all not following arbitrary Ayatollah law, and the unfaithful as those who provide any succor or comfort to them. Miscavige likewise has implanted in his flock that “squirrels”, “disaffecteds”, “mental health professionals”, and non-compliant or non-sympathetic “wogs” must be conquered and that anyone who even communicates with them, let alone agrees or provides aid or comfort, is inherently evil (Suppressive Person); and therefore must be depowered and destroyed.

The Ayatollah preaches the idea that infidels, if not first converted or destroyed, will destroy Islam.  Therefore, “jihad” or Holy War against the infidels is a religious obligation.

Miscavige preaches the idea that earth’s population is intent on destroying Scientology and the planet if not first converted or destroyed. Therefore, unlimited payments are required to the IAS “war chest” as a religious obligation.

The Ayatollah keeps populaces in fear and under control by ruthlessly exposing individuals regularly for their personal sins. For example, the public stoning of an adultress. Miscavige keeps his sheep in line by regularly selecting individuals for public pillorying. While he is smart enough to make the public ones done without physical violence, behind his walls he metes out the worst kind of physical torture and violence. The operations and results are the same, the populace kept in a state of terror.

Which leads us to terrorism. Terrorism is defined at Your Dictionary.com as: “the act of terrorizing; use of force or threats to demoralize,  intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy”.

While some could, and some undoubtedly will, say I’ve gone too far in using the T word – some close Persian friends, some of whom practice Scientology and some of whom never heard of it, tell me otherwise. 

These friends lived under the Ayatollah Khomeini, and fled to the West to start new lives mid-life (an experience reminiscent of so many former SO members). They have told me that the most powerful incentive to become “demoralized, intimidated, and subjugated” was the threat of the group pressure of being ostracized for stepping outside the rules of the Ayatollah.

Practically speaking it was far more effective in keeping people acting as sheep than the periodic stonings, floggings, and bombings they read about or witnessed.

Miscavige uses SP declares and enforced disconnection in the very same manner as the Ayatollah dictates ostracizing; to punish the flow of information and terrorize people from thinking, reading and communicating freely.

And to top it off the Ayatollah dictates all politics by manipulating a straw dog president to run the government the way he wants it run.  Of course, DM told Tom Cruise to his face he thought George Bush would be the perfect Ayatollah expeditor for himself – because he would use martial law to enforce DM’s dictates. Regardless of how delusional the idea, please examine the intention and compare it to the Iranian Ayatollah-run system.

Miscavige does not overtly preach physical Holy War. But he certainly cleverly convinces his minions they must support one that includes eradicating certain classes of people.

Miscavige does not have innocents murdered spectacularly to instill terror in the populace. But, he certainly covertly brings more subtle ruination to lives, families and even religious organizations instilling a palpable terror in the hearts and minds of innocents.

Miscavige does not utterly control government officials, but you can take it to the bank that he is spending millions as we speak in an attempt to.

 The main difference between Miscavige and an Ayatollah is that the latter is more uptone. You gotta be firmly fixed at 1.5 (Anger) to be an Ayatollah. You gotta wear your intentions on your turban. Don’t let the fact that Miscavige is a died-in-the-wool 1.1 (covert hostility) fool you.

 And know, “By their actions you shall know them, whether good or bad, whether on another’s side or ours. And what in their actions gives us the keenest insight. Their ability to help.” (LRH, HCOB 28 May 1960)

 And know that irrespective of how much money Miscavige spends in forwarding the misconception that independents are akin to radicals, it is his church that constitutes Radical Scientology. It is his church that instills in minions the attitude, ”by any means necessary”. It is his church that creates the mind set that to kill one – regardless of injustice – is periodically necessary to bring the masses to toe the white line. It is his church that says individuals, families and societies are expendable in the quest of its own survival. And last but not least, do not forget it is Miscavige who continues to make his followers act in criminal fashion on the promise of the land of milk and honey and unlimited virgins. That is done while invalidating and crushing every being who makes it and recognizes he or she doesn’t need or want milk, honey or virgins.

 The Church of Scientology as run by David Miscavige constitutes Radical Scientology. 

 We represent Scientology.