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Italian Battalion – leaders emerge


Today, on the day Moving On Up A Little Higher hit two million visits, I happened to receive the following good news from our friends in Italy. Incidentally, it took just over nine months in service to reach the first million visits, and just under five months to reach the second million. Realize in reading the Italian report that Italy is already the third most active country on this original English language blog, behind only Australia and the United States. And now Gary Baldi informs us his Italian language blog – which largely reflects this one, while also creating an expanding independent Italian field – is in a several month affluence. In the face of suppression, flourish and prosper indeed.

Ciao Marty,
I am writing you to keep you updated on the “INDIPENDOLOGO” progress.
The Blog is really going ! And the ripple effect is strong. A few
days ago we hit the HE for a single day with 882 hits. The months
progression is also “straight up and vertical” (joke)
MARCH        780
APRIL        2.199
MAY          5.425
JUNE         6.819
JULY          9.215
AUGUST  14.253 with 3 days to go!I think the italians were ready for it,
but the data was not there in their native language , so even if
some sites were already exposing the situation they were not
differentiating between DM and Scientology and so the real WHO and
WHY was not given – so when we translated your videos , CNN, the 31
factors, and lots of your posts I think we gave them the real
thing! This thanks to you and the other Indies over there . I think
that what impinged was also the approach that was taken, a
“serious” one , without HE&R but mostly data and no confidential
ones. I think also that your view of the “great middle path” helped
a lot to differentiate with the extremisms that are also present in
sites over here. So I guess the TRUTH was given out and they
responded.In the beginning we had a “how to reach” problem , but
we started with a few emails, we collected a few addresses and
started mailing, that gave result. Then I got in comm with one
girl whom is running a site over here since 13 years , in where she
also has translated lots of material , she is on the “Scientology
is wrong side” but is an intelligent lady so I was able to keep a
comm line with her and she posted a link to our site – as a note I
refused to exchange the link favor with her since she has
confidential material on her site , but she understood my point on
it and went ahead and posted the link, so another flood of people
started coming in.In our group we basically followed Steve Hall lead with the fathers of the constitution names, and it worked. We used the Italian Risorgimento ones and we have:

Gary Baldi
his wife ANITA also a major military figure

Camillo Benz (the name of The Count Camillo Benso)

plus we have Max Zini (for Giuseppe Mazzini)


and Jo Berti for (Vincenzo Gioberti)


also a number of others unnamed are cooperating with the Blog.
Plus the TIZIANO declaration was a major push and recently

GIOVANNI BONZANI a major leader in the Novara
area OT VII has been declared and his declaration also brought
attention and we posted his comments and article on our site.
But as a said above I think there is a thirst for DATA but for the

We have now from 300 to 400 steady followers and to be honest
I do not think any ACADEMY in Italy has so many “students” on line
every day.

Also I did a post on our standing on ALEXA and we beat the
wwwscientologyit traffic !!!

See http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/alexa/
I think that if you and the Indies there continue to provide us
with the TRUTH and we keep translating it and giving the message
and rebuild the hope , I am sure we will win. That also is because I feel
that there are MORE disaffected Scientologists in the field than
online Robot Scientologist – so we can win the numbers match. But we
have to rehab the delusions , the losses , the no-results
situations that DM brought into existence by his Reverse

To end I liked what you posted in the “Legacy of the Tech ” post:
“For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not
trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders.
Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is
what is called for.”
I think we are doing that and I am sure the same can be done in
every EUROPEAN COUNTRY and we will win EUROPE.