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Scott Campbell and the Ring of Fire

I mentioned recently that I don’t believe any of us will truly make it until we travel through the valley of the shadow of death alone.  Scott is one of those special individuals who has done so and has greatly enhanced my life by sharing his experience with me.  Please read his words carefully and contemplate them.  In my opinion they are worthy of our thoughts.

Scott during his early days in the Sea Org


“Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics.” — LRH

To me, stories like Jorge Arroyo’s and Valeska’s bespeak the “slavish obedience” that can be brought about by the use of Black Dianetics. It should serve to warn us against the dangers of indoctrination and mass hypnosis inherent in any secretive group.

Only fully indoctrinated “true believers” can be subject to this type of treatment for long without objecting. Oh, we may rationalize it away with protestations about “wanting to help” and such, but in the end, let’s face it, we became the hypnotized members of a cult.

I too was witness and subject to the same type of treatment as Jorge and Valeska in the Sea Org. Although now it seems that it has been cranked up to a ridiculous level of intensity to ensure “obedience”.

It was when I started to question and protest the goings on at the ship that I was torpedoed with a healthy dose of Black Dianetics.

I wasn’t very obedient, so someone determined that I was to be driven insane.

Keep in mind that Black Dianetics only works on people who are fully indoctrinated into a belief system. That was me. I was fully committed to solving any problem in Scientology in order to ensure it’s expansion, that was my goal.

The goal of Black Dianetics in bringing about insanity is to turn the person’s stable datums upside down, thus shocking him into a “highly suggestible” state.

The operator then continues to give the subject data about highly upsetting, unsolvable problems that are occurring in PT. As the subject attempts to communicate with the operator about solving the apparent PTP’s, the operator is all the while insisting that there is no solution.

During this “Solve the GPM” phase of the operation, the operator is sprinkling the comm with phrases like, “You don’t understand, (the problem) it goes back too far”.

Upon further questioning by the subject, the problem goes “back, back, way back” and “deeper, deeper, much deeper” etc. This serves to drive the highly suggestible subject deeper into and further back on the track and deeper into a hypnotic state.

And he is just left there…

It works just like LRH says it does.

Later, (possible paraphrase) “A familiar sound, a dog barks, a horn honks, and off he goes…”

I know from first hand experience. It was done to me.

But you know what? After I was fully “into” this induced psychotic break, I was secretly glad.

I knew it was my way out. And it was. Grim details of the road out to come.

I, like many of you, came to Scientology looking for solutions to my problems.

Soon, I trusted that those problems would be handled in due course, and joining a group that was helping people like this seemed like a good idea. So I joined the S.O.

To me, the fact that my experience in the Sea Org has been so similar to others’ experiences illustrates the reason why Scientology cannot be trusted in the hands of the few, or the one.

The independent movement is the right handling. The institutional church is becoming increasingly marginalized. We are just witnessing the attendant phenomena of its death throes.

In reference to an earlier post, the fact that Scientologists are being bonded and “briefed” on data taken from other Scientologists PC folders, Life History and Ethics files necessitates that we prepare ourselves for this tactic. It is also clear that we are being labeled as members of “anonymous” in order to create a negative association or force us to “out” ourselves.

OK, I’ll bite. I am not anonymous.

My name is Scott Campbell. I have been a Scientologist since 1984. I was in the Sea Org from 1985 to 1994, first on the Ship Project before purchasing the ship, then as a crew member on board the ship after that.

My wife Karry and I were in the Sea Org on the Freewinds together from the beginning. We have been married for 24 years and have 2 wonderful daughters.

Scott recently with Charlie Tuna

We have been living a lie by promoting and defending the righteousness of the church of Scientology and the Sea Org to our friends and family (despite all evidence to the contrary) for 25 years.

By the way, it would seem to me that anyone agreeing to such bonding and briefing would be able to be named as an accessory in a lawsuit to any violation of “Priest/Penitent” privileged information rules.

Note to Scientologists getting briefed: Sure does seem like a lot of SP’s are around these days, doesn’t it? Far more than two and a half percent!

None of us “asked for” or deserves this type of treatment. No one does.

If man truly is “basically good” then he deserves to be helped – not harmed. By using these tactics, David Miscavige and anyone under his orders in the Church of Scientology are harming all of us.

Go ahead, vilify me. Tell everyone how bad I am. Hurt me. Hurt my family. I deserve it. Don’t I?


Scott Campbell

Ne Obliviscaris (“Forget Not”)
The motto of the Campbell Clan.