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Why for the Golden Age of Tech and F/N confusion

Many people here have pointed out David Miscavige’s technical “why” that lead to the Golden Age of Tech (the blind have been leading the blind) is not a why since it can lead one to ask “why?” of the “why.”   Others have pointed out that if it were the why, then the “who” would be David Miscavige since he had been leading the way for a decade and a half by then.  I have reported earlier on this blog that Miscavige did not even do an evaluation that then lead to the Golden Age of Tech.  He read an eval at the event that released his handling that had been in the works for many months. He wrote the eval as his speech (with the help of Danny Boy of course) the week leading up the the event.

All of your comments got me to thinking about the why for the Golden Age of Tech.  I did my own eval.

Policy:  Keeping Scientology Working

Situation:  Church auditors are being trained to be slaves to procedure, a method LRH stated could lead to the loss of the entire subject of Scientology.


Toward the end of his life LRH made his technical intentions abundantly clear.  After thirty years of development, he narrowed down all major technical problems to two related situations; poor TRs and poor metering. That is why he wrote the technical training film treatments. That is also why he established Golden Era Productions – to produce those films.  That is also why during his last five years, his repeated only wish was to return to the Int base (where Golden Era Productions was located) so that he could complete the Technical Training films. Each of LRH’s film treatment titles was preceded by either the designation “EM” (for Emeter training film) or “TR” (for Training Routine training film). LRH reasoned that  given good TRs and accurate metering an auditor could not help but get case gain on pcs.  It aligned with his SHSBC warning that the only way Scientology could be lost was by Scientologists becoming slaves to procedure. Procedure anyone can learn and do. It was TR’s and metering that were the key to making any procedure work.

correct target – LRH, correct relative importance – LRH, Correct Source – LRH

Instead of completing the films, LRH spent the last five years of his life in seclusion, securely planted there by Miscavige’s deft false reporting ability. On the one hand he reported how LRH would wind up publicly pilloried and possibly in the penitentiary if were to come anywhere near the Int base. On the other hand he continually reported how he was on the verge of attaining an All Clear so that all of that would change.

Incorrectly included false reports – DM, added time – DM, altered importance – DM, Falsehoods – DM

While LRH’s body withered and he ultimately moved on, DM cross ordered LRH by creating ostentatious studios, over-the-top Hollywood level film standards and a whole new “priority” for Golden Era Productions (DM’s event extravaganzas).  As a result, the tech  films were not completed in LRH’s lifetime. Another decade passed and the films were still not completed. A project LRH intended to complete in a matter of months had been delayed for a decade and a half.

Added time – DM, Added inapplicable arbitrary standards – DM, Incorrectly included mega ego – DM, Wrong Source – DM

On the heels of tax exemption (Oct 93) DM spent much of the ensuing two years at Flag.  He pushed a program (brilliantly executed by Bitty Miscavige with the help of Tom Devocht and many others) to upgrade hotel and service areas of FSO.  All cockroaches were cleared out, spaces were renovated and tidied, they even had drinks with umbrellas served to Flag public in the HGC waiting areas.

Adequate MEST upgrade -DM, Bitty, Tom

The MEST upgrades were wildly popular with Flag public who were tired of  paying through the nose to have a session in a 98 degree room while dodging cockroaches. DM basked in the glory. It was like Mussolini making the trains run on time. He made regular appearances at Flag graduation. He had Source mag put his mug on the cover and position the new Flag as his creation. However, with stardom came responsibilities.  DM’s glad handing with public gave them access to bitterly complain about the technical standards at Flag.  Since he had positioned himself, and advertised himself, as being fully responsible for the “new Flag” from top to bottom, he now had to take a look at what was happening technically.

Incorrectly included ego – DM, Wrong Source – DM

Conducting look-in at Flag HGC’s, DM saw the obvious – some overworked, underpaid, unexercised, underfed, unaudited, physically ailing, aging Class XIIs were calling stuck needles “floating needles.” DM – apparently blinded by his hellacious crimes againt L Ron Hubbard and his life-long evaluated terminated handling for out tech – decided LRH was wrong. The reason, pronounced DM, for people calling stuck needles F/Ns was not horrendous TRs and metering (which was absolutely evident), but instead “they don’t know how to get an F/N.” 

Wrong Source – DM

DM instituted requirements that all TR and Metering passes in all technical training be approved by RTC Reps.  The Reps assigned, like DM, for the most part had very little training and even less experience in the chair delivering the Bridge.  All were the  lowest form of DM-lackey robots enforcing DM’s arbitrary, blanket pronunciamentos concerning TRs and Metering.  DM cross ordered the majority of the Int base and for months had them working on hundreds of binders of drills on PROCEDURE.  He then proceeded to jam the binders down the throats of every Scientologist internationally, bringing delivery of Scientology as it was once known to a grinding halt.  Because he couldn’t spot an F/N himself if it loosely and lazily kissed his own eyebrow, DM redefined a floating needle as three even swings of the needle.  In one fell swoop DM brought widespread ruination of cases across the globe.  Prolongation of the situation threatens the very future of the subject of Scientology. Recently, DM committed the final sacrilige, reshooting the last existing LRH directed, narrated and produced technical training film (The Professional TRs Course, where LRH coached and passed TRs students were, we thought, forever captured on celluloid).

Wrong Source – DM.  Incorrectly included tech arbitraries – DM

Outpoint count:

Predominantly Wrong Source and Incorrectly included

majority of outpoints assigned to David Miscavige

Why: To prove his  wrong why “they don’t know how to get an F/N” right, and to make the rest of the world wrong, Miscavige made Scientologists slaves to procedure and redefined an F/N so that nobody could achieve one.

Who: David Miscavige

Resources:  LRH Tech readily available to the world. LRH trained technical compilers in the independent movement. Hundreds of trained Scientologists who have rejected Miscavology.


1.  Cancel Golden Age of Tech.  DONE by this issue

2. Cancel RTC “passes” requirements on TR’s and metering. DONE by this issue.

3. Reinstate Academy Level and higher class auditor training to pre 96 (pre-GAT) checksheets and material, where a student does TRs in a disciplined and purposeful manner , and learns metering and TR’s from LRH material and LRH meter drilling (as sup’d by auditors with lots of VWDAHs under their belts).