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Morten Astrupgaard

I did not know Morten.  He was an FSSO  tours director I am told.  I have also been told that Morten was an engaging person and  was loved by many people. He was apparently the son of one of the founding Scientologists of Denmark.  Morten passed away recently at the age of 54. If any of you knew him please feel free to honor him with your words here.  It is our hope he was in decent spiritual shape and is getting along fine. 

The same apparently cannot be said for the very best Miscavige OT VIIIs.  Included amongst them are at least two who were with the twenty man mission that DM fired  to Corpus Christi a couple months ago with the purpose of body snatching JB (Michael and Denice Duff).   They along with  Elena & Grant Cordone, Tamara & Jim Meskimen and Melinda and Eric Brownstone have emailed far and wide blatantly attempting to capitalize on Morten’s death to reg bucks for the FSSO.  Their email is appended below. While singing Morten’s praises they urge people to send “donations” to the FSSO before Thursday at 2 p.m.,to “give Morten a final upstat.” I’ve said it before, and I suppose I’ll say it again at this rate, but it doesn’t get any darker than that. Miscavige’s church is not producing OTs, it is producing very sick puppies. 

Dearest Friends,

For those of you attending Tuesday night’s memorial honoring Morten
Astrupgaard you too must have been moved and inspired by his life’s

For those who missed it, it was the greatest celebration of a
person’s life we have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. His
humor at every turn, his love for his family, his care of those he
helped, all culminating in a unique and wonderful person who loved
a good In and Out burger and a great practical joke.

He was an exceptional being, a person who truly embodied the
essence of real care for his fellow man.

In lieu of sending flowers, we have all made a donation to the FSSO.

Any money you can put on account to give Morten a final upstat as
he goes off into the next chapter would be so helpful and
appreciated, no doubt, by all who are carrying the very large
Danish torch left behind!

This will give Morten the proper send off for his last week and as
Grant Cardone says, “You’re gonna do it sooner or later so just go
ahead and do it” with his twang, of course!

All we ask is that you fax a letter to 323-953-3224 stating “I,
(your name) would like to make a donation in the amount of
($whatever dollar amount) on my credit card account # (whatever it
is) and the expiration is (MM/YY) the three or four digit code is
(XXX) my mailing address is…, please apply it to my account…” and
then sign it.

If we can flood their fax machine before 11:00am today what a
beautiful gift we would give in any amount!

Please pass this along to anyone and everyone you know!

We loved him, we know you did too. If Morten touched you in any
way, please help honor him.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All of our love and admiration,

New OTVIII’s, Elena and Grant Cardone, Denice and Michael Duff,
Tamra and Jim Meskimen, Melinda (OT VII) and Eric Brownstone.