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How Miscavige Killed Church Management

In January 1996 when I returned to the Int Base after two years of tech training at the Ship and Flag, Miscavige was well in progress on annihilating church management.

First, Miscavige was in the process of  busting Marc Yager off CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman and spent three years attempting to turn the man into a mouse.

Second, Miscavige had nearly all those who remained in Int Managment working on an evolution as massive in content and as destructive in result as Golden Age of Tech.  In his Stalinesque style Miscavige dubbed it New Era of Management. Like GAT, NEM consisted of endless binders of  Miscavige written and/or directed and approved material. Just as GAT forever altered and replaced LRH tech, NEM forever altered and buried LRH admin.

Miscavige had teams of key executives for Upper Middle Management (Int Liaison Office which he had previously dubbed Flag Command Bureaux which was originally back in the day of LRH called the Flag Bureau) and for every Continental management office up at Int Base for months preparing to fire to implement his grand NEM scheme in one, sudden, implant-like fashion.   Those involved in that evolution are well represented here and I am sure can fill in some of the details of their engramic several month Q and A “briefing” period.  If the “trainees” or “Missionaires in briefing” learned anything it was these two lessons that were implanted with an atomic branding iron:

a)  Miscavige and his NEM issues were senior to LRH and his virtual books (in the form of Flag Orders and Central Bureau Orders and OEC) on management.

b) Scientology did not exist at the International Scientology Headquarters.

 Third, the international tech heirarchy was effectively made leaderless by the busting of Ray Mithoff from the post of Senior C/S Int.  Oh,he retained the title, but he was made a mere figurehead (just as Heber had been made as President CSI and Guillaume as ED Int as early as the eighties).  Dan Koon was put on as Snr C/S Int Chief – administrative head of the Snr CS Int Office. Once DM effectively dead agented Ray with all Int tech terminals (including his own Snr CS Int office) Dan was posted elsewhere – and Ray from thereon out was nothing more than a figurehead (Note: Dan had no knowledge and played no part in the Miscavige Op – Dan is the last person in the world who would engage in denigrating a person into oblivion).

Next Miscavige appointed Mark Ingber as CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  Through continual barrages of verbal cross orders to not only LRH, but even to his own NEM, plus beatings and invalidation, Miscavige soon destroyed Ingber. 

Miscavige replaced Ingber with Jenny Linsen Devocht.  Through the same methods that he had destroyed Yager and Ingber, sans the beatings, he destroyed Jenny.

Miscavige replaced Linsen with Wendell Reynolds of Int Finance Dictator fame.  But Wendell soon went the route of the other who preceeded him.

By the time Miscavige had made mincemeat of that troika, Yager had graduated the RPF (1999) and he was thrown back into the fire.  By then,  CMO Int and Exec Strata were choked by so many restrictions (such as no evals allowed; no programs that did not push NEM and Golden Age of Tech allowed) that International Management had become a mere functionless title.  To ensure no management would emanate from Int, Miscavige assigned the entire Int Base lower conditions from which they never were allowed to emerge.  Yager was declared SP, as were a number of Interntional managers, as were Mike Rinder (while WDC OSA) and I (while on the post of IG), as were a number of other Int base execs; all ordered by Miscavige, all while we continued to occupy our posts. 

By the year 2000, Scientology Management was dead.

The proof of the pudding is the current scene.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Marc Yager is still holds the title CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  But there is no CMO INT nor WDC, with the exception of Angie Blankenship who holds WDC Ideal Orgs. But Angie doesn’t answer to Yager; she reports and answers to Miscavige.  Yager has been reduced to being a preps boy (culling pc folders and ethics folders at Int to find lurid details on the likes of us) for Dan Sherman (LRH Biographer) to write “freedom mags” and the myriad anti-Marty sites OSA has its operatives pretend spontaneously appear.

Yager does not even report to Miscavige, because Miscavige cannot look at him without leaping at him and pummeling him to a pulp every time he is in his sight. So, Jenny Linsen (whose post title is D/CO Production CMO INT) actually forwards and all communication between Miscavige and her nominal senior Yager.

Miscavige bypasses whatever is left between Int Liaison Office (Upper Middle Management) and Continental Liaison Offices and orgs by directly running every CO CMO Cont.  That is right, he receives weekly reports routed directly to COB RTC from each CO CMO.  The reports report on stats for each continent and org (as in Ship, FSO, PAC) where each CMO unit is located.  Miscavige then whips out his dictaphone and rattles off weekly orders to the CO CMO’s on a purely stimulus-response basis.  And that is what he calls management. Anyone with the slightest training or understanding of LRH FO and CBO and HCOPL tech recognizes that I do not exagerate when I say that management has long since died, and there is no such thing as management any more.  There may be bodies at the CSI Management building at Hollywood and Ivar, and there may be bodies in CLOS, but per HCO PL Danger Conditions, Why Organizations Stay Small – with such long term and thorough bypass, they do not in fact exist.

To exacerbate matters Miscavige utterly bypasses Snr CS Int Office, Tech and Qual bureaus Int and Cont, and even tech heirarchies of orgs such a FSSO and FSO and AOs by virtue of running all tech matters through his RTC rep NW.  They too write weekly reports to Miscavige and he replies to each one – when he is not too busy skiing, scuba diving, or attending premieres with celebrity pals.  Most of those reps have never audited a single grade on another person, nor even C/S’d a person up a single grade or level of the Bridge.

RTC at Int is reduced to nothing but service facilities for Miscavige – communicators, secretaries, mail clerks, stewards, maids, chefs, etc – and Warren McShane who handles “Legal”.   Incidentally, some wonder why OSA has become a toothless shadow of a network.  That too is answered by HCO PL, Danger Conditions.  DM and Warren have bypassed them, directly hiring and running an outside intelligence apparatus to “monitor” my “activities.”   And they are incompetent beyond belief.  Meanwhile whenever OSA does through blood, sweat and tears establish an intelligence line in my general vicinity, Miscavige blows it by ordering some knee-jerk (completely stimulus-response)  “expose” on Marty and Mike; expose’s that are so thoroughly chock-full of embellishment and lies they have zero impact.   And so,  the last thing Miscavige used to be able to rely upon (a network that at least could make people afraid of him) has also been decimated by Miscavige himself.

By the way, since the late nineties the one corporate and ecclesiastical post that could anything about this state of affairs technically has been usurped also by Miscavige. The CO Church of Spiritual Technology (CST, which holds an option to shut down and take over RTC’s function in the event of this level of departure from RTC purpose and function) Russ Bellin had been Miscavige’s project manager for such important matters as the Mark VIII E-meter that has been rotting in a warehouse for five years (and will likely remain there forever), and building unbelievably expensive CD and transcript productions lines (which are largely superfluous in this day of downloadable audio and video).  That all ended a couple of years ago when Miscavige (as is his habit) decided everything Russ did (that had been heavily promoted by Miscavige as being the only competent products on his lines) were all Overt Products (even though Miscavige publicly basks in the glory of them to this day).  Miscavige busted Russ to Int Finance Director, after he found out the previous IFD (Wendell Reynolds) had secretly financed the blow of an Int Staff member (God bless Wendell after all).

Russ got tired of  two years in the hole and this past spring made a break for it.   Unfortunately, his foot kicked the fence on his way over, and he was quickly apprehended and returned by Gold Security.

Miscavige has kept CST in check by a loophole he found in LRH’s estate planning that sought to guard against Miscavige’s type of destrcutive dictatorship.  That is, CST officers and directors must remain in good standing with the mother church CSI in order to qualify for remaining in CST.  DM controls CSI with an iron fist, and the moment anyone in CST shows the slightest sign of stepping out of line, why, Miscavige simply arranges their dismissal from CST into a lower corporation like CSI – as he did with Bellin.

Perhaps all this sheds more light on why I have no hesitancy in pronouncing the church’s death.

This true state of affairs is why I have been directing my attention more and more towards the future.

Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a collossal waste of time and energy.

It is dead.