Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

RTC is dead


There is an RTC ”mission” that has turned into a full time affair attempting damage control on the Independent Movement. It is headed by two long-time RTC staff, both of whom ironically I had to handle numerous times on disaffection with Miscavige over the years. They are Stahli (Hansuili) and Sutter (Mike), Miscavige’s SS. SS describes their intent and function. According to Wikipedia, “SS is well known for establishing the police state of Nazi Germany and suppressing all resistance to Adolf Hitler through the use of security forces, such as, the Gestapo.”  Take away their 1.1 introductions smarmy justifications, replace “Nazi Germany” with “Radical Scientology”, and replace “Adolf Hitler” with “David Miscavige” and Stahli and Sutter (and Marion Pouw of RTC, all the OSA External Security and Intell staff, and local MAAs they call into termporary service) constitute a modern day version of Nazi German SS in intent and function.

While the RTC SS is a nasty piece of work, it is nothing to fear. The Scientology field that they are desperately trying to intimidate is far more informed than the general public in Nazi Germany were. And so their confrontations are more Keystone Cops than blood curdling Gestapo.

I was in the Sea Org for twenty-seven years and never, never did I see such an incompetent couple of bumbling fool missionaires last more than a day or two without being recalled. DM has had them out for nearly a year. That is an indication of just how far DM has burrowed into his bunker. A video tape was forwarded to me by two alert public that captured one of their attempted brainwashing sessions. They are laughable.

Sutter and Stahli are defending such an indefensibly criminal organization, they constantly sound as if they are tip-toeing around a floor covered with egg shells. They talk in generalities, they deal in platitudes. When confronted with any of the important truths we’ve disclosed on this blog, they stammer and stumble like Ralph Kramden when he was being dressed down by Alice.

In terms of overall effectiveness they are a Treason mission from Miscavige’s perspective. From our point of view they are Power. They push more people into becoming independents than they pull back into the sheep pen. I have collected far more valuable evidence on DM from them than they could ever dream of collecting on me.

If the Miscavige SS comes calling, I highly recommend you see them and ask them some piercing questions. Watching what are now considered the heavies squirm like earthworms can be quite entertaining. It can also do wonders for your own de-PTSing process.

All sarcasm aside, RTC is dead.