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Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard


I highly recommend that you dial into and watch and listen to the Louis Farrakhan’s Sunday 22 August, 2010 sermon, titled Put On The New Man. It is approximately 1 ½ hours long. http://www.noi.org/webcast/aug-22-2010/

I watched the live webcast of the sermon this morning.

Farrakhan does not mention the words Hubbard, Scientology, or Dianetics – but his sermon is so throroughly strewn with LRH’s nomenclature, there is no doubt to what he is referring to. He announces that at a smaller gathering of more trusted people scheduled for this Tuesday he is going to connect the dots and speak in more particulars to that which he not so vaguely refers.

Farrakhan clearly gets LRH. Ironically, he gets him more thoroughly than Miscavige, any church managers, or even church public, can ever get him. The reason I say this is because Farrakhan paints a beautiful picture through reference to the Bible and Koran through which he introduces LRH (again, without reference to LRH’s name). Farrakhan is able to do what we independents are free to do – but which is prohibited within the church. That is, to study wisdom as passed on by whatever sources, to think freely with it, and thereby understand Scientology in its context and with the breadth where it is most effective.

Farrakhan clearly refers to LRH (without mentioning his name) as a man who developed some ideas that can take a person closer to God. It is this distinction too that makes his understanding far superior to what Miscavige followers have been lead to believe.

Farrakhan makes the realization of the Eighth Dynamic (God or Infinity) the goal toward which his followers practice Scientology. In the current church, of course, that is impossible since they thoroughly implant that LRH is God, a position that Miscavige’s PR machine has been covertly, though steadily having DM replace LRH in. I don’t care which man they elect as their God, to worship a man – as has become the C of M’s lot – results in an “arrogance and vanity” and “know-best” that Farrakhan very rationally and clearly demonstrates is not a place to aspire to. His grasp of the Know to Mystery scale is impressive.

Farrakahn makes reference to the Admin Scale, org boards, engrams, auditing, and a host of other LRH concepts. He announces the fact the Nation has created a new org board that includes a department that is concerned wholly with getting members up the Bridge.

I learned of the broadcast through someone forwarding me an email circulating amongst gung-ho public Scientologists who have been working on a project to get the Nation of Islam introduced to Scientology through delivery of Book One auditing. It was clear to me in the context of the message that this is all being done on the hush, hush so that Dear Leader at the appropriate time can package the conversion of the Nation of Islam as one incredible Fourth Dynamic product of his own. This, predictably, in a word, is a con in the making.

First, I will say that this is no product at all – and in fact a potentially disastrous one – should we not follow this very closely and do what we can to educate Minister Farrakhan and his people where the C of M intends to lead them.

Second, as with any great potential advance of the legacy of LRH, this one was not conceived nor executed by Miscavige nor even by the church.

In fact, this is really a product of the late-great Isaac Hayes. Isaac was a personal friend of Farrakhan and introduced him to Scientology in long meetings they had while both were staying at the Celebrity Center hotel in the last nineties and early 2000s. Freedom Medal winner Alfreddie Johnson worked with Isaac on this and carried on Isaac’s work of enlightenment. Only Alfreddie could have pulled it off. And that is because of Alfreddie’s understanding of Scientology in the broader context of his first chosen, and never abandoned, philosophy – Christianity. Anyone who ever saw Alfreddie riff on Scientology with reference to the Bible, will appreciate his influence when they hear Farrakhan’s 22 August sermon.

Farrakhan’s depth of understanding is apparent by his lack of reference to teleprompters and notes. Which incidentally, makes him a severe, 5-alarm threat to Miscavige. And while I am certain Miscavige has not shown Farrakhan one single sign of jealously (what with his honed, 1.1 skill), I am just as certain he is already plotting the man’s demise, covertly of course. And so I beseech Minister Farrakhan and the top members of his security forces (Fruit of Islam or FOI) to read LRH’s Science of Survival as soon as practicable.

A couple of particularly heartening notes in Farrakhan’s sermon that indicate he has not become a DM bot, and can avoid that pitfall, were as follows:

Farrakahn made an impassioned, poetic argument for his followers never to become material oriented. He said that once a person goes that route, “life force is compromised.”

He also spoke of applying Scientology in the direction of “purging oneself of all arrogance and vanity.”

Finally, he said he is leading the Nation of Islam toward investing all it has toward service rather than into facilities. Striking an LRH chord we are all familiar with, he said:

“I don’t care nothing about buildings. Stop being fascinated with buildings. Start being fascinated with your development and growth into your valuable final product.”

One discordant note that may spell a crack in the door toward Farrakhan going the route of Miscavige was his final words. In them he made it crystal clear that all current Ministers of the Nation of Islam must sign papers agreeing to partake in Scientology training, and those that refuse “will be thanked for all they have done” for the Nation and told to “sit down.”

I want the Minister to know that I – and I hope I am not speaking out of school by saying this – all of us here (hundreds who are highly trained on the writings of L Ron Hubbard and experienced in their application) are here for you and your people when you start recognizing the slippery slope Miscavige will inevitably lead you down. And that means, we can help you continue your progress up the Bridge, without financial or PR motivations, when you recognize these are Miscavige’s only motivations for facilitating your best of intentions. We are also there for those individuals within the nation who suffer from being forced to convert to Scientology against their own determinism, a subject that by definition cannot work when practiced against one’s own self determinism.

And, worst case scenario, if the good Minister is already joined at the hip with Miscavige, and is skillfully misleading his own flock, we will be the ones to clean up that calamity like so many others the C of M has created. While his event warm up and wrap up is suspiciously similar to C of M attempts to deify Miscavige, Minister Farrakhan’s extemporaneously expressed understanding of Scientology is so far superior to Miscavige’s I am inclined to take his words at face value. He is quite evidently thrilled when making reference to the wins some of his disciples have experienced with Dianetics – something that has never, ever been evident with Miscavige.

As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)