Daily Archives: August 20, 2010

JB adds to the list of lies from the bunker

by JB 

One of the items of “evidence” collected is “Apple I-Phone, #G, Model 16 GIG, Serial #82011479A3NP with charger and headphones.” However, I took my iPhone with me when I blew and absolutely did not leave it behind. What does this mean? Are they saying they have my iPhone? Did they load it with some “manufactured evidence”?

It is described in more than one place that the “RTC Administration Building” is a locked building. Sorry, not true. I was the RTC Estates Manager and I would have known if the building was ever kept locked. Never. Maybe now, but never while I was there.

It says I departed at approximately 0730 hrs on 22 April, 2010. That is approximately correct, but I think it was earlier. However it states that I then returned at around 0900, attended a roll call, and then exited again at approximately 1030 hrs. Never happened! I left early and never returned for any roll call. There was a morning roll call regularly at 0930 hrs. I never went to this ever. Is Warren McShane trying to cover his ass with DM by saying I was being somewhat controlled? Why would he lie about this?

Warren McShane also states the motorcycle picture was taken by Yvonne Gonzalvez, using my personal camera. Sorry, I took the photo. See the attached photo from the same series where I (oops!) caught my reflection in the motorcycle mirror.

Why all these lies?