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Lying in Miscavige’s $70 Million Bunker


Miscavige and his minions are painting themselves into the lower corner of the RTC bunker by virtue of being forced to make sworn representations; a slippery slope for a pack of liars.

Warren McShane swore out a complaint to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. A copy of the resultant Sheriff’s report was obtained by the Headleys’ lawyers and it was filed in their cases in support of their opposition to the church’s motion for summary judgment. A link to the document, along with the Church’s urgent motion to strike it from the record, is at the bottom of this report. Note in the motion that the church denies Warren made any such report to the Sheriff.

The complaint was filed based on a photo of Tom Cruise’s and David Miscavige’s motorcycles appearing on my blog. (words in italics are quotations from the official documents.)

Mr McShane handed me a colored copy of a digital photograph that had been posted on Mr. Rathbun’s web site on April 23, 2010. The site information is listed as follows: https://markrathbun.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/bikesbuilding50.jpg

Warren really did wonders for the church’s future tax exemption and for ongoing criminal investigations into his boss. He made it very clear to the Sheriff that the hundreds of hours of work performed on those personal bikes of his and Tom Cruise were “operations and projects of the Church of Scientology”:

It appears that much, if not all, the information and images contained in the two computers are proprietary in nature related to the internal operations and projects of the Church of Scientology.”

The projects and all the material, data, and images associated with these projects were described as not for public consumption, and proprietary to the Church of Scientology.”

Warren has undermined any future dead agent packs that try to attack JB’s credentials for future appearances:

JB was an employee of Religious Technology Center (RTC), which is under the supervision of Mr. McShane. JB did not have an official title within RTC, however, due to his tenure with the church and his unique skill set he was an integral part or the lead on many high profile internal church projects.”

Warren confirmed that all base personnel (with the exception of JB, and of course he is now gone) had no access to the internet absent restricting filters:

JB’s internet computer was different from other employees, in that it did not have any filters and JB could search the internet without restrictions.”

McShane swears to the Sheriff, that with the exception of JB – and of course he’s gone – no “church members/employees…enjoy…freedom of movement”:

On April 22, 2010 (Thursday) at approximately 0730 hours JB left the main facility driving his privately owned vehicle. It was not clear where he was going, or the nature of the trip, however it was not unusual for JB to come and go due to his work projects. His ability to come and go from the facility is in contrast to other church members/employees, who do not enjoy the same freedom of movement.”

McShane has established that RTC hired professionals to put my home and family under constant surveillance for an indefinite – but clearly lengthy, general – period of time. Hence it should go a long way in proving that RTC, Dave’s org, is utterly responsible for every invasion of privacy and harassment they have committed to date :

Mr. McShane told me RTC had previously contracted with a private security firm in the State of Texas, to monitor Mr. Rathbun’s activities.”

Now, a little back story before I continue. Miscavige told me on several occasions that there was one reason and one reason alone that Warren McShane remained in RTC after the 1987 take over. That is, “Warren is such a good liar, who else is going to handle RTC depositions and declarations?” Miscavige told McShane to his face that if it weren’t for his lying abilities he’d be busted to Gold to do MEST work the rest of his life.

Now, check this out:

According to Mr. McShane, JB was spotted by the security detail on April 24, 2010 meeting with Mr. Rathbun at a restaurant in the City of Ingleside, Texas.”

Interesting, since by April 24th JB had not even entered the state of Texas since his 22 April departure from the Int base. Obviously, JB had not set foot in the city of Ingleside, had not met with me and had not dined with me by April 24.

The security detail reported that at the conclusion of the meeting they followed JB to a “Best Western” motel in the City of Ingleside. The security detail called Mr. McShane and advised him of JB’s arrival and the meeting.”

JB never stayed at a motel in the city of Ingleside, ever – not to this day. JB never ventured within 22 miles of Ingleside by the time he was ambushed by Tommy Davis, Angie Blanenship, Laurance Barram Stumpke, and Bob Wright – which as we shall see McShane admitted to later.

Mr. McShane summoned (4) church members/employees who know JB the best and sent them to Texas to attempt to contact him and perhaps persuade him to return to the facility in Hemet, CA.”

According to Mr. McShane the four dispatched employees were able to contact JB in the lobby of the Best Western motel on April 26th or 27th 2010. The group tried to persuade JB to return with them. JB retreated to his room and refused to come out or speak with the group.” (For the record, Warren, it was 28 April)

That’s funny, Tommy Davis (Tommy, of course, needs no introduction as to his history and proclivity for lying) has told at least two reporters that I know of that the Texas Op never happened and he never set foot in Texas. Yet, he testified under oath (in the Headley case) that he went to Texas. But, he again lied claiming that he went there to fetch JB on his own determinism and specifically was not “summoned” by McShane (as McShane told the Sheriff), nor by his female “supervisor” nor Miscavige.

Q: Did your supervisor tell you to go see him?

A: No, she did not.

Q: So, why did you go to Texas to see John?

A: Because he is a very good friend of mine.

Q: So no one sent you to see Mr. Brousseau?

A: No.

And so, I suppose in aid of David Miscavige’s ongoing efforts to lose the church’s tax exemption, Tommy testified that the private jet charter (no doubt paid by the church) that sent 20 people to Texas was a wholly “personal affair.”

Q: And you were visiting him as part of your job duties for the Church of Scientology?

A: No, I was not.

Of course, McShane failed to mention the other sixteen people that accompanied Tommy, went to my home, blocking the street with four cars in order to prevent me from rescuing JB from Tommy’s gang of four. Let’s see what Tommy had to say about that under oath:

Q: And at the time that you were visiting Mr. Brousseau, is it true that there also were a number of vehicles that were sent to the home of Marty Rathbun?

A: I don’t know of anybody that sent them. Nobody sent anybody anywhere.

Now, back to more McShane lying.

There are three motorcycles parked in front of a fountain with the structure behind the fountain. Mr. McShane told me the motorcycles are privately owned by members of the church. According to Mr. McShane the photo was taken in 2005 by employee Yvonne Gonzalvez, using JB’s personal digital camera.”

The church’s lawyers raised a hue and cry that the report from which I quote could not possibly be publicly available because it could compromise an ongoing investigation. Well, I wonder whether these pricey legal Einsteins bothered to read the report. If they’d read it, they’d have found out why it couldn’t possibly be an “ongoing investigation”. The damn pictures in question were taken with JB’s personal camera as McShane himself acknowledges to the Sheriff.

I wonder whether those legal beagles thought through how they would ever explain to a judge that the “proprietary “products” that the church claims are in danger of duplication and undercut are a couple of custom motorcycles and a space age tanning booth produced with slave labor.

Not to mention the fact that everything JB took with him is relevant and credible evidence of felonies committed by David Miscavige.

The insertion of Gonzalvez was another McShane lie.

Finally, McShane had this to say to the investigators:

Mr McShane told me the structure in the digital image is the front of the RTC Administration building, located across the street from us.” (Note the present tense – indicating the Sheriff’s deputies taking the report were sitting across the street from Temple Miscavige while taking the report, no doubt being doted upon by Cathy Frasier and Muriel D).

And in the photo at issue – taken in 2005 – there is an RTC symbol etched in the expensive, bullet proof glass entrance to prove it is the RTC building. One little problem: Warren said “is”, not “was.” And thus, Warren accidentally told a truth.

Did you know that Jenny Linsen, and a host of other Miscavige insiders, supplied sworn declarations to the St Pete Times (the ones designed to bury Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht and I) claiming that the RTC 70 million dollar palace in question was never RTC, was never intended to be for RTC, but instead was always planned to be CSI’s HQ and has been since its construction? While ordering that perjury, Miscavige also ordered, and obtained compliance, that the 30 foot by 20 foot bullet proof glass over the front entrance be replaced. Why? To replace the multi-thousand dollar RTC symbol etched into the glass with a multi-thousand dollar etching of the CSI symbol. All done as part of his cover-up that he spent 70 million dollars for his own personal, 55,000 square foot office palace. All measures taken after I called him out on it.

It is the same building Miscavige and his personal staff occupy to this day.

You know what it is like to live a lie? You gotta remember the lie and all the subsequent cover up lies all the time so as not to get caught out in another lie. I reckon you all know that because you broke that cycle for good on Grade II and/or OT II.

Imagine for a moment the personal hell that Miscavige lives day in and day out. Not only does he live a lie and lies habitually, he orders his inner circle to lie continuously; and under oath. He even spends tens of thousands of dollars altering MEST to conform with his lies.

Memo to Warren, Jenny and Tommy:

I know that you had to learn to remorselessly lie to remain close to the top. It is a survival requirement. Regardless of the manner in which I have reported facts here, I want you to know that there are many people out here who will receive you with open arms and help you get rapidly onto your feet to live honest, productive, and happy lives. Scientology actually works. Clean hands actually do make a happy life.

Memo to Dave:

You have apparently fully accomplished what you are so fond of accusing others of, buying your own bullshit. You have surrounded yourself with liars you created and so your mocked up universe continues on its dwindling spiral unabated. But, don’t worry, your one source of accurate information on the true state of affairs concerning Scientology is still broadcasting daily strong and clear, Moving On Up A Little Higher.

One last word of advice, borrowed from Nas:

Use the two holes

above your nose

to see the truth yo.

full Sheriff’s report:  jbcomplainta