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Murder outs

 12 August, 2010

Eliott Abelson

General Counsel

Church of Scientology International

Religious Technology Center

Re: Murder Outs


I have recently learned that you have committed unethical and illegal acts against me for which I could have you and your ultimate boss, David Miscavige, prosecuted.

As you well know, I am not the vindictive type. In fact, as you are acutely aware, I went out of my way in my first public interview to not mention your name so as to not expose you to possible criminal prosecution and disbarment for previous acts I witnessed you engage in. You know what that means. But, I will spell it out for Miscavige, because I know he cannot even conceive of such an ethic level. It means that I put myself at risk of criminal prosecution alone for acts that you participated in and as an attorney had a higher level of duty, and thus responsibility, in not engaging in.

You may have noted several weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that my OSA sources informed me that David Miscavige has ordered that I be incarcerated and that since your investigators could find no basis upon which to do so in eighteen months of trying, I was to be framed.

Never in my wildest imagination did I believe Miscavige and his agents would stoop as low as they did to try to accomplish such. I was disappointed and saddened when I learned that it was you who personally executed Miscavige’s order.

I have been interviewed by a detective John Maciel of the Garden Grove Police Department. Det Maciel informed me that a private investigator working at your direction and you personally ran an operation to have the good detective re-open the 29-year old case regarding the murder of my dear brother Bruce. It was done using the most sleazy type of innuendo and outright known falsehood in order to mislead Det Maciel that I should be considered a suspect.

Eliott, please understand these facts:

  1. I joined Scientology for the sole purpose of helping my troubled brother Bruce. The only reason I was not able to pursue that objective for long enough to perhaps prevent his death was because the the client you represent persuaded me to join the Sea Organization on the false promise I would be given an assignment that would directly help my brother. Please watch this segment of an interview I gave – and you may begin to understand the level of intentional evil behind the operation you executed: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml 
  2. My brother’s body was found on July 1, 1981. I was working in LRH external comm, a very important responsibility during the life of L Ron Hubbard. I had not seen my brother because of work commitments for perhaps a year or more. Your client, who ordered you to run this operation, has a written record of my whereabouts for every hour for three years prior to and up to the date of my brother’s death.
  3. Your client, who ordered this operation, has pre Clear folders, containing a number of sessions over several days after I was informed of my brother’s death – all detailing every aspect of my relationship with my brother and the devastating impact his death had on my life.
  4. Your intent and the intent of your client in making the false allegations are well documented by your client’s websites that have told falsity-laced, invented stories woven to leave the impression I had something to do with my brother’s death.
  5. I know from 22 years of working directly for Miscavige, and several years working over you, and from my OSA sources, that a secondary intent of your intentional false statements to a law enforcement agent was creating an “ongoing case” that you could – in a libel proof fashion – make reference to in order to destroy my reputation on your websites and in utterances by your investigators.
  6. Your involvement, and the particulars of it, are documented and secured.


Regardless of how you choose to handle this matter, your Consigliere days are over.

The only causation you can exercise at this point is the manner in which those days end. That is, whether they are ended with some level of dignity or by way of the penitentiary and the California bar.

And just so you don’t go into another of your reactive, false “ah hah” routines you are so well paid to perform and say “this sounds like extortion”, recognize the following. I am not saying “if you don’t do this, I won’t report you to law enforcement.” I am saying I have already reported you and your boss to law enforcement – and I believe the only way you can mitigate the result is by complying with the following demand. It is most certainly the only way you can mitigate the potential pains of civil remedies.

You have until sundown Tuesday August the 17th to deliver to me a copy of the letter that apologizes and withdraws your false allegations from the file of Detective Maciel, and to remove the false innuendo and allegations your very sick ultimate boss has ordered be published about me.

 In the interim you are ordered to preserve all of my pc and pre-OT folders, ethics folders, OSA intelligence and PR folders, and any and all files created by anyone in Church of Scientology International and Religious Technology Center pertaining to me and pertaining to your demented “dead brother operation”.


Mark “Marty” Rathbun

PS: I have ample evidence to hand to prove that publication on my blog is the most certain means of putting both you and Miscavige on notice.

Mark “Marty Rathbun


PO Box 269

Ingleside Tx 78362