Daily Archives: August 26, 2010

Know your rights


To: Executives and staff of Int, Gold, OSA, etc

Know your rights.

I know you have heard horrific things about how former staff who left the church with evidence in their possession will be prosecuted . You should know that that is propaganda.

That propaganda is directed to one public and one public alone: YOU.


The intent of the propaganda is the same intent behind forcing you to periodically sign five year employment contracts which make you think you have signed your rights to free speech away.

The purpose is to keep you in a state of electrified fear of ever even thinking a negative thought about David Miscavige and his rein of terror, let alone ever doing anything about it.

Now, let’s get to those rights of yours that you probably don’t know  about.

In the United States of America, and in most civilized nations, one cannot sign away his or her freedom of speech. The fiats of David Miscavige do not trump the Bill or Rights nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Miscavige’s bloviating does not even have the slightest effect upon settled California case law.

So, no matter what you have signed or been told to the contrary, recognize it has no effect upon the following settled law:

If you harbor intentions to leave, and you have a reasonable belief that the church might pursue you in order to coerce you to return to some form of environment where you lack the freedom of movement, speech, or association you have the right to take with you evidence that supports that belief.

If you believe people who were once in your position, who have already left, are being attacked by the church in order to coerce them into giving up any of their rights to free movement, speech or association, you have the right to take with you evidence of infringement of such rights.

If you are leaving because you reasonably believe you have witnessed crimes against persons or acts that have denied people their God-given rights to freedom of speech, movement, or association then you are within your rights to take with you evidence of those crimes and/or denials of Civil and Human Rights.

If any doubt exists as to whether you will be protected should you choose to exercise these rights, I personally guarantee you protection. The legal minds available to protect your rights on the outside make Miscavige’s overpaid criminal cover-up artists look like the pikers they are.

Miscavige is less and less seen by the average staff member because he is figuratively burrowing himself further and further into his Hitlerian bunker. He has good reason to choose his ground hog strategy.

His rein of terror is under intense scrutiny by people who make their lives’ work to end effective slavery and mafia-like intimidation tactics by dictators.

Which leads to the next bit of propaganda you would be ill-served to heed. That is the notion being broadcast within that Miscavige is being hunted by the forces of evil on the planet. Quite the contrary, those investigating him firmly hold to the view that Scientology is a religion entitled to its own protections under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The fact of the matter is the biggest threat to the viability of those protections for the future is Miscavige’s continuous crimes committed in the name of the religion.

Think about it.

Or, if you cannot confront thoughts along those lines, try not to think about it.