Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

Blood Money

Having recently recognized the depravity with which Miscavige and OSA are executing their programs to destroy me and other friends, I’ve thought more about the manner in which the RS enablers are being handled.  I think we are being are being far too timid and mild about the well-heeled bots who continue to contribute to Miscavige’s billion dollar facade and Black Ops.

I hear the arguments go something like this: well, they are well intentioned just like we were when we were bots.  There are a couple things wrong with that argument.  First, assumed identities are not the same.   When we were bots the following was evident to staff and public:

a.  Services were being delivered in orgs.

b. There were public in orgs.

c. There were large-scale attacks by well-funded enemies who sought to destruction of the religion of Scientology.

d. There was a scintilla of substance to the propaganda events.

e. There was no hard facts, evidence and first-hand testimonials readily available from top members telling the real scene.  Yes, there were high level “defectors”, but they had the credibility level of Miscavige having adopted the same vicious, innuendo-laced diatribes full of disprovable falsehood. And they did generalize their attacks toward the destruction of Scientology itself.

f.  People were not being extorted to hand over huge sums – driving them into bankruptcy or worse –  in the most off-policy fashion. Incidentally, reports are surfacing that the church is encouraging “OTs” to declare bankruptcy when it gets too tough, because after all “the suppressive bankers are to blame.” And “OTs” are dutifully passing it along to their fellows.

g. The technology of Scientology – at least to some degree – was available in the churches.

h. Disconnection was a voluntary decision made when one hit a unresolvable snag in case progress; not an enforced policy widely applied for one evil purpose: to block the flow of TRUTH in order to keep the sheep in the pen for repeated shavings.

My thoughts along this line were re-inforced when I reviewed a number of recent credible reports I’d received on the state of orgs.  THEY ARE EMPTY people.  Yes, the Idle ones too.  New York, LA, Steven’s Creek, Seattle, London, Madrid, Malmo, Las Vegas, you name it. I’ve received first-hand reports on all of them.  And they do not deliver Scientology. They deliver some new freaky Miscavige Div 6 mini courses and they do not train auditors.   I realized that if I’d have encountered a church of Scientology in the need of change state of mind I was in when I joined in 1977 TODAY, I wouldn’t go into one even if they had a gun to my head.

The church is dead.  Those who cannot see it are not Scientologists.  They are out-ethics, status oriented, weaklings who don’t have the confront to have an independent thought.  

Which leads to the second problem in treating them like poor misguided children.  Let’s look at Apartheid.  It was extended for many years by sincere pleas of  “well meaning, good South Africans.”   I witnessed it first hand.  Yes, many of them  were seemingly “well-intentioned” and were decent people within their educational and experiential framework.  But, it was not reasoning with such that ended Apartheid.  No, it was telling them evil is evil, whether dressed up in good intentions or not.  It was only when enough people stopped being so confounded reasonable (in a bad sense) about the matter, and started making responsible those who enabled the government of South Africa to continue the hellish practice that the tide began to turn.  And it was only when that escalated to passing laws around the world making it illegal to continue to contribute to South Africa’s economic slave masters that freedom was finally achieved.

Maybe some of you have the time to continue to treat them with kid gloves. I do not happen to have that luxury at the moment.  Their contributions of energy are being used largely to put period to us. And believe me,  if I am ever muzzled, Mike will be next, then another, and another. And guess what?  The forces of evil will have achieved LRH’s warned doomsday (a Black Dianeticist successfully monopolizing the subject of Scientology to the detriment of humanity). 

I am not countenancing counter-productive clownery – like beefing up their serv facs by obnoxiously denigrating people’s beliefs. 

I guess all I am suggesting is that people become more vigilant.  Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil that bots are perpetuating by enabling it. 

Bull Conner was damn certain he was doing the right thing by beating women and setting attack dogs on children in Alabama in the early sixties.  He was probably a great guy to have a drink with if the subject of segregation never arose.

But patty caking Conner would have perpetuated American Apartheid for years.

I am suggesting for starters that we call blood money what it is,  “blood money.”