Restoration of Tech: Service Facsimiles

Early on in the history of this blog RJ and I had an exchange about the “lost tech” of Service Facsimile handling in Scientology Inc.   Since, during more than a year of being subjected to daily doses of Scientology Inc’s dramatization of Miscavige’s Serv Facs, we have calmly and consistently gone about restoring the powerful technology of service facscimile handling.

In a Class VIII lecture aboard the Apollo in 1968, LRH told the original Class VIII’s that the route in Scientology had been taped by 1966.   If one fully understands that taped route, as preserved in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) lectures, one cannot help but notice the utter enthusiasm LRH expresses during his lectures on the culmination point on the route to Clear and OT: Service Facsimile handling.  Listened to in sequence – after hundreds of lectures, LRH’s tone changes noticeably.  Why?  Well, here is LRH’s description of the ability gained when one truly handles his or her real service facsimiles:

“Moving out of  fixed conditions into ability to do new things.”

Wait a second!  Isn’t the hope for just that the very reason why most people began studying and applying Scientology in the first place?

I have noted here before that the institution of the Golden Age of tech made the real handling of Service Facsimiles virtually impossible.

That is because actually discovering and handling terminatedly the Service Facsimiles of a pre-Clear (and yes, a pre-OT) requires what LRH calls “slippy auditing”.   A robot cannot and never will discover, let alone, handle a service facsimile.  LRH put it this way in HCOB 5 Sep 1978 Anatomy of a Service Facsimile, “those things that do not respond to routine auditing, that routine auditing won’t change, are rooted in this mechanism.”

Listen to the many lectures on the subject of Service Facsimile handling by LRH in the SHSBC to fully grasp that concept.  What I take from those lectures, and through SUCCESSFUL application behind the meter, an auditor has got to get down into the swamp with the pc to locate and wrassle that gator – or that gator is gonna bite the pc in the ass.  It is anything but “routine auditing.”

In early 1996 I reported directly to Miscavige that after several months of debugging cases – including extensive folder study of bugged OT cases that the tech hierarchy had given up on – demonstrated that the church of Scientology – including but not limited to the FSO – had lost the tech of Service Fac handling.  I could find very few actual service facsimile run over an extended period of time within the corporate church of Scientology.  PCs were run  instead on run-of-the-mill intentions, false purposes and other assorted beingnesses, doingnesses, and havingnesses.

Note that it is a computation, not a doingness, beingness or havingness.

– Anatomy of a Service Facsimile

The first step in actual service facsimile handling is to really clear this up for the preclear.   You are looking for a computation – which LRH clearly distinguishes from a beingness, doingness,or havingness (which are addressed by ‘routine auditing’).  One very effective method – aside from clearing  the pc thoroughly on HCOB Anatomy of a Service Facsimile – is to thoroughly clear he or she on the chapter titled “Computations” from Advance Procedures and Axioms.  Might take a bit of time, but it is time well spent. It is where LRH clearly establishes just what a computation is and clearly differentiates it from a beingness, doingness, or havingness or any other kind of consideration.

Beyond that, you cannot be a Golden Age of Tech robot.  You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and really audit the pc in front of you.  Oh, and corporate Scientology blasphemy of blasphemies, you’ve got to be in such good two way communication with the pc that if you don’t take LRH’s auditing demo tapes to heart, you are lost.

Ok, so why would Miscavige ignore my advice in 96 (he never even bothered to respond) and instead go headlong into creating robots in the place of auditors?

Well, here is clue in my opinion, also from Anatomy of a Service Facsimile:

There is nothing sane about a service facsimile; there is no rationality to it. The computation does not fit the incident or event occurring.  It simply enforces, exaggerates, and destroys freedom of choice over the exercise of ability to be happy or powerful or normal or active.  It destroys power, destroys freedom of choice.

I can tell you straight up that it is an intentional action on Miscavige’s part.  It was my own discovery of this mechanism in myself that freed me from continuing to do  the dirty work of Miscavige. I recognized the computation of my own that he so craftily used and profited from over so many years.  It is gone incidentally, and that is why Miscavige and his minions have no idea – and I mean none – who I really am and what I am capable of.

For a taste of how this lost tech, restored, can have incredible, practical impact on the everyday lives of folks, I am including a write up from a bona fide OT V Kay Proctor. I want to thank Kay for having the courage and responsibility to lay it on the line with intimate details of her life so that others might enjoy the abilities she now has.

Success Story — Kay Proctor — April 2, 2011

Marty gave me my son back last week! You see, I had a very insidious service facsimile sitting there and it was ruining my life and my son’s life.

I had asked for help in 2002 at AOLA when I was about to complete OT 3. I did not consider I could ethically attest to Freedom from Overwhelm with this glaring outpoint with my son. Though they reluctantly let me interrupt the level and do a RPEC, it only yielded minor relief.

Again in 2006 and then in 2008, I went to Flag, specifically to get some help with my son. Each time I was told to just keep moving up and it would handle itself over time as I went up the Bridge.

This was THE only glaring outpoint along my dynamics, and it was literally ruining my life, as it was a mother of an outpoint. My son was disagreeable, wasn’t winning in life, and neither was I. And now with my husband gone, it was just us and we were not getting along. The situation had to get handled for both our survival.

It took Marty 3 sessions to get to the bottom of this and it wasn’t difficult. A crazy, non-survival computation—It’s no wonder my son was disagreeable. I’d probably have killed somebody if I had this crap being run on me.

It went something like this:

In order for him to be self-confident, he had to do everything the same as I did.

That’s like, ‘in order to be happy, I have to be unhappy.’ Holy mother of god. What a load of crap. He gave me clues with his protesting of my standards and my perceptiveness. His mouth would be vile and abusive, invalidating any and everything, no matter what or why. Understandable reaction actually.

In less than 3 hours, I had my son back – quick and simple. Marty was meticulous with me until I had the ‘exact wording’ of the ser fac and then, it blew. Instantly I could grant beingness to him and it was evident when I made a phone call to him after session. He could now do or not do whatever he wanted, however he wanted and I could feel that the ridge was gone. I could also grant myself beingness to just run my life, instead of trying to mind my business and his. Whew! Did I gain some energy and attention units to use in a ‘more productive’ way.

So, now I am truly ready to get onto Solo NOTS, which I will do as soon as Jim Logan & I get ourselves through OT 6 in the next few weeks.

To sing a few praises to Marty: Now I’d like to let you know that the auditing I received was beyond anything I have ever experienced. Lovely, caring comm cycle, had a f/n at the start of session, so did not have to fly ruds with the crazy 3-swing f/n crap, did not have to go through a bazillion gyrations to get into session, which would previously consisted of: shoes off, feet on pillow, blanket over lap, another blanket made into a tent so that a heater could be at the back of my calves —  then a fan blowing on my face – plus all the significance if I had enough food, water, vitamins, bathroom, tight clothes, tight underwear, tight ass……………wtf. It would get crazy with all the gyrations.

Not one single gyration was needed. Sitting there in flip flops, no heater, no fan, no blanket, good can squeeze on the first try, f/n starting the session everytime. It was so easy. Marty did not blast me into the next room when he said “this is the session” as I always experienced at Flag, and no special gyrations had to be repeated for the Exam at the end of session.

Beautiful R-factors that made auditing safe and easy. You knew what you were looking for and were a properly enlightened pc.  When you know exactly what to expect, it runs like hot butter. Marty has set a standard for me, both for other auditing situations I may find myself in plus when I solo audit myself shortly on Solo NOTS.

I imagined it to be like LRH would audit — high, high ARC, great TR’s, completely handling the person in front of you and never feeling like you are doing some ‘one size fits all’ program, whether it indicates to you or not. It is your session and your case and the auditor is simply there to guide you.

Beautiful, standard LRH applied to a beautiful result. To say I am eternally grateful does not express the magnitude of how I feel.

I have not uttered one word to my son. In fact, he had no idea where I had been. I have been test-driving my new beingness this week.  From him, not one utterance of vile language, not one disagreement when I ask him to do something, no invalidations, and furthermore, he is in great comm with me with good ARC. The ridge that I previously felt is gone.

I no longer have a Held-Down 7.

I cannot speak high enough praises to Marty and his auditing style. May we all experience such and restore ourselves to our native state. Many, many thanks to LRH for this beautiful tech and for the standard application delivered to me at Casablanca.

Kay Proctor

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  1. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you, Kay, for sharing your life and all the nitty-gritty with us. It makes very real the wins that can be had. Thank you, Marty, for your expert delivery of the tech as LRH intended so that our friends can continue to have such wins in life. I’m all teary-eyed to say the least. What a great win for all of us to have this valuable piece of tech restored. Much love, Yvonne

  2. BRAVO!!!! To you Marty for true Standard Tech and Kay for your wonderful wonderful win! What a blast to read this !!!!

  3. Marty — What a great restoration of service facsimile handling!

    Kay — Wonderful success story! I love the way you write, particularly: “I have been test-driving my new beingness this week.” Still smiling over that … Hallelujah

  4. YES! Great win!

    Had a similar experience at the Casa. I used to ask my auditors when the h*** we were going to get around to running ser facs….turns out they had no clue. 1st session at CasaBlanca………blam! Vital tecnology. Oh so not done in corporate Scn.

    ““So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests, It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.” – LRH

  5. Wins from PC’s are my favorite things to read on the blogs. This one was especially wonderful because of the issues involved and results attained.

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Now, who is going to join us next? I know there has to be at least one Scientology Inc. PC reading this. Why not try some correctly applied Scientology and see how you do?


  6. Kay, I am so happy for you! I have experienced some of Marty’s skills and I heartily agree. I had to laugh at your description of what it took to previously get you into session – I swear, you must’ve been looking in on some of my last sessions with C of S auditors – that’s what I’d have to do to get in session as well. Gods, talk about pc’s attention being elsewhere than on pc’s case. Not so at Casablanca.
    Marty: “Bookmark” this ser fac thing for next time I come see you. 😉
    Bravo to LRH, you and Kay.

  7. Scott Campbell

    In definition #6 of “Service Facsimilie” in the DN & SCN Tech Dictionary, LRH describes a SER FAC as, “that computation generated by the preclear (not the bank) to make self right and others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and enhance own survival and injure that of others.”

    Two points of this mechanism are very telling to me. The first one is that the computation is generated by the PRECLEAR, not the bank. The second one is that the mechanism is used to “enhance own survival and injure that of others.”

    It seems to me that a SER FAC (IMHO) is making oneself right IN ORDER to make others wrong. By this mechanism, one justifies his irresponsibility while making others responsible for an unwanted condition.

    It is a pretty nasty trap one can easily fall into. I’m glad that you brought up this subject, Marty. Great job on your full application of the tech.

    L, Scott

  8. Fantastic! What an amazing change you’ve accomplished. Standard auditing does this! Loved your wins! Keyed me right out too! I imagine the ARCU aka love you feel with your son now is incredible too. Nice. Very nice!

  9. Wow! Very very cool, Kay. And so well done! Congrats on getting your son back! I worked with you at Delphi Oregon one summer many years ago. It’s great to see names I know on this site – knowing they (you!) got out of the church and are doing great (me too!).

  10. Pissed Wizard

    I understand completely your wins and well done to you and Marty.
    Marty gave me some very excellent auditing in that area as well and I am very pleased that you have had similar gains. 🙂

  11. Scott Campbell

    What a great success story, Kay. Wow. It must be a fantastic relief for you and your son.

    I love the way the tech works. It’s always wild when you handle something in your universe how it handles in others universes and the shared universe as well. It makes it real to me how planetary clearing is possible by just continuing to do what we are doing.

    Congratulations on Handling this Ser Fac and for getting onto OT VI with Jim Logan!

    Have fun!

    L, Scott

  12. Hey there Mary Jane,
    How ’bout sending me a private email —
    Would love to re-connect with you. L, K

  13. Another Layer

    Wow! Is this ever inspiring! Congratulations, Kay! That is just wonderful news about you and your son!
    And Thank You, Marty, for revitalizing this tech!

  14. Thanks Scott. It is so incredible. I have a new son — just absolutely
    fricking amazing.

    He is happier and that is really the joy that his mom has desired for a long time. He is creating his future and it was only a couple of weeks ago, that it wasn’t pretty dismal and our house. And the only thing that changed was me!

    Marty, please post the exact reference on this please. I want to re-read it and perhaps others might like to read the reference too.

    Thanks Scott for the lovely ack.

  15. Luis Garcia


    Fantastic wins and awesome projects for the future! Thank you for sharing them.

    I too have had Marty as an auditor and I completely agree he is a dream to have as an auditor! His natural TRs, his impeccable comm cycle, and the safe space he creates for the session… these are basics that cannot be experienced in the corporate church.

    I am happy for you.

    VWD Marty, again.

  16. Marty,

    Excellent product 🙂


    Gotta remember that checklist….hmmmm….le’see: “enough food, water, vitamins, bathroom, tight clothes, tight underwear, tight ass……………wtf”

    Erhm ….maybe not.

    I’ll just stick to the trusty can squeeze, check basal and asking the PC or Pre OT if they’re ready to rock’n’roll 🙂

    Anyway I remember the comm cyle we had about the Int Base and Ser Facs Marty.

    Let me relate a story I just thought of while reading your post and that is I did the FPRD Auditor’s just after it had been piloted in sometime in the mid 80 and co-audited on FPRD.

    What we used to do after every other session after running an E Purp chain which back then was to a wide persistent F/N or a floating TA was run all the ser facs from our last session and run ’em R3SC.

    And you know every session I’d one or two (yeah sure) maybe more (more likely) right there in all my wonderful justifications for what ever overt I decided to commit due to some evil purp or non survival intention whatever.

    Anyway time moves forward and I’m on the uncertainty courses and since I did a lot of FESing back in the day I end up being an unofficial FESer for all ASHO Fdn public and staff.

    Probably since they didn’t have a “Golden Age Tech Drill” on how to FES a folder or something.

    Just dearly departed Dorothy Brodrick and I and I noticed an interesting phenomenon and that is even though they ran J’s on every frickin’ overt even the ones that came up on ruds (which I wrote up numerous times as a violation of ‘Standard Tech Data’ but that’s another story) they never once wrote down what the justification was!

    I mean who cares about the frickin’ overt but usually the *justification* is usually a fruitful source of comps and ser facs.

    Why do you think Ron included the Overt/Justification as part of Grade IV?

    Anyway I began to note that these robotic “auditors” were not noting down what the J was so that it could be culled later at some point and run on R3SC.

    So I wrote RTC about this.

    Guess what happened?

    Nothing of course.

    As far as I know “auditors” at the Church still are just mechanically putting down check marks when they robotically ask for justifications.

    In other words Bypassing cases in wholesale numbers until…..until…..I guess you end up with someone like Skippy.

    A man who exemplifies service facs and computations in action.

    I mean if you wonder why the Church is the way it is all you gotta do is look over the R3SC brackets.

    Nuff said.

    Anyway good on you Marty and Kay loved your success story.



  17. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Great story, Kay! I was there with Kay when it happened! I’ve never seen anything quite like the difference after just a few sessions. And after my own session addressing my service facs the next day, I understood. And Kay is right: this is the standard for all my future auditing, including solo auditing! Simple, effective, great ARC, no strange complexities. The next time I see someone making auditing complex or difficult, I’ll know what I’m looking at — altered tech and/or suppression.

  18. Congratulations Kay.

    I feel Service Facsimile computations have such relevance to all we have endured in our Journeys.

    SERVICE FACSIMILIES are built into the Lifeblood and DNA of DM’s CULT.

    The “Church” is RIGHT.
    COB orders are RIGHT.
    COB technology is RIGHT.
    We are WRONG.

    The current FSO auditor will relentlessly do 25 sec check questions in a row~~ that do not read,~~ are not even relevant to the pc in front of him, suffocating and creating a bogged bogged session, but the auditor steadfastly continues over the OUT RUDS.

    The auditor is RIGHT !
    The pc in WRONG !

    but they are RIGHT to enforce it !
    They are RIGHT to demand 3 needle swings!
    PC is bogged down in mental mass and protest but the dramatization of the SER FAC is in place and the BULLDOZING rolls on regardless.

    Miscavige is a walking Service Facsimile.
    ONLY he is RIGHT.
    Everyone, and I mean everyone else is WRONG and SP.
    He even declared most Exes at INT making them even WRONG for being there.

  19. Kay, that is awesome. Thanks for sharing. You cracked me up with the blanket, fan, heater, etc…I thought to myself wtf. Congratulations on your wins.

  20. Many have considered what OT is.
    And I’m sure many will in the future.

    However the ” Ser Fac” is not about bank.

    “Moving out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things.”

    Handling this is really about ” OT” . And no can’t define this really.

    Its a nice direction though. 🙂

  21. Wonderful life-changing wins Kay. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see that when a pc originates, the pc is:
    1. duplicated,
    2. handled
    3. continued on the Grade Chart.
    I hope you son is enjoying his “new universe” without you (but really with you now).


  22. THIS is what real Scientology is.

  23. Booo Yeaah!!

    Ya gotta love this kinda thing. PreOTs, auditors, beings winning.

    Booo Yeaaah!!

  24. Floating Needle

    Now, there’s one thing very peculiar about this win…

    It’s real!

    After having seen hundreds of “wins” written in the Church, it began to be real easy to tell which ones were real and which ones just wanted to get through the routing form.

    That’s a great thing about the Independents…no forced communication done through routing forms!

    Marty, if you keep this up I’m going to change my name to Floating TA just from the success stories I keep hearing about you. :0)

    Kay, Great job on spotting the Serv Fac.

    Much love to you both for making the world just a tad bit brighter.

    And with each ray of light we shine into the shaded obscurity known as COS, we illuminate the way for another lost soul to find his way out of the trap.


  25. Thanks Guys. Great application of the tech. Love it.

    ML Tom

  26. Marty, You have no idea how much I want you to be this Being that is The champion of Standard Tech.
    With what I personally have experienced for years I am feeling so betrayed from those I expected only 100% Scn from. You would not believe me were I to tell you all I have had happen.

    I cried when I read her blog statement. I cried remembering when auditing was really for the pc and for their gain and there was no pre evaluation of what one’s cognitions should be. I cried remembering how wonderful it was to “be in session” with an auditor who really cared and listened to what I said.

    I don’t expect it this lifetime for myself anymore. But, I pray and hope that in your heart you mean what you say.

    I was confused by earlier blogs that mentioned ridding of copyrights that would allow chaos with the tech (loosing it basically and anything goes), along with one of the persons that you allowed to have “the stage” on your blogsite included his own madeup versions of “stop thinking processes” which included uses of psych drugs (referenced when needed by “wogs”) along with the video whereby you had a j and d guy in a video that titled “an introduction to L R H tech” and it was his bare ass hanging out after a viewing of mockery of the comm course, along with that you had a video I thought you meant to champion psych’s with their “advances” you stated were ahead of Scn and it basically in wog terms referenced the tech of ARC and understanding which was referred to as a way of having compassion (can’t recall exact verbig now). So, there have been perceived outpts that I did not understand amongst very well communicated truths about Miscavige and the Tech which reached my soul.

    I hope you are the sincere person you write about and are that Auditor (for real), because the world needs that as you know.

    I hope you are not aiding or have other fish to fry. I hope I simply misunderstood the other references I mentioned that made you appear insincere and with your own personal motives ( I mean that, and am not being sarcastic in the least). I hope you are that person. Because then even if I don’t get to have the advantage of making it personally, I can have the peace of heart to know that my fellow Beings are.

  27. DM has truly created the true horror story. Since a ser fac is created by the thetan , he can take that all the way up the Bridge if it is not handled. So you can have OTs running around being stuck in fixed conditions and making others wrong. On top of which any win they might have is nuked by the 3 swing F/N. And the OT level is all screwed up with alterations. Stephen King would have a field day if he knew.
    Now the real Tech is coming through- out of the Church. The biggest testament to that are wins like the spectacular one we just read. Thank you Marty.

  28. This all makes a lot of sense. When I listened to LRH auditing somebody on tape, I noticed that he was so casual. So human. And it seemed almost quaint.
    It got results. Sounds like Marty is doing the same thing.

    DM’s GAT is so rigid. So forced. So much stress on being “perfect”.

    DM and his GAT remind me of Idle Orgs and Tom Cruise’s “personality”. Harsh. Rigid. Intense. Arrogant. Superior. Overblown. Cold. Calculating. Agendas. Bullshit. PR. Styrofoam columns. Abusive. Physical. MEST.

    Have I made my point?

  29. Yes, Scott, this definition explains how one can be Clear and still have a service facsimile. “It is generated by the pc, not the bank.” Therefore when one has no bank, one can still whomp up a heckuva fantastic mess with a service facsimile.

    One thing I love about service facsimiles is that feeling when you recognize one (in session) and see it for how crazy it is, and how using it has and will always actually wreck everything, etc. It’s always worth a good laugh.

    When org staff are dramatizing serv facs, they think they’re doing things right because according to whatever computation they are operating on, it says they are right to be doing it that way. (Kinda like a dog chasing it’s tail.)

    BUT, we learned to handle these on Level 4. It’s within reach of any academy student to help others by handling these. Ain’t that sweet?!

  30. Tony DePhillips

    That’s great Kay and Marty!
    Kay you made me think of the time I got auditing from Marty and we were about to do the can squeeze and he said ” squeeze those puppies”. I went so VGI’s, I knew that I was not getting auditing from a robot then and there!!
    Nice rehab…Thanks.

  31. Felicitas Foster

    Congratulations Kay! This is really an awesome win – and that is how auditing should be in my opinion – handle the things YOU (the PC) has attention on and needs help with.

    I think this is what we were all looking for when we came into the church – stuff we are carrying around and that makes our life misaerable.

    Great product Marty – and great article. Thank you.

  32. I am so keyed out by this story and the fantastic handling, because my long-time relationship with my family is quite similar with you and your son. Now I know where to get the situation terminatedly handled. Thank you guys for sharing this important information.

  33. First congratulations on getting your son back.

    “Marty was meticulous with me until I had the ‘exact wording’ of the ser fac and then, it blew. Instantly I could grant beingness to him and it was evident when I made a phone call to him after session.”

    “cognition: a new realization of life. Cognitions result in higher degrees of awareness and consequently greater abilities to succeed with one’s endeavors in life.”

    “service facsimile: a computation generated by the individual to make self right and others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and to enhance own survival and injure that of others. This computation will cause the individual to deliberately hold in restimulation selected parts of his reactive mind to explain his failures in life. For example, a person may keep an old injury in restimulation so that his family has to look after him. See also facsimile; reactive mind; restimulation.”

    And some intresting simularities.
    “Cognitive therapy seeks to help the patient overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses.”

  34. Kay Thats nice that you shared your wins with This Blog Readers Great !!!

  35. Kay,
    Thank you for telling your story and sharing your wonderful wins. That’s real Scientology working in real lives. 🙂 Great work, Marty and Mosey.

  36. Under-the-radar

    WOW! What a fricken blind spot. I got my grades pre GAT and had this real old school Auditor/CS team. I mean “Old School” (They have both been blown off of the line since the GAT). Since it has been a long time and I am not familiar with the procedure, what I am going to say may not be exact. I remember getting to grade IV and after a couple of sessions the auditor pulled out one of my computations he had written down several intensives earlier in order to ask me a few questions regarding it. I remember being very impressed with the ethics presence necessary to spot and jot such a thing down to be used later. In the end we got things worked out and when the dust settled I remember thinking how silly I was for agreeing with and making my own, that silly computation that in fact was totally ruining my life and was being imposed on others around me to their dissatisfaction.

    Since that time, I have often wondered when we are going to do that again. I had just figured it was no longer necessary after Grade IV and that these things were automatically handled with the tech of NOTs. Dubbed that in!

    I can see now that the way the staff and public is being treated may not, in fact, be the entire fault of the Scientology staff and public.

    Thanks RJ and Marty for sharing some technical aspects of this!

    Thank you Kay for sharing your success! My wins on Grade IV have been rehabbed : )

  37. Kay: You look so fresh, so alive!!

    There is something light. Something airy. Something naive and youthful about a PC and/or PreOT who is washed clean. Free from SerFacs that create the dirty slush …

    She brings me back to my early days at CCLA:


  38. Very well done Kay and Marty..
    This Service Fac. is a big problem in our society.
    One done and 1 billion more to do.

  39. martyrathbun09

    In fact Ingrid, people create the most bizarre and crippling computations in order to continue playing the corporate Scientology game.

  40. martyrathbun09

    I think you misunderstood consistently those references you made.

  41. Marty,
    Thank you for this write up and putting things in perspective reguarding this important piece of lost tech. Of course, this makes perfect sense! If people’s fixed conditions were handled, it would be awfully difficult to wave that carrot promising relief. “Each time I was told to just keep moving up and it would handle itself over time as I went up the Bridge.” This also explains some OT’s who have unwanted conditions that don’t ever change.
    Marty, you said “I recognized the computation of my own that he so craftily used and profited from over so many years. It is gone incidentally, and that is why Miscavige and his minions have no idea – and I mean none – who I really am and what I am capable of.”
    This post shows “who you really are”. IMHO, you are a man who cares . In fact, the enormousy of your care and love for others is creating the effects that we all got into Scientology for. Marty, your true colors are shining through and they are beautiful! (if I knew how to link the song I would) ml, Laura

  42. martyrathbun09

    RJ, Very good point. Justifications are the number one source of serv fac material.

  43. Kay,
    I cried all the way through this post and your subsequent success story. I am soooo happy for you! I know you and your son will create your future as you want it to be.
    I also want to thank you for standing up front and center, real name and all. Now that I am out, I still can’t believe how scared I was. I spent my life being very careful not to rock the boat for anyone. I was careful what I said, thought and did. I was sure if it were found out, I had doubts, my life would be over. Now, I’m not sure why I felt that way. Yes, there has been fall out but, the improvements in my life are great and far out-weigh the other. Best of all, my code of honor is in for the first time in a very long time and it is quite exteriorizing. I know you know what I mean. THANK YOU! You are one TOUGH, COURAGEOUS chick! I’m proud to call you FRIEND! ml, Laura

  44. martyrathbun09

    Good morning Laura. I got a feeling it is gonna be a great day, weekend, week, month, year…

  45. RJ,
    THANK YOU for being a warrior for standard tech! Thank you for helping to point out violations and diversions from standard Scientology. I know LRH would be proud! ml, Laura

  46. The presence of OTs with unhandled service facsimiles was my first clue that something was out in the Church of Scientology.

    The proliferation of service facs in the executive ranks of the church showed me that my future lay elsewhere.

    Thanks for explaining why this was never detected or handled in the church.

    David St Lawrence

  47. George White

    Very, very nice story.
    I am happy for you.
    I had similar situation long ago.

  48. One Who Knows,
    Without meaning to evaluate, I can tell you that the subject at hand, computation (as defined in your Tech Dict) is of paramount importance for one to sort out what you’ve described. You see, what you write is an example of the subject.

    There is the ‘confusion’, the threat to survival represented to you with the various things you mention that you found uncomfortable to watch or read or contemplate, and in that confusion or any confusion that is so poignant and comes ‘close’, are the mechanics of aberrated evaluations and conclusions from those evaluations which ARE the computations one puts there as ideas that substitute for confront and real ease and ARC with the circumstances so as to gain full duplication and understanding and real resolution with NO ‘fixed idea’ held to ‘solve’ it.

    You’re doing well at this point to face up to the confusion. I recommend you get thoroughly trained to give you the KRC to get through these type of things so you don’t just put in place some aberrated stable datum to park a confusion that presents a problem that seems to ‘serve’ you , but in actuality, thereafter just presents new problems.

    This is a vital subject, the one of Ser Facs/Computations, Justification, Solution, Idea substituted for the thetan, and such like, to make life either go more solid when not known and applied or the joyful state of able to view and shift and change as circumstances vary and ride the wave of living on top of the water, not swamped or stuck in an eddy.

    Fixed ideas. Evil purposes as solutions to some confusion. The problems held in place thereafter. Justification and the overt-motivator sequence. These are possibly the heart of aberration. Having the tech at your command to face and deal with those already formed up, and to keep from getting new ones as you continue this adventure of life, well, that’s the shit dude, that’s the deal, that’s one of the coolest things there is in being a real Scientologist.

    I’m happy to see you coming through.


  49. Joe Pendleton

    Ye shall know an auditor by the wins of the people he audits. Beautiful cycle, Kay and Marty.

  50. One who knows the truth

    I believe you have made a heartfelt comment. And, I believe Marty has appropriately acknowledged you.

    If you really feel you cannot any longer get auditing, OK. If, however, you need some help from your friends, just say so.

    You are not unimportant to the overall equation! L, H

  51. Karen #1,

    Yep. And not only is DM an individual suppressive, but the cult has become a third dynamic suppressive, operating completely out of valence.

    I noticed a long time ago that ser fac tech underlay suppressives. There was that computation that threw them out of valence into a “right” valence, a “powerful” valence, one that would dominate and enhance survival. He was right and everyone else was wrong. All based in a computation he generated.

    And because he was right, none of the heinous acts perpetrated on others was actually an overt to him. They were wrong. They deserved it. Pure justification that nullified charge on overts. A suppressive person will not read on the most hideous crimes against others. Raping neighborhood children and burying them in the basement won’t get a twitch. The thought of being caught and punished might read, but not the crime.

    What applies to an individual applies to a group. This church is running on a computation that justifies all sorts of overts, makes itself right, gives it a right to dominate others, etc. And for those stuck in this third dynamic computation, you aren’t going to get any “read” from them discussing criminal behavior of the group or their leader. It’s all justified because they’re right.

    And blind.


  52. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant Michael.

  53. Your humble servant

    Yes, the real tech, and not “shoddy substitutes” is wonderful. Life in the current C of S demands that we create computations to rationalize why the tech is not the way it is supposed to be. It’s a real revelation that tech could be so far out in the Mecca of Technical Perfection (FSO). Although they generate a lot of beautiful promo guaranteeing that if you go there your case will be handled, the guarantee evidently means nothing since the actual tech of auditing is not being applied. A lot of people go and then return disappointed. Thanks for your win and your story, Kay, and thank you, Marty, for being an auditor!

  54. Sapere Aude

    The dreams we all had when we learned of the bridge. So happy to hear your wins! Marty – take a win as the auditor, you have again truly helped another being. Think of how wonderful it would be to hear these types of wins every day in every org in the world. That would make LRH smile. Someday it will be. Until then we all continue moving on up a little higher.

  55. Laura,
    I’m the kind of thetan – that once I make a decision, I am all-in. It is case changing for me to stand up there & give the details. Otherwise, how could anyone relate and reach themselves.

    It always annoyed me to get those ‘broad sweep’ general type success stories with initials.

    When Flag would try to persuade me that I needed to make things go right to get onto Solo Nots — they’d bring me them. I finally told to just not bother, as they are useless and meaningless to me. I want to know “who” so that I can decide if that is something I want too.

    So, I don’t know any other way, other than to just lay my life out there. It was real enough for me to experience it and I got through it — so it is okay in my universe to let it be known to others. I don’t care or have anything to lose.

    Otherwise, I might as well just go ‘roll up the sidewalks’* and forget about it.

    And thanks to all of you that have sent your great acknowledgements. I absolutely love being an Indie – it so fits my style — as Marty knows. When he was finishing up my program, he was checking for other service facs that may have been in place while I have been navigating the Co$.

    I told him I was a “F U” thetan. That I just didn’t let them bother me, just told to go ‘eff off’. Of course the needle was f/ning — cause that’s who I am.

    *Before all of you ask what that Texas-ism means — it means that you give up. Game is over. You go get in a hole somewhere, never to surface again.

  56. One Who Knows the Truth,

    At the risk of seeming to have misunderstood what you meant by “The Champion of Standard Tech….”

    Here’s my opinion: you do Marty and the rest of us a disservice by expecting him to be the champion of standard tech. Standard tech is contained in the materials issued by LRH, and that’s where you will find Standard Tech–not on a blog. A particular auditor, spokesperson, C/S, supervisor, student can exhibit and practice that tech standardly, but that person’s standard application of the tech does not suddenly shift source of the material.

    Personal integrity (which should result from understanding and applying Scientology) does not equate to Source of Scientology or Champion of Scientology.

    “Champions” are those playing the game and winning. Scientology is not a spectator sport. It’s a game that demands involvement. Even reading an LRH book demands that you apply the material to the game of life to see how it works for you. You are the player of the game. Demanding champions for the game is self-denigration, a denial of Personal Causation.

    YOU have to be CAUSE. You have to be source of your own involvement. And to say, “well, I guess I just won’t be able to experience any gains from Scientology this lifetime now, sigh, sigh,” is an abdication of your own causation and integrity. More gains are available studying and applying the material than from simply being audited.

    Application=causation. Being cause rather than effect.

    Expecting Marty to behave with heroic perfection is a quick route to disappointment. Sometimes he’s pretty amazing, other times, not so much. (I doubt he would recognize the objective case if it bit him in the ass–but then again, the objective would have reversed roles to become subjective (the biter) and Marty would have become the objective–sigh, life is just so unpredictable.)

    The sincerity or lack of sincerity of a blog’s author is always less important than the ability of a reader to analyze the data put forth. It’s like the flu: if you’re immune, you don’t have to worry about catching it. Same with sincerity. If you’re sincere, you don’t have to worry about another’s insincerity–after all, you aren’t going to catch it.

    Just my opinion.


  57. martyrathbun09

    It is also the game where everyone wins. You are absolutely right about this champion notion in my opinion. The legacy is the TECHNOLOGY.

  58. Wow, amazing succes story and great auditor perfromance.

  59. Watching Eyes


    That was the coolest success story I’ve ever read. How cool! And just think, you didn’t have to “thank RTC” along with the other gyrations you experienced at Flag. You had me laughing out loud.

    I loved your story and even read it twice. Congratulations on your new freedoms, abilities and on getting your son back. I’m so glad you put it out on the blog. Yes, the tech is alive and well.

  60. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic tech, Lynne. I know I’ve had a few that have really fucked things up for me in times past.

    I can see how dramatizing a ser fac (you say serv fac, I say ser fac) could really screw up any 3rd Dynamic activity. HA!

    I’m glad that Marty pointed out the altered importance that the C of S has regarding handling these mechanisms and that they can be easily handled (as you point out) by Level 4 trained Auditors.

    L, Scott

  61. Bryan~Yep, exactly!
    LRH is the source of how to audit…period. I know I’m right on that one! 😉


    1. Everything he does IS rational.

    2. Others really ARE wrong.

    3. He dominates others in order to lead US to freedom.

    4. He harms others purposely BEFORE they can harm others, thus helping them elude the evilness of their OWN Service Facs.

    5. It is foolish to think in terms of ANYONE dominating him, so there’s NO domination for him to escape FROM.

    6. He always chooses correctly while others always DO choose wrongly.

    7. He has given his word in a sworn affidavit that he is Service Fac-free.

    8. He is already so crafty he doesn’t even NEED Service Facs.

    9. His entire case blew the first time he did TR-O.

    10. From personally studying unpublished and overlooked notes in the Technical Archives vault, he discovered that LRH wrote the Service Fac material for the purpose of ferreting out the one true Neo-Mattreya and that he would:

    a) Be free of all Service Facs
    b) Have goldenish hair
    c) Use the initials DM
    d) Be short of stature
    e) Demonstrably capable of personally overpowering the evil forces of destruction in order to erect a vast global empire of impressive buildings.

  63. martyrathbun09


  64. What training level did David Miscavage not complete?

    Oh yeah: Class IV
    Service Facsimilies in good working order?

    Oh yeah. You betcha.

  65. Yes, Kay… thank you for posting this Success Story.
    It gives me new hope for the relationship my sister and I have. I tolerate her, but only just.

    I can’t wait to get trained. REALLY Trained! I’m particularly fascinated with the relationship of all this to the reactive mind. I thought going Clear would put an end to all the stuff in grades levels. Woops! My huge misunderstanding! Gotta get trained!!

  66. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    this write up. You nailed it Michael.

  67. Marty,

  68. Maybe this is based on”real life” In DM’s “church”?

  69. Don’t put yourself down!
    You seem to be looking for a guru. In the long term the only guru who will serve you well is yourself and and a true Guru who helps you will serve only to enhance you to the point where you become your own guru.
    As an aside the video with the guy’s naked ass was nothing to do with Marty- just some Bill Robertson followers. With all the conflicting data from various people it is necessary to look at who is the source of each and every datum.

  70. Michael Fairman

    Wonderful Kay! And I know exactly from whence you speak. Marty helped me find IT too. And Marty’s sessions ?– like conversations with an old friend — run like I’m sure LRH would have run them. You’re absolutely correct.

    Just a beautiful success for you and your son.

  71. plainoldthetan

    I know the blanket application of the Justifications bulletin is a button with you, RJ, but when I was on the briefing course I realized it was a direct, straightwire-type way to ask for serfacs (or for material which could be used to locate serfacs).

    I even got a staff pc from CC for grade 4 and I asked for all her back folders for a serfac cull. The Tech Sec gave me grief about the request because “all her serfacs are in the folder summary”. When I told him I was looking for serfacs in the justifications, he looked at me like I was kuh-razy. So I opened the top folder in the stack he’d just handed me and there, in the session ruds, were three justifications, two of which were reading serfacs! He shut up after that.

    And my SHSBC Grade IV pc got a very thorough and effective R3SC handling.

    “Anything you do, do it as a professional to professional standards.”
    — New Slant on Life, Chapter 15, the old outmoded cancelled by DM version

    And by the way, where’s the GAT drill on using the prehavingness scale to locate serfacs? GLARING omission!

    Where’s the GAT drill to find a serfac based on a hidden standard or a hidden problem? GLARING omission!

    (Both of these methods are found in HCOB 30 November 1966 ASSESSMENT FOR SERVICE FACSIMILES)

    It may be there’s no GAT drill for finding a serfac using the prehavingness scale isn’t there because use of the prehavingness scale requires the auditor to see and use a meter change of characteristic read — SOMETHING THAT IS FORBIDDEN IN THE GAT.

    Great. I’m gonna be up all night now. Grumble.

  72. martyrathbun09

    But you’ll sleep like a baby tonight, and maybe even have a nice restful nap this afternoon.

  73. Caro Marty, spero di conoscerti personalmente un giorno. hai proprio ragione sul facsimile di servizio e ho avuto una grossa Cog. Grazie. ARC

  74. POT,

    The only “button” I have on running Justifications on rudiments is because it violates the purpose of ruds which is getting the PC or Pre OT in session enough to be audited *not run his case*.

    Also while you are up burning the mid night oil you should also read over the HCOB ‘R3SC by Slow Assessment’ another way of finding and running ser facs which also isn’t part of the GAT drills.

  75. What a wonderful write-up. Inspiring.

  76. Now THAT is a genuine win. Congratulations, Kay. Well done, Marty.

  77. plainoldthetan

    Fear not, I know about the slow assessment method. I imagine it’s not a GAT drill because it doesn’t magically blend into the R3SC procedure normally employed on Grade IV.

    When I was at ASHO C/Sing for the SHSBC, there was a Grade IV student pc whose TA would soar during some Grade IV processes. The auditor would panic every time this occurred, sometimes to the point of running a C/S 53.

    After I pinksheeted the auditor on Slow Assessment, the auditor calmed down and the pc ran smoothly. And we were able to use those processes where the TA soared to get material for serfac running.

    By the way, the problem I have as a C/S is that when Justifications are used in the rudiments is that novice “can’t-see-the-whole-case” auditors very often just put “J” and a checkmark on the worksheet, without noting the pc’s response and any read, violating the Worksheets bulletin. (“H. Reads on questions, commands, items, etc. (e.g. sf, F, LF, LFBD”) May novices don’t realise that the answer to “Justifications?” falls under “etc.”.

  78. This is why the HCOB on Running Justifications is limited to Sec Checking and FPRD.

    You wouldn’t expect students to know the ins and outs of ser facs and comps till they did Level IV.

    Anyway aside from that

    Running Justifications on Ruds is basically an *additive*.

    Actually in my opinion having a auditor who is not level III or above fly ruds is a tricky undertaking which is why back in the ol’days they used to have the higher classed auditors fly the PC’s ruds before session if no F/N at start.

    Even having a CL III fly ruds who doesn’t know how to assess a GF is asking for trouble as they tend to become ….er….”inventive” when ruds don’t fly like they do in the Golden Age of Tech Drills.

  79. davemessenger

    I think that you have hit the nail on the head….
    “the safe space he creates for the session”
    That is obviously what DM wants to destroy.

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