Human Rights “Tolerance” Award Winner Tom Cruise

The Daily, a new internet news medium, just reported that perhaps Tom’s daughter has split with him and the “church” of Scientology.

(I understand there have been some problems with this link; in the interim some of it can be seen at Village Voice which is onto the scene,

I have dealt with so many mothers and fathers (Scientologists and non-Scientologists) whose Scientologist kids were turned against them – including the wonderful woman whom I am now auditing – that this topic is literally smack-dab in the center of my plate. 

I think it is significant, and ironic in a sense, that Miscavige’s best friend and closest confidant may be experiencing the backfire of this venomous “seize their children’s minds” technique perfected by Miscavige himself.

I also note the irony of the Simon Weisenthal Center’s prospective Human Rights award winner (for religious tolerance no less) in fact being so intolerant that he is apparently causing his own children to rebel.

I hope Conner doesn’t get the impression I want to see him busted for sharing the facts I did with The Daily. Quite the contrary, I want him to know there is a vast network out here of caring people that have his back in the event the Miscavige mind control tactics exceed his tolerance level.

Fact of the matter is the tactics Miscavige has employed to turn children and teen agers into unthinking and ruthless automatons are chilling.  A series on that score will follow as time permits.

To Isabella, may you fly free young woman.

To Nicole, Peace.

To Tom, Wake Up.

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  1. Marty,
    There is never a dull moment with you, Amigo!
    A friend of mine who had been a world champion bullrider, Bobby Del Vecchio, was recently inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Fear is not something that crosses the minds of people like—rather they embrace Life despite what appears their continual flaunting of the devil.
    Prime example:
    In ways, you remind me of him so I put this together for the two of you.

    Thing Called Life

    Beyond us now,
    it always seemed.
    That Truth could be,
    not just in dreams.
    But all things pass,
    and cycle through.
    Including lives—
    that’s me and you.

    So whatta ya gonna take,
    But the love you make?
    Where ya gonna hide,
    when you look down,
    deep inside?
    Itsa ship of fools.
    A wild ass ride.
    This thing called Life,
    and it’s alive!

    So square your ass down,
    on that bull.
    And nod your head,
    you damned old fool.
    Cuz Life can turn,
    upon a dime.
    And make that ride
    a diamond mine!

  2. martyrathbun09

    Cowboy, I am honored. All you gotta do is ack me once in a while to keep the fire going. But, at the end of the day, I’m probably just a cracker who likes flirtin’ with disaster:

  3. “I started my life with a single absolute: That the world was mine to shape in the image of my highest values, never to be given up to a lesser standard no matter how long or hard the struggle.”

    Self-Determinism. It is the Holy Grail. It always has been.

  4. Lucky Dilettante

    So wrong to hear of these splits in family life caused by David Miscavige.
    I have two friends from years ago who have deep concerns over strained relationships working both ways:
    1. One friend has children in Scientology who are very introvered when talking with their dad. There is tension when the subject of “religion” arises.
    2. Another friend has a son who wants to leave Scientology but is being prevented by the the x-wife who is still in Scientology.
    I can’t see how American taxpayers can pay for this kind of thing anymore.
    We are subsidizing Miscavige’s IRS tax exempt status at this point in time which is harming America.

  5. NEVER say a foul word against a parent to their child! What would be the intention of doing that? Only an evil and destructive one.
    I watched a recent interview of Nicole Kidman ~ living with she and her husband and their two babies will be heaven compared to life under the thumbs of David Miscavige. HEAVEN!

  6. Here it’s quite the opposite, isn’t it? The child has a lot of common sense, while her father’s mind is seized.

  7. Watching Eyes

    Good for Isabella. Marty, the article said you’d tutored her. You must have instilled some “look don’t listen” in those lessons and she took it to heart. She looked alright and then up & left……….as soon as she was legally able. Bright girl.

    I doubt the dwarf will be sending the goon squad to Nicole Kidman’s house to “recover” Isabella. Can you just imagine.

  8. Pascal Dorion

    Scientology is ment to foster ARC. To see it perverted to cause ARCX is ironic to say the least. As a dad, to see this happening is terrible. Cruise is an incompetent scientologist and father, a complete failure. I get so mad when people mention Cruise after I talk about my religion. So much dough and auditing and yet still a silly jerk. This proves that you get out of Scientology what you put in.

  9. The photo telegraphs clearly that TC is in DM’s valence. It has never been so clear. TC sees LRH and TC as a winning valence. Many SO members saw DM in a winning valence. Many still do. It is odd that public relations made Tom a huge star. For whatever reason, his looks or whatever, made him a raging big star. Now (as per the Viewpoint P/L) he cannot view how others see him. Sort of like the Emperor with no clothes. Now, PR, the very thing which made him, is now his biggest downfall. I recently heard a progressive doctor on television describe in detail how all illness in the body is a result of hormone imbalance. He talked about men producing too much estrogen resulting in man boobs but that is most extreme. LRH said that all crazy people are physically ill. Low OCA on the right = crazy. Low on the left is out of valence (which equates to PTSness and illness). TC seems to have an imbalance with regard to testosterone which results in extremely aggressive behavior that is socially out of place. He sees himself as being above others. He most certainly has a superior financial position and that has bought him many “privileges”. In such a circumstance, it is hard not to view the world as if you are an elitist. There is a button on Grade II with regard to Accept/Reject. It is powerful. That gave me the impetus to reject the Church and go out on my own in 1983. It felt GREAT. You’ve all done it whether aware of it or not. Sometimes we need to ACCEPT. Tom needs to accept that things are not what he thought. His kids are rejecting him. People often have HUGE issues that are accept/reject issues (always involves O/Ws on some level – its Grade II) and these often have to do with mommy or daddy which often transfers to male/female issues. He could never accept Nicole for who she really was let alone his kids. His fantasies of her in the fields reminds me of Catcher in the Rye. We should all accept Tom for who he really is but I think most of have. He has rejected our acceptance. Granting beingness is an interesting phenomena.

  10. Marty – you don’t flirt with disaster – you poke fun at it and chase it in wild abandon!

    Cowboy, that was beautiful!

    ML Tom

  11. I’ve always wondered about the type of life/control that TC has implemented on his kids. Any kids exposed to the youth culture that surrounds hollywood and the upper-upper-upper class of Malibu aren’t going to submit to the CoS mind control easily. When I saw photos of Isabella running around with a “Ramones” t-shirt and purple streaks in her hair I thought it was a good indication that she wasn’t going to meekly submit to the CoS mind trap and was obviously staking out her own individuality. It only worries me that Tom may see Isabella’s individuality as a failure on his part and then be doubly determined to make sure Suri is raised in a bubble and submits to the CoS control.

    I have always wondered about the origin of Isabella and Conner. Weren’t they the biological children of SO members (or at least staff) that gave up the children for adoption? I always wondered if Davey boy put a temporary halt to the abortions in the SO when he found out TC wanted kids. Maybe the next SO member who got pregnant was given the “great” news they wouldn’t have to have an abortion and would instead have to carry the child to term and have the honor of giving it to bestest Scientologist evar – Tom Cruise! I’ve always wondered how the biological parents felt about the adoption – Was it totally their choice? Was it coerced or on orders? Did they even know who would be adopting the child?

    Is there anything you can say about this matter Marty or Mike? Or anyone out there?

  12. Disconnection between family members is a morally repugnant practice. I can see it in extreme circumstances, but just because some has a disagreement … outrageous behavior that should be loudly condemned!

    Deliberately attempting to create a rift between a child and their parent should be illegal and actionable. There are laws regarding ‘alienation of affection’ that are the legal remedy in various lands.

  13. Looks to me like this post might be where the shit hit the fan:

    “shit hit the fan — Expression – A derivative of the original: ‘The excrement made physical contact with a hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device’. Used primarily to describe a set of circumstances where events became inflamed to a point that control was lost.”

  14. Good for Isabella. Sounds like a sensible gal.

    Not so good for Tom Cruise’s BFF, methinks:

    (Empire crumbling. Hundreds of millions of dollars being moved offshore. Just waiting for the Posh Headquarters in Bulgravia to be redone for the fourth time. Who hired those SP drywall guys? Send them to the RPF’s RPF’s RPF!)

  15. There is no religious tolerance or observance of basic human rights under Davology.

    Most people who became interested with Scientology did so with the hope of improving their relationships, making stronger families and creating a more tolerant, saner world.

    Ironically, for those connected to organized Scientology, as it exists today,
    there is no bigger threat to their relationships and family units.

    The relationships and family of Tom Cruise are not immune to the suppression. Of course Miscavige will work hard to confuse him and feed him wrong reasons for his situation to keep him blind and confused.

    Like so many others, Tom has found himself in one hell of a trap.

  16. Sunnyv :

    Your questions are invasive and as the aunt of an adopted child IMHO rude.

    They are tabloid gossip fodder. And basically none of your business.

    IF the children have an interest in their biological parents it will be their decision to discover who they are, not your curiosity.


  17. Sunnyv. I agree 100% with WH. But to dispel a possible rumor — neither Bella or Connor are children of SO members, nor did their adoption have anything to do with the Church.

  18. Watching Eyes


  19. Well sad to hear. I had been disconnected from my daughter as well.
    I managed to speak to her few times… Last communication was “Daddy, could you contact IJC please. Love you”. Then nothing…. I know she is hurt too but getting auditing by her grand father in the field.
    I miss her a lot but she is clever, smart, uptone…. she must have fun in life…

  20. Thanks for the input Mike – to be clear the question I have about their origins isn’t some idle speculation. It’s been widely reported the children were adopted from a “scientology couple.” I was only asking d/t what I read years ago. My asking had less to do with curiosity, but I’ve always been concerned about how these possible “SO members” would have been treated in order to give up their children. I’m glad to hear that this isn’t the case according to Mike. With what the cult is capable of I don’t think my fear of untoward pressure on a member to give up a child to a VIP celebrity OT is irrational.

  21. WH – I’m an adopted child, so don’t think I’m not sensitive to issues concerning adoption. IMHO my questions, concerning a cult that has pressured SO members to have abortions and disconnect from families, isn’t out of the ordinary. It wasn’t curiosity, it was concern. It was widely reported when the children were adopted that they came from a “scientology couple.” (There were rumors in the ex-community that the “couple” were SO members.) Not knowing if that was true or not I had always had concerns that possibly some young SO couple had been pressured (i.e. forced by DM) to give up their child to a VIP celebrity OT. With all DM has done to curry TC’s favors, and how he treats SO members, does idea seem all that crazy?

    I will say my concerns were two fold d/t this rumor. Not only for the birth parents, but for Conner and Isabella. I don’t think its crazy to think that both children would have a very hard time finding any information about their birth parents (if they wanted to find it) if they came from SO members/CoS. If Tom didn’t like the idea of them knowing their birth parents (and they were in the SO) I guarantee those kids would never get one iota of truthful info about their biological origins.

    I’m glad Mike is reporting there is no connection between their adoption and CoS. I think that would make things far easier for the children if they ever decided they wanted to know something about their biological parents. If the cult was involved with it in any way, you know it would be a nightmare for the kids to find out anything Tom or DM didn’t want them too.

  22. LRH had a saying,”a Cleared cannibal is a cleared cannibal.”

  23. Its funny but “The Daily” website seems to be hosed, perfect timing eh?

  24. @sunnyv: “widely reported” ? try “widely speculated” or maybe “widely rumor mongered”.
    Michael A. Hobson

  25. Mike — I think you can leave off the “widely.” Never heard that until today. Though I guess I might have missed it in the Inquirer or Star or In Touch. I dont always read every word, cover to cover….

  26. @Watching Eyes
    you said: I doubt the dwarf will be sending the goon squad to Nicole Kidman’s house to “recover” Isabella. Can you just imagine.”
    McSavage is a full blown Type III psychotic. Do not expect him to do what is sane or rational.

  27. Just click on the “cached” version if you want to read the story – its from 4/11/11. (If you use google, at the end of the search result you will see 2 hyper links “similar” and “cached” – just hit cached) The Daily is a new publication aimed at ipad users and they’ve had their share of gliches since launching a few weeks ago. Don’t know if the link gliche is due to their archives being buggy or other more sinister causes.

  28. Watching Eyes

    He’d never do it. Never. DM is a bully and bullies are afraid underneath all the puffed up bravado. When Isabella moved in with Nicole, that put a pretty effective “checkmate” on DM.

    Let the dwarf pull a stunt like that and we could see Nicole on Larry King or Oprah the following day. DM is not going to risk that. Why? It just might jeopardize his relationship with Cruise. Even Cruise has a breaking point and if/when he reaches it and starts reading on-line, the gig is up for the dwarf.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Or you can get a summary at the Village Voice, Link now included with post.

  30. Mike, honestly it was mostly the tabloids that printed the reports about possible bio parents, because they were the only pubs that would even touch the subject of CoS in anything but a puff piece. (Also the rumor also it circulated in the exCoS-communities at the time.) Remember this was pre-internet age. Not to give undue credibility to tabloids but d/t to the legal machine the CoS employed to keep most respected publications in fear of printing one word about them (esp in the early 90’s) sometimes the tabloids were the only place you could even find hints at what was going on with stars and CoS. You should well know that most pubs wouldn’t touch the subject of CoS with a 10-foot pole just to avoid legal hassles. After the Time Magazine cover story there was almost a media blackout in the US on Scientology while that stuff dragged out in court. I know you know all of this, and maybe from your vantage point at the time – having to be only too fully aware of any little story mentioning CoS – it didn’t quite seem that way but tabloids were some of the few (pre-internet) print media sources that you could sometimes glean information from regarding the CoS and its VIPs. People need to keep in mind how hard it was to get any information about the CoS before the internet became common place. So yeah, most of the news concerning CoS in the 90’s was forced into the smaller, less reputable publications. I always thought the tabloids and the CoS methods kind of were similar anyway, more of an even playing field, both were up for using private eyes and paying money to sources to get the story.

    I also bought a tabloid that featured Amy Scobee’s story about her experiences in CoS – just because it was printed in a tabloid doesn’t automatically make it untrue or a candidate for mocking.

  31. Yes, right:
    to Isabella, may you as a fly free young woman.
    to Nicole, peace and continue your life without undue stress.
    to Tom, wake up, it’s about time. Remember what LRH writes about group agreements in Keeping Scientology Working #1. Especially the agreements Miscavige insists upon. Much luck, buddy. I really don’t assume that you are bad, I really think that you’ve been misguided, uh, been squirrel audited.

  32. Can’t wait to hear what Bert Fields throws at Marty for mentioning the Cruise kids on the blog.

    Should be good for at least a chuckle, I ‘spect.

    C’mon Tom, wake up!

  33. TC has been hawking synthetic valences from day 1. The one, what, two films ago, couldn’t even make it go right to kill Hitler. 😉

    You expect him to have MORE confront now?

  34. (man, the stuff these guys throw in the trash…)

    COB Confidential Directive


    The attrition rate in the Sea Org has been out of control for the last two decades. Program after program designed to handle the problem of lack of Sea Org members has failed utterly, leaving us continually short of personnel.

    The program I had the most faith in, our Third World Recruitment Program, whereby we would snap up desperate and hungry Kenyans, Serbians, East Germans, Russians, Guatemalans and Mexicans, turned out to be a covert operation by the Russian Mafia to sell work permits. The embezzling, colluding Sea Org member was discovered and prosecuted and is now serving thirty years of hard labor in a Serbian prison. But the damage is already done. As soon as the recruit got their visa and permit and established residency, poof, they’d disappear like David Copperfield.

    Recently, on a rare evening when I had a bit of time off, I was watching the Matrix and I had an epiphany of astounding proportions. Bodies. Grow them. For food. Not not to eat, but to grow them from scratch, nurture them from day one all along their track until they were molded into the Ideal Sea Org member, imbued with all the desired traits.

    Imagine if:

    1. We had their facial nerves cut in a certain way that prohibited smiling, laughing, frozen into a beautiful Cold Chrome Steel countenance, yet retaining the ability to instantly and at will twist their faces into a maniacally angry symbol of ethics presence.

    2. The ONLY operating basis they had ever lived with was one of being willing to absorb blows to the head and deliver them to others without an iota of moral consideration.

    3. No parental influence, control, expectations, interfering considerations, or possible disconnections to be concerned with, thus eliminating potential PR problems.

    4. Exposure ONLY to Scientology material, blocking out ALL other influences. This should terminatedly handle our false data problems.

    5. Fed only rice and beans from day one, they’d be able to stay on this diet for the entire billion years.

    6. Having their teeth removed at the age of 12 and replaced with ones of stainless steel should eliminate all dental costs.

    7. Each one becomes a perfect future donor capable of adding more bodies to the Incubator Accelerator Machine we had developed which speeds up the physical growth of a newborn considerably. The pilot on this has demonstrated babies walking by 3 months, talking by 6 months, able to pack books by the age of 1 year and are fully capable of operating as an effective producing MAA by the age of two. My protege by the way, is only six years old and has so far proven more effective than 99.9% of the Sea Org members I know, surpassed only by Tom.

    8. Our new Sea Org-only Advanced OT Processing Rundowns consisting of one process, a mixture of TR-8, Forced CCH’s, Expanded GITA, FPRD Gang-Bang Sec Check style and Pole Running all done at the same time should produce the toughest, most resilient staff possible, with no further need for additional processing of any kind for the duration of their contract.

    9. Gradient Sleep Elimination Therapy: needless to say, this is the ONE thing we are willing to cooperate with psychiatrists on. The pilot so far is proving highly successful. For example, we have one cadet who hasn’t slept since she was about three weeks old, and now at 4 and 1/2 she’s still going strong, able to work 24 hours a day, no sleep.

    10. Death/New Body Guidance System: Death LOAs in the Sea Org have always presented a precarious situation in that we’re never sure the person actually DOES come back, so….we’ve been working with advanced electronic physics engineers who have basically figured out a way to electronically route a thetan from their death straight into a new born, thus guaranteeing we can keep track of who’s really who all along the future track. This in itself is a breakthrough of epic proportions and all but guarantees us a strong and vibrant Sea Org for lifetimes to come.

    I expect this program to fully functioning by 2012 and able to fulfill ALL our recruitment requirements.

    Of course, there are a few legal hoops we have to still jump through, but that’s just a matter of logistics and money. A special donation campaign is underway, confidentially, with a tremendous amount of positive support.

    David Miscavige


  35. +1 Mat.

    It’s another example of the reverse Scientology that Little Napoleon runs – enforced association/disassociation with families. It’s still going on as strong as ever right this minute. In the current Church, you simply cannot have a second dynamic, of any kind, without constant monitoring and obedience to Mr Tanning Bed’s latest dogma. In fact, you can’t create across pretty much any dynamic without control or approval.

    First Dynamic? Make yourself more able for the purpose of contributing to the church. Anything that doesn’t is “out-ethics,” “selfish” or, my favorite “individuated.”
    Second Dynamic? Only if your partner is an active member, and your family all drink the Kool-Aid. Oh, and if your loved one happens to be the same gender, forget it. Davey hates the gays with a burning fire. He doth protest a little TOO much, methinks…
    Third Dynamic? Hah! There’s the org, and…. that’s it. After all, all other groups are just a bunch of DB Homo Sapiens, right?
    Fourth Dynamic? Create on this line is ONLY permitted through the rigidly controlled “Social Betterment Activities.” If you try your own thing, well, back to the re-education camp for you. How dare you be so “Know Best”? Dear Leader has set up all these ways to get incoXX.. I mean, ways to help other people, and you dare to thing you’re a greater mind than the august one, the St Paul of Scientology (I am 100% convinced Dave sees himself in this role.)
    Fifth Dynamic? That’s for hippies!
    Sixth Dynamic? Davey loves this one. But you shouldn’t – after all it’s degraded to worship MEST, right?
    Seventh Dynamic? We’ll show you what a spirit is, and if you don’t agree, you will be punished!
    Eighth Dynamic? Bah! Davey knows this doesn’t exist. At least, he hopes so…
    There is also no tolerance for individual viewpoints, or for any viewpoint that does not toe the “party” line (which consists of whatever Dave’s pet peeves or insane ideas are lately.)

    Kudos to the daughter for putting her foot down and doing her own thing. As many here will attest, it’s not at all easy in that environment. Of course she’ll never be declared; Diamond Dave wouldn’t allow his buddy to be put in that position. Not that she deserves it, but it highlights the continuing hypocrisy. Many of us were declared for much less.

    Sorry for the somewhat incoherent rant… just my $.02 about Dave’s war on families.

  36. Deep Fax,

    I am thankful that I swallowed my coffee before reading your latest comment.

    Thumbs up Deep Fax.

    Keep the leaks coming 🙂

  37. Sunnyv: I understand what you are saying.

    This isn’t the type of topic to be discussed, IMO, on a public forum.

    I”ve found when I’ve had a sensitive question to ask Marty, that taking that question OFF the blog into a private email is the best practice. That way no misunderstandings occur. No possible upsets etc.

    Just a thought. His email is easy to find: click on the menu item “welcome” at the top of his blog.

    Warm regards,

  38. Now wondering if I was channeling Deep Fax a few days ago. Had the same idea and found it too repellent to voice. All this talk about chrome steel made this “growing bodies” scenario all too real if the dim one got the idea. It’s right out there on the Dr. Evil envelope. Fortunately, the dim one’s days are numbered. Hopefully the number is so small that he won’t be able to crawl down that body-building rabbit hole.

  39. And I’m saying; a decleared cannibal is still a decleared cannibal.

  40. “To Isabella, may you fly free young woman.

    To Nicole, Peace.

    To Tom, Wake Up. ”


  41. Deep Fax-I will never tire of laughing hysterically at your strange and twisted, but beautiful mind.

  42. All Isabella needs to do now is join ex-scientology kids for the final blow.

  43. You are right, Marty! Tom’s sister Cass, and Jessica Feshbach were mainly responsible for Isabella and Conner’s “home schooling” at Celebrity Center International, per orders given by Miscavige and Cruise. After completing the “Ups & Downs in Life” course and intense word clearing on any and all words related to Suppression and PTSness, they “miraculously” had cognitions one day that their mom, Nicole Kidman, is an SP and as a result “chose” to live with their father. Until then Nicole and Tom shared the children equally. What Nicole needs to know is that the kids were coached and brainwashed to come to the conclusion that she was a suppressive person and that they should use “good roads and good weather” tactics to “handle” her, since it would cause too much of a flap on Church lines for them to disconnect from her as she is “too high profile and influential”. Thus, Cruise, Miscavige and gang wanted to make make it seem as if this was simply a choice the children randomly made to live with their father, mainly as a way to protect Cruise from any media backlash or lawsuit by Kidman.

  44. Marty,

    I’m not sure of the issue whether it’s a PAB or JOS issue but somewhere Ron talks about any insanity being any condition or solution magnified.

    Like there is nothing wrong with disconnecting from some person or thing that is a source of enturbulance on a short term basis.

    Some 2ds call it “getting some space” and when it’s related to a job it’s called a vacation.

    Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s we *always* handled especially when the terminal the person was seeking to disconnect from was a close relative.

    In pretty well *all* cases we found that the terminal who was seeking to disconnect had caused the antagonism just as it says in the PL by Mary Sue originally called ‘PTS Type A Handling’.

    Anyway when I got back on lines in the late 90’s I found that they were no longer applying this tech probably because it was written by Mary Sue and that they were now urging people to disconnect instead of actually handle any antagonism.


    They began using disconnection as a means of manipulating and controlling people.

    It’s used mainly as a threat that for instance if one persist in writing reports about all the out points one has noted that you will be declared and “Scientologists” will be forced to disconnect from you.

    Or that if you continue to complain about your son or daughters treatment in the SO and the fact that you never see them they will be forced to disconnect from you.

    Sorta like holding a body in pawn.

    This mechanism has been so effective that it has prevented any actual reform from occurring within the Organization itself.

    Many people in Orgs these days are too afraid to speak out for fear of losing their friends and loved ones.

    So instead of fight the corrupt autocratic system that has replaced the Scientology Org board they *pretend* to go along with it.

  45. That is so fucked up. If she’s a minor, how can it be legal?

  46. Now wouldn’t it be something if one or both of Tom’s kids showed up at Casa Blanca. I wonder just what TC would do, or should I say, what DM would FORCE TC to do, to try to end that from occurring.

    Just what would TC do if DM told him that his kids were SP’s? Oh, the thought of that is just too explosive to touch. When you think of it, one or both of those kids being declared could set into motion events that could end TC’s relationship with DM, and send DM into a tailspin. His losing TC would be too much for his ego to take. Would TC sit and take it? Would he disconnect from his kids?

    Come on kids, I’m sure Marty has a spot on his board for you. Showing up at Casa Blanca could be the start of getting your dad away from the spiritual charlatan of the ages.

    Okay, I know. But I can dream can’t I?


  47. sunny — I agree with you. The tabloids have an extensive network of paid informants at hospitals, hotels, chic restaurants and stores, rehab facilities etc etc. Not all of what they print is untrue. But things that ONLY appear there and never make it to “mainstream” media can hardly be categorized as “widely circulated.” You can “back engineer” tab stories too which gives a gauge of likelihood of veracity. What would be the downside to filing a libel suit: This for example would require exposing the kids and also disclosing who their biological parents are, along with a LOT of media attention. And it has no impact on earning potential (not like alleging someone is a drug addict). So, there’s not much upside and a lot of potential downside so its pretty safe to run. I am sure the stories also had a lot of “unnamed sources” — another telltale sign as the tabs know they are protected from disclosing their sources, but if they “quote someone” it gives a measure of protection (unless they had reason to believe what was being said was false, which of course they never do).

    But, I dont think posing a question like that, one I am sure very few people reading this blog would ever have even thought about, helps anyone. It only serves to spread a rumor that isnt true. You could have sent an email.

  48. plainoldthetan

    “Recently, on a rare evening when I had a bit of time off, I was watching the Matrix and I had an epiphany of astounding proportions. Bodies. Grow them. For food. Not not to eat, but to grow them from scratch, nurture them from day one all along their track until they were molded into the Ideal Sea Org member, imbued with all the desired traits.”

    The key piece of this program is the creation of clones from Neutron Dave himself, as depicted in the film “The Boys From Brazil”.

    Then he’d have a Sea Org army of clones proven to be genetically inclined to be ultra-compliant, uber-violent, over-suppressive, excessively-false-data-prone, highly-LRH-ignorant, and excessively hungry for unjustified power.

    In Davey’s usual style, he wouldn’t think it through and every one of the clones would be out to undermine and replace him.

    “What hath the pope wrought?”

  49. Friend Of Ron


    Here is an on point LRH reference:

    LRH quotes from a lecture called “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” …(4th London ACC, 3rd November 1955):

    “…the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”

    “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”

    “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?”

    “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie. “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”

    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”

    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve. “And it never solves by being tough.”

    “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.”

  50. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    So well said Pascal, you get out what you put in.

  51. Rumor has it that Deep Fax overheard a conversation between DM and some female in his quarters, about how he’s saving all his sperm for “a special project that is going to make the Third Reich look like a bunch of armless wallpaper hangers and one-legged men in an ass-kicking contest.”

  52. windhorse, I’ve seen the SO adoption rumor repeated widely among fametracker / celebwatcher circles and I’m glad that Mike was able to clear up the rumor. Granted it’s an invasive topic but I for one am glad that the rumor is cleared up by someone who’s in the position to know, as it may prevent further speculation.

    I’m more irate honestly at the media’s propensity to call Isabella and Connor Tom and Nicole’s “adopted/adoptive” children. They’re “their children,” period.

  53. RJ,
    My last job was working for a high roller Scientologist. He knew I was off-lines and disaffected but he loved me ’cause I produced such great products for him, GI stat graph for the company on a 14 month Affluence into Power trend.

    He pleaded with me to get on some kind of course somewhere just to appease the Church ’cause he said he was getting a lot of heat from them, along with coaching on how to handle me.

    I wouldn’t be handled so I ceased showing up for work after he fired me.

    His company went out of business six months later.


  54. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Another one of many good reasons I married you, Honey. xoxo

  55. The story of Isabella’s desire to live with her mother has popped up repeatedly in the last few months. Every time it comes up, there’s an ensuing “happy family” Cruise PR family outing.

    During one of those outings, Isabella was seen acting in a nanny capacity for Suri, carrying her belongings and walking behind her. It’s possible to misconstrue that as simply a helpful sister (and Isabella has definitely been photographed in the past as being a very helpful older sibling), but the common interpretation by celeb watchers based on her indicators is that she was fulfilling this role because she was asked or expected to. The speculation was that she was fulfilling some kind of doubt formula or condition? Most 18 year olds are happily off to college or to pursue their heart’s desire in life, not trailing sadly after a toddler as a helpmeet. (Mind you, NOTHING wrong with wanting to help or be a nanny if that’s what you want to do… we were going off the body language here)

    Nicole in the past few months has said several times to the media that she would love to have her kids live with her, and that it’s their choice, and that she loves them. As hints go, the door couldn’t be any more open.

    Contrast Isabella’s nannying with Connor’s pursuit of DJing / music. It is my hope that she has the freedom to pursue whatever dreams she has, and the life that she wants. And ideally, with the full support of a family that loves her.

  56. So sad. So sorry to hear.

  57. Confidential COB Directive
    Eyes Only


    As an exception to the current ‘No Children’ Sea Org policy, applications are now being accepted for female Sea Org members to lease their wombs for nine months.

    Artificial insemination of the first 100 women will be occurring on May 9th, 2012. Applicants will be thoroughly screened according to the following criteria:

    1. Virgins
    2. Strong bone structure
    3. Blonde, brown or red hair
    4. Blue or green eyes
    5. Sharp intellect
    6. HCO Qualed
    7. RTC Qualed
    8. Purif to EP
    9. No history of insanity in family
    10. Able to assist with sperm collection
    11. White race only
    12. Willing to give up child and disown them upon birth
    13. Doesn’t like children
    14. COB Loyalty-Proven
    15. Good looking

    These meat units will be part of an elite force of Incubator-Accelerated troops that will ultimately end up populating the entire Sea Org through natural attrition and expansion of this program.

    Applications must be submitted prior to December 31, 2011. Successful applicants will receive special food, optimum working circumstances, days off, ice cream, free magazines and free medical care along with a completion bonus of two weeks all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii once the new body has been produced.

    Good luck!

    Special Sea Org Recruitment Project I/C

    PS: Although we cannot reveal the sperm donor at this time, let us just say that COB is ecstatic about this project.

  58. FoR,
    Really nice quote! Thank you. Too bad KoS doesn’t use the reference and probably has stamped it: Archaic, No longer used, To be edited out or Historical.

  59. OTDT-“I wouldn’t be handled so I ceased showing up for work after he fired me.”
    Otherwise it would be like the Seinfeld episode where George shows up for work even after he was fired! 🙂
    BTW-I left you some info on Juan Prentice in the ‘Shock Squad’ blog entry comments.

  60. Apologies, even if I had your email I would have never thought you would respond to such an inquiry from me. I do recall you’ve posted your email in the past (at least I think you did) in response to some other commenters wanting to communicate. I’ll see if I can find it and in the future anything of a sensitive nature (or that could lead to undue or harmful speculation) I have a question about I will try as you suggest and email as my first try to get an answer.

  61. That would be nuclear!

  62. OTDT,
    I’m glad you weren’t “handled”. I enjoy having you here. ml, Laura

  63. For & Mrs FoR,
    Very nice! ml, Laura

  64. Apology accepted, though not needed. You didnt know and judging from your subsequent comments, I dont think you had any ill intent. I do try to answer people’s questions if I can and if they seem legitimate.

  65. NSY,
    I agree! There is something very freeing about taking ownership of your own life! It opens the door to expansion on all dynamics! ml, Laura

  66. Isabella and Conner,
    You’re both smart and sassy enough to be following this blog.
    I just wanted to wish you both fortune and happiness wherever your current path takes you and whatever you decide to do. You have unconditional friendship here and the hopes that you do not have to suffer the loss of a father in the madness of this game.
    Oh and Paloma sends her regards (Conner).
    Oh and Maryanne if you’re reading this too I still have your pie dish 😀

  67. I must be one sick puppy, based on the things that make me laugh! Including this. You have crawled inside David Miscavige’s skull and left a little recorder there with a tiny transmitter to your keyboard, haven’t you?

  68. Lucky Dilettante

    Great reference. I’m going to pass this along to my friends who are having problems with DM’s organization.

  69. Scott Campbell

    I hope Isabella and Conner can go live with Nicole for a while for some “decompression” and “reality” – two things scientologists don’t get enough of in the C of S!

  70. plainoldthetan

    I have audited children for decades and one of the things I can attest to is that ALL TEENAGE GIRLS THINK THEIR MOM IS AN SP. Like, she won’t let me go out with my boyfriend unescorted at 2AM. Like, she won’t let me smoke. Like, she won’t let me drink. Like, she won’t tell the doctor to put me on the pill. Like, she enforces a 10pm curfew. Like, she makes me do my homework. Like, she takes away my cellphone if I’m holding less than a B average.

    And on, and on, and on.

    Provably suppressive.

  71. To Plainoldthetan–As a teenager, of course my mother was suppressive. But, she thought I was suppressive for not going along with all her suppressive ideas.

  72. Clearly the ravings of a madman, a fraud, a charlatan, etc. I wonder how the LRH haters out there (probably none or very few on this blog) would reconcile the sentiments LRH expresses here with their fixed ideas. Talk about shaking a stable datum!
    This is one of the all-time great LRH passages. Thanks for posting it, FOR.

  73. I wish I knew that moron’s name so I could engrave it on the inaugural “John Allender Ass Clown” award. It is a Bozo the Clown replica with camera lenses for eyes and a twat for a nose. Your former boss richly deserves to be remembered.

  74. You got it right!

  75. Eman, The truth is that Mike Elise (IJC) no longer runs IJC, David Miscavige does. But the public Scientologists don’t know this truth.

  76. Tom Cruise,
    You are in condition of Treason for what you and your pimp (David Miscavige) did to your church’s innocent parishioner in late 2004. How could you even be at peace with yourself for what you did to that girl? Your son, daughter and your entire family as well as some Sea Org members witnessed your (you and David Miscavige’s) crimes from Oct 2004- July 2005.
    Trust me, what goes around will come around, Tom.

  77. That is beautiful!! Quote of the era for me.
    Thank you for making a great day with this one!

  78. You didn’t mention… will there be a service medal awarded for fulfillment of this mission…as with Lebensborn? Oh, excuse me, another lifetime.

  79. markthehungarian

    If Isabella has flown the TC coop to live with Nicole and hubby (in Nashville ?), then I doubt that Scientology will figure into whatever solution or plan they come up with. If Isabella’s schooling was entirely through Scn, then she probably has a lot to catch up on. And if the atmosphere with TC was so stifling that she was effectively forced to leave, then first she will need to depressurize and slowly.

    I don’t know what information she has been fed, but I imagine that once she has a taste for freedom and personal choice, no religion will be appealing for a while.

    TC should be worried, however. With Isabella gone, it is only a matter of time before Conner flies the coop also. He is 16 now, so he has less than 2 years before he, too, can decide for himself what’s best. No doubt he will be told that his sister is an SP, but having grown up together and spent so much time in each other’s company, he will have to notice that billowing red flag.

    What are the odds we’ll be seeing Isabella and Conner on “Good Morning America” is 2 years, talking about how they got out, and about how TC is controlled by DM?

    And has TC developed the cruelty required to threaten his own child with Bert Fields, just to shut her up?

  80. OTDT and Deep Fax, OMG PUHLEEEZE stop making me laugh so hard!!!

    Isabella – I wish you continued courage and strength to follow your heart and be true in your relationships. Your Mom is a beautiful woman inside and out. It was always obvious to me that she stood way above (no pun intended) TC in her demeanor and character. She has substance. I hope your brother joins you. And I pray,pray,pray that TC opens his eyes.

  81. I was talking with a friend about David Miscavige, whom he knew was the “leader” of scientology. I mentioned his wife Shelly, whom appears to have not been seen by the public for several years. And that Miscavige accompanied Tom and Katie on their honeymoon (without Shelly).
    Also that the rumor was that David is seen frequently with a different woman, Laurisse Henley-Smith (formerly Stuckenbrock).

    The friend knew that Tom Cruise and David Miscavige were buds. And he made a good point. Doesn’t Tom notice he never ever sees the wife of his good friend? Doesn’t he find this odd?

  82. In some states it is possible to become an “emancipated minor” who can then make his own decisions about where and how he lives, at age 17. Perhaps Connor could look into this.

  83. A canibal in the sense thatit can be a totally sane and social human being.

    In some areas canibalism was or is a socially accepted and cultural thing.

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