De-Ding: Here Comes The Wagon

Ok, so here is how the King of Squirrels has come full circle by becoming what he so forcefully resists and resisting what he so forcefully becomes.

The walking GPM.

KoS holds court with admirers

I am going to start by repeating an excerpt from an essay I posted on November 2, 2010:

Miscavige used such an abuse as part of his own push toward power in the early eighties.  A couple of Mission Holders, most notably one Kingsley Wimbush, used Responsibilities of Leaders as an integral part of a process called “De-dinging.”   Wimbush would gather staff and public at the end of the evening in the course room of his mission. He would have them read The Responsibilities of Leaders.  He would then insist that properly interpretted the policy required all of those who depended upon his “power” (all staff and public) to flow “power” to Wimbush.   He told them that the power flow he desired was money, and he’d pressure the staff and public to fill his hat with bills, the larger the denominations the better.

With this information Miscavige grotesquely violated this provision of The Responsibilities of Leaders: So to live at all in the shadow or employ of a power, you must yourself gather and USE enough power to hold your own – without just nattering to the power to “kill Pete”, in straightforward or more suppressive veiled ways to him, as these wreck the power that supports yours.

Miscavige did so by writing the most exaggerated, alarming and vicious reports about Mission Holders.  In fact, he used the Wimbush abuse of The Responsibilities of Leaders to unjustly paint dozens of Mission Holders with the same color.  His reports were so “Kill Pete” in nature that he led LRH to believe the Mission Holders were in fact government operatives out to kill LRH.

Ironically, or perhaps predictably, once Miscavige rose to power through such shifts, he eschewed virtually all LRH policy, but for one: The Reponsibilities of Leaders.  Apparently, Miscavige recognized how one (Wimbush for example) could get people to do the most irrational and off policy things by fixating their attention on this one policy.


Now, here is what David Miscavige had to say about Wimbush and his de-dinging “tech” during this terrordome “briefing” to Mission Holders on 17 October, 1982 – while full-stride, headlong into his push for power:

“Earlier this evening both Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were here. They have both now been declared and we are pursuing criminal charges against them. They have been delivering their own squirrel tech while calling it Scientology. Kingsley Wimbush’s ‘dinging process’ is complete squirrel. You won’t find it in any tech, yet he has been calling it Scientology. That’s a violation of trademark laws and he now faces some serious charges for this crime. This sort of activity is NOT going to go on any more.”  – David Miscavige 17 October, 1982

Now, do you remember this bozo from last Monday on this blog, the Village Voice, The London Daily Mail, and Gawker?:

OT “VIII”, OT Ambassador John Allender.   A man so bereft of intelligence he travelled across state lines 1,500 miles in order to continue to stalk and threaten Lori Hodgson at my home in Texas, the same woman he was already under investigation by the San Jose Police Department for stalking and threatening.

What might motivate such a bonehead move?  Perhaps a Simon Bolivar wanna be with a Napoleon complex?

Hold your hats.

In 1982 when Kingsley Wimbush and his brother Bernie and their pal Clay Primrose were literally holding public Scientologists prisoner in the Course Room at Stevens Creek Mission, the public were so terrified very few raised a peep in protest.

But, there were a few exceptions.  One was  a young woman named Lori Hodgson.  Lori wrote up to management that the D of T (Director of Training) at Steven’s Creek was literally imprisoning public and passing around a hat at the end of each course period collecting cash for the executives of the org.

That D of T’s name?

You got it.  John Allender.

You’ve heard of the Ideal Org.

Now, meet the Ideal OTA:

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  1. Dots……….connected~!

    A snake like Allender could only be allowed to move up through OTVIII in a DM-created environment.

  2. Marty, I was the mission I/C to Stevens Creek after Kingsly blew. These people had public doing staff laundry, washing staff cars and other slave actions. Wimbush was collecting LRHs roylaties on books instead of forwarding them.

    Allender was pulling in Clears made by the mission and undeclaring them so that they could be regged for more services (insterad of sending them to AOLA). The undeclares were not approved by a C/S, just by Allenders cassual perusal of the pre-OTs treasury folders. I declared him on the spot after he confessed his crimes to me. How he got onto OT VIII after that is a surprise to me.

    Allender collected money from public via de-dinging with aplomb.

    I remember reading Loris KR as well as other KRs right before we fired in and because of them we came in a little hot. When we hit there I was looking for a “who” besides Wimbush and his cronies and I found my who in the name of Allender.

    In all of the 100+ missions I’ve done, this was the most disgusting.

    ML Tom

  3. Marty

    Ahhh… The plot thickens.

    And Allender… Will he be heralded as a hero, or declared? Pretty much a crap shoot with DM calling the shots.


  4. Watching Eyes

    It’s come full circle. Now they’ve got the reg’s for IAS, Super Power & Ideal Orgs basically doing the same thing as Wimbush. How ironic that the person who kicked out Wimbush (the dwarf) is the one now running this financial con.

    note to John Allender – Two orders for you:
    1. clay demo missed withhold
    2. clay demo the words fixated and obsessed

  5. I’m speechless, almost.

    What a moron.

    Marty, out of curiosity, what kind of trouble could this No Case Gain fool and his minions be in if they get busted for stalking, criminal tresspassing, etc? These terms sound serious.

  6. Lucky Dilettante

    Can’t see any religion in the picture of DM and TC. Now I see why DM wears the Tux and uses the enormous stage. This dud has a checkered past. Thanks for the info.

  7. There seems to be another pattern here. There’s a lot of ways that abuses from the top “trickle down” and end up at the lower levels, orgs and missions etc.
    Another behavior to add to that list might be using “out ethics” people.
    Someone is labeled “out ethics” for something, like this John Allender for example. Then they ofcourse have to go through the squirell ethics morass, ending up in a permanent “amends” condition.

    Really, the people ,public anyway who do most of the work at my org are doing amends of some sort. They are illegal PC’s or Ex SO, are trying to “make up” for some past ethics situation so they can qulify for services or OT levels, or are just in propitiation.

    Miscavige apparently caves people in and then uses them as zombie slaves to do his bidding. Or something like that.

  8. Marty,

    That is amazing. It actually reminds me of some “B” movie script…but I can’t quite recall the name, it was so “B” rated. Chirman Mao had a little red book of all his favorite sayings. These were quotations from Chairman Mao that were supposed to inspire the masses with a drive to do even more.

    Maybe we could put together something similar for DM. Only with a twist. Maybe we could take famous statements he has made over the last 3 decades and juxtapose contradictory facts that have occurred since he originally made those statements. I think this would be a powerful tool for use in exposing how he swings from one side of the pendulum to the other.
    The John Allender example is the epitome of the kind of thing I am talking about, but I bet there are hundred’s of other examples. Maybe it would be a lot of work, or maybe we could just simply print everything he said before LRH dropped the body and then next to it show the event videos and OTA “closed door briefings” he has done over the last 10 years.

    Or maybe we could just print his personal bank statements over that same time period next to the IAS weekly GI figures. Maybe we would find a correlation there.

    I am really sick of this guy and the more I know about him the more he disgusts me. Maybe I could just lurk in a dark alley near the Freewinds and as he goes by……well it’s nice to dream…..

    Nice sleuthing job Marty. I guess you learned that from DM…”connecting the dots” I mean (LOL).

    Hy Levy

  9. Yup.
    Applying The Responsibilities of Leaders is an art. Nothing less. It takes part carnivore, part auditor and a huge bit of theta to pull off. I think it was one of the most magnificant written works of LRH.
    Tradigically it was almost a self-fullfilling prophesy for LRH and Mary Sue. I guess there were other extinating circumstances. For me, that made it even more impacting–it showed me there there are vulnerabilities in all of us.
    Hey, nobody is exempt from living Life, right?

    But Miscavige being able to get one spec of intended value out it?
    That’ll be a cold day in Hell.

  10. ” …that the D of T (Director of Training) at Steven’s Creek was literally imprisoning public and passing around a hat at the end of each course period collecting cash for the executives of the org.”

    Boy, this sounds exactly like the I.A.S. and their methods – locking the doors & posting guards meanwhile intimidating and coercing well-meaning parishioners to part with money they don’t have.

  11. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Marty, you so Intelligence guy! John Allender was the D of T? Hahaha, you soooooooooo 45, man!!! amazing!!

  12. Scott Campbell

    What is that Stevens Creek anyway? Seems like some sort of earth nexus for douchebags. Any kind of fagnetic anomalies up there?

  13. Scott Campbell

    Great picture of Miscavige.

    I immediately thought of this when I saw him in this photo:

  14. No surprize that the bozo Allender who is on the wrong side of history now was also on the wrong side of history in 1982.

    Well done Lori for being on the right side of history then and now as well.
    U Dog

  15. Dave comes full circle.

    Obviously Allender has found another man of stature and integrity to throw his considerable weight behind. A man who truly fills the shoes of Kingsley Wimbush. Wonder if Allender is stuffing money in Dave’s pockets literally or is just doing it figuratively through donations to the International Association of Suckers.

    No surprise Lori Hodgson terrifies this goon. She misses every withhold he has.

    And I thought the footnuke of the OT Asses Hat Cam Squad was about as bad as it could be and they just ratched it up to yet another level — the lead Ass Cam is a lead Dedinger (just moved on to kissing a new ass). And he is there to do a “tech inspection.” Priceless.

  16. Scott Campbell

    Tryin’ sumpthin’.

  17. A bit of a further note on de dinging. I know it started at Santa Clara Msn in early 1977, maybe even earlier. The reges at Santa Clara and Kingsley himself
    would reg public for money over and above services offered by the mission as a routine. This would inhibit some public from coming to the Org in San Francisco for further training, or supposedly so. De dinging was very popular at Santa Clara and one or two other missions at that time. No one in San Francisco Day Staff needed silly exaggerated reports to experience the difficulties caused by that “tech” of Kingsley’s and all the idiots who went along with it.


  18. WW — I can partly answer this. There is only ONE hero in the kingdom of Dear Leader. And he is a SuperHero. Everyone else is not only a mere mortal, but a DB. (Of course, BFF TC is a temproray hero, though his status is looking a bt shaky – another bomb movie and he will take his inevitable place back in the ranks of the rest of the dregs of the universe that Dear Leader is stuck having to tolerate on this earth. It’s inevitable, but the timing is a little unpredictable).

  19. “Stalking across state lines!” One more thing to add to the FBI list.
    And how did Allender know that Lori was being audited at your place in Texas again? The FBI has a whose separate category for these types of crimes.

  20. Tom — Could Dear Leader have selected a more qualified Tech Inspector to be out representing him? Seems like a perfect choice. People know you by your friends. Boy, am I glad I dont know OT Ass Cam I/C!!

  21. Those were some wild days! Yeah, I was in the academy during that period and yes, there was a large fishbowl on the Sups desk and we were all “encouraged” to drop some bucks in the bowl before we left. I personally went through the enforced de dinging with my twin and we pretty much just talked about our day and just got in com. There was a lot of other strange happenings at the time. Clay Primrose announced one Friday night something called “Scientology Axillary Services” I believed he called it. This was apparently initiated by Kingsley previously when he called a special meeting and went through the Responsibility of Leaders bulletin and announced that he was getting in trouble for “Squirrelling” and had someone bring out all the Green on White books and starting reading excerpts. So his point was that we all needed to “push power to the leaders” and that it was working as he then showed the GI for the mission in, graph form, which was heading up to and onto the ceiling. During that talk he said that it wasn’t fair that the “public” were at the top, then staff came second in terms of income.
    Anyway, Clay’s subsequent pitch was the same and that he “was working very hard, along with the staff, and that it was time for a reversal on this “public first and staff as the poor hardworking slaves”. He even gave an example that he hated that “stuff that accumulated on his shower curtain and that he didn’t have the time to deal with it, so he needed a “volunteer to come forward and handle that”. He then went on to demand that all of us at that “briefing” should/would sign up to be a support person to each staff member or at least “do something” to support SAS. We also, according to Clay that night, had to commit to volunteering to one of the areas he actually listed and the “last few, if any” would be routed to ethics. I was the last person in the room (about 70 I reckon) who didn’t sign. The EO came to me and I finally agree to be an “assistant” to the Reg, Carol I think her name was cause I liked her. Next day I asked her what she needed and she was a bit uncomfortable but asked me if I could take her ATM card and get her some cash. I did that and told her that I wasn’t comfortable with any of this stuff and I was working 60 hours a week, doing my course which I think was the Survival Rundown, and would prefer to go see the EO then continue with this. She said, “I understand and am not real comfortable myself”. So, I was convinced this was not something that I wanted to do so instead of sending my bad self to Ethics I blew. I really didn’t want to blow but I felt there was no terminal in that Mission I could talk to when the Finance Police arrived and, holy batshit, things were really going south. I dec?ided that the best place to sort this out in my world would be the HGC. So I borrowed some bucks for an intensive with the caveat that Mike (cant remember his last name). That would be safe I reckoned. And it was. Wound up still going off lines for many years but at least I left without compromising my integrity. As an side, my twin, although we agreed that the “De-dinging” was squirrel she actually liked the SAS concept and without eval/inval I said go ahead and write Ron what was happening and how much she liked it. Several weeks later she showed me Ron’s response (in green ink). He said simply, I am happy you are progressing on the bridge, however, Staff are there to service the public”.
    Anyway, there is much more to that whole period and, yes, John A was an integral Exec, who enthusiastically, was going along with the program. I kinda remember seeing Lori around the center back then. I am glad she is back winning. Also, I have seen mentioned the SRA concept. I had the impression that originated at the mission as it permeated the staff at the time.

  22. Theo Sismanides

    OT Ass Cam I/C, hahaha! Go Mike!

  23. Scott Campbell

    Hi Tom,

    Can you give us a little synopsis of what de-dinging was? I’ve read several accounts trying to explain it, but they did not contain the origin of the term or a clear explanation of what it was or how it was used.


  24. (Draft copy of new unissued COB directive…)

    Office of COB
    Policy Revision Dept.

    Amends HCO PL The Responsibility of Leaders

    Followers would be nothing without a leader, per the definition of the word ‘follower’. Without the leader to lead the followers, the followers wander around in circles or stagger into traffic, fall off a cliff or just sit in one spot, puzzled, unlead and unhappy.

    It is the responsibility of the followers to follow. Simple. Follow the leader, support the leader, help the leader, obey the leader, give the leader things, make the leader feel good, do what the leader wants done, cut the leader’s hair, put his make-up on, trim his nails, make him feel omnipotent. Because if the leader fails, guess what? No leader! No leader = no followers. It’s just like committing Follower Suicide.

    Let’s take it a step further. You usually have a bunch of followers and only one leader. If each of the followers contribute a little or a lot to the leader, then the leader’s survival is increased. Makes for a better bunch of followers if you have a happier, more content leader. Doesn’t that make sense?

    When I use parishioners’ money to buy one of my $4,000 suits, I look like a better leader, don’t I? Followers like it when their leader looks good. Ever see a badly dressed leader? Or a leader with bad hair? It’s pitiful and the followers suffer because they just do not want a bad looking leader.

    Take me for instance, I don’t take a lot from each of my followers, maybe some money, some loyalty, some trust, some time, some work, a little of their stability, some pride, sometimes their children or other family members, even their wives or husbands, but I always leave my followers with something, even if it is only credit card bills, mortgage payments, financial worry or some other problem and we all know that people are happier with problems than without. I’m making their lives better by producing their problems for them, that saves them the trouble of coming up with their own. It’s just part of the hat of a good leader.

    A good leader simply states the goal, like, “We should go to Mars” and then it’s the responsibility of the followers to carry that out, not make the leader keep on saying it, inspect every molecule of its progress, not have to punish dissenters or hunt down betrayers.

    The ideal leader should be in a position to simply receive from his followers, receive compliance, smiles, money, gifts, work, time, catering, fetching, enriching, new curse words, catchy quips, ironed clothes and whatever else that will make his life better. Why? To serve his followers better by wallowing and reveling in the beingness of the leader. What other beingness is a leader to assume? That of a follower? THAT doesn’t make sense now, does it?

    How many of you recall the Hershey scenario from the precursor to this directive, the policy letter The Responsibility of Leaders? It explicitly outlines the consequences for treating staff well. What happened when the staff were treated like leaders? They revolted and shot bullets at the guy! Duh! What’s that tell you?

    It’s the responsibility of the followers to take what the leader dishes out, to not expect to receive anything from the leader and just do what they are supposed to do…FOLLOW.

    There’s a pair of boots hanging in the sky with every follower’s name on them, just waiting to be put on. Take your share of responsibility and try ’em on, I’ll bet they’ll fit you just fine.

    David Miscavige
    Responsible Leader of Responsible Followers


  25. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Fear not, Bryan. Allender is STUCK in a different valence than his own. OTVIII is not his to finish (if he even really started). His travels up the bridge were not done via an ethical path. For that he WILL pay with his “soul”.

  26. Allender, what a clown you are.
    Lori Hodgson, you are the best.

  27. All I remember about the De-Ding thing was when I got on lines at the Los Gatos Mission, we were told to listen to tapes that Kingsley has produced. Then shortly after that all public was ordered to FSO to do KSW and clay table the entire policy. Well I was very new to Scientology and had no clue what de-ding was or meant. When I asked about it I was told by some of the Stevens Creek staff that they were not only giving money to Kingsley, but had to clean his house, wash his cars and cut his lawn. It was all nuts and I remember at LG mission we were on the phones all night calling and getting people to arrive at FSO. Welcome to Scientology!

  28. Hi Scott!
    De-dinging was “based on” HCO PL Responsibilities of Leaders, just one sentence of “Flowing power to the true power.”

    So, for instance, in Stevens Creek and in San Francisco Mission you had bells throughout the org and even some in the courseroom. A “Ding” is a dent. Like my fender got dinged. A dent. So let’s say you are my junior and you are a reg. I tell you I want $1,000 GI by dinner from you. Dinner rolls around and I find out you didn’t get the GI in, only made $600. I ring my bell because you just “dinged me”. So then I bill you $50 for the “ding” and when you pay me the %50 I am “de-dinged”. However, because you missed your quota, I missed the quota the HES set for me and I owe the HES $65 dollars. So I “dinged” him. When I pay the $65 he is “de-dinged”. They actually rang bells. Even the supervisor had a little bell on his desk and he rang it when a student nodded off with 2nd phenomenon – never mind clearing up his MUs with superb sup tech!

    If students couldn’t afford the fines then they had to do laundry and so forth, for the staff. The guys at the top of the org board were raking it in.

    That was de-dinging.

    ML Tom

  29. Joe Pendleton

    Roy has either selectively forgotten or is just not saying that San Francisco Day staff were requited to twin up on “de-dinging” (including Tech staff).

    By the way, for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, “de-dinging” was when people detected times when they were invalidated, made less of, supressed, etc (hence, someone had “dinged” them). Of course it was not an LRH standard Scientology process. My twin and I did this off the meter and not in Model Session, doing it as recalls and casually going over it with each other. We were both experienced auditors, so with a muzzled comm cycle, the whole thing took about 5 – 10 minutes and we each did it to a win. It was a fairly light procedure, but of course one could see how it could result in heavy restim. No justifying here. It was not a standard action. I was not aware though until now about the money collecting, flowing power thing, etc that was happening at the Santa Clara mission.

  30. Kingsley Wimbush was the casus belli, cosmic trigger, the justification for the move against the Franchises (actually they were Franchises back then and only called Missions for PR purposes) and the insanity that followed with the Finance Police led by Wendell Reynolds (who looked a lot like Heinrich Himmler), gang bang sec checking, verbal “declares” etc.

    Other than Miscavige and Reynolds the dramatis persona included:

    # Lyman Spurlock as Corporate Affairs Director, ASI
    # Norman Starkey, Legal Affairs Director ASI
    # Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int
    # Marc Yager CO CMO Int
    # Guillaume Lesevre, ED Int
    # Steve Marlow, IG RTC

    With the Lenske waiting in the wings.

    All with the exception of Miscavige and Lenske now residents of the “hole”.

    Personally I don’t buy the idea that Miscavige had managed to make the Ol’man so paranoid by alarming and false reports that he’d personally order the destruction of Mission network ala ‘A Piece of BS’.

    Only in there Atack says that Ron ordered the destruction because he feared a mutiny.

    I think it is more likely if there ever was an order for RTC and the SO to “move in”. It was more likely forged by either Broeker or Miscavige like many of these false R Advices we used to see crossing the Merc every once in a while.

    That is the only point I dispute about this post.

    Otherwise I know like Wimbush Miscavige was a big fan of “The Responsibility of Leaders” PL.

    Not only that but something that isn’t mentioned here was that Miscavige like Wimbush believed in subtle or covert suppression by virtually anyone and his or her dog.

    This is where the idea that everybody has to do the PTS/SP course comes from.

    The term “de-dinging” to Kingsley was synonymous to DePTSing anyone who was “dinged” was either PTS or a source of suppression.

    Anyone who was named in a squirrelly PTS interview was “dinged” which included this long list of practically everyone in the Mission except Kingsley of course (seem familar) and who now required special handling called De-Dinging to now handle the condition which of course cost a lot of money.

    I know this because I used to work on the West US Flubcatch and we got a lot of cases from Steven’s Creek and other COSMs that practiced Wimbush’s squirrelly de-dinging tech and also as an auditor had to correct quite a number of these overly long and in many cases unnecessary lists.

    So not only did Miscavige embrace the Simon Bolivar Policy with gusto but also Kingsley’s assertion that everybody’s PTS which is the basis of “de dinging”.

  31. What an incredible nest of thieves. I sure hope the house of cards comes crashing down soon.

  32. Joe Pendleton

    This post says a lot of what I try to communicate, but sometimes feel might not be welcome comm by some folks. That this whole “one must do what one is told to do by the powers in the group” thing was VERY extant in Scientology PRIOR to Chairman Dave’s arrival. In my own way, I was as overwhelmed as others in this regard (and am somewhat ashamed to admit, I continued to be for another 30 years). This was a lot of the scene in the 70s in my own experience. So……….that when Chairman Dave stood up in the SF Mission Holders conference in 1982 and proceeded to dramatize the fascist takeovers in Italy, Spain and Germany, not ONE person stood up and said to the group “Is this guy fucking NUTS! When did WE agree that the game of Scientology in ANY makes this OK?” And at that point of no action, Chairman Dave won, and that last question has still not been answered.

  33. Joe Pendleton

    That sentence near the end of my last post should read “When did we agree that the game in Scientology in any WAY makes this OK?”

  34. A view from the other side:

    Note mainly the “action replay”. 😀

  35. VOILÀ: “Miscavige apparently caves people in and then uses them as zombie slaves (donors, bullies, robots) to do his bidding.
    Or something like that.”

    Thant´s the game in the world of Cof M!

    DFB99, thanks for clarification!

  36. To Marty or Mike Rinder; What is DM’s supposed case level and training level? I’ve often wondered, but never asked.

  37. Oops DM – You missed this point:
    “2. When the game or the show is over, there must be a new game or a new show. And if there isn’t, somebody else is jolly well going to start one, and if you won’t let anyone do it, the game will become ‘getting you’.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    We were happily playing our game until you came along and ruined it.
    Heads up; Marty started a new game and it’s waaaaaay more fun than yours!

  38. Carol:

    You make an interesting point here:

    “…I asked about it I was told by some of the Stevens Creek staff that they were not only giving money to Kingsley, but had to clean his house, wash his cars and cut his lawn. It was all nuts…”

    My opinion is that when one gets into Scientology one can only hope their involvements don’t become nuts, but like you said here, washing someone’s car for them, but in exchange for what that results in increased spiritual awareness and abilities?

    Carol, in my opinion again, any alleged “Scientologist” that would allow people to be their “domestics” instead of making Birdge progress when possible deserves the fate he or she gets with a smile.

    Like the picture of David Miscavige above with “Tom Cruise and his girl at the races”? Does it look to anyone like this is important enough to Clear the planet with?

    DM Is a follower of L. Ron Hubbard?

  39. Firebreathing Frog

    Can’t believe all this crap.
    If I understood well, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, is sending one of the oldest squirrel who got SP declared some 30 years ago for invalidating Clears to do a “tech inspection”?
    Is that the best tech personnel, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has to send for an tech inspection?
    If COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige read this post, could you please, Sir, comment on this point?

  40. It is so amazing how DM has exploited what he decried in 1982 and that Allender and Lori would resurface so symbolically. When I see Marty’s video again, it is clearly harassment and intimidation and probably a few other things. They are also attempting to provoke. While the Simon Bolivar P/L is a policy it is more representative of an actual condition. The condition was violated BIG TIME and seemingly irrepairably and it has a lot to do with what Cowboy Poet says about the right degree of THETA. After that, one had to become, remain or emulate being a “hard ass” to stay in the Sea Org or as Tommy Davis would say “Tough sons of bitches”. That valence arguably had its relevance at certain times, particularly in the early days although it was too often misused even then. SO members went out of valence too often. It had become out-moded….very out-moded by 1982 but it became the new standard. To me, it was very tired and old and substituted for a lack of understanding of tech and policy. By 1982, LRH had created a boom with NOTs which was expanded further by OP 4D. Good will all over the place. It was time for the SO to come of age and DISTRIBUTE power to those of us who were worthy and thereby pass it on. LRH was more or less over at that point. He was done (but not completely). POWER CHANGE never occurred. We all know the story. The patient (Scientology movement) still has cancer. The SP still needs to be handled.

  41. That is a good question. I would prefer to remain under the radar indefinitely, as far as my home org and mission, but I can still tell you this regarding your point to Marty:

    “…how did Allender know that Lori was being audited at your place in Texas again…”

    My very close friends and I once asked the same question. How did the church know every single person that lived in my house and their names?

    Here is some insight to back you up:

    There is a spy somewhere from a distance at Marty’s neighborhood sending images from his property to OSA for identification.

    Sometimes, late at night the church drives by and steals your garbage and goes through it for clues. If you are up a couple of nights you just might catch the in the act through the curtains.

    They lie to pay and bribe people in the person they are fair gaming’s neighborhood to do some dirty work for them so it can’t be traced back to the church.

    What OSA doesn’t realize is that some people just might be better at this game than them. A close friend of mine told me she had been approached by a Scientologist and questioned about me, ME in particular. And I was thinking “Now that’s odd. I don’t associate with Scientology any more since years ago so how would they know she was a ..?

    Right? Believe it or not. If the church has to spy on me, I can tell you this, they must be hard up for something more than clues to the universe.

  42. What is that saying about a leopard and its spots?


  43. This is my favorite picture of COB. Completely worthy of magazine cover status: Mad Magazine–“What me worry?”

    Completely goofy. (Though goofy can be fun with all the flaws.)

    No wonder he’s out of valence.

  44. martyrathbun09

    Does it matter when you take a look at their Ideal pinnacle of the Bridge product?

  45. martyrathbun09

    Sounds just like Miscavige.

  46. Gawd…is there no end to these bypassed cases?


    One of the reasons he does this, of course, is to justify injuring others. Because everyone else is useless, worthless, criminal, an animal and insane, why then, he reasons, it is perfectly all right to injure them.”

    Welcome to the Mutual Out Ruds society called the “Church of Miscavology”.

  47. So how does an obvious criminal like this Allender character get through the eligibility cycles and all the biannual sec checks to get to OT VIII?

  48. Floating Needle

    Very Good Post!

    I love hearing more about the history of Scientology and more importantly, how the squirrels got in power got to their lofty positions and they are now able to utterly ruin the tech beyond recognition.

    Of course, it’s off-policy and 1.1 crap, but when you’re a fledgling in the cult, you don’t know that. And somehow some real Scientology slipped through the veil and it’s enough to make most people hold on for the eternal super powers.

    Unfortunately, they get sucked into the trap and start to robotically act like Mr. Allender all in the name of “Keeping Scientology Working,” — talk about a complete reversal of fact—– WHEW!

    Kudos to Lori for using common sense and standing her ground.

    Thanks Marty, you’re the man!

    The posse up here is getting restless and we can’t wait to head down to the great state of Texas.

  49. DM to TC:

    fawning: (Verb)
    (of a person) Give a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection, typically in order to gain favor. (Merriam-Webster)

  50. Aeolus — They are not looking for actual out ethics. The sec checks are trying to find anyone disaffected with Dear Leader, or having doubts about the Church and his masterful leadership, or out security. As long as he has money, is paying well to the IAS, and kissing Dear Leader’s ass in present time, he is one of the chosen ones.

  51. Allender is obviously trying to hang himself. We don’t even have to tighten the noose.

  52. I have to tell you, the video of these guys with the camera’s on their heads???
    God, I just LOL every time I see it! Do they actually believe that THIS will intimidate you? I don’t want to make light of too much because I know it’s stressful when these clowns show up at your door but from the exterior view they really are PATHETIC little men.

  53. RJ,
    There was an attempted mutiny in Dallas. I was on lines at the time at what is now the Dallas ideal org. It was a mission back then, Mission of the Southwest. It was run by Dean and Melany(sp?) Stokes. As Marty mentioned Dean was involved in De Dinging only he called it the Subtle Suppression Seminar. I remember my mother calling me at that time from LA to tell me about all the wins being had on this line. According to her, it was being promoted wthin the church but, I don’t know. I don’t believe Dean was asking for money or services for staff. I think he was just delivering the seminar. I didn’t do the seminar myself. I do remember all the staff meeting as a group during the days and doing the seminar. I could hear them, it was loud, sounded like a co-audit situation.
    Not long after, the public were all called to a meeting at the mission. The meeting was held by a guy I didn’t know and a mission staff member. The doors were manned so people couldn’t leave. The gist of the meeting was that management was off the rails and that Dean was in trouble for speaking up. I think he had been declared but, not sure if it was then or later. And that we needed to support Dean and not the church for the good of Scientology. The entire meeting was video taped by Dean’s group and sent to the church. Someone stood up at the meeting and said there were standard lines to follow on this and that the meeting wasn’t the way to handle things. Many people clapped and then high tailed it to the doors. The meeting broke up and we went home.
    About half the field and staff disappeared afterwards. In the next months the mission was almost dissolved. The finace police came in and did their thing. What had been a big booming place was from what I was told, now struggling to keep the doors open. If it had not been for an all hands effort from staff and some public alike, I’m not sure if that mission would have made it. We just did what we had to do, we acted.
    I’ve been in the ideal org on a saturday afternoon and although it is bigger and nicer, it is not IMO as busy and happening as that mission under the Stokes was.

  54. I think that DM adopted the wrong role models for some of his fundamental definitions in life.
    I got *my* notions of “toughness” from most of the characters portrayed by John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, others of that ilk. Strong people with both guts and a heart.
    McSavage’s ideal fo “toughness” seems to be the nearly indestructible Terminator from the 1980’s original – a cold, merciless and implacable destroyer.
    Michael A. Hobson

  55. Well, because he is the Pope of Scientology and it is beneath his dignity to comment to the media or talk to the man on the street or to anyone on blogs or to anyone that isnt a movie star or to anyone that isnt a card-carrying sycophant or, or or… I will answer on his behalf as a favor.

    Q: Is that the best tech personnel, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has to send for an tech inspection?

    A: Yes. It’s a process of elimination. It has to be an “old timer” because we havent made any auditors since the Gruesoime Age of Tech. MOst old timers don’t buy the bs, so won’t cooperate. I have busted every tech terminal in the Sea Org, and in any event, I would not want a Sea Org member going to Marty’s as it would look like I sent them. Needs to be an OT Ass as they are the only ones I can trust. But unfortunately, even now, some of them still have some dignity (I am working on it). So, I had to find someone that has had to grovel on his hands and knees and ass-kiss due to his past crimes that I nailed him for. Duke and Henning and those guys already had their hands full with litigation. My go to guy Dr. V has problems too. So, I was left with few choices. I knew John was a loyal lemming and I knew he would unthinkingly follow orders. And he is a dirtbag that I can kick around and if he is expended in the process, nobody will really care. Perfect. So I had Linda call Darlene and get him and his pals off on their Mission.

  56. OMG!!! I just love how well you duplicate insanity!

  57. Are you saying he’s still a guy who likes to put the shakedown on people?
    Do you realize you are maybe saying he’s NCG?
    Who woulda thunk? LOL

  58. Uncle Buck,
    You mentioned how these squirrel SPs pushed the concept that it wasn’t fair the “public” were at the top and the staff came second.
    I was in the Sea Org for 27 years and only heard one Sea Org member voice this concept. He didn’t just voice it, he voiced it in an almost hated contempt for the public Scientologist. That Sea Org member is Harvey Jacques, who with RTCs blessings (they directly micro manage Flag down to approving liberties) was moved to the position of Captain FSO. He has always been the king of direct donations, which means getting money from the public for which no exchange is necessary. That money then becomes a slush fund that is pushed up to David Miscavige who can then use it for things like getting his hair curled and going on dates with Tom Cruise.

  59. Believe it or not, Mike, this is a nuance I myself had missed, despite all the evidence that (now) makes it obvious! Thank you for stating it simply.


  60. Yes and financial crimes (and out-2D) are perfectly acceptable if you’re still paying up or if by some unfortunate oversight, you still have money in your bank account.

  61. That’s because criminal mentality is criminal mentality. It’s the same everywhere: “Money for nothing, chicks for free.”

    ML Tom

  62. I’ve known Allender since 1975. He was a douchebag then. He hasn’t changed one bit.

  63. Mike, Your use of the word “Pope” triggered a thought – a bit off the subject here – but hopefully we can devote more on this subject in the future – which is propaganda by redefinition of words (I know you addressed this in the past).

    The “church” uses such terms as “excommunication” and “apostates” – and their use of these terms is exceeding misleading and false. If one is excommunicated in the Catholic Church, one is NOT forced to be disconnected from and made to abandon ALL his contacts within the church. The church’s use of this term is highly misleading, designed to paint the picture that they are practicing normal religious practices – when they clearly, to any Catholic, are NOT. To call you “apostates” is also a gross falsehood. You did not abandon your beliefs. You are seeking REFORMATION. Again, their attempt to make themselves appear “church-like”. We know there is NOTHING church like about this operation.

    Anyway, as to this prick Allender – looks like in keeping with Miscavology: making an able prick more able.

  64. COB has made a mockery of the Declare process. Whatever happened to the list of traits for the social and antisocial personalities? Nowadays, you are an SP for not toeing the line, for highlighting outpoints on said line, and for speaking out (as per Personal Integrity) when said outpoints on said line are not handled. It is therefore impossible to follow LRH in what was once LRH’s church. DM is now “Source” who, by observation alone, is not interested in clearing the planet (how much is it now for the average joe (whom the tech was meant for) to go “OTVIII”?). For those high rollers who make it there is the inevitable realisation that something is not quite right, what was promised was not delivered, and for all the $$$ that one donates to the IAS the scene does not improve. Speak out and you face the wrath of DM and the goon squads in his valence (or up his a-hole). If it all gets too much you can always ‘donate’ your way out of your SP status (your gold card for your goldenrod) but what then? What then?

  65. Mike, I’m really not surprised. Mindless idiots who show up at someones house with half-assed drilled speals, stuttering what they are supposed to say because they realized at the last minute that they are in fact acting like mindless assholes.

    The bottom line is that Allender must have come into some money. Money hooks you up with DM and gets you temporary BFF status.

    It reminds me of the original Maiden Voyage of the Freewinds. The Feschbecks showed up. I had just, the week before, saw their faces on the cover of Newsweek or Time or People because they were under investigation by the SEC for their short trading practices. Short trading is legal, but these guys were very good at it. Exceptional at it. And if you don’t know what short trading is, it is the practice of finding a stock that is in a precarious situation and driving it into the dirt and making tons of money off of it. The end result of their work is normally the demise of the company they leeched onto. Crashed families and devistated beings is the result. The Feschbecks didn’t care because they made millions off of this practice. To me it’s the opposite of what a Scientologist should be doing. So when they arrived on the Freewinds for OT VIII, I routed them to ethics and put a note on their folders that they were under investigation by the Feds and were therefore not eligible for training and processing. When DM arrived on the ship 2 days later I was slapped around in a major sort of way. The Feschbecks were put back onto the line-up and I was kept off of their lines. Mithoff handled them personally. I learned right then and there that with LRH gone money will buy you favors in this church. You could’ve been a mafia hit-man and could get onto lines at FSO if you had millions.

    I hate our church, it is so Hypocritical.

    ML Tom

  66. I started in Scientology at the Santa Clara Mission in ’72. First on Harold Avenue, then the move to Stevens Creek Boulevard. I made it through then comm course and joined staff – started out cleaning bathrooms and offices. The Mission sent me to LA Org in ’74 to get auditor training. In ’75 Wimbush came down and told me I was taking too long, so they stopped paying for the training. My gain – as I joined the SO at CCLA and did some good for a number of years. I don’t think I was at the Mission for the full brunt of the de-dinging, and the name Allender is a distant memory. But I knew Wimbush, Primrose and John Woodruff. In my opinion Woodruff was the only one not caught up in his own self-importance a the time. Wimbush was distant, low ARC and disinterested in most of the staff, again in my opinion, so it is not surprising to see the dots connected all the way to Miscaviage. I remember working in Div 6 there, all of us would be going out for the day to do our cold contacts at the junior colleges and shopping malls, trying to get public in to the lecture that night – and the mission execs would be heading to the restaurant next door to the Mission for a nice long breakfast.

  67. Sounds like a classic Pyramid Scheme.

  68. What memories this post brings back. I remember when I was on course at AOLA in the mid 90’s. Things were going well to a point, when all of a sudden, about once a week, David Pomerantz and a small group of execs who I never got to identify, would show up about 30 seconds before the end of course and shut and bar all exits. Then Pomerantz would start his act. He would basically go into this routine of how desperate it is out there and that anyone who has not upgraded their IAS status is “out ethics” and it was “not okay”. He would then sometimes go around the room and poll people as to their status and when they last upgraded. This was to target them for later “handling”. It was also very degrading, and there was a palpable tone of resentment for it among the room. Anyone trying to leave the room at the onset of this “briefing” was mocked in a very 1.1 way by Pomerantz or his handlers. Pomerantz had his schtict down to an art. At the end he would say, “We take ‘Squeeza’ or ‘American Supress’…..or even ‘Masterrrrrrr Charrrrrrggggeeeeee'” (the later while he would act as if he was being electro-shocked, while flopping around against the nearest wall).

    Well, I eventually had enough of this and transfered my course to CC to get away from it. Sure enough, after a few weeks, here comes Jeff AND Michael Roberts, sans the mytery execs, to shake us down after course at CC. The cycle repeated. Guilt trip, followed by public humiliation. I comped as quick as I could and never went back.

    So, when I read Lori’s experience, I knew without any doubt whatsoever that she was telling the truth and that she was being targeted for exposing the off policy, high pressure thug tactics of the DM machine.

    This Allender creep is just the type that was used for such tactics. He has found his hat in life, and we should validate him for doing so. Now, when he shows up at a door with a baby blue t-shirt and a DM approved hat cam, we can grant him beingness. Here is my suggestion to anyone who finds this creep at their door. Ask him to get off the property, then get your cam corder and set it up on the edge of your property line, then tell Allender to “start”. Then just allow yourself to be entertained. Smile. Admire it. Laugh. He wants attention, so give it. Then applaud, and go back inside.

    If he gets this treatment every time, he will as-is himself right off the planet. The sooner the better.

    Hang in there Lori, you are on the winning side.


  69. Hi Scott – to add to Tom’s reply, when it filtered down to LA, it was called, besides “De-dinging,” “subtle PTS’ness.” So, a person would be “dinged” by a slight of some kind, and therefore go kind of PTS, and de-dinging was supposed to handle it. I worked for an Scn company at the time, and I remember some guy coming in and raving about a “briefing” about this. This was a few weeks before the October meeting.

    Later, I audited a person who was on staff at Stevens Creek during the Kingsley Wimbush period. It was shameful what was done. She was forced to sell books in the local malls, and give all the money back to Kingsley – flowing power to power – but she was not eating, not sleeping well, and living in a communal place. Meanwhile, Wimbush was driving a Rolls (I believe – could have been some other rich white man car). She was broken up, and it took a lot to run this shit out.

    Only a bona fide, died-in-the-wool, deep-down, corrupt, money loving, evil SOB like Wimbush could come up with something as cussed up as “De-dinging”, and only a real, died-in-the-wool, dick-licking, ass-kissing lackey like Allender could support it.

    Now, having said that, this was almost 30 years ago. A lot of things can happen in thirty years. Allender could have done his thing, made amends, got himself right and straight, and got himself back into the state of being an ethical human being. After all, proper application of Scientology tech can salvage even the most dedicated bastard. I have seen it happen.

    But, judging by his antics on YouTube and his current stalking of the person who wrote him up so many years ago, he sure did not avail himself of the opportunity to get clean and right. He seems pre-disposed to supporting squirrel behavior.

  70. I always tought TC had feminine qualities.

  71. The IAS Anthem!

  72. Wimbush was so convinced of his “tech” that he organized meetings to teach it to others. At that time (1982 or 83) , at least one German Mission Holder traveled to the US to learn from Master Wimbush himself.

  73. FbF,
    It never was, is or will be a “tech inspection”.

    But they were not willing to state frankly “we want to harass you, Marty, until you change your behavior. We want to give you a hard time, hurt what you love to do, and make you suffer if you don’t comply with our desires”.

    A liar is always a coward – and often a manipulator, too.

  74. Centurion — These IAS reg antics were done by Howard Becker at ASHO in 2002 or 2003 from my recollection. I was on the PTS/SP Course at the time. I don’t recall the doors being locked or any of the other glaring outpoints you mention. I do remember the students had to be “briefed” and thereafter money was urgently requested. I usually ignored the whole business and reviewed my pack. H

  75. I totally agree with you, CP. The most abused policies are also the most magnificent – Resp. of Leaders, KSW.

    The problem with policies such as these are that it takes a person who is not literal, who is above the “self-importance of the not-quite-bright” to read and duplicate them. When someone who IS literal, who CAN’T think, and who IS “not-quite-bright” reads them, they get the exact reverse message than what the real message is. “Pink legs” becomes a verb. “We’d rather have you dead than incapable” becomes an order to take out people who disagree or who don’t seem “dedicated” enough.

    And when you challenge the literal-minded on this, it takes a HELL OF A LOT OF WORK to break through their own case and lack of intelligence to get them to see. M9’ing pretty much everything on Level A back in the day was a very enlightening process. The things people think they are reading is astounding! Doing “what do you consider that means” with people who don’t or can’t think is a very interesting experience. I have had people read me lines and answer the question “What do you consider that means?” with the exact opposite of what was written. What is even crazier is that when the word is found and cleared, this same person will read the line, get it right this time, and then say “that’s what I always said!”

    So, you can literally take the context of ROL to be “as a leader, you are entitled to have your minions flow power to you. In fact, LRH says they MUST.” You can read that. But, the whole PL is about ABUSE of power, and about how to handle power. Sucking your people dry is not the message of ROL.

  76. This is EXACTLY what arrived here at our local Mission in Germany, imported from a Wimbush Event in the US that was attended by our Mission Holder.

    It was some weird talk about some feelings of being invalidated – but no meter, no safe way to prevent overrun or underrun, no rudiments, no guided pulling of withholds, no correction lists, no nothing – and thus not better than psychology : high-toned people didn’t suffer from it, low-toned persons got more confused sooner or later.

  77. Marty,
    Thanks so much for connecting the dots here! Lori is clearly someone who really has her code of honor in! I respect her greatly for that.
    What goes around comes around. Do you think Allender realizes yet, he has been thrown under the bus by those he thinks are his friends?

  78. Maybe DM is the incarnated representation of all undercuts that have accumulated over time.

  79. Simply Revolting

    Top of the DM Implant, the RI:

  80. freespirit

    Maybe more like making a criminal prick more criminal?

  81. freespirit

    Or perhaps simply “enabling” prick.


  82. 🙂 🙂

  83. Tom, ironically the Feshbacks were the IDOLS of the area. All people were to sit up and pay attention to them. What a complete joke. They hurt many businesses in the Bay Area and justified it all by their short selling. They are not in the Bay area now. Their followers are still there and are still drinking the cool-aid.

  84. Interesting on Harvey. He always seemed unnecessarily aggressive. I remember in April or May 1982 at FOLO UK (when it was in Rottingdean)walking past an auditing room by Qual and hearing Harvey’s booming voice “How come I’m the one being f—ing sec-checked”. The shouting continued for several minutes.

  85. Grasshopper, many SC staff have passed on at early ages due to nothing more than the lack of tech being applied to them. These people gave their lives for this group of money, grabbing, ass-kicking pieces of shit. Those left have decided to keep playing the game and until that stops they will continue as the lo0000osers they are!

  86. Steve’s been out for a while RJ. Dear Leader kept his wife Laura at the base and Steve at Flag for years of separation, doing menial jobs at the Gold rep office repairing AV systems at the FLB. Seem to recall he blew or messed up big time and was brought back on a correction program in the late 90’s to Flag.

    Steve spent quite a bit of time setting up TC’s house film theater and AV systems in the early 90’s. I don’t recall him being in RTC after DM assumed the Chairman Mao RTC post and was posted as WDC Gold, which is a high attrition post and there were many due to Dear Leader heavily micromanaging Gold.

  87. “Hold you hats.”


  88. And pretty much anything else that goes on in the Church of Squirrelotology these days.

  89. Perfect, Mike! The IAS Anthem indeed!

  90. I have been subject to a few of these – IAS and SO Recruitment. SO Recruitment was harder on me personally than regging. I had little money and credit back then – and even then I ended up donating quite a lot to the IAS.

    But, when you are a young, single male, who is already staff status II and who already has his 3rd class missionaire course under his belt, and who had no debts, and never touched LSD toboot… well, I was a prime target for crush recruiting. I almost joined once, in 1982, and I quickly recanted and backed out. The reality set in when the book store officer came to my apartment that evening (word travels fast) and wanted me to liquidate the rest of my BC into books. I said no, went back to the org, and told them I was out.

    The point is that the button to save people is HUGE. Everyone wants to help. Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than they are, and everyone wants to commit to a larger cause. There is no doubt that Scientology in the right hands helps people immeasurably.

    But, the proof is in the pudding. What do was have to show for our money, our time – our youth? Have our efforts and dollars been used in good faith? Have the goals of Scientology been achieved? Furthered even? No. We have a betrayal of trust. We have people who are sold on personal enlightenment and personal freedom being sucked into a vortex of monetary and emotional extraction. We have carrots in the form of video teasers and dazzling events promising that you will remember your whole existence and rehabilitate your freedom as a fully independent spiritual being. And, yet the carrot has been elusive since the means to get to spiritual expansion have been gutted, replaced by a parody of what auditing is supposed to be, and worse, having what DID work in the past renounced and held up to ridicule (“the transcribers!” “The blind leading the blind!”).

    I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like being duped and taken advantage of. I won’t be fooled again.

  91. Only thing is that he forgot to bring the Bells, Mike!

  92. I just read an interview with Hajo Meyer, survivor of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. He made a wise statement that might appeal to many readers here :

    “It is a lesson I learned in Auschwitz : when a dominant group tries to dehumanize a certain distinguishable group, it is necessary that the members of the dominant group have been brainwashed beforehand.

    A normal human being cannot see another human being suffering, let alone inflict suffering. His or her inborn empathy needs to be reduced to be able to inflict suffering on a human being.”

  93. Funny 🙂

  94. Thanks Sinar,

    I always wondered what happened to Steve after the whole Mission Massacre thought I saw his name on the list that Victor Bear circulated on the ‘net some time back.

    We were good friends to Lyman’s sister Peggy at one time and I twinned with him on TRs when I was at Flag.

    Met Guillame before he became ED Int and Stormin’ Norman at ASI back when Edgar Winter released the rock album for Mission Earth which was supposed to fund the “Tech Restoration Project”.

    Saw Wendell once who like I said reminded me of Himmler.

    I found the whole concept of the *Finance Police* with him as *Financial Dictator* to be *so* odiously *off* policy that I’d physically cringe when I heard either word mentioned.

    My thought at the time was who would be suppressively stupid enough to come up this idea of a *Financial Dictatorship* especially with the Ol’man’s abhorrence to anything smacking of authoritarianism.

    Like how I cringed when I read about the whole Franchise take over in “‘KSW’ News” when they proudly proclaimed that the Sea Org had “Moved In”.

    My first question was:

    What ever happened to the PL on “Ethics and Franchise” and why suddenly all this heavy ethics?

    However like everything else back then like the endless reams of declares I merely dismissed it as a symptom of confusion blowing off at the time.

  95. Aeolus, a promo piece I rec’d in the mail today from St Hill covers that. The cover states “FROM POWER TO OT V IN A FEW MONTHS ONLY!” Inside, there are 9 snapshots of Roland as he makes his Bridge progress. Then there is the final 10th picture with the caption “Roland being knighted for his contributions to the 4th Dynamic Campaigns.”

  96. The Longer I live the more often I see actions coming full circle, this appears to be another one. Crossing State Lines in order to Stalk…hmmm I think that moves it up to National/FBI level…..


  97. Howard Roark

    Good point at the end of your comment. I have loved ones slaving for 14 hours a day in the SO right now because they think they are on the verge of clearing the planet. Doesn’t look to me like clearing the planet is very important to DM in that photo.

  98. Tom,

    Yeah the Feshbacks were definitely someone’s darlings that’s for sure.

    I remember I was invited to the Class VI Reunion back in the mid 90’s at the BH Hotel and I went with my wife…

    because I mean who could pass up a free meal in such a swank environment.

    And low and behold there was Matt Feshbeck and his clan with the best seats in the house.

    My wife asked me what *he* doing here?

    A question I couldn’t answer because as far as I know Matt had never done any auditor training.

    Yet there he was a the center table sitting with Guillame like they’d friends for life or whatever.

    This…this…short selling capitalist parasite.

    I should have realized the rules had changed before that because when I was auditing at AOLA we ended up with a lot of interesting cases that while Ron was around would have been considered *illegal* yet were on our lines.

    We justified it by saying to ourselves that these Pre OTs were *formerly* connected to Intelligence and weren’t currently part of any “police spy organizations”.

    Also that some of them had never really been “institutionalized” even though they had spent several years under the care of Psychiatrists or had been subjected to intensive SEREs (Survival Resistance and Escape) training to proof them up against interrogation.

    Not to mention the one PC I audited who had actually been in an institution but who was getting auditing because his brother was a major “patron”.

    I mean if you look at the fact that someone like Greta who’s connection with “the media” is legendary and of course Adnan Khashoggi’s one of CIA’s most notorious arms dealer who was directly involved in the Iran Contra and the BCCI scandal lovely family staying at Flag.

    One didn’t have to be a Weather Man to see what direction the wind was blowing.

  99. Allender was the perfect expendable for this op, it seems.

    McSavage can easily throw him under the bus by dredging up his involvement in Wimbush’s criminality and claiming Allender must be stalking Lori out of revenge for reporting him back in the day.

    How dreadfully Machiavellian!

    Michael A. Hobson

  100. Possibly mentioned earlier here but Cruise is on Comcast’s home page regarding his daughter splitting.

  101. Howard Roark

    Excellent comment.

  102. Lana, I will tell you people in neighborhoods truly have better things to do than to be paid to spy on people. Yes it happens if the person is a bit disconnected and is convinced that his/her neighbor has some sort of mafia type connection I suppose. As for garbage , shredders work wonders and for those who have animals, that cat litter box and scooped up dog poop really works. Sensor lights are great as they come on when anyone approaches the property…then in Texas there is the “Castle law”!

  103. Laura Ann, trust me Allender does not care. Never has, never will. Friends are not part of his vocabulary. He only hangs with those of like mind.

  104. I never said there weren’t mutinous Missions and even some orgs back then.

    I myself was involved in an Org mutiny once when I was young and stupid.

    We had signed a petition (a brilliant move if one is familiar with the policy on petitions which we obviously weren’t) to convert the Org back to a mission because we had decided that it would function better as Mission than an Org.

    Needless to say the GO came knocking on our front door several days later and removed all our senior execs.

    To say they were not happy with our decision would be an understatement.

    However the only reason that the GO smacked us upside the head was because it was considered an act of *treason* to attempt to close an Org.

    The GO handled missions differently than Orgs or even Forming Orgs with benign neglect.

    Basically they could do what they wanted as long as they didn’t attack the Organization or the SO.

    Something I found out later after I’d become good friends with the AG at the time who was actually a good person who had a sense of humor.

    It didn’t start getting heavy until the SO started to move in and take over the Franchise Network after the GO’s eventual collapse and started “handling” missions in the same typically ham handed approach they handled Orgs.

    The GO contrary to the rabid squirrels assertion that they were the most evil corrupt organization on planet Earth probably would have ignored Kingsley and the De-dinging crowd per the *policy* on ‘Ethics and Franchises’ until they faded out.

    But oh noooooooooo!

    The SO being the new kids on the block in the mission/franchise game had to smash Kingsley to make him an example and quote put a head on a pike unquote thus stirring up all kinds of BPC and actually creating a *mutiny* by misapplication of heavy handed ethics.

    This is the way I saw it.

    In my opinion the myth that Ron was involved in all this carnage is a myth.

    His comm lines were so tenuous at the time it took him 5 months to find out that Mary Sue his wife the person he personally appointed as the Controller was removed from post.

    Also in my opinion it was the coup that aggravated and precipitated the mission revolt by their heavy handed approach with Kingsley and then by ****extortion*** when they moved in and demanded that the Missions pay for the Dianetics campaign and then sicced the Finance Police on the Mission Holders at a cost of $10000.00 a day and then tore up their Franchise agreements and demanded that they sign new ones giving RTC complete control over the Franchise Network.

  105. If anything, this post tells us that we, each of us, alone, is responsible for understanding, duplicating, and using the tech. Wimbush was bad. Along comes Miscavige – it is not a case of if Wimbush is bad, Miscavige must be good. It is not either/or. In this case, Wimbush and his partners in crime were squirrels, and worse, users of good people.

    Besides being a squirrel and a user of people, Wimbush also did harm by providing a great justification for the advancement of Mr. David Miscavige, who installed the Nazis and created a “win” for the SO and for his “SRA” approach to “justice.” The aftermath of the de-dinging affair was abhorrent. “International Finance Police” – what fucking crap, and what a drammo! Going after Scientology companies like “Who, What, Where” because they had Scientologists on their mailing list, and therefore STOLE the mailing list from the Church! Going after auditors – assigning conditions for easily corrected auditor mistakes.

    So, it is not a matter of either/or. Wimbush and Miscavige are both squirrels.

    The point is that we are on our own and we each need to keep our own council when it come to what is and what is not Scientology. The Church has failed it its primary duty to safeguard the tech, so it is up to us. And, we will disagree on points here and there. But, Scientology will live if we keep our eye on the mountain top, which is that the purpose of the tech is to fully set people free – completely and fully free. If it does not do that, then it is NOT Scientology. At least in my opinion! 🙂

  106. Technically, no he couldn’t find anyone more qualified – everyone with real training seems to be either declared or dead! Dave’s got some slim pickins to work with. :p

  107. People like Arnaldo Lerma, for example, who have my admiration for having the courage to speak the truth can put things into the perspective of that “DM is a bad guy = DM is following LRH tech to the letter = LRH is a bad guy”. That is the equation just about.

  108. Another thought about Wimbush – his future wife at the time was on the Div 6 dissem staff. Her name was Coralee, she was cute and she had a dog (Dibs) that followed her everywhere out in the field when she was contacting public. She had tremendous stats in terms of numbers of new public in for lectures – but relatively few ever signed up for course. I believe we had some kind of bonus system for getting bodies in the shop. She and Wimbush eventually married. I recall some of the other dissem staff upset, including myself, that her “products” were so flimsy. mostly guys following this cute girl to the Mission with little interest in learning about Scn or LRH. Our complaints fell on deaf ears – she was married to Wimbush now, was always in Power, and immune from any criticism. Seems somewhat similiar to DM now, with little or no products as far as Scn expansion is concerned – but extremely obssessed with his own self-importance, power and control.

  109. That is funny. Texas cattle make excellent fertilizer for the garbage bags out front of the house for OSA. {LOL}. Thank you sweetheart.

  110. RJ,
    I totally agree with Marty of DM coming around full circle. This is scene with the Wimbush squirreling with Allender fully supporting is one historical point giving Dear Leader the excuse of overreaction to shut down the Mission NW. Squirrel supreme assistant, OTAss & ding bell Allender was useful then and now to DM.

    The Gang of 5 has an interesting section on what was going on at this time from their viewpoint, while Gale was the CO CMO.

    “Gale was busted in Dec ‘81. DM announced that Gale was removed for false reporting to LRH about the international stats and had tried to make the reports look better than what was really going on. The Mission Network was crashed stemming from DM doing Mission Holder Conferences, gang sec checking the Mission Holders and forming up the Finance Police who went out and destroyed this feeder line to orgs. It was totally contrary to all LRH policy and how LRH dealt with Mission Holders in the past. However, these orders which destroyed the Mission Network did come from LRH based off false reports that were being sent up by DM. DM, in order to remove Gale and her executives, which included Marc Yager as her D/CO, reported to LRH through Pat that they were covering up crashed stats and had been false reporting to him, making LRH feel he could not longer trust his Senior Messengers that had served him for years. DM was also reporting about how there were external influences affecting management and the orgs. DM had also reported to Pat that Gale had gone over the edge and was unstable mentally. With Gale removed, DM needed to get another CO CMO Int posted, though Marc Yager was a better exec and more respected, DM picked John Nelson who had been a Mission Ops under him for several years and later replaced DM as Action Chief CMO Int. DM’s reason to not post Yager as CO CMO Int was because he was involved in covering up the crashed stats with Gale in the reports to LRH – there was no cover up, the crashed stats were a result of the destruction of the Mission Network. ”

    This is from Steve’s site:

    It’s amazing how every day more of the onion skin is peeled off and more truth of the KoS, Dear Leader and Kool Aid Fuehrer and the enlisted flying monkeys of this wicked witch of the North side of Gilman Springs road comes to light.

  111. RJ,
    Thanks. This was very informative. ml, Laura

  112. Chris,

    Come on now!

    You remember the post of “Mission Holders 2D”!

    You know the one right up there on the Org Board next to “Chairman of the Board” 😉

  113. GH, I can’t disagree with any of what you said. Thanks!

  114. Howard Roark


  115. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tom,

    That was exactly what I was looking for. Clear, concise and conceptually understandable.

    Regarding the subject of De-dinging: Unhattedness = Squirreling.

    L, Scott

  116. Scott Campbell


    Thank you for this additional background and history on the subject of de-dinging. It clarifies a lot of stuff I’ve read over the years.

    L, Scott

  117. Bravo GH!

    Actually I think this two pole diametric thinking started after the coup took over.

    You know after Mayo was busted there never nothing good ever said about him.

    Same with the GO after it was abolished.


    Anyone who was ever declared an SP is erased out of history and tossed down some memory hole as if Winston Smith is in charge of the historical archives.

    What do you think happens to an Organization continues to run a *not-is* on the past like that?

    Turns individuals and groups into some kind of synthetic suppressive valence of some kind.

    All ya gotta do is look at the Scientology axioms.

    This why I get sick of reading about evil Dave….Dave…..Dave….Dave….

    All we basically do by doing that is create this synthetic valence call Dave or Miscavige etc….

    Maybe the guy actually does have some plus points……..


    Give me a week or maybe several years and I might find one 😉

    That said.

    Personally I think it’s counter productive to continually natter about the guy.

    It’s almost like back at the Org where they still natter about Mayo on and on and on…….

    I mean I made the “mistake” of defending the guy by saying once that he did a pretty good job of auditing the Ol’man and at one time he was a damn good C/S and probably a good auditor plus he did a damn good job of acting in the secret of Flag Results (though what he says in the movie has a touch of irony if viewed today) and ended up with nothing but stunned silence.

    Much the same when I mentioned that Ron used to think quite highly of the GO.

    And the GO had actually done some exemplary things back in the days before the Chainsaw Massacre.

    Much more than OSA that’s for sure.

    Needless to say I didn’t win any popularity contest over at the Org.

    Just as I don’t win any popularity contests with many of the Indies when I state truthfully by the basic definition of the word DM1 had *become* a squirrel.

    The answer as to why he became a squirrel is well covered in the lecture called ‘Individuation’

    Anyone who hasn’t listened to that lecture I suggest they do so.

    Just as they should read ‘Essay on Management’ because in there above the debate of the possibility of some vast conspiracy or just “lone gun” Davy fucking things up all on his lonesome is what is really happening.

  118. Scott Campbell


    How are you getting YouTube videos to post? Lately, when I try to post a video, all it puts up is the link.

    Let me know – if you would be so kind.

    L, Scott

  119. I met Kathy Feshback at Flag when I was there for training and an ethics cycle and of course Matt Feshback her husband. These days it boggles the mind how many Feshbacks there are now since then: i.e. – Cindy Feshback, Jessica Feshback, etc. etc. etc. I knew they were into making a lot of money, but I was never exactly sure how until I read about Matthew and his 2 brothers in a magazine. I forget the magazine’s name, but all three of them were pictured. Something about them being the junk bond kings.

  120. I Love it: “No leader = no followers. It’s just like committing Follower Suicide.” Totally aligns with his thinking process (or lack of).

  121. Good comment MQ,

    Obvious power change violation is what occurred in the early ’80’s.

    Then it wasn’t so obvious while Miscavige was consolidating his power probably with “A Little Help From His Friends” but now that he and possibly his “friends” have assumed control of tech lines as well it’s become screamingly obvious.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Sorta like A=A=A

  123. Exactly Marty,

    Lana Oye if Miscavige is following anything that even resembles policy then I’d like you to point out exactly which one(s).

    Otherwise you like your obvious idol Arnie (who by the way supports forced deprogramming) are full o shit.

  124. Ah yes,

    Howard. One of the best IAS cash vacuum cleaners DM ever had.

    A point of clarification – the doors were not actually locked, but they had several staff in business suites standing in front of them. If you tried to leave, they would make it hard for you to do so in a dignified manner. You would get an evil eye, a smirk, a rude flow. In other words, it was as if the door was locked.

    Bottom line – these IAS reges were given org time to engage in a cycle that they personnally would be paid a commission on. That would be tantamount to me setting up a Starbucks in a Catholic Church vestabule.


  125. It never ceases to amaze me just how far down the rabbit hole goes when it comes to the CoS.

    And how much people are/were willing to put up with.

  126. Hey Sinar,

    Where you there when the Ol’man gave the order to hit the mission network in violation of his own policy that is ‘Ethics and Franchise’?

    Was there any Merc or Mult Telex indicating this should be done?

    Having briefly very briefly worked for the Ol’man myself his orders, C/Ses and Directives were *always* in writing and the only reason for a Messenger Network was to ensure compliance.

    So far I haven’t seen anything yet that indicates Ron ordered the destruction of the Mission network.

    Also I know that Miscavige and other execs like him used “it’s an LRH order” as a method of gaining compliance.

    Not to mention the fact that there were various counterfeit Policies, HCOBs and LRHEDs that were signed with his name that he’d never even seen or heard of at the time.

    One of them that I brought to his attention because it was so contrary to his own *Standing Policy* regarding SO#1.

    As far as I’m concerned the whole scene exists on a ‘Hidden Data Line’.

    Also I know for a fact if Ron had been forced to act forcefully in regard to the Mission Network he would have followed this with an HCOB or at least a policy or a least an ED explaining why he took such action.

    Yet none had been forthcoming.

    This is what he did in the case of Mayo when he issued C/S series 115 and 116.

    He also did this when Herbie Parkhouse was removed as AGF.

    Are you saying that the Ol’man suffered from a lapse in this one instance?

    I don’t buy it.

    Look you may want to nail Miscavige’s sorry ass and I don’t blame you but don’t do it at the expense of denigrating the Ol’man.

    He doesn’t deserve that.

  127. Actually they were short sellers which is almost just as bad or maybe worse than selling junk bonds since they turned stock into worthless junk and probably put a lot of people on the unemployment line in doing so and basically helped to send the economy into a tailspin.

    However since they were friends of Dave like Adan it didn’t seem to matter what low life scum they were in real life they got special treatment.

  128. Dean Stokes / Dallas

    Laura Ann,
    You are right.
    There were about 50-70 staff full-full time (bell to bell everyday) at the Dean Stokes’ “Mission of the Southwest” around 1978. It was located on Swiss Avenue then …see pic.
    During that era thousands of books were being sold to NEW public from direct person to person street sales every year, and also many thousands of OCA personality tests were distributed every week. Lots of public were coming into the Mission. A fun era! A lot of good people have come through the Dallas Mission era.
    Things started gradually getting weird and mass-heavy as the Simon Bolivar policy of pushing power became a central theme.

  129. RJ — Please. You are attacking Sinar for quoting from a posting that was written by people who WERE there. Sinar never claimed to have seen anything other than the write up by the “Gang of Five.” That included two CO CMO Ints who were gotten out of the way by DM because they didnt kowtow to him. Those CO CMO Int’s were also 3Ped and LRH ended up saying very harsh things about them as Miscavige convinced him they were in league with MSH and that the GO was destroying the orgs and the legal representation of the Church (this was something LRH had begun investigating in the 70s in a program he called ConEvil — short for Confront of Evil — where he directed evaluators in the Office of Eval and Execution on string pulls on org evals and the GO kept coming up as being an external influence in the orgs [this is where WISE and the PL on Moonripping came from). There is a LOT more to this, but it is not the topic of this posting.

    RJ, you have your viewpoint and experiential track. It doesn’t make you all-knowing. But you seem to feel the need to assert yourself heavily if anyone says anything that you feel doesnt match your viewpoint — even if that person WAS in a position to know more than you. Just chill a bit. It’s not the end of the world if someone provides information that perhaps expands your knowledge of events, even if it wasnt exactly what you thought.

    And to answer your question, yes, I have seen many despatches from LRH about dealing forcefully and ruthlessly with the Mission Network, based on the information he was given. And no, I am not mistaken about what he said and it did not match the policies in Vol 6. I also saw numerous things he said about the Guardian’s Office and Mary Sue that were equally as harsh — yet there are LRH EDs and the Guardian PL that extol the virtues of the GO like no other group. LRH personally commended the “San Francisco Mission Holder Handling” and ordered that a transcript be printed and turned into an issue and broadly disseminated.

    There was a lot more going on during the turbulent years from 1979 to 1984 than is widely known. At some point it will all be laid out in book form so it can all be given context.


    The above issue modifies HCO PL KNOWLEDGE Reports.
    Writing a KR about the COB violates the Hat of a Follower and constitutes a Condition of Treason.
    To write a counter report on any such report issuers is an effective blow, because I do not need to get involved into the entheta of handling such reports personally.

    Note: Don’t forget to add more personell to the COB-Report Dead File Unit.

  131. I am not “attacking” Sinar Mike.

    I am asking for him for more than just hearsay.

    A paper trail or as they call it in “wog” investigations “a smoking gun” and I haven’t seen anything in writing that says that Ron ordered the hit on the missions.

    Like there is nothing in the Watergate tapes that indicates that Nixon ordered the break ins.

    Also Mike I never claimed to be all knowing or omnipresent.

    I’ll leave that claim to someone like Miscavige.

    However I have my own personal integrity on the matter which I am not going to abandon over hearsay which again you are asking me to accept by saying Ron had some harsh words to say about so and so etc etc.

    That doesn’t mean he would act on it.

    He probably had some harsh words to say about me as well because I was always writing him to get my sorry ass out of trouble or petitioning him for some reason or other.

    What I won’t believe without actual proof is that Miscavige was able to play Ron all on his own.

  132. Well RJ, I guess you will continue to be right until someone busts loose with the 50 file cabinets of LRH traffic for you to inspect personally (but then if it doesnt match your theories you will probably say the documents can’t be authenticated because they dont have his signature on them).

    Just answer one question. How many people would you need to say they had seen the LRH traffic for you to believe that it actually existed? (Because you know there isnt anyone that has copies of them outside the church to provide to you). Just that one question. If its a reasonable number I will see if I can round up some others to chime in who have read the traffic so you can put your mind at ease.

  133. Boy does this post and comments bring up some memories. I was an Academy supe under Allender at the time this was all happening. Funny aside, Lynda his girlfriend and future wife ruined me on my initial OCA in 1978 and the John regged me for the Comm Course, I was his first sign up. Hi John, hey man come to your senses! Yes I recall the bowl on the desk to collect money from students. One of the supes, DSA Darlene’s deceased husband would reg the students after course to help him pay off debts so he could be F/T staff. One staff member bought a BMW with money gotten from “pushing power” I confronted her on it and got accused of “dinging her”. Haven’t seen this one in the comments but Kingsley at this time also set up a loan company and got people to provide money to loan to others for the Bridge. Bernie, Kingsley’s brother got his Jaguar repainted by a public who had a body shop. I think he was pressured to do this. I know staff and public went to Kngsley’s house in the Saratoga hills to do gardening. My roommate had Clay Primrose’s BMW at our house to wash it. I recall overhearing Clay Primrose being pissed at Palo Alto mission for “only” sending a case of champagne in return for the “tech” that boomed their stats. It was a pretty wild time. the stats did rise but really, at that time things were going pretty good before the de-dinging, especially compared to today’s “unprecedented expansion.” I remember Lori back then, a young pretty girl. Hope her mom is doing well, it’s been so long since I’ve seen her. I got sent to Flag after the IFP came in and busted everything, sent there on a red eye with Fred Botelho, Steve Van Hoomissen, and about three others to redo KSW and supe training. Stayed at the Sandcastle, right after it was purchased, what a dump and Flag was not what I had expected. One great thing came out of all this. I met my future wife at Flag, who had been sent from a mission in Germany as part of the de-dinging clean up. We were married within three months despite no common language and after 28 years we have definitely moved onto to the level of soulmates and are free of the cult and any offshoots. We survived two trips in and out of the SO. I have never been happier. Glad to done with all this insanity.

  134. Good point Marty. I know he’s a squirrel and whatever “level” he may have attested to, was never really gotten anyway.

  135. GetTheConcept

    Grasshopper, thank you for this. I think that is one of the main problems that has caused this whole mess.

    By the way, the drill “what do you consider that means?” Do you know where that drill is written? I know it used to be on the old Basic Study Manual but that is the only place I’ve ever seen it and now that that old book is not around I’ve never been able to find it.

  136. LOL Sam! Love your sense of humor 🙂

  137. Yes that’s the spirit everybody that has a different viewpoint is full of shit.

  138. So something democratic took place and the GestapO came on knocking on your doors.

  139. Shortselling should be forbidden or restriced again. Wich company was bidding against it’s own stock again ?

  140. Here’s the thing Mike,

    I read books like ‘M or M’ or the appropriately titled ‘A Piece of BS’ and have become quite shall we say suspicious about hearsay in general about Ron.

    Before I answer your question answer for me why he made no mention of the Mission Conference in RJ 38?

    Especially if as you say “he personally commended the “San Francisco Mission Holder Handling” and ordered that a transcript be printed and turned into an issue and broadly disseminated.”

    Also wouldn’t Miscavige as venal as we all know he is have broadly published the Commendation as well?

    I’m not saying that you’re lying Mike or attacking you in any way.

    I’ll just point out that as you said in your earlier comment that the years between 79-84 were quite turbulent or confusing.

    Actually I think the confusion or the turbulence started in July of 1977 or maybe even earlier than that.

    So a lot of things were happening back then and if you manage to get them sorted out and written into a book I’d be happy to read it.

    And trust me on this Mike I will give it much more credence than I would of anything written by Miller, Atack or Sherman on the subject.

    Now to answer your question.

    Someone somewhere must have a copy that order to harshly handle the mission network.

    I mean if we have managed to get copies of the Advance Course materials.

    Why not some of the dispatches and telexes that were being circulated at the time?

    Maybe we can get CD’s friend Boris to steal ’em for us 😉

    As far as I’m concerned if it isn’t written it isn’t true and I’m sure you know the rest of the verbal tech list as per the HCOB/PL ‘How to Defeat Verbal Tech’.

    Yes I know I’m a stickler about Hidden Data Lines and all that but that’s just the way I am.

    In fact I was pretty vehemently opposed to any oral tradition regarding Scientology and became more vehement about it after the Golden Age of Tech.

    If you think that is a service fac or making myself right.

    Well fine.

    On the other hand I have nothing against speculation or opinion as long as it is labeled as such and not turned into a definitive fact such as this is the way it is or this is what actually what happened without supporting documentation.

    And I don’t mean those phony like a three dollar bills “affidavits” or “declarations” I see floating around on the internet.

    So yeah I’m a hard customer to please and yeah I like to entertain my own “theories” of what may have happened and true some of them to me based on my own personal observation of events hold more credence then some of first and second hand accounts I’ve seen published so far which in many cases seem slanted or embellished.

    *Especially* when they lack objectiveness.

    And honestly Mike in regard to Miscavige in my personal opinion you haven’t been all that objective.

    In fact again in my personal opinion the guy seems like a Bette Noir.

    But was he Ron’s Bette Noir?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    As I wrote earlier I find it unlikely that Ron would be taken in by someone who when I saw him for the first time on Nightline back the early ’90’s appeared to me to be an utter and complete nincompoop.

    And the only reason I felt safe was because I figured he was just a spokesman of some kind!


    That’s all I’ll say on the subject.

  141. Try to link to the most clean direct link of such video
    http: //
    instead of:
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  142. Short selling is simply a part of trading, and it’s not just stocks. In a short sale, what you are doing is borrowing whatever the object in question is (stock, bond, commodity, currency, etc.) from the brokerage, selling to the market, and then buying back at a lower price (hopefully) to end the trade. A short sale is also known as a “sell to open” trade. Selling to open a trade is every bit as legitimate as buying to open. There are several reasons why there is such a thing as short selling.
    1) perhaps the most important … allowing short selling is powerful factor in favor of maintaining the liquidity of a market. In order for there to be a buyer, there must be a seller.
    2) allowing short selling tends to, believe it or not, bring a greater price stability and sanity to the market. This is a corollary with 1 above, maintaining liquidity.
    3) allowing short selling protects the public, believe it or not, from “pump and dump” scams. Short sellers will tend to force down prices against this sort of fraud.

    Fraud is fraud. A stock fraud could just as easily involve a “long” scheme as well as a “short” scheme.

    There are rules regarding short selling that tend to make it more difficult and therefore shorting or “sell to open” trades are not done as often by more casual traders. The fellow who goes thru some outfit like Edward Jones and buys mutual funds will never get involved with short selling. Specifically, there are two rules … first, a stock has to be trading above a certain price in order to be available to short sell. I believe that price is 5 dollars per share, but don’t quote me on that … I prefer markets other than the stock market. Next is the uptick rule. There are two prices for any stock quoted by the brokerage … the bid and the ask. The bid price is the lower price and it is what the brokerage is bidding for your stock. The ask price, a bit higher, is what they are asking should you decide to buy. If you are shorting, YOU MUST SELL TO THE ASK PRICE, which means that the stock is moving up in price at the time that you sell to open, which generally means that you have to sit and watch for a bit as your trade goes negative, which is unnerving.

    THE SCAM OF 2008: The Bush administration lifted the uptick rule, those in the know shorted like crazy prior to the crash, and, then once the crash was in motion, the administration disallowed short selling. THAT is a ripoff.


  143. It is from BTB 26 July 63 “Training Technology/Coaching Theory Material” written by Fred Hare. Since it is a BTB, my guess is that it has been expunged from the GAT line-up. It is, however, an incredibly effective tool to pull out of the bag when a student is just not getting it.

    The student and the coach sit opposite each other, each holding a copy of the material to be learned.
    STEP ONE: The coach has the student read aloud the rule, axiom, definition, sentence or short paragraph to be learned. (The coach must ask for only one major thought at a time.)
    When the student has read what was asked for, the coach acknowledges. The coach repeats this step until the student reads the exact material as written.
    STEP TWO: The coach asks the exact question, “What do you consider that means?” and always acknowledges whatever answer the student gives.
    STEP THREE: Repeat Step One and Step Two until the student duplicates the material to be learned in response to the question, “What do you consider that means?” The coach then
    asks the question, “Do you understand what it means?” If the student doesn’t or is not sure the coach gets the student to define each word on the line, clearing up any that he was not sure of or hesitated over—with a good dictionary. The coach makes sure that all definitions of a word
    are cleared and gets the student to use them in sentences until he undersrands them. Then he repeats Steps One and Two until the student is able to duplicate the material and understands
    what it means.
    The coach then takes up the next major thought.

  144. @Athena8:
    “knighted” ?? WTF ?
    Only a king or queen may bestow a knighthood. I suppose McSavage fancies one or both of those two, now ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  145. This is the second Time I say this to you. Listen to Mike.

    And this quote aplies to you so enermously it hurts.

    “There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there.”

    -L. Ron Hubbard

  146. CD,

    Thanks for the epigram and use a spell checker next time.



  147. Not necessarily “everybody”.

    Just those who disagree with mine 😉

  148. You’re pretty funny CD.

    Do you the difference between group bank and democracy?

  149. I think it was Goldman Sachs.

  150. ha! nice to see more dirt on that scumbag Allendar coming out.

    And speaking of the “terrordome briefing to Mission Holders on 17 October, 1982” (lol… terrordome seems quite fitting)

    Here’s a related (but sickening) blast from the past folks here might be interested in. An Oct 1982 Sea Org recruitment brochure using the terrordome incident as bragging rights for what was yet to come:

  151. Muchos peseta’s…. erm gracias

  152. You Sir are an educator, thanks.

  153. Thanks Anon for this “blast from the past”.

    Actually I almost got ill when I read the “‘KSW’ News Article” on this whole *serial* (a word used by Intel Agencies to indicate a on going covert op of some kind like for example *a coup*) which was very similar to the “promo” piece which is why I question the Ol’man’s involvement in the operation.

    Anyway I won’t reiterate what I wrote to Mike about all this.

    But *gang bang* sec checking , declaring people on the spot and/or extorting vast sums of money from anyone via a post entitled *Finance Dictator* through a parasitic network known as the *Finance Police* is not part of any policy or FO I’ve ever seen.

    Funny how the SO became much like their alter ego the GO in justifying their overt acts by painting the patina of “source” on their grotesque actions by quoting various unrelated references.

    Very similar in the way Miscavige and RTRC justified the technical perversion known as the “Golden Age of Tech” claiming that some “LRH Order” of some kind granted them some kind of exclusive license to *alter* the Tech.

    Fact is in Scientology according to the *policy* ‘Seniority of Orders’.


    And it does not matter even if such orders were allegedly issued personally by Ron himself.


    And the *policy* they directly violated at the time by *MOVING IN* was ETHICS AND FRANCHISE which I will post here under fair use in its entirety to leave no question that it was violated:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    To All
    Flo ww
    F/0 ASHO
    Strong Ethics actions by org E/Os and MAAs against Franchises and Franchise holders are forbidden.
    Franchise is a Public Divisions Function. Public Divisions run on Public Relations tech and rules.
    There are several technologies. Handling people with Dianetics and Scientology tech, handling them with Ethics
    tech, handling them with PR tech.
    Franchises are essentially PR activities. When you use Ethics you mix practices.
    There is already a protective mechanism in Franchises. If they hold to Dn and Son and stay true to source they
    prosper. When they don’t they go broke as their PR value loses its Reality factor.
    If something is seriously wrong in a Franchise area then Franchise Officer WW should handle and, if he can’t,
    request top level help. This is not a field where org E/Os and MAAs function well as they have too little data on
    remote offices or their problems.
    Just once top level had to act in recent years when the SO name was being abused.
    It is not our policy to harshly handle Franchises.
    Auditors are bound by the Auditor’s Code.
    Almost without exception Franchise holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.
    LRH:nt.rd Copyright @ 1970 by L Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    End Fair use.

  154. your welcome RJ, altho i’m sorry to say most of your reply is lost on me. But i suspect those points are alot more important than the one i thought somebody would reply with firstly…

    the photo of young DM at the bottom of page 3 with moustache – a snapshot of spiritual terrorist in the making. Quite shocking how diminutive he looks back then compared to all the propaganda films of current times.

    and i would love to know who he’s pointing at as a possible cross reference for “the rest of the story” behind that pic.

  155. Pictures of the missionaires at the mission holders conference, including Wendell Reynolds with his happy face.

  156. “Spiritual Terrorist” is an apt description Anon the enfant terrible who was playing the role of eminence grise back and actually still does to a great extent since there as no official executive or managerial post as “COB”.

    Don’t worry about not getting the gist of what I’m saying Anon.

    I’d say that what I said is probably lost on many who call themselves “Scientologists”.

    At least you have a valid excuse.

    They have none for following orders no matter who issues them that violate basic policy.

    For a comparison imagine if our Government continually violated the letter of the Constitution.

    (We both know they do at times.

    But at least the Judiciary keeps them in line to a degree.)

    Well like the Constitution there are certain “rules” that are basically set in stone and they are called Policies.

    Hope this clears it up.

    If it doesn’t Anon you can always contact me at

    And I’ll answer any question on the subject you have.

    Or we can just shoot the breeze 🙂



  157. Yeah they should have all been on wanted posters hanging in the Post Office 😉

  158. MidgetBuster

    Ok I hate to give this information this way but due to the fact that a friend of mine might end up in trouble I have to be anonymous and discret. So just take it as it is. The Church of Scientology uses subliminal messages during events and are recorded in the videos of events, perhaps uses them in all other forms of audio visuals like conferences, tech movies, div 6 videos, etc. The subliminal messages are in form of a separate audio track. Maybe Marty and Mike can confirm but I’m not sure they were aware of this.

  159. GetTheConcept

    Thank you. In 1988 a Class XII C/S told me that when she did her training, which must have been in the 70s, she and a twin did that drill through the whole training. She highly recommended it.

  160. MB,

    Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Might it well call it the Church of Mk Ultra.

  161. MidgetBuster

    I wish I could say more… they did that since the first big events 80s/90s and they still do it right now.

  162. MB,

    What you’ve said so far explains a lot already.

    I remember the shift in events occurring around the time of Ron’s requiem and becoming more “staged” as in replicating whole track *implants* as time went on with the laser light shows, flashing lights, moving video screens and dazzling FX effects.

    The pillars of doom ala Triumph of the Will and all that come straight out of R6.

    When I first saw ’em I was wondering whose wild “idea” was that?

    I mean they are not only ostentatious but highly restimulative as well.

    The Ol’man never used props with the exception of an easel for graphics.

    He didn’t have to.

    Because he was able to COMMUNICATE.

    Something that Miscavige can’t seem to do because he relies on all these vias as noted.

    In other words any actual TR grad could probably run circles around the lil’ squirrel as far as stage presence goes.

    That said.

    It doesn’t surprise me that he incorporates old psyche tech from way back in the early ’50’s as part of his “presentation”.

    From what I understand he’s a big fan of PM Tech as well which was developed by his “friends” from the Dark Side of Langley and promoted by his very special “friend” Bob Gray of H&K.

    You know the same Warbler Madman Madison type firm that Ron gave strict orders to stay away from.

    The same one used by that megalomanic influence peddler Moon and his CIA/KIA asset known as the Unification Church.

    The same H&K who passed on the false story about Sadam’s troops throwing babies out of incubators so they could start a war to “liberate” their clients in Kuwait.

    Also the ones who promote that fast food palace that is hardening the cardiovascular system of people world wide now.

    You know the those *Golden Arched* cathedrals that Squirrelly Dave seems to want emulate with these “Ideal” Orgs.

  163. Democracy alsoo actively protects the right of the minorities.

  164. Not necessarily.

    Total democracies without some kind of a Bill of Rights tend to favor the prejudices of the majority.

  165. Allender demonstrating more OT8 powers:

  166. I referenced this article of yours in response to a post on ESMB where Steve Hall is quoted regarding Kingsley Wimbush, who recently passed away.
    In part I wrote:
    [..] I wonder if Steve Hall knows that Bernie’s brother Kingsley was a squirrel when Hall wrote this:

    “And where would we be today if we did not have the OT levels for example? That was a product of Kingsley’s generation. So it is with respect and gratitude we wish Bernie our condolences and it is with affection we wish his brother Kingsley luck and success as he embarks upon his next great adventure. Hopefully we will see him again very soon.”

    Kingsley Wimbush invented the practice of ‘De-Dinging’, described below in part by Mark Rathbun.

    What Mark didn’t say and may not have known was that ‘Dinging’ anyone who said anything remotely ‘suppressive’ in order to De-Dinging them of suppressive or invalidative communications became an absurd practice nationwide, where everyone came cross as an SP and everyone around was being “DING”ed. [..]

    I don’t always agree with Marty but I could see where Miscavige got a good idea of how to control people because of the immense power and control Wimbush garnered so quickly back then. It was astonishing.

  167. First sentence corrected to: “No disrespect to Bernie Wimbush, but I wonder if Steve Hall knew when he wrote this that Bernie’s brother Kingsley was a squirrel”

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