Latest Corporate Scientology Felonies

UPDATE: Village Voice coverage,

David Miscavige and his plumbers unit have been busy this week.

Miscavige had his boys obtain Mosey’s social security number.

Yesterday while I was in session repairing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics on a woman whom Miscavige is actively attempting to shudder into silence Miscavige’s agents used Mosey’s social security number to access our phone account.   The agent obtained access and downloaded our phone records.

Don’t mistake this announcement for any cause for worry.

I am simply making a record, loud and clear and in real time.

Whether authorities act or not doesn’t make much difference to me.   I never held up hope that any money motivated spectators would have the balls to go up against the “war chest.”

If anyone thinks any of this is having an adverse effect on me, stay tuned. May is going to make April look like a seashells and balloons picnic.

And, yes we’ll be expanding on the delivery of repair of his Black Dianetics all the while.  You’ll hear more about that in the next couple days. Our philosophy is simple.   It is quite well summed up in these words:

When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy. Just like church does. People don’t go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it.

– James, Brown, The Godfather of Soul, 1986

BTW, check out Micheal Fairman’s interview at the Village Voice,

195 responses to “Latest Corporate Scientology Felonies

  1. Impartial English Girl

    That is a nasty, NASTY, thing to do. I’m sorry this happened to Mrs. Rathbun and to you. Time for Chiquita to get her nipping teeth in…?

    IEG xx

  2. Footbullets never cease!!

    Sorry to hear though that yet again, your right to your own life and privacy have been invaded.

    “Whether authorities act or not doesn’t make much difference to me. I never held up hope that any money motivated spectators would have the balls to go up against the “war chest.”

    The paragraph above in quotes from you, I get in its essence but am not too clear who the money motivated spectators are — dms boys or the phone company or the government authorities. I can be a bit thick at times 🙂


  3. Lucky Dilettante

    I am a dilettanate, but I can see that DM is far, far too SERIOUS. He just needs to let it all go and leave you alone. He can’t deal with you in the OPEN so he needs to steal your phone records? His vibration is very black.

  4. Gee, they seem to stoop lower and lower every time. Like limbo, “How low can you go?” I gotta say, I’m bemused as to all the fuss DM is creating. It’s like he’s a bored kid with ADHD infecting his surroundings.

  5. Marty-

    A quote that fits the day and the times:

    “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.”
    Thomas Jefferson


  6. Marty,

    You just pushed my main button, bigtime … that is, the almost universal use of SSN’s, which I call socialist slavestate numbers, on virtually EVERYTHING. First of all … even the Social Security Administration, aka the slave enumeration bureau, admits IN WRITING, if asked, that “a social security number is not required to live OR WORK in the United States.” The program is totally 100% voluntary. Now, if the number is not required even to work, which everybody falsely believes is the case, what about banks, brokerages, insurance companies, phone companies, credit bureaus, and everyone else? No, the number is not required by any law whatsoever. Mainly, it is asked for as a matter of private corporate policy. Refusal to provide an SSN will be met with varying degrees of resistance. Obtaining phone service is relatively easy. Doctor offices are relatively easy. Auto insurance is a notch harder, life insurance is harder still, brokerages are harder, employers can run from easy to impossible, depending on weather or not the owner is open to reason, with big corporations being impossible … finally, banks are the worst, even tho there is no law. You won’t be able to open a bank account without an SSN short of a fone call to the bank from the secretary of the treasury.

    My main issue with the SSN is that its use as a taxpayer ID number where none is required by law will either incur liability for income tax that wouldn’t otherwise exist, or at least a very powerful presumption for said liability, virtually impossible to rebut. As I see it, a lack of full disclosure regarding the mechanism for how liability for income tax is incurred constitutes a huge fraud against the American people and is an issue that must be resolved before anything else gets fixed. You may not see it that way … however, another issue regarding the proliferation of SSN use is identity theft and/or SSN use as an identifier whereby things like fone records can be obtained. Marty, the fone company never should have had your SSN of that of your significant other.


  7. That’s probably how DM’s team managed to stalk a female LA Sheriff investigator, who happens to be a friend of mine. This investigator had Sci PI’s at parked in front of her place for a few days and OSA operatives trying to sell magazine subscriptions to her elderly mom, while clumsily trying to take pictures of her.
    When OSA figured out what my friend did for a living, all activities suddenly stopped!
    BTW, this LA Sheriff investigator also works in the same precinct where back in 1985 Flo Barnett (DM’s mother in law, who was getting audited by David Mayo) committed suicide by allegedly shooting herself three times with a rifle in the upper chest/shoulder area. Since those three shots were not sufficient, she took the rifle up horizontally and shot herself with a bullet that penetrated both temples from side to side. The Sheriff report is online, but some crucial evidence is still locked up. But I digress, sorry. One of my cats, they crazy one, is named after her.

  8. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    Wow, it looks like you have been busy as usual.
    I just got back from China and had a real nice trip.
    I see dm is still up to his madness.
    It was sort of nice withdrawing from everything for awhile and getting a new perspective on things.
    In a new unit of time, I am very happy that you are fighting the tyranny of the cult. I think that you are doing a great job and one that not many others could do. Don’t worry ( I don’t think you would) about making mistakes sometimes. You are being badgered by argueably one of the biggest SP’s to ever hit Earth. When and if we ever take this bastard out, it will be largely because of your actions.
    It is a job that needed to be done and I am glad that you filled the position. Thanks again Marty.

  9. Marty — How funny. They did the same thing to me yesterday. I got a notification on my phone that my account password had been changed. Of course I called and found someone had used my social to access my records yesterday afternoon. They are really desperate I guess, as making themselves so obvious is a sign the heat is really coming down on OSA. The phone company now has a full briefing on David Miscavige and Scientology Inc. What is so foolish is that I have presumed they accessed my phone records since they pay for my garbage, so for calls I dont want them to know about I have a few throw away phones.

    This goes along with the panic comment from yesterday “What evidence do you have that there is a massive federal probe into Miscavige?”

    Dave — FAIL.

  10. Mother of Grendel

    Don’t get mad, get even? I’m sorry you’re in this position, but I can’t think of anyone better suited to take on the mad midget for the rest of us!

  11. martyrathbun09

    Mike, Thanks for expanding on the record. This little pecker still has not realized exactly whom he is dealing with, has he?

  12. martyrathbun09

    Welcome back Tony! We missed ya.

  13. Marty — I think he has. And it is literally driving him insane. He has a bunch of cowed and ill sycophants who have been beaten into incompetence. Everything just seems to go wrong…. And as the fails pile up so the franticness ramps up. Sort of reminds me of a 4 year old who cannot beat the big kids he is playing with and the tantrums grow and grow into writhing screaming kicking and spitting (not noticing that the ONLY person impressed by his antics is him, everyone else just smiles and shrugs). 🙂

  14. Marty and Mosey – This is blatant identity theft. The websites below will walk you through the process of protecting your identity and filing a report with the police.

    This is how hard-earned donations to the church are at work!

  15. I meant “church”.

  16. martyrathbun09

    The record they are making is remarkable.

  17. Your comments always make smile Mike. One right indication after the other I guess. (Note to DM: Scientology works when applied correctly).

  18. Hi Marty,

    have been away for a week or two and only now caught up with what has been happening on your blog thus far. Incredible how fast one can get out of date.

    The most bizarre thing were the 4 people from Mars arriving at your door – yeah, the Squirrels in Production with their loony outfit. And now breaking the law, not once but twice with Mike Rinder as well.

    OSA People – is there anyone left with some spine sufficiently strong to hold up a corpse? Doesn’t it make you ashamed of being part of an obvious loony club? And aren’t you afraid that anyone you call your family or friend (the ones YOU care about) may find out that you actually knew who was doing this criminal nonsense? If you don’t watch it they might even disconnect from you! The world at large already did and considers you just that: criminal.

  19. mrinder,
    You said “He has a bunch of cowed and ill sycophants who have been beaten into incompetence.”
    You are so right! The fact that churchies can’t look, think or act for themselves without first being told what is ok and what isn’t ok to look at, think about or do is backfiring. While, the guys who are out can now see, think and know what’s truth or not for themselves and are doing quite well.
    What goes around comes around. ml, Laura

  20. Hey Pete, I’m an employer. Please tell me how I can hire an employee and not get an SS number and also not get hit by the IRS/SS Div on all the forms and money I have to send in.

    I love to take a “penalty and interest” notice from the IRS and send it back quoting their own manual as to why it is invalid. They’re never grateful, but they do follow their own rules in those cases and cancel the notice.

    So if you’ve got that in writing that I can look up, I will be glad to look.
    Thanks, Lynne

  21. @Marty: “Plumbers” as in Nixon’s “plumbers” in Watergate ? Seems to Gordon Liddy and company were vastly more competent than anything McSavage is able to field – and they still got busted and did hard time, did they not ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  22. Actually, I like to think of him as an SP wannabe. Yes, SP, but big, no, just a little turd boy in the sandbox. But he does have a lot of mechanisms going for him.

    On the other hand, I guess you don’t have to measure how big an SP is–if he’s on your lines, he’s big enough to need handling–like kicking him out of the sandbox so we can go back to our fun.

  23. DM and his crimes will do him in. And we are seeing this come to pass.

    I received this LRH quote sometime ago. I was blown away by this, because, to me, LRH is saying : Hey, you can be a Scientologist, but man, get out away from it and LIVE for gods sake! Apply it, but LIVE!


    Well, LRH thought differently. He appreciated support, but never in my mind could I reconcile how people were being forced to smash their dynamics to pieces to support the DM pressure cooker club. Honestly, how can one live a full life under the DM cash sucker? YOU CANT.

    From LRH:

    “Just because you know a lot of these things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know, to use it as you think it ought to be used, to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That’s a wide license, isn’t it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard


  24. Geez Mike,
    Perhaps he just wants clean phone records, not one with dog poop on it! C’mon! 🙂

  25. Putting it Simply:
    My sister asked me why we left the church and I wanted to put it simply. She does know what a meter is.

    I told her, “If a guy confessed something he felt bad about doing, and came clean and felt good, he’d have a floating needle on the meter.

    “If you are asked to confess something and you haven’t done anything, but you have to come up with something before you can leave the room, you feel bad.

    “If you figure out some little thing that you didn’t really think was bad and confess it, you feel degraded.

    “If you come up with something bad but you don’t really know whether you did it or you’re just making it up, you feel even worse.

    “Imagine hours and hours and hours of this, because someone refuses to recognize your floating needle.

    “The leader of the church, David Miscavage, decided to rewrite the tech (even though he’s not trained in it) to change the definition of a floating needle so that no one can recognize a real one anymore. This has harmed a great number of people. It’s why we left.”

  26. What you ask can be done but it would require so much b.s. admin with reference to declaring your soverignity (and likely having your employees doing the same) that it would not be worth it. You would be competition to the existing system. Pete is right but it is not workable or practical to those of us who work through and or with the system. Many times, people who sell you on this idea will have package to sell you and you become dependent upon their expertise which leads down roads you don’t want to end up on. Common sense is paramount in such matters.

  27. For those of you who have had your SS# or identity compromised, look into your home owner’s policy if you are a home owner. Most policies will go to bat for you on this without you having to buy services that offer this protection. This is also a good way to zero in on them as insurance companies go after this sort of thing (generally). While it might be obvious that DM is behind this, I would be more curious as to who the perpetrators are and can they be located. Are they people using false names, etc? He’d say Scientologists and other religious advocates hate Marty and he can’t be responsible for what other people do. While they think they are tormenting Marty, they are actually turning him into a folk hero.

  28. Stealing a Social Security number and phone records? Footbullet indeed! Next thing you know Miscavige will order a panty raid so he can criticize your choices in underwear, and hold it up as lacking in superiority to his fruit of the loom boys size 6 tighty whiteys with the superman emblem on the front.

  29. Sara Finning

    Marty, or even:

    ‘I taught them everything they know, but not everything I know…’

    – The godfather of soul

  30. These antics by the KoS is pretty pathetic and make it impossible to make new public. Perhaps more lessons need to be learned – that his dirty laundry will always be exposed in public via the Web!

    Saw an interesting news article on yesterday’s subject of the KCET studio with a survey which shows that 58% of the article’s readers consider the CoS as “scary”.

    It also contains this PR line: “The organization says it plans to use the studio as a media hub connecting its thousands of centers worldwide.” I forgot that there were 8,000 of these orgs, missions and groups as mentioned by TD and is the laugh of the day.

  31. Marty, Mike, FBI.Gov will recieve your complaint and actually acknowledge you that something is being done about it.

    On the bighter side of things, it appears Luis Garcias doubt announcement is still being circulated and still getting positive results. An old friend of mine had been given Luis’s write-up and called me to get my take. This person has been reading the blog for the last 3 days and is becoming de-PTSed.

    Go Luis and Go Marty, Mike, Mosey. In the end it will all be worth it. This blog is de-PTSing the field and they are coming out into the sunshine. This particular person told me of watching Scientology slowly slide down the tubes and going into deep dispair and thinking that Scientology is lost. From what I got the majority of the field do see DM as a money-grubbing asshole and they know the shams going on. What is causing the dispair is not knowing we are out here fighting the fight. Once the field knows there is an honest attempt to turn things around, they will come in droves. So we need to reach out more and more and let them know we are here and we care about Scn our ranks will swell.

    ML Tom

  32. ha ha ha ha. 🙂

  33. Nat — I think it’s Top Gun, not Superman….

  34. How funny! They did that to me in 1991; got my phone records and sent PIs calling around to all my friends, including some who work for the government and have unlisted numbers. One of them recorded a PI. I put it up online.
    Then they tried to get other account info by posing as a Cox Cable employee. Valid employee number, invalid person.

    Maybe it’s karma? Now you’re on the receiving end of the stick you don’t like it much. Were I you, I’d apply for a SSN change. They will do it in cases like this. You can’t be too careful. Also, a moat full of Florida alligators might be kind of lulzy, and give you something to feed all those fish you catch to.

  35. LOL …

  36. Great LRH quote and quite appropriate to this topic. Thanks! H

  37. BTW Marty!
    I found someone who is willing to take care of your plumbers!

  38. Thank you centurion
    Good quote. I had not seen that one before.


  39. I think they are man panties, with Top Gun of course. Manties. Perhaps a li’l flap for the coffee cleanser. Hey, maybe a new book authored by Dave Miscavige – Clear Colon: Clear The Decks. Dave on the front with his Top Gun manties.

    ( Sorry I’m so foolish about this stuff. It’s just sooooo freakin’ dumb what this joke of a man does, it seems to call for sympathy and a comparable level of whatever it is this is. )

  40. I’ve had a few glasses of Merlot and I’m sorry, but I’m sick and tired of this shit. Juliette, Catherine, Leah, John, Kelly, wake up. I know you know something’s not quite right. Where the fuck is your integrity!? JL, you in particular are a frikkin legend. Is this ok to you?? Jeez, girl, open your eyes and do the right thing.

    Marty, you’re such a gentleman. Please let me know whatever is needed.

    Do well,

  41. one of those who see

    Never read that quote. Love it!!! Thanks!

  42. one of those who see

    Bravo Marty and Mosey on your Courage, your persistance and your bringing of Joy.
    …as the Church sinks to lower and lower antics.
    By the way, walked by a testing center twice yesterday. Granted I didn’t go inside. But from where I was looking… not much happening. Lonely guy standing out side. At one point he was inside talking to one person. Place looked pretty dead.

  43. flying squirrel

    At this point the CofS would be better off admitting defeat and doing whatever it take to honestly keep the members it has that are still loyal…… if this criminal bs keeps up even the most hardcore coolaid drinkers will not be able to support it…… and as for finding new supporters, they better start trying to pick up preschoolers, oh wait, they started doing that a long time ago

  44. Howard Roark

    That’s a good comment Lynne 🙂

  45. “Whether authorities act or not doesn’t make much difference to me. ”

    That sounds like a healthy attitude to have, especially since there’s usually a misnomer rub with singular actions of identity theft – its not the stealing of personal info that gets prosecuted (unless your talking hundreds/thousands of credit cards stolen electronically), but rather its the use of the stolen info to commit fraud and theft combined.

    I have a next door neighbor who was put thru this hell after getting fixed up on a blind date with a total creep. After telling the creep she didnt want to see him again, he totally weirded out and was seemingly the one who snatched her purse from her truck at the grocery store. He then used info in her wallet to electronically spy on her like what was done too Mosey. And there wasnt anything the cops nor local DA could do (at first) since they couldnt prove he snatched the purse and he didnt actually steal any money from her accounts nor commit fraud with the info.

    But after consulting with a lawyer when DA refused to file charges due to lack of evidence, they did come up with ingenious way to nail the creep. The gal got what is equivalent to a restraining order in this state, and going on the assumption that the creep was also hacked into her emails – they set him up to violate the restraining order.

    A PI w/ concealed weapon license was hired to pretend to be a new beau, and after a couple weeks of pretending to be dating each other and using email to setup fake “dates” they lured him into a confrontation and PI held him at gun point until cops arrived. At time of arrest, they had photos of him following the so-called couple from afar on earlier fake dates + had him caught in the act on the actual confrontation. Creep was charged and found guilty of criminal harrassment, stalking, violating the restraining order AND attempted fraud for the identity theft. Everything but the purse snatching that got dropped at trial.

    He’s awaiting sentencing, and once thats over & window to file appeal passes — the PI wants to take my neighbor out on a real date, which he inadvertently testified to in court when defense attorney pressed him. In closing remarks, judge commented on this in positive way, plus congratulated the victim for using the system in a unique but lawful way to nail the creep and chastised the DA for not investigating it further in the first place.

    Moral of the story – restraining orders aren’t just for protecting abused spouses from further physical confrontations. They can be used to span that fuzzy gap between face2face harassment and hard2trace electronic criminal activity because it allows the victim to document a record of ongoing harassment. That in turn enables the cops to make an immediate arrest on the spot – and ask questions later.

    All that said – my heart goes out to Mosey, violation of one’s privacy in order to retaliate against the man you love is utterly despicable.

  46. Howard Roark

    If all orgs need to be Ideal Orgs right now, then why buy a TV studio? Why not use those resources to finish an org(s)? Answering that would lead to other unanswerables –

    If 10,000 Solo NOTs auditors would tip the scale of theta/entheta ratio, then why are all SO not on Solo NOTs? Isn’t that the greatest good?

    If Superpower will make planetary clearing a reality, then why has that building been standing there empty for almost 10 years? Why was it built at all? LRH said Superpower would be delivered in SH Orgs in 1979.

    How deep is the rabbit hole?

  47. one of those who see

    Michael, just read the village voice interview. PERFECTION!!!! So many points covered and short and sweet. Everyone who reads this will get exactly what is going on.
    And the icing on the cake is the differentiation between DM and LRH!!
    There is also considerable out PR in abusing Senior Citizens. We know that Mr. Fairman is obviously a powerhouse even at 77. But society frowns heavily on senior citizens like Michael and Heber being treated badly.

  48. Hi Centurian
    I love that – beautiful quote. Do you know which HCOB/PL or lecture it came from?
    Thanks 🙂

  49. Isn’t getting Mosey’s SS number identity theft?

  50. Tom,
    I think you’re right.
    For many people we’re already hitting the right gradient according to the many new Indies every week. So we can up what we’re already doing in media and courts and also reach out further towards remaining parishioners.

    When I first read how many of the Garcia letter were spread, I thought dePTSing would happen instantly but unfortunately I was wrong as half a year later we’re still fighting. A great part dislikes how the Church operates but won’t openly say so, afraid to lose their income, eternity, friends and family (the fear being the only reason they don’t have a good income, freedom, friends and family).

    One way of assuring them is composing a list of all Scientology delivery outside at a fraction of the costs and publishing the successes. Another way is publishing a list of all the LRH trained terminals, Class XII’s, C/Ses, Sups, VIII’s, etc, that have left the Church, including Mayo and all other “Squirrels” since the takeover with full training line up and successes and how they regard LRH and what he thought about them.

    Another way is circulating a list of all PT Scientologists who speak out against the Church and how not afraid they are to lose their friends, family or eternity. Each with a small success story of how much they expanded and how much life returned and how much freedom they got from listening to their integrity and LRH, discarding Davey.

    Not unlike a weekly or monthly outflow towards a public, these publications could be regularly updated and send to all known email addresses of people that have not openly spoken out, to invite them to this blog and encourage them to announce themselves so the disconnection weapon gets dismantled and the “burn in hell for eternity” threat gets laughed at.

  51. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks I missed you guys too!!
    On another note, Lynne wrote somewhere recently the reason why she left the cult and it got me thinking about why did I leave? What was the MAIN reason? The main reason for me was the the Cof$ would not put it’s own ethics in. They will not do the right thing when it is needed. I always wanted to be part of a group that at least tried to do the right thing. Now the cult justifies all of it’s overts with “the greatest good” for the cults dynamics or really what is the “greatest good” for dm’s bank.

    So now, here comes Marty and Mike and a host of other Ethics Officers putting in dm’s ethics. WE are doing the exact opposite of what dm’s bank wants. His bank is saying I will do what I want and I am insane and you must like it!! We are saying you will not dramatize your evil purposes and we will NOT let you get away with it!!
    Marty and Mike and really all of us here have that in common. We will not let him continue to dramatize his evil purposes.
    Marty, I was thinking about how all of us really like to help and spread theta. Marty, your comm line here is vital and is SO helpful to all of us who were smart enough to cognite that the church has become a cult for the bank of dm. What you are doing is no small thing. You are the point man for squashing dm’s bank. It made me think of the tape LRH talks to Saint Hill/world wide ethics officers. ( I think that is the name) He talks about “who is trying to stop the ethics officer?” Dm is trying to stop the ethics officer. Marty you are the churches ethics officer. You are the one with the guts to take on this dramatizing psychotic. I for one am so thankful to have you and Mike doing what you guys have been doing. Without your comm line into us here at your blog Marty, we would be in a world of hurt. And I for one never want to take this comm line for granted. My feeling is that we always need to keep the comm in with all who are here for true theta purposes so we can stay strong and give each other support. We all need each other in this cause.
    The Idle orgs stand as monuments to the reasonable attitudes that many Scientologists have had. Maybe some day because of what we are doing they will be actually filled with thetans actually getting some truth and improving the scene here on Earth.

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for reminding me about the goon squad sent to Marty’s place. One of the goons is Richard Hurst. He was known around the Seattle Org really as an out-ethics loser. The fact that he is on a “squirrel busting” squad is really funny. My bet is that they have some juicy dirt on him and he is trying to ” deliver a blow”. Too bad he can’t seem to find the correct source of his own out ethics and is in propitiation to the cult of dm.

  53. Nat
    Too much! ROTFLMAO

  54. “Maybe it’s karma? Now you’re on the receiving end of the stick you don’t like it much.”
    Guess you had some pretty bad karma to have it done to you in the first place if that’s the case then eh?

  55. DM is the poster child for Curr dogs.

  56. Marty & Mike,
    I hate to see your privacy violated. But in the long run – and thanks to your persistence – this will be just another step towards the dicktator’s demise.
    I appreciate very much what you are doing.

  57. Criminals. Continued criminality on the part of David Miscavige and crew.

    The FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) that the CofM is pushing across is NOT WORKING.

    So, naturally, the next step is to continue the criminal activities. Of course! The laws don’t apply because the danger is SO HIGH. Mr. Dave’s minions need to “Strike a blow despite personal danger” and if that means jail, prison, and “bubba” for a cell mate, SO BE IT. Marty is JUST THAT DANGEROUS.

    Damn right he is.

  58. What a great LRH quote. Here I thought maybe I was wrong for doing that he said to do. Thanks for another piece of freedom.

  59. This will be more evidence added to the numerous illegal activities by David Miscaviage and a vilolation of Data Protection on Mosey because of misuse anothers personal details eg : Social Security number under false pretense. Hope the tel company gets to know who they are dealing with.


    A few days ago a newspaper article featured an internal administrative program of Berlin org. Someone had sent a copy to the mayor of Berlin … and he gave it to the press (now that’s what I call unprecedented – LOL).

    Some parts of the org program have been published in the newspaper. Here they are :

    “increase book sales, by placing more book sellers at the book booth.”

    “Each day there will be done at least 1o recruitment interviews. This requires divisional recruitment. Plot 7R graph hourly.”

    “Students in course room are to be doubled within the next 3 months. For this you have to name 130 students and then plan how to get them on course”.

    “Watch BIS [bodies in the shop statistic] daily and find out who is missing, why and call them in with full steam”.

    “SSO [staff section officer] & Hat Off [Hatting Officer] work together to get all staff who have blown from course back on course”.

    “Handle Brigitte W. [family name blacked out], all staff are to be nice to her and tell her that we want to have her back.”

    The German newspaper article is here. It is in a major Berlin paper :

  61. Marty, how did you find out that the Church obtained Mosey’s social security number and downloaded your phone records?

  62. Thanks Anon,

    Flo’s mysterious death has always been a mystery to me.

    How they came up with the conclusion that it was a “suicide” despite the forensic evidence is totally baffling.

    From what I understand Flo had some major disagreements with management (the coup) before her death.

    Let’s just say that her sudden “suicide” was serendipitous to those concerned.

    Again in Marty’s case we see the same tactics that OSA has been using for years against its critics now directed against the independents.

    As if they never learn.

    Obviously Einstein’s definition of insanity would definitely apply to them which is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results.

    This thing of getting Mosey’s SSN so they can acquire Marty’s phone records makes no sense.

    Since most of Marty’s PCs and Pre OTs are pretty much up front about their defection from the Tax Exempt Government Approved Squirrel group.

    There doesn’t seem to be any tactical or strategic value in breaking the law.

    At least the GO had a valid excuse.

    These guys have none whatsoever.

    One wonders if these people are not just criminals but *stupid* criminals as well.

    In other words:


  63. Beautiful explanation in its simplicity, Lynn!

    Add to it this:

    When the opportunity to unburden oneself to a caring individual so that one might find absolution and be freed from the weight of one’s own transgressions, becomes instead repeated, enforced sessions of verbal and emotional browbeating, where another has the intention of “getting out of” one crimes and regrettable acts that can be used against one, as proof that one is “bad,” or as leverage, outright blackmail or character assassination, it is time to leave.

  64. Ouch! Sam is sharp!

  65. Oh yeah – can someone provide the source (lecture date, title) for this?

  66. I am a passionate lurker for many years and I am quite active on another anti- scilon site and I do post daily over there and I post relevant anti-scilon stories to my facebook page. But Marty after reading about what DM and his idiot lemmings did your friends personal info is appalling!!!!! I am posting here for the first time after year of reading your blog to let you know, I am going to find ways to legally publicise the disgusting behavior of this horrid group of brainwashed people.

    I am now nor have I ever been a Scientologist and I only became aware of it’s negative side in April/May 2005, when the TomKat show began. I’ve been following you guys ever since.

    I would actually love to experience some auditing, but I am deathly afraid of entering my local CO$ org.
    Anyway, I can’t wait for that evil dictator DM and his idiot lemmings to get their just dues.
    Stay Strong!!!!!!

  67. LRH quote:
    Just because you know a lot of these things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know to use it as you think it ought to be used to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That’s a wide license, isn’t it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it. LRH.

    Wonderful quote!
    Centurion or anybody else, I’d like to be able to use this quote for others still on the tread mill. WHERE in the LRH materials does he talk about that?

  68. Journey Continued

    + 2

  69. martyrathbun09

    I’m Carnac re-incarnated.

  70. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Hey David Miscavige, here’s a number you will find on those hard sought after phone records…. It’s 626 712 0668.

    I’m sure you already know who’s number that is.

    I post it here for all to see cuz I got nut’n to hide… and to save
    the OSA Staff who are looking for a safe and reliable number to call when they finally get the courage to call someone more than willing to help. I am more than happy to offer safe refuge to those who seek it .

    Yes I do have bolt cutters to cut you free of the Miscavige chains wraped around your soul!

    Come on Dave, call me just to tell me I’m a piece of shit!! I know you want to!! Come …… on Dave you can do it!

    To those reading yet remain silent and under the radar, write my number down and one day call it like many others have!! You will be pleasantly surprised at the discovery of the freedom you so passionately seek!

    And Dave one other thing….. Where in your hell is SHELLY MISCAVIGE and Where in your hell is HEBER JENTZSCH???

    — Jackson

  71. Damn, Tony. You go to the orient and get all mushy and sentimental and philosophical and pan determined! Don’t get me wrong, I like what you wrote :-).

    Welcome back buddy. Sure happy to see you back here.

    Bruce Pratt

  72. Marty & Mike,

    Today,I just found out from my phone company, that I can have them set up my account where a pin number is asked for instead of using the Social Security(last 4 numbers) then no one but me can have access to my account or voice mail.
    This is what I have done and I suggest it to everyone.

  73. Bryon, Interestingly, an old friend sent me this just yesterday: “The Game Called Man” delivered on 6 June 1955.

  74. Good suggestion Truth.

  75. Erwin,
    The Indy 500 list on enumerates those who are no longer care about the “mighty” sword of DM-ocles hanging over their heads and who are speaking out against the abuses from their own identities. It actually generates more power for yourself when you do it yourself, not via an avatar (as I usually do!).
    –Dan “Waiting for the new Pro TR film to be released so I can start calling myself ‘The Original Joe Howard’ ” Koon

  76. Hi Marty and all

    I am not a Scientologist, however, I have followed your blog for quite some time now. As an outsider I am fascinated to see how a man like DM can control and manipulate so many for so long.

    My comment though, is a kind of high level observation or question about why DM is where he is.

    Now, I don’t know the full beliefs of Scientology but I do feel my belief system runs some parallels to yours.

    Having said that, I believe there is no good or bad, no good or evil and everything “just is” (I’m not sure that is your belief) so then, could DM be playing the part of waking people up in this life time – to wake people up and stop them being so reliant on a group, teaching people (in a hideous way) to be more self-reliant and stand on their own two feet. To think for themselves and let go of the addiction that is what any organised religion is all about – collective mind and collective conditioning.

    From my own experience and from seeing others, awakening sometimes takes a sledgehammer to the head and perhaps in this lifetime DM is the sledge hammer needed to wake people up? It seems many on this blog finally woke up due to the pain DM has caused.

    After all we are all going way beyond needing a religion or any external organisation, person, place or thing to have a direct connection and experience our authentic nature. OT as you call it.

    Could he in fact be playing out a role for this purpose? Could he be the magic bullet needed to wake everyone up and finally take back their power and evolve once and for all – so we can ALL move on.

    “All the worlds a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” ~ Shakespeare

  77. The Game Called Man delivered on 6 June 1955.

  78. Joe Pendleton

    Tony, you are a “man among men”…….actually a being among beings. I was just about to issue an all points bulletin on this site because I missed your comm. Say hello to me one day at We’ll exchange travel advice.

  79. Awake,
    Good to have you here and welcome. Here are my 2 cents on the question you pose–DM may indeed be acting as the alarm clock people need to wake up. But if he is, it is totally inadvertant. From having known and worked with him for many years, I can assure that waking people up is the furthest thing from his mind. I think INTENTION is the key factor here. Someone may have the intention to wake people up. One example that comes to mind is the Swedish artist/provocateur Lars Vilks. His purpose and intention is to shake people out of their fixed attitudes and point out new ways of looking at the world. L. Ron Hubbard was like that too but he did it in a more edifying manner. DM, on the other hand, intends only to keep himself living a very comfortable life in a position of power, reigning over his shrinking fiefdom with absolute authority. Like Kim Jong Il in North Korea, DM’s subjects are not doing well in life and, while more and more are waking up to what is going on and deciding to take their lives in a different direction, this is NOT something DM is intending to happen. So, I don’t think anything noble can be ascribed to his actions, regardless of how others may respond to it. The truth is that had DM been a good administrator and leader, many, many more people would have woken up in a joyful rather than painful way, simply because many more people would have experienced the gains that LRH offered from his developments. Hope that gives you some insight into what is going on.

  80. What’s wrong here is that phone records are accessible using a social security number. Phone companies should not be able to get SS data from anyone, nor allow records to be tapped by supply of the number only.

  81. @CW: because Mosey’s SS# is what was used by the P.I. impostor to confirm the caller’s identity to the telephone company people and they keep logs of such account accesses at the telco ?
    Isn’t that a no brainer ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  82. F. Lee Belli (aka Joe Pendleton)

    I was gonna ask “Where is Mel Belli when we need him?”, but I do know that the great “King of Torts” died many years ago.

    Where is the attorney out there who would take this case on? Because I cannot believe that the CofS can be allowed to break the most fundamental of American traditions (and numerous federal laws in the process).

    These actions need to be exposed on every news network so that both the broad unknowing public and current on lines Scientologists find out about this stuff. Then the Cof S structure will implode quickly and Scientologists can get back to just keeping their money and studying Scientology, the applied religious philosophy. And if you think a very “there” third dynamic, backed up with great force and many, many big and stable buildings can’t quickly implode and collapse, think…..the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics….and friends, I have been in the Kremlin, a surrounded fortress of many impressive buildings, and………

  83. To Winterwilde- You never have to go into a CoS for auditing. I audit, Marty audits, there are others too. And we are out! What part of the country are you in?

  84. Yup. It is damn near the last thing LRH says in that lecture.


  85. Anatomy of the Spirit of Man, in case that helps.

  86. Of course it is! And it’s been done for at least a couple of decades for those who were in the SO at the Int base for certain:

    “Mike Rinder, the church’s former intelligence chief, said his department sometimes tracked runaways by getting into their credit card or bank accounts.

    “The account numbers came from Morehead, whose guards opened every piece of mail at the base, logging staff financial information as they went. Morehead said Sea Org members were told their personal correspondence was examined for security reasons. He said they were not told this included financial information.

    “Except for the upper, upper executives, there wasn’t a base staff member who I didn’t have a bank account number on, a credit card number, social security number and date of birth, phone numbers, you name it, I had it all,” Morehead said. ”


    Your mother’s maiden name is also accessible through the folders of data they have on you.

  87. Tony DePhillips

    I’m a Buddha wanna be.

  88. If one knows the game of chess, your odds are always better when your opponent adopts “off the center of the board defensive actions” as a survival tactic. He’s losing control of whatever game he had. Soon it truly will be a new game for him – total defense and his opponents will be many and increase in number as his power wanes.
    You’re the vanguard Marty and DMs worst motivator.
    Good hunting…


    Hardly a day goes by without some further ABUSE, felony, outrageous conduct, enforced thuggery, dirty OSA/PI deeds being revealed.
    You can Google the word SCIENTOLOGY and the very first page will have links with tremendous amount of adverse information. The nation, the Globe, the Internet almost has a MOOD or TONE of any given subject due to the websites of every kind, the message boards, the bogs, the news releases, emails, text and so on.

    There is “occurrence density” of certain keywords and
    SCIENTOLOGY has the word CRIMINAL and VIOLENCE and ABUSE associated with it more than any other benign religious term.

    It is an emotional indicator of its repute.
    It is a snapshot of the Internet’s mind set of the “Church”.

    It is GRIM.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sinar.

  91. Awake,

    Yes it could be and after he is handled nobody will again be able to take over Scientology !
    After this lesson !
    🙂 🙂

  92. “get all staff who have blown from course back on course !”
    And this has to be done in an ideal Org ????

  93. I believe Joe Howard posted the answer:

    Joe Howard | April 28, 2011 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    Bryon, Interestingly, an old friend sent me this just yesterday: “The Game Called Man” delivered on 6 June 1955.

  94. Brilliant. Thank you

  95. LOVE the Village Voice article!! I am sorry to hear the stories that prompted it, though.

  96. Mike,
    In the early 70’s when Bob Dylan moved back to NYC, Celeb Trash Pickers used to go through his trash, so he got more dogs and mashed the dog shit in the garbage along with well-used baby diapers for them to enjoy.

    You follow in good footsteps on your trash.

  97. Karen,

    Actually the “PR” (if you can call it that) is worse than back in the days of the GO raids.

    (At least back then we had the Civil Libertarians and the Radical New Left on our side)

    Now I don’t see anyone supports any of this.

    The Church of Scientology has managed to accomplish the impossible and alienate almost *everyone*.

    Nice work OSA!

    I’m sure SMERSH will be handing out commendations for all your hard work.

  98. Why thank you Sir. BTW did you ever get the email I sent you?

  99. There are various phone companies.
    In order to access phone records, OSA’s PIs had to know that M and M were both using T-Mobile and not AT & T or Verizon, Sprint or some such.
    One wonders how they knew to go straight to T-mobile among the other possible phone companies.
    I called up my phone companies to ensure added protection even though I use untraceable phones for anything I deem as private.
    Both Verizon and AT & T require more than social security number to access phone records.
    Both of them stated that there is a “paper trail” of who accesses or reads a phone account, their ID and the time they accessed those phone records.
    In other words there is complete visibility of every single access to the phone account and there is no random access.
    That way, recent access of who looked at the phone records can be clearly seen down to the hour, the minute of access.
    I feel T-Mobile was too darned sloppy with their phone security.

  100. +2 Marty! The story of the day is out at least 3X it’s normal reach from guestimating the Alexa figures of both blogs!

  101. I'll_Leave_This_here

    just for the record…

    The Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006 (H109-4709) prohibits pretexting to buy, sell or obtain personal phone records, except when conducted by law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

    Breaking the “pretexting” law allows for fines and imprisonment of up to 10 years for those who use fraud, deceit, or computer access in a successful or an unsuccessful attempt to obtain, transfer, or disclose phone records without prior customer authorization. It applies to phone and Internet-enabled communications and contains additional penalties for aggravated cases. That covers those engaged in numerous violations, as well as those who use the information to commit other crimes such as stalking, witness intimidation, or crimes against law enforcement.

  102. No, never got an email from you, Mike.

  103. Howard,
    Perhaps Deep Fax or OTDT can answer these questions! 🙂

  104. +3 Sinar,

    Nice piece!

    Perfect application of Scientology 5 Press Policy you guys.

    I’m sure the Ol’man would be proud.

    Mike you’re so photogenic on the side bar.

    If I wasn’t so damn heterosexual I’d be calling you up for a date.

    Christie be warned.

    Funny how getting out of the squirrel group has taken years off your appearance.

    You and Marty are doing what OSA probably wished they could do but can’t.

    It seems all they are capable of these days is foot bullets.

    They are probably limping to your trash cans to pick up their daily supply of dog shit and sifting through it with rubber gloves and masks trying to acquire “intel”.

    Maybe you should at least leave ’em a Victoria’s Secret catalog to reward all their effort.

    Hey Mike remember the Ol’GO stat of inches of *good* press?

    Well OSA in its infinite wisdom has changed it just to inches of press.

    I guess their stats are straight up and vertical these days 😉

    Didn’t that article come out Thursday before 2?


  105. Makes me wonder if someone blew from the Int Base recently, and DM and his Blow Drill Team are trying to track him/her down …

  106. Maybe they can cover their ass on the pretext that they are an Intel Agency though their lack of intelligence would probably preclude that.

    As I rightly recall the GO tried a similar tactic.

    Wow if I were you guys in OSA.

    I’d be putting everything a burn bag and rolling up this operation.

    Your plausible deniability is fading faster than prewashed cheap denim.

  107. Ah, now there is a thought! (and a happy one, too)
    Michael A. Hobson

  108. OK — check your inbox

  109. Scott Campbell


    欢迎回来 (welcome back in Chinese).

    Your comment got me thinkin’ “why did I leave the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology?”

    It was when I realized that there was no one to “write it up” to. It was a moment of reeling overwhelm when I realized that my beloved organization (Freewinds Ship Org) and the management of the C of S were completely off the rails and that the problem came all the way from the top that I was overwhelmed. The only solution was to escape.

    Yes, the rout I took was unconventional, but it worked. I’m out, my 2D is intact and flourishing and I’m happy.

    Here’s how I feel about it Miscavige and his cronies now.

    L, Scott

  110. Scott Campbell

    Excellent quote Centurion. Perfectly appropriate for the “Independent Scientology” movement.

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Scott,
    Sounds like a good reason to me.
    I think it should be conventional if you cannot put ethics in then you disconnect, or at least bypass and handle.
    You have good common sense.
    I used to think while in the church that a lot of stuff they would seem to be running on the Orgs or me or whatever didn’t seem to make sense.

    I mean it wasn’t even “common” sense.

    I thought that a lot of people with common sense would not do these things. Shit, Scientology should be AT LEAST better than common sense shouldn’t it?? I figured if I have to M-9 and clay demo all this stuff just so it makes sense then it probably doesn’t to begin with.
    I am not talking about the tech so much as enforced ethics/moral codes to get you to be a good little bot.

  112. Scott Campbell

    Foolish you are not, me brother. Insouciant? Yes. Irreverent? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely. Sincere? Without a doubt.

    But one of the last adjectives I’d use to describe you is foolish.


  113. Just checked, no email, unless your message is encrypted inside one of the Viagra Spam-Grams I got.

  114. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Joe,
    I really hope you make it to the Indy party so we can get in good comm and have some fun.
    Got to stop and smell the roses once in awhile eh?? 🙂

  115. The rabbit hole is deep, for more info see my comment to yesterday’s posting, ‘Is Tom Cruise the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?’

    Part One and Two.

  116. Tony DePhillips

    I like the way you think Erwin.

  117. Awake,
    I’ll chip in here too. I think in many ways you are right about this character, taking the shape of ‘DM’. This particular character in the play of living is an aspect of life in this universe that needs to be faced up to, individually, and bested.

    It is my opinion that with the developments of Scientology, the releasing of those materials and many facing up to them and recovering as spiritual beings, it is inevitable that the source of evil in this universe will become more present. In Scientology parlance ‘the Tone Arm action must be run into the case before it can be run out’. In other words, that which needs to be dug up, that exists, has to be dug up before it can be confronted and truly handled.

    I think it’s no accident that the character, DM, is on the stage, at this particular point in time. It’s predicted by the discoveries LRH made as to how we ended up at the state of unawareness we did, and more importantly by the ‘waking up’ processes that are there in the technology of Scientology. As more awaken, so does the ‘monster’ in a last effort to maintain the dark enchantment.

    We aren’t done yet. But we are winning. Thanks for pitchin’ in. You’d do well to learn Scientology and add it to your body of knowledge. Get some auditing. Lots. It’s reaaaaaally good stuff when done right.

  118. Howard,

    You said: If 10,000 Solo NOTs auditors would tip the scale of theta/entheta ratio, then why are all SO not on Solo NOTs? Isn’t that the greatest good?

    Answer: SO don’t pay. He really means 10,000 Solo NOTs auditors who pay (and pay and pay and pay…) And who you can use as your gestapo, errr, I mean, as your OTA’s, or OTbots, or whatever he calls his minions these days. His LOYAL ONES.

    Don’t forget the money – always follow the money. Don’t forget that blackmail is always part of the money game, make your people pay, confess, pay, confess. I almost forgot that last part.


  119. Tried again

  120. Scott Campbell

    Good point Tony.

    It is interesting to note that LRH himself said that Scientology’s “Code of Honor” cannot be enforced.

    Common sense indeed.

    This Code of Honor first appeared in November 1954, with an explanation from Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that “No one expects the Code of Honor to be closely and tightly followed.” The reason, according to Hubbard: “An ethical code cannot be enforced. Any effort to enforce the Code of Honor would bring it to the level of a moral code. It cannot be enforced simply because it is a way of life which can exist as a way of life only as long as it is not enforced.”

    Here is the code, as published in the church’s book What is Scientology?:

    ” Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

    Never withdraw allegiance once granted.

    Never desert a group to which you owe your support.

    Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength of power.

    Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

    Never compromise with your own reality.

    Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.

    Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.

    Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.

    Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.

    Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you can make your tomorrow.

    Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.

    Don’t desire to be liked or admired.

    Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

    Be true to your own goals.” –LRH

  121. Post lost, rewrite: Yes I’ve seen plenty of schemes touted. But at the end of the day, last time our company was audited by the IRS, she couldn’t find anything wrong. On this subject, I sleep well at night. LOL

  122. You made me think Tony, yes we are the Ethics Officers–anyone who stands up and says, “Don’t do that (harmful thing) is an EO.” Sort of like a “citizen’s arrest.” And I know part of the trouble we are in today is that we were never sure down the track if we should do this. Or we were scared, whatever.

  123. Do you get those Viagra spams too? Being as I’m female, I just laugh. Hey, I would laugh even if I was a man!

  124. Good point too, Lunamoth.

  125. Natalie you slay me! ROFL

  126. I’m sorry, Mike, but that term on undershorts is too funny a combination! ROFL

  127. becomingAware

    A ‘freeing’ quote. Thank you.


  128. Did you know you can just pick up a “Self Analysis” book and audit yourself?

  129. Agreed! Good to have you back, T!

  130. Lynn,

    It goes like this … you CAN HIRE someone without an SSN, but you can’t EMPLOY them without one. Not everyone who is hired is employed. Employ, employee, employer, employed, wage, salary, and commission are all words specifically defined as legal terms within the tax codes. What’s the difference?

    If someone were to informally hire the handyman who lives down the street to drywall your garage, and it was done on all cash basis, no reporting, both parties might cackle in glee figuring that they got away with something, but, in fact, they would both be within their rights.
    No tax would be owed. It would have been a barter exchange, labor for remuneration or compensation OTHER THAN “wages” or “salary” or “commission” as defined in the codes. One of our rights is an unlimited right to contract with others. The federal govt. doesn’t get to bully its way in because it feels like doing so. IT MUST BE INVITED IN.

    That invitation is rolled out big time when an SSN is used. Use an SSN, and mere hire becomes “employment.” The federal govt. is invited in as a third party to what would have otherwise been a 2 party contract. You are, in essence, going thru the federal govt. as if it were a temp agency, with your “employee” being one of theirs. They get to collect taxes from the other two parties to the contract (FICA and employers payroll tax) plus liability is incurred for federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and, pretty soon, Obamacare. This is how they get to dictate terms such as minimum wage, maternity leave, OSHA regs, etc. All of those apply to “employment” and “employees” and not mere workers or hirelings.

    Should you hire without an SSN, all you need do is, if your business is a taxpaying entity, expense out the cost of the workers labor under “other” on the corporate return. You should also obtain a signed statement from the worker that he or she is a citizen or resident of the United States.

    Another solution to the problem of hiring without an SSN is to have the fellow who would otherwise be your employee start a corporate entity such as an LLC. The LLC or other corporate entity could hire him as a non taxpayer if he so chooses, i.e., no SSN, and that isn’t your headache … your company merely contracted with another company and expensed out the costs of the services it provides via the corporate taxpayer ID number.

    The best thing you can do is go to and order the Dave Champion book “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”. At 100 bux including shipping it’s worth every cent and 10 times more, especially if you are an employer.


  131. Dear F Lee Bailey,
    ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ ♥♥ !!

    I followed the good example of Mike Rinder and briefed AT & T and Verizon upper level security on what the CULT was doing to obtain phone records of whistleblowers and those it perceived as enemies.

    I explained the cut-a-way ~~ the levels of safety to dis-involve the Church

    High priced lawyers >>>Private Investigators>>>>Private investigators with comm lines/relative that work for the phone companies >>>>Dirty Dirty PIs in the personna of Anthony Pellicano who will do criminal acts for a high priced client.

    It is good to spread the word ~~ SUNSHINE disinfects.

  132. Yes Scott.

    And thank you all for your comments on this.

    Scott you are right. This quote and the operating basis of the indy movement are symbiotic. Totally. It is in the indy field that one can be a Scientologist and LIVE. Remember LRH saying to get into a state of living by LIVING?? Well, How can one live with crushing debts, out tech, wrongly applied disconnections, etc.?? You cannot get into such a state of living as LRH talks about in such ways. “SLAVES are made in such ways”, to quote Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

    In the indy field, with its humane pricing and high technical standards (as observed by many of the veterans who practice in it) is the ONLY route to live fully and go OT. Ron would have wanted it this way.

    If the indy movement was as evil as DM and his gargoyle PR minions claim then it would NOT be supported and growing as it is now.

    Sorry for all the words, but my blood is up. That LRH quote just put the indy field in a NEW LIGHT in my universe. It gave it VALIDATION from the old man himself. Case CLOSED.


  133. Howard Roark

    These are all good points, thanks.

    And thanks OTDT 🙂

  134. Tried again 😦 12:19 EDT


    1. He’s run out of people to beat and needs new meat.
    2. He’s desperately trying to find out who the hell Deep Fax is.
    3. He’s collecting phone numbers and emails to sell to spammers and telemarketers.
    4. He’s trying to find out if Diana Hubbard is talking to Marty.
    5. He suspects himself and wants to find out if he’s leaking any vital data.
    6. He’s learning a new trade so when he gets booted out of the church he’ll already have a new profession.
    7. He’s trying to be constantly alert so he can constantly fight back.
    8. LRH told him to generally keep an eye on things.
    9. He’s purposely trying to drive all parishioners into hiding so he won’t have to look at them.
    10. He collects phone numbers purely as a hobby, like butterflys or coin collections.
    11. He was told by a voice in his head that if he collects everyone in the world’s phone number and adds them up, it’ll contain a secret alchemist code that will give him super powers.
    12. He likes to play them as lottery numbers.
    13. He wants to see if anyone has a better phone number than his.
    14. He’s building a Viagra Spam-O-Gram company on the side.
    15. He just gets such a thrill from tricking phone companies, always has.

  136. Tony Dephillips

    It really equates to this in the cult:

    It is out ethics if it isn’t the greatest good for dm’s bank. (And bank account)

    Think about it.

  137. Howard Roark

    We can all postulate that.

    Godspeed to them if it is so.

  138. 🙂 Success. Email received and replied.

  139. Thank you, Lynne. Well put.
    Richard Kaminski

  140. Yeah Dan, you’re among the top of LRH trained terminals and I love your video’s. The idea of the Indy 500 is perfect and needs to be promoted as it is nowhere near a complete list according to many reports of so many Chuchies fed up with Davey.

  141. They’re “clearing the planet”…of anyone who wants to be associated with the Church of Scientology! America and Europe are almost clear-new continents left to clear!

  142. Maybe that’s becauce we have a lot in common: CL IV, Ethics Specialist, Non SO, etc, but most of all the rebellion. I have very similar ideas as you about the upper Bridge. Since I found out 11 years ago that the Church would never give it to me, I did it myself. It’s a lot cheaper, I tell you. I did 700-800 hours of group processing, some of the congresses but mostly repeating the 4th American ACC over and over. In order to keep it up I had to get rid of the recurring bank that flew into view after confront was increased and having no Bridge I had to be somewhat inventive. It was hard but I tell you the wins are unbelievable and so rewarding! I think all materials were released by 1954 but a lot is not delivered anywhere and thus some creativity would be justified. Any auditing is better than no auditing.

  143. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    +50 🙂 — the only productive, pro-survival method is with Theta, not entheta. 🙂


    Have a nice day, davey :)””

  144. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I can just see lil davey’s “bin diver” bringing in the latest phone pickings from Mike’s trash can… “LordVampire, here’s one that’s still steaming!”

  145. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    OSA is a bunch of tools! (And I don’t mean that in a kind way). DM is the WHOLE TRACK SP that’s twisting the tools to do his bidding. The true Fool on the Hill is David Miscavige, lost in the Black Hole in his head. That sucking sound is any theta nearby going to that Black Hole.

  146. davemessenger

    This act alone is justification for revocation of their tax exempt status.

  147. It is time to put DMs head on a pike! A rubber one, on a long pike, being used by protestors to send the message to staff at the next demo.

  148. JoeHoward + JimLogan

    Agreed that it is always good to be woken up in a joyful inspired way with good intentions however that is not how the world plays out. We live in a world of contrast, that is the only way we can know what anything is. We can’t know day with out night, we can’t know up without down, love with out fear, we can’t know good without evil. In this way then, EVERYTHING including good and evil is actually all the same, gently or forcefully pushing us in the direction of our truth. All is not as it seems. I am talking from a very high perspective here (and is purely my opinion and beliefs) and I am not suggesting that DM is consciously waking people up – quite the contrary, his ego is clearly out of control and that is his karma to deal with. (it blows my mind to consider the karma he is creating) I am suggesting though that everything has a purpose and for some it takes the darkness and disempowerment of what DM is dishing out for them to grow and evolve and therefore he is playing the perfect role just for this exact purpose. I’m not glorifying him but I am suggesting God/source works in mysterious ways.

  149. Tony DePhillips


    “So the E/O must understand at once that he is dealing with a new, highly precise tech. It is the tech of ethics. A meter, a case folder, a course study record, a knowledge of HCOBs on SPs and case types and PTS phenomena and you can identify an SP promptly. He makes things go wrong, hurts people, oppresses. Around him all the right actions vanish and the wrong actions appear.

    Now because he or she can make others go PTS, then THEY make mistakes.

    So you get a whole group making things go wrong.

    The E/O knowing his ethics tech, can sort out the group, find the real SP, remove him or depower him zingo the group will rebound and do great.”

  150. martyrathbun09

    Man, that China trip turned you into a Policy bearcat.

  151. Scott,

    When you said “who do you write it up to?” it reminded me of a couple of things.

    Back around 1987, John Danilovich, then Chief Officer FSO, decided on his own to close down one of the 2 HGC’s I was running. His reasons are unimportant. I physically stood in his way and said to him “Over my dead body.” But that didn’t stop him. I didn’t know what to do. Who did I write it up to? I went to one of my C/Ses, Kathy Zacks and she reminded me that the then Senior C/S Int Jeff Walker had recently issued a “Technical Dictatorship” that required that any changes in Tech and Qual go through him. So I immediately wrote a full report and rushed it to external comm to send it to Int right away.

    About 2 days later I was pulled in for a Roll Back (an investigation to trace down the origins of any “enemy lines” found being spread). The auditor who did the RB was Dana Gellie. I was scared as it was kind of an HCO action and I thought I was in trouble but wasn’t sure why.

    At the end of the interview she saw I was upset and asked me what was wrong. I explained to her how I felt. She smiled and said “Didn’t anyone tell you?” I said “Tell me what?”” She then read to me a part of the instructions she recieved from Int about doing this Roll Back and it said (I paraphrase), “Hy levy is to be thanked for writing his report.” I was so relieved and felt vindicated. Someone listened to me about a grave injustice that was being committed (closing the HGC without authorization).

    Now compare that to the way things were just before I routed out: I wrote a KR on a public MAA who had commiited gross financial irregularities and other off-policy actions in the sale of Basics. I received a “poisoned pen” response from his senior, like a veiled Mafia threat, that it “wouldn’t be good for my health to continue to attack MAA’s ” (only slightly paraphrased).

    What a change. I really had no one I could trust.

    I had already decided to leave long before that happened, but if I needed any further bolstering of my courage, that sure did it.

    I guess now we have to write things up to the FBI, Village Voice, or other uncompromised agencies in order to get proper justice done.

    Marty, sorry you have to take the brunt of the attacks for us. In my case, as amazing as this may sound, although I have made my position clear, and even told someone who called from the Church that I was now an Indie (at which point they were flustered and said goodbye and hung up), I still, as of yesterday, am obviously listed as in good standing as I got yet another call about the Basics. I guess the right hand still doesn’t know what the left hand is doing (both are probably too busy reaching into other peoples pockets to take their money….).


  152. martyrathbun09

    Hy, your story tells a lot about what happened in that place.

  153. Firebreathing Frog

    You very right.
    And you don’t know the number of on-line Scientologists reading this blog everyday and spreading the word quietly.
    Unfortunately, their is a god number of Scientologists who don’t want to listen but they are not the bright ones.
    I even think that if COB RTC David Miscavige will go to jail today, they will be a number of those not so bright defending him and consider him a martyr.
    But the majority can see the truth and open their eyes.
    I talk to some every day.
    Peace and Love

  154. Amen!


  155. Firebreathing Frog

    Dear Mike,

    So if I understood well here: COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige is using church funds or IAS donations to pay PI to look into your garbage to inspect dog shit?

    Is it another new statistic used by David Miscavige:

    Carefully inspected kilos of dog shit and garbage from independents Scientologists in an effort to find some winning PC who still get standard Scientology?

    Yip hip houra!!! another highest ever!!!

  156. Tony,

    Wouldn’t this kind of hijinks attract “an out-ethics loser?” I wonder if they even would need leverage. Might be his kind of havingness. Like someone into punishing bodies would be attracted to punishing bodies.

    And if he awareness is low, he’s probably not even aware that what he’s doing is out-ethics, so why would he bother to correct the source of “out ethics?”

    Sort of like his leader: no overts here.

    That’s one of the wonderful things about being out of valence: it’s always somebody else’s fault.

  157. Natalie,

    They are custom tailored panties, hand stitched with extra padding in just the right places.

    Each pair is individually fitted and adjusted on the spot by a group of servile tailor’s apprentices who must remain abjectly on their knees, groveling until the “fit is one hundred per cent standard.”

    Unfortunately for those tailors, the fit is unpredictable these days due to rapid inflation/deflation of ego which leads to binge eating and drinking.

    The binge eating has gotten so bad that Dear Leader has even kicked himself out of bed for eating crackers.

    He has also recently been caught haranguing his image in the mirror because the individual looking back doesn’t look anything like the publicity photos. The eyes are sunken, the skin is ashen, the sags pronounced. That fellow looks like a suppressed little wimp who couldn’t manage his way out of a rat’s ass.

    Of course, those who have seen this ranting have pretended to agree with him, carting away the mirror and sending that “Suppressive Mother Fucking #@%#@^&*!!!!” to the HOLE!!!!!!

    As they carry away the mirror, they’re very careful not to look least they actually find out who they are, which might force them to face reality.

    The hole is now inhabited by more mirrors than humans.

    Mirrors into which no one will dare gaze.

    As for the misfitting panties? Dear Leader has had the cognition once again that “Nobody Knows the troubles I’ve seen; nobody knows My sorrow.” So all Int staff are now required to wear the misfits (which is only befitting a misfit) while singing rounds of that song, nonstop, until everyone in the group has had a cog on what it’s like to be COB.

    Presently, Int is alive with the sounds of music, the sounds of a cotton plantation in full harvest–voices lifted to heaven, happy as hell to be exactly where they are.

    This, by the by, is the new SuperPower Rundown COB is piloting. The old rundown was written by some old hack who didn’t have a clue about greatness. It just never seemed quite right, which was the big hold up on releasing that junk piece of so-called “superpower.”

    After all, look at that syrupy piece of crap the old coot wrote about greatness! Is that greatness? Not on your life! COB has never loved a single being, including the one that used to be him before he replaced it with a super-super-duper beingness that was all kinds of great and powerful. Almost immediately he went from being the only male scullery maid in the universe to being king of all he surveyed.

    And look at him now! Talk about Super Power. If all those sots would get into his valence, everything would work out just fine.

    That previous old fart just didn’t have it together at all. Completely out of touch with reality.

    Now Ghengis Khan and his pile of skulls? That was greatness! If you destroy the lives of others, you can’t help but rise above e

    Now, where are my tailors?

    I want to be just like the Man.

  158. OTDT

    Or, he’s converting Scientology to Numerology (which works better anyways–and doesn’t get him as much grief.) By having the phone numbers, he can better understand and recover all of those who have blown. Those numbers are the real key to understanding the individual and the universe. Better than astrology or anything.

    Better than copper/coffee enemas–though only slightly. Just like tea reading, you can divine the future with a good copper/coffee enema. A little calm contemplation in the deep brown liquid can tell you just about anything you want to know.

    You can even divine tone levels now that he’s collected enough samples. He’s diverted some of Marty’s plumbing to get the base level of a bona fide suppressive and compared that to his own samples of a bona fide superior operating thetan, and done a sliding scale in his bathtub of all gradients in between.

    In fact, one of the next stats to trumpet will be “futures produced and realized.”

    Where are those prunes?

  159. To all the OSA Bots reading this: There is this guy, L Ron Hubbard. He developed this spiritual technology that he called Scientology. If used correctly it elevates a being so that he comes to Know Himself, and regains his self determinism.
    This guy, L Ron Hubbard, wrote a thing called a Policy Letter. This policy letter is supposed to be applied by those running and/or representing Scientology.
    The Policy Letter is called FIRST POLICY. It’s in those green volumes (you might have seen them from time to time). This policy letter is very short and to-the-point.
    This guy, L Ron Hubbard says that the First Policy of Scientology is to “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public.”

    I would like to point out to you OSA Bots that every single action you do that violates this policy letter is an OVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are not just committing an overt on us, or the “church” or L Ron Hubbard. You are committing an OVERT of magnitude on mankind. You are alienating people from the church, from the tech and from the philosophy. Look at the Gallup Poll numbers. Your actions are EVIL. They are unjustifiable.

    I did not leave the “church” because of Marty’s blog or ARS or Ex Scn message boards. I left because David Miscavige is an asshole who is altering the tech and practicing squirrel admin and is a horribly out-ethics and out-tech little prick, and because too many of you idiots are defending him. Too many of you are contributing to his immoral and evil purposes.

    This latest caper of yours, described here by Marty is simply and only a criminal act in support of a real, live, honest to god, Suppressive Person.


  160. My question probably sounds sarcastic, but seriously: Does DM has a terminal
    -an ethics officer- he could meet?

  161. Lisa Hamilton? Jackson? Jim Logan? Marty? Tony DePhillips? etc etc etc

  162. Well this situation of DM falsely obtaining some ones Social Security numbers is another matter added to the list of crimes commmited by DM, and vilolation of Data Protection .
    I thought the action taken by Truth was senseable and logically and any one else should follow and inform ATT and other tel companies , or other companies where ones social security is likley used for proof to obtain . Now DM is exposed of another criminal activity .

  163. Very logically suggestion

  164. LDW, I love this post! Written in such plain language, (to paraphrase the Geiko commercials), even a caveman (or OSA bot) can understand it.

  165. Your joking !!!!!!!!You think Dm is going to accept some one telling him what Ethics Condition he needs to look at, or what condition he in. They could try but not before he hangs the one that trys . Attempts to confront him with his overts ./crimes . He will worm his way out and shoot any one trying to challenge him and DM comes up with nothing to be unestimated what he will do to that person / s who ever trys to challenge . I refer to those within.

  166. Oh, yeah. That would go over very well. Why don’t you, Mr. Anonymous, go do a one-man protest as you describe and see how far that gets you with law enforcement.
    Michael A. Hobson

  167. And what would be the point in that besides just to play bully? Creeps.

  168. Scott Campbell

    Thanks for the corroboration Hy.

    That is the same type of thing that I experienced on the ship. When I started not getting pro-survival results on ethics or justice lines, I started voicing my opinion (loudly) about the major outpoints that I was seeing to senior executive and management terminals and insisting something needed to be done about it. Evidently I was voicing my opinion on Out Tech and Off Policy actions to Opposition Terminals and it was decided that the easier solution was to attempt to destroy me instead of handling the major outpoints in the org and the management of the Church of Scientology itself.

    That’s the point at which I was torpedoed with a not-so-healthy dose of Black Dianetics. It didn’t take effect till a couple of moths later. But take effect it most certainly did. It works just like LRH says it does:

    Excerpt from “Some notes on Black Dianetics”, a lecture given by LRH on 17 September 1971.

    “With Black Dianetics, you could tailor-make any kind of insanity you wanted to. The person
    might not manifest this the next day, maybe not the next week or maybe not for thirty days.
    Maybe three months later he is walking down the street and feeling a little bit tired when
    somebody honks an auto horn just right or something of the sort, and all of a sudden he goes
    crazy, and there he is—insane! Or terribly sick and uncomfortable.

    In 1945, this was all the Dianetics there was—how to drive people crazy, how to
    foul up political systems, how to restimulate individuals just by talking to them—without
    planting engrams—and in addition to this, how to interrupt life force in an individual. We
    haven’t gone into that very much. It is a wonderfully smooth way of committing murder…” –LRH

    Needless to say, that solution backfired.

    I’m glad we made it out, buddy. Now we can complete the cycle of action that we set out to in the first place.

    L, Scott

  169. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for posting that Cat.

  170. Hey Gary

    I never thought calling anyone a “tool” was being kind.

    Personally I’ve never bought the as I call it the lone Miscavige theory.

    There are probably many below him just as bad if not worse.

    And possibly others above him who toil in the shadows.

    Considering otherwise tends to devaluate the value of the Technology and how much of a “threat” it is to certain interests.

    As far as I’m concerned he is either following a game plan or doing what certain individuals want which is to destroy the organization and drag the subject beyond some event horizon where it is totally invalidated and discredited.

    Possibly the evil spawn of those less than a dozen Ron describes in RJ 67 or their associates.

    You know the same dogs yapping at the wheels of that fire truck rushing towards that fire described further in that same lecture only with their witting or more likely unwitting agent they’ve managed to overturn that fire truck and have left a bucket brigade in its place.

    We just happen to be that bucket brigade 🙂

  171. Interesting Scott,

    I had a PC folder I was FESing for another field auditor a number of years who was auditing a PC who implied that Lisa McPherson might have been a “Black Dianetic” operation.

    Who was a personal friend of hers.

    Personally I always felt it was kinda strange that the poor girl flipped out and spun in after a minor fender bender.

    The problem is as I believe Ron says later in the same article that the use of such techniques is very hard to prove.

    Another note of interest is that according to Ron and confirmed by some old time Scientologists I have known.

    The APA and possibly CIA used to send PCs to various Field Auditors and groups who were stoned on Acid hoping that they would freak out in session so that they could blame the resulting “psychotic break” on “Scientology Techniques”.

    Of course they were never successful in pulling this stunt off.

    As the best laid plans of SPs tend to fail.

    In fact if you research the original Mk Ultra documents since declassified you see more of a string of failure than actual “success” in creating drug induced mind controlled zombies.

    Still they have had some occasional “successes” which for some reason are heavily redacted.

    It is possible that Lisa might have been one of these.

    Then again it just might have been a coincidence.

  172. Wise words of wisdom Tony.

    BTW welcome back from your China cruise

  173. martyrathbun09

    It was a Black Dianetics operation, covered in a number of posts on this blog. Only, the rumor that it was a “Black Dianetics” operation you are probably hearing is the one started by the Black Dianetist who ran the operation, David Miscavige. He started a rumor back in 98 that it was an “outside” “Black Dianetics” operation involving psychiatry. Now, we know why he started that rumor, to deflect attention from himself.

  174. Scott Campbell


    Yeah, When I complained to CO CMO ship about the cycle that Owen Starkey had done on me, (I didn’t know what Black Dianetics was at the time) she said, “Oh, he shouldn’t have done that – he’s been up lines since then; He’s been corrected on that.”

    The point is, she KNEW that he had done it. A strong indicator that it was possibly ordered to be done or at least OK’d.

    For an explanation in layman’s terms of exactly how it’s done, see my “coming out” post (on this blog) of August 21, 2010:


  175. Marty,

    This PC wasn’t exactly a Friend of Dave or FOD but was a good friend of Suzette’s whom OSA tried to turn against her as well as Lisa who suspected it was Black Dianetics.

    She never said it was an outside operation.

    She merely *implied* that it was a Black Dianetic Op.

    I was the one who gave the background on how this type of operation was done in the past which is based on documented fact.

    Conducted by operatives of the APA.

    Something that the Ol’man himself mentions in various lectures.

    Are you saying because he says this he is deflecting attention away from Miscavige?

    Aside from the fact that I never gave any credence to what Miscavige said even when I was on lines.

    So he might have forwarded this rumor and I might have filed it under “G” like the one that OSA was spreading around about the APA actively creating illegal PCs.

    However David Miscavige wasn’t the COB RTC in the 1950’s and personally I am not convinced that falsely declaring her clear was what *exclusively* triggered the psychotic break.

    Though it may have been a contributing factor.

    Just like the false assertions that she had overts on AMC by Bernetta Slaughter.

    Not to mention criminal neglect by those who were assigned to “baby sit” her.

    However there may have been other factors involved as well that a full tox scan which might have revealed.

    Such as the presence of ergotoids at the time if the Morton Salt Plant Hospital had been given a chance to do a full physical on the girl which they weren’t.

    So I am not saying that it was only the “evil psyches”.

    However *historically* there is a possibility they may have been involved.

  176. Sorry if i caused upset, I wasn´t joking and of course after all what I read about DM´s actions I did not expect that he will meet an ethics officer by choice. It was just a question about an administrative matter.
    But it explains that the only way to correct him is, to leave the shop
    and applying the ethics gradient: “broadly publishing crimes”. (from outside). So keep going. I like it.

  177. Scott,

    I totally understand.

    I’m glad you got through it and you’re here with us.

  178. Tony De Phillips
    I do share your view and agree with what you write because without this blog one would have a hard time discovering or trying to speak out and View,or Discover and take part and it would be less easier for some of us. Again A Thank you to Marthy /Mark and any others in what your all doing
    its amazing . Its a life line to each ones Time Track of what one did and be able to express ones own track of time and what each one did within the church when we were in the Church along with each ones loyality to LRH and his Principals, the Tech and Policy that was set out during his time .

  179. Side winder.Thanks for clarification . I most certaintly didn’t think you wouldn’t understand. Your Right .
    I just simply made a point about the Moral standard of DM. if I dare to use that word . The fact is there is No Moral Standard with this Character . He does not care who he hurts , destroy’s Mentally, or otherwise. He is out to survive and demands with threats of any sort dirty tricks to worm his way out of any thing at all, with only One result stay ahead of being caught . and thats catching up BIG TIME and Openly.

  180. Exactly Hadley,

    From what I understand Dave and probably his legal dream team was able to pull the props from under the only Scientology entity that could have put his ethics in i.e. CST.

    Personally I don’t think this fact is mentioned enough or as often as it should but as a fellow countryman of yours was once quoted on:

    “It is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.”

    (Not exactly sure what ol’ Winnie was referring to there whether it was Dept XX or Overlord or actually the Enigma code the German’s used back then.

    But I do remember the quote along with the one about truth needing to be protected by a body guard of lies and Dave and his team have managed to hire the terminator as that “body guard” but I digress)

    Anyway this seems to be the general public’s view of CST.

    Either “what’s a CST?” or if they’ve been on the internet they think it is a devious plot hatched by the IRS.

    Trust me “devious” and “IRS” are not two words that belong in the same sentence together!

    But again I digress….

    The point is that many Scientologists are not aware that *legally* there is an ecclesiastical body that exists above the RTC and therefore the “COB RTC” or more accurately Dictator for Life RTC and they have the power to hand the lil’ power junkie tyrant his pink slip and send him packin’.

    It exists right there in black and white and was part of Ron’s estate planning known as ‘Trust B’.

    “Trust” is the operative word here because it is a *trust* that the lil rabid squirrel has managed to defy.

    So any of you lurkers out there maybe if you get over your trepidation while the Church of Scientology is heading to hell in a bucket and ask a pertinent question like “WTF happened to the CST?” you may be able to avert the catastrophe of the Church going into a receivership and all those purdy lil’ ‘Ideal Orgs’ and that nice lil’ studio just purchased going on the auction block.

    If not the only pleasure moment you may have is watching Dave do the perp walk to Club Fed.

    Your choice.

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  183. Marty:

    I can’t believe that DM & Co. don’t even care that you or I, this BLOG, anyone, anywhere may know this about them and it is a felony to do that. Doesn’t that just boggle the mind that a “church” that is supposed to train and counsel people into doing right in life, sends it members out to break the law “for the good of all concerned”.

    I read you BLOG almost every day and learn something.


  184. Scott.
    When did you last see Owen Starkey ? I have worked years with him
    In europe before he entered flag, Did loads of european tours with him .He was then married to Nan Starkey ,she died , he beleive is remarried. What is his brother Norman Starkey doing? I know he is one of DM ‘s hentch men
    Don’t seem to hear much of him, or Guillaume Leserve who I also know very well and he was my Boss for ages.

  185. NO ! DM he does not seem to realise who he is dealing with . Obtaining anothers Social Security ( ” Mosey ‘s) under pretense is a crimial offense , and the officlals better know what this idiot is up too. Course of concern / Its harrassement/ false data being obtained to even get it. Obvilously./whether they had yrs before on previous employment eg church of Scientology who knows, If it was me I certaintly would n’t let that just ride by.Dont expect you will . I raise the shit and ask for security protection and change of number, and demand investigation. In england a lot is done on fraud national insurence numbers/ which is what it is called here , The goverment are pretty hot on the tails regarding this with a Protection Fraud Squad Operation, that are trying to stamp it out .You can’t even renew a passport without an interview face to face / In regards to New passports also a long drawn out interview.

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