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Clearwater Independents

Christie and son Shane

Christie King Collbran was in the Sea Org from the age of 16 until the age of 29. She was  well known as a hot shot Establishment Officer. She endured sadistic and bizarre injustice for the simple reason that she would not robotically follow demands to abandon her personal integrity. She finally left the Sea Org three years ago. Earlier this year she began to explore credible accounts of corruption at the top of the org board that corroborated her own observations. For having the integrity to simply explore the truth, her mother and father were recruited by Miscavology agents to intimidate her into silence and unthinking compliance. Despite their own misgivings about what the Church had become during their decades-long involvement, they chose to relay the Church’s ultimatum of “our way or the highway” to their daughter – and by extention to their two year old grandson. Christie was declared for failing to cave to this cowardly coercion tactic. Despite that she is going through a divorce, and is the mother of a wonderful child whom she cherishes and nurtures, she chose to maintain her personal integrity over the relatively comfortable life she had created for her family since leaving the SO. Her certainty has increased as she has strenghtened her personal integrity through this ordeal. She has spent more of her time sharing that strength with others similarly situated to herself than to her own personal future. Through all this Christie has become a more admirable example of what a real Scientologist is than I ever had the privilege to associate with during my decades within Miscavology.


Cathy Greenbaum was a Flag public in the nineties when she and her husband divorced. Since her husband was a high-roller “OT” Flag public, the Miscavology machine lurched its formidable canons on his side pointed at her. She was threatened with a suppressive person declare at the Mecca if she did not give up all of her legal rights in favor of her ex-husband. Cathy never allowed her affinity for her then-young child to be alloyed, and took the declare without forfeiting her personal integrity. She endured eleven years of isolation from all friends she had made in the Miscavology community. And while her husband steered her son into that community and attempted to alienate him from his mother, Cathy never abandoned her love for her child nor her own integrity. She had every reason to go after the Church of Scientology, to doubt everything she ever personally thought she got out of it, and cash in personally. Instead, she carried on with dignity and built her character through the adversity.You cannot bestow or manufacture strength like that. I don’t care how many FCCI intensives or IAS statuses you buy.

When Christie and Cathy connected up, these two incredible beings began to naturally acknowledge and validate one another’s virtues. Together,they generate a theta energy that can be felt and drawn upon from thousands of miles away. Their example humbles and inspires me and Mosey every day.

Christie can be reached at: ccking77@gmail.com

Cathy can be reached at: cathygreenbaum09@yahoo.com