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Sherry Katz – Another New OT VIII Declares Her Conscience

Sherry Katz with her daughter

Sherry Katz with her daughter

In support of Mary Jo Leavitt, whom I consider to be a friend and whom I’ve known over the years as a trustworthy, hard working and totally dedicated Scientologist, it is time I stand up and declare my position.

My “stats”: New OTVlll(attested 2003), GAT Class IV(uninterned), Flag WUS OTC member 13 years(1994-2007) while also Pasadena Org OTC member 2003 till 2007 , IAS WUS Membership Committee Chairman 1995-2000, Founding member OSA gung-ho group “Jewish Scientologists for Religious Freedom” having been part of an investigatory mission in Germany under OSA in 1993, IAS Patron with Honors plus ($140,000 in donations total), Vol 0, Vol 5, 3rd Class Missionaire, Fully Hatted Interned Supervisor, Fully hatted and Gold Sealed Examiner, Fully Hatted and Gold Sealed Dir of Validity, Fully Hatted Course Administrator, FSM, Pasadena Ideal Org contributor over $40,000.00, Pasadena Org staff (Tech Sec) Jan 2007- June 2008(incomplete 2 ½ yr contract), 36 years a devoted Scientologist.

After writing extensive Knowledge Reports on the situations within the current Churches of Scientology delivery orgs and management orgs, and after doing extensive research looking for answers where none could/would be found internally, I feel it is my duty to make it known that I cannot, in good conscience, any longer support the current management of the Church of Scientology. I am hereby exercising my right to relinquish my support to what has become a suppressive, abusive entity. I am also exercising my right to Freedom of Speech. It is stated beautifully by LRH in The Creed of the Church of Scientology :  “We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

While there is much to the back story of how my decision came to pass, not the least of which were my experiences at Flag and the Freewinds after my New OTVlll attest in 2003, I thought, for simplicity’s sake, I would include one of the KRs I wrote. This one especially sums up the scene at the local Class V org level after the Basics release in June of 2007. I was on staff at the time as the Tech Sec of Pasadena Org in Southern California . This report was written while I was in progress on a much more extensive 65 page report that I later sent to ten different uplines terminals.


RTC for Admin                                              cc: ED INT
RTC for Tech                                                   COB RTC

Tech Sec Pasadena
Sherry Katz

Knowledge Report
Re: The Basics

Dear Sirs,

As we are now almost a year gone by since the release of the Basics and due to the increase of attacks on the Church, I find that I must write up some observations and situations that may be of interest and may also be contributing to the enemy lines.

The reference that most comes to mind about attacks is from KSW #1 where LRH states, “Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results.”

Here is what I have observed and experienced.

1)      for months up until about 3 months ago, calls were coming in at all hours of the day and night, sometimes as late as 1am in the morning from staff calling to sell the Basics. I personally received about 5 calls a day or more even on my cell phone which number I have only given to a few individual staff members and was not for public broadcast. I had many public who were not pleased about this. Some actually changed their phone numbers, others got angry, others simply would not pick up. At times, I had trouble getting the PCs to pick up the phone when I called as they thought they were going to get into a reg cycle on the Basics. The staff who were calling came from everywhere: orgs, upper orgs, CLO, OSA, etc. I noticed that PAC BASE staff looked tired and stressed. At Pasadena Org, CLO staff like the A/Tech Aide and the Greater LA Programs chief  visit our org to specifically sell Basics to the staff and/or public while our org was suffering and is still suffering badly and is in need of help from management(I’ve written a huge report on this separately and sent up lines)

2)      Our Outer Org trainees that we’ve sent to Flag, (________and _________) are being used, along with other outer org trainees, to do call in for the Basics after their study time, violating HCO PL “Technical Training Corps”. Then they have been too tired to study and move slowly, also violating “Student’s Guide to Acceptable Behavior”. We have had the parents of both of these trainees calling our Qual Sec wondering what’s going on. The intention is supposed to be that our trainees go and come back quickly and that exact point was a selling point to get our org to fill their IGNW 29 B complement: that our trainees would get through their programs fast, fast and fired back to the org.  Our Qual Sec (SSO HFA) has been writing telexes about this and CSWs to get it stopped.

3)      My Class Vl Auditor, _________ who also doubles as the C/S in our org was called on her cell phone which she had by her bed one Friday night in case of an emergency with her daughter. At 12:45 am she heard the phone ringing and picked it up thinking something was wrong. It was one of the MAAs from the AO who wanted to sell her another set of the Basics. (my auditor) was dead asleep getting ready for a morning session the next day and after 10 minutes of the staff member refusing to let her go back to bed, she got angry. The next day, Saturday, I received a verbal order from I believe our ED or OES stating that (_____) was to report to the AO Chief MAA right away that minute. On asking why, there was no explanation. (____) was set to take a PC in but called AO to find out what it was all about. She was simply told that she HAD to come in right then. Instead of violating the Auditor’s Code, I had her take her PC in, write up her folders and finish the C/Sing and then go to AO. Once she got to AO, she told me that she was reprimanded for “being rude” to the MAA on the phone at 1am but that the bottom line was another long reg cycle to buy another set of books for her sister, the AO wanting her to use money she has on account for auditing to do so. She refused.

4)      A week or two after the Basics came out, I had an ASHO F tour come in during the day when I’m not on post. This occurs often that WIAC inspections and such are done in the day by ASHO F tech personnel when I’m not present. At any rate, my supervisor, (_____) was given a cram for a) not having PRO TRS course addendums attached to the PRO METERING course checksheets, stating to (my supervisor) that “you have to think with it” and that it’s “KSW 1” and b) for a person on the Dianetics Auditor Course(I believe a new person) having not been briefed on and sold the Basics. Both of these points are in direct violation of LRH policy “What is a Checksheet”(let alone the RTRC approved course specification of the addendum)and how to run a Division 6 courseroom (at our org the academy, basics, co audit and Div 6B courses are all collapsed). The person who wrote the cram was (_______)who is an ASHOF theory sup. In addition, another “cram” point was that (my supervisor) had a question on there being no addendum for the 0-1V Certainty checksheet(we had a student on it) The ASHO Sup states in the cram: “She(my supervisor) has no students on Academy Levels except one on 0-IV Certainty who is on the B and L Course, but who was not given an addendum because the addendum does not state it is for the “Certainty Course” specifically. I corrected her on this by referencing KSW #1”.

My supervisor told me that the ASHO F tour went ahead and attached Pro TRs addendums to our Pro-Metering student’s checksheets and to the Pro-metering blank checksheets in our filing cabinet. The “correction” for the above supposed outpoints given to my supervisor by the ASHO F sup was cramming on KSW 1, Tech Downgrade, Tech Degrades and Cutatives.

I telexed up the lines about this until the Sr. C/S WUS did indeed acknowledge that Pro TRs addendums were not meant for PRO METERING checksheets and acknowledging that  the next course Level 0 had all the prerequisites listed.

5) In a time when the pressure to get 10,000 Solo auditors on OTVll is at it’s highest and getting public to Flag a top priority and getting people through OTVll of vital importance, I have become privy to public that are being registrated and/or told that they have to/should buy Books and Lectures packages with their intensive money (extra Books and Lectures packages..not for themselves) esp. ones that are doing ethics cycles. A case in point is (________) who finally went down to finish her OTV and got into some kind of ethics cycle and was told by the MAA(I don’t know whom) that in order to get out of Liability she had to buy Books and Lectures packages. All the money she had was her money for her intensives. This she ended up spending on Books and Lectures packages.(which she is still trying to sell)  I personally received a phone call from her while she was at Flag asking if I knew anyone who wanted to buy a set from her. Her husband (____) and my ex husband (____) are good friends and (____) was not quite happy about this. In addition, there is no where in policy that states that an MAA or Ethics Officer should demand something in particular for someone’s Liability formula and insist they do a particular thing and not let them through their condition until they do so. Also, our PSS , (____) told me that on her recent last refresher, that she was registrated to buy Books and Lectures packages and use her Pledge intensive to do so and that it would be acceptable to not have her pledge intensive if she used it for Books and Lectures packages. (____) had no other funds to buy them with. There are a number of cycles like this that I’ve come across but the specific names I forget at the moment.

The main point of all this is that the vital Basics evolution that has, on one hand produced such spectacular results as I’ve ever witnessed in 35 years as a Scientologist, has, on the other hand,  turned into one big Stat Push by definition and policy, with crush sell techniques and the “selling” is not being done per LRH policy…the caring part appears to have gone out and it APPEARS that we as staff are only concerned with GI and getting stats up.  And this point I think is a major point that can especially be pushed by those who seek to cause unrest and spread enemy lines.

At any point where LRH policies are neglected (like What is a Checksheet) and crush sell techniques are used and the public see tired staff(how can staff study the Basics when they haven’t gotten enough sleep) and where management and staff are off post doing other things(like selling Basics), you get a “bad result” situation that can be used to fuel other non survival fires.

The above is true.

Sherry Katz Tech Sec Pasadena Org

NOTE: A permanent record of Sherry’s declaration of independence is on record at http://www.scientology-cult.com/