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Disconnection, as we speak

Dear Marty,

I thought you and all who read your blog might be interested to know, that, in demonstration of the new “no disconnection” policy in Scientology, as stated by Tommy Davis just a couple days ago, this Scientologist, JoJo Zawawi, (in the photo) sent around the following to three friends of mine who then forwarded it to me. Evidently, JoJo was not informed of the “no disconnection” policy. Perhaps OSA Int was not informed either. Here is what JoJo sent:

Subject: Sherry Katz

Dear ____,

Sherry Katz has resigned from our Church.  She is committing suppressive acts and attacking the Church and making effort to pull people off the Bridge.  I have personally verified this with OSA Int.  I recommend that you delete your Facebook friend connection with her.

xoxox JoJo (Zawawi)”






JoJo Zawawi



Paul Haggis prompts Church to cancel Disconnect policy – again

For the second time in a little over a year, church of Scientology honcho David Miscavige’s handpicked spokesman Tommy Davis has stated unequivocally that there is no policy of enforced “disconnection” in Scientology.  Yesterday Davis was quoted in an Associated Press story in response to Paul Haggis’ resignation letter that the church does not “mandate” that church members disconnect from anyone:

Haggis also said he was “shocked” that the Church of Scientology was publicly denying that it adheres to a policy of disconnection — of severing ties with a friend or family member who’s antagonistic toward Scientology. Haggis said that his wife, Deborah Rennard, was given precisely those orders and didn’t speak to her parents for more than a year.

Davis again disagreed with Haggis and said the church doesn’t mandate disconnection with anybody and that it was an entirely “self-determined decision.”

Last year Davis said essentially the same thing to John Roberts on CNN:

TD: …Scientology really mandates, and it is really part of the code of being a Scientologist, to respect the religious beliefs of others. So, certainly, somebody who is a Scientologist is going to respect their family members’ beliefs, and we consider family to be a building block of any society.  So, anything that characterizes disconnection and this kind of thing, it is just not true. There is not any such thing in the church that is dictating who people should or should not be in communication with. You know… It just does not happen.

I have some advice to those who are having their lives messed with by Church of Scientology officials mandating they remain out of communication with certain friends, associates and loved ones.  Take the quotations above, print them off, and hand them to whoever it is that has mandated you not associate with certain others.  Tell them, “sorry, you’ve been trumped by the Chairman of the Board’s spokesperson. If it is not in writing it isn’t true. It will take a written order from Miscavige himself to countermand what I have just handed you, in writing, from Miscavige’s right hand boy.”