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“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” – Emiliano Zapata

An OSA mission to Mexico rounded up virtually every family member of Roberto Sanchez (Mexican Amigo) and used what ever means, fair or foul, to turn them against Roberto for having spoken his mind.  Roberto is standing strong – even at the potential cost of losing his entire family. Please communicate to him your support, let him know he has family across the world who would never turn on him no matter what. Thank you.

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”  – Emiliano Zapata


LRH wrote a despatch to someone at ASI when I worked there in the early eighties. He commented that one cannot win an argument with a psychiatrist. That is because right when you have the psych cornered, he simply says “you’re crazy” and that is the end of the argument.  DM is losing huge. How do we know? He has been reduced to sending little “OT VIII”  harbingers of evil tidings around L.A. to call Mary Jo Leavitt “psychotic.”  You think they have the cajones to say it to her face?  Of course not.  You don’t think there is any coincidence he’s accused me of  being a “fucking lunatic” on the record through Tommy boy? And when fourteen more stood up and corroborated the facts, all Tommy had to say was “Marty has a habit of collecting lunatics.”  They are desperate, man. Why?

What has been happening out in the independent field for the past nine months has had huge effects within.

Do you realize it is a virtual certainty that nobody has been beaten up at the Int base since June 21?   One of Miscavige’s first moves when confronted with the public revelations about the Hole was to close it down. He killed two birds with one stone. He moved International Management into his $75 million palace; and now he has minions writing perjured declarations that that is what it was intended for all along.  Of course, he has not had to rub elbows with what he considers the riff raff because Miscavige has largely kept himself out of the country to avoid the media, law enforcement, and other motivators. But, it doesn’t take much to buy a person who has been effectively held captive in a torture chamber for years. So, before long you’ll see other testimonials from visitors who have seen International Management’s posh quarters and a bunch of smiling faces behind the desks. I suspected this would occur, and it is one of the reasons I didn’t get too excited about all the demands that I go get law enforcement to raid the base and free the slaves.  Law enforcement would have arrived and seen a Chinese restaurant where the numbers racket normally operates.

A lot of people have received repayments and refunds with little hassle this year. Yes, the Church has been attempting to make people sign gag orders in “exchange” for r/r’s but those who listened to sound advice refused and received their money anyway.

Millions of dollars in freeloader debts have been canceled. Many families have been reunited because the Miscavige regime has made deals to prevent people from becoming independent.

Long-term creditors have been paid off overnight.

PI’s are being withdrawn too rapidly to be orderly.

For the first time since LRH passed away millions of dollars have been spent on Scientology ads.  The campaign was launched on 15 May, exactly five days after the St Pete Times phoned Tommy asking to interview DM.  You can hardly click on any site making mention of the word Scientology without being bombarded with ads.  You might get the idea this is bad as it directs more potential victims into the belly of the beast. I doubt it. DM has the doors to the orgs welded shut with his exorbitant prices, suppressive finance systems, and creepy programs to take PEOPLE out of the dissemination cycle.  In the past couple months I personally have gotten three brand new people onto the independent Bridge because they happened across my blog while investigating the subject more on the net. When you talk truth on the subject, including not withholding or lying about what is going on with the church, it is almost impossible not to interest someone in the subject.

I have had people thank me for advising they take a strong stand that justice be done when to their surprise they found cycles they could not sort out for decades magically come right with the church.  They apologized that they couldn’t stand with us – but swore lasting friendship (albeit secretly).

Every person who stands up represents perhaps dozens who will be treated more humanely,  at least temporarily. I am sure that many of the people Mary Jo Leavitt reported on as being abused and ripped off by the church have already been made whole by the church. Not out of a sense of justice but to cover DM’s derrier.  And so Mary Jo and Sherry and Steve and Dan and Marriet and Shannon and Hiro and Christie and Cathy and Roberto and Damaris and Jim (and all fourteen who spoke out during the summer) have helped hundreds if not thousands of  people. They may never be thanked by the vast majority of people they helped.  But, I know what they have done and the ripple effects they have created and want them to know they are appreciated.

It is almost amusing to see people get all worked up about coups, and org boards, and moving in and taking charge. Why bother? DM and his minions have been largely working on our agenda  for the better part of the year.  I can  tell you on just about any given day where DM’s latest Boy Friday Tommy Davis is and what he is doing.  And I don’t have to hack reservation computers like he does to find out. We cause it. Sure, they continue with their criminality, and their reg tactics and squirrel tech are reaching new unprecedented lows (that is tough to change as  is inherently what they are about).  But, don’t lose sight of the fact that they’ve been forced take their boots off of the necks of many individuals.

While he has spent more than ten million dollars (conservative estimate) trying to keep the story local to Tampa Bay, Miscavige is busy churning out internal propaganda that he is under one of the greatest attacks from the forces of evil because of Scientology’s “unprecedented expansion.”  He figures he’ll get away with that Big Lie and weather this storm like he has so many others in the past.

Don’t fall for it for one second. I have seen the cycle repeat numerous times. When the heat is on he acts like little Lord Fauntelroy who never did anything wrong in his life (except maybe not save enough ailing doves).  The second the heat is off, he pulls off the benevolent “religious leader” mask, and announces in his best Jack Torrance, “Hello dear, I’m hoooooooooommmmeeee!” And it is hell all over again for everyone within striking distance.

While you all should take a win for all the individual people who have been helped, do not fall for the cosmetic – ad hoc basis – reform. In fact, it is no better than the flip side of the mafia protection racket.  Organized crime creates the threat, then protects the victim from the threat, for a price.