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New OT VIII Mary Jo Leavitt Blows the Whistle

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September 29, 2009

To: Reports Off RTC Int, Keeper of the Tech FSSO, Keeper of the Tech FSO, CO CMO Int, CO CMO FSSO, Data Files FSO, ED Int, CO OSA Int, PR Aide OSA Int, Legal Aide OSA Int, Int Justice Chf, I & R Chf HCO Int, President CSI

From: Mary Jo Leavitt, New OT VIII

Copy: HCO FSSO, RTC FSSO, OTA Officer Int

Dear Sir:

This package contains a collection of reports and policy references documenting the continued widening divergence between the present Management of the Church of Scientology International and many, if not all of its corporate entities, from the technology and policy laid down by L Ron Hubbard. These violations are as witnessed by myself, directly. This report, containing as it does the exact LRH references and violations of those references that I have observed, has its deepest roots in one HCOPL in particular:
HCOPL 7 Dec 1969 Iss II THE ETHICS OFFICER HIS CHARACTER, especially the section on SUPPRESSIVE REASONABLENESS, in part which states:
“When an exec starts to explain the “reasons” for low stats instead of working to get high stats, he is being reasonable. . . . Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken. Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait. It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL. Evil takes a bit of confronting. People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble. . . . an E/O doesn’t want somebody in circulation in a group or a society who commits crimes. The job of the E/O is to disconnect and depower the criminal and so protect the group. The criminal, the SP (same thing) is TRYING TO GET EVEN WITH PEOPLE. That’s his common denominator. He does it by covert omissions or overt violence. . . . An E/O can be used by an SP (with false reports or stupid orders) to needle and hurt a group. The duty of the E/O is plain. Follow policy.” For the last 2+ years I have been reporting outpoints in the following areas:

1) The “Ideal Org Program” and push by Int. management on fund raising activities instead of dissemination and delivery of Dianetics and Scientology services, causing the shrinkage of the field and organizations. In addition to this, there has been a complete bypass of local management by CLOs. Also a violation of Gung Ho Groups by “running” OTs and OTCs on these fund raising programs. The following documents illustrate a widening divergence between the actions of Scientology management and LRH HCOPLs and HCOBs:
KR to COB November 29, 2008 “Disappearance of OTC Network in Latam”;
RTC Response 15 January 2009;
KR on D/OTA Officer Int (M.B) 2 December 2008;
RTC Response 8 January 2009;
Correspondence with RTC Reports Officer – (between February 1, 2009 and February 17, 2009);
Letter to ED Int, 7 August 2008, point # 2;
Response from ED Int, 20 August 2008;
2007/2008, 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 OTA Program;
Emails from OTA IC Int Office since start of 2009/2010 OTA year.

2) The IAS and its illegal and off‐policy registration. I have reported interviews I have had that are filled with invalidation, nullification, squirrel use of LRH ethics tech and outright violation of LRH finance tech. Lately this organization has completely taken over the Church as all SO members are “double‐hatted” as IAS regges when in fact they are off‐post and off‐hat, neglecting their actual duties. Use of squirrel ethics tech to force parishioners to donate or else they are considered enemies or with “enemy lines.”
KRs written:
November 26, 2007, TTSB, IAS interview/Reg cycle by IAS Reg IAS WUS (TB) & Flag MAA (M.V.);
July 25, 2009, Knowledge Report on Snr Dir I&R CLO WUS (L.K) and CRO CLO WUS (K.M);
July 27, 2009, Copy of Knowledge Report on Mary Jo Leavitt by Snr Dir I&R and CRO CLO WUS;
September 29, 2009, False Report Report on Snr Dir I&R CLO WUS and CRO CL O WUS;
September 20, 2009, Knowledge Report, Out tech, Abuse of Position ‐ IAS Reg IAS WUS (T.B), Snr MAA CLO
(T.L), Snr. Dir I&R CLO WUS (L.K), Snr. HAS CLO (C.), CO ASHO Fdn (J.L)
6 August, 2009, Copy of HCO Summons;
14 August, 2009, Copy of Pacifica Base ED 275;
29 September, 2009, KR on Chief MAA FSSO (S.L)
31 July, 2009, M.P. Public, selectee, KR when IAS wanted to get her off course due to membership status (for full sit with public, see below a nd attachments) . Also reference the ED Int letter, dated 8 August 2008, point number 2.

3) The push on “Basics” to the exclusion of other Bridge Services and some of those courses are in fact advanced OT hatting courses and making them “mandatory” has resulted in study tech violated.
Reference ED Int letter, dated 8 August 2008, points number 4 and 5.
Also reference Major Targets of all OTA Programs for past three years.

4) Off policy handling of OTs – such as forced donations to get through eligibility, continuous mandatory meetings and even Executive Directives issued where OT VIIs, VIIIs and OTAs are expected to move to their “next level of IAS status.” This is legally extortion by definition.
Ref: f extortion: n. 1. The act or an instance of extorting. 2. Law; the wrongful taking of a person’s money or property with his consent but by the use of threat or violence or under color of office. 3. oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest. 4. anything extorted. ‐‐Syn. blackmail. (The Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition). Also invalidation of OTs who are upstat and disseminators because they were not on fundraising full time or following CLO’s orders to fundraise for the Ideal Org building.
See the following documents:
Ethics Chit and correspondence with correspondence and goldenrod, FSC WUS, dated 30 Jan to 1 Feb 2008;
Letter from Valley Org, dated Sept 19, 2008;
Comm from IAS Reg WUS (K.R.) and later email from Qual Clearing Officer ASHO (L.N) dated September
KR on LAF FCS (C.T) Treason – Hats Not Wearing
All emails from FSC LAF (C.T) regarding mandatory meetings to give money to the IAS;
Reference ED Int letter, dated 8 August 2008, point number 1.

5) I have reported a situation in Caracas, Venezuela, of a selectee of mine (public) being owed money for the rent of the Caracas org location (her house) about which she and her family have written numerous reports as well. This is an 8 year cycle of a financial irregularity and a harmful act towards this family and it also puts the church at risk. Furthermore, I have written up other reports regarding financial irregularities in Latam and to my knowledge and information, these persist.
See the following documents:
KRs written by J.P. public; CSW to IJC dated September 25, 2009 and attachment of list of all KRs
written since 2001;
KR on ODD, Mexico, on Financial Irregularities sent December 5, 2008;
RTC response to that KR, dated 7 December 2008;
Message from public OTA (S.J) to all ICs 9 September 2008 with notes from SO member (B.S)
Building Expansion Chief EUS regading hatting on how to get credit and sell assets.

6) Enclosed 12‐page report is a list of “Hats not wearing” on the part of the Church Management that I have observed in the last 3 years with increasing and major frequency. This, in effect, places the Church Management in a condition of Treason. (Multiple LRH references are included in that list that also apply to this cover letter.)

To the OTA Office, enclosed are my 3 OTA pins for the 3 MVs I attended. The current program is a violation of multiple LRH references, particularly the following four points: Ideal Orgs, IAS, Grades PCs to Flag and Basics push (see “hats not wearing” KR attached for references violated). OTAs are now being used and abused by Management ordering and running what should be a volunteer activity; and the spirit that LRH intended for OTs, as described in references such as HCO PL 3 December 1968 “Gung Ho Groups Policy Letter #2”, is ignored and actually opposed. I cannot continue to be listed as a member of this off-policy activity.

There is a pattern of continuous misapplication and even reversal of tech and my reports and efforts to communicate this have not created a change or even resulted in a response that duplicates these issues as outpoints; or where RTC has agreed the reports have value, they assume it is handled when it is obvious that such is not the case; or they accept verbal reports from other CMO and CLO terminals that give false assurance it is handled, and then RTC tells me to let them know if it is not taken care of. This is not wearing their hat, for me to confirm if something is resolved. If they were wearing their hat, they would need personal confirmation that all the issues were resolved; therefore I know this “RTC reports line” is not operating as it should. Often I hear of these outpoints referred to as “Command Intention” and “KSW”; I have recently become a target, referred to as “a disaffected OT with enemy line” (see KR on September 20, 2009 Knowledge Report Out tech, Abuse of Position). This communication comes from Sea Org Officers and Middle and Upper management.

The Purpose of the Sea Org is to Put Ethics IN on the planet. What I am describing above is a long‐term record of OUT‐ethics situations by the current SO management in creating an ever-increasing  gap between actions ordered and enforced through the lines and the ideal scene as set down by the  Founder, L. Ron Hubbard in the course of his leadership. That divergence has reached a critical level threatening to destroy what LRH intended to establish.

This is unacceptable to me; I see it as a gross and dangerous perversion of LRH technology‐‐ Ethics, Tech and Admin.

As a Scientologist, I cannot remain a part of this group.

This is true,
Mary Jo Leavitt

PLEASE GO TO  http://www.scientology-cult.com/ TO REVIEW A COPY OF MARY JO’s Hats Not Wearing report on RTC and International Management. The packge of cover letter and Hats Not Wearing Report will also be permanently available there.

News from the Mecca of Quickie Grades

Here is the latest from the Mecca of Miscavology:

Hello! I want to share the NEW news to you, that this past week at Flag Oak Cove the Grades completions were highest ever! One couple arrived to Flag last week to get moving on The Bridge, and the husband has completed HRD, ARC Straightwire and is now on Grade 0. The wife completed Grades II and III and is now on Grade IV!!! An elderly lady, who has been stalled on the lower Bridge for several years, started on her Grades 2 weeks ago.  When she was told to come and do her Grades at Flag and that “Yes, you can do your Grades!” – she worked it out to go in session daily and she completed ARC SW, Grade 0, Grades I, Grade II and is now on Grade III – all in a matter of weeks! What are your plans on getting through your Grades and NED?
ARC,Michael Farah
Advance Scheduling Registrar(727) 467-5206

My answer to the Mecca rep’s question is: I don’t have any plans for getting through Grades and NED, I am already through them. However, my plans for those I am getting through Grades and NED is to ignore the stat push Mecca, and continue to listen to and apply LRH. That includes, but is not limited to, the following three C/S Series references.

“A cognition at lower levels is not necessarily an ability regained. Thirty or forty cognitions on one lower level might add up to (and probably would) the realization that one is free of the whole subject of the level.”
C/S Series 6

“One day the pc comes into session with a dial-wide, floating, swinging F/N and anything you say or do doesn’t nothing whatever to disturb that F/N. It’s a real Release, man. It may last weeks, months, years.  Tell him to come back when he feels he needs some auditing and chalk up the remaining hours (if sold by the hour) as undelivered. Or if sold by result, chalk up the result.”
C/S Series 20

“’Quickie grades’, instead of making fortunes for one and all, crashed the whole Scientology network. BECAUSE QUICKIE RESULTS ARE LAZY AND DISHONEST. Let’s just face up to the facts of life! Selling out the integrity of the subject for a buck wrecks the subject.

“…Honest grades and time spent in C/Sing and in auditing to obtain them add up to success for the individual, the org, its field, the country and the planet.

“The time it takes to process somebody is how long it takes to get each single result available. It is not how slowly or quickly it is done. A book is not a good book if it takes seven years to write. And a bad book isn’t always written in two weeks. It takes as long to write a good book as you get a good book. The result is the result and the TIME IS JUST AN ENTERED ARBITRARY.” –  C/S Series 9