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IAS 25th – DM has made zero ethics change

Last night at St Hill

Last night at St Hill

I listened to the IAS event last night – within an hour of its conclusion. I have a number of observations based on the words of David Miscavige.

First, all the exposure about his socking away hundreds of millions of dollars into IAS has resulted in him coming out with a new dead agent caper.  He is now having IAS sponsor certain “Ideal Orgs” in areas of political significance:

“So, there you have it, three new IAS sponsored Ideal Churches of Scientology at the very pivot points of this planet.” (Rome, D.C., and Brussels)

He doesn’t say how much IAS ponied up, but you can rest assured DM is very uneasy about his hoarding of nearly a billion dollars becoming public.

Second, Miscavige’s 25 year recap of IAS was a continuation of the myth that the IAS had a single thing to do with overcoming attacks. He went so overboard as to suggest that IAS is EVERYTHING, to the exclusion of international management and RTC itself:

“Let’s take a good, hard look at how we arrived at today.  Its all because who we are as the IAS. New orgs, new A.O.s, the top of the Bridge itself. Omit the IAS and there’s none of it. So, yes in a very real sense it is the IAS and ONLY the IAS that ensures the Bridge remains pure in the face of darkest suppression and in the most important cultural centers of earth.”

Next time an org rips you off, breaks up your family, or commits out tech on your case try giving IAS a holler and see what happens.

Third, Miscavige continued to fraudulently assert that Scientology has inherent enemies that threaten its very existence just because of its core practices:

“Because of the nature of what Scientology is, it WILL be opposed by the status quo, the power elite, and those who abhor the thought of freedom for another. So it has been, so IT IS.”

What Miscavige has not told his followers is that the only attacks for nearly twenty years have been on account of his own personal abuses, his off-Source and criminal counter policies, his ordered insane regging practices, and his personally executed out-tech. For the past six months I have been witness to his having spent many millions of dollars to suppress the truth of the source of attacks from being published and aired.

Fourth, Miscavige used the affair to propagandize that to “abandon”, “betray”, or “lose faith” in him would be to lose Scientology.

“Because we never took our eyes off the ultimate prize, we stand where we are today. Twenty-five years of magnificent accomplishment, and more than that a future more glorious than we could ever have imagined. And all because we have never abandoned each other, because we have not betrayed one another, because we have kept faith with one another, because we have been true to one another, because we know we are in this together, because shoulder to shoulder, now and forever, we are the IAS.”

You can take it to the bank this is a plea to the high rollers (including TC and JT who sat in the front row taking all this blather in) to “not listen to natter” about der Fuehrer.

None of what we have covered so far constitutes the biggest crime Miscavige has perpetrated and perpetuated. In my view the most destructive thing he’s done is to convince Scientologists to continue to contribute to his plans to force Scientology upon populations by converting the very “power elite” whom out of the other side of his mouth – in the same event – he warns will always be one of Scientology’s biggest threats.  He has managed to take a subject that LRH created and bequeathed to the common man in a bottom up effort to improve the planet and turn it into an elitist, materialist, top-down corruption that will “become public policy with a simple hand shake” (and no doubt handsome greasing of palms).  Read his description of the IAS sponsored new, improved, Ideal, Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C.:

”And while it is still situated in and among foreign embassies, one hundred and seventy four of them to be exact, what rises today at 1422 Sixteenth St is seven stories of 21st century Scientology. The design is classically American and exactly what you would expect of our new church in the heart of the U.S. Capital. And make no mistake it is as elegant as any address on Embassy Row. After all, diplomats and decision makers will soon be formally introduced to Dianetics and Scientology, very much including the LRH beginning library…And lest you need be reminded why this is an IAS sponsored Ideal Org, let’s not forget that a decision made in this town can effect the lives of billions…After all, here is where our human rights initiatives, our drug free world, and Way To Happiness campaigns can become public policy with a simple hand shake.”

Miscavige has confirmed suspicions he first sewed in me in late 2003. At that time he told Tom Cruise in my presence: “I wouldn’t mind (George W) Bush becoming our Constantine*. I mean, he’s dumb as a rock, but he has no problem at all enforcing his stupid decisions no matter what anybody says.” You think he doesn’t get it that Scientology cannot be enforced on somebody against his or her own determinism?  I think he gets it.  I believe he has no intention of forwarding Scientology for any other purpose than his own personal aggrandizement.** And the way he is pursuing it , unchecked, will only result in the subject’s demise. It is a good thing more and more folks ain’t cottoning to his notions anymore.

* “Was Roman emperor from 306, and the sole holder of that office from 324 until his death in 337…The reign of Constantine established a precedent for the position of the emperor in the Christian Church. Constantine himself disliked the risks to societal stability, that religious disputes and controversies brought with them, preferring where possible to establish an orthodoxy.[200] The emperor saw it as his duty to ensure that God was properly worshipped in his empire, and what proper worship consisted of was for the Church to determine.”  – Wikipedia

** aggrandize: 3 : to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of <exploited the situation to aggrandize himself> – Webster’s on-line dictionary