Daily Archives: October 16, 2009

What to do about a tyrant

There  have been some rather incendiary comments of late outlining all sorts of horrible fates that people wish for DM. Some I allowed to let people vent, but some I deleted as they were crossing the line. I note that most of the more vehement cries demand that someone else do something about DM. And those people have yet to even take the square zero step of standing up and being counted.  Why is that important? All of  the power of a tyrant derives from people’s willingness to listen to him. Miscavige knows this all too well. See the following from a 1998 interview  in the St. Pete Times:

“People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

I recently listened to the Thought, Emotion and Effort lecture series. LRH makes a very strong case for it being a stupid idea to fight force with force. Even when you are dealing with a tyrant. Read this excerpt for example:

“And, you see, when you have operated oppressively, if you operate oppressively, then it’s much easier to fail because there’s a bunch of causes standing around who want to cause you to be an effect. And the more people you try to effect, the more thoroughly they’re going to try to cause you to be an effect until all of a sudden you cave in. People watch this modus operandi. They say,’Well, if everybody sat down and hated Stalin for fifteen minutes a day he would die. Now we will all play ‘The Girl I Left Behind Me.” It’s not true. Possibly have some modus operandi, if he knew about it, possibly. You might be able to shove that many in. No, the way to fix up Stalin is to invite him on an enormously broad program where everybody’s going to be an effect but then rig it in such a way that he fails. He’ll cave in. That’s the only way he’ll really cave in.” – 19 Nov 1951, Cause and Effect (continued).

Don’t waste your time with fantasizing the dramatization of evil purposes.  Get on with life, help others get on with theirs. Create communities where the subject is no longer monopolized by a suppressive madman.