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Independent Scientologists

Let’s begin creating a sane global community on a simple, but effective, gradient.  There is a thing called a meet group.  People with similar interests create local groups with people who share their views, interests, hobbies, religion, whatever.  Former Jehovah’s Witnesses is a rather large one. Stay at home moms is another. The real purpose of a meet group is to allow people to find people in their area who have something in common and to meet with them and perhaps continue to meet with them and establish ongoing relations.

A local meet group is best left to itself to define itself. It is usually as simple as one founding member takes the initiative to host a meet of any kind. Could be a picnic, a BBQ, a ball game, a cup of coffee, a party, you name it. From there, people get to know others similarly interested or situated, friendships develop. More meets are agreed upon. It may go no further than serving as a platform for people to connect up and enjoy the company at those meets. Depending on the chemistry of the folks involved, it can develop into something more directed and may take on goals and purposes of its own. As they grow in numbers networks of such groups can become powerful social forces.

I suggest people who have decided they are Scientologists irrespective of – and even in spite of –  their standing with the church create meet groups in their local areas. The initial purpose of such a group is  to create a community of independent Scientologists.  The simple action of doing so can bring about a number of beneficial results. It can help any or all members to achieve any of the six points I listed in my post of 25 Sep,  Independent Scientologists Community.   That is possible merely by the fact of making oneself known to other independent Scientologists and sharing your experiences.

I suggest another purpose be adopted in addition to meeting up and beginning to form a community. That is, to serve as safe terminals for others who are being hounded by the church for asserting their own independence or having the temerity to honestly look at what is happening within the church and comparing that to what is happening in the world.  I pledge my support to back you up directly should you run into flak for simply exercising your Constitutional rights to communicate and assemble.  I know several others experienced in such matters who will do the same.  We’ve got your back if you’ve got the backs of others like you in your zone.

I am willing to use this blog spot as an initial clearinghouse to any Independent Scientologists groups that make that pledge to defend others similarly situated.  All I need is a jpg photo of the initial members, names, single terminal contact information, and a short description of anything you all want locals or  the broader independent Scientologists community to know about you.

I’ll devote a section of this blog spot to list and show your group and supply your contact information so that folks interested in your local area can easily join in. I’ll also post features reporting wins and achievements you all report.

Initially, you can coordinate members of your group via email. Your next step might be to set up your own blog spot to make yourself known and to coordinate your meetings. Once several meet groups are up and running, they can learn of other such groups in their vicinity and even afar, communicate, coordinate, and network.  The possibilities across the dynamics are limitless.

There are two datums you might want to consider in terms of how large you want your groups to become. First, in HCO PL Why Organizations Stay Small, LRH writes of the ideal organizational set up of allowing any executive to have no more than five direct juniors. One rationale for that is that he considered that is about the number where a group could operate and still any member of it could easily approach the I/C or coordinator on a personal basis. Interestingly, Clay Shirky in Here Comes Everybody – The Power of Organizing Without Organization came up with a similar datum in terms of groups forming and communicating on the Internet. He graphically showed how a group of five can comfortably communicate one to the other without creating too much density of meaningless, background, catch up comm.  At ten, the density becomes so thick the relationships lose their intimacy. So, I suggest when you approach somewhere between five and ten members – you consider having  a couple members start up an additional group. If you all get along  just fine, and don’t want to break it up, the two groups (or more) can stay in close touch and sponsor larger meets. Or, if larger groups work for you there are no hard and fast rules. Remember, it only takes two to start a group. Once you’ve made the move, like minded people in your area will know of your whereabouts and how to contact you.

Initially we’ll refer to you as your city name followed by “Independents.”  City’s can be divided up by sections, neighborhoods, etc as expansion occurs.

There is absolutely no legal ground for Miscavology to do a blessed thing about this exercise of your Constitutional rights to freedom of religion, expression, association and assembly. None.  There is no fee, there is no obligation beside creating community and providing support for those persecuted by the Church for applying Scientology in a humane, sane, and pro-survival  manner.

Make it safe for Scientologists with integrity – including yourself – to flourish.  Move on up to cause.

Please send your photos, names and contact info to me at Sthtexlensman@aol.com