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“Command Intention” propaganda used to extort money

In a Guardian’s Office Order, since converted to an OSA NW Order, LRH explained a propaganda technique used by the enemies of Scientology. It is called propaganda by redefinition of words. Here is an example, you take early 20th century Mental Hygiene practices such as electroshock, pre-frontal lobotomy, and ice baths (used in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the United States to curb dissent) and try to make them palatable by calling them Mental Health.  Some detractors have argued LRH implied it should be used in dealing with enemies. But no one has ever argued to my knowledge that it could be construed LRH advised it be used against Scientologists by the Church. Yet, that is precisely what is happening in the Church today, in spades. The Church has gone so far south that it is now using propaganda by redefintion of words against its own public to extort huge sums of money out of them for no exchange.

It revolves around the redefinition of the term “Command Intention.”

Please see the following email text currently issuing from the Church to “OTs” in the LA area:


1st target: $10 million DONE

2nd target: $8 million DONE

Next Target $4M Needs to be done by October 18th!

There have been 7000 donations to the IAS in the last ten weeks in the WUS!!! There have been 400 New Statuses!!! Have YOU had YOUR interview?


Notice the generic “Command Intention” as the anonymous source of the order to herd in more marks. Former Sea Org members know that Command Intention is synonymous with LRH intention. That is what the term is understood to mean in LRH Flag Orders, LRH despatches, and LRH tapes. Over the past several years “Command Intention” has taken on an entirely different meaning. Command Intention now means DM’s intention.

When it was pointed out to me by an OT VIII in good standing that the public understands “Command Intention” to refer to LRH intention, I started comparing notes with some former Int base staff to reconstruct how this redefinition came to be.  It is a pretty twisted narrative, but worth recounting as it sheds more light on how far off Source Scientology has strayed.

During the nineties and during this decade Miscavige regularly swaggered around the International Headquarters base (and less frequently the FSO, FSSO, Upper Middle Management, and CLOs) with an assistant in tow, recording virtually every word he said from the minute he got out of bed till the minute he secured.  Miscavige could never constrain himself to do an on policy inspection wherein all orders are made to the senior of the area IN WRITING. Instead, he simply barked out orders to anyone in his path all day long usually accompanied by an SRA (severe reality adjustment) or two, and a convoluted explanation of his intentions. A pool of secretaries were employed in his office who did nothing all day long but transcribe the tapes of Miscavige barking orders all day long. This included hours long rants. More often than not, a transcript of a particular rant to a particular staff member began with Miscavige directing he or she approach something in a particular way, then Miscavige would spit out stream of consciousness style  series of different ways to approach it. A good percentage of his transcripts are documentation of Miscavige cross ordering himself.  Miscavige employs another pool of staff who distribute these transcribed orders to the staff the orders were issued to orginaly with arbitrary deadlines by which they must be applied. All echelons of executive between Miscavige and the ordered staff member are hounded with orders nudging compliance.

The madness is compounded by the fact Miscavige often gets on a hobby horse and lectures the same staff member for an hour or two for days on end. By the time Miscavige  is done with an area he has contradicted himself so many times it is anybody’s guess what is the correct direction to take.  It is further compounded by the fact that Miscavige might come in days or even weeks later and order the precise opposite of what he originally ordered. It is further compounded by the mindless and incessant nudging the ordered staff member recieves by echelons of “executives” between COB’s secretarial staff, RTC,CMO INT, EXEC STRATA, CMO GOLD, GOLD EXEC STRUCTURE, etc. Unlike what Miscavige has done with LRH orders, he has established no ways or means to cancel inapplicable, stale, or plain insane Miscavige orders.

Many an executive of Gold, CMO GOLD, CMO INT, Exec Strata and RTC has been shot from guns by Miscavige for “cross ordering COB” by pushing an order of COB.

Many an executive of Gold, CMO GOLD, CMO INT, Exec Strata and RTC (and FSO, FSSO, CLO’s, etc, ad infinitum) has been shot from guns for “black PRing COB” for trying earnestly to get an order of COB done.

To contradict himself all day long is a handy op by Miscavige. If something fails, he can point to the transcript where he said to do it another way. If something succeeds he can point to a portion of some transcript that seems to align with what was done. It is the perfect Service Facsimile, he is always right and just about everybody else is always wrong. To everyone else, it is like living in a gigantic implant station.

Over the years executives at several echelons learned a method of survival in this world gone wild. The method gave limited protection (slip and slide room) from getting annihilated for “cross ordering COB” by pushing COB, and gave them some horse power to try to get whatever they decided to get done done despite it being contradicted by so many known COB orders. The method was to say, “get it done damnit, it’s Command Intention.”  It was a great way to stay out of the cross hairs of the many investigators rolling back “destructive orders” and “black PR of COB.”   The executive under interrogation could honestly say, “I never said that order came from COB.”

Another use of “Command Intention” for higher echelon execs was to protect COB from the black PR some of his psychotic orders might engender toward him. On many occasions I relayed COB orders to the assembled executives at CMO INT, CMO GOLD, GOLD, OSA, and other venues by lying and saying it was my own order. I picked up on the “command intention” op other execs used as covered above and used the term as a  means to protect COB from the repercussions of having issued a wing nut order. Others have shared with me similar experiences.

Well, apparently all this has rolled down hill and public OT’s conned or coerced into becoming IAS Reges are now getting the same treatment.  Only at that level it is probably more pernicious. At Int, Miscavige so dominated every aspect of life (down to requiring his psychotic rant transcripts be Method 9 word cleared) that it was a given “Command Intention” meant DM. The realization of that fact lead to the final decision to leave the SO  by many whom I have spoken with.  At public level there is enough separation to leave the impression “command intention” still connotes LRH.

In the case of the IAS the use of the “command intention” op is particularly fraudulent. Public are being given the impression that forking over tens of millions of dollars to IAS is LRH intention.  You ever wonder why IAS never produces a promo piece with an LRH quote about the importance of the IAS? LRH probably never even heard of the IAS; and if he did it was a lie about how it was simply an international membership with a nominal fee (which it was till LRH died; the never ending, escalating statuses at great expense to the public came later).

The lie is furthered by a steady stream of lies communicated to public Scientologists with great fanfare:  the oft repeated myth as to what the IAS has done in terms of protecting the Church.  Many an event presentation has credited the IAS with being integral to winning the 1985 Battle of Portland. The IAS did not do a single thing to contribute to the Battle of Portland. The IAS has been promoted as being integral to the 1993 IRS exemption the Church received. The IAS did not contribute a single dime – not one thin dime – to the twelve year war effort that led to exemption.

It is not LRH intention for anybody to deposit a single penny into the coffers of IAS. In fact, it is quite contrary to  LRH intention as covered in HCO PLs and other writings on donations and memberships.