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Nova Scotia Independent – Jim Logan


Jim Logan has been independent as long as I have known him. At the Int base in the late eighties he was famous (notorious in that off Source environment) for ignoring off-policy Cramming Orders from the likes of DM, and using his technical tools to find out and remedy whatever happened to be wrong with troubled staff members.

As Drummer for the Golden Era Musicians in the early nineties his independence became too much for Miscavige. At a Maiden Voyage Anniversery event the band’s leader announced an order from DM that the band was to learn “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael.  Jim openly defied the order stating he refused to learn and play “I Want Your Sex” at the top of the Bridge for OT VIIIs as it was less than appropriate in that environment. Jim then became a target for Messengers directed by DM to make his life miserable.

When the harrassment continued after arrival back at the Int Base, Jim petitioned to have a certain particularly attack dog oriented Messenger investigated by CMO superiors. This petition resulted in an off-policy Non-Enturbulation Order (despite being productive and upstat on post and despite a recently cleared ethics file) being issued on Jim and his illegal removal from his post. Eventually he would be found guilty by RTC of an SP Act of ‘Mutiny’ for refusing to perform this ‘COB ordered’ song.

Jim was sentenced to the Running Program (squirrel Cause Resurgance RD), separated from his wife (Annie Broker Logan), and put under watch.  Jim was subjected to a series of confrontations from several senior RTC and Int executives designed to cave him in. But, unlike many before and after him, Jim wouldn’t “crack.” Since Annie was a security risk of magnitude and Jim was not submitting to mind control, DM started personally driving a wedge between husband and wife (he took to paying great attention to Annie’s post, and riding her around the base on the back of his custom motorcycle).

Jim never did buckle, was declared and headed back to his native Nova Scotia. In order to satisfy the concerns of loved ones, Jim read every anti-Scientology book they supplied him,  following with a simple handling of the false data.  Acting on advice given to Annie by LRH personally to get trained,   Jim decided to study Scientology from the bottom up again, but this time with some scientific grounding. He embarked on a study of basic science, and only when he had a firm grasp of that, did he re-study Scientology from the basics, through the R and D, and up through St Hill research and beyond.

I believe Jim’s brutal honesty and self-discipline paid off big. I have found no one, either in or out of the Church, who has a deeper appreciation and understanding of the tech than Jim. He is my go-to guy when I am looking for the applicable reference in some detour I hit in life. He is not some know-best  priest. He thinks with the subject in terms of “what tool can we find here to handle the situation we are confronting.”

Jim is a fishing guide, a fisheries inspector, and a freelance professional drummer residing in the beautiful coastal region of Nova Scotia. He is a guiding light to people from all over the world navigating the fog of unreason that thickens around the Church.

Jim reminds me of the passage in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest where the Chief explains to McMurphy what society feels it needs to do with a big man who is perceived to be just too independent. It has to corral him, to reduce him in size and make him suggestable, it needs to get him back in the herd with the rest of the sheep. Remember, when in the end, the Chief decides he won’t be so reduced, breaks the window to the mental ward, and runs across the field to freedom?  Ever wonder what became of him? I kind of feel like we found the Chief.

Staff and Training History: Got in Scn in Apr 75, joined staff in Class V (IV then) org in June, signed an SO contract in Jan 76. Stayed in Class V org until Dec 78. Was Senior Cse Sup, D/ED, Tech Sec there. Went to Flag to be DofT over admin training in Dec 78. Also held TRs Cse Sup post and Cramming Officer. Played in an SO music group that was approved to go on leave to play music in early 80s. Returned to SO in 86 and posted at Int Base on Gold staff as Cramming Officer. Last post held was Gold Musician playing drums.

Training includes the original OEC/FEBC as the ED FULL HAT, Hubbard Senior Cse Sup with all reqs including Hubbard Consultant and Data Series, full Cramming Officer training and permanently certified on all the above, all Flag and Int training. Case level is OT III.

Contact: slogan@eastlink.ca