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Flag Squirrel Organization

Below is a promotion sent out to the Flag Service Conultants internationally. Attached to it is a briefing by Snr CS FSO, Richard Reis. I had heard about Flag requiring people en masse to do one hundred hours of objectives and was floored by that news of outright squirreldom. I doubted the veracity of the report. Now that I have it in writing, let’s confront what is really happening in the Church of Miscavology. Its collapse is happening much faster than I ever imagined it could occur.

First, if you have not already seen it read my post regarding the insanity of Flag promoting the delivery of Grades.

That Flag promotes and delivers grades is a huge indicator that no Clears are being made around the world for Flag to reg to Flag for OT Levels. To have Flag bypass the orgs to deliver Grades further drives the shriveling orgs into the earth. Recent reliable reports estimate Fort Harrison occupancy to be less than fifty percent. Several years ago, anything under 90% was a flap of magnitude, and that was when Flag was delivering the upper OT levels.

With that backdrop, the latest news from Flag is that Flag Service Consultants are to reg T.R.s and Objectives Co-audit students to Flag! They tout having over one hundred students on T.R.s and Objectives already.

Note this little sleazy curve ball in the Reis briefing:

“Even on a case with only a light drug history, a TE of 100 hours for TRs and Objectives is not unusual.”

It is fraudulent to say “it is not unusual”, when in fact it is NOW STANDARD PRACTICE AT FLAG.

The one hundred hours of objectives order came from Miscavige. How do I know? First, Richard Reis is a freaking Oxford Rhodes scholar and has an eidetic memory of all of the Tech volumes. He would not order this without a gun pointed to his head. The only one with the power to enter such an off policy order (and the viciousness to put a gun to someone’s head to carry it out) is Miscavige. Miscavige specializes is off beat “failed executive C/Sing” actions, even in Cram Orders, like “50 hours of Op Pro by Dup”. Finally, Miscavige is the only dedicated practitioner of Black Dianetics who is on the chain of command above Reis. And this is Black Dianetics, simple and plain.

The first few independent groups I announced (CW, Mexico, and Mountain View) and others not yet announced are getting flooded with reaches by people looking for help to try to understand what has happened to the Scientology many of us used to know. I think the effort is going to need to be stepped up. Miscavige’s effort to destroy the Mecca is close to done. A lot of people are going to be looking for direction in a hurry soon if this suppression continues unchecked.

Currently at Flag we have a course room totally dedicated to delivering the TR’s and Objectives Co-Audit. We have over 100 students and our co-audit supervisors are also Flag trained Case Cracker Auditors. This course room delivers over 500 auditing hours each week. I am sure that many of you know somebody who is taking a long time on this part of The Bridge. This is an excellent opportunity for somebody to experience Flag and move up The Bridge with very little financial strain and they can complete in a matter of weeks. Call me or write me anytime for anything.

Love, Barbara Dews
Flag Service Consultant
323 872 3585

Snr CS FSO briefing:

Once someone has completed the Purification Rundown his next step on the Grade Chart is “TRs and Objectives”.

LRH said that a “Failure to run Objectives fully and completely, especially on a case with an extensive drug history, can set up the pc for less than optimum gain on Dianetics.” It is obvious that this is a key level that when fully done can set one up to rocket through the rest of The Bridge.

It is very definitely the key prerequisite for going onto the Grades and being able to move through the Expanded Grades in the LRH TE of one month with all EPs obtained.

TRs and Objectives is not necessarily a short rundown or level. For some cases it can run into hundreds of hours of auditing. Even on a case with only a light drug history, a TE of 100 hours for TRs and Objectives is not unusual.

The solution then is to Co-Audit which not only allows one to get as many hours of auditing as one needs without financial strain, it also affords one the invaluable experience and gains of helping another spiritual being advance toward freedom. Getting in both sides is highly recommended. Ask any trained auditor or C/S.

The Tech of Objectives is unique. The goal is to bring someone fully into present time. LRH said, “As you know a pc can get ‘stuck in the past’ and if you can get a pc out of his engrams and reactive mind (his perpetuated past), he becomes aware of the present.” Also, “The pc is stuck not just in engrams but in past identities. In fact the pc out of present time is being the past. The pc can be made to see he is being the past and that there is a present.”

Without this tech of Objectives, a pc’s chance of making it out is just non-existent. LRH said this flatly when he states, “Without Objectives, no being is likely to recover in his infinity of futures.”

The Tech of Objectives is quite extensive. Each Objective Process has its own unique EP, and part of the power of these processes has been the recovery of the tech of ensuring that each Objective Process is continued until all the EPs for each process run have been obtained. The C/Ses are fully trained in the mastery of this tech and can guide each pc and his twin through to attaining these EPs every time.

One learned while studying the Basics, “He (the preclear) has to come up to a full tolerance of it (the physical universe) before he can get out of it.” The TRs and Objectives Co-Audit is a major milestone on any preclear’s journey up The Bridge toward Total Freedom.

Richard Reiss
Senior C/S FSO