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An intelligent radio broadcast discussion

A ten to fifteen minute interview with me was broadcast on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s the Current show this morning.  I am providing a link for those interested. The award winning  journalist who conducted the interview asked intelligent questions and allowed complete answers.  The introduction piece makes a brief mention of the OT III story, a warning for those of you who believe it can foul up your case or life by hearing it prematurely.  The interview with me is followed by one with religious scholar Gordon Melton – a Church ally, not identified as such.

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New Clearwater Independent – Jack Airey


Jack with Christie

Jack Airey is big in many ways. Big body, big heart, and big ole Thetan.  He has been active lately attempting to get his old friends to  take a peak at the truth.  Of course, notwithstanding DM’s and Tommy’s insistence disconnection does not exist, his selfless, humanitarian efforts have been met with several outright and cruel disconnections.  These things take time and patience is a virtue in these times, as evidenced by Jack’s own evolution. Jack has written a knowledge report on what led to his declaration of independence. I have reprinted it below in full. I highly recommend everyone read it, and particularly those who might have been led by DM’s church to doubt their own perceptions, and those struggling with the distinction between “church of Scientology” and “Scientology”.  Please give a shout out to Jack – he is a great friend and has a hell of a sense of humor. Watch out though, he also possesses a highly accurate bullshit detector.

My name is Jack Airey.  I am an American public Scientologist.  I became a Scientologist in 1968.  I attested to Grade IVx release in the late 80’s at Orange County Org.  In December of 2008 I finished the Basics and full lectures course in Div 6 at FLAG after being off org lines for about 20 years.

I have experienced many personal spiritual gains from my 41 years studying and applying LRH Scientology. I have seen similar gains with friends and others I have met in various Scientology organizations.

My concern & doubt is with the upper management within the Church of Scientology. This observation began in June of 2009 when I read an article in the St. Petersburg Times very critical of David Miscavige the, Chairman of the Board of the Church of Scientology,


This was a front page article in the Sunday paper. I gave it a read and was alarmed to learn David Miscavige, the church’s Chairman of the Board was accused of treating various high level Sea Org members with violent, brutal, physical attacks on numerous occasions.  The lengthy article was not critical of the church or its members, only critical of Miscavige.  The article was quoting four high level ex-sea org executives.  These were Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Tom De Vocht & Amy Scobee.  These four had spent a combined 119 years in the Sea Org.  My first reaction was….oh shit, can any of these accusations be true.  At first read, I was not able to confront the information.  I dismissed this article as a he said, she said type of thing.

On August 2nd the St. Petersburg Times published part II of this continued article.  More Sea Org Executives speaking out about Miscavige’s physical abuse. After reading part II, I noticed you could go to their web site to view interviews done on video.  I looked at two videos.  In most cases you can tell when a person is telling the truth or is trying to spin the truth on camera. Not always, but most of the time when un-trained every day folks talk to the camera, the communication is real. My “Theta Explosion” occurred viewing the Gary Morehead & Marty Rathbun videos.


I found these two gentleman’s statements to be very credible. I have a certificate degree from UCLA film school In TV & Film Production and have produced two 35MM short films, numerous corporate and documentary videos. I have spent thousands of hours looking at actors and non-actors on camera while editing film and video.  I know when a person on camera is acting or telling the truth and I am convinced Gary Morehead and Marty Rathbun did not have an evil agenda telling their compelling stories while in the sea org working for International Management at the GOLD facilities in the desert in California.

I think this is when I went into “DOUBT” with the current Church of Scientology. After viewing all the videos I went into a much higher condition of, “PISSED OFF”.  I typed Marty Rathbun’s name in Google and discovered he had a blog.https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/  I proceeded to read many of Marty’s blog postings.  Marty also lists a “BLOG ROLL” on his blog and of course I started reading most of these postings.  I discovered a community of blown church and sea org members and some current church members flying under the radar who have lots to say about the state of my church.  The most telling for me is Marty’s “31 factors for Scientologist’s to consider”. This can be located by hitting a button Titled” 31 Factors on the top header of Marty’s blog.

Seems Miscavige over the past 30 years has suppressed the Church of Scientology to a point where the church might not survive the next 30 years.  I feel so sorry for all the hard working Sea Org members, their families and friends.  When the Ft. Harrison had its recent grand opening I was sitting in row two directly in front of the podium where David Miscavige gave his speech.  I noticed his immediate staff was very nervous as he came to the podium.  I took a deeper look and my immediate perception was that they were in fear of their boss.  I invalidated that perception, but as I got into Miscavige’s head for a peek I was immediately turned off.  I remember thinking, what does everyone see in this guy.  Beyond the nice suit I was not impressed.  I walked away from that event very, very curious how this man who was so full of himself could have risen to the head of the Church of Scientology.  That day I compromised by own reality by not looking further.

In the Code of Honor, published November 1954 (Professional /Auditor’s Bulletin 40, 26 November 1954, written by L. Ron Hubbard you will find in item one the following code: “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble”.  How in the hell can any Scientologist support this current church’s management knowing Human Rights abuses are taking place at the highest levels by the leader of this church.   Not Me!!!  Seems to me by not confronting this tyrant of a leader, one is deserting other sea org and church members world wide.

Yes, I have read the issue of Freedom Magazine trying to convince its readers all is well and the 14 blown sea org members with a combined 362 years of service to the Church of Scientology are the problem not the solution.  I know a PR puff piece when I see & read one.  If Miscavige is a saint with clean hands & so innocent why does he need an 80 page over the top puff piece with his picture on the front page to hit your mail box in less than 45 days after the last St. Pete Times article.  When I finished reading this issue of Freedom Magazine, my first question was; what the hell is Miscavige hiding?  My second question was; if LRH was alive what would he say & do about this issue of Freedom Magazine?

Item six in the Code of Honor is “Never compromise with your own reality”. My reality is simple.  Things are not what they seem to be within the management of this church.  There needs to be an out in the open investigation so the truth can be known.  The Church of Scientology makes bold statements about their membership size, number of missions in the world and that they are the fastest growing religion in the world. If this is true, the church needs to prove it with written audited statistics and complete mission addresses, not PR bullshit.

I have recently read the two KR’s from two upstat New OT VIII’s on Marty Rathbun’s blog where May Jo Leavitt details point by point with complete LRH references why the Church of Scientology is in a condition of treason. Unbeknown to one another new OT VIII Sherry Katz during the same time period, was sending similar KR’s up line with no communication coming back from upper management. I believe what these two women have written in their KR’s and this leads me to Item 2 in the Code of Honor. “Never withdraw allegiance once granted”.  My allegiance has always been to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard not to Command Intention. NOTE: I agree with Mary Jo Leavitt when she writes, “Command Intention is a squirrel “catch all” term that really means “David Miscavige’s orders.”

After 4 months of research on the internet I have decided to sever my relationship with the Church of Scientology.  It is impossible for me to ignore the statements and cry for help from one time devoted highly skilled top managers of the Church of Scientology.

This decision was easy to make once I re-read The Code of Honor.  Item nine & ten states, “Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life and “Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body”.

It has been an interesting, life changing and sometime frustrating 41 years as a public Scientologist.  As item 11 states in the Code of Honor.  “Never regret yesterday.  Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.”

During the last week as I was writing this KR I noticed I was having case gain after draft 1 and draft 2.  I know this KR is the correct action because I can feel my power returning as my integrity grows and grows.

This is my last day as a church Scientologist and I have no regrets. Tomorrow I join the world wide group called, “Independent Scientologists” where honest, on source, LRH technology and exposing the out tech of current Church of Scientology management is the order of the day.

This is true

Jack Airey

Jack can be contacted at jackairy@tampabay.rr.com