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Mexican Independent – WINS Mexico!


Roberto Sanchez Nunez – known on this blog as Mexican Amigo – has founded the first independent group in Mexcio, WINS Mexico. He is joined by his wife Damaris and daughters Ninive Dalai and Xcaret. Roberto is a Class V Grad auditor and Purif C/S. He was affiliated with the Church for twenty years, serving ten of those years on staff. He began auditing at the age of 13. He has audited many pc’s through the Grades and NED, and several through Clear. While on staff he C/S’d hundreds of people through the Purif, and after leaving staff C/S’d hundreds more through the Purif on his own time. He was the Executive Director of the Leon Mission from 1995 through 1998 and then, after intensive tech training, again from 2000 through 2005.

Roberto explained his reasons for taking a stand, I have attained a lot gains through my auditing but my most major wins are through training and auditing others. There is no apparent reason for me to wrestle with the mighty Church of Scientology. My family and my life are flourishing and prospering. So, why do this? It is a matter of personal integrity. Just that. It is my truth and what I believe in; like it or not. I see that Scientology as it is managed in present time is not reaching its purpose of ‘improving conditions’. What it is achieving is Sea Org executives who are abused in their fundamental rights and who are manipulated through Black Dianetics. Public are in debt across the world only to buy buildings for orgs that do not have staff or public to succeed on their own. I didn’t get into Scientology for this. THEREFORE STARTING NOW I PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE MY SEPARATION FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY UNTIL IT HAS A SENSIBLE AND DECENT LEADERSHIP THAT RESPECTS ITS FELLOWS.”

Roberto is launching a new blog and will translate many of the truths that have been published on blogs like this and others for the Spanish speaking public of Mexico and other countries for that matter. The blog is up now and he can be contacted directly through it, http://winsmexico.wordpress.com/

Roberto is working on his Phd in Sustainable Development Management. He serves on the board of a respected state ecological association and is the main adviser in improvement subjects of the businessmen association of his home city. He is already doing quite a bit to improve conditions in the world and recently he has started doing a whole lot more.

Roberto is located smack dab in the center of Mexico in Leon, Guanajuato state. That is good news for all Mexican Scientologists. Godspeed to Robert, Damaris, Ninive Dalai and Xcaret.

Georgia Independents


Shannon and Hiro Kimoto of Cumming Georgia (forty miles north of Atlanta) are a welcome new group of independents. Shannon was IG Communicator in the late nineties when I held the IG post.  She was an RTC Internal Affairs Organizing Officer before that after serving in CMO International and Gold for 13 years in a number of capacities.

Hiro was the Estates Manager CMO International from approximately 1984 till 1997.

They served a combined 42 years in the Sea Org.

Both were casualties of Miscavige’s final slide into madness at the turn of the millennium. Hiro was blacklisted by being assigned a “never ending condition” and Shannon for failing to pledge unthinking loyalty to Miscavige (both methods of attempted depersonalization were common in the practice of reverse Scientology at the Int base).

Hiro was banished to CLO EUS after the RPF where despite his lack of org board authority he lead the real Scientology heroes of 9/11.  If you haven’t already seen it, Shannon’s write-up of his crew’s 911 actions is covered at:

Despite Shannon and Hiro being physically separated for 5 years, Shannon managed to get herself transferred from PAC to CLO EUS to be with Hiro. A short while later, Shannon’s father became very ill and they made a decision to standardly route out of the SO to take care of him as her mother could not do it alone.  However, in the world of Miscavology they were not “allowed” this option. Their only “option” was to be declared.

Having landed in Cumming GA with no money (no severance), no job referral or any help from the Church, they started their own home improvement and remodeling company which has been growing steadily now for 5 years.

Both Hiro and Shannon realize there are many others who after years of complete dedication have been left with nothing to start anew and they offer their support to any Independent Scientologists in their area.

“Please contact us and lets work together on a new and very bright future!”

contact: shannon_kimoto@yahoo.com