Daily Archives: October 9, 2009

Texas Independents – Steve Hall, aka “Thoughtful”


In my estimation one person has done more than anyone in the past year to assist Scientologists to wake up and differentiate between the Church of Miscavology’s Reverse Scientology and LRH’s real Scientology. He goes by the moniker “Thoughtful” at his website Scientology-cult.com. Steve has created a hub where Axiom 19 (BRINGING THE STATIC TO VIEW AS-IS ANY CONDITION DEVALUATES THAT CONDITION) has been brought into play in a big way.

While Steve’s activities are international in scope, he is a stable terminal in Big D for a number of folks across Texas operating under the radar in the application of Axiom 19 to the condition that we are confronted with. I help out in the southern region.

If you haven’t already seen Steve’s bio, it is available on his website at:


One of the reasons Steve has been so effective in spreading the word about Scientology, both while in the Church and now outside it, is because he personifies the characterstic that LRH considered the hallmark of a Scientologist: insouciance. So much so that when Steve spoke out publicly, the Church’s only line of attack on him was that he understood and spoke of existence in terms of LRH’s Factors and acknowledged mankind’s joint responsibility in the creation of the universe. In other words, they accused Steve of being a trained Scientologist and OT.

For years Steve led many positive attempts to make Scientology relevant through his specialty, marketing strategy. You’ve seen many of his dissemination campaigns, print ads and TV spots over the years — you just didn’t know he was the creative force behind them. And he’s at it still. Not even Miscavige could shove him off course; Lord knows he tried.

Steve has a high level of confront of evil and a strong purpose to find out the truth and make it known. “Thoughtful” has been a beacon for a lot of folks navigating their way through the fog of suppression emanating from the church. Steve in person is a dynamo that helps people find the strength and wisdom to overcome any odds.