Why for the Golden Age of Tech and F/N confusion

Many people here have pointed out David Miscavige’s technical “why” that lead to the Golden Age of Tech (the blind have been leading the blind) is not a why since it can lead one to ask “why?” of the “why.”   Others have pointed out that if it were the why, then the “who” would be David Miscavige since he had been leading the way for a decade and a half by then.  I have reported earlier on this blog that Miscavige did not even do an evaluation that then lead to the Golden Age of Tech.  He read an eval at the event that released his handling that had been in the works for many months. He wrote the eval as his speech (with the help of Danny Boy of course) the week leading up the the event.

All of your comments got me to thinking about the why for the Golden Age of Tech.  I did my own eval.

Policy:  Keeping Scientology Working

Situation:  Church auditors are being trained to be slaves to procedure, a method LRH stated could lead to the loss of the entire subject of Scientology.


Toward the end of his life LRH made his technical intentions abundantly clear.  After thirty years of development, he narrowed down all major technical problems to two related situations; poor TRs and poor metering. That is why he wrote the technical training film treatments. That is also why he established Golden Era Productions – to produce those films.  That is also why during his last five years, his repeated only wish was to return to the Int base (where Golden Era Productions was located) so that he could complete the Technical Training films. Each of LRH’s film treatment titles was preceded by either the designation “EM” (for Emeter training film) or “TR” (for Training Routine training film). LRH reasoned that  given good TRs and accurate metering an auditor could not help but get case gain on pcs.  It aligned with his SHSBC warning that the only way Scientology could be lost was by Scientologists becoming slaves to procedure. Procedure anyone can learn and do. It was TR’s and metering that were the key to making any procedure work.

correct target – LRH, correct relative importance – LRH, Correct Source – LRH

Instead of completing the films, LRH spent the last five years of his life in seclusion, securely planted there by Miscavige’s deft false reporting ability. On the one hand he reported how LRH would wind up publicly pilloried and possibly in the penitentiary if were to come anywhere near the Int base. On the other hand he continually reported how he was on the verge of attaining an All Clear so that all of that would change.

Incorrectly included false reports – DM, added time – DM, altered importance – DM, Falsehoods – DM

While LRH’s body withered and he ultimately moved on, DM cross ordered LRH by creating ostentatious studios, over-the-top Hollywood level film standards and a whole new “priority” for Golden Era Productions (DM’s event extravaganzas).  As a result, the tech  films were not completed in LRH’s lifetime. Another decade passed and the films were still not completed. A project LRH intended to complete in a matter of months had been delayed for a decade and a half.

Added time – DM, Added inapplicable arbitrary standards – DM, Incorrectly included mega ego – DM, Wrong Source – DM

On the heels of tax exemption (Oct 93) DM spent much of the ensuing two years at Flag.  He pushed a program (brilliantly executed by Bitty Miscavige with the help of Tom Devocht and many others) to upgrade hotel and service areas of FSO.  All cockroaches were cleared out, spaces were renovated and tidied, they even had drinks with umbrellas served to Flag public in the HGC waiting areas.

Adequate MEST upgrade -DM, Bitty, Tom

The MEST upgrades were wildly popular with Flag public who were tired of  paying through the nose to have a session in a 98 degree room while dodging cockroaches. DM basked in the glory. It was like Mussolini making the trains run on time. He made regular appearances at Flag graduation. He had Source mag put his mug on the cover and position the new Flag as his creation. However, with stardom came responsibilities.  DM’s glad handing with public gave them access to bitterly complain about the technical standards at Flag.  Since he had positioned himself, and advertised himself, as being fully responsible for the “new Flag” from top to bottom, he now had to take a look at what was happening technically.

Incorrectly included ego – DM, Wrong Source – DM

Conducting look-in at Flag HGC’s, DM saw the obvious – some overworked, underpaid, unexercised, underfed, unaudited, physically ailing, aging Class XIIs were calling stuck needles “floating needles.” DM – apparently blinded by his hellacious crimes againt L Ron Hubbard and his life-long evaluated terminated handling for out tech – decided LRH was wrong. The reason, pronounced DM, for people calling stuck needles F/Ns was not horrendous TRs and metering (which was absolutely evident), but instead “they don’t know how to get an F/N.” 

Wrong Source – DM

DM instituted requirements that all TR and Metering passes in all technical training be approved by RTC Reps.  The Reps assigned, like DM, for the most part had very little training and even less experience in the chair delivering the Bridge.  All were the  lowest form of DM-lackey robots enforcing DM’s arbitrary, blanket pronunciamentos concerning TRs and Metering.  DM cross ordered the majority of the Int base and for months had them working on hundreds of binders of drills on PROCEDURE.  He then proceeded to jam the binders down the throats of every Scientologist internationally, bringing delivery of Scientology as it was once known to a grinding halt.  Because he couldn’t spot an F/N himself if it loosely and lazily kissed his own eyebrow, DM redefined a floating needle as three even swings of the needle.  In one fell swoop DM brought widespread ruination of cases across the globe.  Prolongation of the situation threatens the very future of the subject of Scientology. Recently, DM committed the final sacrilige, reshooting the last existing LRH directed, narrated and produced technical training film (The Professional TRs Course, where LRH coached and passed TRs students were, we thought, forever captured on celluloid).

Wrong Source – DM.  Incorrectly included tech arbitraries – DM

Outpoint count:

Predominantly Wrong Source and Incorrectly included

majority of outpoints assigned to David Miscavige

Why: To prove his  wrong why “they don’t know how to get an F/N” right, and to make the rest of the world wrong, Miscavige made Scientologists slaves to procedure and redefined an F/N so that nobody could achieve one.

Who: David Miscavige

Resources:  LRH Tech readily available to the world. LRH trained technical compilers in the independent movement. Hundreds of trained Scientologists who have rejected Miscavology.


1.  Cancel Golden Age of Tech.  DONE by this issue

2. Cancel RTC “passes” requirements on TR’s and metering. DONE by this issue.

3. Reinstate Academy Level and higher class auditor training to pre 96 (pre-GAT) checksheets and material, where a student does TRs in a disciplined and purposeful manner , and learns metering and TR’s from LRH material and LRH meter drilling (as sup’d by auditors with lots of VWDAHs under their belts).

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  1. Brilliant analysis Marty, and probably one of the few — if not the only — persons who was close enough to the situation and had enough firsthand data, to put such an eval together.

    Thank You!

  2. Marty (and all);
    Independent checksheets are currently compiled for Student Hat, M1 Co-audit, Academy Levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and NED. They’ll be available shortly, based on the 1987 checksheets. More to come.
    (The Original) Joe Howard
    (PS. I can’t wait to see the new version of the film since I heard that the actors are not even Scientologists, much less auditors. How is that going to taste, Academy students?)

  3. A standard eval is like poetry. It just flows.

    And the handling is easy. Doesn’t require something unattainable.

    Bravo Marty.


  4. martyrathbun09

    Smokin’ Joe.

  5. Oh my god.

    Thats the highest on the tone scale I’ve been in a while, towards the end reading the handlings. I dont even know where, maybe like 8.0 or something. I couldnt even read the last sentence or two for a minute. I think I was exterior. Wow!

    I just wish I would have known this stuff like ten years ago. I was at Flag then and the RTC reps you talk about were obviously not trained. They would flunk videos for weird arbitrary things.

  6. I have nothing to add because there is nothing to add. There’s the sit and there’s the why.

    Great job Marty.

    I’m ready to audit again.

  7. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tony DePhillips


    That was a nice eval and sounded so sane it kind of shocked me. I had become so used to getting mumbo jumbo from the church, this is a breath of fresh air!

    I also liked the fact that you just acted and became a much needed cause point on getting things back under control. Thanks.


  9. Marty,

    Brilliant and inspirational. Let’s go.
    DM, your time up!
    As Tory says, “tick tock, tick tock”

    Reading truth is joyful.

  10. Man O Man I just blew a shitload of charge!!!! Phew!
    Thank you Marty, so much for that!

  11. Awesome, Joe. I did my training on those earlier checksheets and want to re-study them and listen to the tapes again. Looking forward to it!
    I’m glad I got to audit a bunch BEFORE the BS hit the fan and left shortly after it splattered allover my life!

  12. Mike Lemeron

    Thanks, Joe! You da man!!! LRH personally coached and approved your performance of the TRs as the standard tech example of correct TRs 0-4. I was there. I saw it for myself. Anything else is NOT LRH!

  13. Wow! That’s completely awesome!

    PS: New film directed by Mitch Brisker as usual? Not sure how much auditor training he’s had.

  14. Mike Lemeron

    Thanks, Marty! All of what you wrote totally rings true to me. You are 1000% correct. How about 1,000,000% !! I see an up and coming trend about to snowball with much wdahs happening outside the “church” – and standard tech people turning their backs on the out tech that der Leader has spewn throughout what used to be a standard scene.

  15. LFBD F/N.

    Do I want others to have similar wins to those I’ve had (reading this and other material on this forum)? Absolutely.

    Thank you for all you are doing. I am shocked, but not surprised, at the degree of squirreling that has been going on. This thing with F/Ns just blows me away. With all the emphasis on KSW (back when….), I am just blown away that ANYONE would have accepted a NON LRH definition of an F/N or even the tech degrade of the so called Golden Era of Technology (“it’s old – we don’t use that anymore…”).

    This discussion forum has given me hope again – maybe not for the church itself, but for the subject of Scientology and for the visions LRH articulated and expressed in his writings.

    I agree with Margaret above. You are unique in being able to do this. Thank you for accepting the mission!


  16. Thanks Marty! There’s no other words or critique needed for your eval as it’s spot on!

    It’s amazing that there was no prior Eval as DM stated at the event release for GAT – he and Dan Sherman are LIARs supreme for saying that to the thousands who saw the event. Just another lie among many.

    Thank you for the data that’s filled in the pieces for me. I knew that between DM and Pat, LRH was kept from coming back on the lines as he intended. In Feb 1980, LRH’s last words to me was: “See you soon.” as I closed the door to the van he left in, going off the lines from where we lived in Hemet. I did get his intention that he was not going to go for long, which was torpedoed by DM, ultimately which I only suspected.

    Ironically, my last straw was the fact that the RTC rep of the Sandcastle called an F/N on me when I was totally seething and furious due to DM ordering me onto his new Pro TRs and metering course I did not want to do!

  17. Excellent work, MR.

    I was audited by a VERY uptone OT VIII once and the meter was there more or less as an accessory. We barely needed bodies to communicate, much less three even flows of the needle to tell us what we both already long before knew. But if you wanted to sabotage Scientology, invalidating F/Ns, just like the State of Clear, is a good place to start.

  18. I like where this is going

  19. Fellow Traveller


    Bruce Pratt

  20. Hooooo RAY! One of the biggest ✺rays✺ of hope for the future I have seen in a long time.
    Brilliant and spot on eval.
    Major relief.
    Right whys open doors and blow open stops. Marty, Thank ✩You✩.
    Admiration for your chops! That’s how it’s done!!

  21. Fellow Traveller

    Re reading it, I am now struck by this outpoint:

    Conducting look-in at Flag HGC’s, DM saw the obvious – some overworked, underpaid, unexercised, underfed, unaudited, physically ailing, aging Class XIIs were calling stuck needles “floating needles.” DM

    Ain’t that another situation all in itself — abuse and misuse of the Class XIIs?

    Bruce Pratt

  22. DM has been and is pretending to be Source. One of his grossest criminal acts was the dev-t and prevention of LRH created and approved training films. All for what? Self-importance. Greed. Same ol’ smalltime twobit story history books are full of.

  23. My head feels like it has a tight band round it!
    I would assume that the use of non-scn actors is to get around the actors leaving the cos after the release of the film.
    Hopefully the original film will be kept somewhere. I am sure that it has come up more than a few times asking where Joe Howard went or why he went?

  24. I would like to indicate that my needle is floating.

    P.S. Thanks to Joe Howard for the news about the new checksheets. That was awesome.

  25. Thank you Marty for the reinstatement of simplicity. LRH did say Scientology could heal itself with a proper Qual. Thank’s for wearing the Sr Qual Sec Hat INT!

    One thing that has to be mentioned is that auditors are the most important people on the planet and should be handled like racehorses! Well rested and well fed and happy. Then they can be free of PTPs and keep their TRs in.

  26. I would loooooove to get your take on at what point did COB decide that the next Why and Handling was to shorten all Grades delivery down to 1/10 of the time. A public I know just completed ARC S/W through Grade IV in 12 days at Flag.

  27. Jean-François Genest

    Very good evaluation Marty! (i hope it finally fills the void in people’s mind)

    I worked first hand on the MASSIVE fabrication of those GAT binders myself. The crew was massacered in order to translate, print, produce package & ship them to FSO and ALL orgs in time for the unveiling at the “Event of the Century”, under the VERY HARSH supervision of the RTC slave drivers. (AVC Aide RTC and all)

    One thing you could add to your data files, Marty:

    An earlier beginning.
    A year or two earlier, DM had instituted a HUGE make wrong on auditors, course supervisors, Tech and Qual staff about the way the E-meter cans were ‘supposed’ to be held by the PCs/Pre-OTs. Apparently, DM had found that out while “inspecting” the FSO (as if he would KNOW what to look for…).

    Very late one Saturday evening, the whole FCB staff was convened and briefed by Pablo Lobato, WDC SMI at the time.
    His first sentence was:
    “Folks, the Mecca of Technical perfection IS NO MORE !”
    He added: “Flag is no longer the Mecca of Technical perfection. COB and other Int Execs just did an inspection of the FSO and found A LOT OF OUT-TECH going on. COB is staying at the FSO to remedy the situation himself.”

    All staff of the Flag Bureaux were then Meter-Checked and sorted accordingly. ALL had to write their O/Ws on the FSO and FLB (even if NONE existed for some). The FSO Programs Chief, was removed from post, sent to the decks, sec checked, and watched by security guards 24/7. I know because I had to do some overnight watch shifts myself outside the door of the sleeping quarters of that staff.
    Those who did first hand management of the FSO such as the Aides (International Division Secretaries), the CO FB, CO FCB, etc. were also put through the grinder.

    DM and his servants also made the Flag Bureaux wrong for “NOT” managing the FSO correctly since the FB “MISSED” all the GROSS out-tech. He then stripped the management of the FSO off of the Flag Bureaux and assigned it to Exec Stata & CMO Int.

    Shortly after that, the FCB personnel was ripped in half, and quicksilvered (NEVER REPLACED) to the FLB and posted there permanently. Mark Ingber ran the “project” and got promoted in rank later on for having overhauled the reorganization of the FLB. David Miscavidge clamored himself as the savior who returned FSO to its “Mecca” status.

    It was around that time that that Cathy Rinder (Deputy WDC Chairman at the time), Foster Thomkins and a whole new Command Team along with 4 CO FCB’s MAAs (enforcers) descended on the FCB and took over.

    Miscavidge’s The New Era Of MIS-Management was modeled on the Flag Land Base re-organization. The Golden Age of Trash followed shortly after that.

  28. Awesome! Glad to hear it. I was just talking with a friend today about options in classed auditor training. 🙂

  29. This is awesome by the way. It’s interesting that you note the FIRST POiNT where he went unusual was in saying it’s not that the XII’s TR’s and metering were out, but that THEY DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO GET AN F/N.

    As an aside, it was either in IGNWB #22 or it was in the GAT release event video itself where DM said “anyone could have done this investigation” implying that he was kind of bypassing everyone by doing what anyone else could have done if they were as smart as himself.

    I remeber thinking, “Dude, if ANYONE other than you said that it was going to take this NEW MASSiVE REVOLUTIONARY change in training procedure that we’ve never seen before just to train a standard auditor they would have been declared instantly for KSW and TECH DEGRADE violations.”

    No Sir, only you could have done this, and gotten away with it. You, and you alone.

  30. one of those who see


  31. Wow. DM has the audacity to re-do TR4?? What is the friggin’ reason he is stating this? (My guess of the real reason is that he can’t stand to have the celluloid Dan Koon’s TRs being the equivalent of an HCOB)

    I doubt this remake is going to go over very well with even the most die-hard followers of DeMand Intention.

    Would like more info on this please!

  32. This is going to be funny! Not a chance for an actor to really pass the TRs just by faking them. Just by acting them is a flunk, no matter how good the actor is! I bet not even TC can do them for real. Anybody in on this bet?

  33. I’ve had my own share of wrong critics by untrained RTC Reps, they are atrocious!!! I was hardly ever upset by a correct critique done by a competent Tech terminal, but boy, did those incompetent people pissed me off!!!

  34. Clear cut, to the point, spot on write up. It unveils the arbitraries that Miscavige intoduced, while standard and simple LRH’s programs existed already.
    As usual, Ron did forsee this kind of situation:

    Arbitraries can be introduced which thereafter require constant and
    changing solutions which even then do not improve things.
    When this happens, one must locate the arbitrary itself that is causing the
    need of solution and abolish it.
    An arbitrary, by definition, is an interjected law or rule or decision which
    does not fit or is unnecessary.
    (…)So an arbitrary must be something contrary to the general scheme of things
    and, while a lie, is yet held in place by law or public ignorance.
    Arbitraries are usually introduced by those who aren’t quite bright enough to
    achieve a result through wise measures. And otherwise wise men thereafter can
    spend decades and invent whole law codes trying to handle the problems so set up.
    (…)I have always been able to trace bogs to skipped orders.(…)
    Ordinarily one doesn’t need new programs but needs the follow-through on
    programs that have not been complied with.”

  35. A gem. Beautiful eval. VGI’s here.

  36. Marty, as a CoS critic at xenu.net, I can fully
    corroborate what you are saying. Fully 80% of the former Scientologists who contacted me — and I have spoken to over 200+ in the last five years — privately told me that they first became disaffected with CoS due to GAT.

    I have never shared this data in public because I did not want OSA to know it. I now publicly share it to affirm what you are saying.

    As a critic, and I speak only for myself, I knew what buttons to push online for lurking Scientologists. GAT was, and remains, a major button to push. I want to see people leave CoS. What works is pushing the GAT, COB, and Ideal Org buttons. I guess it perhaps puts CoS members into restim?

    The critics saw DM as the bad guy years ago. We saw that he was ripping off Scientologists. We posted the horror stories. We exposed DM’s lies and posted photos of his big phony golden foam columns online. We did this in hopes that people would leave CoS.

    I support the Independents. I oppose CoS because it harms and rapes people financially and spiritually. It all leads to DM.

    DM’s outrageous actions handed the critics evidence n a silver platter.

    DM is still doing this.

    DM is still giving critics all the evidence we need to expose him as a fraud and a crook. DM makes being a CoS critic easy.

    The work of the Independents, and I speak only for myself as a critic, has allowed me to see that there are enormous differences between what DM calls “Scientology” and what the Indies call “Scientology.”

    Someone posted here that the subject needs to be split off from the Organization and I agree.


  37. Theo Sismanides

    Standard Admin Eval.

    The Solution to the problem is the Admin Tech.

    We all have to pitch in and do our part. This brilliant on Source Eval by Marty is based Admin Technology.

    Admin is the KEY. The Independents have to keep on that Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin path.

    Thank you Marty and thank you to all of you guys doing your part.

  38. Marty:

    This is a brilliant post which will blow so much charge for so many.

    There is probably no more higher percentage of upset in the field than the DM definition of the FN causing agonizing over runs and belated upsets.

    Many get in touch before and after a visit from Emily Becker and Valerie.

    Many get in touch before after cycles with Hansuili and Mike Sutter and Marion.

    Much is said, much is debriefed ~~
    but no matter what the situation is, it is the bad tech, the out tech, the 3 swings of the needle and the messed up clear cycles that is losing the Church public.

    Hurray for this !

    1. Cancel Golden Age of Tech. DONE by this issue

    2. Cancel RTC “passes” requirements on TR’s and metering. DONE by this issue

  39. Tory Christman

    Well done, Marty. I lived through that crap on
    OT 7—-and truly, it was painful to live through
    such outrageous OUT TECH.
    Thank you for your Eval, making it pubic.

    Yes, Davey boy—as Penny said:
    your time is up!
    Tick tock, Tick tock, Time is on *our* side! 🙂
    To anyone reading this–listen to your heart.
    Hear it? shhhh—-listen quietly to your own
    instincts: You know.
    Torture is something you have to agree to.
    Don’t agree. The torture is over.

  40. Dean Detheridge

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely


    This is a quotation from Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    Acton was preceded by William Pitt the Elder, who voiced a similar thought in a House of Lords speech in 1770:

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins.”

  41. Worsel’s recent post “Look!” on scientology-cult.com is also makes a great point re: making auditors in quantity vs. quality.

  42. Forgive my inexpertise but the F/N is with the PC whether the PC is on the meter or not is’nt it? The meter just mechanically confirms the F/N for Audited proceedure and admin lines. So what are you trying to say with this changeing of F/N business? Why the difference?

    And AS for you Jim! “Come with me if you want to live”


  43. OMG Marty!!….This is brilliant and awesome and oh my god!!

    Original Joe Howard..CHECKSHEETS YAH!!that is the best news I have heard in a long time..

    dm reshot the film!!..That is devastating surely no-one could possibly stay in when thats released..surely surely not.

  44. Great writeup Marty! It helps to sort out confusions.

    DATA SERIES – What a great tool!

    “…LRH spent the last five years of his life in seclusion, securely planted there by Miscavige’s deft false reporting ability….” – Marty

    The beginning of this entire mess, the early 80’s, reminds me of how a “staged event” or “staged false situation” can be utilized to dominate others. We see this with DM. We also see governments or corporations utilize this method in order to dominate.

  45. Thought Provoking

    So did I as soon as I hit the handling section!!!

  46. Thought Provoking


    I can’t even imagine what the new film would be like. I can hardly believe that he would have the audacity to redo LRH on film. Actually, didn’t he already redo the Married Couple…but to redo the TRs film…OMG! My jaw is still dragging on the floor.

    Terrific news on all the checksheets!

  47. Virgil Samms

    Spot on Marty. Joe (oringinal) that’s hot on the checksheets! I’m ready to deliver. However, I want to add the PRD. I realize that’s a point of another eval, but I want to add it to this program. Okay?

    ML Tom

  48. Watching Eyes

    Great eval.

    re cancelling the GAT: GREAT. Long time coming. The dwarf must be going through bottles of scotch after reading that.

    When I was on lines at Flag I looked up to the RTC Reps. I assumed they were very trained. I mean, how could they be in such of position if they weren’t? After reading this eval, I now know otherwise.
    Nobody would have dared asked an RTC Rep what their training was or if they’d ever had a lick of auditing. However, one for one they assumed a superior attitude. I never understood why they’d act that way. Perhaps that was to mask the withhold of being less trained/audited than the majority of the public and staff.

  49. This is so true. I did a technical mission to Buffalo once because the Tech was beoming “Robotized” an they were not getting good results. I had them listen to an LRH Auditing session — and 100% of them said LRH was doing it wrong. He laughed with the PC and it seemed like they were just having a conversation. Well, guess what? THAT is excellent auditing, the auditor is 100% with and for the PC, but at the same time maintaining forward movement of the session — that is so well done, the PC probably doesn’t even notice….

  50. I love the smell of correct Why’s in the morning.

  51. Brilliant and oh so obvious once laid out as you did Marty.

    I trained auditors pre-gat and I “trained” auditors post gat.

    Sorry about that!!

    *I* was the blind one at the time! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

    DM’s overts made him blind and so we dutifully put our blindfolds on and he lead us quietly off the road to freedom and took us to the road to nowhere.

    That F/N bullshit caved so many people in!!

    Well, I’d better go brush up on my rehab tech as many pcs will need so rehabbing of FNs and bypassed states of release!

    Their needles will repond properly once again!

    “Sorry about that folks – that guide was insane – follow me back over to this main path that will lead to OT.

    We are following again the trail LRH blazed once again.


  52. Marty Rathbun, Thank YOU!
    For years I’d been looking for and asking where is Qual? I found it here, MOQ.
    After reading Peter’s page I again looked for and asked, where is/was HCO? I found it, here, HCO Bring Order, and it did! Phew! VWD, an eval with data that makes sense and is workable. woo-hoo! :o)

  53. martyrathbun09

    Good observation. It is prohibited to audit like LRH in the C of M.

  54. martyrathbun09

    They were actually drilled on acting superior and aloof.

  55. Watching Eyes

    I gasped when I read your answer. Took my breath away! Drilled on it??? How weird is that!

    On a lighter note, it’s validating to read this. So I wasn’t being critical after all. Or paranoid. Just observant. Thank you Marty.

  56. I was at Flag from ’92 to ’96 as an outer org trainee. I was stuck in my Class IV internship during the time DM was running the HGC. I ended up training as a Sup during the GAT evolution. Your eval sounds accurate. Thanks!

  57. martyrathbun09

    Interesting how every one of his “admin handlings” is run like a Stalin purge, isn’t it?

  58. martyrathbun09

    First, did you notice in the Seattle Idle Orgs opening speech he said that progress up the bridge is being 10X’d? I guess that means he’s gonna wave a wand like Tinkerbelle and annoint releases and Clears.

  59. martyrathbun09

    lookingin, when I learned this news I said, “I don’t care if Joe Howard is in front of AOLA burning the little dictator in effigy, to take that original film out of the line up is sacrilige of the worst kind.”

  60. martyrathbun09


  61. martyrathbun09

    Man Sinar, you just set a lot in few words. Thanks.

  62. I woke up this morning remembering something that happened at Flag in 1996 when I was there for that fateful Senior C/S conference. It finally makes sense.

    I was standing in reception of the Fort Harrison, waiting for my stinking badge, when this stir rippled through the area, a reaction not unlike when a huge celeb is found amongst their adoring fans. I looked around but couldn’t see anything. Then I realize everyone was looking up while they waved and called out their praise. So I looked up. Standing on the mezzanine, looking down, was DM posing with his expensive cashmere overcoat draped a la movie star, across his shoulders, soaking up the adoration and fan love with a huge smile cracking his face. I mean, he was loooooving it.

    I had never seen a top Sea Org executive act with anything other than classy humility so I was puzzled, big time.

    Until I read your eval Marty.

  63. Marty, I agree re “sacrilege of the worst kind”. It is his most egregious and flagrant alteration of the tech- there is no dancing around this one. This is a visual LRH creation, and he has replaced it. Last throes, maybe?

  64. Nightmares Getting Less


    I had an (unannounced) visit from Emily Becker and Valerie.

    Allbeit, was 2 years ago. They were both very nice and all, but fortunately I didn’t give in ultimately. This eval does more for me, thanks.

  65. Barney Rubble


    Was your ex- wife Anne RTC Inspector herself trained at all? Curious.

  66. Auditing now consists almost entirely of auditors ‘Waiting for the Meter to play Dixie’. How completely off purpose and squirrel can you get?

    What’s next? Dispense with the PC and just have the auditors audit simulators?
    That would eliminate the problem of ‘dog PCs’ and give DM perfect F/Ns on demand.

    Think of how much we could speed up auditing!

    Mike – I think the sarcasm is contagious…

  67. Thought Provoking

    “I’m ready to audit again.”

    And there is your product, Marty!

  68. Watching Eyes

    It’s still early in the day and already there’s over 60 comments on this posting. I predict this one may reach an all-time high for number of comments. I mean, everybody has something on this golden age of crap and the F/N disaster. Everybody. Generality intended.

  69. martyrathbun09

    She trained on the fly – up to Class Grad V – all the while enforcing the most bizarre DM arbitraries on TRs, Metering, and Intership. Never audited anyone through a grade.

  70. Dean,

    What you say is true, but I don’t want anyone to have the idea that DM didn’t have an LRH solution for his situation (powerful but untrained executived faced with additional problems he was not trained to handle).

    LRH says he should have operated thus:

    Executive and Governing Body Errors and Answers

    Anyone in an executive position must be in possession of information concerning his post and the functions of the organization or unit he is heading. Lacking it he becomes the effect of post and organization and begins to create unreal orders and situations which result in down statistics all around.

    In principle anyone in charge of anything should know the workings and functions of every unit, item or action of which he has charge. If he lacks such he should be careful to take advices from his juniors before issuing any order to make certain it can be carried out, is necessary and conforms to workable practice.

    Anyone while learning an executive post and yet acting as that executive should spend the bulk of his time in study and should issue NO orders and approve of NO orders until he has taken up the matter with those who will be affected by those orders before they are issued.

    Eventually as one learns his post, after months or years, he or she can begin to issue orders independent of taking advices first from those the orders will affect. In this way an executive not yet well trained or experienced can keep things going while he is studying his position and those things under him.

    An executive cannot call himself fully competent or informed until he has studied all literature, past orders and policies which affect his position or any activity under him and can handle any machine or operation in any unit of which he has charge. Until then he had better adhere closely to the rule that before he issues any order he had better consult with all those it will affect.

    However, in doing this, he must not at the same time issue only popular orders or orders
    tending to break down the existing structure just to reduce labour or hours on the job or raise pay.

    A great many persons fail as executives solely because they:
    (a) Do not proceed as above on a new job or promotion or
    (b) Fail to hold together and control the activities in which they find themselves in charge or
    (c) Use their position solely to buy popularity or
    (d) Form a clique for their own self protection against the mob.

    It takes a very sensible person to succeed on a new job as an executive without previous
    experience or previous study but if a person follows this advice as given herein he or she can win and hold the statistics up and even raise them. (End of quote).

    Marty had just finished years of extensive tech training. Did he take advice from Marty? Like hell he did. Too busy failing from a) to d) above.

  71. awesome posting Marty. I am getting calls daily reporting all the out tech on the FN”s. The by-passed charge is enought to fill universes and the results are , illness, death, anger of a magnitude I have never before experienced. People are on edge (generality intended).

    thanks for the eval.

  72. Wow, I don’t even know what to say.

    The LRH directed Pro Tr’s film with Dan Koon starrng as Joe Howard is the most wonderful film I have ever seen. I could watch that film over and over.

    That DM nooked the film says it all.

  73. Exactly. What he omitted was that it’s one tenth the number of people moving up the Bridge, but they are just being attested at 10x the normal speed…and then boasting about that speed of delivery in session…hmmmmmmm.

  74. Independent Scientologist

    I’d like a response to this opinion:

    The one good thing that has come out of GAT is the reads simulator.

    Using a simulatr to drill a person beats the pants of off trying to create realistic reads by squeezing and/or waving the cans around.

    So if you fixed the simulator to produce F/Ns based on LRH’s definition, and removed everything but unscripted drilling, wouldn’t this be a great tool?

    If not – why?

  75. Thanks for presenting the facts not known to the layman, Marty.

    Like “Instead of completing the films, LRH spent the last five years of his life in seclusion, securely planted there by Miscavige’s deft false reporting ability.”

    From HCOB 29 Dec 78 “The Suppressed Person Rundown” :

    “The pc, due to some act or acts previously committed, has gone the effect of the antagonistic terminal. The terminal then attempts to suppress the pc. The pc, already the effect of the terminal, becomes the effect of the suppression.”

    This explains very well to me what LRH’s situation was and how he became effect of DM.

  76. Great write-up Marty. The background data is very helpful.
    As you know there is also an “Ethics” why and an “Admin” why. Then of course the full handling.
    People are still going to ask why did this happen, why was it allowed to happen…and what to do about it?
    I won’t comment on the ethics why here.
    As regards the admin why, you have to look at the SO becoming the absolute power. A cloistered, self appointed, fascistic, super secret organization run by a mad man cannot be a good thing. Prior to DM’s coup, the secular GO kept things in check.
    As to the ultimate handling, I’ve posted a good description of the “virtual” solution here: http://www.freeheber.com/index.php?title=Break_the_Monopoly
    for anyone interested in how the Internet can be part of the “handling”.

    Thanks again Marty.
    That sunshine sure is a great disinfectant!

  77. Theo Sismanides

    “See you soon” Sinar, that says it all!

  78. Theo Sismanides

    Gandiguy, that’s a right indication for a hat! The tech will be lost without Admin. Thanks for pointing this out for Marty.

  79. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, man you’re right. And then talk about Admin. It got a bad, bad name, man from DM! No, LRH would be smooth and by the book on admin. No Stalin purges here!

  80. Excellent points, Jonathan.

    Two cents to add:

    In the years since I left the (dis)organization, I’ve repeatedly run into people who recoil at the mention of Scientology. They equate the SUBJECT with the organization and its collective attitudes and actions. In every such instance, calmly handling the origination and explaining the difference between organization and subject brings about understanding, and almost always interest in what Scientology REALLY is.

    Good thing there are still LRH books and lectures available, and a growing network of independents such people can be sent to for some of Ron’s brand. You couldn’t very well send them to one of the dead-or-dying squirrel cages Dave and his PTS cadre are falsely PRing.

  81. My wife got flunked on her video at Flag for “not slouching correctly.”
    I swear I’m not kidding. That’s exactly what the friggin sup said. This was just before we left the church of miscavology on March 13, 2006.

  82. martyrathbun09

    David, understood. Working on a larger project to address that.

  83. martyrathbun09

    I think it is a distraction. It gives the apparency of technological perfection. In fact the comm lag between a guy pushing the read button and moving his pencil is the same if not a little more off with the former. I didn’t train with a simulator. We don’t need no stinking simulators.

  84. DFB aka Dfb99

    I guess if you 10x speed of delivery and brag about it at the event it’s different than “boasting as to speed of delivery in a session” , or “Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations”, or “Acting in any way calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to use or impede it’s use or shorten it’s materials or it’s application.”.

    I guess LRH was talking about something else when he wrote Technical Degrades and KSW1.

    In the promo video Flag reges are handing out the most common win PC’s give for their grades is that they cant believe it went so fast.

  85. Audit simulators! What a great idea!

    Time to scrap the stupid things. They only make badly simulated auditors anyway, and take a hideously long time to do it.

    The good old days of the trusty No. 2 simulator with an eraser on one end are back.

  86. Leonore, I was on Pro metering a couple years ago, we weren’t shown a definition, but if we didn’t wait the obligatory 3 swings we were made to word clear the definition of rhythmic refering to HCOB 21 July 1978 “What is a Floating Needle
    A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle.
    That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.
    So we weren’t given a new definition, just forced to accept an interpretation of the definition. If you didn’t buy it you had to find your M/U.

  87. DFB aka Dfb99

    I think I got flunked because I “looked weird”.
    My twin was a mess he got flunked so many times for weird stuff. Not friendly, smiling too much, not enough, looks weird, etc.
    It had the same feel as the patter drill.
    The sups would coach you to pass the video and you would create a robotic “perfect TR video”.

    Recently I ran through my TR’s again in a more sane environment and fixed a lot of that stuff, but I dont think the Flag Pro TR’s would have helped me audit much.

  88. martyrathbun09

    A subtle technical point. My observation. Most, if not all, F/Ns do as the redefinition describes. However, if one waits for all that to occur before indicating the F/N, in most cases it doesn’t live to perform that phenomena. As a sage man once quipped, “the meter was made in the nawth.”

  89. DFB aka Dfb99

    That is shocking, puzzling and bizzare, yet true.

  90. JF, you have some dates messed up. Foster Tompkins, Cathy Rinder and the 4 MAAs were prior to the GAT release, I think around 1994. During that GAT evolution (1996) we already had another new command team headed by Ron Norton, CO FLO/ILO who was fired in from Int just prior to the GAT release to put in the new Era of Mismanagement.

    Btw, I remember you from those times.

  91. Barney Rubble

    Agree, also note that DM changed the definition of an Instant Read, those simulators mess up an auditors ability to call accurate Instant Reads.

    While we’re at it, we should also “cancel “the friggin hidden camera’s in auditing rooms. I’m all for getting video passes on internships (by an an actual trained C/S), but the constant lurking in auditing sessions is too Orwell like.

  92. DFB aka Dfb99

    It’s a gimmick. In order to drill with it you have to already have it down. If you already understood what you were drilling you could drill with it, but if you dont understand it’s just pressing buttons and the student giving robotic, scripted responses. It’s really almost a distraction to drilling. Have you gotten wins from using it?

  93. Marty, good that you are digging into these things. I have heard the “Why” advanced that everyone, including LRH, “went PTS to” DM. In my opinion, that can’t be a real Why as one can ask “why?” After all, SP/PTS tech has been broadly available and LRH certainly knew it.

  94. miscsaviage’s world is loaded with vias and simulators or synthetics.
    And the patter drills that go with the simulator violate the Coaching HCO B all to hell; the loses that people take on those drills are significant and in my opinion, you end up with a substitute or synthetic auditor. And synthetic OT’s. And on and on…

  95. DFB aka Dfb99

    David, I think your web idea can be a good communication and organizing tool, but I’m very excited to see some actual Independent orgs apparently starting up. If there is a freedom to create independent orgs they will happen and could easily outproduce “Ideal” orgs since they might actually deliver results.

  96. Thanks Marty, this Eval totally indicates. Auditing has not been the same since GAT. As a matter of fact, the last sessions I had a few years ago in the CofM were nightmarish. I just wanted them to end and when it was finally over, I was relieved to know that I did not have to go to the examiner anymore to produce the 3 swing F/N.

  97. Great eval Marty, now the thing to do is get those ‘IN’ to look at it. If someone has a blog of innocuous title that’s still under the radar, this could be posted there and those ‘affeared’ to look at Marty’s site could be directed there to see the ‘new eval.’ I remember in the early 80’s when the Kingsley Wimbush evel was passed from hand to hand all over the world. I myself read it sitting in the hourglass restaurant at Flag.

  98. Thanks for the crystal clear eval, I agree fully, with one exception:

    The Who

    Would suggest that this Who is included in the steps of the handling as

    – Demanding David Miscavige to resign immediately!

  99. DFB aka Dfb99

    What does MOQ stand for?

  100. Fellow Traveller

    Marty said:

    “I don’t care if Joe Howard is in front of AOLA burning the little dictator in effigy, to take that original film out of the line up is sacrilige of the worst kind.”

    Would you feel the same if Joe was actually committing a really suppressive act?

    Just wonderin’…..

    Bruce Pratt

  101. Fellow Traveller

    Huck — good to see you here again. I’ve missed you.

    To what you say here about the meter being an accessory — amen brother. The way this redefinition f*ks with the auditing comm cycle is just so insidious. I also heard from a well trained terminal I highly respect that in Solo, the meter is an accessory. The Solo auditor who knows his stuff, knows. The meter is an adjunct. It makes perfect sense.
    Jim, Joe P, Ralph H and others summed up that aspect so well in an earlier post.

    Bruce Pratt

  102. Dear Marty,

    Thank you so much for this work. The conclusion is so simple and clear. Of course.

    The facts leading up to GAT, FNs, etc. needed to be put in writing. Haven’t I heard somewhere that ‘if it isn’t written it isn’t true’?

    Hey dm, if you look up you’ll see the incoming scud missiles.

    Oh wait, did I just hear a large KABOOM?



  103. Two things:
    1) OUTSTANDING Eval, Marty. As an FEBC, I really appreciate the out-points we could never see as Class V Staff/Public/Independents. Drove me nuts for YEARS knowing there were outnesses, but NOT knowing what they were. I think my sleep may just improve!

    2) Just had an realization – It was mentioned above how what Independents are calling “Scientology” and what DM is calling “Scientology” are two totally different things that need to be differentiated.

    That’s done now with Independent Scientologists. And the new acronym of I.S. or “IS” I think is rather profound. IS is a good word. 😉 As opposed to CoS which is more of an “ISN’T” to me. LOL

  104. martyrathbun09

    You think like a Texan, in a good way.

  105. martyrathbun09

    I’d feel the same way.

  106. martyrathbun09

    For all intents and purposes, he did some time ago.

  107. Marty, I agree about the instantness of the button pushing, but where I got an ability out of using the thing is in duplicating reads. The coach sets the original read, then presses lots of other similar reads, but you have to learn to observe the exact size of read so you will spot it when it shows up again. this as well as the increased gradient of doing this while keeping trs and total session admin. Again a lot is dependent on the ability of the coach, and nothing approaches the action of lots of hours in the chair with a real PC, while getting cramming/instruction by a good C/S or well trained supervisor. Just sayin’

  108. martyrathbun09

    Ok – you have something on size of reads drilling – for what that is worth in actual auditing.

  109. Virgil Samms

    Joe, let me know when these checksheets become available. I am going to open a training here in the west as soon as I can.

    Linda and I are both HPCSC’s interned under Ron Norton (way before he DM puke) and we are going to turn out real auditors and c/ses just like we did in the 70’s.

    ML Tom

  110. Fellow Traveller

    Marty originally called Jim Master of Qual or MOQ.

    Jim says he is Minister of Qual.


  111. martyrathbun09

    Same difference.

  112. The EP of any process is F/N, cognition, and VGI’s. The F/N, in my experience, merely mirrors the cognition. The VGI’s reflect the cognition. With or without a meter, a relevant cognition will be the end of the process.

    Also, say a guy’s running engrams, cognites that the reason his neck is always sore is because he fell off a cliff in 1432 and broke his neck. Big cog. Happy as can be. But a thetan is quick. The f/n occurred, but he almost simultaneously thinks, “I wonder if the inflammation in my knees has something to do with crawling on my knees for a mile as penance or something.” It’s just a quick passing thought, but it’s enough to obscure an F/N if you aren’t totally focused and if you don’t understand the mechanics of what just happened. Indicating the F/N will put his attention back on the end phenomenon of what he just ran, and the F/N will usually broaden as he forgets about his knee. Not calling the F/N gives him a chance to dive into the knee thing, plus, you’ll start grinding on the incident or go earlier similar and dig him in deeper.

    It’s about session control. Start change stop on that exact process. The more precisely you manage the process cycle, the better for the pc.

    The key to F/N’s is knowing why they occur. What are the concurrent indicators. You learn to spot when the E/P is coming so you can concentrate, so your attention isn’t on admin at the exact moment when the F/N starts.

    You can get an “F/N” on someone completely ARC broken. Indicators are crucial. Indicators are crucial. Understanding why is crucial.

    Same with TR’s. Too often, TR’s become an unnatural drill valence. That’s why LRH’s communication in session seemed like out-TR’s. Auditors in training start drilling the mechanics of communication without grasping that these mechanics originate from a knowing awareness. From an actual being. You get a mechanical substitution for communication rather than one being communicating to another. Unnatural verses natural.

    It’s why some people seem to have natural TRs. Because they do. They can confront another being; they care about that being; and they communicate directly to that being. Adding TR’s 2, 3 and 4 simply teach such a person to handle a cycle of communication better.

    TRs weren’t designed to train robots, but, unfortunately, drilling TR’s often produced a robotic type of valence–a machine that communicates rather than a being who communicates directly to another being.

    TRs can’t grant beingness. Only a thetan can do that.


  113. Fellow Traveller

    Darn. My humor wasn’t. I’ll just ack the loss here and press on.


  114. Fellow Traveller

    Soul Mate.

    Therefore LRH’s emphasis on the rock solid foundation of auditing — TRs and Metering. In that order.

    Bruce Pratt

  115. Thought Provoking

    WOW, I used to regret not getting trained but after reading all the comments here, I am glad that I never had time to do my training in the CoS. So much false data and confusion around the subject!

    The only metering that I have done was M1-Co audit and they hadn’t messed with that checksheet at the time that I had done it. I almost feel lucky to be able to train with a clean slate on the subject.

    Another great post, Michael. God I love your viewpoint!

  116. DFB aka Dfb99


  117. Watching Eyes

    I agree that the names need to be differentiated so there’s no doubt that the Indys are in no way associated with DM’s cult. However, I’m not crazy about calling it the “IS”. That’s too close to the IAS for my comfort.

    Marty, you might ask people to send in various names for the Indys. Then you could put up a poll on the blog and see what people like the best.

  118. Sam;

    I think DM and his bots are building special video auditing booths. To be at your “Ideal Org” soon.

    You will hold the cans attached to the video screen and one auditor for all with special TR’s only an actor can produce will give you the auditing commands.

    You will have to cognite on que during three swings of the needle.

    Video auditing requires no food, no pay, no excercise. This is why DM thinks Marty is old school……

    HD auditing for half price in the comfort of your new “Ideal Org”.

    This is how DM will fill the empty “Ideal Orgs” with PB’s (Pre-Bots) and stop the Independents wanting to keep old school LRH tech alive

  119. “ISN’T”
    That is funny!!

  120. rory Medford

    one by one the flock leaves from the C of M and they become

    INDEPENDENT in many ways

    The tech is soooooo awesome its sad what the C of S has turned into

    One big crush reg machine for DONOS to everything else BUT selling DN and SCN

    LRH warned against doing fundraisers and barbecue events

    tick tock time is on LRH’s side

  121. Here is some LRH on the subject some of you may not have seen, given it is out of the Establishment Officer lectures. This is taken from the lecture “F/Ning Staff Members, Part II” given March 6, 1972:

    “I did it with a staff member, one of my own staff members the other day, only I didn’t pull his withhold, I didn’t see that the pc was doing, the staff member was doing anything but being rather upset and so forth. So I just sat down and flew the staff member’s ruds. Here are the ruds. You always make a worksheet of some kind or another. Here’s a card which is a demonstration of the worksheet, this is all it consisted of. ARC break with a long fall and so forth and an earlier similar with a long fall, and found out what it was with a long fall, and then it finally did something vaguely resembling an F/N, loosened up. And then problem, there was no problem on the thing, but this ARC break was behaving very peculiarly and then all of a sudden why, a withhold and long fall and then of course who missed it, and when and how did you know, really who missed it and how did you know are the missed withhold the way it’s properly run, F/N VGIs, the person was fine, actually was feeling ill, was upset, was out of sight and so on.
    But this was actually cleaning up the upper charge of ARC breaks, checking, well just flew the ruds. You can always fly somebody’s ruds when they don’t look good. You’re not then accusing them of having any kind of a withhold. That needle was surging, surging, surging, long silences and so forth, and the person was actually sitting there wondering if they ought to tell me. I didn’t even read it as such, I just thanked the person, that was that. The person brightened all up and was all cheerful and a completely changed staff member. But that was flying all ruds. Now, you could fly all ruds triple, something like that. That would help out enormously. An Esto who can fly ruds would be very helpful, if it doesn’t get in the road of anybody’s program, unless of course the person is scheduled for interiorization rundown and list repair. Now when you start flying ruds on that guy why you’re going to wind the case up in a ball. But you could legitimately fly somebody’s ruds or you could get somebody’s ruds flown.”


  122. Yes, you got it. Here’s “why the difference” and correct recognition of an F/N is vital…

    Picture this: You feel great and “know” you are F/Ning. The auditor, trained to NEVER indicate to the pc that his needle is floating unless he/she sees the prerequisite “rhythmic sweep = one, two, three minimum times back and forth” stares at the meter COUNTING for God’s sake — and the pc WAITING and watching this, starts to introvert and think “hmmm… maybe I’m not really F/Ning, maybe there’s something else to handle…?) and so the F/N that WAS there “packs up” (dies) and the auditor thinks, “Nope, didn’t F/N”. The process or whatever is continued and overruns the PC into all kinds of protest and trouble.

    People can think things like,”Auditing is hard”, “Auditing doesn’t really work (on me)” “I’m a difficult pc” , “The pain of overrunning things isn’t worth the gains”, etc. All from this ONE thing.

  123. martyrathbun09

    Garybaldi, Thank you Sir.

  124. Yes it is true.

    I remember listening to the LRH Model Auditing tapes in cramming and trying to figure out HOW to actually audit like LRH while conforming to “perfect” TRs (as in the famous Tech film with Jason Beghe, “The Session”). Talk about cognitive dissonance! How weird to think it was somehow an overt to audit “too naturally”.

    I know it’s important to not distract a pc but it got to the point that when I pointed out the disparity between LRH TRs in session and so called Perfect TRs I was told , “That was research – LRH finding out what did and didn’t work.”

    I personally stayed true to what I knew an auditor’s beingness should be – warm, relaxed and friendly. I never got in trouble for that. But I had pcs who had had the other kind and sure appreciated the difference!

  125. Actually, the Texan in me wanted to say,”Ain’t!”
    But “ain’t” ain’t gud grammer, reckon?
    That’s how I reckoned it. LOL

  126. Excellent point on the Training Routines. This touches on the critizism they get.

  127. Another Layer


    What a beautiful analysis! The background especially fills in all those frustrating moments of “something is so wrong with this picture …” Thanks for tying it all together! With all respect.

  128. I wonder if DM is listening to Tony Robbins tapes? Next thing you know, you’ll have to go to Fiji to get “REAL” Scientology or Dianetics.

    If that happens though, I might have to re-join staff.


    Nah. Just kidding. 😉

  129. Another Layer


    Thank you! This is great news! I cannot wait to start training again.

  130. Marty, exactly.
    When something floats it floats. Floats. A leaf on water floats. A feather floats through the air.

  131. I remember that weird “slouch” thing. I got told to sit like that, because the sup said that sitting upright, the way that I’d always done TRs, was too “conservative” in appearance.

    Also, the sups objected to the natural intonation of my native dialect, saying that “normal” isn’t the same as “natural”, and that it was too sing-song and would be distracting to a pc. I know some complex justification was given, but of course LRH says that diction and elocution have nothing to do with TRs.

    Fact: if you are from the UK and you do TRs, you will be put on mood drills. Guaranteed.

  132. Bruce ~~

    Absolute Corporate/Business GREED of the BUSINESS modality of DM.

    Class XIIs milked for production while they audit for $1000 an hour with bad TRs and mismetering.

    Class XIIs and other workhorses with no exercise time, no libs day off every 2 weeks, (Lord knows when they last got an Annual Leave.)

    The Ls are flawed and DM knows it.

    But it is a Money $$$$$$$ maker.
    And FSO has the right to market and sell defective products. while the person PAYS and then REPAYS for every review and return to Flag to *FIX* the overt product.

  133. LRH, himself, did an Eval on why courses take so dang long. Here is his “why”…

    from HCOPL 24 Sept 1964 Instruction and Examination Raising The standard Of

    “The basic reason students remain long on courses stems from inept criticism by instructors regarding what is required.”

  134. Someone asked about wins using the reads simulator.

    Yes – enough so that the very last time I was in a Scientology organization, I seriously thought about stealing one. SERIOUSLY.

    I think the simulator adds a lot of realism to drilling, and it is NOT hard to learn how to use one and create completely realistic-looking instant reads. I especially like the simulator for drilling correction lists, where noting size of read is important for sorting reads at the end of the list.

    On this and other sites, the sense I get is that most folks conclude there can’t possibly be a single good thing about GAT because it was DM’s brainchild.

    My own opinion is that in everything DM does, there are pluspoints (sometimes BIG pluspoints) and outpoints (often HUGE but subtle). That’s why it is so hard for folks still inside the church to spot him as an SP.

    If ALL he did was create big, nasty, obvious outpoints, people would spot him for what he is ( I think).

    But he’s a CLEVER son-of-a-bitch.

    So when he goes, I hope we don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  135. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks for the Eval, Marty.

    To me, a floating needle represents the being as he is, Thetan, Mind & Body. The needle is a physical universe representation of the Yin and Yang of the mind and body of the Thetan.

    The meter passes a small current or “charge” through the body of the Thetan. The Body + Mind of the Thetan of course, has a very high capacity to resist and accumulate charge while looking at areas of fixed attention (in the reactive portion of the mind). When the area of fixed attention is located and released, the accumulated charge “blows” and dissipates.

    Aferwards, the thetan, his mind and body feel relieved, and justifiably so. The needle of the meter “floats” lazily back and forth as the mind and body transfer energy back an forth in the natural Yin and Yang endemic to a being in the physical universe.

    The benefit to the being of this “charge and blow the reactive mind” cycle is that the being has now increased his analytical capacity by a measure over his reactive capacity. Thus he has more analytical attention units available to resolve problems with.

    Only by acknowledging this phenomenon the instant it happens can we avoid overruns.

    Very, Very Well Done, Marty. You have hit the nail on the head once again.

    Auditors and PC’s the world over owe you a debt of gratitude for continuing to champion the cause of true Scientology.


  136. Felicitas Foster

    Yeah, lets finally get some super literates – way too long it couldn’t be done and it is a vital tool to help struggeling auditors.

  137. Italy for the Independants ! Outcreate that “Rat bastard” DM.

  138. Felicitas Foster

    (This refers to the PRD.)

  139. We used to get flunked for using more than one acknowledgement in a row, e.g. “Great, thank you.” The reference frequently shown was the one on double acknowledgement (which actually is something else). If you listen to many LRH auditing demonstrations, he frequently uses more than one acknowledgement type word or phrase in a row. The best explanation I ever got when trying to query this on course was that these were old taped sessions. So were they supposed to be a valid demonstration of what our TRs were supposed to be like, or weren’t they?

  140. Exactly and so well put!

  141. Nightmares Get Less.

    LRH talks on a Class VIII tape, that every single Church upset, Church Refund, Church Defection, Church enemy *STEMS* from flagrant OUT TECH. (paraphrased) It starts with out tech sessions WITHIN THE ORG.

    It isn’t that Marty has a website. It isn’t that Mike joined Marty or any of the ridiculous WRONG WHYS they work on. Scientology public would be loyal if the gains were being made.

    Defections occur exactly proportionate to the OUT TECH and the gouging Reg cycles to bleed every parishioner for all the $$$ they can get for IAS and Ideal Orgs. Combined with auditing received that was boggy with minimum gain from GAT and 3 needle swings.

    I have about 300 or so friends publicly on Facebook. I have MORE than 300 friends on Facebook UNDER THE RADAR !!!!!!!!~~
    (private Facebook Emails) ~~~~~that’s how much the disaffection is widespread And these figures aren’t anywhere near the kind of reach for Marty and Mike that are significantly higher.

    DM is a Gold Cameraman masquerading as a Tech Expert, changing the technology that worked well from 1950 to 1996~ 46 years before DM implemented DM tech in 1996 “Golden Age of Tech.”

  142. Richard Reed

    Outstanding eval Marty,
    David Miscavige has corrupted the tech with the Golden Age of Tech and the F/N confusion.
    Hopefully those that are still under the control of DM’s reign; being abused and taken advantage of daily, can see the truth for themselves – and will get out.
    The independent movement is growing daily in a very healthy and loving manner.
    ‘Keep up the good work.

    Richard Reed

  143. martyrathbun09

    Karen, you’re damn right.

  144. Independent Scientologist.

    All through the LRH years with LRH at the helm there was no READS SIMULATOR.

    FSO climbed from $30,000 a week GI revenue on the Flag Ship Apollo, to $3 million a week GI revenue for FSO delivering tech and having return pcs come back for more.


  145. You could shorten CoS to “CS” where CS = Counterfeit Scientology.

    Here is the dictionary definition of counterfeit:

    “counterfeit [ˈkaʊntəfɪt]
    1. made in imitation of something genuine with the intent to deceive or defraud; forged
    2. simulated; sham counterfeit affection
    1. an imitation designed to deceive or defraud
    2. Archaic an impostor; cheat
    1. (tr) to make a fraudulent imitation of
    2. (intr) to make counterfeits
    3. to feign; simulate
    4. (tr) to imitate; copy
    [from Old French contrefait, from contrefaire to copy, from contre- counter- + faire to make, from Latin facere]”

    I added this part:

    “counterfeiter (noun): one who counterfeits. See also “David Miscavige.”


  146. Independentscientologist1: My experience with dm which isn’t personal but through friends is …

    There is no water, no baby and no tub.

    He’s truly without substance and only surviving on what LRH built so strongly. It can take hundreds of years before a civilization/organization firmly built crumbles AFTER it has ceased being created. (I’m confident because of the efforts of the now many, it won’t take 100’s of years before dm is deposed)

    (that is in a tape — somewhere … MOD?)


  147. Prophetic lyrics from the 1970s, written by Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band. They were Scientologists. This could have been written about Miscavige and his GAT.

    “Painted Chariot”

    Only a painted chariot
    but it took you so far into the rain.
    And the coachman slapped his fist
    on the chariot in the mist
    He said ‘Look here sonny, can’t you see its as real as pain?
    See this fine chariot, won’t you ride it?
    I’m the coachman, won’t you trust me to guide it?’

    And it’s only a painted chariot
    Don’t you trust that coachman
    He doesn’t want you to be free.

    Then you got high, deep sigh, much more, where’s the door?

    Hear the old prayers, find the wise players
    Hear the old prayers, find the wise players
    Hear the old prayers, find the wise players
    Hear the old prayers, find the wise players

  148. Independent Scientologist,
    You’ve posed whether it would be possible to: “fix(ed) the simulator to produce F/Ns based on LRH’s definition”.

    Consider this one point from HCOB 21 Oct 68R, revised in 77, FLOATING NEEDLE:
    “Pcs and pre-OTs OFTEN signal an F/N with a “POP” to the left and the needle can actually even describe a pattern much like a Rock Slam. Meters with lighter movements do “pop” to the left and R/S wildly for a moment.
    “One does not sit and study and be sure of an “F/N”. It swings or pops, he lets the pc cognite and then indicates the F/N to the pc preventing overrun.”

    Is that going to be simulated?

    How about this HCOB 4 Dec 74 HOW TO READ THROUGH AN FN:
    “An F/N speeds up or slows down or does different things while still remaining an F/N…”

    Simulate that?

    Or HCOB 23 Dec 73RA DRY AND WET HANDS MAKE FALSE TA: “A “fleeting F/N” where the pc F/Ns so briefly the auditor misses it and overruns.”

    The ‘simulator’ is NOT auditing. It is NOT a person on the cans.

    It is, by definition, a ‘simulator’ and is NOT THE REAL THING.

  149. How the hell are they going to spin re-releasing a new TR-4 film???

    Your average Joe public (unless they read this blog) doesn’t know Dan Koon is “one of those SPs”, but they do know LRH passed those TRs in TR-4.

    There’s NO WAY they are going to glitz PR it and say that Dan has left the Church, would they?????

  150. Speaking of MOQ, I have finished my study of the subject on Floating Needles. I have a selection of a very few HCOBs and references to put together to hopefully clarify this for as many people as I can.

    I said yesterday, I have no reference, nothing, nada, zip, zero and jack shit, that says anything about any arbitrary number of whatevers including ‘swings’ in any LRH reference.

    I did find an HCOB from 23 Aug 68 ARBITRARIES: “Standard tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries.”

    DM’s ‘three swing FN’ is utterly arbitrary. It isn’t written anywhere, the data is false, it doesn’t exist in LRH material, it isn’t based on any understanding of what an FN is, what it signifies, what it means electronically and it has nothing to do with Standard Tech. PERIOD.

    I’ll have the full write-up in the next little bit. I’m very, very, very excited about it too, let me tell ya!!!

  151. NICE!

  152. There will be more people leavin int and Flag to get clarity on what really happened!

  153. First & DFB,

    Seems like a chain of Unusual solutions, the begats of DM’s bible.

    Wrong why on XIIs not producing F/N = unusual solution of GAT and def of F/N altered emptying Flag = unusual solution of Flag delivering the grades and emptying Missions and Orgs = Quicky grades and Tech degrades of boasting on speed of delivery = Some kind of unusual solution to get it 10X delivery speed?

    Flank that with unusual solutions to keep the money coming in and bonuses for DM and his cohorts, funding for OSA and legal, through IAS, Superpower, Idle Orgs, Libraries direct rip off donations.

    Tom, it’s great you and Linda are starting to break this chain of unusual solutions! Kudos to you guys!

  154. Virgil: “I am going to open a training here in the west as soon as I can. ”

    Awesome!! Sign me up, Virgil/Tom! Not doing the training that I was planning to (and not having a SoCal training center to go to), has been the hardest part of becoming an Indie Scn’ist.

    Please announce more details once you have things setup.

  155. Karen,

    Totally agree!

    Methinks “Golden Age” just reeks of a Dan Sherman/David Miscavige PR BS and a figment of their imaginations in creating these (Illegal by LRH Policy) costly, glitzy & dazzling international events, which are actually counter productive and obfuscate the usual bizness of Orgs making Auditors, Clears and OTs which isn’t happening.

  156. martyrathbun09

    That is why the simulator reinforces DM’s arbitrary. F/N’s vary in patterns, sizes and speeds remarkably.

  157. Martin Gibson

    Question: I am confused how a ‘stuck’ needle can be confused with a ‘floating’ needle. One is motionless, the other in motion, even as wide as the dial or more… ??? It made me wonder about XII’s making such a huge error… I have not need or interest in doubt but I can not think with that datum. Was it a one off incident?

  158. I recall before the simulators came out that Luigi, who did extensive work on the hardware and programming the “reads” had a really hard time recording believe it or not – F/Ns.

    He spent months recording F/Ns from the Examiner’s meter at Qual Gold and could not get F/Ns approved by DM. Shows the relationship of DM and FNs!

  159. JS,

    I think CoS acronym is still appropriate with your substitution of Counterfeit for Church:

    Counterfeit of Scientology = CoS

  160. Martin Gibson

    And… I think the eval is great!!! Is so good to be around people actually applying KSW1, point 3, ‘Know it is the correct technology’… Which comes from the fruits of observing for oneself the application, the results, and therefore personal verification that it is correct. Blow-down!!! I want to know the subject until I KNOW it is THE tech. And know it COLD, and all with complete integrity.

  161. Fellow Traveller

    That sure sounds accurate. Thanks!

    Did it start about the same time as the “ascension of DM to the “position of COB” and the new era of manglement, about 1986-7?


  162. That’s Hot.

  163. Ahhh, Sanity. It has such a serene quality about it. Thanks, Marty. VWD!

  164. Tory Christman

    In earlier days of training, for TR 2 there was:
    Good, fine, thank you, ok, and alright. Occasionally you’d hear “I got that” which at the time seemed cool.

    Later, in the 80’s, I did “The Pro-TR’s Course at Flag, and there they introduced “appropriate acknowledgments”. So before, if someone said:
    “My Mother just died”—the ack would be: “Thank you for telling me that”, or one of the above.
    With Pro-Trs, you could say, “I’m really sorry to hear that. How are you now? Are you Ok to continue this session?”
    That doesn’t answer your question, but I also heard LRH use double acks, like “Well, good, ok, let’s continue”. He had a very natural way about him. Were they valid demonstrations?
    “The answer to the question is the question itself”. 🙂

    That’s my observation. For those who were behind the scenes, yes, please keep filling in the many holes we were all left with. It helps to learn that side of things.

  165. Marty,
    What can one say about all this. TRs and metering are out so DM concludes ‘they don’t know how to get an FN’ and he completely changes the whole of training proven under LRH.

    ‘They don’t know how to get an FN’. What the f does that even mean?

    This guy comes up with these things and you look at him and realize they are completely doofus and it hits you; holy screaming sweet fancy Moses, THIS guy is running the place!?

    I wonder if he had this fognition while holding his copper handle and discharging SPs from his aura.

    Good lord.

    The man is a gibbering idiot.

  166. Thought Provoking


    “Scientology public would be loyal if the gains were being made.”

    So true, no more needs to be said.

  167. First,

    Looks like a strategic, fatal error, doesn’t it.

    Here’s the BOX CANYON. Only one way out for the demented midget and it’s ugly.

    Dear dm,

    Go ahead and pull the trigger on this newest best humanitarian perfection crime covering golden age of B*** S*** film release.

    Face it, IT IS OVER! Pack your bags. This is it. The floodgates are open. Your crimes against HUMANITY are exposed.

    How is the flown-in make-up artist gonna handle the gallons of sweat on your brow at your next public appearance?

    Disrespectfully yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  168. “Fognition” says it all! Wonderful new word!

  169. Freedom Fighter

    Re: checksheets – WAHOO!!!

  170. The E-Meter Reads Drill Simulator device was patented by HEM Engineer Bruce Ploetke (filed in 1988, approved in 2000).

    When I was at HEM back in 1980, I had an informal discussion with Bruce and another engineer how helpful it might in auditor training to have a device containing recordings of Hubbard-approved sample E-Meter Reads and how such a thing might be accomplished.

    The block diagrams in the patent filing pretty much agree with what we discussed including the notion of a digitally controlled resistor circuit to represent the PC’s body. The use of microprocessors, ROM story the data for the sample reads and the use of Digital-To-Analog converters to provide the signal to a Voltage-Controlled Resistor of some sort were all first conceived in that 1980 discussion.

    McSavage had absolutely nothing to do with the invention of the E-Meter Reads Drill Simulator.

    Michael A. Hobson

  171. Freedom Fighter


  172. Yes. What Haydn said. 🙂

  173. I agree. That film was the best.

    WTF! DM is the ultimate squirrel. It’s beyond disgusting that he got rid of it.

  174. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sinar, He came back here. 😉

  175. Oh, something else on the 21 July 78 HCOB, WHAT IS A FLOATING NEEDLE?

    Dan K or possibly Pierre E pointed out something on this particular issue that is telling, but often not given the Correct Relative Importance.

    The issue, in its entirety is:
    “A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle.
    “That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.”

    Some have interpreted this to mean that ANY other description, data, reference and such on what an FN is, or looks like etc., are no longer applicable. NOTHING of the sort is stated in the above HCOB.

    In fact, on 21 Feb 79, following the above issue, in HCOB E-METER ESSENTIALS ERRATA SHEET, is the following on Free Needles:
    “It means the same as a Floating Needle,
    which is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle, back and forth, back and forth, without change in the width of the swing
    except perhaps to widen as the pc gets off the last small bits of charge. Note that it can get so wide that you have to shift the Tone Arm back and forth, back and forth, to keep the needle on the dial in which case you have a floating tone arm.”

    Now, in case it isn’t obvious, these are two DIFFERENT issues, one in July 78 and one in Feb 79. One, short and sweet. The other, same bit from the first one, except it ADDs a descriptive of A Free Needle which itself comes from an earlier HCOB, one from 1970, FLOATING NEEDLES AND END PHENOMENA.

    OK then, what does DM do? He ALTERS the 21 July 78 HCOB to INCLUDE the 21 Feb 79 data. And now, somehow or other ‘3 swings’ is the law.

    The July 78 issue was rewritten on Oct 8 2000 with this at the top, not written by LRH of course.

    “Revised 8 October 2000 to include the full LRH definition of floating needle. LRH originally wrote this HCOB on 21 July 1978. In February 1979, when updating the book, E-METER ESSENTIALS, he augmented the definition with additional text. The full text, as appears in E-METER ESSENTIALS, is hereby issued in this this HCOB. Revisin in script.”

    The issue is the original text above with the E-METER ESSENTIALS data interpolated after the first sentence and adds to that paragraph, and it concludes with ‘No other definition is correct’ in the final paragraph as in the original LRH authored HCOB.

    Now, LRH wrote BOTH. However, he wrote one in July 78 and the other in Feb 79. HE DIDN’T COMBINE THEM. THAT is pure David Miscavige.

    Not only that, but while LRH was still alive and writing, on 2 May 80 PC INDICATORS is written, signed by LRH. In this issue is a reference to HCOB 7 May 69 FLOATING NEEDLE, which in turn has a definiton of a Floating Needle that is verbatim from HCOB 21 Oct 68R (revised in 77 BUT with NO change to the definition/description of an FN) FLOATING NEEDLE.

    These two HCOB’s, referred to more than two years after LRH wrote WHAT IS A FLOATING NEEDLE? refer one to an issue that has never been cancelled and is in fact still perfectly valid, including the following:
    “A Floating Needle is the idle uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be as small as 1 “ or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right.”

    Still, at the end of that year, 1980, in another HCOB written by LRH, 2 Dec 80, FLOATING NEEDLE AND TA POSITION, it states at the head of the bulletin:
    “modifies but does not cancel all HCOBs that mention having to have the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 before the F/N can be considered valid, including: HCOB 21 Oct. 68R FLOATING NEEDLE.”

    THE ONLY issue NOT written by LRH is DM’s Oct 2000 alteration of LRH’s July 78 issue.

    All the others are valid, they are all LRH, they are NONE of them cancelled, INCLUDING 21 Oct 68R FLOATING NEEDLE, with its description of an FN, which states specifically it is NOT cancelled but only modified on FN and TA position.

    Please note any interpretation of ‘rhythmic’ to mean a minimum of 3 anything is an utter arbitrary. PLEASE!

    OSA guys, on those sites you are writing on that are attempting to dismiss this factual data on DM’s bullshit, suppressive, arbitrary interpretation and falsification of LRH data, let me tell you something;


    I’ll have the rest of this string pull done shortly. DM, yep, it’s comin’, prick. Then I’m going to do one on Sec Checks. Oh boy.

  176. Hey Marty;
    New gimmick being used at PAC Base and Clearwater.

    Rather than declaring public that cut off the major donations and stop taking the IAS calls and, as in my case, move to a new location to avoid reg pop-ins. They are now telling other public “that person has been “dead filed”.

    Funny how the DM Bots respond : the Bots that are gulping the Kool-Aid drop the comm line. My OT friends who are slowly waking up are asking me why the PR machine is doing this and I tell them I suppose it’s because I don’t donate anymore. This raises the eyebrows.

    So this brings two questions from me:

    1) Are they running this on others that read this blog?

    2) Can they really be this stupid?

  177. Freedom Fighter

    I know of one guy who was sent to Ethics by RTC and made to start over at OT TR0 for something that was nothing more than a language barrier (English wasn’t his primary language). He’d been flunked by the RTC rep on his final pass. Once he duplicate what he was flunked on, he acked her, thanked her, and then said he would “order her” when he was ready to be checked out again — meaning that he would let the sup know that he was ready for another RTC checkout. I saw the whole thing and there’s no way there was any arrogance in his tone and there’s no way he meant anything disrespectful. It was simply a language issue. Her back stiffened and she turned and had a comm cycle with the sup off in the distance. The next thing I knew, the student was in Ethics and returned to course a few days later having to start over on the drills.

  178. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Huckleberry and Bruce,

    That was my experience when Solo auditing. In Session and Being there naturally. The emeter was along for the ride!

    Gary 🙂

  179. MOQ, just emailed you. Sometimes my emails don’t go through so letting you know here too.

  180. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Bruce, Marty and Karen#1,

    DerMachivalian beating his slaves (Punishing Bodies/Controlling Bodies) and then “cogniting” that they can’t meter or call F/Ns properly!!!???

    How does he do it????? It’s like he thinks no one would ever find out. What a child!

    Davey! Go to your private island and STAY THERE! Don’t come back. EVER!!!!

    Shoves and Pisses,
    One of your villagers with a fresh torch.

  181. Doc,
    The EM drills, the originals, done properly (e.g. EM 21, E-Meter Steering) cover this. Not only that, again, it’s a real person on the cans and real reads. There is NO substitute for this. NONE.

    DM is programming Scientology to machinery. Simulators, videos, and of course, robots as ‘auditors’.

    Put a guy on the freakin’ cans, hell, put a dozen, and do the drills and then go in session and then get cramming and then well, why not just do what LRH wrote.

  182. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Holy DM Crap!!!

  183. Joe Howard is the maynn! Tom and Linda, count me in big time, for real, as soon as I can make it. I can’t say when just yet. Think my TA just floated, gotta go take a walk.

    Marty, laser precise eval, I love the handling especially.

  184. Mark,

    If that is what has been going on then someone needs to word clear the words “a,” “rhythmic,” and “sweep” in a proper dictionary. The article “a” is singular, rhythm doesn’t meant repetitive – it refers to the pacing of the movement (as in music), and “sweep” is also singular.

    The definition isn’t “several rythmic sweeps.” Sure, it could be multiple sweeps, and often is, but it doesn’t have to be, and as Marty said, probably won’t be.

    That also suggests out-TRs to me – the auditor fixating on the meter to such a degree.

    It’s an eternity of time and very interiorizing for the pc if the auditor or examiner sit there – attention all on what the meteris doing (even if eyes on the pc), Qing and Aing about what the MEST of a needle is doing. Unbelievable.

    Anyone seen a real floating TA!?! Wonder what that is being called now.

    Thanks for sharing the real picture.

  185. Huckleberry:

    A pc who’s FNs aren’t called in a timely manner
    develops “Meter Anxiety.” The worry that the FN would not be called and that they would be drawn into a repair FREEZES the needle.

    I had to yell at my NOTS auditors at AOLA more than once ~~that they were robotically meter dependent and using the meter to CHALLENGE and INVALIDATE my EP on a process.

    I re- did a Purification at LA Day a couple of years ago. Even though I was beaming with a rave positive smiling statement at Exams, I waited several minutes and the Examiner was going to RED TAG my exuberant exam statement because she did not get 3 needle swings !

    I had to “beat her up” and somehow get it work. I was at Exams for 30 minutes to get a 3 needle swing to attest to re-do of a Purif !

    All DM blithering and buffoonery attacking Sea Org vets in their hate FREEDOM mag is pure idiocy.

    It does nothing to correct messed up pcs.
    MESSED up pcs greatly contribute to why this blog gets 12,000 hits a day.

    The FREEDOM mag hatred us PURE DM.

    Elliot Abelson is General Counsel for the Church.
    Here’s a quote ~~
    “Mr Abelson denied the actor [Tom Cruise] was ‘second in command’. “He is a parishioner, a well respected parishioner, but that’s what he is. The only person who runs the Church and makes policy decisions is David Miscavige.”

    So there you have it. Only DM makes policy decisions.

  186. Marty,
    Sorry to intrude, is there a way I can send you a personal email? I checked the site, but can’t find it.
    It’s in reference to something unrelated to this story but is about OSA. thank you…..

  187. Tony DePhillips


    I did this to myself on OT7. I would “wait” for the 3 swings and kill my f/n. But I knew that I was f/ning. It was quite a conundrum. Then if I called the 2 swing f/n as an f/n I would catch it on my six month sec check for “falsifying worksheets” and have to do a lower condition. (TREASON) Once in a session I originated that I had charge on the subject of f/n’s and the auditor indicated the BPC. He said something like ” You SURE DO!” I must have blown down a couple of divisions.

    If you wanted to destroy Scientology, messing up F/ns would probably be the best way.

  188. martyrathbun09

    Tony, Oh my god; what a mind fuck. Dude, you got serious, and I mean serious, gains coming your way.

  189. Tony DePhillips

    Touch’e Jim!!

    Also Marty that was a great observation that the simulator actually validates DM’s alterations and sort of makes him “right”.

  190. freescn,

    Welcome back to LRH’s brand.

  191. OMG!!!!!
    Well said Tom!
    ROFLA here

  192. Virgil Samms

    And Jim, you and I are going to be sec checking OSA Int/RTC staff, and if anyone knows I know how to sec check, it is OSAI staff.

    I’m brushing up.

    ML Tom

  193. DFB aka Dfb99

    I dont know where this crazy literalness comes from. LRH seemed like he was trying to explain to children who kept misunderstanding what it was. And still people alter it.
    He describes perfectly clearly in a number of references what it is, and wouldnt you know it, someone came along and decided “back and forth, back and forth” means it has to be three swings to be an FN.

    It’s nutty.

    What I get from the LRH is that it goes back and forth, but thats not the part that matters. It’s what it looks like. The idle uninfluenced floating needle. It looks like there is no charge when you look at it. The guy is keyed out or has no charge on the subject. Thats what it looks like to me. Meter reads sort of look like whats actually going on. I think they are training auditors to put too much importance on the meter and not pay attention to whats going on with the PC.

  194. DFB aka Dfb99

    Richard, were you at Flag for training @2000?

    The name sounds familiar.

  195. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And it fits right in with Marty’s eval! WOW!


  196. rory medford

    I guess the BLIND is Still Leading the BLIND

    LOOK Don’t LISTEN my friends

  197. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “DM is a Gold Cameraman masquerading as a Tech Expert, changing the technology that worked well from 1950 to 1996~ 46 years before DM implemented DM tech in 1996 “Golden Age of Tech.””

    You are sooooooooooo right! 🙂

    How does that saying go? Don’t UNMOCK a WORKING installation!

    Gary (a villager sharpening the pikes and lighting the torches…)

  198. Watching Eyes

    I wish they’d dead file me. I’m so sick of getting their promo day after day after day ad nauseum.

    Regarding your second question: yes, they are that stupid. They operate on “stupid”. When you consider the magnitude of the dwarf’s overts and the sheer number of them, just imagine the number of MU’s behind all those overts. Makes for a very stupid person. And he’s the one running the show. Yup, stupid is their new op basis.

  199. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Marty is right on the money here. You DO have a lot of gains coming your way – BIG ONES!! (no inval/eval just the truth, love and arc for ya.)

    I was lucky (very very lucky) to have done my OT7 and OT8 before GAT came out. I loved my sessions and still get wins and cogs. Gee, I can hardly wait till I get to do OT8 again (redo/repair/continue?) with all of the Tech that is suppose to go with it. BUT I will never deny that I have gotten tremendous gains nonetheless.

    Marty – just as a personal aside. Thank You!!

    Gary 🙂

  200. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    PRD – Absolutely!


  201. Especially if laughter is happening in the auditing room, boy is that out tech……

  202. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Sanity will form when differences are known.

    Glad to have you here with LRH.

    ΘTater/Gary 🙂

  203. Jean-François Genest

    Dear exilo (no name?),

    No, no. My dates and events ARE correct.

    a) Foster, Cathy et all came AFTER the 1st FSO/FLB revamp by DM. (yes they came circa ’94) and BEFORE the GAT & New Era of mis-management.

    b) They went back to the Int Base while the New Era of Mis-Management and GAT were brewing.

    I re-read my comment, and I did NOT mention that they came at,during or after the NEM and GAT. They came BEFORE. I know that Ron Norton came with the New Era of mgmnt, along with Amy Scobee as CO CMO IXU, and others.
    Norton strongly believed in DM’s ventures and enforced the GAT, to his detriment.

    My comment is about an EARLIER event of magnitude WAY PRIOR to the New Era of Mgmnt and WAY PRIOR to GAT, where DM started his Scientology Tech massacre at the FSO.

    That period PRIOR to GAT is when DM instituted the hidden cameras & microphones in EVERY auditing room at FSO → to “monitor the Technical Standards” …

    🙂 Friendly yours, JF

    « At the bottom of all alterations of meaning or action is a misunderstood word.» LRH (Word Clearing Series)

  204. Jean-François Genest

    Yes indeed Marty!

    He did that Stalin Purging at the FLB after his so called “inspection”. Then he started running Flag Graduation every Friday, in true 1.1 style. Smile in the front with bloody dagger in the back.

  205. Jim, thanks, I do agree. I did mention that as superior, I did not have a lot of in the chair experience before the GAT. My earlier training was NED in 1981 . I did get my main wins and certainty by auditing over 100 hours of Grade 0 last year. I plan to get a heck of a lot more in the chair experience. My experience doesn’t mean much compare to yours and Marty’s, I just know I wasn’t that good on duplicating read size before I did the drills. I’m sure I would have gotten it had I audited more in the old days.

  206. There’s also a Richard Reeves. Also a Tad Reeves. Posting their names in the hopes they’ll google their names.

  207. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    DerMahvelous is the poster-child for Megalomania!

    Hope you had your shades and SPF 20 zillion bs-screen on nice and thick?

    Gary ☺

  208. Tony DePhillips


    Now I am getting real interested!!

  209. Jean-François Genest

    GaryVI, very well described!

  210. Hi Marty;

    I’m very glad to see what this post is doing, putting attention back on the ‘legacy’ and getting people all fired up to ‘get going again’.

    I have an observation;

    I notice in a lot of the posts that it seems that ’96 is considered the point where the tech began to shear away from LRH.

    To me, the tech was finalized the day LRH wrote his last HCOB.

    I consider that the ‘shearing’ began the next day.

    Pat Broker issued ‘HCOBs’ that ‘were in the pipeline’, according to him, when LRH left. He was honest enough to put that thick red band across the top to distinquish ‘his’ HCOBs from LRH’s. I could see how that could make some sense, a few issues not yet through the line when LRH left could exist and should be issued.

    Unfortunately, I noticed that these ‘HCOBs’ kept on coming, and that some were begining to conflict with how we handled tech points for many years.

    One example was an ‘HCOB’ on how to ‘properly’ handle the CS 53.

    Other ‘questionable’ issues followed, such as how to handle confessional questions on OTIIIs and above, ‘improper’ questions in DofPs, and so forth.

    It caused a lot of confusions at the time.

    In my unsolicited opinion, if one has any doubts as to what is LRH or is not LRH, if one wants to get rid of all possible tech arbitraties, the date to consider is the day LRH left.

    On THAT day, the legacy from LRH was completed, the book was finished.

  211. OMG that’s outright scary! A big ole mess of BS having NONE to do with LRH. Just a big free for all bunch of mumbo jumbo, huh?
    Everybody must be walking around in utter confusion with no stable datums on the tech. Makes my head spin.

  212. You were at exams for 30 minutes? It just gets crazier and crazier! Another OMG!
    Did you sit there and self-audit your own correction list or something?
    (I’m sorta kidding) But really? Crazy wacky out-tech solutions to the problem.

  213. Forgot to mention, you must have some awesome intention to make it go right and make lemonade out of those lemons! 🙂

  214. S&Ps….that’s GOOD! 😉

  215. Right on, Jim. There is ONE definition of an F/N. There are many “descriptions” of what one might expect to see in different auditing situations.

    Once I delivered a lot of NED, I started to see much more of the “widen as the last few bits of charge come off”.
    Delivering grades to clears I saw a LOT of “speeds up, slows down while still remaining an F/N. This type of persistent F/N can last for days.

  216. Fellow Traveller

    Wow! This is straight out of the logics:



    Bruce Pratt

  217. Tony~it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. Problemo!
    Awesome that you’re allowed to do it the right way now!

    Not wanting to falsify my PCs’ worksheets had me stuck in the problem…

  218. Nightmares Getting Less


    Exactly, I’ve heard the exact quote from the CLVIII tape indeed.

    I know over and over again the Facebook “Friend List” stuff. Other Lurkers need to pay attention.


    You have indeed raised my Radar!

  219. Oh yes I like it too! 😉

  220. Thank you Jim!

  221. Just thought I would share this with anyone interested, as the subject is alive on this blog.
    From “E Meter Essentials, 1961” by L. Ron Hubbard. [clearing series one]

    This is a small black paperback book I have had for many years.
    * On page 14 there is a list of needle actions and the free needle is number (8) on this list.

    Page 17
    40. Free Needle (8). This is probably the least understood term and needle action in all of E-Metering.
    41. It means an idle, uninfluenced motion, no matter what you say about the goal or terminal. It isn’t just nul, it’s uninfluenced by anything (except body reactions).
    42. Man, it’s really free.
    43. You’ll know one when you see one. They’re really pretty startling. The needle just idles around and yawns, at your questions on the subject.
    44. It doesn’t happen until a person is well above release, so don’t worry about it until you see it.

  222. Joe Pendleton

    Really should be four swings, no? Back and forth, back and forth. (I’m KIDDING!!!……should really be FIVE swings when you think about it).

  223. Joe Pendleton

    Re-doing the TRs Film is a real sacrilege when you think that Ron HIMSELF coached and approved the TRs that we use as our model from the movie. How does anyone get around THAT point?

    On a very personal note, I will miss seeing the shining face of one of my best buddies ever in Scientology – your twin in the film – one of those people that raises the tone around himself and just makes life more fun for other beings just by his presence. Saw him at an event about 5 years ago (hadn’t seen him in a long time) and couldn’t help but just giving him a kiss. So the TRs film was to me, no matter how many times I saw it, also a shot of affinity from an old friend.

    But the “church” doesn’t remember/honor those who contributed in the past (well, so many have been declared I guess). But we remember them in our hearts, right? Be well, Waldo.

  224. Tory Christman

    My final C/S was this:

    “See if you can walk down the street
    and not think about your case”.

    I got to about the second driveway, above the
    Sandcastle—and literally stood in the street,
    crossing my arms above my head. I WAS DONE_____Forever, life time after lifetime.
    Talk about an O V E R R U N-Mind F***k.

    Later when out–I went to a reunion of many top X-Sea Org people, many trained C/S’s and auditors. They all agreed that was THE Squirliest C/S they’d ever heard of.
    ((Sort of like: Don’t think about the Elephant
    in the middle of the room))

    Ahhhh—-how destructive that midget has become. I worry for those still “in”…as I could see him doing something totally weird (like Jonestown) I asked Marc and Claire about that (as media always asked me about it, and I’d say: “No way” re Scientologists. Their answer re Gold: “ABSOLUTELY”

    To those lurking: Bail while you CAN!

  225. Theo Sismanides

    Well, I bet they were trained on acting!! That’s a para-Scientology group, RTC, implanted right there in the hearts of the Orgs to keep them toeing the line.

    They looked cruel to me, austere faces and acting like DMs. Showing magnitude, altitude and sometimes “magnanimity”. DMs replicas.

    But the bottom line is that those people are implanted in the Major Orgs instilling fear on staff.

    Great Organization, RTC. Congradulations for what you have done to Scientology and Scientologists. Looks like the Gestapo to me!

    Your days are counted, you will start feeling the pressure from now on and you better get off that mad train now!

  226. Who is cramming dm™?

  227. Hallo Sir,
    I think we know that too much had been altered inside the Church. Not only TRs and Metering. This would give us a long list of whats wrong in ethics, tech and admin.
    As far as I understood your blog had been aimed to handle something. e.g getting some out of the “prison” like Heber.
    It is fully your blog and you can write whatever you feel you have to. But I am looking every day to your blog to see if there is any substential data coming from you that can help to handle the situation.
    I have no data and knowledge from SO as I had not been there. Maybe you have. As far as I understood you planned to do something in july. I could not see that. In case you need any assistance let me / us know.

  228. The important thing to note is that any “Golden Age of Tech” occured while LRH was still alive. I would have to nominate the early to mid 60s when LRH was developing the SHSBC as a possible contender for the real GAT. LRH never used that term himself however; the “GAT is a total Miscavige invention and “bright idea”, and is thus squirrel. And it is based on a lot of wrong whys and false data. “The Blind leading the Blind” describes the current state of affairs in the church of miscavigology.

  229. BTW, is it just me or do the GAT patter drills on the expanded tone scale seem a bit out of place? It seems that DM also introduced patter drills onto a lot of theory actions where it’s not warranted. They make you feel like you’re trying to memorize the materials, as opposed to being able to apply the concepts. What good does it do for me to have every tone level memorized if I can’t apply them? Besides, how often in real life is it important to be able to tell the difference between “making amends” and “undeserving”? It seems that these patter drills introduced a type of outpoint known as “ALTERED IMPORTANCE”.

  230. I flunked my first video for “not looking cheerful enough”.
    The second because “my eyebrow moved”
    The third (and final flunk because I’d had enough) was earned because “it wasn’t natural”
    Try getting through one of those videos keeping your face frozen in a cheeful smile, making sure that none of your facial features move while looking natural all at the same time.
    What a crock!

  231. “I’m ready to audit again.”
    Yes. What Haydn said too.

  232. Not to play devil’s advocate but I HATE the simulator. I would far rather have a real person holding the cans or rapidly finish my training and learn how to perfect my meter skills doing a good internship gaining real life experience in communication with a live being.
    For me the simulator SIMULATES the reactions of a live person but it isn’t the SAME.
    As an analogy, I would rather be out in the real world living life and learning from my mistakes than playing it all out safely at home with a video game.
    Using machines to learn on is all a bit too Orwellian for me – perhaps I’m old fashioned.

  233. PS
    As a further clarification to my point and example:
    The mechanically produced F/N on a simulator is not the same as the real thing.
    The F/N I saw when solo auditing was a unique effect created by a real live being.
    When I first saw it, it was beautiful and unmistakable and it wasn’t the same as the mechanical one.
    So I think the simulator is an impediment rather than a help.
    Just my personal experience of the damned thing.

  234. We HAVE David Miscavige, simulating a Scientologist, that’s plenty o’ simulator for me. Too much, enough already.

  235. Tory,
    “The answer to the question is the question itself”.

    Hah! EXACTLY!

  236. dfb,
    I think somehow or other DM fixated on the 21 July 78 issue to come up with ‘3’. This is justified with ‘no other definition is correct’. However, 8 months later LRH wrote something else. Ooops.

    So, what DM does, istead of seeing that there is more data, not only the Feb 79 issue, but the later issues referencing the earlier data, which is totally valid and is not, and has never been cancelled and is itself just as correct as it ever was, he ALTERS an LRH HCOB (thanks Sue Koon for your help with this- duh!) and trys to mush two DIFFERENT pieces of data into one.

    ‘Back and forth’. OK, how about this from HCOB 10 Aug 76R revised 3 Sep 78, RSes WHAT THEY MEAN:
    “For a time all left-right motions of the needle were considered and called “rock slams” until it was found that a smooth left-right flow was a symptom of release or key-out and this became the “floating needle.””

    Now, it says ‘left-right’ in there. Does that mean an FN isn’t valid if it goes ‘right-left’? Does that mean that ‘left-right’ = one set of two swings?

    ARBITRARIES from 23 Aug 68 covers this type of nonsense. It is NOT Standard Tech, this 3, or 9 or any number of prescribed thisas or thatas.

  237. martyrathbun09

    DM didn’t create the drill to learn the tone scale verbatim. It preceeded him. Personally, I found it to be the most valuable drill I ever did. There is more concenrated on that one page HCOB on the tone scale in full than in any other single piece of paper in earth’s history – in my opinion.

  238. martyrathbun09

    We are.

  239. martyrathbun09

    Penny, Thank you for this. This is precisely what I was referring to in step 3 of the handling, “You’ll know one when you see one”, when I said just read the LRH material and do the damn drills.

  240. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Karen, Your Titanium Balls are showing!

    Ellioit Abelson – Reminds me of the ending to the movie “Ghost”. Ellioit is the “loyal co-worker” and “best friend” who when he meets his maker, is taken by the shadows and thrown into hell.

    It is this son of a bitch who gleefully EXPLAINED to ME, CSI had nothing to do with my marriage “problems.: I yelled at him “Marriage Problems… if you call leaving staff so we could have kids a marriage problem, you are full of shit! If you call RTC withholding from me the fact that another man mentally seduced my wife behind MY back but in front of RTC’s face for MONTHS and never had the balls to tell me untill the man runs up and covertly and forcefully handcuffs her hand and yanks her down the road as though they are eloping – MARRIAGE PROBLEMS then yes it is a problem seeded, created, matured and sustained by THE CHURCH who is now claiming to not have anything to do with it through my signature applied to an Ellioit Abelson generated affidavitt. Go boink yourself Ellioit. I’ve never wished more evil upon a single person of earth until you came into my life. I continue to do so until evidence has been presented that you have factually burned in hell!! Go F**k yourself – Go F**k yourslef – Go F**k yourself Ellioit Abelson.

    A little not so well know fact about Ellioit Abelson… He is the ONE person on the face of earth who gladly takes super oil tanker loads of cash for paving the way legally for David Miscavige to do what he does. I am just one grain of salt to Ellioit’s mountain of evil acts he has “legally” manipulated as “Okay and Defendable in the court of law” and therefore protecting the church. If people of earth wonder how it is David Miscavige has done and continues to conduct evil unto another living soul, it is because of Elliot Abelson. He is the man behind the madman David Miscavige – plain and simple. Comparitively – Elloit Abelson is the man who convinced each and every person placed in Hitlers concetration camps to resign their soul and remain there and toe the line.

    He who reads this and other blogs, sites, information that exposes David Miscavigs evils, need to understand who the person is that makes it okay for David Miscavige to do what he does OVER AND OVER again, it is Ellioit Abelson. I know this how??….. I witnessed many many many affidavits he had drawn up and forced those who went against David Miscavigs grain to sign so as to seemingly protect “The Church”. These affidavits weren’t drawn up and forcefully signed to protect the church my friends, they were drawn up and forced to be signed to protect the evils of David Miscavige. Everytime a signature was obtained was yet another time that made it okay for David Miscavige to continue to do what he does! It’s that simple. Remove the head and the snake will die. And that is what I have to say about that! — Jackson

    Oh yes —- Where is Shelly Miscavige and Where is HEBER??

  241. Then he needs to go to ethics for refusing to do his crams.

  242. Hey Penny…

    Will you check the inside front cover of your E-Meter Essentials? I lent my copy to someone back in about 1975 and was wondering if it was you.

    Just kidding…….

  243. In 1987 DM ordered that the existing Grades Process Checklists, which were BTBs at the time, be converted to HCOBs. Further, he ordered that these checklists be expanded to include every single process that could be found that related to each Grade. DM personally approved every checklist and personally reviewed every process being added to the Grades and signed off on every individual CSW. Nothing wrong with that, particularly. A C/S should appreciate having a huge arsenal of processes for preclears to achieve a release on each Grade.

    Later, when he found out that Ç/Ses were robotically having every preclear run every process of every Grade in violation of the C/S Series, his solution was to blame others for making the Grades take overly long and to implement Quad Grades, which run only the major process for the Grade and declare the person a Grade __ Release.

    So, rather than train C/Ses to implement the Grades properly, DM solves it by swinging the pendulum back to the Quickie Grades era and further crashing Class V orgs by pulling their Grades pcs to Flag and then touting it as the next “incredible advance towards planetary clearing.”

    The man is a walking, talking, computing, dramatizing three ring circus.

  244. Tom, the only thing really missing to revive the PRD would be the word lists for the Study Tapes. The PRD is basically this and this only: Clear every word on the first Study Tape Method 8 in a dictionary. Listen to the lecture. Get and M4 check on the lecture. Repeat for the rest of the lectures. Do the same with the HCOBs and PLs on the Student Hat. Bingo, you’re Superliterate. Listening the the lectures after having cleared every word will absolutely blow your mind. It’s like LRH is inside your head talking. It’s like the concepts are coming from the center of YOU.

  245. Yes, LRH will always be the best example of TRs and session presence, TRs film or no TRs film.

  246. Interesting article and comment thread. Seems like many of you folks that remained connected to the post-RTC version of Scientology got sucked into a game you couldn’t win.

    Penny bringing up E-Meter Essentials reminded me… there was a time when e-meters weren’t used at all. Really. Here’s a quote (attributed to LRH):

    “Yesterday, we used an instrument called an E-Meter to register whether or not the process was still getting results so that the auditor would know how long to continue it. While the E-Meter is an interesting investigation instrument and has played its part in research, it is not today used by the auditor… As we long ago suspected, the intervention of a mechanical gadget between the auditor and the preclear had a tendency to depersonalize the session…”

    That was in 1954 when the guy who invented the meter was pissy about Scientology using it. Then, in 1963 the FDA started confiscating meters, claiming they were illegal and used to “practice” medicine or some such.

    The guy who co-created the actual e-meter (battery operated instead of plugged in) happened to be in Dallas in 1963. His name was Don Breeding. I was paid, by him and the Dallas Center, to solder together the circuit boards as we made our own meters because the DC Org had no more for sale.

    All of this, I think, highlights a point – that an f/n is just one aspect of an array of manifestations to aid the auditor is determining when a PC has attained a valid end phenomena for a process. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    STANDARD – a definite level or degree of quality that is proper and adequate for a specific purpose.

    Sorry if I seem critical, it’s not my intention. But this fixation on floating needles seems to be a molehill made into a mountain. I am a bit hazy on how an entire cadre of auditors around the planet bought into this weird shit.

    Feel free to correct me if I’ve misunderstood the ‘scene’.


  247. Correction: That would be Bruce *Ploetz*.

  248. Tony DePhillips

    Very applicable reference Bruce. I think DM has caught himself in his own slippery slope.

  249. LRH originated the idea of patter drills in HCOB Dianetic Command Training Drills. He had students sit facing a wall and recited the R3R commands to the wall until he or she knew them. That’s the basis of the GAT patter drills. LRH also had auditors learn the Laws of L&N verbatim and in the 50s had students learn the Axioms verbatim. Such drills have their uses, obviously. But I saw the idea taken totally over the top as DM does all the time and some people around him emulate in efforts to curry favor.

  250. Yes, meters were not used throughout most of the 1950s for various reasons. Reading HCOBs or listening to lectures from that period discloses very few mentions of the meter.

  251. Fellow Traveller

    And word lists would not be difficult to generate thanks in great part to the efforts of earlier similar independents in making transcripts available.

    Word lists exactly matching the particular tape may be another matter due to the edits along the way.


  252. Dan,

    “Later, when he found out that Ç/Ses were robotically having every preclear run every process of every Grade in violation of the C/S Series”

    It was DM himself who ordered that every process MUST be robotically checked and run regardless of what the C/S Series said. I was there at Flag when this occurred. Folders had to go through RTC before a pc could attest to a grade. If the checklist showed unchecked processes, the folder was rejected and the pc made to have the whole checklist done. I had a pc with a full release on Grade 1, for example, with WIDE F/N, full cognition about being released on problems, VVGIs, total C/S Series 1 “Ability Gained” section evidence of the grade being done, and was made to finish the checklist on her. I queried the C/S and it was because of RTC and DM that pcs were made to do this, using the checklist instructions as the reference. This created brutal overruns and invalidated releases. This was around 1996 onward, until years later when DM swung the pendulum the other way to quickie.

    Perhaps the Why for this is that DM has no subjective reality on what a release is, as he has never had a case gain. Or that he simply doesn’t want releases and runs a can’t have on case gain for pcs out of terror of people getting more powerful and putting his ethics in.

  253. I am in Germany now – can anyone recommend an interesting org to visit on weekends?


  254. Lol @ Sam! What an image! 😀

  255. OMG Karen! You shoulda come out sooner!
    I missed you before I even knew you.
    Elegant but with the precision and deadly force of a cruise missile. Wow! 😀

  256. I second that. Love that guy, Waldo. Hope he joins us out here eventually…

  257. Ensifer, I don’t think you misunderstand the scene as much as simply you weren’t there to experience the enforced reality of it and the ill consequences thereby. A tremendous amount of injustice has occurred around the F/N alteration alone. So you are seeing a group of people discharging on the subject. On various flows.
    Also, understand your haziness on how it could have occurred. Lots of discussions on that point alone on this website.
    Your stories are great- keep ’em coming. For a lot of us, your path was’ “the road not taken” and it is beneficial to get the multiple viewpoints that the website provides.

  258. The news back in the day

  259. Yes of course, LDW !

    Any experienced auditor knows that.

    So DM could / should have asked his most successful top notch auditors about their experiences with F/Ns ( as he himself wasn’t deeply into auditing ). But as we all know His Majesty didn’t stain His Omniscience with the proven knowledge of what he may consider work-around-the-cl0ck low-class scum.

    It has been mentioned a few blogs that DM quit auditing some 19 years ago. That’s 1991. If someone stops auditing / progressing then you can safely assume that he has some kind of “can’t have” on auditing or progressing.

    And the HCOB on PTS Rundown commands shows that someone can also run a can’t have on others.

    Running a can’t have of auditing on others … i.e. spoiling their progress and successes … need I say more ?

  260. ok JF, that makes sense. Do you have an email address I can contact you? I don’t post my name as that could cause much grief for others.


  261. I have to put my 2 cents worth in here. I arrived at Gold in the early 80’s, just as the edits were beginning to happen on the Pro TRs film. The film had been “in the can” for many years but for whatever reason, the TR 4 film just was never completed in post production and released to the orgs. I was priviledged to see various shots of the film (and out takes) over and over again. I worked briefly in editing, worked on the sound edit and got to hear LRH say “cut and print” on the first take of the mood TRs shot and the set crew exploded in cheers! I got to meet and work with Dan Koon when I held Costumes in Cine when some additional shots were needed for the final edit. (BTW, who knew?! Dan’s an SP?!) At that time in Gold, the importance of this LRH directed and approved TRs film was stressed over and over again, how it could never be reshot was it was done by LRH himself.

    The entire look of the film was shot in a timeless motif. Costumes, sets, props, makeup, etc., were all “Timeless”. While it does have a 70’s feel to it, the film really does have a timeless look.

    At various other times I’ve viewed the film, while working in Cine when the films would come back to Gold from the orgs for repair and cleaning. I came to love this film, for the bright colors, for the humor, for the many people in the film I’d actually met, for the very fact this was a film, a piece of tech, personally directed by LRH, his personal hands on, showing us up close and personal, how to correctly do TRs. The closest I’d ever come to meeting LRH himself.

    Many a tear fell yesterday after Marty’s eval came out and with it, the news of the reshoot, I was in horror and shock. This hard won product of LRH and Gold, invalidated, being reshot!!

    My church is really lost to me now. I left the church a year ago and had been hoping against hope that it would all come right in the church, but not anymore. The very foundation of the tech, the metering and TRs, have been so twisted now as to make case gain difficult even for a saint!!

    I’ve experienced the agonizing comm lags in the examiner’s booth, he/she pointedly watching the meter and me with a frozen smile on my face, wondering what the hell they were looking at/for……………..never again!


  262. Marty, I just left a message for Karen. I would like to keep that private. I should have sent her the message on her private email.

  263. Tara,
    let try getting in comm again. I live close to you in La. and need comm lines in the independant feild. Send me a private email and I will send you my contact infoso we can chat.

  264. http://ensifer.wordpress.com/

    This blog site really brings something to the table. I have gained insights from it, and I feel that it helps to better conditions.

  265. Tory Christman

    Just curious if you ever heard of my run in with RTC—when Flag (1989) was trying to, once again, insist I get off of my much needed medication for Epilepsy. I took on ALL the C/S’s, and finally asked for my Folders to be sent to Ray (Mittoff/RTC tech, then)

    After one month, the Snr C/S called the Tech Sec at Flag, to say a) They needed to apologize to me and b) I had a FULL OK to do from OT 4-OT 8. They also wrote a Snr C/S Int bulliton correcting ALL of the Flag tech staff re medication. (which obviously didn’t stick, as Lisa McPherson died at their hands after that).
    I did talk to quite a few Sea Org people who would hear my story and say: “Oh, so you are the one….”. Another friend of mind in the SO then told me: “They didn’t just correct the C/S’s—EVERY tech terminal, even admin, were crammed on that”.

    Did you ever hear of what happened back lines? I’d love to know. It was quite a flap at Flag—but I did get onto OT 7 after that. I was at the end of my road with them, even though it took me another 10 years to totally figure it out.
    My best 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  266. martyrathbun09

    Tory, sorry around the time I was consumed with Legal. I don’t have any data.

  267. GaryVI Thanks for your valuable input. Seems like oweing to the Enemy Within your church as become a Fortune Of Fear. Now I will get back to my re- read up on the Mission Earth series to see what Rockecentre is doing.

  268. Nancy,

    This goes right along with what I’ve often told critics who complain about the unnatural comm cycle of many Scientologists: “if you can tell they are using TRs, they aren’t!”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  269. The name is Bruce Ploetz and he was a whiz at all the AV lines as covered in the Blown for Good book by Marc Headley.

  270. I’ve seen them RTC ladies.

    When the “church” crumbles they could get a job at some s/m sex studio as domina.

    They have already attained the proper attitude for that.

  271. “I don’t mind somebody criticizing a valid fact in Scientology, Ted. I’ll be the first one to deal with it.” — David Miscavige, interviewed by Ted Koppel, ABC News “Nightline”, 1992. 🙄

  272. Tory Christman

    Yes—-well put, lookingin. Ensifer–I used to put on Book 1 Seminars (training people in Dianetics–with just the info from the book, no meters, no desk—just 2 chairs, 2 people, one talking, one asking questions, and listening).

    I was amazed at how the higher trained the person, the more difficult they were to train. Why? I finally decided I thought it was due to SO many vias people got trained in: Meters, worksheets, meter shields, correct pens, correct cream, correct cans, on and on—all this crap that distracted from listening to the PC, observing their indicators, and knowing when the process was done.

    If you actually study Dianetics, it even says the “EP” isn’t always what we grew to know as “F/N, VGI’s” by any means. It was “their tone raised a bit”. Quite a big difference!

    How did all that enforcement happen? Watch some of the videos on mind control, and peer pressure: it spells it out very well. I think the Finance Police were the beginning of the end for that group. Many saw it then and bailed. Many of us stayed on, being loyal to Ron, etc. Thankfully, most of us are out now!

    Davey boy is NUTS—well documented now.
    So? My main message to you here is thank you, and to those lurking and still “in”: Bail while you still can, I’m not kidding!

    My best, Tory/Magoo

  273. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Penny! I remember bringing that up to the Snr D of P at Flag—- and “Are You Waiting for the Meter to Play Dixie?” in the 90’s when this “new F/N” arrived. Both validate the actual definition of F/N, and totally blow out this new —stare at the meter, hoping to get the
    Davey boy float that roasts rugs.

    It still amazes me that he pushed that one through. It did then, and was the beginning of my leaving, as it was with many others. For that, I say great job, Dave the slave!
    (remember: Tick tock, tick tock, time is on
    *our* side, Davey boy. You can run, but you cannot hide!)


  274. Boooo yeah Jackson.

  275. Good points, but I don’t think you could get through the solo levels which were post 50’s without a meter!

  276. Doc,
    You in the chair auditing, getting cramming (from me if you like, just write and we’ll work it out if you need it) is what it’s all about. You’ll eventually be as slick as any. Good on ya.

  277. Buy up original materials as the Freezoners do, even old E-meters as historic reference perhaps.

  278. Tom,
    We’ll do it the old fashioned way. Standard. Release just that much evil from the world.

  279. Watching Eyes,
    There’s an F.O., can’t recall the number or name, and to paraphrase it here we go; there is a point where stupidity crosses the line and becomes treason.

  280. Jim,
    Absolutely stellar.

  281. fognition LOL, Jim!!!

    Another one pegged in the dm™ corporation (good one PeterJ)

  282. Marty,

    I did condense the events of years 80-86 as there is probably enough to write a book on and didn’t want to go into it here and now. Suffice to say that LRH’s last comm got me to stick around for 15 more years in the SO with DM’s increasing oppressiveness & abuse as time went on.

    This eval also suggests that there were many other major evolutions which changed the face of Mestology which were totally unevaluated actions or perhaps evaluated after the fact, Idle Orgs which seems to be the latest.

  283. Great, Penny! Nice to reread that.

  284. Tory,
    What do you mean DM can’t hide?

    He can hide behind Shelley, under a toadstool, in a hat, in one of the saddle bags on his giant Harley, behind a peacock’s tail, under a squirrel, on the other side of a salt shaker, in the heel of one of his shoes, around a corner in the fridge, just the other side of the quart of milk, behind a regular size podium, under a pony, way in the back of a van in a suitcase, in a Tonka truck.

  285. Kye~I emailed you 2 or 3 times earlier. You can contact me at tmb(dot)stuff(at)gmail(dot)com

  286. PlainOldThetan

    Does anyone know where to find the SHSBC reference on “becoming slaves to procedure”?

    I must have missed that when I was taking my tape notes on the SHSBC.

  287. Marty,
    You mention above “A subtle technical point. My observation. Most, if not all, F/Ns do as the redefinition describes. However, if one waits for all that to occur before indicating the F/N, in most cases it doesn’t live to perform that phenomena. ”

    This is an important point. See, DM took an issue from Feb 79 and ADDED IT to an issue from July 78, to come up with his very own issue, put out in Oct of 2000 (with help from Sue Koon at RTRC) which he named What is a Floating Needle?

    Sounds familiar, that title. Well that’t because LRH wrote one in July 78 with the exact same title!

    Here’s the rub on David’s issue; interpolate into LRH’s definiton of an FN is a description that originates way back in 1970 in an HCOB Floating Needles and End Phenomena. The description in the E-Meter Essentials Errata issue, from Feb 79, should be studied in comparison to the 20 Feb 70 Floating Needles and End Phenomena issue.

    There is another issue that applies. This is 21 March 74 End Phenomena, (which refers specifically to the 70 issue Floating Needles and End Phenomena) which DIFFERENTIATES the subject of FN’s and EPs.

    Here’s a short bit:
    “In Scientology, End Phenomena vary with what you’re auditing. An ARC Broken pc on an L-1C will peel off charge and come uptone gradually as each reading line is handled. Sometimes it comes in a spectacular huge cog and VVGIs and dial F/N, but that’s usually after charge has been taken off on a gradient. What’s expected is an
    F/N as that charge being handled moves off.

    “In Ruds it’s the same idea. When you’ve got your F/N and that charge has moved off, indicate it. Don’t push the pc on and on for some “EP”. You’ve got it.

    “Now a major grade process will run to F/N, Cog, VGIs and release. You’ll have an ability regained. But that’s a grade process on a set up flying pc.”

    So, yes, according to the exactly applicable LRH references, you MAY get the E-Meter Essentials Errata manifestation of a Floating Needle. On the other hand, you may get the LRH version of What is A Floating Needle? manifestation of an FN. (Or any of the various LRH HCOBs, still extant, still valid, still work.)

    I personally don’t use DM’s stuff, like his version of What is A Floating Needle? from Oct 2000. I like LRH’s Scientology. I’m particular that way.

  288. Hey, just found an interesting issue, from 11 Feb 66R, revised in 79, FREE NEEDLES HOW TO GET THEM ON A PC.

    Now, seeing as DM was bogniting“they don’t know how to get an F/N”, would it not make sense to read and apply the above LRH issue?

    Let’s see, what does LRH say here, oh, here’s something: “Gently, gently, smooth TRs get you free needles.”

    Wierd. LRH says one thing, and DM says another. That’s REALLY odd. LRH gives a handling for FNs, re-issued no less in 79 to update the correct sensitivity data on the newer meters so you won’t miss FNs or call them all over the place due to the meter being mis-adjusted, and DM doesn’t actually USE it but INVENTS an entirely new way to ‘train’.

    Wow. That guy is a dribbling fool, that DM fella.

  289. Sam,

    What is wrong with the E-Meter Reads Drill Simulator is a fundamental design flaw. The thing contains fixed digital recordings of sample reads and simply plays them back based upon the menu button selected. Each recorded “read” is identical *EVERY TIME*.

    Well, needle phenomena as described in The Book of E-Meter Drills are generalized patterns of motion behavior of the needle. No two reads ever appear exactly identical from one PC to the next or even from different incidents on the same PC that produce the same type of read.

    On a real live PC, any given “Small Fall” appears different from another “Small Fall” and that is how “steering” is possible, as the auditor can watch for the *same read* amongst many others and call it “that” or whatever.

    F/N’s, Falls, Rises, Theta Bops, R/S’s or whatever, none of them are going to ever be exactly identical to the ones in that device.

    There is a certain amount of randomness, variation or wandering (“floating”) to a real F/N that that gizmo simply cannot display.

    Michael A. Hobson

  290. Exactly, Dan

    TR’s 101-104 were the mainstay of learning R3R – they were excellent drills. When you completed you definitely KNEW the procedures.

    My 1st & last acquaintance with GAT left me wondering why 101-104 were being screwed around with … like it was being regarded as something ‘new’, rather than something that had been altered.

    Plus, TRs 101-104 gave the student great Student Points for completing the drill :-))

  291. //I don’t think you misunderstand the scene as much as simply you weren’t there//


    And thanks to Tory for backing up your point. I heard a fair amount of this sort of thing in the early to mid 90’s (via ARS) but eventually I tired of reading and commenting because it seemed like trench warfare.

    Looks like that is changing now as so many of the people running the show have begun leaving and identifying with the Independent Field.

    And that article from “Abberee” was cool.

  292. Virgil Samms

    Joe – This reminds me of an old auditor we had in Detroit in the 70’s. John was his name. He was an auditor in D.C. when the FBI raid on D.C. occured.

    He said he was in session with a pc running the ARCX rud when his door was kicked open, an agent came in with a gun pulled and pointed at his meter. “Your E-Meter is under arrest!” hollered the agent. He grabbed Johns meter, tore the cans out of the pcs hands and took them away.

    The ED mustered everyone in the org up while the raid was still in progress. Afterwards the ED said “Alright, everyone back in session. Run your programs on your pcs. I expect we’ll be without meters for a while.”

    John said everyone took their pcs back in session. Johns pc was not sure if what just happened was imagined or not because he was down the track running the ARC X. Joh finished the ARCX off and then continued with R-234 (Goals Listing),

    John said he got good noticing when his pcs were f/ning. He said “The real test of a good auditor was L&Ning without a meter. You have to be really in tune with your PC to L&N.” He said “Hell, I just use a meter now because I’m supposed to.”

    I’m not promoting not using meters. But I am just pointing out that relying on meters too much can be a bad thing too. They really are an auditing aide. Nothing supplants obnosing your pc and acting accordingly.

    By the way – Joh never red-tagged a pc in the 4 years he was auditing with us.

    ML Tom

  293. Jackson:
    The one and only Jackson, former Security Chief INT Base.

    The one ordered by DM to wear my manicured fingers to the bone on Deck work !

    Thank you for confirming that Elliot Abelson covers up the dirty deeds and makes DM’s crimes LEGAL.

    Hmmmmmmm DM’s right hand man to cover up……..

    Please note the spelling is ELLIOT so when he is googled, your posting would not appear, as you have spelled it ending in OIT.

    Jackson, I am wildly interested in Elliot cover-ups on DM crimes and misconduct.
    There are always dirty lawyers.
    Every profession has its percentage of thugs and shady characters.

    See your hushmail.

  294. Martin Gibson

    Marty, regarding the “stuck” needle being called an “f/n” I cant understand how it would occur, its bugging my comprehension of the ‘why’. For example: did the auditor mistake a stuck needle for an end of change in the process/end of TA movement, so the auditor, at the time, called it as an f/n because of an incomplete understanding of the difference between process getting TA and pc needle becoming stuck? Floating needles move, there is no more TA, only over-run and jacked up TA after that. And stuck needles, I am trying to recall, means ‘something not said, witheld origination or answer’, I dont know really but I recall something like that. And of course the session stops as pc is holding thought so out-of-session = no TA movement.

  295. Gary dear,

    Please Email me


  296. “And that article from “Abberee” was cool.”

    Ensifir here is the website. have fun reading !


  297. Virgil Samms

    Jim, wasn’t it in KSW #1 where LRH said that one thing that DM could be counted on doing is altering good, workable tech? Wasn’t that the one?

  298. PlainOldThetan

    I’m really surprised that throughout all this discussion of F/Ns no one has raised the question “Why does the needle float?”

    I even went so far as to ask my SHSBC supervisors this and specifically asked “Why does it go back and forth? Why isn’t it just a still needle?” No one could answer me.

    This bugged me for years, even after finishing the SHSBC. Until I was doing some other research and found HCOB 30 April 1960 ACC TRs, which states:

    6. Free Needle: A needle which shows none of the reactions described above. It floats back and forth easily, registering only the body, its breathing, heartbeats, etc. While needle free, no facsimiles are being impinged on the body.

    Note: All movements may vary in amplitude (width of reaction on dial at given sensitivity) and velocity (speed of needle movement — units if dial/instant of time) from pc to pc, or from time to time on the same pc, particularly under processing.


    What I understood from this is that an F/N is NOT a mental reaction registered on the meter; it’s a BODY REACTION.

    The explanation in the HCOB explained for me why my own F/Ns “surged” to the right and drifted back to the left; my high blood pressure was a BODY manifestation influencing the behavior of the needle during an F/N.

    It also explains for me, dear leader, how one gets an F/N. One takes the actions necessary to unimpinge facsimiles from the body.

    LRH did not in this issue specify “how many swings” the needle needed to take or “how long” the body needed to be unimpinged from facsimiles. That’s only now being done because of introduced arbitraries.

    DM may have accused Class XIIs of “not knowing how to get an F/N”, but my guess is, he didn’t either.

    One does not “get an F/N” by counting swings of the needle. ONE KILLS AN F/N BY COUNTING SWINGS OF THE NEEDLE.

    To me, the real solution was to stop overworking your Class XIIs. In Science of Survival (The Auditor’s Code) LRH says:

    The auditor cares for himself as an auditor. By working with others, he maintains his own processing at regular intervals in order to maintain or raise his own position on the Tone Scale despite restimulation of himself through the process of auditing others. He knows that failure to give heed to his own processing, until he himself is a Release or a Clear in the severest meaning of the terms, is to cost his preclear the benefit of the auditor’s best performance.

    Note that the insidious implication is that IF ONE IS BEING PROCESSED REGULARLY, HIS BODY RUDIMENTS ARE BEING KEPT IN REGULARLY. This is also pounded on by LRH in the 9th ACC lecture 13 December 1954 CONDUCT OF THE AUDITOR.

    And we can’t forget the definition of KEY-IN (also from Science of Survival): a moment when the environment around the awake but fatigued or distressed individual is itself similar to the dormant engram. At that moment the engram becomes active. It is keyed-in and can thereafter be dramatized.

    Stats don’t get raised by beating your mule team harder. Sometimes, they get raised by investing in a second mule team. (Of course, that’s only true if you consider a mule team an investment, instead of an expense.)


  299. Tom,

    It’s called meter dependency.

    ML Haydn

  300. Conducting look-in at Flag HGC’s, DM saw the obvious – some overworked, underpaid, unexercised, underfed, unaudited, physically ailing, aging Class XIIs were calling stuck needles “floating needles.” DM – apparently blinded by his hellacious crimes againt L Ron Hubbard and his life-long evaluated terminated handling for out tech – decided LRH was wrong. The reason, pronounced DM, for people calling stuck needles F/Ns was not horrendous TRs and metering (which was absolutely evident), but instead “they don’t know how to get an F/N.”

    I am the only one to see the sheer irrationality of this? His why could have been right, the poor tired Class XIIs probably couldn’t get an F/N (Out TRs) but redefining an F/N will not help anyone get an F/N. You can absolutely know what an F/N looks like and still not be able to get one.

    Let’s go back to basics. The Five Gross Auditing Errors, TRs and Cognitions

  301. Virgil Samms

    Jackson, Karen – Elliot Albelson. I got it, locked and loaded.

    This little bit of thread just acted like an earlier -similar in my universe. Thanks.

    ML Tom

  302. Jean-François Genest

    Dear exilo,
    I understand.

  303. Jim, The boy just never learned ‘if it ain’t broke,
    don’t fix it’.

  304. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I believe the following policy letter makes it clear that GAT is squirrel, non-LRH tech. I wonder how many church scientologists have read this PL?

    HCO PL of 16 April ’65, Issue 2



    The only allowed Practical drills on any Scientology Course including PE are:

    1. Modified Comm Course for PE.

    2. Original Comm Course TRs 0-4.

    3. Original Upper Indoc TRs.

    4. E-Meter Drills contained in Book of E-Meter Drills.

    5. Dissemination Drills when I write and release them.

    NO other practical drills of any kind will be permitted.

    Other Practical Drills are abolished. Reasons: They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or authorize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed.

    They make poor auditors. I have just reviewed this matter thoroughly and have traced several training failures to these Wild cat Drills. Further, I traced several failed cases on course to them.

    Somewhere along the line somebody went mad inventing “drills” and “TRs”. If this is permitted to continue, we will no longer turn out good auditors. The standard drills as listed above have proven sufficient for years…

    [End of policy]

    For some other squirrel alterations and deletions I’ve documented, somebody has created a web page archive to document some of them here …


  305. Quicksilver,
    101-104 were the ‘cash cow’ in Student Points 🙂

  306. wouldn’t surprise me in the least Jack.

  307. Plain Old Thetan,
    Fargin’ BRILLIANT! Many thanks for the references. You are spot on!!!!!

    Here’s another two, jumping the gun on my upcoming article.

    “The basic freeing action of auditing depends upon the separation of thought from
    form, matter, energy, space and time and other life.

    “We see in “science” as currently practised a nearly total identification by the
    “scientist” of mass with thought. “Man from mud” is a natural conclusion by anyone
    who has all his thought bound up in mass.

    “The reason a clear’s needle is so free (and you’ve seen, certainly, how an E-Meter
    needle gets sticky, then freer and freer) is that his thought is separated from a matter,
    energy, space, time consequence.

    “The “deadin-’is-’ead” case is totally associating all thought with mass. Thus he
    reads peculiarly on the meter. As he is audited he frees his thinkingness so that he can
    think without mass connotations.

    “What auditing is doing is making the preclear think key thoughts until they can be
    thought without creating or disturbing matter, energy, space and time.”

    AND, why is an ARC X FN and ‘FN’:

    “A real F/N means the pc is out the top, an ARC Br needle means he’s out the bottom. He ceases to mock up, through grief.”

    Read all that again folks. This is WHY THE NEEDLE FLOATS.

    Oh, yeah, ‘float’: ‘to drift on or through’ Merriam Webster’s Online. ‘Drift’: ‘to move or float smothly and effortlessly’ Merriam Webster Online.

  308. There’s a couple of typos there, ‘smoothly’ should be the last thinger.

  309. Micheal

    Yep that’s the basic of the matter.
    Build a machine that can record and digitally reproduce every reaction a being can produce…. Ummmm…. why? – No shortage of people who can produce those phenomena with ease.

    Oh wait! because now we can add all of the manuals to word-clear and extra training we need to do to learn how to operate the damned thing so we can add weeks to the training line-up!

    Duh! it has a purpose! It keeps auditors and PCs out of the chair!!!

  310. Joe Pendleton
    It’s no joke! One of the Flag sups actually told me that the reason you have to wait for 3 swings is that LRH says that the F/N goes ‘back and forth back and forth’ Therefore you have to wait for the 3 swings. You are absolutely correct that this nutty explanation would actually require 4 swings not 3!

  311. No – correction 5 (as you stated) because the first one goes ‘back’

  312. George
    Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

  313. Good God, Tory!

    I know you’re not kidding that that was your C/S, but WTF … “See if you can walk down the street and not think about your case.”

    G O B S M A C K E D !

    As in: Don’t think about an elephant.

    (mouth agape!)

    aaaahheeehhhh ………………………………………..

    (deep breath)

    You have my admiration (again), Tory.

    Just Me

  314. Furthing that absurdity,

    How ’bout auditing/read simulators that “parishioners” donate to buy and have operated in their names so that they can get the status’ from the auditing side of the bridge?

    Program in a standard case to the simulator…it responds to “standard patter”…it gets audited to the degree the parishioner pays…

    This of course would make possible the final solution to planetary clearing, automate auditing itself!

    All that is needed is a new Mark 9 meter that records the reads, has a speaker for the recorded patter!

    Bingo! A true earth religion. Completely divorced from the concepts it was founded on.

    (joking and degrading is fun sometimes!)

  315. Now, hold on. Nancy, you are exaggerating, right?

    Or are you saying that laughter in the auditing room is prohibited?

    Just Me

  316. Tory Christman


    It’s an expression I used to say with a dear friend of mine, a Scientologist who ended up taking his own life at age 20. We used to give each other b-day cards saying, “You can Run, but you Cannot hide”. So when I left, in honor of him, I began writing that to Davey boy—as I don’t believe he can *really* hide.
    Criminals ~always~ get caught—that’s even per LRH_–they make sure to, so you know he will..it’s just a matter of time. Thus:
    Tick tock, Tick Tock Time is on *our* side.
    You can run, but you Cannot hide.
    Karma you cannot run from—that’s a fact, jack.
    My best to you, Jim—you’re funny!

  317. This whole thread is just WILD to me.

    I missed the whole GAT era. Never even HEARD of a simulator. Just learned a few months ago about the “required” three swings of the needle.

    This is like a whole new subject to me. Certainly not Scientology.

    Just Me

  318. Well Jim-

    Welcome to dm’s Church of Lobotomy. After a couple of minutes with an icepick you can experience the remainder of your lifetime in utter supreme bliss without a care in the world.

    Hell a nuclear bomb could go off next door but you’d still take out a 14th mortgage on the family farm to make the sudden, unannounced, drive-by IAS or Idle Org registrars upstat.

    Ain’t life grand?

    Note to self: I have to remind myself really, REALLY hard, though, that I have to stand and wildly cheer when the flashing APPLAUD sign indicates our feckless (oops I meant fearless) leader has delivered another stupendous, heretofore unfathomable, announcement.

    The last time I genuflected at an INT event nobody could see me. Especially dm who had a regular-sized podium. {I bet those props guys are running around a tree!)

    God I never want to make that mistake again.



  319. War and Peace

    Gary Morehead (JACKSON)

    Gary said :
    A little not so well know fact about Elliott Abelson… He is the ONE person on the face of earth who gladly takes super oil tanker loads of cash for paving the way legally for David Miscavige to do what he does.

    Imagine a “Church” so full of secrets, so much in need to cover up Dirty Deeds that each route-out needs to sign 1/2″ thick documents under video camera at OSA INT on Hollywood Boulevard, that they will *never* reveal anything that went on within the Sea Org.

    Imagine how dark and how secretive a group must be that they are in fear of disclosure so much, that they threaten the leaving staff member will need to pay $50,000 for each violation.

    Even Opus Dei as radical as they are, don’t demand that !

    The urge to cover up and be secretive is because there is so much to hide.

    Luckily the “psych ops” to enforce these signatures is becoming more and more worthless by the day as the word spreads that these coerced signatures are worthless.

  320. Jim, Buddy you are on fire! Very well done!

  321. Sam, that reasoning (1,2,3,4 swings) is so stupidly rote. (Not you — the required swings of the needle).

    Life / meters / cogs / VGIs aren’t that rote.

    Next, the Co$ will have the auditor hand the pc a laminated card, from which the pc will be allowed to read his/her cog.

    Then we’ll REALLY have “standard” tech, i.e., the tech will be absolutely IDENTICAL, pc to pc to pc.

    Sort of like the success stories pre-OTs are now allowed to read at Flag and on the Freewinds now.


    Just Me

  322. Tory Christman

    You ask: “One does not “get an F/N” by counting swings of the needle. ONE KILLS AN F/N BY COUNTING SWINGS OF THE NEEDLE.”

    Now–imagine this, which many of us lived through, in one form or another.
    Ok, we have a session, F/N, VGI’s. We go to the
    Examiner, to tell our “win”.
    Instead of the usual, “Thank you very much, your needle is floating” suddenly there is this person STARING at the meter.

    I repeat my “win” as I feel my TA rising.
    Examiner: STARES at meter.
    I repeat my win once more.
    Examiner: STARES at meter.

    I leave and am grabbed by the Snr D of P at Flag who pulls me into a room. “What the FUCK is this, I say–seriously pissed off!~”

    She: “Tory, I know, I know, many of the auditors are upset about this, but a new
    definition has come out re F/N.”
    We are people who have been drilled, M-4, M-9’d to death re KSW, for 20++ years—to make sure NO ONE
    ******EVER***** Changes ANY of the tech!

    Can you imagine?
    Ok, so get this. We have to re-do the metering course on OT 7 (those there will remember. People needed people to drill F/N’s with-the new, BS definition. I’d just tell them upfront: If you’re looking for an “F/N” you don’t want to drill with me”.

    So now I’m off to audit OT 7, solo–in Clearwater, FL where it’s boiling hot. I am staying off base (super big overt at the time, as it was run on us the staff were *only* eating because of our accomo’s $$$)

    I have my session, as usual, with few wins, but fly my ruds and return for my exam re my little win, which before was always “Ok”.

    Due to almost NO ONE getting F/N’s, it was now ordered that “Whatever you do in session, you HAVE To do at the examiners”. (If you audit nude–you have to get your exam nude).
    Well, I wasn’t that bad—but my feet are super sensitive, so I was always told to take my shoes off. Having walked back in the boiling hot humidity, I sit down.

    I take off my shoes and a wave of stench rolls into my face–from my boiling hot feet. I say, “I had a nice win”. The examiner stares at the Meter.

    I try it again: “I had a really nice win” (more smells from my feet and me thinking: This is a FUCKING NIGHT MARE!)

    Examiner: Stares at the meter. (Now I’m ready to poll vault over the desk, punch the Examiner in the face and tell her “You bitch this isn’t Scientology tech!) But—due to not wanting to have to pay for more “cramming” or “Ethics” —I just head off on my way.

    Truly—-that time was *one* of the many huge disasters I lived through while Davey boy had taken over the “church” of Scientology.

    I hope for those of you that were not there then, that gave you a tiny view of one person’s experience re this horrific alteration by Davey-I’m too short to face you, so I’ll get some tough guys to beat you-Miscavige.
    My best ….Tory/Magoo

  323. POT, Jim, Marty and All,

    This has been one of, if not the most, enlightening threads I have experienced.

    I will study these comments and observations for as long as it takes.


    I am blown away.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  324. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Come on Boz!

    It’s tough to audit with a Mai Tai in your hand. Also the little umbrella might obscure the F/Ns.

    Just dribblin’ in my cup,


  325. Tory Christman

    Just Me,
    Thank you VERY much! You have no idea
    how much it means to just have someone—-
    —GET IT.

    Yes, (((deep breath))) Sigh.

    Yes, thank you.
    I appreciate your kindness, very much.


  326. Tory Christman

    M—Ok, fair enough. I remember there was a *ton* of legal issues at that time. Man, that would make for one awesome book.
    Let me please put in my order right now!
    Now get started, if you haven’t already 🙂

  327. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I agree with you. If you were to audit androids then the simulator would be the tool to train with.

    But Thetans are NOT androids. We are all different and conduct our lives on different variations of wave lengths. If not then we would be exactly alike indistinguishable and would thus produce the same e-meter reads.

    How do you reproduce an e-meter read with exact consistency from “living lightening”? We’re moving targets!

    Postulate to postulate we’re different beings conducting our wavelengths energy emissions through this universe of agreed upon realities.

    All we can do with e-meters at this time is observe WHAT they DO and handle accordingly.

    8-8008, baby!

    Love and Sane Creations,

    ΘTater/Gary 🙂

  328. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    A Texas “Sudden” storm!!

    DM, can you hear the “Ghost Riders” comin’ to get ya?


  329. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    MOQ of verbiage! Gotta love the Jim!


  330. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “I’ll have the rest of this string pull done shortly. DM, yep, it’s comin’, prick. Then I’m going to do one on Sec Checks. Oh boy.”

    You’re my God! I bow to your “suddens” and right-on-the-money knowledge! 🙂

    Gary – (Hey Der MF/Nstein, the villagers are comin’ with sec checks…)

  331. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Where’s his hand cuffs?

  332. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    by John Donne

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manner of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.
    The rest of the reference to the “bell” can be found here:


    ΘTater/Gary 🙂 – Sam, it does toll for us all.

  333. Tory, you are quite welcome.

    Just Me

  334. And THAT is the icing on the cake.
    Thank you!

  335. ΘTater/GaryLerner


  336. Gary Morehead aka “Jackson” ~
    Shit man! I feel that! SuX.

  337. If I recall correctly the words on the word lists are in exact alphabetical order.

  338. Nicely done Gary 😀

  339. Just Me
    Hello 😀
    RE: “Next, the Co$ will have the auditor hand the pc a laminated card, from which the pc will be allowed to read his/her cog.”
    You should send that as a suggestion to DM. It might help speed up auditing.

  340. Hi Tory. I want to ack you on that whacked C/S you got…that’s for sure a WTF bomb!
    I don’t think you can resolve the specifics on your cycle back then around ’89, because so many people were in confusion and so F’ed up that while one person got corrected correctly by some good soul, the next got creamed and caved-in over it.
    It’s like trying to make logical the illogical – it just won’t happen.
    It’s harsh, but you are the perfect example of OTs getting royally screwed! I’m sure you didn’t have a money tree in your back yard. I’m an auditor, I know you worked HARD to accomplish your training. You had to fight for your Bridge, but you were fighting the wrong thing back then, of course too when you NEVER should’ve had to fight at all!
    It makes me sick that someone like you was treated so F’in badly! !

  341. Ensifer,
    Could have used your sword!
    Honestly David, you would have had to have been there. I would have left a long time ago but I never knew all the facts nor did I realize how suppressive the whole game was becoming. Now I know and I made my exit a few months ago in a formal letter to the advanced org. I had not been at the AO for over 5 years.

    There is a very interesting tape by LRH called “Briefing to Review Auditors” which pretty much describes my life in the Church, for the last 20 years. I’m sure you are familiar with it. It discusses the situation whereby the CS can actually become a source of suppressive to the pc, if the tech is out.

    Kind of like being married to an SP, which by the way, I was stupid enough to do at one point this lifetime, many, many moons ago.

    Two years ago, I had a conversation with my then FSM and explained to him in detail that in my last auditing at the AO, they were attempting to run a program on me that was “just wrong”. No charge, didn’t read, actually should have fn’ d on discussion, which I am sure, it did! I felt like the CS was an SP and my then FSM (Ty Dillard) actually had enough breath of understanding to duplicate my communication about this. I had sacrificed much to arrive for my OT sections. Never in my life, had my ethics been so in and I was thrilled to be there. My services were paid for, I had money in the bank and was ready to go, with time and a purpose. Without going into the gory details of the missed fn’s, after I left the org, I was SO charged up, I could have easily gone into rage on the tone scale if anyone restimulated this crap in a conversation with an innocent eval. I calmed down when I got back to the Bay Area and started creating my business again. [I had closed a successful retail shop, to do my upper levels, in addition to selling an investment house I had owned] I loved getting back to work as this was the ONE area where NO ONE could invalidate my wins.

    I better slow down here before I write a book but suffice it to say I am very, very happy to have extricated myself from what in the past had been a great source of personal enlightenment but in recent years had become more and more of a problem with less and less theta and then, actual suppression.

    When I was last at the AO (over 5 yrs ago) I observed the following:

    The examiners were now, VERY WEIRD.
    The old FPRD was better than the New FPRD.
    The auditing I had prior to the GAT was much better than GAT auditing.
    The last auditing I purchased at ASHO was so bad I left without doing a routing form and would not even walk back into the building! That was in 2000 or there about.
    Both the auditors I had at the AO were taking up unreading items and missing fn’s when I was last there. (circa 2005)
    There were too many requested donations for things that had nothing to do with my getting up the bridge and this new building donation game was a complete violation of the policy I had read in green on white on the building fund.
    My favorite staff members were leaving, had left or were dead.
    I was hearing about guys on the RPF for 5, 6, and 7 years and I thought this is not right.

    When it was good, it was very, very good. Life changing wins on many services, most of which were done a couple of decades back but the wins were true and gave me back myself, so I could never forget them.
    L11, KTL, FPRD, Pro TR’s Course and many more and yes, my going clear.

    My most recent auditor Trey Lotz is a declared SP (according to the Church) and boy can he audit! Went so well, we had to take a break right after we started. Then, went back in and it was better still….very happy to be out of the clutches of the Church of Scientology, with it’s enforced must do’s, can’t haves, and gross alterations of a very workable technology.

  342. Um Gary. Get this. Someone who did like Grade 0 thru OT5 in 3 months, uh hum, told me how cool it is to sit in session and smoke cigs and drink coffee. Yeah hum.
    He thinks I oughta…

    There’s some weird ass shit out there, sooooo not LRH!

  343. Excuse me, but DM lied to Ron Hubbard about finding out-tech with Class XII David Mayo when it suited his purposes.

    What makes anyone think he wasn’t lying about the Flag Class XII’s, too?

    Michael A. Hobson

  344. Torry

    A simply hilarious account of what happened … and what a picture with full perceptics to boot haha

    Best gut laugh I’ve had for a while … Thanks!!

  345. Frankfurt is great, assuming you want to handle your case in addition to being interested in the org itself. Otfried is a super auditor, and the courseroom is standard and packed (same thing really). rons-org.de is the website.

  346. PlainOldThetan,
    Thankyou for continuing to ask the question “Why does the needle float?” and getting an answer.
    This irons out things for me.

    — I agree with others…
    …this entire thread has some fantastic stuff!!

  347. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Yes! I saw this and wrote it up. Got nowhere of course.

    Note that it reads like part of a Danger condition handling. This wasn’t just a “heck, let’s be careful and limit this drilling casual issue”, this reads like a real mess developed, was investigated by Ron, serious real world outnesses found, and firm policy adopted to prevent the danger from happening again.

    Now, imagine someone comes along later who covertly WANTS to destroy Scn. What could they do with this issue. Hmmm. This issue tells one how to keep out of trouble and not mess up training and auditing. OR if you just reverse it, you could MESS up training and auditing causitively. That is assuming anyone with the authority to do it would be crazy enough to actually do it. Yeah, I’m probably just being paranoid.

  348. “I am going to open a training here in the west as soon as I can.”

    California I’m assuming, is this in LA or perhaps up north? Is there somewhere I can go to for independent Scientology in north California?

  349. Tory~I started off doing Dn Seminar then HDA around 1987. I absolutely, positively LOVED it with a passion! I lived in New Orleans and drove to Baton Rouge every single day for months and months and dreamed of the day somebody would ask me to work there! 🙂
    All I did was audit Book One, just like DMSMH. I didn’t need a meter! This thread reminds me of just how astute I was at catching the flinches, eye movements, quibbles or shakes, watching when I’d ask for an earlier similar time and seeing a sign the PC’d hit something, using repeater technique just like in the book. I’d audit them until they blew enough charge to have some good indicators-feelin good.
    I’m gettin all excited thinkin about it! I audited a boatload of people of ALL sorts and was in Auditor Heaven! I mean it! Michelle Kilabrew (went to SO@Flag when the shithit) ex of L.D.Sledge was my “mentor” and brilliant with Book One and became my dear dear friend and we’d go over the sessions and apply DMSMH. I really had it down to an art, like LRH. No pro TRs, no meter. WoW 🙂
    So, around ’89 when I went to Flag to do Pro TRs and the Pro meter course for the first time, it just seemed like a little extra tool that could show me on a dial what I could already see anyway. Cool deal. 🙂

  350. Great references and observations, Jim.

    I just have one question at this point. When I’m doing a pre assessment on a NED pc I’m supposed to take up instant F/Ns first. Does this mean I should stop assessing and wait to see if the needle swings three times before I carry on?

  351. “A subtle technical point. My observation. Most, if not all, F/Ns do as the redefinition describes. However, if one waits for all that to occur before indicating the F/N, in most cases it doesn’t live to perform that phenomena. As a sage man once quipped, “the meter was made in the nawth.”

    Yeah I’ve noticed a similar thing in my solo occur sometimes, once you ack the F/N immediately upon seeing it, it will persist, whereas if you wait to ack it until it’s persisting, it sometimes doesn’t persist…

    Whatever tho: an F/N is an F/N whether it persists for a only a moment, or much longer.

  352. What was wild in the years that followed the GAT release is how many more programs and issues were forced down org’s throat to “enforce it”, eradicate non complaince etc. LRH is very clear in Data Series about how things respond when you have a right why, and stats always made it clear that it was in fact a wrong why. If DM was even a little genuine and did not put his ego ahead of the case gain of thousands, things could have gotten fixed in late 96, early 97. But 13 years later he’s still adding layers of wrong whys on top of the earlier ones, it’s just too sick. Reshooting the original TRs film is just the ultimate, (and with wogs of course, to solve the problem that every film shot in the 90s by Mitch now have declared SPs all over them, including several of us on this blog). Talk about inventing something to solve a problem! Public know that the TRs film was shot by LRH and that he instructed not to reshoot it. It’ll be a large nail in the DM coffin.

  353. Martin Gibson

    I just had a cognition. David Miscavage does not ack. He does not ack his own people, he does not ack anything that goes against his ‘party line’, it is a 1.1 PR ploy. Since he provides the ‘advances’ it focuses attention only on him. This has crept into RTC staff and the public, through contagion of abberation. It is out-TR2. You can straight-wire your own failed purposes on this and when when you do… I would like to indicate that was a break in Communication/Reality/Affinity!

  354. Wayne,

    Never seen that one before.

    Makes it pretty clear, doesn’t he…


  355. Theo Sismanides

    I am giving here one definition of organization (#7) from the Admin Dictionary:

    7. an organization is a complex mechanism. It is made up of associated individuals who have an agreed upon goal or intention.
    They are going along in some direction which they do not too violently disagree with, and it will make progress to the degree that it stays in agreement and holds its form and to the degree
    that it refines its form to meet new threats to its existence and so it will survive. (SH Spec 77, 6608C23)

    What is very interesting to see is that LRH has even included the ability to REFINE ITS FORM as one prerequisite for its survival.

    Anyone with any more questions or doubts about organization, Scientology and the Independents, please understand that we are at this very point in time:

    We are Refining the Scientology Organization. We are the ONES who are doing it or not doing it.

    I said to Marty I will do an Org Board but this is too big of a job. I get confused, my knowledge of it is not by any means complete.

    I can put something together as to its divs that can make sense but it will be incomplete.

    However, I know just by putting in little functions here and there it will start picking up.

    And the functions we have started doing them. Joe Howard for example, prepares checksheets and auditors get revitalized.

    Any help we can provide towards re-creating, refining the form of that organization is of a very, very high order. Little by little things fall in place here.

    But the BIG point here is the REFINE thing. LRH included that into the definition of an organization as to continue to survive as an organization it must be able to CHANGE. Its form needs refinement to meet new threats to its existence.

    Rings a bell? Is that the Indies? Is this us? We surely are. Organizations are bad when dead or corrupt like the C of M. Alive organizations who can refine their forms to meet new threats to their existence are not just an asset but a must to attain anything.

  356. Theo Sismanides

    Oh and my point here:


    This could be our Div 4.

    How many auditors Revitalized/Recovered (denouncing GAT) and how many hours they audited.

    A whole Org Board can pivot around this point of Delivery. And an Auditors Association can be formed around the globe. We are many now. And revitalize the subject of auditing and training. As LRH would do, not just like ROBOTS but as thetans who care and are in the know about the secrets of the mind and those of theta. Big difference.

    We and only we can evolve this subject to new hights and new territories. The church is dead. Nothing will come from there as results. The Indies can forward the subject in the 21st century. This is what “refining” means.

    The admin doingness on this is just to create those terminals and lines to forward that purpose: Revitalization of Auditing and Auditors, Training and Trainers by the Indies.

    Thus the org board. And now we are at the refinement stage of that whole organization LRH put there. The Sea Org and the Orgs are morgues.

    We are the New Form Scientology has taken to survive. This is a huge task. It cannot be borne alone by each one of us. A New Organization of OTs is being FORMED.

    Will you help?

  357. I recall when I had a real win from Auditing at Saints Hill last time I had some credits. When I was at examiners. I didn’t give a damn whether the examiner was stareing at Mars or his meter.


  358. Hi, you mentioned Ron Norton. Do you know what he is up at these days?

    David F

  359. Plain Old Thetan,
    Request. Would you please get in touch with me directly. Or, please post the entire HCOB, 30 April 60, ACC TRs. It is not in the Tech Vols, new or old, and neither in the OEC, new or old.

    Cheers, Jim.

  360. martyrathbun09

    Making money and toeing the sheep line in Arizona.

  361. martyrathbun09

    Martin, smart observation.

  362. martyrathbun09

    You are right on about suppressive C/Sing. That too has been institutionalized. Subject of the next eval.

  363. martyrathbun09

    I really like your contributions here.

  364. Exactly.

    Isn’t it interesting how a short while after some subject gets a lot of TA action here or over at Steve’s or Jeff’s, why some piece of promo comes out that refutes, justifies or defends? Yet they won’t say/can’t say what they’re replying to as that would reveal that management not only reads you but feels required to answer.
    I’ve just been watching all the promo that pours in -to my shreader, for recycling.

    Mngmnt KNOWS the flock are reading but they CAN’T come out and say it directly just as much as the flock can’t say it for fear of ethics action.

    Talk about tacit consent!

  365. F*ck me, it’s Safe!! I remember you from years ago, on ARS, ACT, MSN Scn, and gawwd knows where else. You won’t know me under this name, but dare I say we had a number of comm cycles (and a few spats!) back in the day. How are you doing? Glad you are here! As an active, hard-core, internet churchie, I was impenetrable up against the ARS SPs and so much online “entheta”. But your posts always made sense to me, sir, and definitely helped open my eyes to the real scene. For that, I thank you.

  366. – DATA SERIES –

    Naomi, I agree. A massive stack of deception can have a foundation from one lie.

    It behooves us all to THOROUGHLY LOOK and investigate 4th Dynamic and 3rd Dynamic underpinnings.

    DATA SERIES. We should all apply this tech across the boards.
    If DM has deceived many in Scientology, then what other deceptions exist within governments and corporations?

  367. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    It’s amazing how things have changed. 🙂

    ““Yesterday, we used an instrument called an E-Meter to register whether or not the process was still getting results so that the auditor would know how long to continue it. While the E-Meter is an interesting investigation instrument and has played its part in research, it is not today used by the auditor… As we long ago suspected, the intervention of a mechanical gadget between the auditor and the preclear had a tendency to depersonalize the session…””

    I recalled an LRH reference that a dear friend of mine had showed me about 23 years ago. I believe it’s from Tech Vol I. The title of that reference is:
    “Electropsychometric Auditing”

    (under the section – Mechanics of Operation, 5th paragraph:)

    “Once he knows the theory of what is happening and knows what the facsimiles
    are doing, or are capable of doing, he can become an artist with an E-Meter; his
    preclears will get well rapidly, his auditing time per case reduces to as much as an hour
    where he needed fifty or a hundred before—but actually there is no time comparison,
    for without the meter he cannot get comparable results. One has to be a meter auditor to
    produce optimum results. An intensive run delivered without the pc holding the
    electrodes is actually a theft of the pc’s money, no matter whether you think that is a
    sales talk or not.”

    Ensifer, the e-meter is a tool. And when used properly it yields great results. Improperly and you get refunds, no case gain, or worse yet smashed anchor points on your track.

    Yes I know I’m preaching to the choir here 🙂

    Just thought that this statement of LRH’s should be viewed to see how he felt about e-meter auditing.

    ΘTater/Gary 🙂 (my needle IS floating!) 🙂

  368. Hey Joe. I have the word lists. Actually there are hundreds of guys out here who have the word lists.

    Want them?

  369. Jim, ACC TRs is on page 369 of the newer tech vol V.
    Have they done another edition with that HCOB deleted?

    I did not find it in my original HCOB vol set.

    Need me to send it to you?
    You have my email address.


  370. PlainOldThetan

    Les nailed it. The ACC being referred to in the title is probably either the First Melborne or the First Saint Hil ACC, but I didn’t find “free needle” or “flying needle” or “floating needle” in either of those two ACCs’ glossaries. Hrrumph.

  371. Try this…spot someone’s tone level, then find something that gains agreement at that tone level. Then adjust your tone 1/2 to one tone up, and see that the person follows you.
    It works 100% of the time.

    Now, try this with the creature known as David Miscavige. You will find that it does NOT work if you are applying 1.1.

    Now try this with that creature. Apply the lower tone of owning bodies/controlling bodies…something utterly sinister like, “Dave, I’ve figured out a perfect punishment that will get these fuckers totally under control, you will totally OWN them.”

    He will respond with rapt attention.

    You OSA lurkers, you try it next time you see the SP little creep. The tech works. You’ll see.

    Does this sound creepy? Does this sound pretty entheta?

    You will have to confront some pretty creepy evil to get down to DM’s level.

    But when you do CONFRONT it, it’s really quite amusing.

  372. Thanks Penny. That wasn’t a book, but it’s a telling story that illustrates why so many people I care about are no longer available to me.

    You picked a good one when you picked Trey. That guy had serious good chops decades ago and I suspect he’s only gotten better!


  373. Hey Gary ~

    Preach all you want my friend. We’re on the same page.


  374. Thanks Jim,
    I’ll definitely keep you in mind as MOQ. I am hooked up with Pat Krenick who lives not too far from me and will be back on course and in the chair in a matter of months.
    I’ve always loved the color gray ( as in Qual colorflash) as well as green.

  375. Exactly.
    You’re welcome. Thank YOU for what you do!

  376. Bless you, Marty.

  377. Tory Christman


    Hey I’m SO happy *someone* found it funny!
    I thought it was hilarious—just as you said.

    Anyways, thanks for getting it 🙂 If it wasn’t SO
    awful, it would be ~totally~ funny. You are most welcome, and thanks right back atcha 🙂

  378. Tory Christman

    I have to say I had the same thought—-but then
    thought perhaps I was wrong and he’d been here
    all along. Thanks for pointing this out, Jack UK:
    F**ck Me too, SAFE::: IT’S YOU!!

    I remember you from ARS and I think OCMB, right? Either way, how are you doing? So glad you’re here, too! Time to Rock and Roll, once again 🙂 My best, Tory/Magoo

  379. Tory Christman

    Very true! David Miscavige does NOT Ack~!

    A bottom line outpoint of MAJOR proportion.

  380. Tory Christman

    How many HASI Lifetime Members are here?

    I know I am one—and no doubt there are *many* others, too. That was a ~huge~ squirreling, introducing IAS–and to think of ALL the money people pissed away there, too.

    I remember going over to IAS and telling him I am a HASI lifetime member, and were is this IAS crap in writing from LRH? Ya know what he said?
    “I know—-it seems all of you auditors are the only ones really having a problem with this. You all say the same thing: “Where is it in writing?”

    Basics, real basics.


  381. Tory Christman

    PS: I got my IAS money Back, and highly suggest people ask for theirs back, also. Hey–they didn’t deliver what they promised, did they?

    And for those who don’t know, I believe per their IRS agreement, they are supposed to give back money requested: GOOGLE it.

  382. “Church of Lobotomy”

    This is actually spot on when people get zombiefied in a cult that is DMs church peoples frontal lobes of the brain physicly shrink as they are not used because people don’t think for themself.

  383. @Joe Howard & @John Nunez, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to get people to understand, locally. I remember when I did my very first C/S training how obvious it was on when a PC was done with a Grade. In my attempts to do this I ran into big problems.

    Seeing the pendulum swing the other way is just as gross…

  384. Hmmmmm, very good to know. I’ve not found anything on this yet (any help would be much appreciated). If this is true I would like to promote this far and wide!

  385. Tory Christman

    Thank you so very much for first getting it,
    and secondly acknowledging what you know
    to be true. I appreciate everything you have said–it means a lot to me. !

  386. Tory Christman

    Amen, Just Me!

    For me……….it was like growing up on Venus,
    and suddenly you are plonked on Mars–with different rules, different people…where did all
    those “highly trained” spot on tech people go?

    It wasn’t a land of milk and honey–that’s for sure.
    More like a land of bs, crap, false data, threats,
    endless regging, endless “you’d better or else”,
    getting tested EVERY 6 months (and to he who tested me, I’m happy to learn you, too, are out 🙂 Argh—what a mess! And to think people stay “in”? WHY? Yes—it certainly is NOT Scientology.

  387. http://exscnforum.com/index.php/some-govt-registration-data-t48.html

    “The IAS goes under different names depending upon the agency or location; In CA, the name is IAS Administrations, Inc. The IRS pub 78 lists it as ” US I. A. S. Members Trust in Los Angeles CA USA ” Currently it’s charitable registry is pending with the state of CA. Hopefully they are being audited. lol You can see that and other info on the IAS entities, below.”


    Welcome to the
    “Demand your money back from Scientology”
    Dear reader,

    Did you ever try to get your money back from the “church” of Scientology? Or didn’t you even start trying because you think you’ll never manage?

    If that’s the case you’re definitely not the only one. Probably we can be at your service.

    Who we are, you wonder? We are a group of ex-“churchies” with, meanwhile, quite a lot of experience with the “refund”-policies of Scientology.

    In short we operate this way. The ‘org’ in question gets a registered letter with the (financial) demands including the moment the payment is expected. When no reaction is received a second registered letter will follow which contains the message that collecting the money will be handed over to an international collecting agency, and, that they are kept accountable for all extra costs. When the ‘org’ still doesn’t react or pay, all necessary juridical steps will be taken.

    This way we managed to collect 1 000 000 euro last year.

    With kind regards,

    The Scientology PayBack Team.


  388. William Johnson

    “4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.

    Hubbard, L. R. (1965, 14 June). Politics, Freedom From. Organization Executive Course Basic Staff Volume 0 (1991 ed., Vol. 0, pp. 159). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.”

    How can you continue with the charade of ‘Independents’ when LRH himself said this?????

  389. martyrathbun09

    You my friend, are a lemming.

  390. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Dear church scientologist,

    I’m sure you don’t mean to come across as disingenuous, but instead, want a truly honest dialogue.

    What would you say to your quoted LRH statement (if in fact he wrote that) if the CoS (the official controller) was headed by a stark raving SP?

    Do you believe scientology can succeed under suppressive control?

    If it was, what would you do about it?

    As of this moment, that quote is false just on the grounds that under “official control”, scientology is not working like it’s supposed to and is definitely not expanding.

    What do you suppose the right “why” of that is?

  391. Catdaddy,
    Out of curiosity, let’s say you had an old working Asmuth meter and wanted to trade it in for some Zone auditing. How would one go about it?

  392. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thank you. You’re very welcome! 🙂

  393. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Hi Tory. I’m so glad to see you hanging in there with the battle to save true scientology, and continuing to inform church scientologists using your charming high affinity.

    And I’m doing well, thank you!

  394. Nice analysis, Marty. Correct handling as well, taking the tech back to where it was last doing well and dismissing the arbitraries is a very good action and will work.
    As you know there is huge action going on in the field now, more and more auditors applying pre GAT and many wins being had. Let’s look at how that can expand as well.

    I’m glad you and others are doing such effective work. Thanks very much, you’re actually making it safe for the rest of us.


  395. Felicitas Foster

    Quote: “the meter was made in the nawth.”

    What is the definition of nawth? I do not get the idea and cannot find it in the dictionary.

  396. martyrathbun09


  397. Well, thanks for all the references guys.

    I’ve been querying this exact point for awhile now….

    (sigh) Guess it’s time to query again…

  398. Pingback: Whistleblowers “Step out of line and sound off” | Theta Networker's Journey: Spirit is Real

  399. LTC Forever

    That’s it. That’s the last nail in the coffin for this dude in my universe. The COB David Miscavige is an SP! It is nothing but alterations, and I bet he will order everyone to get retreaded on GATII and at their own expense, purchase new training materials for thousands of dollars… so on and so forth. What a scam! He moved in and started changing what was already working. It is reasonable to make some improvements such as come up with a better (and cheaper!!!) E-Meter but rewriting all the books and continuously changing the entire training line-up… man, he would have been declared and re-declared dozens of times if LRH was still alive. At the same time I look at myself and I can’t believe how much information and continuous confront it took me to finally see it for what it is… to really finally SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. Unbelievable. The clouds are finally parting!

    What also helped is that I finally also saw that there was the entirety of the Sea Org sitting in my universe with the whole purpose of invalidating this very simple conclusion. I simply imagined myself at the event reacting to this news by getting up and yelling out: “This is enough!” and then I saw the forces the would move in on me if I did so. I would not get out of there alive!

    No wonder I could never really have my items even though things continued to indicate again and again and again ever since I stepped into the universe of the CofS. And now I realize the sort of suppressive clout of collective agreements that I have been pushing through in order to have my own viewpoint back in line with the truth.

    Damn Marty! What a job. I finally see what you guys have been trying to do with this blog and continuously pumping out data, and more data, and more data… and then even more data on top of that. It really takes that much to see that little.

  400. i was part of the GAT Sup Ev in 96. it made me very uneasy. i knew it was a wrong why. should have raised hell back then. there is NO REPLACEMENT for conceptual understanding of material. THEN you drill the hell out of it. “blind leading the blind” is a wrong why. why are they blind? the usual reasons, Miss-Us and Miss-Us one right after the other.

    however there IS a tech why for pre 96 checksheets. LRH already found it. all you have to do is read “Instruction and examination, raising the standard of” and you will find the fundamental reason students remain overlong on courses.

    since we don’t have instructors anymore, what we have is the compilation of the checksheets themselves. TOO MUCH MATERIAL the student does not actually need to begin to audit the level. 2 weeks is 2 weeks!

    short but thorough courses and separation of theory and then practical sections, so TWINNING can be successfully applied. and a standard course schedule, no theetie weetie.

    standard schedules, twinning, it’ all possible with a checksheets that contains ONLY what the student NEEDS to audit the level. and the courses should be cheap. why not? they aren’t very long!

    I hope all are doing well, many management terminals have i met in my travels. the idea it takes years to get to class v & clear pains me, but i think on the horizon is a fast and standard road.

  401. Hi Mark,

    I hope that you’re well. I’m out of the C of S and am doing my training using LRH original check sheets and not any GAT material. I had been in the SO for 3 years and never got a good vibe about David Miscavige despite my peers at the time idol worshipping him.

    Anyways, I have a technical question to ask, is there any possibility that the original LRH tech films still exist. I am looking for exactly how to get the basal metabolism and 5RB done correctly and the film would definitely help. Not sure if you would be able to assist or guide me in this endeavour.

    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,

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