Morten Astrupgaard

I did not know Morten.  He was an FSSO  tours director I am told.  I have also been told that Morten was an engaging person and  was loved by many people. He was apparently the son of one of the founding Scientologists of Denmark.  Morten passed away recently at the age of 54. If any of you knew him please feel free to honor him with your words here.  It is our hope he was in decent spiritual shape and is getting along fine. 

The same apparently cannot be said for the very best Miscavige OT VIIIs.  Included amongst them are at least two who were with the twenty man mission that DM fired  to Corpus Christi a couple months ago with the purpose of body snatching JB (Michael and Denice Duff).   They along with  Elena & Grant Cordone, Tamara & Jim Meskimen and Melinda and Eric Brownstone have emailed far and wide blatantly attempting to capitalize on Morten’s death to reg bucks for the FSSO.  Their email is appended below. While singing Morten’s praises they urge people to send “donations” to the FSSO before Thursday at 2 p.m.,to “give Morten a final upstat.” I’ve said it before, and I suppose I’ll say it again at this rate, but it doesn’t get any darker than that. Miscavige’s church is not producing OTs, it is producing very sick puppies. 

Dearest Friends,

For those of you attending Tuesday night’s memorial honoring Morten
Astrupgaard you too must have been moved and inspired by his life’s

For those who missed it, it was the greatest celebration of a
person’s life we have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. His
humor at every turn, his love for his family, his care of those he
helped, all culminating in a unique and wonderful person who loved
a good In and Out burger and a great practical joke.

He was an exceptional being, a person who truly embodied the
essence of real care for his fellow man.

In lieu of sending flowers, we have all made a donation to the FSSO.

Any money you can put on account to give Morten a final upstat as
he goes off into the next chapter would be so helpful and
appreciated, no doubt, by all who are carrying the very large
Danish torch left behind!

This will give Morten the proper send off for his last week and as
Grant Cardone says, “You’re gonna do it sooner or later so just go
ahead and do it” with his twang, of course!

All we ask is that you fax a letter to 323-953-3224 stating “I,
(your name) would like to make a donation in the amount of
($whatever dollar amount) on my credit card account # (whatever it
is) and the expiration is (MM/YY) the three or four digit code is
(XXX) my mailing address is…, please apply it to my account…” and
then sign it.

If we can flood their fax machine before 11:00am today what a
beautiful gift we would give in any amount!

Please pass this along to anyone and everyone you know!

We loved him, we know you did too. If Morten touched you in any
way, please help honor him.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All of our love and admiration,

New OTVIII’s, Elena and Grant Cardone, Denice and Michael Duff,
Tamra and Jim Meskimen, Melinda (OT VII) and Eric Brownstone.

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  1. The name is familiar but I didn’t know him.
    I hope he becomes an indy next time around…

    Good trip, homey.

  2. This is absolutely one of the most disgraceful and disrespectful things I have ever seen. Come on…really?!? These people have obviously never experienced the intimate and personal feelings one goes thru with the loss of a loved one. They are so far removed from what life and love is really about. How sad for them…
    I do remember Morton as a fine and fun man to work with when he would come to our Org for events. I wish him well as he moves on.

  3. I used to love my Church

    Boy do I wish Elena and Grant Cardone would wake up. Gary Cardone needs a huge dose of truth also!!

  4. Tony DePhillips

    Boy, if that isn’t one of the lowest things I have ever seen I don’t know what is. To use somebody’s death as a way of sucking a few more bucks out of someone. That is truly pathetic. It is really saying “If you loved this guy then prove it by sending us cash.” ” If you don’t send money then you really didn’t love the guy!” More 1.1 manipulation of paritioners. Disgusting!!

  5. Morton was one of the highest ARC beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on this planet. I would be happy to have a thetan of his caliber in our group. I am glad that I have been informed of his passing so I can wish him well.

  6. This is really sort of horrifying, it could make a grotesque Outer Limits or Tales from the Crypt.

    Morten, fly free.

  7. Unbelievable.
    In normal circles trying to raise money at a funeral is about as popular as swinging a dead cat at a wedding. But then the Freewinds is not “normal circles”! Someone probably is getting commended for the bright idea.
    I was staff and a reg for many, many years and I thought I had seen (and done) everything, but this is truly stunning. What money grubbing bastards!
    If they are successful at do get a bunch of money in before 2:00 then they feel obliged to do it again! That you can count on.

  8. This post leaves me stunned. What’s next? Organ harvesting? After all we’re thetans, not bodies. C’mon, gimme a kidney. How ’bout that left eye of yours. Depth perception is overrated. I’m trying to create a datum of comparable magnitude to what I just read and I’m failing miserably. My only hope is that Jim Meskimen is getting deep into irony with his humor. That’s the only way I can deal with the cognitive dissonance I am experiencing at the moment. LRH would weep.

  9. I have a feeling the FSO fax machine is going to be jammed but not with donos.

  10. Can you say “FSM commission”? Good! I thought you could. Someday these people are going to look back at this with shame.

  11. I have Jim Meskimens guitar cable. It’s a nice cable. The kind you get if you spend $30 instead of $10 or fixing your old one like me. Because it’s so nice and everything I’ve been using it for a few years and have used it for all the songs I’ve posted here and on my blog.
    He left it at a fundraising event and I intended to mail it to him, but after a while I just figured he he would come back to my org at some point, but it’s ben a few years now and I havent seen him.
    I justified it by thinking that if I were him and he were me I would just tell him to keep it for being so much help that night, or to sav me the hassle and expense of shipping it.
    Even now though, I felt I should atleast get the comm to him that he left it so it wasnt a mystery. So, Jim, If you are reading this, I have your cable.
    Jim is actually a really neat guy, but this email is a little weird. I can see if the guy was a reg or something, but even then it’s weird. It’s a good example of how your reality can get tweaked in some not so good ways in the church. Thats not LRH. I cant see LRH ever doing that.

    The main purpose of active scientologists and OT’s these days is to come up with money for the church, either from themselves, or others.

    If you compare LRH’s Scientology to todays CofS it’s like two different things.

  12. I’m stunned…. So sick!
    Miscavige, his shrinking cult and its so called “OTs” are a pathetic embarassment.

  13. It’s quite apparent that desperate times befall the CoM and no it will not end. A shake down at someone’s funeral? Yuck, Gag and Puke! But then again, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Those PIs, lavish quarters, imported Scotch, high-end tanning beds, custom vehicles, an entourage of hair dressers and make-up crew must cost a kings ransom.

    I can hear DM now, “Squeeze’em for all they got!” And that’s probably the children’s version.

  14. I knew Morten very well and he was a very caring person and very well thought of. Morten has two sons Nick and Sep whom are SO. His wife is at Bridge. Morten loved, loved good jokes. He had a very well attended send off last week.

    I guess the Cardones, Meskimens, etc only know how to grieve by asking for money. I do not know how much lower this group can get. Where I come from you would only ask folks for money to bury the deceased if they were poor.

  15. That is sickening.

  16. They ought to be so ashamed of themselves. Obviously can’t see past the dollar signs and money quotas to get as desperate as using someone’s death to solicit more donations. WAKE UP SCIENTOLOGISTS – THE ORGANIZATION IS SICK AND BEYOND RECOGNITION.

  17. Morten was larger than life. He was the Danish Scientology Crown Prince. He was Pia’s, Anne Kirsten’s, Ditte’s little brother. Yet he was everybody’s idol, everybody wanted to be like him – or at least be connected to him. I had a major crush on him that I never wanted to reveal to anyone – but I lost to a girl who was miles ahead of me – Lis, who has been his wife for the last 25-30 years. Their love story is a story for the ages. The girl with true substance who captured the “playboy” 5 years her junior and kept that romance for years in spite of everything. He loved Lis, his kids, he loved life. I remember when he came into DK org in 1978-1979 in his best clothes after having gone to his dad’s funeral (his dad died from a sudden heart attack – apparently just like he did) and telling in very funny details about how pissed off his grandfather was to have to go to his son’s funeral before his. I cannot help but blame the Sea org for it’s health coverage because had Morten staid back in Denmark he would probably had the necessary bypass surgeries that would have kept him with us for many years to come. I could tell stories for hours about Morten and his zest for life and how inspiring he was to the ones of us who knew him . He was truly a “thetan” in the very best sense of the word.

  18. Well, you got me on that one. This is just creepy on so many levels.

    I have about a thousand questions for Scientologists who remained in the CofS until recently about how death is treated. I may eventually ask them on my blog rather than create a distraction here.

    The whole concept of regging money to “give a final upstat’ is simply barren, cold and empty. It’s the opposite of affinity. //shudder///

  19. OTater/GaryLerner

    I’m gob-smacked!

    Marty these so-called OTs are nothing but grave robbers!!! What cold, superficial vampires.

    So when does “passing the plate” while euologizing someone be deemed as acceptable religious behavior?

  20. Marty characterized OT VIII (brilliantly) as “the CCRD for OT VIIs”.
    It doesn’t make you walk on water, but it is a helluva stabilizer, plus I have never seen such tone arm action before or since.

    Even lower states of actual OT are far more profound than the state you find yourself in at the end of OT VIII, so it is still a crap shoot where you wind up upon body drop, OT VIII or not.

    I’d rather find this out from a much higher OT point of view, say, “stably exterior as a single unit being”.

  21. If this is the behavior of OT VIIIs then there is a point here which is abundantly obvious:
    You cannot ‘buy’ your Bridge to Freedom and you cannot ‘buy’ your state of OT.
    These ‘OT states’ are a pointless, worthless status symbol.
    What more evidence does anyone need that the ‘church’ of Scientology died a long time ago?
    Is there anyone reading this who is still inside or unsure or too PTS to make a decision?
    If you care about your friends you will insist they get the truth and pull themselves out of the deathtrap. If they won’t do it then it’s time to let them find their own way and not hold you in a trap that they remain in knowingly and willingly.
    Walk away while any semblence of your dignity, self-respect and sanity are still intact.
    Walk away and re-build your own religion as a free being.
    Guess what this activity is called?… DISCONNECTION!!!

  22. I know I shouldn’t be suprised by anything at this point, but that shit blows my mind. Beyond sick.

  23. WTF Is he saying to “donate” money to your own service account so Morton can get an FSM stat on leaving? What are you donating for? A big gold plated casket? What?

  24. PS, maybe the letter is saying to put your money onto Morton’s service account so he can get some review when he comes back? Fat chance the money won’t be used accidentally to purchase a library dono or two as has been done to friends of mine! They of course complained but would he? LOL

  25. I’m still scratching my head! Are the writers getting an FSM commission on what they reg?

  26. Jeez! It gets more and more revolting? Capitalizing on the death of a staff member!!!!! It’s like vultures celebrating on the death of a pray. What a shame! Even Tamra and Jim Meskimen, shame on you!!!!

  27. Tory Christman

    God how utterly sad. I don’t think I knew Morton, but I did live through an unbelievable amount of “OT’s” who died while “in” C of $. Most were swept under the rug (no one knew of their death, except their close family), unless they were an “opinion Leader” (someone known well, as with Morton). Then, it’s an “All hands” to make sure everyone attends their funeral. This was one more KEY thing that helped me begin to wake up, along with the 7 young people I knew who were trapped “in”, didn’t feel they could leave, and took their own lives.

    Hearing that Michael and Denise Duff were part of the DM floor mats
    chasing JB makes me sick. I have known Denise since she was a tiny girl—and she used to be one of THE nicest persons I’d ever known.
    I watched her change as she went up the Bridge—and truly, she got worse, and worse and worse–typical of C of $ Products.
    That they’re now asking for Money for Morton is truly pathetic!

    Morton–you’re free now. Bless you and may you fly high and dance happily with the angels above. I’ve got a candle lit for you—-may it help you on your way.

  28. Does anybody have a picture of Morten?
    RIP, Morten!

  29. Virgil Samms

    Without a doubt, capitalizing on a mans death like this is just about as low as one can go. What a travesty.
    Morton was my friend and I shall miss him dearly. This notice hit me like a sledge hammer.
    Morton was one of the most decent, uptone and wonderful beings I have ever had the honor to know. I loved him like a brother and will continue to love him even though he is gone.
    I first met Morton in CLO EU when he was the Dissem Aide. He was super friendly and a real hard worker then. He had a terrific work ethic and always got his product. Morton was void of HE&R and used ARC as natually as LRH. My god he was a vibrant being. That he died so young meant he really went PTS.
    It pisses me off no end that he went at such an early age and I will find out what the deal is and if this goes back to DM or I find he was in any kind of a hole or died from abuse, the shit is going to hit a really powerful fan. This man was my friend and he was a good being.


  30. Oh, no……
    Morton was one of the most engaging S.O. members I ever had the pleasure of knowing and lucky for me, I occasionally got to work with him.
    When ou think of Morton, you think: energy, ARC and “I’ve got time for you”. He was always busy, but you’d stick your head in his office and he’d motion you in and mootion you to sit down. Always smiling. His juniors loved him. The public loved him. We all did.
    He said he was clear, but said he had some doubts on it (see earlier blogs on this very subject).
    I’ll tell you though, he behaved as on OT and had bottomless love for people.

  31. He’s dead, but his stats live on. Please send money.

    I never knew Morten, but he deserved far more dignity in death than this. Morten died only to have Scientology’s vultures descend upon him and his family and friends for money.

  32. That reg letter is pretty disgusting. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Please tell me, what did this 54 year old young man die from?

  33. Sick.

  34. Climbing a 9' high board fence

    Oh Jeez! The reg pitch and credit card details is TWICE the copy space of any half assed tribute.

  35. Morton was an example of a Sea-Org executive. Never a bad word about anybody. Kindness, Arc and respect for others was always his behaviour.
    He is one of the unique senior I never had any troubles with, just high stats and Fun !
    Wish you the best for your new journey !

  36. There is no respect for death or for human suffering in the Church…

    Do you know what is the reason of his death?
    he was really young…

    There is too much abuses and suffering in the Church of $cientology field for the parishioners to continue to not see or to justifying it…
    We as independents are actually doing an amazing job all together to expose more and more.
    People have to shut down their perceptions big time in order to continue justifying.
    And that it is quite an overt on themselves and others dynamics…
    It is almost like the Independents and other positive and groups are becoming the Rehabilitation force. Like the white cells defeating the infection…
    I’m so happy not to be part of that lie.

  37. first preying on the elderlyand the weak while they are alive and now using the ultimate lowdown of all….The Church of Vultures is more appropriate

  38. This email is pretty sick.
    The outnesses keep on coming, but these repeated outnesses may serve to help awaken people.

    Their confront of evil isn’t up to it — basically, their confront of outpoints. Data Series 43RA
    To relieve the discomfort they distort their own observation by not-ising the outpoint and concluding something else. Data Series 7

  39. Sick!

    In the last seven months of reading this blog I’ve experienced many different sensations and emotions — and each appropriate to whatever I was reading. And now I’ve just experienced a new one — nausea. Seriously, this communication from the Cardones, Duffs, Meskimens and Brownstones is so twisted it literally made me spit up in my mouth.

    With ‘products’ like these four couples who chose to use Morton’s much-too-early death as a club to extort donations, the so-called ‘church’ is revealed to be in a total state of confusion. These eight people don’t remember what Scientology is. Neither do they remember compassion or basic humanity or appropriateness or common sense.

    And to Morton’s friends and family, although I didn’t know him personally, I have heard from others how much they loved and appreciated him. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Just Me

  40. Ouch! In lieu of sending flowers… are these OTs writing that the FSSO is now a charitable organization, not a service orgamization? UH-OH!
    My sincere condolences to Morten’s friends and family and my best wishes to Morten for a fabulous future.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Bodil, Thanks for sharing this with us.

  42. This is really sad on many levels. I understand making donations rather than sending flowers but usually you do that to cancer research or such, even to help the family cover expenses. Not for a stat – to be upstat?
    I hope Morten Astrupgaard comes back to a sane family that uses LRH tech the right way, gets sorted out and continues up the Bridge one day. The more people OUT, the more likely that IS.

  43. Morten,
    As a comrade in arms, I just want to take this moment to thank you for your dedication and hard work. In this day and age, remaining true to a goal is rare thing, and finding someone who actually did pull it off is even more prescious. So, Thank you! While fond memories will resonate forward in time with those who are here and remember, please enjoy the freedom you now have, the freedom to choose to be, do and have as you wish. If you return to bless us with your presence again, we will be that much richer, but consider the “bill” “paid in full”. You dedicated your life to Freedom for others, you deserve the same in return.

    Peace be with you.

    – Tom

  44. Independent Scientologist

    I was in a comm cycle at the PAC base a few months back with Peggy Crawford and some IAS terminals, and I was told point blank that all Scientology needs at this point is money – DM has the programs worked out to fully handle the planet and now it’s just a matter of accumulating enough bucks. The people who told me this sincerely believe it.

    There is nothing the least bit subtle or covert at this point about the church’s obsession with money and MEST.

    What a relief it is to be out!

  45. Excellent points~and so true, so true. Status will not do a damned thing for ya with that dead bod…except maybe get you a decent funeral. Or in this case get your “OT8” friends to reg $$ so you can be upstat. (omg pleeze)
    But nothing spiritual, not a thing! In fact, you might be confused into thinking you’ve got something, some ability, some power that you really don’t!

  46. With all do respect for Morton as a Spirit wether he came from this earth or elswere (as I belief myself are a Spirit of this good earth.) I am sure he travels well to the horizon of infinite possibilities.

    The next thing you know is David Miscavige selling of bodies for Cash to Science without consent. Or that may be the next clausule in the contract.

  47. It’s just about the money, money, money, money, money, money, money,money, money, money………

  48. Most certainly EXILE bound ?

    “Not” Lokifer

  49. Watching Eyes

    They’re vultures. To use their assumed Bridge status as a way of regging money is sickening.
    I recall vividly when my spouse’s mother had died. We returned to Clearwater and I went into the Base. I was talking to one of the regs and told him where we’d been. The very first thing out of his mouth was, “Did she leave you guys any money?” I kid you not.

  50. Joe Pendleton

    Tony, you have hit the correct tone level nail RIGHT on the head! And it’s chronic.

  51. crashingupwards

    “in lieu of sending flowers” is a common request by the FAMILY of the deceased to support a charity. This request was NOT THEIRS to make. They are ambulance chasers, parasites and they suck.

  52. What kind of Music did he like ?

  53. Marty, I read this last night and must admit I was speechless. So this morning I read it again and I am still speechless. This is some so-called “bright idea” with the hopes of raising stats. It never ceases to amaze me what a group of kool-aid drinkers will come up with.

    Morten, you and I worked together for a time and I always had respect for you. You are finally free.

  54. Joe Pendleton

    Gee – am I the only one not suprised or shocked? I just thought business as usual. Every occasion is an opportunity to donate more money. Folks – 9/11 was used to raise money fercryinoutloud!!!!! Quite frankly, I no longer feel any “sympathy” for those (includes my friends who are in financial straits) who contiue to give under pressure. Each of us as individuals find our own time to say “when.” Hate to be callous, but those who are funding the church ARE responsible.

  55. The delusional thinking of exisiting, involved scientologists that they belong to a church boggles the mind.

    With great indignant fanfare they profess that others are maligning their “church” and their “religion”.

    There is zero semblance to a church within the ranks of scientologists nor of a religion. (of the existing CofM)

    The golf community near my home is more reverent, kinder and compassionate that this band of misanthropes with the unearned title of Operative Thetans.

    I wish Morten well on his continuing journey, confident that his open heart and care will continue into his next life.


  56. Joe Pendleton

    I should add by the way, that I do understand how really intense it can be when YOUR church asks you for money to help fund “the saving of the planet.” No one wants to let down their comrades in arms during the “final struggle.” Preying on these fine impulses to control beings to their detriment is the cruelest betrayal of all the values in the Basic Books.

  57. R.I.P. Morten…
    I worked with Morten on a good number of cycles over the years and would chat with him casually from time to time. The highest compliment I can pay is that he was a true professional.
    If I scan my track and look at all my interactions including times I observed him from a distance, I don’t find one single ridge associated with him. That’s quite a statement about his beingness.

    The missing context here is that Morten was a Reg. He was the senior reg for FSSC (the ship)West US. In other words, all the OT’s from LA (the biggest field of OT’s in the world and the largest percentage of Ship public) passed through him. His life was dedicated to helping people receive a service he believed would change them in a dramatic way and also have a major impact on the world. He did not reg straight dono’s.
    The plea by these “OT’s” to get his last weeks “stats up”, is not so callous as it appears since Morten’s entire relationship with all these people had the implied understanding that his most important focus in life was to help them by getting them paid up for and arrived at the ship for OT VIII. They were asking people to put money on their own accounts to use in exchange for a service.
    That said, it was still tasteless and wrong on many levels. Just thought some context was called for.

  58. One of my favorite movies is “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. Can we not find some humor in the antics of DM? I have to admit some admiration in his ability to pull off such a huge scam. After he pays dearly for all the destruction (and he will definitely pay) I hope he can look back on it and laugh. As LRH said, the game of victim is very old in this universe. Thank God we are playing a different game now.

  59. Hi Bodil, I did not know Morten but I know how moved and proud Ditte use to be when talking about him. There is also another brother called Jesper I think (?). Married to Christine Astrupgaard who’s in the DSA office. Then please remind me how Bodil Astrupgaard and Hans Jacob (her son and FBO AOSHEU) relate, as I forgot. But you can always tell it’s all the same founding family for danish Scientology by the great viking cheekbones they all have.


    Ensifer, Thanks for posting those cool photos on your blog.
    The “Mission Era” was an exciting time.
    My tone raises when I read some of the entries. Great writing style.

  61. The group is all, the individual is nothing. Don’t send flowers to a wonderful individual; he doesn’t matter, individuals don’t matter, donate to the “cause” instead because that’s all that matters.

    This reads like something straight from totalitarian HQ, something from deepest, darkest Stalinism. Give your all for the group; give up your individuality, give up your partner, your children, even your life for the cause. Don’t honor individuals; they are not important; it’s all about the group.

    This is just how DM rigged it because he’s the only individual in his group – THE ONLY ONE. And this way he’s safe – the slaves would have to get off their tread mills or lift their heads from the grindstones to attack him which would open them to a charge of being anti-group.

    That this set up is totally at odds with Scientology, the eight Dynamics and the rest of the tech seems to be lost on the slaves which is the truly startling thing.


  62. This email is SO sick, I cannot believe it. It’s hard to to see so plainly that people like the Meskimens and the Cardones are so deep down that they play along with this totally fucked up GI gimmick.
    Morten, if you got the hell out of there because you couldn’t take another insane quota insanely enforced, I sure dig it. Be sure it’ll all be over by the time you can again pick up the cans. And enjoy yourself meanwhile!

  63. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    How the hell did self-correcting Qual go out in the entire church!?

    That had to have taken seriously aggressive effort to DO! The only way possible to have ruined the Church of Scientology this much is from extreme sabotage from within.

    Clearly, for these sick church scientologists to be involved in this DEAD BODY DONATION SCAM shows how massively PTS they are to David Miscavage (and who knows who else from within).

    As Marty has said, the church is DEAD. Scientology in the CoS no longer exists as I once affectionately knew it.

  64. Sam, I agree. I don’t know any of the people who wrote this e-mail but
    they are obviously ‘status OTs’. They don’t fit my definition of OT.
    I am really pissed off at these pimps! They are ‘cleared cannibals’!
    They sold their integrity for a ‘status’.

  65. Several years ago I finally confronted drawing up a will with my attorney, one clause of which was a request, not an order, that any funds NOT be used for IAS type donations to give my kids an excuse to ward off the pressure. Services would be okay,but due to horror stories I was aware of people being crush-regged for their inheritances to”save the world from the latest bogey-man”. The most interesting aspect of this is that my attorney said that he has done the same request for many other parents. The good news is that the kids are out and I don’t need to worry about it.

  66. Bodil, THAT is how you honour a friend! Thank you.

  67. Joe:

    There is nothing else to be said. You captured the “spirit of DMology” perfectly.

    LRH may well weep, but I think he would also pull the string and find the why behind such an enormous outpoint. He was pissed beyond belief at the crush regging he found out about in the early 70s and pulled everyone concerned to the Apollo and they were in deep kaka. He was the Convening Authority on a Comm Ev that declared them all (the “top” execs and regges in the US). That was in the day when being declared meant something! He mitigated the findings and they were all sent to Boston — to get 1% of the city’s population into CF (note, NOT to make money) and they were not allowed to leave until they achieved that (or they could decide not to go and be declared). The activities of the Clear America Crusade pale into pathetic feebleness compared to the “vulture culture” ™ that is now so proudly the hallmark of the C of M.

    As someone else said — they are so brazen today that they actually say that “COB (not LRH) has it all worked out — he has the programs that will clear the planet, all he needs is the money.” I guess a billion dollars isnt enough to get his programs going, and the planet will just have to wallow in aberration until every last Scientologist has given everything they have, plus taken first and second mortgages and maxed every credit card and cashed out their IRA’s and given their children into the Sea Org and gone onto staff full time and turned over the title to their car and melteed their fillings and donated their organs… and right about then the Chairman of Bullshit ™ will unleash his remarkable programs that will clear the planet (consisting of everyone buying full sets of all materials and donating them to the worldwide book give away program to introduce “new” people to Scientology in Krygyzstan for some straiught up and vertical expansion in the center of the planet and everything will move out from there).

  68. Unconscionable, for Chrissake! Is there a depth any lower? Only perhaps if this is found to be a “successful action” and they start spiking the rice and beans to keep the stats up…. &#%@*!! Is that even a stretch at this point?

  69. martyrathbun09

    Mike – Vulture Culture says it all.

  70. Morton, the measure of a man can be the number of sincere friends he has.
    Though I never knew you, you obviously were quite a guy. I wish you well.

    To those in various states of horror or disgust: Though I agree the post mortem regging that occurred was highly inappropriate and distasteful in the extreme, I understand how and why that group of OT VIII people came up with that…it was a botched attempt to do the “in lieu of flowers, send a donation…” gesture that is a common request for family members who want a last tribute for their loved one to have more legs than a pile of 3 day old wilting flowers.

    It is my hope that each an every one of those that signed that email will one day wake up and have a severe and appropriate cringe at the very thought of what they signed their names to…

  71. Mike, I’d say you said it all! there really is no way to justify this madness.

  72. Yes Gandiguy … they get an FSM commission from any money that comes in.

    Just makes the whole thing that much more twisted, doesn’t it?

  73. Since you have no money left and you disconnect from your family; would you like to be buried in paper or plastic?

    BTW – Please sign here so that we can use your demise to bleed the rest of the field. After all, it is KSW.

  74. I am reminded of a buzzard on the side of a cliff overlooking the desert talking on a cell phone to a buzzard friend, “hey, there is some poor pitiful thing dying of thirst out our way and we were wondering if you would like to come over for dinner?”
    Using people/thetans in this manner is out of pt to say the least. When your scruples are gone, you have renounced your pride and nothing stops you from walking into a bank and taking all the money because, by your new standards, it is the right thing to do. The auditing question here should be, “When have you failed to steal money from people?”
    From a friend of Mat’s who is part way out the door…..

  75. To add to this David, I am sure the stats crashed in his absence and a plea was made for help and this wrong-headed appeal was made.
    In Jeff Hawkin’s blog (Leaving Scientology) he recently wrote two great articles on “thought-stoppers” and there was a poignant entry by someone re her loss of compassion for her fellow man as a Scientologist and how her young son jostled her reality by an act of compassion to a homeless person. Seems to apply here. Compassion and understanding, or “gotta get the stats up by 2:00”.

  76. Virgil Samms

    Not sure, but he loved Tennis. Find something along that line.


  77. Despicable. The only thing I can compare it to are “funeral-chasing” con artists who try to scam the grieving family. The idea that one “has to be upstat,” even in death, is robotic, crass and insensitive. I never knew Morton, but all I can say is — rest in peace.

  78. I agree, Jim Meskimen is a great guy. Or was. He and I did a tech film together, TR 13, The Different TR Courses and their Criticism. It was fun working with him. Then. Now, I am afraid he and the others who sent out this disgraceful email have become victims of DM’s soul harvesting program. Leave it to Chairman of Bullshit to bypass the lungs and kidneys and cut straight to the chase.

  79. My OT committee has a sign up in the org encouraging public to bring in all their gold and old jewelry for the ideal org

  80. Hi Joe,

    I came across a video clip of some DMbots in action. I thought I should share it.

  81. You know what just kills me….

    While I’m sorry for the gentleman who passed, I’m even more sorry for all the people who follow Grant Cardone, the self-help financial guru.

    Here he is regging the world of Scientology to get a dead man’s stats up.

    How can Grant Cardone help anyone with his myriad of books, lectures, videos, etc, if he is so blind as an OT VIII that he would actually participate in such an email?

    And one more source of frustration: While our local Idle Org fundraisers continually tried for years to convince us that saving money in a bank account is an aberration, Grant Cardone’s entire beingness is about generating and wisely investing as much freakin’ money as you can put your hands on.

    He says repeatedly in his videos that money is the only security you and your family have. Yet our fundraisers said repeatedly that money offers zero security so we should just give it all away to the church!

    What a mess. I’m glad to be out!

  82. Survivor with a rightious demand maybe more accurate. Somebody “took”without asking so that somebody must “be taken from” to balance things out.

    DM would make “Dr Evil”cry

  83. Thought Provoking


    Thank you for your years of service to LRH. By the comments posted from those who knew you, you did very well and really were quite successful in life. I’m not sure if I met you or not but I am sure that I would have like to.

    There are groups out here that want to see LRH’s legacy put back to right. I think you would like too and hope that we meet up in this new game during your next time around.

  84. Tony DePhillips

    Organ harvesting!! LOL Joe!!

  85. Who would even think of this idea? It’s so bad.

    And if it’s a successful money raising method, where would it lead?

    Meskimen, “My mother is ill. I don’t know if she’ll make it”.

    Cardone, “Think positive! She might die before Thursday at two”.

  86. It could be worse; they could be asking for IAS donos. I think it shows bad taste however any time people decide to do a final stat puch whenever a reg drops the meat body. It was probably the “lifestyle” of a reg which killed the guy: long hours, lots of stress, poor diet, no exercise, chain smoking, etc.

  87. Good grief! Hadn’t thought about that aspect but it does make a lot of sense as a “Vulture Culture” benefiting from death.

  88. Sick, sick, sick email….Sarge has it right. “OT pimps”. So does Mike Rinder when he states the church is the Vulture Culture mismanaged by the the Chairman of Bullshit.
    “Sudden” Sam has given all you lurkers a wake up call if your interested.
    “Walk away while any semblence of your dignity, self-respect and sanity are still intact. Walk away and re-build your own religion as a free being.
    Guess what this activity is called?… DISCONNECTION!!!
    You have IMHO two choices:
    Go the way of Morten or listen to Sam and be self determined before its too late.

  89. Eileen Clark

    “Their confront of evil isn’t up to it — basically, their confront of outpoints. Data Series 43RA
    To relieve the discomfort they distort their own observation by not-ising the outpoint and concluding something else. Data Series 7”
    Around an SP people will do and say stupid things. That email is pretty stupid…and sick.

    Fly, Morten, Fly!
    You added so much theta, fun, laughter, insousiance, just simple goodness to the lives of everyone who ever knew you. You will be missed, sorely.
    My life was richer for knowing and working with you. I love you, sail on and and fly high.

  90. Am I surprised? Not in the least! The current Church of the Almighty Dollar, is just that. Regging at a funeral seems the natural progression of these psychopaths. And as far as the asthmatic, sociopath, criminal Dwarf that runs the show, he has long since figured out that the whole thing is a scam and has not picked up the cans in, what, 15 years?

    And, he controls about $700 million in cult funds. Nice job to have. BTW, just exactly what is his product?

  91. Well LRH said that is handled amnesia on the whole track. Either you got THAT stated e.p. or, the level wasn’t delivered as promised. Says it all…

  92. This is very very low ,
    the church is dead!!!!!

  93. Who knows that a heart scan ,or a simple blood pressure check could have handled his condition?
    I would wager money this guy never had a physical checkup and never got onto the OT levels within 30 years of labor.
    54 is a very young age. Given the fact that staff work double the hours of others, he more or less worked the life of a 60 year old man.
    Using his death to raise money, is simple disrespect to his family and friends. And his life.
    My heartfelt regards go out to his wife, children, friends and family.
    I hope to God they do not also die at some desk from neglect.

  94. Eileen Clark

    “That said, it was still tasteless and wrong on many levels. Just thought some context was called for.”

    I concur with what you said about Morten and I also have the view that the misplaced intention behind that email was to honor him. The thing that is so wrong about it as an idea is because it is a MEST idea. MEST is pushed, even worshipped by der midget and thus it is pushed by those he suppresses.
    That these particualar OTs have done such a base thing is very telling.

    I am suffering a huge loss because of Morten, but also because I now realize and can confront fully that all I dedicated my life and theta to for so many decades is really and truly dead. Funny how such a small and seemingly random event such as that email could be the catalyst that pushes me past my personal reluctance to confront a future that does hold a reformed C of S. I get it now and weep for Morten and all other good-hearted and well-intentioned staff and public who are “casting pearls before the swine”. We must “build a better Bridge”, the one we had is very flawed to have allowed such a corrosion from within. It helps to know that for awhile we did it right and that one by one we can still deliver standardly. Reminds me of that tech film where the young boy walks over the dunes and into a village where he starts to teach the basics. We are there.


  95. Marty I sent an updated article to you , please let me know.

  96. Eileen Clark

    Oops, that should read:

    “confront a future that does NOT hold a reformed C of S”


  97. Marta

    I, too, am at a loss to think of something that is worse, right now. I think Dan is probably onto their next action, though: confiscating the lifeless bodies of dead staff (and then, public) and harvesting their organs for sale.

    What ghouls.

  98. “Herman van Veen De Tenniser” (The Tennisplayer)

  99. There is a photo on the family tribute site.
    Also you can honor his life by leaving a message there.
    I think these small efforts would make his family feel better and He would probably be grateful for that.
    Although I do not understand the language it doesn’t seem to matter what language you write it in.

  100. Exactly right. Chairman Dave needs to take a walk and notice people.

  101. Mike, You do ‘sudden’ well!

  102. Note~read back on how PC/Pre-OT folders are kept…unkempt. Fat chance you’ll find them in CofM…just ain’t gonna happen.

  103. I was just thinking about how easily peolpe can change their minds, particularly if you’ve had your mind loosened up a bit with some auditing. I’ve been in that place. I’ve gone along with things that I felt deep down inside were wrong. I would smile and pretend like I was onboard 100% because I didnt want to lose my bridge, or because I felt even if something seemed wrong, this group was the only group, the only way. Peer pressure plays a part in it too.
    Somebody probably thought it would appease COB or be good for their (OT IX/X eligibility)so Elena and Grant Cardone, Denice and Michael Duff, Tamra and Jim Meskimen, Melinda and Eric Brownstone thought, “hey, it must be OK..”

    I didnt know the source of the wrongness. When I started to get some correct truth data it indicated and I snapped out of all that. he same thing can and will happen to these guys. They are some powerful people too, they trying the best they can while operating with some false data and lies.

    I want to say something, I havent quite figured out how to say it yet. Something along the lines of ARC. Lets not ridge on these guys.

    Take an IAS event. If the speaker can get a couple people onboard and gung-ho about donating a bunch of money (I’ll do $10,000!! Yay!!) Then the tendency of others in the group will be to go along, that it must be OK to max out your credit cards in response to an hour of fear mongering.

  104. I can hear it now amidst the thunder. Morten Astrupgaard wishes to thank all his good friends a “GOOD FAREWELL TO ALL MY FRIENDS!
    Until I return

  105. Naomi,
    Jesper is Morten’s younger brother, there’s a younger sister as well, Charlotte. Hans Jacob is a cousin, his dad and Morten’s dad were brothers. Morten was proud of Ditte as well. They were/are genuinely all supportive of one another.

  106. It seems to me that the “New OTVIII’s” are a perfect study of what happens when you have group think and group approval in a perpetual spin. Their moral compass has no needle.

  107. to your hushmail

  108. If you read carefully the instructions are when you send your fax, you don’t say anything about “on behalf” of Morten Astrupgaard stats or we are putting money on account because of Morten. So who is really getting the credit??

    all I can say is WTF!!!!

  109. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Tara~~
    Such a young man, too. This was one of THE biggest outpoints while
    still “in” C of $: Many/Most of the deaths were quite young people…certainly few even in their later years, many just tapping middle age.

    As my brother pointed out to me, 20 years ago:
    “We’re less than 1 year apart and I know ONE person who has died.
    You seem to know more and more each time I speak with you”.
    I never forgot that…..ever.
    May they ~~ALL~~ R.I.P.
    And IF you’re “In”:::: Bail while you still can~!
    I’m NOT kidding.

  110. Ne Obliviscaris

    Morton was always one of those guys that didn’t look his age. I knew him for over 20 years and it seemed to me that he never aged a day in that time.

    Morton was always kind, with a lot of love for others in his heart. At the same time he was a hard driven, Sea Org Registrar who’s overriding principle of operation was “Make it go Right”.

    It’s a shame that a being such as he was used by the Church with such callous disregard for his personal well-being.

    When will people wake up? When will it end?

  111. Fellow Traveller

    Pericles —
    I am delighted to offer you a 1/2 ack.

    Bruce Pratt

  112. Nice catch, Lucy!

    There is indeed no slightest mention of Morton in the fax instructions.

    Perhaps it is time to find out whose fax number that really is ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  113. Fellow Traveller

    Wonderful eulogy, Tom.

    Bruce Pratt

  114. Translation on tribute:

    Our highly beloved husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew and brother-in-law, Morten Astrupgaard, born 24 september 1956, died 23 July 2010, has suddenly been taken away from us the Family. The funeral service have been held in Los Angeles 27 July. A Memorial Service for the family and Mortens friends in Denmark will be held Monday 2 August i Jægerhuset, Dronninggårds Alle 126 Holte.

  115. Fellow Traveller

    Another wonderful eulogy.

    Bruce Pratt

  116. OK, a quick google search for that phone (323-953-3224) shows it is the Flag Ship Service Consultant WUS office.

    Michael A. Hobson

  117. Aren’t SO or Staff Scientologists cremated mostley ?

  118. Robots.

  119. Lunamoth,

    I think I should have said “lacing” the rice and beans. Sickfucks.

  120. Carol~as you know, he’ll come back. I’ve got my own crew here and I agreed to keep LRH here for them before they came. That’s a big responsibility and one we all share for ourselves and each other. A Founding Scientologist beckoned me here (okay, I actually stalked him 😉 WE, US, ME and YOU, are the beacons that will lead Morten to the light. And we’ll lead all others with a glimmer of the Bridge to the light as well, down the line and into the future.
    Thank you again Marty!

  121. From Admin Dic:
    DEATH, 1. could be in part, a cessation of
    interested production. (HCO PL 6 Jul 70) 2.
    death is too much havingness or too darned
    little. (3ACC-42, 5401C26)

    From Tech Dic:
    DEATH, 8. a name assigned to what is apparently the
    mechanism by which theta recovers itself and the bulk of its volume from the
    mest, so as to be able to accomplish a more harmonious conquest of the mest in a next generation. (SOS, Bk. 2, p. 249)

  122. FUBAR, yes it is.

  123. From “The Background Ministry Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion – Bridge Publications Copyright 1999

    “We do not contest your
    Right to go away.
    Your debts are paid
    This chapter of thy life is shut .”

    I did not know you Morten but many did and loved you. All the best for a bright future.

    P.S. If Morten had the Scientology service containing the above small section then, in my opinion, then this reg money push was demeaning for his memory.

  124. No Joe, I’m not shocked. I’ve been through the horrible death of a child that turned into a huge Way to Happiness booklet campaign. I don’t even want to go there. 😦

  125. *My BFF’s child.

  126. Good grief man, are there no mirrors in Scn? Any self refection? Does anything else matter but a STAT?
    *%^*#%& disgusting email!!!!

    An old friend called me to tell me they were going to Flag for a CCRD.
    After completion he/she called to tell me they attested to Clear, hara!!! But the rest of the conversation was about how they were being reged from the time they arrived until they hopped on the bus to the airport.
    Yes, they were asked for donations at the MAA, Reg (even after making advanced payment for the service desired, IAS, and yes the D of P, their Auditor and even the EXAMINER for crying out loud!!!
    That is the current state of the Church.

    The authors of this email can all SUCK MY TOE you ice cold robots!

  127. Tom,
    A fine eulogy for what Morten brought to his life.
    Condolences for the loss of your friend.

  128. I think the “self-correcting Qual” went out at the Org level when the top of the org board became the source of the primary tech / admin arbitraries, fixed ideas and wrong targets which were affecting the organizations, and speaking out against those became a Suppressive Act.

    Try self-correcting that at a local level.


    In honor of my friend Morten Astrupgaard.


  130. Mike, thank you for calling it like it is:
    “vulture culture” ™
    Chairman of Bullshit ™

    Thank you for keeping the work and true intention of LRH accurate and per the purpose that drove and inspired him to plough through his own humanity in order to pioneer the tremendous body of work toward spiritual liberation that is Scientology!

    Thanks for this great and important story; it’s one of many examples about LRH that evidence his service, what truly drives great people to create.

  131. Status OTs, that sums it up. Wow. I had seen things I could only describe as very Country Club…country club OTs.. “Status OT” sums up the attainment of Grand Ooompahloompah. 😦

    But the spirit is so real! and the glow is something no amount of money will ever buy. Going up the Bridge is more than $winging acro$$ a set of monkey bar$ to be the Big Chimp. One has to do the work, and LOVE Life and Truth more than being important. Ironically, that humility leads to some magnanimous surprises of truly being more than imagined … it’s tragic there is no spiritual leadership by Chairman of Bullshit.

  132. Old School..LRH never stated OTVlll “handled amnesia on the whole track”. Supposedly it handles “the REASON for amnesia on the whole track”. I won’t comment on this blog as to whether there is any credibility to that EP…but I have done New OTVlll…twice.

  133. And just when I thought I could not be sickened further, I read this.
    I’ve known Morten for many many years. Always gracious and caring, so much so, that even though he had many times registrated me, I never felt pressured or like I was a “stat” for him. He listened to me sincerely, no matter what “complaint” or consideration I had. Always acknowledged appropriately and sought to assist me in whatever way he could. And for that, I always paid him. Beautiful man in all respects.

    And I’ve known Denice since she was a little girl and remember when she met “Michael”..his real name is Barry..remember when she married him. I’ve known Melinda since she was a child, know her husband. I’ve known the Meskimens for years, have shared many events with them, many laughs. It saddens me thoroughly to think that I was once part of this group of OTVllls, so lost in my own self importance and arrogance as to not even see the implications of my actions. So lost in the cult identity and cult think as to not even recognize them for what they were…as far from the real me as I could get. All these people are good people gone totally out of valence…truly sad.

    I know Morten is doing well..I pray now for these others who need it much much more. WAKE UP my friends…


  134. Eileen,

    Agree with you. The subject of transition should be addressed in terms of 7th Dynamic not the 9th which makes it tasteless beyond belief and a product of DM’s “OT” think. It’s just not possible to rationalize this.

    There’s also a factor of dropped out time. According to another message board:
    1. Morten Astrupgaard passed away on July 23.
    2. Morten was the chief reg for the Freewinds and married to Lis who was the ED DK back in the old days in Copenhagen. And he actually died at the exact day of this event, after what I heard he just had a sudden stroke in the middle of the night and every attempt to bring him back to life was unsuccesfull.
    From this thread:

    How can donations two weeks later signify that he’s upstat (unless the email is old)?

  135. This won’t be popular but here it is:

    We are all so utterly aghast at this email. But it is REALLY that different from when you were involved?

    I mean, when I was devastated by the untimely death of my father, when I was in the SO – one of my seniors told me basically to get over it. He was a thetan and his body was gone. Forget compassion and allowing for grieving.

    Heck – grief on the tone scale is low toned and those who cannot think with the tech – just compartmentalize all emotions into — up and down tone.

    Anything down tone is basically shunted and/or ignored.

    The existing church and even the church of old – did not hold “community” dear — did not foster the values of care.

    We need to be painfully honest with ourselves, I believe, IF this new community is going to survive and bring NEWLY LRHs vision and tech into the world.

    Imagine going to a funeral service. Which correctly would not be a ghoulish service but a celebration of someone’s life. Someone gets the idea to honor this person with what he held most dear and spent his life doing. Regging for services at the ship. (David St. Lawrence pointed this out)

    And the FEVER would catch.

    It’s a product of a grossly misaligned community. Death is often looked upon as a downstat occurrence in fact. Brought about because of PTSness, lack of auditing, out-ethics etc etc.

    Instead of what it is. The inevitable.

    Often too early by OUR point of view, definitely too early if it happens to ME, or a loved one. But it is inevitable.

    I just reflected a bit on my own history within the Church and believe me — I was often very unsympathetic, very judgmental and basically just not very kind.

    It concerns me that we could, as a community (this independent community), develop into a scientology redux that isn’t very understanding.

    Those OTVIIs are a sorry lot. But then so was I. It took me crashing into the very dark side of myself to find something I am beginning to feel proud and happy with.


  136. Just to clarify — definitely this email and final upstat push is horrific.

    I just wanted to point to the cause … a community lacking in genuine care for each other.

    The early days at CCLA were to be the days of genuine care. But they ended basically when CC moved from 8th Street …


  137. My husband and I are very sad to hear about Morten. I still have a message from him on my phone…he had called a couple of weeks ago saying he was going to come by. The funny thing is Morten was the ONLY reg I would let in my house. He had grace and ARC and he could really grant beingness. He listened and he cared. As my husband said, he knew how to play the game… He did his job, but he didn’t compromise the basic Scientology tenets he chose to live by. When I look at someone like Sharron Webber and the changes she has gone through as the tone level continues to drop in the church, it makes me appreciate that there are beings like Morten who at least kept his dignity and didn’t use eval and inval to get a “product.” Morten, my friend, you deserve better than the group you were last working for. Your next journey will be a good one I’m sure.

    And, please guys, don’t judge all OTVIIIs by the spectacle of that atrocious e-mail. First, I am SURE that someone from the Ship prompted that. But it’s still no excuse that these guys followed through on it. Badly done.

  138. Morten was a good a highly likeable human being.
    Dead at 54.
    I would like to know what Sea Org auditing/enhancement he got during the 30 years of Sea Org service.
    54 is pretty young to die of a stroke when all the technology of becoming a healthy human being was all around him.

    Fly high Morten. I am reminded of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

  139. Sarge — that’s quite a complement coming from the master! 😉

  140. David, I can attest to what you’re saying. Morton was the reg for Ship services and he truly believed in what he was doing. He was a straight shooter, which we appreciated. I love your description of having no ridges associated with him and that’s my experience as well. He dropped by the house unannounced so many times over the years, but there was something about him, I just couldn’t get angry about it. We loved him dearly and I can imagine that pretty much all the VIIIs feel the same. I too believe they were telling people to put money on account, in the e-mail. Still don’t agree with the method though, no matter who from the Ship told them it was a good idea.

  141. The EXPLOITATION of Staff even after dead?

    Death & Mest ology

  142. I like that expression “vulture culture”, will have to use it in one of my song parodies. Meanwhile, I figured you folk would enjoy this one.


    (Tune of The Birds and the Bees, apologies to Herb Newman)

    Let me tell you ‘bout the brainwashed oatees,
    That are clear out of their trees,
    Every one that I’ve met,
    Was drowning in debt!

    Let me tell you ‘bout the bucks that it takes,
    To be in that crowd of flakes,
    You’ll incur a bankrupt mess,
    Giving to the IAS!

    The way the redges shuck the public clams,
    It’s so very plain to see,
    That it’s time you learned about the facts of scams,
    That part fools from their money!

    Let me tell you ‘bout the brainwashed oatees,
    That are clear out of their trees,
    Every one that I’ve met,
    Was drowning in debt! (Yeah!)

    The way the redges shuck the public clams,
    It’s so very plain to see,
    That it’s time you learned about the facts of scams,
    That part fools from their money!

    Let me tell you ‘bout the brainwashed oatees,
    That are clear out of their trees,
    Every one that I’ve met,
    Was drowning in debt!

    Let me tell you ‘bout the brainwashed oatees,
    That are clear out of their trees,
    Every one that I’ve met,
    Was drowning in debt!

    They are clear out of their trees …

  143. English translation of the death notice written in Danish/Dansk:
    Our beloved husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew and cousin Morten Astrup Overgaard H 24th September 1956 = 23rd July 2010 is suddenly taken from us family funeral has taken place in Los Angeles 27 July Commemoration of the family and Morten’s comrades and friends in Denmark on Monday 2 August at. 14.30 in Hunter Hall, Dronninggårds Allé 126, Holte

  144. And when DM has accumulated enuff $ he is going to run with it. That is his exit strategy and none of the lemmings see it coming.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Understand your point. But, if someone from the ship prompted it – it is another commentary on where DM’s bridge leads to that they would act as such lemmings. Only two months ago I had to fend off – literally – at least two of these OL “OTs” from committing obstruction of justice at a minimum.

  146. Most of the people mentioned are minor celebrities are they not ? And spouses thereof.

  147. CD,

    Thanks for this, it was great!

  148. Replying to dfb99 (there’s no reply button after your comment)

    Thank you for your viewpoint on this. I agree that ridging up on guys who have failed to cognite yet just makes us more like the group we’ve left. Truly, my experience with disseminating what’s going on has shown me that not everyone has a clue yet about these webites and the data therein. I only found out a couple of months ago and it took a bit of time for my husband to look for himself. So, these are the early days for some of us. And remember, you S.O. guys who were THERE and saw things with your own eyes are in a different position. I’m talking about the grossest of things–physical battery and humiliation and all that. You can’t really expect someone who hasn’t seen that to give up what he thinks is his eternity because of some bad reg cycles that he personally experienced. A lot of people don’t know about tech being altered, and probably couldn’t even confront it at first if you told them…unless you also had other crimes to add to the mix. And they can brush off the greed that they’ve experienced for a little while. That seems to be one thing that every one of my guys so far can agree on. So it’s a starting point. I’m just sayin’…this is a process. Personally, I’d like to honor LRH and my friend Morten, by granting some beingness every now and again. (but only for a while, and then it will be some time to kick some butt. Can’t let people sleep forever.)

  149. I’m with Sarge, good sudden. Yep, gooooood sudden. After me own heart.

  150. Cat Daddy,
    S.O. are recycled for the RPF meals.

  151. His product?

  152. I have to agree with you on that one. I wish I could explain why these guys are SO involved with Miscavige or why they are afraid to LOOK. Seriously, the only thing I can think of is that they truly believe they will be getting OTIX and X in the near future. We get hit with e-mails constantly from the Ship saying things like “we need to get you prepped for your IX and X.” This has been going on for YEARS. And did these guys not read the last promo piece which said “all” we need to do to get IX and X is to get 170 Ideal Orgs bought, staffed and made St. Hill size?? Did that not wake them up to the realization that they will never see IX and X in this lifetime…not to mention the small detail that it doesn’t exist anyway. But hey, I must have taken the Red pill last time I was on the Ship. I don’t know what happened to the others.

  153. CD, thanks for that. He would have loved it.

    ML Tom

  154. Jim,

    Bad dog! Bad dog!

    Just Me

  155. Fellow Traveller

    Ideal Diet for an Ideal SO — Rice, beans and soylent green. Nice!


  156. Thank you for sharing the life you had with Morten, with us. Nice to hear those views. Thank you for caring.

  157. 😉 Actually that was the word on the boards. Solyent Green.

  158. Here’s an idea for the Church of Miscavology: expand on this hearse-chasing policy to cover new untapped revenue sources. Any time a member suffers a personal crisis such as severe injury or cancer, or gets married or has a baby, this presents David Miscavige with a prime opportunity to pass around the collection plate. But not for the person in need –oh, no!– this money will go to a higher cause: helping mankind. Starting with the really important things, like building DM a new private Gym or buying DM a new private Lear jet. Or maybe even creating a few more secret bank accounts around the world for Dear Leader to squirrel away his ‘golden parachute’ stash.

  159. Yup..Denice is an actress, her husband who simply goes by “Duff” is a recording artist singer songwriter guitarist, Jim Meskimen is an actor, writer, painter, his wife Tamra is an actress/comedian.

  160. Just Me,
    Cat’s sometimes are fun to play with for bad dogs.

  161. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I think you both answered and then asked your question in the second paragraph.

  162. You pointed out the cultness of a cult. Everybody is suposed to be happy all the time. Grief is an acknowledgement of the fact that the person is gone and that he or she will be missed dearly. I would almost say that it’s a right. That is was denied shows a high level of (expected) dissassociation.

    2. disassociation – a state in which some integrated part of a person’s life becomes separated from the rest of the personality and functions independently.

  163. This is one of the sickest I ever seen! It is sooo disrespectful to the family of Morten.

    An earlier similar was a memorial ceremony for a young Gold staff at the local org. My wife pointed out that the handouts contained a marketing style survey! Had I known earlier that the bridge is available outside the church,I would have left decades ago.
    Morten RIP

  164. Your “Oneness” got either supressed or shattered. You were not allowed to be your whole self.

  165. Marty, please correct the typo at the end of my post

  166. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Wallets…. WALLETS… mmmm… Wallets……

  167. Exactly — ” It saddens me thoroughly to think that I was once part of this group of OTVllls, so lost in my own self importance and arrogance as to not even see the implications of my actions. So lost in the cult identity and cult think as to not even recognize them for what they were…as far from the real me as I could get.”

    And this line — WAKE UP my friends.

    Says it all.

    Thanks Sherry.


  168. I couldn’t agree with you more. He died of neglect and ptsness.

  169. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    DM (death mechanic) is operating BELOW 0.0 at -4.0 in order to fill his coffins err.. I mean coffers!


  170. Great point Bernie.

  171. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    One of the first things that use to tick me off when I was first in Scientology at Flag was that some staff members treated me and others as a “stat”. There concern was not for a thetan’s results on course but his points, etc.. This treatment of Mortens is typical of the “must get my stats up” think that takes away from the actual ARC that occurs when one person truly helps another with their life and problems. If your attention is on “stats” and not the product then you’ve failed as a human being and a thetan.

    It really comes down to BE. DO. HAVE.

    David MacScrooge, You are a real BASTARD and a TRUE SOUL SUCKER!

    Gary – (your favorite village that just ordered a new cartload of torches and stakes)

  172. “We loved him, we know you did too. If Morten touched you in any
    way, please help honor him.”

    If you want to honor him, follow him out the front door. .

  173. My family and I do miss you Morten. You are one that we would let in our door at midnight.
    Where has the church gione too?
    One thing I have said to my wife over the years; it is too bad our church is the type that if you were on the road and needed help, you really could not just stop by an org and say I am stranded or such. You would be looked at like your were a PTS and then meet the MAA to see what you were really up too.
    You Inde’s are showing me the old care factor for people that has been missing! Thank you and PLEASE continue the high ARC

  174. Dear Magnolia,

    You’ve touched on a point that prompts my comment towards my utter contempt for MissCabbage and all he represents. When I see others who have allegedly achieved the goals and purposes of the upper Bridge who then get utterly tied down byway of the “busyness” of the CoM they are, in fact, precluded from expanding their Spheres of Influence(s).

    I see conditions across the broad dynamics in decline. And I’m not limiting this to the church, itself. Never-the-less what I see within the official church is a bunch of dogs chasing their own tails.

    Yeah, DM provides a conduit for a feel-good delusion that sucks one into a dwindling spiral where no one actually wins. Meanwhile, the world at-large goes unhandled. What I’m trying to say is that chanting “Kumbia” while holding hands isn’t putting a civilization IN that we can be proud of.

    I will never forget or forgive the letter from COB shortly after the 9/11 events. To the best of my memory he said, “Get busy, really busy.” I shook my head thinking that he should have said, ” Get really smart and efficient AND EFFECTIVE.”

    But therein is my point: The CoM has as its goal to keep those who can do something about “IT” really busy, like a dog chasing its tail. My contempt for this being we know as David Miscavige knows no bounds.

    He rots and so do his followers. It’s a crying shame. The good folks here and elsewhere pick up the pieces and get on with the game. The one where everybody wins.



  175. You’re right, Windhorse. This is crass and embarrassing behavior, but it’s nothing new.

    I had a similarly ghoulish encounter over the death of a staff member, years before LRH died. As org public, I was in abject grief after finding out that a friend on staff had died suddenly, in her ’30’s. I was taken into a room by an exec, given the “time,place, form and event” of her death, and while still in tears, regged for a donation for a new sign for the org, one which would include a plaque with her name.

    Twenty-eight years later, no new sign, and no new plaque. But my check was cashed the same week.

    The point is that the body temperature of the now reptilian c of m is cold and there is no heart beat. And while this sort of thing is more frequent, more visible and certainly (thanks to these blogs), more discussed, the essential problem is that stat-oriented behavior and group-think are endemic to organized scientology. The source of that behavior, or at least that which makes such behavior possible, has to be identified and discarded, or any New Scientology is going to start to manifest the same stuff.

  176. Stephen Sarocky

    (CORRECTION) I knew Jim Meskimen in New York City over 20 years ago and I saw him down at Flag a number of times after he moved to LA. A really nice guy at the time. I’d like to email him and ask to be notified by his family when he dies so I can make a contribution. I can even tell him not to linger around too long. After all, he’s worth more to Scientology dead than alive.

  177. “He was pissed beyond belief at the crush regging he found out about in the early 70s and pulled everyone concerned to the Apollo and they were in deep kaka.”

    What you say implies Hubbard was indeed in charge during the early 70s, as opposed to the Church’s official story that he had resigned in 1966.

  178. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Grist to the mill. Sea Org members’ dedication, lives, and work are merely grist to the mill to these folks, both in life and after they move on.

    And the irony of “please help honor him”. Do these money grubbing bots understand ‘honor’? Perhaps the misapprehension is that to them honor is is that brief pat on the withers in front of the rest of the kennel, and the short-lived slackening on the choke chain for more, more, more from the likes of one of Dave’s FSSO proxies, in this case Sharon the Terrible.

  179. Denice and Michael duff were my fsms, this doesn’t surprise me at all. They love cool aid!

  180. Never posted here before. Long ago Ex, including SO, Ot, agree some good, but have confronted truths that seems many here would debate, which I think is a good thing.
    Didn’t know Morton, but knew his friends before, like Maggie Butterworth.
    That’s what prompted me to write. Her husband, David was in OSA but died from cancer at young age, and his wife, Maggie, just let it happen without allowing outside medical intervention. Maggie’s now at AO at PAC I believe, still as a tech terminal, and just let that (tech cancer) happen without intervention.
    Morton dies young and just lets that happen, knowing his family medical history. The horror on these comments seems to be about the money regging. I think it’s about the horror that Morton didn’t get the medical care he needed as well as his mental condition that lead him there.

    I’ve been Texan bullhorn critical of Marty and many of his followers. I’ve changed my mind and admit I was wrong on some points, and absolutely unwilling to forgive on a Lot of points, that I now do. I still believe that everyone will benefit from peer review and scientific evaluations of Hubbard’s technology, perhaps to hone in the beneficial points, and that will help raise the general public’s opinion above what it is now, which is somewhere in a hog’s hollow, if I’m not mistaken.

    Yes, regging from the grave is ghoulish, but molding scientologists into ghouls is grave.

  181. Magnolia,
    You are right!!
    …Truly, my experience with disseminating what’s going on has shown me that not everyone has a clue yet about these webites and the data therein. I only found out a couple of months ago and it took a bit of time for my husband to look for himself. So, these are the early days for some of us. And remember, you S.O. guys who were THERE and saw things with your own eyes are in a different position. I’m talking about the grossest of things–physical battery and humiliation and all that. You can’t really expect someone who hasn’t seen that to give up what he thinks is his eternity because of some bad reg cycles that he personally experienced. A lot of people don’t know about tech being altered, and probably couldn’t even confront it at first if you told them….

  182. I just saw that article. I knew Moorten in PAC. I played soccer, tennis with him time to time. He was great. I can’t believe he is gone. His wife, the CO BPI (don’t know if still the case) is awesome and they were a great couple, good example for others.
    His daughter is or was at CMO PAC, one of his son was a supervisor at ASHOD and went to FSO;
    I can’t believe this email re: regging. This is horrible.

  183. I agree with you 100%. Another registrar, Gretchen, was found dead at her desk. These people are promised medical, auditing, libs, holiday. It’s all a crock. They do not get what they are promised. The Sea Org has breeched every contract with every staff member and made these contracts null and void. These people if they had had some physical, could have been alive today. Then you have to consider the fact, would you even want them alive under those conditions? They didn’t want to live anymore under those conditions …..

  184. His memorial site has had 329 visitors and only five people left a message.
    That has got to tell you something people.
    There are people that cared that remain fabian.
    One in 65 is vocal.
    DM, the situation is much worse than you know or imagine.
    The common denominator of all loosers is incorrect estimation of force.
    How can you correctly estimate the unknown?
    You can’t.
    You know what that means don’t you?

  185. For Morten:

  186. Just semantics. If the “reason” is handled, IT would get handled. Otherwise, there’s no point in mentioning it OR, handling it. Pure logic. You don’t need to comment. You know the truth as do I.

  187. “I would smile and pretend like I was onboard 100% because I didnt want to lose my bridge, or because I felt even if something seemed wrong, this group was the only group, the only way. ”

    Been there, done that. Can you say “PTS”?

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