Murder outs

 12 August, 2010

Eliott Abelson

General Counsel

Church of Scientology International

Religious Technology Center

Re: Murder Outs


I have recently learned that you have committed unethical and illegal acts against me for which I could have you and your ultimate boss, David Miscavige, prosecuted.

As you well know, I am not the vindictive type. In fact, as you are acutely aware, I went out of my way in my first public interview to not mention your name so as to not expose you to possible criminal prosecution and disbarment for previous acts I witnessed you engage in. You know what that means. But, I will spell it out for Miscavige, because I know he cannot even conceive of such an ethic level. It means that I put myself at risk of criminal prosecution alone for acts that you participated in and as an attorney had a higher level of duty, and thus responsibility, in not engaging in.

You may have noted several weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that my OSA sources informed me that David Miscavige has ordered that I be incarcerated and that since your investigators could find no basis upon which to do so in eighteen months of trying, I was to be framed.

Never in my wildest imagination did I believe Miscavige and his agents would stoop as low as they did to try to accomplish such. I was disappointed and saddened when I learned that it was you who personally executed Miscavige’s order.

I have been interviewed by a detective John Maciel of the Garden Grove Police Department. Det Maciel informed me that a private investigator working at your direction and you personally ran an operation to have the good detective re-open the 29-year old case regarding the murder of my dear brother Bruce. It was done using the most sleazy type of innuendo and outright known falsehood in order to mislead Det Maciel that I should be considered a suspect.

Eliott, please understand these facts:

  1. I joined Scientology for the sole purpose of helping my troubled brother Bruce. The only reason I was not able to pursue that objective for long enough to perhaps prevent his death was because the the client you represent persuaded me to join the Sea Organization on the false promise I would be given an assignment that would directly help my brother. Please watch this segment of an interview I gave – and you may begin to understand the level of intentional evil behind the operation you executed: 
  2. My brother’s body was found on July 1, 1981. I was working in LRH external comm, a very important responsibility during the life of L Ron Hubbard. I had not seen my brother because of work commitments for perhaps a year or more. Your client, who ordered you to run this operation, has a written record of my whereabouts for every hour for three years prior to and up to the date of my brother’s death.
  3. Your client, who ordered this operation, has pre Clear folders, containing a number of sessions over several days after I was informed of my brother’s death – all detailing every aspect of my relationship with my brother and the devastating impact his death had on my life.
  4. Your intent and the intent of your client in making the false allegations are well documented by your client’s websites that have told falsity-laced, invented stories woven to leave the impression I had something to do with my brother’s death.
  5. I know from 22 years of working directly for Miscavige, and several years working over you, and from my OSA sources, that a secondary intent of your intentional false statements to a law enforcement agent was creating an “ongoing case” that you could – in a libel proof fashion – make reference to in order to destroy my reputation on your websites and in utterances by your investigators.
  6. Your involvement, and the particulars of it, are documented and secured.


Regardless of how you choose to handle this matter, your Consigliere days are over.

The only causation you can exercise at this point is the manner in which those days end. That is, whether they are ended with some level of dignity or by way of the penitentiary and the California bar.

And just so you don’t go into another of your reactive, false “ah hah” routines you are so well paid to perform and say “this sounds like extortion”, recognize the following. I am not saying “if you don’t do this, I won’t report you to law enforcement.” I am saying I have already reported you and your boss to law enforcement – and I believe the only way you can mitigate the result is by complying with the following demand. It is most certainly the only way you can mitigate the potential pains of civil remedies.

You have until sundown Tuesday August the 17th to deliver to me a copy of the letter that apologizes and withdraws your false allegations from the file of Detective Maciel, and to remove the false innuendo and allegations your very sick ultimate boss has ordered be published about me.

 In the interim you are ordered to preserve all of my pc and pre-OT folders, ethics folders, OSA intelligence and PR folders, and any and all files created by anyone in Church of Scientology International and Religious Technology Center pertaining to me and pertaining to your demented “dead brother operation”.


Mark “Marty” Rathbun

PS: I have ample evidence to hand to prove that publication on my blog is the most certain means of putting both you and Miscavige on notice.

Mark “Marty Rathbun

PO Box 269

Ingleside Tx 78362

281 responses to “Murder outs

  1. Brilliant Marty. They can run but they cannot hide. Checkmate!
    I am speechless in admiration of your confront, courage and honesty.

  2. Marty,
    Stiff upper lip my brother. You are taking the brunt of all of this.
    For E. Abelson. Prick. You have me to contend with. That transcends all this humanoid bullshit.

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  4. As they say, the bigger the puny think they are, the harder and lower they fall.

  5. Dude! Well done.

  6. Ne Obliviscaris

    Good job Marty.

    You have exposed the treachery of the supposed “Church” of Scientology once again.

    This proves that David Miscavige, his subordinates and those in his employ will stop at nothing to silence their critics.

    Thank you for being so brave and continuing to expose the shameful actions of DM and his lackeys.


  7. Dearest Marty,

    With a necklace of tears I write this comment.

    The pain of losing a family member is tragic. To lose one because of depression or other mental problems WHILE working feverishly to save the planet from wars, criminality and insanity —- well — speaking from my experience it was a pain I never recovered from.

    More than anything Marty I can share with you that gut punching pain.

    What you have posted is so Evil, so dark, so claustrophobic and so lifeless as to be inconceivable by those with a heart. And thus, most just say — no, can’t be.

    Know this Marty — until this post – dm was not really “in my face” — now I’m taking this personally.

    I have your back. (my NY ex will hear about this in the AM)


  8. Watching Eyes

    Should the state attorney general be notified? How about the FBI? This has to stop. It can not be allowed to continue. The dwarf has turned into a madman, totally obsessed with Marty and obviously scared to death of him.

    If Ableson is disbarred, retires or is brought up on charges, DM will lose his enabler.
    Ableson = Enabler. The name is just too ironic. Weird or what?

  9. OMG, this is an all time LOW….Abelson you should NEVER be allowed to practice law again. Abelson, you are an out and out CRIMINAL and your behavior is criminal. Abelson you have stooped to the lowest slimest methods to follow orders of a demented madman. Anything for a buck, huh Abe.

  10. martyrathbun09

    WH, Thanks, particularly for your second paragraph which really duplicates me in a special way.

  11. Never in my life have I witnessed the sleazy tactics that the above text is spelling out. It is utterly incomprehensible to me, even at this stage of awareness, that DM is actually stooping to such methods as dark and twisted as this.

    Nero kicked one of his wives (pregnant) to death. Hitler watched films of plotters being hung with piano wire, which is an agonizing death. Pol Pot murdered 2,000,000 because they were educated in ways he didn’t like. Saddam Hussein nerve gassed thousands because they didn’t like him.

    Now, I ask you this: Is trying to frame a man for the murder of his own brother, some three decades after the fact, just because that man (Marty) is no longer willing to play “fleece the public”, any less reprehensible?

    I am repulsed by what I just read. It is one of the most intensely execrable revalations about DM that I have ever read. I hope I will never read anything like it ever again – I am that horrified by it.


  12. David Miscavige,
    If you knew that Marty was in any way responsible for the death of his brother why would you wait over two decades to “expose” him for this “crime”?
    Why would you assign him responsibilities such as auditing your beloved Tom Cruise? Or allow him to be Inspector General Networks RTC, the highest ethics position in the Cof S? You are factually digging your own grave, because either:
    (1) you knew of Marty’s “crime” but chose to cover it up while he was in good standing with you and your Church, or
    (2) Marty is innocent and you are framing him because he is exposing YOU and you are desperately trying to hide your own crimes.
    What a pathetic little man you are.

  13. There is a pattern here

    1) Using Confessional folders as a source
    2)Then use Elliot Abelson to hire a Private Investigator (who possibly has law enforcement connections)
    3) The PI has to come up with a smaller police department who is not knowledgeable re Scientology dirty tricks and tactics.
    4) The smaller duped Police Departments opens up an investigation
    I just had a similar Dirty Ops run on me.
    Danny Sherman called up Anonymously to tell Whittier Police Station (small Los Angeles suburb) that I was trafficking in underage children to my CPA, a Havard Business graduate, first name Bill.

    So a detective and FBI agent show up at Bill’s home to ask if I am “trafficking in underage children”…(as a matter of routine all anonymous tips re children are investigated)

    In a matter of minutes the detective and FBI agent realize they have been set up when Bill tells them I am whistleblowing on the cult of DM. They then get other calls from law enforcement who I am working with……. and they get the broader picture. They never even came to visit me. 15 mins with my CPA and case closed.

    The days of Paulette Cooper dirty tricks are not over. DM distanced himself from the Guardian Office but DM is far worse. No one in the Guardian’s office BEAT people in the solar plexus, no one in the Guardian’s Office smashed people’s heads against walls or attempted strangulation. No one in the Guardian’s office kept people in SP hall in maximum confinement for years and had them sleep under the desks.
    The Guardian’s Office was a a Disneyland walk in the park compared with the length and breath of current DM atrocities and brutalities.
    Tell me the dirty tricks the Church has run on you

  14. Is Eliott Abelson a scientologist? from what I can find on Google, this attorney also represents the “Mob” is this true?

  15. “The days of Paulette Cooper dirty tricks are not over.”

  16. To Quote a protest sign “It’s worse than you think”

  17. one of those who see

    Dear Marty,
    I know you are very up to it, but am so sorry you have to confront and handle something like this.
    Truth will out!

  18. Marty, once again, thank you for being there and communicating. We are all right there for you if needed.

    Love Murray & Exilda

  19. Thank you Marty and Mosey.

  20. Karen,
    You mean Dan “The LRH Biographer” Sherman reported you to the Whittier Police? Did they record the report? His voice is very recognizable. He must have become a soulless zombie who responds only to DM’s commands to do his bidding. So sick.

  21. Watching Eyes,
    I can tell you, with reality, that ‘stopping’ does not work. I, you, we, have tried this over and over and over and over again.

    Some how, some way, rising above resistance and gaining a pan-determined, responsible view is the route to travel. It is a better way. It is the ‘tao’. Therein is real freedom.

    DM is the acid test. PASS THE TEST.

  22. The end is near for DM. The death rattle of a psychotic, flailing about to his enemy. Turn up the heat again Marty. You are obviously being VERY effective.

    I feel for you in having to deal with this madman.

  23. Karen,
    Your posts are always spot on. This is a horrifying scene at best.
    Marty will win, hands down, for sure. You are helping and just wanted to flow a little admiration your way.
    An aside to Marty: My sincere apologies for not letting you know, I feel for you and with you on the loss of your brother. Please accept my heartfelt empathy. You are a true trooper with your intention to help, and you have helped many, including myself.

  24. Thought Provoking

    Marty and Karen,
    Thank you for being the tigers you are. Your love for LRH really shines brightly and I appreciate everything you are doing to ensure the crimes of DM are exposed and for making it clear that DM’s cubic zirconian church is nothing but a fake and will never compare with LRH’s blue white diamond technology.

  25. Eileen Clark

    So sorry this happened, but you are some kind of strong dude. I am really glad to be on your side in a tight place.

    Abelson….you lose. Tick toc, tick toc….
    My sincere advice to you: do what MR says, it is not in your best interests to get him really pissed off, and there is a whole team right behind him; he holds some of us sort of at bay, but it wouldn’t take much….
    Do not underestimate any of us. And do not underestimate Dear Leader’s shallow loyalty to you, he will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.
    But then again, you probably have well documented where all his dirty laundry is, so maybe it wouldn’t be instant. But, coward that he is, he would whine and say it was all your bad advice. Hope you have lots of proof to show otherwise, or you’ve had it. You’re sort of in the proverbial place of “being between a rock and a hard spot”, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Good luck.

    Eileen Clark
    Friend of LRH

  26. martyrathbun09

    Not sure I agree with you in this case. I think Ethics are in order, like “Ethics has to get there before tech can occur. So when it doesn’t exist or goes out, then tech doesn’t occur and suppression sets in and death follows. So if someone doesn’t hold the line, all become victims of oppression.” – Ethics, The Design of

  27. martyrathbun09

    what do you mean “also”?

  28. as in represents the COS (DM) and the MOB (Google indicates the Gambino family). Whether I am implying their connection or not, is left up to the masses to judge for themselves based on the actions of DM and Elliot. Personally if you have an attorney who has the mob in their client file, you have to wonder what kind of an attorney he is and how does he accomplish his clients needs.

  29. Marty,

    This is the saddest, lowest and most vicious thing to date. And it smacks of utter desperation.

    Whatever you are doing right now it has little Stalin absolutely freaking out. Such a transpatently vicious stunt proves it. You know far more than you have let on so the drip feed expose, article by single article on your blog has him all tied up in knots and frothing at what is yet to come.

    Such a situation makes him very dangerous. And I know your personal integrity is in such that you may not pay that too much mind but all your friends do, so if you need anything, anything at all, you have to let us know.

  30. I have wondered this for years, is Dan Sherman in the Sea Org or what exactly is his position with church? Is he a scientologist or just paid help?

  31. Elliott: Wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t let yourself go down with the sinking ship. You have to realize at some point that what you signed up with, and what you signed up to defend, has long since gone. You dont need the money that bad. Bail while you can still walk away.

  32. Damn, Marty. I am sorry about your brother.

    Re: latest tactic. Same old broken-down, discredited, disproven, out-PR techniques. Same stupid play from the tattered playbook. “Let’s not try anything new, let’s use these same tricks that failed time and again, but this time, try it harder!!”

  33. The Criminal Mind accuses others of the things he himself is doing. (paraphrase).

    What comes to mind here are the suspicious circumstances around LRH’s death.

  34. Marty,
    In reference to the quote that ‘Pocohontas’ found today:

    “a friend will calm you down when you’re angry, but a best friend will skip beside you with a baseball bat singing “someones gonna get it”

    Undoubtedly Abelson and the Midget have overlooked how many people will go to bat for you and how foolish it is to attempt to single you out for attack.
    Thank you for sharing this as painful as it is and allowing your friends to give help, succor, support and a plentiful supply of baseball bats.

    Abelson (you disgusting, debased, degraded, despicable slug) who will go to bat for you when the hammer falls? Do you suppose your ‘friend’ Davey will be there? Or will the hunter become the hunted? Think about it and hope to God that you haven’t utterly destroyed any compassion Marty and Mike may have for you when they’re the only people left to turn to.
    You know that you are only valuable as long as you’re useful don’t you? You might want to try doing something decent in your sad dishonorable life now before it’s too late. Sadly, I would have to assume whatever action you take will be taken out of self-preservation rather than honorable motives as you don’t appear to have any of those.

    Tick tock, tick tock.

  35. Mary McConnell

    I guess by now you know what you are dealing with and to expect the worst they can shovel out. This is why protesters where masks ( when allowed by state and local law). I hope you can appreciate that and I hope your complaint gets acted upon imediately and toward appropriate consequences.

  36. This is so sad and reprehensible! I know these ops have been going on for years. Paulette Cooper, Jesse Prince, David Mayo and many others, but this is the lowest of I’ve heard of. Marty, I am so sorry that the midget would use the death of your brother which must have been very painful at the time, against you.
    Stay strong.

  37. Yup. time for a baseball bat.

  38. WoW! I am lost for words.

  39. Freedom Fighter

    Hmmmm . . . given the datum on the overt speaking loudly in accusation, this little incident pretty much lays out what’s in Dear Leader’s closet now, doesn’t it . . . won’t be long now.

    Marty and Karen et al, I’m sending a big ball of theta your way. Hang in there. No doubt LRH, whereever he is, is cheering on you and all who are forwarding this motion to restore Scientology to what he indended it to be. Nope, won’t be long now . . .

  40. Thank you Penny.
    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are my closest and dearest friends.
    I have total admiration for their stance against the monster.
    They have my undying support and more.

  41. Wow.

    I remember wondering just a few days ago what had happened with your brother, whether he had got out of the hospital….I don’t remember reading of him being murdered. But I do remember you telling of his situation being so motivating to you in pursuing scientology.

    Then this bizarre and perverse dark irony of it being throw in your face decades later….

    Life twists and turns in ways the imagination would be challenged to come up with.

    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, even decades ago.

    I am amazed that anyone exposed to the technology of scientology, familiar with the effects of committing overts, and supposedly aware of the spiral down through the chain of lifetimes, would continue to do what it is apparent this small man, miscavige, (and his lackeys) does. It is sad to see the obvious self destruction, and the pulling of others into the vortex, this pretend blindness leads to. Insanity in protest of the perceived threat to him of universal betterment.

    And each week you rachet it up a notch. When will he learn? I suspect when he is crying for sympathy and compassion in some dark, cold, lonely, and forgotten place.

    I don’t know what you will post next, but I bet he does, and he should observe the trend and apply the correct condition.

  42. Lets get Pinprick Moxon disbarred as well. Abelson and Moxon are two evil cult lawyers who will stoop to anything to comply with their client’s orders. They need to be held responsible and made an example of so that other high profile lawyers won’t do business with a criminal cult.

  43. one of those who see

    “DM’s cubic zirconian church is nothing but a fake and will never compare with LRH’s blue white diamond technology.” Absolutely Perfect!!

  44. This is incredible. My brother was also killed while I was serving in the Sea Org. A brother who I had not seen in over three years. A brother who I think about every single day. DMs days are going fast; there are not many of them left.

  45. Lucy, I think Marty was saying that DM *is* the Mob. No “also” needed.

  46. I just want to give a word of advice to the OSA staff and others that work to cover DMs ass. If you even have the common sense of a goose you will realize that DM is a sick, criminal, sociopath. By working for him you can easily become an accessory to a crime or obstruct justice. Miscavige will eventually wind up in prison, you don’t need to go with him.

    The last time the U.S. federal government had to step in, 13 staff members went to prison. Think about it. Time is running out. Help blow the whistle on this guy. Its for the good of all.

  47. WH,
    As soon as I read Marty’s post , I was at a loss for words – Definitely not the usual state of affairs for me! Immediately (automatically) I scrolled down, hoping to see a post from you. . . knowing that it would capture in words what I was feeling.
    Thanks, Windhorse!

    Marty, I know that Monique, and your many long-time friends have provided you with ample support. Their support is especially meaningful given their first-hand experience with the “church”. They have a much better understanding of what you are dealing with than I do. At times I struggle to grasp the physical and emotional intensity of being in the ‘church” and the corresponding feelings of not being in the “church”. This is one of those times when I am without words – just heartbroken. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


  48. Tony DePhillips

    Dear Marty,
    LRH would be so proud of your confront of this situation. It takes a real man of steel to confront this SP and you have him on the ropes. I know you will keep far enough away from this rabid animals teeth while you administer the final choke hold and put this wild beast down for good.
    Your friend,

  49. Fine tactics and skillful negociations manage to get through to even a somewhat recalcitrant object.

  50. Marty and Mosey, you are both in my prayers.

    There are words rattling around in my head that aren’t part of my usual vocabulary. I won’t say them or write them. I’ll just settle for depraved. Based on what you’ve reported, DM and Elliott Abelson are depraved.

    It sounds as if their own depravity will soon be their undoing.

    God’s grace on you both.

  51. Marty, you are amazing. 🙂
    Hope you can feel the admiration and strength of support that’s to the moon… and back.

    There is no low to where the Chairman of Bullshit won’t go.
    Well, we will not go quietly into the night.

    Hey Eliot Abelson, there really are things that even rats won’t do. Looks like the light’s on you now, you and your mob boss. And we ain’t gonna look away.

    And by the way E.A., don’t send your little punk-ass pipsqueak P.I. Dave Lubow to my house ever again like you did on May 15, 2010 at 7:00 pm to “get information on Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun for an ongoing investigation” by you, which (as you know) resulted in me asking punk-ass the questions and him leaving with NOTHING. Interfering in my life…. not taken lightly.

  52. Reality check forthe ex-Consigliere, Eliott Abelson.

  53. Tony DePhillips

    Great observations Karen.
    Thanks for being such a fierce fighter for the truth!!

  54. pot meet kettle.

    *sits back and watches them call each other black*

  55. Hi Marty;

    Is there anything any of us can do to help you?
    You are not alone.
    If any of us can assist, call us and we will gladly respond.

  56. Hubbard said something like : “Injustice always recoils on those that deal in it”. Not that I mean to imply DM is a follower of Hubbards. Napolian said “See how injustice and bad faith ever recoil upon those who are guilty of them”. So, here we see DM beset upon a motivator flow. He is about to get slapped down hard as he is dabbling in injustice and bad faith (for so long). Every dog has his day. Keep it up DM. It is fascinating for the rest of us to watch you do yourself in. Because if we can see it we can beleive it is true.

  57. Jim, Jim Logan?
    Are you saying let it slide? Turn the other cheek?
    How about applying the correct gradient of ethics/justice?

  58. Joe Pendleton

    Two things Marty

    I too experienced the death of my brother when I was on staff (age 21 in 1973).

    I have always considered your blog as an ethics action on Miscavige and the COS.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  59. Hope you come ok out of this.

  60. I mean: I hope you come ok out of this.
    I just realized the last post can be misunderstood 😉

  61. Marty

    This makes me sick. Literally. I had no idea you were dealing with this, and I’m sure there’s more you have on your lines that doesn’t get broadly disseminated, but still, this is just revolting. Dm is showing his utter intention to thoroughly introvert you, to incapacitate you with pain, grief and regret; he so wants to crush you. It’s just pathetic, the little rat bastard.

    I do believe you are some kind of superman. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re not. But you’re close enough for all practical purposes.

    NOW can I call him evil???? Jeeez.


  62. Virgil Samms

    Such criminality.


  63. Such an example of wrong target.

    What OSA and DM don’t seem to understand is Marty has not caused us to become ‘disaffected’ with the formal Church of Scn. I left the Church 25 years ago, as I stopped trusting the Church. It was the nuttiness of the Church that caused me to leave, not Marty nor his blog. And for 25 years I did not practice nor study Scientology.

    What Marty and other bloggers have done, however, is to help me differentiate between the current Church of DM and the philosophy and subject of Scn as written by LRH. And I am now studying and applying Scientology to my life, for the first time in 25 years. Isn’t that what the Church should want, more people studying and applying Scn? Or do they only want those who bow down and pledge allegiance to the Church of DM?

    The Church is not going to win me back by attacking Marty or other bloggers here. They could win me back by looking inward and correcting the outnesses prevalent in the current Church, and to stop blaming other ‘supposed SPs’ for whatever messed up condition the Church now finds itself.

    That would be right targeting!

    Thomas Price
    Cl. 6, OT 4

  64. Marty,
    Let me first of all express my heartfelt pain over the loss of your brother so many years ago. Forty years ago I could only watch as my father first lost his dreams, then his dignity and finally his life to his inner demons.

    Only a rock-slamming minion from hell with the moral character of pond scum would consider engaging in the nefarious and illegal actions directed at you. I agree with your insistence that ethics and justice is called for in this case. It is not the way of Nature or Reason to admire the flames as they consume your posessions. Fighting back with whatever tools you have at your disposal is the rational and correct action. DM has declared war on you and anyone who threatens his lucrative fiefdom.
    We all want to believe that the moral always prevail over the immoral, but the truth is that victory comes to those who are prepared and committed. I was reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War recently and I would like to share a few of the more salient points:
    *All warfare is based on deception.
    *Hence when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
    *If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.
    *If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.
    * If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them.
    * Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

    The messiaic midget has underestimate his opponent I think. You are prepared, fearless and insouciant which makes you a pretty formidable foe my friend. It would appear that you also have many fellow warriors for justice watching your back.

  65. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, you could be an attorney and a good one you would be. I am saying this because you can spot the correct importance in things.

    So Mr. Ableson you think you serve justice? I quit practicing law, some two years before I came into Scientology, Mr. Ableson. I don’t know if you have studied any Scientology but if not, avail yourself of the chance now that you still have your boss there, because soon when he is out, you are going to get an SP declare. (As a matter of fact, guys, I think we should start issuing some such issues especially for some proven characters like Mr. Ableson. Ah, that org board thing again…)

    Now, Mr. Ableson, I may not know that good law (never cared to learn it anyway) like you, but I know my stuff here. And you may be an “ableson” but the point is that you, too, I am afraid are a normal, not so Able Thetan.

    I am sorry that even as a professional you go down to such disgrace for my ex-profession, Practising Law. You are just another example why lawyers have gotten such a bad name. You obviously showed us your ethics level and from now on we take note of you. I mean I didn’t even know your existence, neither did you of me. Nice to meet you then. We are a different breed of cats. You are gonna know us. We make those postulates stick and we can also be bad, not just DM. Hohoho!

    You know, having a whole community of (not just normal, mind you, but able, really able) thetans think not soooooo highly of you. Tsssssss! Not that good. So why don’t you stop attacking Marty and for that matter, our group and go do some decent job in law, like do something about all this mess that the so called Justice system has been and is part of and IS perpetuating.

    So, you just hurt us Mr. Ableson and you think it’s OK. If you were not just interested in bucks, and had some integrity…. oh, well, you would then be on our side, so forget it…. hohoho!

    Just do as Mr. Rathbun orders you cause even if he is not “your” boss, he represents a high order of ethics, so he’ll teach you a life lesson. Hope this helps you.

    P.S. By the way, this high order of ethics is called Scientology, in case you didn’t get it.

  66. I guess the principle is “use any means to keep on enturbulating Marty until something snaps”. Lies….inconvenient semi-truths, whatever. Apparently, Miscavige was asleep while reading the PR Series, the part which states “don’t use lies in PR”. When this all recoils on Miscavige….wow! I want to BE THERE!

    I think an excellent tactic for former management insiders is to go to the IRS and spill your guts about anything that could cost the COS their tax-free status. The special accomodation for Scientology is a standing humiliation for the IRS anyway.

    Use one SP against another.

    If you were to so much as “rattle the doorknob” on THAT closet door, there would for sure be a flying shower of tibia and fibia…this would have the effect of tying up Miscavige’s attention, and throwing him off his game.

    Turn state’s evidence……and get enough former insiders to go along with you.

  67. Tory Christman

    What an amazing experience, and I’m so very sorry to hear about your loss of your brother. Medical abuses and uncalled for deaths within
    C of $ were one of the key reasons I began to wake up; certainly a key reason I began to speak out…Along with their lack of compassion—as in keeping you working and away from being with him. (sigh)

    Also, good for you for holding the line.
    There IS a point where bullies do need to be fended off, and there’s also
    recognizing true “SPs”—people who are *not* going to change. This IS
    David Miscavige and Elliot, per all accounts.
    I don’t believe either one will have “Ethics” put in on them, partially because they’ve chosen evil –true evil—over mankind, and that person isn’t going to have “ethics” put in on them–and that’s where I agree with Jim on this:
    “Some how, some way, rising above resistance and gaining a pan-determined, responsible view is the route to travel. It is a better way. It is the ‘tao’. Therein is real freedom.”
    Flourishing, Prospering, communicating with others all seem to show others the truth. C of $ has libeled me for 10 years. My view, finally, is this: IF you don’t have the courage or care to at least call me and hear my side, IF you are going to buy their utter *crap*—then you are not
    really someone I care to know, anyways.
    Meantime–my motto is this, and so far, it’s true:
    LIFE ROLLS ON. All we can do is figure out how we’d like to create each day. Make it a good one! My best wishes to you
    and all here. Tory/Magoo
    PS: Daveyboy and Elliot: tick tock, Tick Tock, Time IS on *our* side!

  68. If I could also add – Marty, I hope you are keeping up with your personal auditing. Anything Miscavige and his henchmen “run-in”, you can “run-out”.

  69. You’ve got a rare opportunity here Marty…It’s really a shame there does not seem to exist a co-ordinated effort to unseat the self-appointed Musolini……… don’t sqaunder it, if you can help it!…. GO get’em Marty!

  70. Now that my rage has subsided –
    Marty, I am really sorry about the loss of your brother.
    I lost my little brother in ’87, not long before finding LRH again.
    I’m trying to imagine, say, the Bishop of the local diocese sliming me now, insinuating to my family and friends, acquaintances, public officials, that I was somehow responsible for his death. That would be vicious, cold-hearted and certainly very calculated to cave me in and shut me down.
    Because, over time I’ve handled the charge associated with his death, TODAY I can see it this way.
    You apparently do too.
    You are right, you do need to get ethics in on them and you’re damned right to do so – not to mention it’s YOUR RIGHT to do so.
    Otherwise it will never end, like the serial killer who never gets caught. Or the priest who only gets transferred.

    Plus, you’ve got to have that “YOU DO NOT GET TO DO THIS TO ME YOU MFers” feeling too! Enough is a fuhkin nuf!

  71. rory Medford

    keep pulling the strings Marty

    the puppets will drop one by one

    consider yourself the LUCKY one to be out

    DM and his henchmen are the ones who are trapped and way out of touch

    one by one people withdraw their support and eventually leaves the church

    its quite FREE when u leave quite liberating and way more fun

  72. Tory Christman

    PS: Having re-read this once more, one more point to keep in mind
    is that between you and Mike—I would *think* you have more than
    enough factual information that *could* destroy a number of their
    black pr, Fair Game programs. That isn’t a threat, that’s a question.
    I would think that’s one of your strongest cards.
    No wonder they’re freaking out. Good luck, Davey boy:
    Remember what I’ve told you, for years:
    Elliot—haven’t you spent enough of your life getting paid to be
    a Dick? Karma IS a bitch, so don’t feel it’s too late to make up
    the damage.

  73. Speechless. And speechless admiration for you, Marty.

  74. Marty,

    With a lump in my throat and and an admiration for you I don’t know how to put into words, I shook my head in disbelief throughout this entire post. I am so sorry, Marty.

    My God, what a hellish nightmare of an organization this has become. A word to those who find that you have amends to do, “look alive”, here it is being played out in real time. No more is asked from me. We are all responsible for what this has become.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This has inspired me to do more. Enough is enough.

  75. Karen. You express it so clearly. You are one of my favorite writers on this blog. I am of the mind that even if Marty were taken out of the picture that the movement has grown so large that it is unstoppable. There are so very many blogs and websites on the internet now that it is simply a matter of time before little davies empire comes tumbling down.
    While DM is concentrating on Marty there are hundreds of other people working feverishly to bring him down and I know that daily the list of people leaving the Cof$ is growing by leaps and bounds.

  76. Marty. I truly respect what you are doing. When I see the desperation that DM is dramatizing in attacking you I know that you have really gotten under his skin. Please continue your efforts. You have a lot of othe strong people on your side who are posting here and in othe places.

  77. I keep waiting for midgit boy to totally slip up and pull in his ultimate motivator………a prison sentence. Well, actually, his ultimate motivator will be endless lifetimes spent fearing and hating everyone in his vicinity. But rarely if ever will he get this much power or money again.

    The church is worse than dead. Dead things often become admired after they’re gone.

    The church is a crazy, space ship, couch-jumping, highly destructive cult. A world-wide joke to simply roll one’s eyes at or snicker about.

    Now that I’m out, I’ve had some fun simply mentioning to random people that I was in Scientology for half my life. I have yet to see somebody fail to smile sarcastically or roll their eyes, asking, “God…..why?” or “Isn’t that the crazy Tom Cruise thing?” or “Isn’t that one all about tons of money, level by level?”

    Long live the pure tech.

    But may the highly aberrated, 3rd dynamic bot-fest disintegrate off the face of the planet.

    And soon!

    By the way, chalk up another point on the board for team Rathbun. Let’s hope it has the desired effect.

  78. Marty,
    hope you can handle that fast.
    Next thing they might try is something like child abuse or worse.
    Thats the reason why I do not want to go public.
    OSA did it already on me.
    Not with law but with rumors.
    As being nutty and not seeing reality and not getting up the bridge did not stop me then they tried “abusing my child”.
    Did cost me a marriage and family.
    They will not give up. They are quite determined.

  79. Mary, I second that and I am sure that many others who follow this blog (anonymously for whatever reason or with their real name) feel the same. Do let us know.

  80. I am sorry this has come to this. It is incredible that some one will stoop down this low. You are a brave man and in the the name of your brother, you will stop him.

  81. “You have until sundown Tuesday August the 17th…”
    I really liked that part, Marty!!!
    You have done a wonderful job of enlightening people about the differences between Scientology and the CofS all these months but above all, I really admire your sense of stradegy.
    Elliot–Now that you could be front and center, it’s about time for you to slip your hand down the left front pocket of your pants. Now move a little over to right..
    Do you feel anything?

  82. I love it Marty!! You rock!

  83. I was about to post a comment along exactly the line of thought – the outpoints are so unbelievably obvious. Let me carry this a small step further:

    (1) Assuming that you can document that pimp lawyer’s and “arty sea’s cop” (commonly spelled in reverse: COB RTC) involvement in solid concrete, TRUTH’s points (1) and (2) apply.

    (2) Assuming such a connection and involvement will be denied (a certainty) and assuming it can NOT be documented (a theory), wouldn’t it follow that arty sea’s cop had a legal obligation to provide evidence in your FAVOR to affect the dismissal of any “charges”? Did he not check/have checked your life history in minute detail, verified every word on the meter, dug into every corner of your life PRIOR to your employment at RTC to KNOW that there is no ground for such charges? And, wouldn’t it be a kind of “obstruction of justice” to withhold such evidence in your favor?

  84. martyrathbun09

    Yes they will, when the fellow driving the train gets hauled away.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, it is a luxury they don’t have.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Brad, Thanks. As I think you know, we are absolutely on the same page.

  87. martyrathbun09

    I agree with you.

  88. Marty
    You are causing an effect and DM is desperate. All the Orgs are empty, and fresh raw meats, as they call new people, are not joining anything, because they already spotted in the internet that what DM runs is a complete FRAUD. DM lies are public now, and it is not funny.

  89. martyrathbun09

    There’s nothing to come out of for me; the question is will they come out of it?

  90. martyrathbun09

    Bobo, thanks, I appreciate it. Best thing to do is take Italy.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Cathy, love it when you go sudden; as you did so well here and on May 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

  92. Spot on, LOL.

  93. martyrathbun09


  94. martyrathbun09

    It is great having a best friend like Slugger Sam.

  95. I have no issues with restraint and none with putting ethics in.

    Considering the disgusting level, beyond any pale, that Miscavige is sunk to and Abelson wallows in, there is no other effective action but ethics.

    It’s easier for me to be philosophic on this. I’m not being falsely accused in such a repugnant manner.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Jim, believe it or not it has nothing to do with personally being falsely accused. It has everthing to do with catching them red handed in indefensible, atrocious conduct.

  97. martyrathbun09

    As Karen well knows, this is just the tip of the iceberg on Abelson – her evidence seals the “pattern and practice” aspects of this case.

  98. Robert, you are tooooo much!!!!!

    By the by – we know each other (in due time, I’ll contact you).


    DM thinks that getting Marty jailed (however false the accusation) would silence him. (it wouldn’t) That jail is terrifying to Marty. (it isn’t)

    NO — it’s terrifying to DM. And WOULD silence him.

    Jail would not be my choice of abode, especially in my later years but I would make the most of it and wow, I wouldn’t have to work for my meals, or bed and could spend a lot of time — meditating and writing.

    When you have lost everything over the course of a life – and started over life takes on a new meaning. Everything becomes precious because everything shows you, you are alive.

    Each step is taken with discernment. Virtue becomes the holy path. Non virtue smells like rotten fish and is very easy to call out.

    Distancing oneself from the walking dead is wise. Pointing to the walking dead is just. Cordoning off the walking dead from the rest of mankind, still sleeping, is honor.

    Marty is wise. He is just and he has honor.

    Fools attempt to win for the moment thinking they’ve won the war.

    The war is won by warriors who live forever.


  100. martyrathbun09

    “In a battle between two great forces, the side that knows how to yield will be victorious.” – Lao Tzu

  101. Well, you wrote they tried to frame you and this may not be over for you. That’s what I was referring to.

  102. I just have to shake my head at all this….I mean, this is SCIENTOLOGY? The group that is supposed to make the enivronment safe enough to audit out the 4th dynamic engram? To achieve a world without insanity, criminality and war???!!!???!!!???

    Looks to me like some one is “out of valence” here…in a very big way.

    When I joined the CoS, my parents were not happy. In fact, it was a rather heavy PTS sit. But I insisted on STANDARD handlings, Type A’s (several), then it escalated to the point where I was given an ultimatum: quit the CoS or be kicked out of the family. So the next level of tech was applied, PTS Rundown, and Suppressed Person Rundown.
    I have to tell you, that that was one SPECIAL rundown, and one special EP.
    When “it” (the moment of as-isness that erased the longstanding ridge between us) occurred, both the auditor and I “knew” what had just happened. It was confirmed physically 3 days later. The rest of the story is that after that, my father and I really enjoyed each others company up until the day he died. And it is THAT type of “win” that I wanted (and still want) others to HAVE. BUT, I HAD to kick and scream and pound a few desks to even get C\S’ed for that rundown ( and being on staff I of course had to come up with the $$$ for the intensives). WHY IS THIS TECHNOLOGY NOT IN BROAD USE?!!!!!!!????
    Oh, I forgot…it is Reverse Technology Center, My Mis-understood. Nothing to see here, carry on….

    Compadre, the horse is saddled and ready to ride. You know I back up my words with action. Time for a little 86-3….

  103. MissBridgett

    I had to reply to Anon. I really appreciate so much of what all you guys do (Anonymous) as you record and keep track of alot of evidence of the CoM shenanigans, and you protest, putting yourselves in harms way at times, to call attention to the destructive things the CofM does and is doing…BUT! If you mean to say that this is an example of the ‘Pot calling the Kettle; a ‘certain color’…I wish to point out how untrue this is.
    Marty has held himself accountable and responsible for the things he has participated in at the behest of DM while in the ranks. He has been deeply remorseful for the things he did to others while *in*, he left and is now fighting to preserve real Scientology and help others and he puts himself at great risk to right the wrongs of the past and present. He is ‘at cause’ now…while before, while under the rule of DM…he was the affect. Certainly you know what being around a 1.1 does to others?…makes them do things they would not otherwise do…and become something that they are not…The ‘Pot’ as you imply Marty *is*…is not a pot at all. He is a man, a human being…a thetan and good spirit repented and redeemed…and now reconciled to help the very one’s who have been harmed…

    The ‘Kettle”…Not so ‘Dear Leader’…well, HE takes NO responsibility, recognizes no wrong in his own conduct and ethics, admits to nothing, confesses nothing…and sets out to destroy as many good beings around him and on the planet who could potentially recognize him for who and what he is and does (be they Scientologists or not!)…and this ‘Kettle’…seems to be calling alot a ridiculous number of people ‘SP’…which is what HE is! he helps no one….but himself…

    There is a BIG difference between this analogy of the ‘Pot and Kettle’ in this situation.
    And inspite of all the evil and darkness on this planet…there still exists the virtues of redemption, mercy, honor, reponsibility…no one is exempt from making mistakes…doing wrong…
    …and no one is exempt from deserving mercy…once they recognize they have done wrong and take responsibility…and do all they can to make things right…be they the ‘Pot…or the Kettle’…

  104. Marty, thank you for sharing this. I am utterly disgusted. I am looking forward to their sincere apology from DM to you, but not holding my breath that it will come. I am sure justice will be served though. The church went miles past the line on this one, and I completely admire the way you responded.

    On another note, I just got a Promo in the mail from Flag to do the Life Improvement courses there, so not only is Flag now bypassing the Orgs to do the grades, they are now bypassing ASHOF, my Local Org, and Local Mission to do Introductory courses also.

  105. theoracle, Good words.

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.– MLK

  106. Excellent news! Obviously unpleasant for you Marty, but at the same time, such a great indication of how scared Dave is becoming. It only goes to show that you are making excellent progress! Seemingly you are starting to drive him completely crazy… it. Stay strong brother.

  107. Theo Sismanides

    I see now I spelt Abelson as Ableson which of course is a mistake. So Mr. Abelson in any case the comm is meant for you, right or wrong name or identity.

  108. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, go Marty!!! Told ya, DM is a lesser leadear, he can’t even audit anyone!! lrh WOULD and a hell of an auditor he was, he would deliver what he promised, not a VAMPIRE like DM!!

    Go Marty and keep the tech hat UP, UP, UP!!!

  109. Theo Sismanides

    Tara, damn right!

  110. You’re damn right Mat.

    The mess with the GO proved that the US Government is sometimes slow to get into gear but once they get moving they are nigh impossible to stop and there is no place to hide because they will extradite.

    I put money on the fact that OSA/RTC/DM have already done the research on which countries don’t have a full extradition treaty with the USA , which interestingly enough includess one or two countries the Freewinds visits regularly!

  111. The exposure of suppression is basic LRH tech in handling 3rd dynamic aberration.

    Please expose more about the criminal activities of the Church of Scientology at the highest levels.

    Bring in the FBI and the forensic accounting team that will finally release and dissipate this group engram that the Church of Scientology has become.

    The world needs to know about:

    The Kidnappings
    The False Imprisonment
    The Extortion
    The Fraud

    and all the other balled-up charge that keeps this toxic pool of spiritual deception generating itself.

    I’m sorry that you have to go through this.

    But it is the way out for anyone connected to this insanity.

  112. Jesse Prince

    Dear Marty;
    I know the pain of being set up and set upon. This is a crucial time for you because they are waiting for you to make a mistake. Please don’t let emotions get the best of you. Keep a steady hand and a clear head. You know there is a lot more of this type of activity to come. Be effective with what you are able to do.

    Jesse Prince

  113. Theo Sismanides

    Marty you know I just had a HUGE cog! You are so fucking OT, man!!

    You brought the whole game here on a THETA (THOUGHT) LEVEL and DM is just building MEST TEMPLES. Hahaha. You are da man, now!!!

    He doesn’t know how to utilize THETA, you and us, do! This is why we are so fast, fast, fast. Keep it UP!!!

    Amazing, thanks for the win!! Hi, David! (Marty, you got us in straight comm with this fucking SP… we can have it at him, we can have at… what’s this name Able… something, we can have it at any real SP from our… homes!!! Wow, what a cog!!There is no MEST in here at all. YOU ARE 45!!! after all!!

    Thanks, Theo

  114. Dark And Light Wizard

    Fata Morgana
    I thought she had come as a blessing, however, I found out she had already been as the Devil.
    Exerpt from past and future king

  115. There are many of us who would be happy just to ignore Miscavige. We would be just fine delivering service to and helping new people and the one’s who escape from the out-tech jungle.

    Seems Miscavige is hell-bent on not allowing any standard tech to be delivered in his own group, or in ours.
    So his own shall be the proverbial head on the pike.

  116. Tommy,
    So glad to see you here!
    Your post is dead on.

  117. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty, Once again Excellent post! A BIG swift kick to a very little set of balls!

    Eliott Abelson…. As Scientologists we have basic life tools afforded us by L Ron Hubbard. In this case a simple tool applied to your efforts is pulled from our pockets… It’s called the OBNOSIS DRILL. You can find it in those red volums down the hall in the President CSI’s Office. Heber is not in his office right now as he’s been detained by David Miscavige. I do know Heber wouldn’t mind your using them as long as you put them back.

    The Obnosis Drill works like this: WHAT DO YOU SEE?……. I see a Man, Mark “Marty” Rathbun who joins Sea Org Staff . He works there for the better part of 20 years. I see Eliott Abelson during that time as the offical “The Buck Stops Here” Legal Counsul for the Church of Scientology International and thus for said Mark “Mary” Rathbun. During that 20 years you – Eliott Abelson – never once documented efforts by yourself as having addressed this “legal issue” with Marty. Now, 3 years AFTER Marty leaves staff as a Sea Org Member, you file efforts to investigate something that took place under your nose. I see that you were well aware then Marty had NO unethical connection to the loss of his own sibling. In fact, you are more aware of that fact now then you were then.

    Sorry pal, but a 6 year old can do the same drill and see the same thing. Your current actions as fruitless and black hearted.

    As I said in a post of mine last week about you here on this very blog, Go F**k Yoursel Eliott Abelson… Go F**k Yourself!

    — Jackson

  118. Perfect! LoL 😉

  119. Dear Marty,

    Having read these thoughtful comments there is not much more I could add. However, to you, Karen, Mike and these other good beings I’ll pass on an old Irish blessing.

    A Wish for a Friend

    Wishing you a rainbow
    For sunlight after showers—
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours—
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through!


    Tom Gallagher

  120. Marty, Sorry I’m so late entering the fray. When I read this post last night
    I’m afraid I lost it a little. A lot. I want you to know that if you need me to write up anything or go to court etc you have but to ask. I’ve got your back.
    You know I Love you like a brother and will do anything to help you. I’m
    with Sam, I have a baseball bat and am not afraid to use it. I Love you

  121. Ne Obliviscaris


    I believe that what Jim Logan is saying is that one can BE definition #1 of “RESPONSIBILITY” in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical dictionary: “the ability and willingness to assume the status of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics”.

    If one can be this, he has it made.

    I believe that Marty is doing this. The fact that he is fighting tooth and nail against a bitter enemy speaks only to Marty’s nature as a being. He is a warrior, pure and simple. He is motion towards. His wears his code of honor on his sleeve and is unforgiving of betrayal after trust. It is a quality that has been admired by others since time immemorial.

    The only honorable thing we can do is flow power to him.


  122. I say hell yeah! Interesting read on
    We know it as an SP.
    According to Peck (American psychiatrist), an evil person:
    * Is consistently self-deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self-image of perfection
    * Deceives others as a consequence of their own self-deception
    * Projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets, scapegoating others while appearing normal with everyone else (“their insensitivity toward him was selective”) [9]
    * Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self-deception as much as deception of others
    * Abuses political (emotional) power (“the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion” [10]
    * Maintains a high level of respectability and lies incessantly in order to do so
    * Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness)
    * Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim
    * Has a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic injury

  123. Awesome Mr. Price!
    They want you to bow down/bend over or get out and shut up and be PTS! I stayed PTS and shut up until I found this blog.

  124. martyrathbun09

    Tom, sweet. Your wishes came true. I am with a host of friends living in present time.

  125. martyrathbun09

    I know – the St Joe Slugger. Gives the lead off man a lot confidence knowing who is hitting clean up.

  126. Thanks for the warning on how they are meddleing into the police department in your area. Gives me direction on what I need to do locally.
    First off I have to get downtown and distribute flyers with the quotes about how the police are actually the ones causing crime. Yeah there is an entire section in that paperback book on “suppression”. I think I need to park myself downtown as the local Scientologist and start working on these police to cease being suppressors in my community.

  127. Your humble servant

    “I am saying I have already reported you and your boss to law enforcement ”

    Marty, you should also not delay any longer in filing a formal complaint against Elliot with the California Bar Association.

    I am going to send you a small donation to help cover your legal costs, and I hope others can do the same.

  128. martyrathbun09

    Thanks brother. The post you made about a week ago about the one on ones Eliott conducts day in and day out to intimidate and silence leaving staff – each one of those days he commits an overt greater than the one of which I write in this post. It just so happens I caught him out and it is documented. You were right on with your post. You have a great nose for sniffing out evil; because you are so damn sincere and righteous of intention. Get your ass down here some day – soon.

  129. martyrathbun09

    Theo, you know they deny the existence of the theta universe. No concept of it. When it is talked about it is ridiculed as delusion within RS. Now you see how we really are indestructible.

  130. Go get him Marty. It’s time.

  131. I finished this this morning before I read the latest deed done to him. It is fitting.

    Re Marty Rathbun – I have recently discovered that I have forwarded incorrect information regarding Marty. It came from a person in RTC at the time, whom I trusted. I have since discovered there were other falsehoods this person gave to me.
    I trusted this person, but in doing that I have seen Marty through this false filter and have spread hearsay – that wasn’t even close to true. Hearsay is not allowed in a trial due to this very problem. I am going to work at only relaying, especially to press and media outlets, only
    Those things that I personally saw, read, over heard or directly heard it from the person.

    I owe Marty this public apology for forwarding something regarding him that was completely not true.

    I have seen several posts in which people “question” Marty’s real purpose or agenda. I have to tell you I could care less if he has one or not. And if he did have one, it would not be something that he should be sharing. I have worked 5 years behind the doors of the Intelligence of Scientology. Marty for much longer – as well as legal. I
    Doubt many of you truly understand the risk he has taken by Standing up. The risk to not only himself, but also to those he loves. Many people in similar situations did not. I have no judgments on those who did not, but I do have tremendous respect for both of the MR’s for coming forward. I do know that they care about ending the physical and emotional abuse that has been going on in that group for some time. And continues thru to today. Which is the same agenda I have, and have been working on for years. So what if he doesn’t have clean hands, he readily admits that, I don’t have clean hands either. There were many apologies I had to make. When you are in the environment that exists up in those areas of the organization it is woven into the very fabric of daily life. What I do care about is that he has taken such risk, to join in the efforts I (and others) have been working on for at least 12 years, to get the physical and mental abuse to stop. We completely agree on that, and that is not going to be done overnight. For the risks he has taken, he should be commended. When the physical and mental abuse is over, we will all decide what we want to do. Maybe Marty would like to help clean up the 20 year old mess that DM has created, or maybe he will just want to go fishing. It doesn’t matter, we are not there yet, and at that time we will all have our own choices to make.
    So, my apologies to Marty. Hearsay may be true, but if you don’t follow it down you really don’t know and speaking of it as if it was the truth can be damaging.

    I was also given the hearsay that Marty was the “good guy” up lines. But now that I have spoken with him and he has helped me in a couple of tough situations, it is no longer hearsay for me to say Marty is one of the Good Guys. Few of you will (luckily) have any idea of what he risked and continues to risk by what he is doing. I do, with personal knowledge, not hearsay. And for that alone he will always have my respect and admiration. It doesn’t matter, this is the most important one, and I know we agree. That is what I care about. And that is what the rest of us care about. Those people who right now are suffering and trapped in many ways.
    Nancy Many

  132. I mean, it’s not beneath me to run around looking like a whole lotta bad PR.
    This is turning into “Scientologists gone wild” year.

  133. martyrathbun09

    My Chicago Morpheus, Thank you for your sage advice. As you know I felt degraded for participating in that set up of you. And Mosey can tell you how I’ve changed for the better since meeting you and experiencing your real auditor beingness in allowing me come to peace with it. I also truly appreciate the advice you sent me on back channels. It is spot on. I am in awe of the way you have come through what you lived through and the calm and sanity you demonstrate as a result.
    Marty (your Neo)

  134. martyrathbun09

    AL, Thanks! What a pleasure to see you weighing here. Don’t be a stranger.

  135. martyrathbun09


  136. Tony DePhillips


  137. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for posting this. I guess the answer to your question is throughout our discussions on this blog. But, I too have seen magic occur before my very eyes with application of that tech. It is magical.

  138. martyrathbun09

    thanks for the advice and the energy. I’ll get ‘er done.

  139. Virgil Samms

    Ya, I read this last night too and I was also too stunned to really comment. But today I look at it again in a new unit and I see DM, ala Soltan Gris, has fired not a foot-bullet but a foot-atom bomb!

    How can anyone on this planet be so callously stupid? Doesn’t he have any concept that you don’t back down? Doesn’t he know that you will turn this around on him? Really Marty, I don’t know DM that well so tell me, is he really that stupid?

    Baseball bats are okay, but I think it is time for the “Scorched Earth” program again using air cover from Rolling Thunder program (B-52 strikes). This is just plain BS. Because, I tell you, if he is that stupid he will get even more desperate as you tighten the noose in a workman-like fashion, and that bothers me.

    I got your back over here with a bunch of my “old friends”.

    Lisa Hamilton: Time to tep it up big time. Your interrog got real good TA so now let’s kick some ass with the next gradients.

    ML Tom

  140. Nancy
    I know this communication is meant mainly for Marty, but I can’t let such heartfelt sentiment go unacknowledged. Thank you for making this known.


  141. Virgil Samms

    Dear OSA INT – I got a question and I actually demand an answer. Now that you are aware of the facts of DM using Eliot who uses a PI to frame Marty for his brothers unfortunate death, which is atually a rather severe felony (you have Sea Org members monitoring this blog on a daily basic trying to figure out who is who, so now you know about this felony) are you going to be part of this criminal activity or are you going to be doing something about it? Because you are the legal arm of the Church this kinda involves your org. Answer me at

    Thank you.


  142. martyrathbun09

    Neither can I. Thank you Nancy, and thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  143. martyrathbun09

    Tom, I thought somebody would get what you got. I think the stupidity (and perhaps desperation) level is astounding.

  144. “As Karen well knows, this is just the tip of the iceberg on Abelson – her evidence seals the “pattern and practice” aspects of this case.”

    Marty, perhaps you and Mike can make public here other instances of people being framed by the “church” that will show even more pattern and practice?

  145. martyrathbun09

    Everything has its season.

  146. Nancy – this brought tears to my eyes.

    Please hug Chris for me. We go back longer than you and I do.

    We’ll talk one of these days soon.

    I’m glad you are well. I forwarded one of your videos about your breakdown to a friend. You helped her a great deal with the book you recommended. “Recovering Sanity” — how surprised I was to see her reading it because — the author is a practicing buddhist following the same tradition that I do now.
    Shambhala Buddhism. The book has been part of my library for the last few years.

    With love,

  147. “Prosecutors spent years trying
    those accused in the MIPORN
    investigation because of the
    superb lawyers the mobsters and
    pornographers could afford to
    hire. One example is Beverly
    Hills lawyer Elliot Abelson who
    represented the Perainos, Milton
    Luros and Reuben Sturman. Until
    1971, he was an assistant
    district attorney for Los Angeles
    County before giving that up to
    earn the big bucks by defending

  148. Tom:

    “Because, I tell you, if he is that stupid he will get even more desperate as you tighten the noose in a workman-like fashion, and that bothers me.”

    My concerns as well. Already emailed to Marty on the back channel.

    Is that your hushmail account?


  149. Haydn,

    Totally agree. It’s not like Marty’s whereabouts in ’81 is a question, there are friends who worked with him and can state the truth.

  150. Virgil Samms

    WH – yes, my account. ML Tom

  151. martyrathbun09

    Gary, good call. DM fancied himself Michael Corleone. He wanted to be Corleone. As it happened, it turned into Tony Montana.

  152. marty
    good stuff high confront, its all good its going to crash soon, you are not the only one working on the cos, there are many out there who wish the same and doing behind the seens, as i am afraid we all have been cursed by the truth of lrh, but that is freedom for you. suppression has been around for a long time and we all where part of this and pt, thanks again for your digging of your souls
    darren may

  153. I think DM’s greatest mistake is to take on an experienced SO veteran with OT capabilities.

    AOLA should have this whole thing re Marty written up as an OT Phenomena win in ‘Advance’ mag, if it is still in publication.

  154. Jesse Prince

    Dear Marty;
    Thank you for your kind words. As I’ve said to you in private I will say publicly, I will help you in any way I can. You know the head games they will try to play with you. When you first started talking you mentioned the use of black dianetics as a means to drive a person crazy. This is what they are doing to you now. You have what you need to defend yourself but as you know the best defense is a good offense! God Bless you and what you do.
    Jesse Prince

  155. Gutter Greed at its finest!
    Elliot Abelson: “There’s no doubt that the
    attorneys defending pornography
    have had a tremendous advantage.
    The prosecutor must prove not
    only that the defendant did it,
    but also that what he did was
    wrong…I can try a
    pornography case without a note
    because I’ve done it so often…
    When the client has
    enough money to pay for expert
    witnesses, we win 90% of the
    cases.” (Parade)
    I just read the SPTimes article re. the Headley’s case…same MO in my opinion.

  156. Make no mistake. Tom Cruise and his best man David Miscavige, want the last processing Tom’s former auditor Marty gets, to be in the California gas chamber.

    This is Hill 10 evil. We should all respond as such. Cruise is not innocent in this, in my opinion.

  157. Chapeau, brave sir!

  158. Tom~Exactly! Thanks for the reminder of just how amazing that tech is!
    Again, you shouldn’t have had to FIGHT for it!
    But you did and how awesome to have that with your Dad. 🙂

  159. Jesse and Marty,

    I love seeing the communication and respect and love between you two men. It literally brings tears to my eyes, for all the reasons you two understand better than I ever could.

    Just Me

  160. Jesse and Marty,

    I am floored by that comm exchange. You are royalty!!
    And DM still has not checked – after all those years!!! – what calibres he is up against, exponentially amplified by re-connection on one side now.

    That is remarkably demented.
    It is a big joy and re-assurrance to know yee both on the same side.

    Love, Fidelio

  161. Another Layer

    I could not agree more! The manufactured dangerous environment outside the supposed church, just doesn’t exist in real life. I’ve returned to Scientology after years away; and so have members of my family who were chased away by the church’s out-ARC mismanagement. It’s a huge win.

  162. I’m sorry, Marty. I traded in my baseball bat for a golf club.
    Can I still play?

  163. Dittos to my old friend Tom!

    Because of Marty’s blog, I too have resumed applying Scientology to my life, for the first time in years. And exactly for the reason you gave – this blog helped me differentiate between what the CofS has become (CofM), and the philosophy and tools of Scientology given to us by LRH.

    I also love the statement by Thought Provoking (above): “. . . DM’s cubic zirconian church is nothing but a fake and will never compare with LRH’s blue white diamond technology”. Does that say it all, or what??

    It’s a somewhat long & complicated story, but in short, this blog has given me back the Scientology I thought I’d lost.

    Through the articles and comments posted here, I was able to discover that LRH’s Scientology – my Scientology, our Scientology – is alive and well – in the Independent field.

    I came to see my choice was no longer a Hobson’s Choice – either side witgh CofM, or with those whose main desire seemed to be to destroy something they did not really understand. Neither choice was an option for me.

    To reinforce another point Tom made, it was not Marty’s blog that caused me to become disaffected. That happened in May 1996, when I saw (and experienced) DM’s early perversions of LRH’s tech. When every time I turned a corner, there was another IAS reg. When I accepted the reality that the CofS (really CofM) had become almost exclusively a club for the very
    wealthy (or for those willing to take on enormous debt loads). When I realized I could never send someone who needed help into an org or mission or even field group because of the craziness I knew they would quickly and inevitably experience.

    Regarding what it would take for the current Church to “win me back”, I would add these three points to what Tom said:

    1) DM has to go, period.
    2) Courses and services would have to once again become affordable for “ordinary” people, not just the very wealthy – as they were for most of the 70s, when Tom & I did our training.
    3) Bestow Medals of Freedom on Marty, Mike, Karen, Dan, and the others who have displayed such courage in fighting to restore LRH’s Scientology.

    (I know that medals are the last thing they’re looking for, but just felt like adding that as a way of expressing my profound admiration).

    I’m not sure the Church could win me back, even with that. But it would be a start.

    Cl 6, OT6

  164. Nancy:
    BBB (Big Brass Balls)
    Wow! Bet that felt good eh? 😉
    Deepest respect and admiration to you.

  165. Another Layer

    YHS, Amen to that!
    Marty, please check for donation. Thanks again!

  166. You know, when you’re way down the lines, far away from int management, you just NEVER get much news other than donate to handle this flap or that, very generalized, and certainly NOT the truth.
    I’m going to name some of people I audited or was closely connect to, who I absolutely KNOW for a fact would completely, utterly and totally, 100% disagree with the Church of Scientology (as run by David Miscavige) having on its staff or it its hire Elliot Abelson, staunch defender of pornographers.
    I am naming them because they were never told this and I am CERTAIN they would WANT to know this fact. I would want to know!
    ~I had a very long list of some very awesome people~but I changed my mind on naming them publicly~my right 😉
    Suffice it to say, if You were involved with the Baton Rouge Mission, coming from Harlingen, McAllen or Brownsville, TX or maybe New Orleans or Lafayette, maybe you’re a dentist, medical doctor, chiropractor, optometrist, office manager, dental hygienist, architect, fireman, secretary, baker, etc. from 1987 to at least 1999 (when I left) this is something you most definitely did not know!

  167. Hey Marty, are you going to sue DM for slander? It looks like you have a case.

  168. Tory Christman

    Sorry Jim if I used your quote incorrectly.
    That wasn’t my intention.
    My view is no matter what happens, KARMA *WILL* come their way,
    and whatever words one uses—-that is a finale’ they cannot avoid, as long as they continue on this path of destruction.

    Meantime, Marty:::Good for you re kicking their asses! As you are requesting: get ALL the docs, and you’ve got people around the world willing to help. Can DM say the same? Go check out the Pasadena org *this* week. I did, and it’s E M P T Y.

    I think Mike said it best: To paraphrase: “Elliot, ya sure you want to go down with the ship? Bail while you still can”. There is no dignity in dying (or going to prison) for evil people. There is great dignity in taking a stand, telling the *truth* and re-taking back your own, personal integrity.
    “Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson


  169. lunamoth,
    I’m with you. That was a wonderful, heart-filling communication. Thank you Nancy.

  170. Marty,
    Very well done. Sending a donation to your PO Box and hope it helps.
    jake (aka. the first)

  171. Thanks for posting this Tom.
    I too had the entire SP Rundown and it was the most magical EP I’ve ever experienced. Exactly as stated in the material. I could never invalidate the tech if I wanted to, because of the magnitude of that Rundown.

    I have a question, Marty…
    Prelude: I don’t feel, personally PTS to Miscavige. Don’t feel PTS to anyone actually. I’m just happily running my little practice and helping people.
    Question: What do you think might happen if those of us who are qualified to audit the PTS Rundown and SP Rundown were to offer our services to some of those who feel they are PTS to Miscavige?

    Hummmm…Okay, just for fun….if anyone is interested how about getting ahold of me backlines and we’ll set it up?

    Okay to post that offer here, Marty?

  172. Barneyrubble


    I understand you completely.

    I hope you will stand on guard for thee.

  173. You know what? I looked at the newspaper and realized it’s Friday the 13th.

    I imagine this is a terrifying day for psychotics and sociopaths, especially after receiving really REALLY BAD news. As such, I picture the Bag of Pus (BoP, ahem, DM) still sitting in his tailor-made thong talking to his Ouija board attempting to conjure-up his next brilliant plan of action.

    Note to BoP: I have a suggestion. Why not be a contestant on that old TV game show, “Can You Top This?”. I could use another belly laugh. First go have another Scotch. I know it’s early but you’ve earned it man.

    And while you’re at it, perhaps you might consider this for you’re next valence. Whoops! I know. You’re already there. You da mare.

  174. Mat,
    Peter Mansell and his crowd will never admit fault. They are so embroiled in ‘goose fat’ that they cannot see 1/2 a nano inch in front of their face. I fear they will go down with Goodship Miscavige soon and maybe a stint in the Federal Pen is just what the sanctimonious sons-a-bitches need to straighten themselves out.
    Give your lovely wife my best,

  175. Veeeeeery appropriate!!!!!

  176. To OSA and all Sea Org Staff Members

    I know you.
    I have sat where you sit now.
    I have worn the same colored glasses
    And knew the rightness of my view.

    I spoke with my teammates,
    As you do with yours,
    Of how those who speak against us
    Must be silenced, so the planet can be cleared.

    We agreed, those “others” are enemies to our cause.
    We would stop at nothing to defeat them,
    As is our right in the rightness of our goals.
    The validation from on high confirms this, doesn’t it?

    But through all this, sat deep inside , a feeling.
    Perhaps the glasses I put on weren’t mine?
    They had been handed me and I accepted,
    Without questioning the source from whence they came.

    Was I meant to follow someone else’s lead
    In this noble cause to get the planet cleared?
    If I’m not clear on this, what of my teammates?
    Do they follow from their own knowingness, or whose?

    A look at my dynamics raised more questions.
    Am I now where I had planned to be?
    If I am to help my fellow man,
    I’d better start by making sure I’m helping me.

    I looked again at self-determination.
    The Code of Honor helped to put it straight.
    But when I read again the quote that follows,
    That’s when I headed for the gate.

    “What is true for you is what you have observed yourself.
    And when you lose that you have lost everything.
    What is personal integrity?
    Personal integrity is knowing what you know —
    What you know is what you know —
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity
    And there is no other integrity.” L. Ron Hubbard

  177. Impartial English Girl

    As the great Edmund Blackadder once said – “I think the phrase rhymes with ‘clucking bell’…”. I am SO sorry for all the innocent parties caught up in this revolting, despicable web, woven by a pernicious little poison-spider.

    I cannot imagine an action – or a man – that is more totally, utterly and completely morally bankrupt than DM. And I speak as both a r*pe victim AND as a grand-daughter of one of the (April 1945) liberators of the Nazi Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp, so I am not using those words without rational consideration. What DM and his cronies are doing to you with this act, Mr. Rathbun, defies belief – and is transparently the workings of a very diseased mind, now twisted beyond redemption.

    I hope that, one day, there will be peace from this deranged fountain of insanity, for all who have – and continue to – suffer at his whim. x

  178. Eileen Clark

    My friends, I believe what we have here is a failure to duplicate.
    Jim is not saying to be easy on them and yet I get what he means by
    “stopping”, the point at which a being starts to go a little crazy and starts reactively stoppping things.
    Good advice and definitely not opposed to anything Marty is doing.

    Did I get that right?


  179. Alex Braverman

    WHY on earth would David Miscavige ever have Marty auditing TOM CRUISE – if he truly knew this information to be factual? He wouldn’t, that’s why. The synopsis is this: David Miscabige LIES, and runs black PR, to further his DEMENTED tyrannical hold on the $C of M$.

    That is the stark reality of the false reporting being made to the Buena Park’s Police Department. Nothing more.

    The end is near for DM. A psychotic, flailing about to his enemy. Turn up the heat again Marty. You are obviously being VERY effective.

    TOM CRUISE: Be aware, very aware. You, my friend, are in for a very abrupt realization. Q: Do you LIKE to be deposed? Q: Do you welcome this type of publicity? You WILL have to testify you know. Think about it.

    Eliott: Didn’t you think this through first? Did you just follow your client’s demands without professionally thinking them through first? Well, here’s a friendly little primer; Ethical and Professional Standards trumps Fiduciary every time. That is what you are supposed to know, your Law License says so.

  180. martyrathbun09

    Sure as long as you can land those golf balls fairly accurately.

  181. This is not some new OSA operation being run on Marty. OSA when Marty was IG Ethics, did this exact same thing to a past high ranking exec after she left and was attacking the C of S -her brother killed the father, but OSA many years later dug for dirt and tried to reopen the case to get her accused of the crime, despite the FACT that she was in another country at the time and the brother had even done time. The evil doings of OSA and the GO go WAY back. Glad your working to make good for some of the wrongs you were involved in. As stated before, pay back is a bitch, I just cant wait to see DM get his pay back!

  182. Thought Provoking

    WOW, that gave me goosebumps!

  183. Thought Provoking


    Thank you for saying this. Your message came out very clear and you have added more truth to the equation which is very important. Again, thank you.

  184. Eileen,
    You got it right.

    You too Ne.

  185. Pingback: Nancy Many talks about Marty « Leaving Scientology

  186. Susan/Glibby

    Marty, I have several points, which I will keep brief. I’m not an ex, just a mother and a human being who doesn’t like bullying and abuse, and who can’t stand it when bullies think they can get away with it by simply being bigger bullies.

    This has worked for years for David Miscavige, and I share your desire to see it end.

    I also offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your brother, and also my outrage that DM would try to manufacture some “evidence” that you were involved.

    You may or may not have heard that a protester in Washington DC recently spent a night in jail on a completely manufactured stalking charge. This man is an ex, who also doesn’t like bullying and abuse, and as a result of his effective protesting became the target of the current church management. He was confronted with details obtained from his PC folder, and then, when that didn’t stop him, they started to set him up for a stalking charge, by having one of the female management members methodically create this myth. Fortunately there is ample video footage proving the setup, but it will still cost him time and money (not to mention emotional costs) fighting the charge.

    Obviously this isn’t as terrible as being set up for murder, but it does show that current management thinks nothing of lying and manufacturing crimes.

    However, it only strengthens the resolve of people who want to see exactly this type of abuse stopped.

    Finally, I personally would like to see the families of Sea Org members brought back together. So many families have been broken up. Why can’t Sea Org members go home for the weekend or to a family reunion? Would it really be that hard for the Church to allow this? My hope is that soon my two dear friends, Susan Lentsch and Susan Talbot, will be able to see their beloved daughters once again. I know how much they miss their girls, and it is the main reason I am a critic and a protester. (Google Susan Lentsch, Susan Talbot, and Anonsparrow.)

  187. martyrathbun09

    Interesting. RIngs no bells. But won’t be the first time I am associated with something vile I knew nothing of. Comes with the territory I guess.

  188. Publius~Exactly, a Hobson’s Choice; what I’ve come to learn from this blog was a FALSE DILEMMA.
    You CAN get pure, unadulterated LRH tech outside the church. In fact, since the ruination of accurate meter reading by the church, I now believe it is the ONLY place that you can!

  189. Thought Provoking

    That was beautiful. I hope they take your advice and follow your lead.

  190. Thought Provoking
    Thank you. Me, too!

  191. I always picture him as Joe pesci when acting in the movie Goodfella’s

  192. Well — I can add a few old timers.

    Peggy and Bob Westerman – their daughter and Bob Westerman’s kids with Sue Westerman (Rhett is already out).

    Kay Gonsoulin and her brother, also a dentist. The other brother was also a scientologist but in insurance. His ex wife.

    LD Sledge – who has been discussed here – is currently very involved, sending out inflammatory emails but I have to think — he would relent if he were to really know. I can hope.


  193. Impartial English Girl

    This sort of thing, to me, goes further than Jim Jones and Kool-Aid – This is Manson-level stuff. 😦

  194. Brandon:
    Even though a 501C3 does not contribute to City budgets (they do not pay tax or a pittance of tax and no property TAX in the most part) , the Cult of DM use Law enforcement for FREE to do their dirty Ops. They do not pay one iota to 2 recently used Police Departments)Whittier Police Dept budget or Southgate Police Dept budget but use these cops and detectives on their work hours (paid by the tax payers) to do “investigate” Cult whistleblowers.


    It was the day before Thanksgiving, three years ago. I was getting ready to go to my parents’ house for an early feast when there was a knock at the door. Two guys looking like plainclothes police officers peered through the security screen and asked to speak with me.

    They identified themselves as members of the Domestic Terrorism Unit of the San Diego Police Department. At first, I didn’t let them in, as the parrots were loose, and the birds don’t care for strangers.

    The men said they were responding to a complaint, adding that they had to respond, and that in no way was I a suspect. They kept repeating this, I suppose, to reassure me that this was just a routine response.
    When I asked them to elaborate, they said they had received a complaint that I planned to blow up the local “church” of Scientology.

    I laughed out loud, and invited them back to the computer room, warning them not to make eye contact with the birds on their way through the living room.
    Before the detectives left my house, one of them strongly advised me to report cult harassment of any type, anywhere, any time. The other wished me a happy Thanksgiving and told me to save room for pie.
    +++++++Sent to me as an example of a dirty Ops run by OSA, Office of COB, RTC in the cult of David Miscavige.
    I am working on very wide dissemination to all police departments via Police Commisions, Police Associations, on the use of their law enforcement staff for Cult of Miscavige dirty tricks. I feel all law enforcement should know how the “Church” tries to use them.
    While the Church pays nothing towards city budgets for police payroll.
    In the recent dirty ops on me, the law enforcement guys asked my CPA Bill if he had any enemies. When he said “NO” they asked “Does Karen de la Carriere have any enemies” when he mentioned the WORDS “church of Scientology” there was a physical BODY REACTION in the law enforcement investigators. They knew they had been HAD. Interview over in 2 mins. The DM cult reputation is already spreading in law enforcement communities….

  195. Nancy ~~

    This public apology is meaningful. Thank you for stating this.
    I see your book continues to be in the top 10 best sellers on Amazon month after month after month.

    7 out of 10 of the Top Best selling books in Scientology category are

  196. Jesse said:
    “When you first started talking you mentioned the use of black dianetics as a means to drive a person crazy. This is what they are doing to you now. You have what you need to defend yourself but as you know the best defense is a good offense!”

    This is very true. Thanks Jesse for your valuable input.

    My observations about their op basis to try and make their chosen enemy go crazy:

    1. Create an environment that is made to feel unsafe. PIs not only serve the purpose of providing information on the person, but of creating a dangerous environment. The feeling of always being followed or always being in danger is a hallmark of an insane person.

    2. Create false friends including “recent defectors” that ally themselves with the person and their intentions so as to obtain information, feed false information, and/or create fear. Taken to extremes, the “friend” then sets them up for a crime for which they could be put in prison.

    3. Put on the church controlled websites any and all of the following types of data:
    a. A flood of black propaganda about the person which attempts to destroy the repute and good name of the person. Allow truth to receive its severest drubbing. The intention is to spin, and you can’t do that with truth.
    b. Use ANY data from the person’s history in the church, particularly from a thorough cull of pc folders, to create a ring of truth to the material being presented. Embellish it to the extreme. Twist every incident to make the person guilty of huge overts, the more fabricated and altered the better. The intention is to introvert and enturbulate, ideally to the level of a psychotic break. At the least, make them feel PTS so that mistakes are made in future conduct that can be documented.
    c. Create a horde of sock puppet “readers” who chime in with similar sentiments and data on the person. Have them say how they were part of the person’s circle of friends, “know better now”, “it’s all bad over there”, etc. so as to convey to other readers that it is a bad scene. Use PI and plant data in as much as possible to create a ring of truth.
    d. Attack on these sites the loved ones and friends of the person with black propaganda, so as to enturbulate the person as much as possible, mafia style.
    e. Harass the loved ones of the person with P.I. and plant visits, warnings “for the benefit of the loved one”, phone calls, emails, letters, all attempting to enturbulate and harass, including by use of false reports on the person in attempt to maliciously third party.
    f. Collapse the second dynamic of the person and his group in as much as possible, with sexual entanglements, entheta, rumors, and out-ethics. Broadcast it widely, with embellishments and fabrication.
    g. Flood these websites with wrong indications, wrong whys, generalities, defeatism, third party, etc. in an attempt to ARC break the person, his group, and to lower tone and cause level.
    h. Drive in the anchor points of the person by writing in the 1st person as if it was him or her, talk of demons, ghosts and pretended motives for the person’s conduct, etc. with the intent of driving him or her to insanity. The insane often have this case condition.
    i. Locate by folder study of the person’s case history what “buttons” the person has, and use them liberally in communication about the person so as to enturbulate. Twist the facts so as to accomplish this further, including making the person responsible for things he didn’t do.

    4. Involve the police in noisy investigations of the person when necessary, so as to publicize the action, as well as hopefully frame the person in an illegal act that puts them in jail.

    5. Involve in frivolous lawsuits with the intention not to win, but to harass and enturbulate.

    This is not a complete list. Most of these have been attempted on yours truly. And to that I say fuck you OSA, RTC and Miscavige. I’m still here, and won’t back down. I wish DM would come to my front door so I could punch his dwarf ass in the face, and give him a deserved beat down.

    Anyway, sorry for that brief outburst. Edit it out if you see fit. Hell you may not even want to post this comment. I feel it is of value to expose the operating basis of these thugs.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    – Sun Tzu

  197. Martin Ottmann

    Hello Marty,

    Reading this, it sounded so familiar. And here it is: another noisy “murder investigation – Gene Ingram-style”. This one is from 1987. Look at the result. As usually, it ended up in a major foot-bullet and complete vindication for the victim.

    “[…] The British writer Russell Miller published in 1987 the book ‘Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard,’ a controversial biography about the life of Scientology founder Hubbard. Prior to the publication, Miller had gone to the United States to conduct research in relation to the book and to interview people who had personally known Hubbard. At the end of his research trip, Miller was followed by private investigators, presumably working for the Church of Scientology [Exh. No. 159].

    “When Russell Miller had returned to London, and the book on Hubbard was about to be published, the Church of Scientology stepped up its efforts and started a harassment campaign against Miller to stop the publication of Miller’s book. At least five investigators were employed by the Scientologists to achieve this.

    “First, several friends and business associates of Miller were investigated, who received visits from private detectives. Then, during the months of October, the ‘Sunday Times’ which had planned to do a serialization of the book during November, received threatening phone calls by Scientologists. The first private investigator who appeared then on the scene was Eugene Ingram from Los Angeles. Together with another investigator from England Ingram gained access to the offices of the ‘Sunday Times’ with the use of false credentials and tried there to discredit Miller and his sources with a senior executive of the ‘Sunday Times.’

    “During the following week, the second investigator from the United States arrived. Peter Comras claimed to represent the family of late Dean Reed, an American singer who had defected the East-Germany and had died under unclear circumstances in East-Berlin in Summer of 1987 [Exh. No. 160]. Comras started a so-called ‘noisy investigation’ on Miller, by trying to link Reed’s death with a visit of Miller in East-Berlin. When the family denied that it had hired Comras, the private investigator claimed not to know his client and referred to the Washington lawyer Keith Adkinson, who had hired him originally. Miller himself believed that Comras worked on behalf of the Church of Scientology.

    “In November the ‘Sunday Times’ learned that another private investigator was surveilling Miller [Exh. No. 161]. Jarl Cynewolf revealed to journalists that he worked on behalf of a third American private investigator, Virginia Snyder from Florida, who had been hired by the Scientologists. Cynewolf also stated that ‘Miller’s phone calls and mail were being intercepted and his house in Buckinghamshire was under close surveillance.’

    “Scientology also tried to stop the publication of Miller’s book through the courts. The Scientology publishing company New Era Publications International ApS tried to enjoin the publication of the book in England, Canada and the United States by claiming the book violated the company’s copyrights on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. All of these attempts to stop the critical book on Hubbard failed. In the U.S. the Federal Appeals Court in New York affirmed on April 19th, 1989 the decision of the lower District Court who found that the reproduction of certain citations of Hubbard’s writings by Miller was well within ‘fair use.’ The permanent injunction Scientology had seeked was not granted (‘New Era Publications International ApS vs. Henry Holt & Co., Inc.’ No. CV 88-7707, CV 88-7795). […]”

  198. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry It looks like my imbedding is not working.

  199. Nancy. Wonderful. You got it very right — Marty is one of the Good Guys. Everyone makes mistakes in judgment and then in action — its the Good Guys who will then stand up and take responsibility. You, too, are clearly a Good Guy. Mike

  200. By the way BoP, you’ve given Scotch a bad name. You will NEVER be forgiven!

    And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  201. BTW, word has it that DM and those close to him have all run for cover into a titanium lined bunker to avoid the flash coming from the Israel attack on Iran……more regging b.s.

  202. Here is a song to comfort Marty for the journey ahead …

  203. becomingAware

    Focused like a laser you are.
    It has shifted already. You are driving a train and COB a carriage with the team foaming at the mouth. The paths cross in a curve not too far down the road. I see wood, wheels, cloth and debris splattered in the air and a little person whimpering in the dust holding a piece of leather no longer connected to anything.

  204. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I would pay good money to see DinkyMan hanging by his feet with Marty holding them and hearing the “apology”.

    (Of course… then I would sneak up on Marty and say BOO! Ooopppssyyy…. So sorry DinkyMan. NOT!


  205. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you MissBridgett, for your very Theta Awareness! 🙂


  206. He leads nothing, he enslaves onley

  207. I also have an interesting promo observation about something received today from AOLA. There is a picture of a woman writing her name on the OT completions white board with a dry erase marker. I remember in the older days before GAT there used to be dozens of names on that board, tightly spaced in rows to fit them all in. Now, people have a lot of room on that board to write their names so they are resulting to huge graphics and much larger letters. HA!

    In other words, a lot less comps.

    But, hey. The building is awesome looking! 😉


  208. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty, My feelings also. So many here have said what should be said and feel what should be felt. Know this… I get it and I get you.
    Thanks, brother Thetan!


    P.S. Your beloved hermano Bruce will be back! We will celebrate that!

  209. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “Well, actually, his ultimate motivator will be endless lifetimes spent fearing and hating everyone in his vicinity.”

    An interesting thing occurred to me about DerFrankensavage. He is going to be on EVERY Thetan’s SHIT-LIST for ETERNITY! (Can I get a Hallelujah?)

    ΘTater/Gary (just a villager “grinding” his axe)

  210. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    there’s nuttin’ there.

  211. Of course, DM is on a big missed withold these days with homicide. Gretchen died at her desk and Morten dropped it at 53. These people were promised medical care, libs, personal enhancement, etc etc none of which was ever delivered. They died from neglect. That is negligent homicide. So, of course this is DM’s world. He thinks to point the finger someplace else. We are perfectly aware of your crimes DM and Associates.

  212. Dear Nancy,
    Thank you for your great comment about Marty. I have full trust in Marty and Mike.
    With this comment, you have my 100% love and respect.
    Thank you my friend.

  213. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I got a promo postcard today from the Tampa Org. Are you ready for this one?
    (front of postcard):
    “Co-Audit your way to CLEAR at Tampa!”

    (backside of postcard):
    “At Tampa, we are 100% committed to 100% Standard LRH Tech. The tech of Training is extensive and with our team of Flag Trained terminals, we will ensure you achieve 100% of what LRH intended for you.”

    (my incredulation):

    NOW they are promoting Standard Tech????? WTF!!!!!!!!!


  214. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Theo, I would love to indicate that your needle is FLOATING!!! 🙂

  215. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    AND I’m not just “Whistlin’ Dixie”!

  216. Great post John Nunez. Valuable data to aid in spotting this gooey crap they wallow in.

  217. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Theta from the heart is always Truth. Thank you Nancy for being such.


  218. Windhorse~I would think LD knows of Abelson’s sordid past. Where is Michelle now? She is the BFF I talk about and when she left for the SO at Flag, it made staying on staff almost impossible. I love that woman and miss her terribly. Tom and Cathy Steiner maligned and slandered her relentlessly and I began blowing gaskets. Michele is truly the most compassionate, smart, LRH-loving & knowing woman I’ve ever met and met and met. Damn I miss her.
    Through searching the web, I found many of our “rich” PCs PreOTs went on to OT levels at Flag, so I now know they’ve been spiritually tortured.
    I also know there is NO WAY IN HELL any one of them would support a group that supports Elliot Abelson.
    It sickens my soul too.

  219. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    (and we’re all MOONING DerMissy)


  220. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “…DM) still sitting in his tailor-made thong talking to his Ouija board…”

    Jesus Christ TEG!, You’ve made me blind!

  221. “Elliot Abelson, staunch defender of pornographers.”

    That does not make me think less of him, but his defending the CO$ does.

  222. OSA ran a dirty Ops on you ?
    Did you feel DM’s Church was vindictive and malicious ?
    Whispering Campaigns ?
    Cost you your job, your family, your marriage ?
    Tell me your story !

  223. Stay strong Marty, we’re counting on you Bro. As 2Pac would say, “Keep Ya Head Up”:

  224. Ne Obliviscaris


    Speaking of the Talking Heads…

    DM’s theme song: (including lyrics)


    “I can’t seem to face up to the facts.
    I’m tense and nervous and I… can’t relax.
    I can’t sleep, cause my bed’s on fire.
    Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire.

    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run run away
    OH OH OH

    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run run away
    OH OH OH

    You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
    You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything.
    When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
    Say something once, why say it again?

    Psycho Killer,
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run away
    OH OH OH

    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run away

    Ce que j’ai fait, ce soir-là [What I did that night]
    Ce qu’elle a dit, ce soir-là [What she said that night]
    Réalisant mon espoir [Making my hope come true]
    Je me lance vers la gloire … okay [I hurl myself toward glory]
    We are vain and we are blind
    I hate people when they’re not polite

    Psycho Killer,
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run away
    OH OH OH

    Psycho Killer,
    Qu’est-ce que c’est? [What is it?]
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
    Run run run run run run run away

    Hey hey hey ha”

    Marty, I love you brother. But remember, SERIOUSNESS = MASS. I know that this is a serious situation, but the last time I got into a situation as serious as this… Well, you know the rest.

    The ability to laugh at your problems is the beginning of solving them.

    Thought you might need a laugh.


  225. Marty,
    I’m from Italy I read your blog every day.
    you have my total admiration. Thanks for being there and doing what you’re doing.
    LRH would be proud of you.

  226. Div 6 courses aren’t just for Div 6 anymore! In fact all OT VIIIs are being ordered to do the new HQS course.

    Further, anyone who saw the event can attest that COB stripped the False Data that STCC was just a public version of TRs. No sir, in fact the truth is that someone who has done Pro TRs would not be able to control communication in “real life” unless they had done STCC.

    So all of Div 4 now goes back to Div 6 (as if they weren’t already there doing the Basics).

    So you actually have practically all public on either 1. Objectives 2. HQS 3. Basic books 4. STCC.

    This is probably so they can show ROCKETED Div 6 services at the next event and have that prove that the ideal org program is working.

    Put all of Div 4 back in Div 6 and then say that the ideal orgs are booming Div 6. I’m sure that’s the plan.

  227. Gary~I can’t get this under your post but it’s obvious, as pointed out before, how the promo focuses on the ruins/outpoints/out-tech so thoroughly exposed here on Marty’s blog.
    Even Tiger apologizes for ruining a few people’s lives~until CofM “recalls” GAT, be warned good people, you’re letting your case and life get SCREWED royally!
    And a screwed case very often leads to a screwed body, unfortunately.
    Getting NO tech is better than getting that screwed up case action shit – reverse tech! I’d rather dig myself out of a shallow hole than the center of the earth!

  228. Does me! And would those people I refer to. Big time!
    Abelson knows the game well – the court won’t prosecute on the grounds of morality – with porn or with religions.

  229. theoracle, the police were not the suppressors in Marty’s situation. Nor in Karen#1’s situation. You’re aiming at the wrong target, in my opinion.

  230. Jesse~One of my faves! I went to their 1984 amazing concert in New Orleans and then met the band in the French Quarter at Houlihans afterwards! I still have the napkin I made them all sign ~ framed LoL 🙂 A highlight and most pleasurable night in my life!

  231. Thanks much Dean.
    I have tender memories of us shoulder to shoulder in the NOTS area in the Sea Org and Boot scootin’ Boogie in “In Cahoots!” when we were both out……
    Marty will not be taken out of the picture.
    He is Bullet proof.
    DM will go down trying to take him out with criminal acts and blood on his hands….
    But you are right.
    The movement has grown beyond anything the Cult could imagine.
    I can’t even visualize how many tune in silently but the ones that communicate “UNDER the Radar” are a staggering amount numerically speaking.

  232. Because morality is subjective. But if this helps people to wake up I am happy for it. The People versus Larry Flint is a great movie in this regards.

    Objectively defending is what lawers do but there are boundaries thay may not cross.

  233. Ne, I always replace Q’est que c’est with what the fuck? 😉
    (I don’t see the video but I know the song by heart anyway)

  234. And since you’ve lightened things up…
    How apropos this is ❤

    Joi Cardwell : What It Feels Like
    Light of the world
    Let me show you what it feels like
    To be me
    To be free

    Times gone
    And past has conclusions
    My life like yours
    An illusion
    Of things the way
    We only see

    If there’s a chance I can make it
    You bet your ass I’m a take it
    Out there’s a life waiting just for me

    I show you what its like to be free
    I ‘ll tell you what its like to be me
    I ‘ll show you what its like to be me (free)
    It feels good yeah!

    What it feels like (4x)

    Some say that life’s what you make it
    Sometime there’s a hand you should take it
    And where it leads there you will be
    Come now life is really a dream
    Let go you’ll see what I mean
    Out there’s a reason to believe

    I’ll show you what its like to be me
    I’ll show you what its like to be free
    I’ll tell you what its like to be me
    It feels good yeah!

    What it feels like (4x)

    Light of the world
    Come and set my spirit free
    Take me beyond the limits
    And let me find release
    Well I’m gonna find
    Oh that peace of mind
    Reason why
    I’m alive
    To be Free

    Oh,What it feels like
    What it feels like

  235. Ne Obliviscaris

    Not happenin’ will debug.

  236. Tara: Have no idea about Michelle. Sorry. Why not call the FSO, ask for her.
    At least you’ll know if she’s still there. I think she remarried though.

    ALSO — haven’t seen War and Peace here for weeks. Any news. Hope he’s OK.


  237. Commendation.
    My dear Bill, the CPA who’s name and location was gotten out of my pc folders. Visited by 2 law enforcement doing a check on an anonymous tip (a dirty trick on me) which I have every reason to believe was Dan Sherman.

    Without any prompting or coaching, Bill has spread the story to Harvard Alumni as he found the CULT to be repugnant and abhorrent in this kind of caper.

    Do you see how DM’s church CREATES its own bad PR ?
    Do readers here see how it starts from within ?
    BROADCAST NOW to Harvard University Alumni ~~ a tale of DM’s cult and its vengefulness and vindictiveness to former members..

    Thank you Bill.

  238. Alright! I will!

  239. Gary
    Are ya sure ya got the three swings there? 😉

  240. Freedom Fighter,
    Talking of secrets in closets…
    Perhaps Elliot Abelson should have the case of the Flo Barnett suicide re-opened too? Seeing as he’s such a stalwart trooper for finding truth.

  241. Scientology lawyers are colluding participants in Scientology’s longterm accumulated irreligious image.

    Elliot’s a leech on a tiny puffing toxic blowfish (aka David Miscavige).

    I’ve wondered if Elliot’s peers in the legal industry admire him for attaching himself to Scientology which has been such a lucrative client for him all these years.

    I’ve always felt that Elliot’s scamming Scientology.

    We threw so much money at lawyers, what a waste, and all it got Scientology was praise from the lawyer crowd mentality.

    Elliot’s lived a career precariously balanced to take advantage of Scientology’s legalistic tactics.

    Scientology needs to shed OSA and Abelson and Moxon, and the whole irreligious legalistic strategic lineup.

    I hope your help to law enforcement helps put them in jail Marty.

    But even if not, your being so open to law enforcement I hope has a wide effect of wising up current and future generations of law enforcement to see through the shenanigans Scientology can potentially pull.

    It’d be nice to minimally see somehow Scientology’s several decades of very irreligious behavior will finally come to an end, one way or the other, in court, or by law enforcement officials and judges being fully apprised of Scientology’s crappy legal and PI tactics.

    If Scientology wants to fix it’s reputation, it really does have to do good works.

    And cease all the crappy irreligious stuff.

    OSA’s gotta go, the legalistic crap has gotta go.

    Thanks for all you’re doing.

    My strategic advice:

    a) International Amnesty, unconditional.
    b) Order AVC not to approve any future SP declares, demand “good roads good weather” applied extensively
    c) Repost OSA and DSA staff in Div 6. My ex wife Janet Finley Parker who used to work as Kirsten Caetano’s junior, Janet was “Invest Files In Charge” for a couple years, Janet confided that she wished she could just go work in Div 6 and do regular Scienotlogy, rather than all the OSA crap she did as part of the OSA team.

    Whoever is going to “be” Scientology, has to focus on aspects of LRH’s legacy of writings, so public opinion gradually shifts into thinking of those concepts and not just by PR promotion, but Scientologists have to do those areas of LRH’s legacy of writings, and demonstrate effectiveness.

    Scientology’s PI/legal doingnesses need to cease.

    Elliot’s a leech on a toxic blowfish, carefully sucking between the poison spikes.

    The David Miscavige toxic blowfish looks so deadly to all around him, that they dare not deal with him.

  242. George, I might know you, ’cause i think you told me this story one night on the phone about 15 years ago. If so I’m so glad you’re here. If you get a funny poem from someone you know in the mail in a few days, that’s me. Please get in comm! I’ve been thinking about you.

  243. Tory Christman

    Oh man, the Westerman’s (I used to teach their kid)—and LD and Michelle.
    Talk about names from the past! I agree, Tara—Michelle is someone
    I’ll always miss. I’m sorry to hear LD is still way “in”. Somehow I would
    have thought he, of all people, would be able to SEE what’s going down.
    (sigh)—-thankfully as many people are out as there are.
    The more that leave, especially the more that speak out…. the more truth is shed, and thus the more will leave, connecting the dots.
    Ahhh—such a long journey we have all shared. Amazing, isn’t it?
    Thank you all.

  244. Tory Christman

    Truly it is *exactly* what LRH says about criminals: They will dig
    their own graves. These me are doing so, far quicker than can be believed.

    I think DM is flipping out—and obviously, the more that people share,
    the more dots are connected, the more people will wake up and leave,
    and OH NO FOR HIM: More shall be told, and even more shall leave.

    What they have done to both you, Marty, and Karen (and many others) is
    disgusting. As my friend, Warrior, always says at the end of his posts:
    “Sunshine Disinfects”. Good for all of us out, very bad for them.

  245. Tory Christman

    Awwww—the Westerman’s (I used to teach their kid at Apple School,
    as skillion years ago), and Michelle and LD Sledge. I agree with Tara,
    re missing Michelle and that I would have thought LD could see through
    this disaster, esp. re Elliot Abelson. Is she still in the Sea Org at Flag? Argh.
    If you’re lurking, and reading this, keep in mind LRH’s Final PL, re
    the Cult of DM:
    “The Way out IS the **Nearest** Door!” (Hey, he took it, why not you?) “Leap and the Net will Appear”.

  246. Marty,

    did Janis’ comment make it into the blog?
    Can’t find it and just know of it because the notification of it by email…
    (Just curious, what you found interesting while ringing no bells 😉 )

  247. Stupid yes and no. He is so full of himself he has a distorted view on reality. In his little world he is flawlless.

    “Doesn’t he have any concept that you don’t back down?”

  248. “God was feeling sardonic the day He created the Universe. So it’s rather up to at least one man every few centuries to pop up and come just as close to making him swallow his laughter as possible.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  249. I’ve had a thought since I first read Marty’s letter.

    Since we know that Criminal Minds accuse others of what they, themselves, are doing, don’t you think it’s time to send the cadaver dogs out to the Int base?

  250. @Ne “The only honorable thing we can do is flow power to him.”

    Just wanted to say that I’m so on this page in agreement with the philosophy Jim and Ne speak of, AND the action that Marty demonstrates it with. The combination is powerful without force, just clean statement of position.

  251. WomenSetFree

    Besides being horrified, here is my only other reaction. David Miscavige, Elliot Ableson – you are only continuing to operate due to the fact that the terrible fate which awaits you is not quite terrible enough to accommodate you, yet. What is it, you ask? I know not, truly. However, I have lived long enough to know & observe that it is not karma who will get you. It is merely this unerring law of the universe, axiom if you will: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. You may fool yourself into believing this is not true, but you cannot escape it.
    If you have 2 brain cells left to rub together, act accordingly. You could have no better example than Marty Rathbun in this. I do not admire & respect Marty because he is without fault, it is due to his willingness to take responsibility for the benefit of others. His willingness to act with Honor, Integrity and Authenticity. I know those are big words to one with only 2 brain cells left him, but it will do you good to make the attempt.
    If 2 brain cells have not been left you due to your own actions; there is only one appropriate thought: Que sera, sera = Whatever will be, will be

  252. martyrathbun09

    A does not equal A. This is not “this exact same thing” by any means.

  253. “Scientology needs to shed OSA and Abelson and Moxon, and the whole irreligious legalistic strategic lineup. ”

    AND spill the beans on them. Do not forget about Ying Ling or what her name is. Disband the Sea Org and give them money help, jobs and caring. Yes money alsoo they have alot of backpay of wich they are entittled.

    “International Amnesty, unconditional.”
    Can you eleborate, as it stands you just stringed two nice looking words together wih another nice word to back it up in al it’s glory;)

  254. No baseballbats needed. Just get him in jail , I hope he will find his true love there I really do 😉

  255. Brace yourself for more.

  256. Long live the pure tech.

    But may the highly aberrated, 3rd dynamic bot-fest disintegrate off the face of the planet.

  257. Dear Cat Daddy,

    In a nutshell, what I observed, is that ex official Scientologists almost naturally seem to do the right thing, and themselves universally shed the most irreligious aspects that official Scientology continues to demonstrate.

    So, it’s almost like “nothing has to be done”, since ex official Scientologists naturally do the right thing on their own.

    So my “advice” is only for official Scientology. And in summary, my advice is for official Scientology to absorb and take the advice of the ex official Scientologists, since the ex official Scientologists are the best critics of official Scientology.

    Simple as that, and Marty’s and Mike Rinder’s and all the other ex top Sea Org people’s opinions shared here, are truly cutting edge history.

    I hope all this dialogue leaks back into the minds of those in official Scientology.

    I’m sure Elliot, on the other hand, has done a few good things or two for Scientology, but the bad things he’s done, and the overall image problem that he’s helped solidify these last several decades, weighs overall against Elliot when someone like God judges Elliot’s soul at Elliot’s moment of truth when Elliot is awaiting admission to heaven.

    For us remaining here on earth, the truth is Elliot’s reputation is what Elliot has to contend with.

    Elliot following Marty’s and Mike’s advice at this stage in Elliot’s life, would be a HUGE step in the right direction, in more ways than one, for longer range improving Scientology’s reputation. I’m sure Mike’s right that Elliot does NOT need the money, I’m sure he’s accumulated enough.

  258. Good points Chuck,

    One thing I would add is that any attempted reform by the church would include an allowance (not that we need permission) for a competitive market with its services, instead of all this fair game b.s. on independent auditors and groups like myself. It’s also the best way to guarantee low prices so that people can afford auditing and training. It is a basic law of supply and demand that if a substitute good or service is available at a lower price the demand for one’s own goods and services will decrease, mandating one lower the price to compete, as well as increase quality so as to offer a better service.

    This also cuts right at the abusive practices of forced disconnections, the IAS, regging for donations that offer no exchange, staff abuse, etc. In a competitive market, the public say to hell with that and take their business elsewhere, such as to an Independent organization offering those same services. These groups should proudly promote their services without underhanded attacks, plants, lawsuits, and other despicable practices.

  259. Thought Provoking

    Sucks for the church which I am okay with as long as it is differentiated from Scientology. As much as DM tries he will never be able to withold the truth. Each day I see more and more individuals making statements that show that Scientology does not mean the same thing as the church, many of these are from the non-Scientology community.

    It is a shame that those who have the tools to look will probably be the last ones to do so. Keep up the good work you are doing with both those in and out of Scientology…TR3, TR3, Tr3…they will eventually get the comm.

    And, tell Bill that I think he is awesome, too!

  260. I don’t know if DM is smart or not. I’ve never met the man. Seems to me that would be a moot question anyway. He has created a virtual box for himself that is his universe. He will never, in this lifetime, get out of it. No wonder he’s paranoid. He’s a prisoner of his own making. And, can you say narcissist? Everything is about him and his every evil wish and demand is met…or else. How could he possibly be in touch with any other reality outside the box? Oh sure, he’s furnished his box with expensive toys , gaudy buildings , lots of money and robots to cater to his every demand. But it’s still a box. And, he’s still a shrimp…sorry, I just had to get that in.
    Just when I think he can’t sink any lower than a snakes belly, he proves me wrong.
    Marty, you are well acquainted with his usual dirty tricks. Is he capable of thinking up new ones? I dread each new, desperate attempt.
    It is a noble benifit of war that one is able to experience one’s own ability to confront, sustain courage and strength in the face of all means and attempts to send you running the other way.
    To all of you who have put yourselves in front of the evil, worthless little sack of pus and his dirty tricks, I applaud you. Thank you is not nearly sufficient but I thank you anyway.

  261. martyrathbun09

    Karen noted: “Each day I see more and more individuals making statements that show that Scientology does not mean the same thing as the church, many of these are from the non-Scientology community.” Thanks for this. That is one major target of the mission I’ve been working on twenty months.

  262. Note to self: My transgressions do not define me, nor do I define my friends by theirs. Because I know LRH has tech to relieve the upset they cause, but even deeper than that, this is present time and life is in you today, as the wise Old Man said.
    I also know it’s a VERY long-used trick for keeping people down and sending them down further.
    Don’t fall for it.

  263. Dan Sherman is a Flag pubic/public who used to be in the employ of Marc Yaeger when he was CMOI. Now he is a public ghostwriter for DerMidget. Funny that this also plays well for DM(Der Midget, D’Midget)

  264. I can’t help smiling seeing that. It’s smartley done. But onley one of them controls 700.000.000 and that is just IAS. Unless he gambled it all away wich could explain this re-upped regging of late.

  265. Thought Provoking

    Exactly! More lies and PR based on a camouflaged hole.

  266. And, can you say narcissist YES i can: NARCISSIST !

  267. Pingback: Top Posts —

  268. Acknowleged

    I just want them taken out so they cannot hurt people anymore, And I don’t believe in God much.

    Waiting for some supreme being to pass judgement over you seems silly to me.

  269. Yes, agreed completely.

    If people don’t want or need a Sea Org and all the crappy front groups, then skip them. It’d save a lot of wasted money and bad PR.

    There’s a early 1960s admin policy about “blue penciling” out old stale policy.

    Well, everything that Miscavige has done people are naturally “blue penciling.”

    In the decades or next century, LRH’s writings are not going anywhere, they’ll be there if people can think of how to utilize LRH’s admin setup writings to the Scientologists’ benefit. Or not. The “blue pencil” policy is people’s right as well.

  270. Marty, no one should ever have to go through this. I know how much you loved your brother, and your desire to help him was fervently central to your life, your heart, and service to Scientology. The depth of this kind predatory, calculated and illegal abuse in the guise of “saving the planet” is shameful. I’m saddened and shocked.

  271. “Disturbances in society are never more fearful than when those who are stirring up the trouble can use the pretext of religion to mask their true designs.” –Denis Diderot

  272. OSA, when will you learn? You, and DM, are responsible for your own condition. You have pulled in the “Indie Scene” due to your own actions, or lack of. The moment you stop and realise this, the moment you can start effectively doing something about it. A solution? APPLY SCIENTOLOGY. Your repeated efforts to destroy, degrade and suppress, is NOT correct application.

    Word clear HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 PR Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA. Understand how this policy relates to YOU and YOUR ACTIONS. And before you robotically respond with “our propaganda is dirty but it is not black because it is true”, I would like you to take a minute and really LOOK at the scene, and what you guys are putting out. Too much venom stains one with venom. Right now the CoS is drenched in it. The word “Scientology” is MUD to many out in the world right now. Your general relations with the public at large is, on the whole, SHIT! (Survey this if you don’t believe me). This has been pulled in. Clearly you are dealing with lies, or these things would not occur (or persist). Think about it! “Black campaigns ARC break people since they depend on false reports and are thus out-reality.” (LRH, OSA NW Order 15, Black Propaganda) “WHEN DATA IS FAULTY THE ANSWER WILL BE WRONG AND LOOKED UPON AS UNREASONABLE.” (LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC). So take some fucking responsibility. FOR ONCE.

    “It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.” (LRH, HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 PR Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA) Think on this point for a while. Look at what you do. Look at your actions. Are they self-determined or other? If other, whose orders are they? Who demands the implementation of these venemous campaigns, these dirty little ops? That’s a serious question. Ask yourself. Who?

    “It is a wise man who, confronted with conflicting data, realizes that he knows at least one thing – that he doesn’t know. Grasping that, he can then take action to find out.” — LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC.

  273. Absolutely. Keeping prices competitive not only allows people to afford a bridge, it also makes it viable for all the trained auditors who are not auditing (well over 95%) to make a living clearing this planet. Lots of auditors would love to work for $25.00 an hour. Make a couple hundred $$ a day auditing. If you sell a pack of gum for $20.00 at the checkout stand you’ll sell maybe a pack a week, maybe none. Sell it for 95 cents and you’ll sell to every other person in line. Auditors are not auditing because it’s not viable. Most would love to, but it’s so overpriced that only the rich can afford it, and they have a hard time.
    So instead of auditing, most of us have to make a living.
    Make it viable and you’d have a cleared planet in no time.

  274. Cat Daddy~Meant to write this sooner. Of all the many attorneys available in the U.S., why would my church/group choose Elliot Abelson? That is my point.

  275. The deadline has expired with Abelson and nothing…?

  276. It’s amazing how Nazi and suppressive they are. How low they would stoop to hurt someone and unjustly, just to have their way. Not ‘Scientology’ at all. I dont think ‘Scientology’ would have someone falsely imprisoned, esp considering how the court system is. There are many people in prison who didnt do the crime and exposed to psych. But to deliver up a person to the authorities, when they are innocent, is sooo completely ——– cant even think of a word for it. EVIL works, totally E.V.I.L.

  277. Marty, I am so sorry they are involving you in anyway with the death of your brother. Siblings are supposed to be with you for your entire life. And I am especially upset that they got you to join with fraudulent promised. That happened to another person I’m close to as well.

    So far, I have only found myself as someone who worked deep undercover ops for BOTH the GO (2.5 years) and RTC till OSA was set up, again as a deep cover for another 2.5 years. When OSA OUTED me and made me a witness in a court case when the church won, there was DM at the bottom of the court house step, he gave me one of those half hug and handshakes and thanked me for all my work. I have NO DOUBT of his knowledge and possible involvement in my “ops” I did during that time till now know of anyone who was deepcover for both the GO and RTC/OSA. I would LOVE to find someone else who has had that experience. I know of a couple of things that RTC asked me to do that were illegal, but even more may have been illegal, I was run by a middleman directly to Jesse Prince. I’m sure if we sat down at a coffee shop for a few hours we could remind ourselves of more illegalities that I was not aware were illegal at the time. The Midde Man is declared but still a True Believer of DM.
    There is also the public statements from Joseph Yanney, an attorney who worked with OSA and he went public when they attempted to get him to agree to an illegal op on an opposing attorney. He quit and spoke out, perhapse something Abelson should have done years ago.
    When I decided to print my book for the public – it was because and OT8 completion arrived at my door suicidal. Now that was a cleear Oxymoron to me. Her name is Sherry Many Katz. She is fine that I tell her name now, and on that night I realized this has got to STOP. My Kathryn Story has been up on various web sites since 1998, has given me tremendouse heartbreaking stories of Psychotic Breaks and Suicides and In the past two years we even have had some Scientologist who committed Murder. And I know even with all that I had done, It was not enough and I had to get my book out there. I called Marty, and he told me “Don’t worry about repercussions, I’ll be flying air cover. Which sadly he has taken so many hits that have allowed others of us come forward and speak to Press, Radio, Teleision,Authors etc. Every time I do a radio show or get an EMail from someone I can direct to help,
    I think of Marty and the truth of his words. I am taking this opportunity to get my voice out there to as many places as I can, and every time in my head
    I think of Marty and his “air cover” I may not have sold enough books that I would like, my book has gotten to KEY people, and places around the world.
    Thanks to Marty I have a clearing to move forward. I have now done 3 seperate Radio Shows with a much listened to show that hits the Beltway around Washington DC, and I think of all the Federal Workers who are hearing this. So I am using Marty’s “Air Cover” to move forward on the ground, and so far I have had no ops run on me. I know I have been followed in very strange places, but I can live with that. I also have a Safe House in the middle of a cul de sac of 5 homes and we own the road into my home. The first person they are going to have to pass just happens to be a Federal Judge.
    The second person is a Lawyer. So I feel very safe, and able to give a bit of a safe space to those who need it to decompress…

    So, to Marty, you have been a man of your word and you are taking all the hits and low blows DM can think up. Meanwhile Peoples Books are still coming out, and I am speaking out at every opportunity. I always know when I get on a talk radio show, that my Freedom of Speech to be able to do this is soooo due to Marty “Flying Aircover”, I am working on getting as much done and movement going forward while they have all these flies on you.
    I think of you everytime I get a newspaper review or go on a talk show,
    So I am one of those who have your back with baseball bats.
    I know what it is like to take those hits, and I appreciate you every day that I am able to Speak Out, and now I see you have the Terminator turned on you,
    But you have many people on the ground that have taken more ground than I think we can even imagine.
    THANK YOU MARTY – FOR THE AIR COVER,, if you ever need me for something, I’m there, and my baseball bat is made out of metal.
    Love and support to you Marty.

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