Blood Money

Having recently recognized the depravity with which Miscavige and OSA are executing their programs to destroy me and other friends, I’ve thought more about the manner in which the RS enablers are being handled.  I think we are being are being far too timid and mild about the well-heeled bots who continue to contribute to Miscavige’s billion dollar facade and Black Ops.

I hear the arguments go something like this: well, they are well intentioned just like we were when we were bots.  There are a couple things wrong with that argument.  First, assumed identities are not the same.   When we were bots the following was evident to staff and public:

a.  Services were being delivered in orgs.

b. There were public in orgs.

c. There were large-scale attacks by well-funded enemies who sought to destruction of the religion of Scientology.

d. There was a scintilla of substance to the propaganda events.

e. There was no hard facts, evidence and first-hand testimonials readily available from top members telling the real scene.  Yes, there were high level “defectors”, but they had the credibility level of Miscavige having adopted the same vicious, innuendo-laced diatribes full of disprovable falsehood. And they did generalize their attacks toward the destruction of Scientology itself.

f.  People were not being extorted to hand over huge sums – driving them into bankruptcy or worse –  in the most off-policy fashion. Incidentally, reports are surfacing that the church is encouraging “OTs” to declare bankruptcy when it gets too tough, because after all “the suppressive bankers are to blame.” And “OTs” are dutifully passing it along to their fellows.

g. The technology of Scientology – at least to some degree – was available in the churches.

h. Disconnection was a voluntary decision made when one hit a unresolvable snag in case progress; not an enforced policy widely applied for one evil purpose: to block the flow of TRUTH in order to keep the sheep in the pen for repeated shavings.

My thoughts along this line were re-inforced when I reviewed a number of recent credible reports I’d received on the state of orgs.  THEY ARE EMPTY people.  Yes, the Idle ones too.  New York, LA, Steven’s Creek, Seattle, London, Madrid, Malmo, Las Vegas, you name it. I’ve received first-hand reports on all of them.  And they do not deliver Scientology. They deliver some new freaky Miscavige Div 6 mini courses and they do not train auditors.   I realized that if I’d have encountered a church of Scientology in the need of change state of mind I was in when I joined in 1977 TODAY, I wouldn’t go into one even if they had a gun to my head.

The church is dead.  Those who cannot see it are not Scientologists.  They are out-ethics, status oriented, weaklings who don’t have the confront to have an independent thought.  

Which leads to the second problem in treating them like poor misguided children.  Let’s look at Apartheid.  It was extended for many years by sincere pleas of  “well meaning, good South Africans.”   I witnessed it first hand.  Yes, many of them  were seemingly “well-intentioned” and were decent people within their educational and experiential framework.  But, it was not reasoning with such that ended Apartheid.  No, it was telling them evil is evil, whether dressed up in good intentions or not.  It was only when enough people stopped being so confounded reasonable (in a bad sense) about the matter, and started making responsible those who enabled the government of South Africa to continue the hellish practice that the tide began to turn.  And it was only when that escalated to passing laws around the world making it illegal to continue to contribute to South Africa’s economic slave masters that freedom was finally achieved.

Maybe some of you have the time to continue to treat them with kid gloves. I do not happen to have that luxury at the moment.  Their contributions of energy are being used largely to put period to us. And believe me,  if I am ever muzzled, Mike will be next, then another, and another. And guess what?  The forces of evil will have achieved LRH’s warned doomsday (a Black Dianeticist successfully monopolizing the subject of Scientology to the detriment of humanity). 

I am not countenancing counter-productive clownery – like beefing up their serv facs by obnoxiously denigrating people’s beliefs. 

I guess all I am suggesting is that people become more vigilant.  Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil that bots are perpetuating by enabling it. 

Bull Conner was damn certain he was doing the right thing by beating women and setting attack dogs on children in Alabama in the early sixties.  He was probably a great guy to have a drink with if the subject of segregation never arose.

But patty caking Conner would have perpetuated American Apartheid for years.

I am suggesting for starters that we call blood money what it is,  “blood money.”

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  1. Blood money is right. Since it is impossible to get standard tech within the church, and that $20K I gave to the IAS was used to attack people delivering standard tech outside of the church, giving that money was quite an overt.

  2. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, I can agree with the following things:

    1) the situation in the Church has worsened in the last years. However, since 1995 that the New Era of Mgmt started I saw a fast deterioration of it. Then GAT and abortions came in and other stuff.

    2) The lurkers are too much. They are out-ethics, it’s true, unless they do something from their unknown position. So, I do not consider as a lurker really one who commonly posts here or does something in some other way, under a pseudo-name. I call lurkers those who just visit get the INFO for “FREE” and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    3) I have said numerous times that an org is needed now. Even if one to support you. I will have some money in September and I can make a donation to the cause. You are NOT to be perished and WILL NOT. We are together in this. If you need help on the finances on an urgent basis, SAY IT. MAKE A CAMPAIGN ABOUT IT. We can all pitch in. Apply your own Div 7 Org Board. There is no “next is Mike, and then is…” We are all together in this. And we are all here to stay for some time. Now, the only problem we have is putting forth ample communication and say “We need money on a right now basis for such and such and such cause”.

    4) DM is playing dirty so we have to cover our backs.

    5) You have been the only one who managed to gather all of us and do something about it and blow the whistle really loud. So, we owe to you, at least, I acknowledge, I do. So from now on, let’s be more organized, more in communication and assign things to people. You do that. You assign. An executive routes. Maybe you want to assign to others to do it. That should work, too. People will be more than happy to help you and help us. Our only failure is the narrow scope and narrow field we are using for the Admin Tech to expand the Tech tech and of course the lack of Ethics due to our own failures to put Ethics in, where we are recuperating little by little thanks primarily to your efforts.

    So, KSW, is “win or die in the attempt”. I’d rather win in the attempt and that’s what I intend to do. But we cannot do it just by ourselves. We got to operate as an organized team.

    • Theo don’t forget to the The Venus Project along the way or it can repeat itself again. That does help cutting off the source of the problem so it would not get so bad.

    • Marty, Theo & the Rest,

      I agree wholeheartedly with you both. I am with you 100% and agree that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” – as applied in our situation with the no-confront parishioners – that they are “unaware” (really?) of the criminality and the host of outpoints around them is no excuse for their behaviour.

      I myself have been going from org to org this summer doing my doubt formula. I am LOOKING. Since I am a Scientologist in “good standing” (whatever the hell that means these days), I have full access to the orgs and the personnel and since I am a well trained Scientologist, I use my abilities in comm to gather whatever information I am seeking. I’ve even gotten HCO staff to show me all the stats of the org on the computer system while I take pictures.

      I’ve been writing up notes and observations of each org and sometimes record a video of my findings – merely for posterity’s sake 😉

      I have a few more orgs I wish to go to before I am ready to call step 2 of doubt fully done.

      Depending on the outcome of my doubt formula, I will either be announcing on this and my blog that I’ve officially left the church, or I will be doing some SERIOUS conditions to stay in the church of black – er… Scientology… Hmmm… I wonder how this one will go.

      Needless to say Marty, I can FULLY confirm and have DOCUMENTED proof that the orgs are EMPTY for all intents and purposes. Also, I make sure to ask at each org HOW MANY AUDITORS they have on staff and HOW MANY PEOPLE (staff or public) ARE CURRENTLY ON ACADEMY AUDITOR TRAINING. The answer to both of these questions was truly disheartening for me as a trained Auditor and C/S.

      I encourage those of you sitting in a maybe or a wondering about the church, to please handle that maybe one way or another. Maybe’s suck and stop you from moving forward – See the Route to Infinity lectures for more on this.

      GO LOOK and DECIDE for yourself.

      I’m available as a terminal for any of you – while I’ve not given up my identity yet, please feel free to get in comm with me via my email address listed below if you’d like a terminal.

      Marty, Mike, Steve and all the rest of you who are Opinion Leaders, please lets us know how we can contribute – I’m doing my thing and feel it will benefit the whole scene, but also am chomping at the bit to join forces with other OTs in order to push the IS (Independent Scientology) scene a little faster and further along.


      • This might well be the most important post I ever make.
        It is LRH and it has 100% significance on how to handle those that depart the Church as opposed to Dirty Ops, Lawyers, PI harrassment, law enforcement harrassment and all that Blood Money buys.

        Attitude and Conduct of Scientology
        4th London ACC, 3 November 1955
        From Pages 1-4 (transcript)
        “The next thing we’ve learned [in the first 5 years of active organization] is that organizational problems are best resolved by Scientology and that there are exactly two methods by which personnel can be handled – two methods. And these are very sharp and very definitive, organizationally. They are handled in one of these two ways…
        The two ways of handling those who are not getting something done is, one, process them and, two, disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”
        [LRH then clarifies that we assume these people are Scientologists.]

        “But we do not, I repeat, do not, separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?

        “In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”

        …”When a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody. I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.

        “See, you say, ” Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this group anymore. You go away. Now that you have been booted out, why, you’re off of communication and we’re not going to do anything for you and don’t associate with us anymore” and so forth. This creates one awful reaction. I’ll tell you why I know it creates one awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily, but their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a motivator of enormous magnitude. I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.

        “They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their actions and attention and everything else to trying to get even with you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of magnitude.

        “It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude. This is a very great oddity I wish to point out to you.

        “In the first place, Scientology is a road out of and into universes.”

        […] “I merely wish you to look at the enormous actions undertaken by people who have been ejected from organizations and otherwise. They seldom go off and suck their thumb dismally. They seldom do this. They might go completely into apathy…, [but t]hey usually come in there fighting with violence; they’ve got to do something of magnitude.”
        * * *
        “See, we don’t quite understand the magnitude of the injury and the magnitude is considerable.”
        * * *
        “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”

        From Page 9

        “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?

        “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.

        “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”

        From Page 11
        “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”

        From Page 13-14

        “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.

        “And it never solves by being tough.”

        * * *

        “It is proving more and more and more, that it’s not a safe thing to do [ARC break a Scientologist]. Not a safe thing from the standpoint of a vested interest, or something like that, to attack Scientologists. They’re too agile, they communicate, they talk. Get the idea? I mean, they do upsetting things. They don’t go back and sit down apathetically and say that’s the end of that.

        “They write letters. They do things. They think of ideas. They think of ways to get a communication line through.”

        From Page 17
        “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.

        “When you knock out one of those or degrade one of those, you’ve got less than you had before. You’ve got less organization than you had before.

        “When we drop the various points of the ARC Triangle in their fullest meaning, we drop also the assets of the organization. And I mean that literally. I mean we drop the mimeograph machine, just like that, you know. Bang!”
        * * *
        “And there’s only one more thing that we could know that would make us all feel very, very relaxed about the whole thing. There isn’t a person anywhere in Scientology who has bad intentions for Scientologists or their fellow man. And that point all by itself is very well worth thinking about the next time some trouble arises in your vicinity, because that is the truth. And if you handle a situation with that in mind, you will solve the situation.”

        • Karen, Thanks. Interesting. Can you connect the dots on how it relates to the post it is in reply to?

        • Wow. I listened to that very lecture not more than a week ago and it didn’t quite reach me. This time just reading those points made me cry bucket loads. So many attempts to help that got crushed one way or another. I’ve seen this on several different flows and soooo casual were the stops and wrong indications.

      • Ne Obliviscaris

        In response to your post, Karen. I have one thing to say, FANTASTIC!

        You nailed it. What LRH said in that ACC lecture is exactly the attitude that should be taken in order to achieve true Third Dynamic De-Aberration.

        For some reason, it made me think of the HCO PL regarding the Adresso Officer – in which LRH expresses one’s exasperation at the situation of the Adresso Officer losing the Adresso over and over again.

        Regarding this situation, LRH said: (possible paraphrase)

        “At some point, you go outside, light a cigarette – and sneer.

        “So do I.”

        Time to go outside and have one, eh Karen?


      • Marty,

        Yes, thank you. Let me connect the dots from my
        earlier comment (quotations of LRH from “Attitude
        and Conduct of Scientology”) to your article.

        DM has buffaloed his donors into funding his
        Black Propaganda campaign against on you and
        others among us who have spoken out against his
        abuses and alterations of tech. Studying private confessional folders and using buttons out of the pc folders is deplorable like recently done on your brother.

        But DM created his enemies by handling staff the
        exact opposite way LRH said we should be handled.

        For example:

        “In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work.”

        And when it “does not work,” DM ignores LRH and
        steps up his Black Propaganda machine to embitter you/us
        even more. Far from handling the situation, it grows worse.
        Now your blog has more viewership than the 1,400 web
        pages of the Church’s, per

        (I just did a study on Alexa on stats. I posted it in “Gone Fishing” ~~ the previous blog. You are ranked in the United States, higher of the Church (DM’s cult) by some 5,000 positions, higher even than Anonymous that has 30,000 registered members. That’s how much this blog is read. And you are pro-Scientology tech/LRH. I guess a little honest communication spreads far.)

        The Feshbechs, the Baybacks the Nancy Cartrights and the Tom Cruises of this world with their multi million dollar checks “to fight anymous” need to understand that they are not furthering
        LRH & Scientology by aiding and abetting DM in his
        attacks against you/us with their infusions of cash. The
        opposite is true: they are furthering Black Dianetics and
        making it worse for Scientology.

        If the Craig Jensens and the Dohrings of the world want to help – i.e., stop you and us – they
        should fund an independent inquiry into why the Church
        has a large and growing ARCXen field, instead of signing of multip million dollar checks of which there is no accounting.
        Why are so many dedicated former high-ranking SO members publicly
        speaking out?

        The donors should listen to this lecture; it was released
        to the public for the first time last Fall. The 4th London
        ACC. Surely they purchased a set. (Probably 10 or 20.)
        They should stop, look, and think, and then apply a little
        LRH to the situation rather funding more Black Propaganda
        just to make it worse.

        It would be so easy for the donors to truly handle this
        situation. Just apply a little LRH. Tell DM this is
        what we’re going to fund:

        An internal investigation. All interested parties to step
        aside for this. That means you, DM. You wouldn’t
        think of putting your interests ahead of the Church
        would you? And put the Black Propaganda Manual
        aside. The way we’re going to handle Marty and the
        others is by LRH:

        “But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting
        your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it
        ever does solve.”

        How did I do Marty ? Do the dots connect for you now?


      • Tony DePhillips

        Karen #1,
        That reference was AMAZING!!!!!!! If that isn’t evidence of Squirrel activity in the church,I don’t know what is!!

      • Tony DePhillips

        I sent that to a whole bunch of people in the Seattle area.
        Thanks again.

      • Karen #1, thanks for that LRH viewpoint. I think it hits on something so basic in the human condition and it is hard to see, and that is our creation of separation from others. We no longer can communicate simply by telepathy, we are bothered by entities in our space, we recoil at viewpoints we can not easily experience. We dramatize this in the direction of succumb. We hold ourselves back. We cant be, we cant do, we cant have, all stemming from our solution to our own lack of willingness to experience something.

        The church has dramatized those outnesses in many ways, to the point of being the reverse of what it once championed. And yes, is creating by its actions, the very situations it claims it is trying to rectify.

        LRH is almost sounding “christian” in this bit;

        “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.

        “And it never solves by being tough.”

        Although I would define tough in the above as “hardened; incorrigible: a tough criminal”, rather than “Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling”

        We need to be “big” enough to experience anything, and knowledgable enough to set a course others can follow to safety.

        Setting up terminals in opposition is a proven unsuccessful action.


      • Theo Sismanides

        Freescn, I get it and I am happy on what you are doing. As long as you are aware of the “other side” you cannot miss to hit the right conclusion.

        I repeat, I do not consider people who have not given up their identities as lurkers as long as they do something about it. Let us know, what you are finding, that would be good, because I think, though you want to do a thorough doubt formula, things are running faster than us, sometimes. So, do let us know of your findings, it would be interesting.

    • Theo,

      I duplicate what you are saying here. And I’m in.

      Re you’re points you made.

      1. gat did it for me. And this crap about “the Golden Age of Knowledge: Accomplished”. No Shit dm, LRH did that years ago!

      2. Marty and others know why I am using a pseudo-name.

      3. I would love to see orgs all over the place delivering Standard Tech. Not this butchered bullshit being created by DM and his willing accomplices.

      4. I’ll take your back.

      5. I got to admit, there is a bunch of theta on this blog. I haven’t been up and down the tone scale in one sitting for along time. I get pissed and then brought to tears from some of the comments. At the end though, I have to say it feels great to see so many people coming together to get Standard Scientology back on track. My hat is off to Marty and the rest of you posting on this blog. This is a fantastic group and I would love to be part of it.

      So, with that said, I am here and ready to help. Please count me in.

      • Glad to have you Rooster. Very glad.

      • Theo Sismanides

        “Please count me in”,

        This is the big statement, made by Rooster!

        “I don’t know exactly how I can help, so please let me know and count me in when you start“

        In other words get me on your org board(s), the org boards of your org(s)!

        Now, Rooster said it in his words. Same did FreeScn

        “Marty, Mike, Steve and all the rest of you who are Opinion Leaders, please lets us know how we can contribute…”

        And yes he can contribute, in many ways. What do you feel like doing FreeScn? Dissemination, getting onto Tech lines and delivery, PR? There is a hell of hats here which are not worn.

        But then Stefan Tunedal further down on this thread said the Independents don’t need an org board. It’s a club!!!

        He actually said:
        “It’s a club. Friendships are created in this club. There is exchange going on. New friends will form alliances and already this has happened. Activity will spring from these friendships as it has in Sweden and elsewhere.”

        And he continues:

        “There is really no need for organizing the independents. And they will not organize because they will not do stuff together as a group.”

        First of all this is a straight evaluation (and invalidation) for a group of people like us. Rooster and FreeScn are immediately left out. Such a statement also freezes the group right there: “they will NOT do stuff together as a group”. What kind of a group are they then if they won’t do stuff together?

        But instead of posting my post here on top of the thread and take too much space, since it’s a long post, I posted it at the end and I urge you to read it.

  3. Excellent points. There’s no excuse at this point to be playing along. All the evidence is layed out well over three websites with links to videos ect.
    If any one of the main people gets silenced in some way I’m going nuclear in a possibly non-survival way at least for me. It’s always good to have ace cards up your sleeve.

    The orgs are in fact dead, but more to the point the Ideal orgs are by and large dead, and some very dead. I’ll post a rundown of what I know later in the day when I can sit down and do it. Large parts of it are known but there’s some new stuff too. LRH personally declared SO regges for crush regging SERVICES as their comm-ev chairman!

    • Boyd: “LRH personally declared SO regges for crush regging SERVICES as their comm-ev chairman!”

      Can you imagine how pissed he’d be at the crush regging of IAS pure no-exchange DONATIONS? Livid, I’d guess.

  4. Marty,

    You have this knack of putting the truth out there in people’s faces where it can’t be ignored!

    I don’t know of any other outed South Africans who post here, so let me be the one who backs Marty up 100%. He’s not making the SA references up people, that really is what it took. I lived through 20 years of apartheid and it’s now been 16 years since the first apartheid law came off the books, and it took a justice action to make it happen.

    De Klerk didn’t authorize one man one vote because it was the right thing to do (although I’m sure it was part of his reasoning especially towards the end), he did it because the rest of the world gave him no real alternative. We were faced with the very real prospect of being isolated, of not being able to import food, machinery or easily trade with other Western countries. And the discontented masses who didn’t have a vote and were suppressed were starting to think that villagers with torches was a good way to go – not a pleasant thing to confront.

    And so 1994 arrived. And it was all quite … ordinary … actually, at least to me. I observed others in general society and the prevailing tone amongst whites (especially Afrikander whites) was numb. Numb like a boxer feels when he’s just been K.O.’ed.

    But that didn’t last long. The general tone started to lift almost immediately, helped in no small measure by the 95 Rugby World Cup. If you haven’t already, watch Invictus and study it closely. Because that’s exactly how it all went down – there was a new game in town, something to support, something to hold in common, something for the ordinary person in the street to grab and hold as a stable datum. And one by one we all started to feel like maybe these other people, these folk that we held at arm’s length via apartheid, were actually not too bad. They were just ordinary people actually and didn’t have ambitions of murdering me and everyone like me. Instead they had ambitions of sending their kids to nice schools.

    But it took external justice action to get it all going, and the bots on the inside holding the system up had to be ignored. Yes, I was one of them together with about 3 million others. I’m not proud of that but I am very proud of what the country and I became, and how this society shrugged off the suppression and turned into something better. It wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t that hard. The hard part was taking the first step and admitting to self that enough is enough.

    The church we all once held so dear is gone. It’s dead. It’s not coming back. There are no Phoenixes in this world. And the fools still in who think otherwise really truly cannot hurt you anymore.


    • Alan, Thanks a lot for this. Invictus is quite a movie.

      • Just watched ‘Color of Freedom’ also very good, same subject just a bit earlier on the change than ‘Invictus’

      • Thanks Marty,

        I forgot to mention, just for kicks we did the whole “play a massive game and put yourself out there” thing again two months ago: FIFA World Cup. By all accounts, including FIFA, this one was the best one ever (vuvuzelas nothwithstanding).

        There’s some interesting date-coincidences too. This is a very young democracy with very little in the way of traditions of accountability. As a result, a gravy train started rolling down the tracks and a fair number of folk got on it. Recently, there’s been a SIGNIFICANT increase in the number of corruption charges laid and prosecuted. The President has shown up unannounced in districts to personally ask the mayor where all the money went, and the Police Commissioner just got busted and convicted for gangsterism.

        Why do I mention this? Well, it’s a real-life extant example of what happens when people shrug off suppression. It’s not as bad as one thinks it will be, and once some momentum gets going it cannot be stopped.

        My purpose is to simply encourage folk to do doubt for themselves and lend a little moral support to take that first step. Call it flowing power to power and a little payback – your blog is what got be to wake up and smell the coffee after 24 years.

        • Splog, you all did a great job of putting yourself out there. Understood on the corruption. What are the vuvuzelas?

      • Thank you, Cat Daddy, for posting this. I find Mr. Mandela unfailingly
        inspiring of love, tolerance, purpose and strength of spirit.

    • Ach, that was a lekker post, Alan. I did 4 years under apartheid – would have loved to been there at the end. I had several Zulu and Xosa friends. To witness their exhuberance had to have been a life-changing experience.

      Sala gather, (sp?) Nkosi

  5. Just as with the racial prejudice of South Africa and the southern States, many of these enablers have place, position and status within Miscavige’s regime they otherwise might not have. So they are paying to support the reverse Scientology system, Miscavige and their own status. They are cowards, looking to protect what they think they have.

    And boy do these cowards love statuses. They live to bask in the glorious light of bestowed status. They have lost the ability to bestow it upon themselves for a job well done or some such and would rather bask in the false IAS status than do good in the world – seen it with my own eyes when a cross border project I was working on was shut down because the enabler preferred to send his money to the IAS.

    Do the math. Some time ago now it was estimated there were 25000 C of S members in the world (less now because attrition has taken its toll). How many enablers are there? A few hundred die hard ones and a few thousand sheeple?

    That’s around two and a half percent and ten percent respectively.


    • PS. As the news will announce in a few week’s time (I’m not at liberty to give details now), anyone giving their money to Miscavige and then claiming bankrupty because they financially collapse is in for a very rough ride at the hands of the courts.

      • PPS. And at the hands of Miscavige because its all going to get clawed back, big time.

      • Interesting Haydn,

        Reminds me of the mid 2000s during the housing bubble when all the rage with public Scientologists was taking out a second mortgage on one’s house (which had climbed hundreds of thousands of dollars in value from the bubble) and putting all the money towards Flag services. This was considered THE way to get up the Bridge with the astronomical prices it cost to go “O.T.” Flag regges used the false datum that “home prices will keep going up” to convince public to refinance their home.

        As we all know, home prices have crashed to about half their value now (or worse) to what they were then. Home owners facing mortgage payments they can’t afford sometimes file bankruptcy and try to extend out or prevent the foreclosure process. Undoubtedly a lot of Scientologists fall into this category.

        The notable thing that the courts should be keen to is that a lot of these Scientologists probably have undelivered services at Flag and other orgs that they could get repayment on. Last I heard, there is over a 100 million dollars of undelivered service at Flag. Every org has a similar situation with undelivered services.

      • “…the church is encouraging “OTs” to declare bankruptcy when it gets too tough…” Seems pretty illegal and against the law as it mixes Ecclesiastical and Secular subjects for a 501c Non Profit Church to dabble in, correct?

      • If it is being clawed back and given to the creditors, there should be no duress from the courts . I am actually awaiting my court date and was going to originate to the court that the money should be clawed back.
        If anything, this should further magnify the financial duress or extortion if you will on the parishioners by the c of s. My scene is not due to my dono’s but due to business circumstances, but will show as a big red flag.
        Anything else I should know Hayden?

      • Looking in,

        I’m really talking about members of the C of M that enabled DM by giving so heavily that they shoved themselves over the edge. It is causing problems in the courts who are asking some tough questions of the enablers and taking action.

        If you need it I suggest you get expert legal or accounting advice.


  6. I don’t know if you have ever posted MLK Jr’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” but it is one of my all-time favorite pieces and is perfectly appropriate to your post:

    I also am here to help.

    • Yes, but the rudiments bear repetition. Thanks.

    • Speaking of Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK)…
      This is an important video…
      Transcripts to the Federal trial about MLK’s death at the King Family website. Most Americans are unaware of the findings by a jury of 12.

      Most Americans have been duped. They do not even know the details of this trial revolving around the death of MLK.

      “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” –MLK

      Please thoroughly LOOK into this MLK trial. It is important.

      • TLLL~I’ll check it out. I kinda lost my time window, so I’ll have to come back to it.
        Cajun food=my best havingness process!
        I’m a Cajun, therefore whatever I cook is Cajun, so I made a shrimp and scallop curry jambalaya the other night. Damn that was good!

    • Grateful~I couldn’t get to the link last time and can’t now. I’d like to read it.

      • Hi Tara,
        I get hungry for cajun food or crawfish everytime I see one of your posts. 😉

        Click my name to watch William F Pepper (personal friend of MLK and also the attorney for the King family). A blogger, “Reprehensor”, has posted some of the original video from the trial onto YouTube…
        It was proven in Federal court by a jury of 12 just prior to the year 2000 that the government conspired to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.
        The media DELIBERATELY did not go into the courtroom when they had access. One of the only reporters who attended every day of the trial, was Memphis TV reporter and local ABC news anchor Wendell Stacy. Because of insisting on attending the trial every day, Stacy was fired. “…Seventy witnesses set out the details of a conspiracy in a plot to murder King that involved J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Richard Helms and the CIA, the military, the local Memphis police, and organized crime figures from New Orleans and Memphis. The evidence is unimpeachable. The jury took an hour to find for the King family. But the silence following these shocking revelations was deafening. Like the pattern during all the investigations of the assassination throughout the years, no major media outlet would cover the story. It was effectively buried.”

      • I’m glad you want to read it. It is one of the most powerful pieces of writing I have ever read. I don’t know why the link is not working, but if you just google MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail, It will come up.

      • Marty, No shit. You said it.
        DM has gone to GREAT lengths to silence the Truth about what is going on in the Church.

        While I may bring up government or corporate coverups on occasions, the severity of silencing the Truth about spiritual enlightenment by DM beats them all combined. DM has tried to destroy mankind’s spiritual awakening. …that is one hell of a covert operation. Blood Money.

      • TLLL~Here is a link to an in-depth book review of Act of State:

      • At the end of every financial quarter, I get busy recording and transcribing the webcasts and conference calls of some public companies. How do you promise investors you’re going to grow your company and profits, when the largest part of your business is supplying the vehicles used in wars? Or food supplies for troops? Maybe night vision goggles? Missiles? Bullets? Boots?

  7. Here is an excerpt from the PL “How to handle black Propaganda”:

    “The basic characteristic of extreme madness is perpetual attack, attacks on anything, attacks on persons or things which contain no menace.
    Extreme, not petty, crime is at the root of such an impulse.
    The attacker has an evil purpose in life. He is a thing of death, not life. And his harvest is a death harvest.
    Such a person feels he cannot be safe unless everything else is dead.
    His evil purpose takes many forms and expressions. The end product is the same—death.

    It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.
    They do not have little crimes. They have BIG ones.
    One’s own ability to confront evil may be too low to really grasp the black propagandist’s crimes or believe they exist.
    Such people are often SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have conferences with a foe). They appear so terribly sure they are RIGHT that it fairly shakes one’s confidence that they could ever do anything wrong.
    Thus the black propagandist is not detectable as such in many cases. The lordly institution, the lofty society, the glittering country are far, far above such a nasty psychotic trick as a studied, financed, expertly run campaign of vicious lies.
    He uses word of mouth, press media, any communication channel to spit his venom. He hides himself as the source; he makes the verbal attack seem logical or real or proven.
    He counts on the utterances being picked up or distorted and passed on by the more base people in the society.”

    Sound like anyone we know?
    I for one had the horrific experience of having an “Ethics Officer” in the Miscavology organization justify the horrible death of a young woman as “an accident”. When I pointed out to her what LRH had published about “accidents”, her mouth shut and she went silent. I was handed my declare 2 days later, and was extremely thankful for her to handle it so expeditiously.
    That was a while ago. She is no longer on a post in HCO.

    Confront of Evil……if you wonder why people stay “oppressed” for so long, check their ability to confront evil. This is the ONE ability LRH commented on as being essential to the character of E\O’s.

    Looks like they lost that tech too….

  8. I believe so:

    There are conditions for those who wants to be a member of the independents but you can really do what you want with it once you got your membership card. You can’t get kicked out. Independents don’t work together as a group and I don’t think it is a group. It is more of a club, a discussion club.

    There is really no need for organizing the independents. And they will not organize because they will not do stuff together as a group.

    It’s a club. Friendships are created in this club. There is exchange going on. New friends will form alliances and already this has happened. Activity will spring from these friendships as it has in Sweden and elsewhere.

    What I am saying? There is no command channels in the independents and there will never be an org board. If you want to form an org board I suggest you start a group.

  9. Auditors who refused to do certain training were not then declared to be a Suppressive Person. A Class 8 auditor does not suddenly become an SP because he refuses to retrain on Golden Age of Tech. What, did the SP bus just smack run over him one day?! NOT.

  10. Now this says it all! I have always felt personally that anyone going along in anyway with this nonsense and complete suppressiveness is not a Scientologist. People you are trained Auditors, trained Admin. wake the hell up. To justify bankruptcy’s because “the banks are suppessive and made you do it”…come on what, they held a gun to your head?

    Those of you disconnecting because of some lame excuse or perceived threat about your eternity, wake the hell up. Those of you sitting back waiting for a reform, wake the hell up, you are either part of the team or not.
    Stand up for yourselves and say Hell No this is not what I signed up for.

    Those of you out there sent from whatever Org “visiting” people with the intention to black PR the Independents and put the blame on those who were there and saw it all, start looking for yourselves, get your facts straight.
    No matter how much you want this so-called group you are a part of to better itself, it will not.What will it take, death, many of you I used to know have already died. Stop asking, “what is going on”? look for yourselves. Detach yourselves from your social neighborhoods it feels great!

  11. Those of you who just sit and say to yourselves “well, this does not effect me,” think again. It is and will continue to eat at you. No person can take away what you already have. Your wins are your wins. You know what you know. Do something with it!

  12. Marty, what does “RS enablers” mean? Sorry if it should be obvious; but I’m just not finding a definition. Rock Slam enablers? Maybe that’s it – it would make perfect sense.

    I agree 100% with you on each of us becoming gradually more assertive. I do think there’s a gradient of “coming out”. Withdrawing support, quietly or loudly, does have an impact. Starting the refund of AP process also has an impact. Communicating the real scene to those still inside has an impact.

    However, these hugely wealthy people who donate millions are a real problem; they keep the machine running and have done so for years. Without those huge money inflows, DM would have been forced to provide real LRH services over the last 29-30 years or else the church would have collapsed long since.

    The zillionaires, especially the celebrities, are extremely sensitive to bad PR in the tabloids, especially the Enquirer. I know for a fact they (and their publicists) pay attention to it. By “bad PR”, I mean stories about them, OR stories about something they are linked to/associated with. I wonder if anyone has tried to take some of these DM/CofM atrocities to the Enquirer. I know the NE rags on TC about Scn anytime they can. But I’m suggesting a slightly different angle. Just get the ATROCITIES to the tabloids. I have no doubt that an Enquirer headline edition on such things as forced abortions would impinge on every celebrity who had anything to do with CofM.

    Maybe too the Enquirer would have the cojones to follow through with the story & not be intimidated by DM’s goons a la what seems to have happened with the BBC. I have no way of knowing, maybe someone else does.

    I guess another way of putting it is: if you want to impinge on a celebrity supporter of DM, with the goal of raising his/her awareness of what’s really going on inside CofM, one great channel of R (reality) would be via the Enquirer.

    Maybe a totally dumb idea. Maybe it’s already been considered & discarded. It just popped into my head the other night as something to float as a trial balloon.

    One thing I know for sure, if TC withdrew his support of CofM publicly, it would be a very big deal.

    • Lurkers and Fence sitters, when do you go to the Orgs in drones and stand silently in protest if so wished. Or tell it like it is to whom you have comm lines too. When are you going to report crimes you know of to the police. And I mean crimes as defined by the Law not scientology policy. When do you go to the press, the local newspaper or disseminate papers you have that expose the church. There is a community now that CAN help you and Will help you. get in contact or show up at doorsteps.

      Fill the Indy 500 and make it a thundering thousend. There is Slavery going on in Scientology’s name. Do you you care about that ? I think you do, more than I.

      “The best way to know any future is to cause one. And that’s why, you see, when you start consulting the oracle at Delphi, you’ve taken a step downhill. You have assigned cause for the future elsewhere…
      So one predicts the future as much as one is cause. The future isn’t a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you. The future is a beautiful playground that nobody happen to be combining.
      You talk about virgin territory – the most virgin territory there is, is the future. You can do anything you want with it.”

      L. Ron Hubbard quote

  13. When doing my study of the topic of ‘disconnection’ (the article entitled 3D Engram on Scn-cult over my name) I found an ‘HCOB’ that DM had completely altered, both textually, and in importance, years after LRH’s death. It is patently a forgery and fraud. The date of the issue is 16 April 1982, MORE ON PTS HANDLING. However it was rewritten on 10 October 1996 by DM.

    While doing a recent study on the topic of Floating Needles (finished and awaiting its publication) I found that DM had done the same thing; rewritten and altered in text AND importance, an LRH HCOB. The date of this issue is 21 July 78, revised and rewritten by David Miscavige on 8 October 2000.

    Look, you guys supporting this Suppressive Person, David Miscavige, he is REWRITING LRH TECHNOLOGY. He is perverting it to not just unworkable, but the reverse; it is harmful. It IS Black Dianetics. It is Reverse Scientology.

    YOU are supporting this.

    There is a line crossed from ‘stupidity’ to become treason. You have crossed the line.

    Recently, an OSA operative plying me asked me the question ‘whose side are you on?’ This was after I pointed out that DM has hooked up a copper handle to discharge from his aura, ‘suppression’ he gets from staff, public, Sea Org members.

    Aside from the obvious idiocy of the question and the Black PR line there are ‘sides’ in the issue of Standard Tech among actual Scientologists, in other words some sort of GPM dramo as I pointed out, the utter not-is of the screaming outpoints, the blatant irrationality, the magnitude of the departure from anything resembling actual Scientology was there for any with an attention unit free to observe.

    I may play with a new dichotomy, ‘deadly serious insouciance’, yet the hard facts are there:
    David Miscavige is a cancer upon Scientology.
    Cancer has spread.
    Truth is the remedy.

    • Ne Obliviscaris


      As LRH says in KSW series 1:

      “By actual record the percentages are about twenty to 100,000 that a group of human beings will dream up bad technology to destroy good technology.”

      That means that 99, 980 groups in that example would come up with tech that would destroy previously established good technology. The other 20 groups would merely “not destroy” the good technology. And the chance of a group itself coming up with good tech is so vanishingly small as to be non-existent.

      LRH new that almost all of the major, stable tech regarding MEST, bodies and beings in this universe had already been discovered by other individuals. He knew that his few fundamental discoveries this lifetime were key to creating a workable technology out of the vast body of ideas and tech in existence. With that, he created the workable system that is Scientology.

      David Miscavige creates Tech and Policy based ONLY on group think, thereby destroying previously established good technology.

      Thanks for pointing this out.


  14. Marty, I agree that the correct target is the wealthy Scientologists who continue to fund Miscavige’s empire. That is enabling in its strictest, negative sense. They are perpetuating DM’s abuses. As you pointed out, Orgs are empty. From all I have heard they are not supporting themselves and are dependent on public donations even for routine running costs. It is a shell propped up by large donations. The answer isn’t to demonize these people, the enablers, but to educate them. That requires perseverance. Your blog is a major tool in that education – it is widely read. And while some may put down “lurkers,” remember, we all started as lurkers and gradually became educated and then active. I am sure that some lurking here may know those who are enabling Miscavige, and I would encourage them to start educating these people and waking them up to the reality of what their hard-earned money is actually funding.

    • Good point, Jeff. I agree that most of us started lurking first, it’s a gradient as putting a toe in the water before taking the plunge.

      Perhaps the point is that being a bystander instead of taking action and being part of the game & moving towards cause is the issue. Verbosity on the board is not the issue, but whether these enablers of Mestology can be gotten to with the truth of the matter.

    • Jeff,
      You are absolutely right. For most public coming onto these sites, it is overwhelming at first. There is a lot to take in. A public Scientologist is not going to just believe everything he reads or hears at first…It is almost unbelievable! Most will do their own investigation on the data and then make up their own mind as to if the data is true and, if so, what they want to do about it. This is a process of going up and down the tone scale and sorting out things and personal experiences one had in the church until it becomes real. Most people on these sites already have experience and knowledge of what has been going on because they were in the SO or on staff ( not all but probably a good percentage) and they don’t have to go through the “shock” of finding out what was happening behind their backs like the public has to, they lived it!

      Anyways, like you said, the Orgs are empty. This tells me that a lot of public knew something was out and fell off the lines because they perceived outpoints themselves.. ….this is progress in itself.

      Jeff, I know that we haven’t always seen eye to eye on your site and at times I feel I piss you off (just my opinion, lets not get into a debate), but I want to personally thank you for granting me Beingness. Really, I mean it.

  15. Exposure of the Power FSMs, who they are and how they sell prospects a bill of goods will cut their reach and ability to fund the Currch of Miscavige.

    A long time ago when the CofS was delivering valuable services, students and preclears were cheerfully disseminating their wins to their friends and would bring these new people in for services.

    In the more recent past, a number of highly skilled salespeople found they could make a decent living becoming full-time FSMs. When you consider they make a 10-15% commission closing people for high ticket Scientology services, you can see how some have incomes in the $200K-$300K range. These are the Power FSMs who pull in the money that fuels the Miscavige empire.

    If you take an objective look at what these FSMs are doing, you will realize that they are selling their selectees a bill of goods. The promise is that the selectee can achieve the personal power and certainty exhibited by the power FSM. The actuality is that way up the Bridge is pretty well blocked and it is becoming more apparent every month that FSMs are perpetrating a massive ripoff on gullible selectees and living quite well off the proceeds.

    They are killer salespeople, there is no doubt about that, but they are not introducing people to spiritual freedom these days. They are more like the Judas goats that are used to lead sheep into a slaughterhouse.

    They cover up the outrages perpetrated by church management and persuade trusting newcomers to enter the doors of the Miscavige Temple of Doom. Once the prospects sign up for services, the Power FSMs take their thirty pieces of silver and leave.

    They are celebrated as “opinion leaders” in the Scn community. The next time you see publicity for an event by one of these OT “opinion leaders” realize that they are gathering more sheep for the slaughterhouse.

    They scatter and run when they are asked about abuse at Int Base or about their old friend Heber.

    • David St Lawrence: “When you consider they make a 10-15% commission closing people for high ticket Scientology services, …”

      David, I would not be surprised if today, half or more of those FSM commissions are coming from IAS donations. I’m not so opposed to FSMs being successful with getting other people onto and/or up the Bridge (at least before Reverse Scientology set in) … but when it became a huge “IAS donation fest”, that’s when it became clear that the Power FSMs became “enablers” and thus part of the problem, imho.

      • Margaret, See my post Abolish the IAS from a few months ago. As of 1992 IAS probably constituted over 50% of commissions. It is probably more on the order of above 75% now.

    • Do these fatcats have to give back their commissions for refund/repayment?
      Perhaps it will catch up to them if they do.

  16. Another conversation I had recently that was revelatory. The topic of ‘forced abortion’ in the Sea Org, and the latest judgment in the Headley case. While the court may eschew intrusion into the subject as it is among members of the religious order and not the jurisdiction of the government, I am astounded by the Church of Miscavige crowing this ‘win’.

    L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics. It is abundantly clear on the topic of abortion. There exists in the Sea Org a policy, written and enforced by David Miscavige that utterly contradicts LRH in DMSMH.

    How, for the love of sanity, is it a ‘win’ for Scientologists to have the top of the organization, the levels of the Int Base, and now spread throughout the Sea Org, a ‘policy’ that creates the dilemma for a Scientologist, that MAKES it a problem for their Dynamics, to either apply Dianetics or stay in the Sea Org?

    What kind of twisted ‘logic’, suppressive ‘reasonableness’, does it take to brush off the situation of ANY ‘policy’ in ANY Scientology organization that calls for this created problem being foist on Scientologists?

    These are the kinds of things being not-ised by those who support David Miscavige. It isn’t little things. It is the very nature of the whole subject. THAT is the kind of thing that these persons support. The utter contradiction of L. Ron Hubbard’s work and the legacy of Dianetics and Scientology.

    There is the card they play, and I’m saying loudly, it is a spade. Bad f@!#ing play.

    • When I have confronted people inside the Blind Institute with LRH policy which goes against Misc. mock ups, then they back off- they will not confront the truth that Misc., has changed policy/tech and mocket his own up.

      The foundation which SCN is built, is eroded. What remains is a big confusion, and it is easy for Der Führer to manipulate and implant.

      The Dear Leader has made the blind even more blind and they are in Treason to LRH.

    • Bravo, Master of Qual, Bravo
      More than anything this forced/coerced abortion stuff, is E-V-I-L.
      And an outpoint the likes of which, God Himself will not abide.

  17. A number of things come to mind, after reading your post and the comments so far. Please excuse me, because I do not have all the references.

    In the taped lecture “Moral Codes, What is a Withhold”, it was laid out that an overt has to be viewed in the context of the moral code, the specific moral code.

    In the current “church”, the moral code has gotten to be quite ugly when compared to the average general moral codes of the wider society. While society generally approves upholding the law, the church moral code has been stretched to the point that bending the law, breaking and abusing the law have become the norm. You would think that after the GO arrests, Snow White and all that being exposed, that the church would have learned a lesson. However, the lesson learned was not – keep the law of the land, it seems now to be – do not get caught in your efforts to forward your cause. (and spare no expense in your efforts, or your cleanup actions).

    Wider society seems to accept that the laws protecting human rights, employee rights, etc ought to be upheld; the church on the other hand will not falter (an abuse of “never fear to hurt another in a just cause”) to batter individuals physically and mentally, to degrade people who appear to be a threat, to imprison, to dehumanize, take away family support, etc. Brutal practices.

    Wider society’s code of decent behavior and laws that support this – laws on fraud and sales, support the idea that a person cannot be made to give up their earned funds without PROTECTIONs such as three-day right of refusal (most states I believe). But the church’s common and wide practice of crush regging is not only condoned but applauded within the church. In fact, it is seems to be considered a VIRTUE these days. (Don’t be reasonable, give me all your money… etc)

    It is hard to put oneself in the mind-set of what is considered a “good” Scientologist today – but the bots, as they are called, are trying so hard to keep the moral code of what their group has become. It was a painful exercise for me to imagine myself mentally imprisoned again by such a code. I would have to work morning noon and night for as much money as I possibly could, I would have to give it freely to the church, I would have to turn in any family or friends who showed any possible idea that there could be any outnesses of the general church operational mode and code, I would have to throw away my technical datums from LRH – are you waiting for the meter to whistle Dixie? – I would have to NOT look, I would have to NOT see… It is so horrible. I would have to crawl back into a deep dark place and pretend I was getting closer to the light. And I would feel guilty, guilty, guilty all the time, and try so hard to be better…

    These people, the bots, the big contributors, have overts, which is what keeps them PTS. But their overts are overts in the context of the church created moral code – overts like: not giving money when you have it; not turning in a family member; not disconnecting from anybody not holding strictly to the party line; not mentioning COB in a success story; daring to hold on publicly or privately to old LRH stable datums like definitions of FNs, etc; daring to speak that something might be wrong; daring to question statistics; daring to even spend one minute THINKING of such things…

    SPLOG’s post concerning the South African apartheid being dismantled: But it took external justice action to get it all going, and the bots on the inside holding the system up had to be ignored.

    I respectfully submit that the bots on the inside should be ignored. They can pour as much money as they want to and play along with the system that they are desperately trying not to see, so they keep being “good” and it does not have to come up in their next sec check, God forbid.

    I’d propose that the way the South African situation was handled is an excellent model to use for the independent movement.

    1. Expose specific abuses far and wide, using every possible comm-line.

    2. Get the truth of these specific abuses known to the church’s allies, both civic, religious and political.

    3. Ignore the bots – the truth will eventually set them all free; in the meantime don’t waste efforts to attack them. It actually just builds up their position and is feeding their fire anyway (church has always used the line “you see how the enemy is attacking us”). Don’t attack the people, attack CHURCH and LEADERSHIP abuses. (attack the crime, not the person).

    4. Report broken laws to the authorities, not only US federal, but local and internationally. Follow through so that justice actions occur, large and small.

    5. Get human rights organizations, small and large, particularly informed about abuses: imprisonment, fleecing of money, etc.

    I believe that you cannot attack individuals and win, the [church]group rallies to their “good members” and of course their “good leaders”. Attacking DM, while it feels so right (and is), as a strategy it is trumped by EXPOSING HIS SPECIFIC ACTIONS as above.

    Attack the lies; expose the truth. – like South Africa falling, the truth will set us all free as well.

  18. Drug Money = Blood Money.
    With their mission staff living in communal housing or like paupers or stuck in marriages where one spouse has to make money outside the mission to survive, I know it’s gotten much worse as the out-tech has grown, I’ve now heard of crimes covered up too. None of those staff who stuck around have attested to Clear yet. I saw a Grade IV completion. That’s 11 years now!
    IMO and proven by loss of trained staff after their arrival, when Tom and Cathy Steiner were paid approximately $70,000+ (our hard earned reserves) to take the Baton Rouge mission, that’s when it really took a nose dive. They crashed it.
    I just did a little research and see now why they opened a Narconon…drug money.
    Since they blew off any trained staff we had, myself included, the mission no longer made the money they’d been lured by (the way we tried to operate, like LRH said to) and they had to come up with plan B.
    The New Orleans mission was put together with a bunch of great people, but if you don’t use LRH tech, it won’t work…and hasn’t. Turned out to be a PR stunt.
    I just saw that they stayed with team int. management in 1982 at Riverside mission = Int Mgmt Darlings. Telling.
    Looks like opening a Narconon, especially since they have an MD who will barely charge them a dime, has doubled their income, even over the 4 missions they have. In 2007 they personally made over $80,000 from Narconon. They took the E.D. from the mission and put her there for the obvious reason – go where the money is.
    Left a few at the mission making peanuts of course. All of their kids are uneducated and neglected and want nothing to do with LRH; one seems a pothead as far as I can tell from FB.
    It’s sad and it’s treasonous to LRH’s legacy. It’s treasonous to their kids. And for what? And for who? Name the people you helped?
    The only people helped by this are Tom and Cathy Steiner, who love their status and flow their money to the IAS. Who else? I truly want to know!

  19. Hi Marty;

    I’m glad this ‘innocent Scientologist’ foolishness is being commented upon. I never said how I felt before because it was the politically incorrect thing to say here.

    I don’t consider people in the ‘Scientology Religion’ as Scientologists. They aren’t. They are something else.

    My view of those who are active in the ‘Scientology Religion’ and support the IAS is considerably more hostile than is my view of those who supported HItler and his SS and the Gestapo and the Nazi party.

    Extreme? No.

    What Hitler and his cronnies did was to temporarily damage societies and kill bodies. Societies can be rebuild and bodies are abundant for Beings who want them.

    What the CofSers are doing today is VASTLY more destructive than what Hitler and his monsters did. Those who facilitated the SS, Gestapo, etc., by comming with them, feeding them, doing their laundry, befriending them, turning blind eye to obvious crimes, etc, are the reason, the only reason, why Hitler was so successful. Had he not been supported by people who did his laundry, fed him, drove him around, befriended him, etc., he would never have been able to do what he did. I’m not refering to just the bankers and the high and mighty in Germany at the time, but ANYONE who in any way contributed to the motion of Hitler etc..

    Fools supporting the ‘Scientololgy Religion’ by paying into the IAS, etc., are not innocent. They are supporting the destruction of the only way we have of getting all of us above the mest orientated societies we are stuck in. This crime is far, far greater than temporarily destroying societies, and killing off bodies. The magnitude is off the scale compared to what Hitler did.

    There are those here who are critical of the anon protest movement. The anon protest movement is why many of you are here. And it is why many more will come. The anon protesters are forcing ‘Scientologists’, what ever they are, to pay attention to their own doubts and exposing the crimes the leadership doesn’t want any of the sheep to know about. The protesters can be off a little, but their protests are aimed at the crimes of the group, not the beliefs of the group.

    The Soviet Union was undone without a single loss of life, or a single shot being fired, simply because protest demonstrated that that social dictatorship was wrong, and people just began to ignore it as irrelevant. It just simply died.

    Those who are members of the IAS are not Scientologists, they are not doing Scientology. They are destroying Scientology, and should be treated accordingly. Getting into comm with them, and helping them come to face their own doubts is the first step. After that, throw stones.

    My opinion

    • Thanks. I agree with a lot of what you said. But, not this:
      “There are those here who are critical of the anon protest movement. The anon protest movement is why many of you are here. And it is why many more will come. The anon protesters are forcing ‘Scientologists’, what ever they are, to pay attention to their own doubts and exposing the crimes the leadership doesn’t want any of the sheep to know about. The protesters can be off a little, but their protests are aimed at the crimes of the group, not the beliefs of the group.”
      They are not why I am here, quite the contrary. They don’t attack “beliefs”? I don’t think you are looking.

      • Some Anons support only confronting the crimes and abuses within the CoS, while other Anons think the entire philosophy is a con aimed at tricking people out of their money. Anon is a democracy – there is no DM at the top, giving Command Intention, or telling them what they can or cannot protest.

        What you cannot deny is Anon is what got the media interested in the crime of CoS again after the Time Mag cover story, the lawsuits and years of media shying away from any coverage critical of Scientology. (Marty you were there, you know what the CoS did in the wake of the Time story to ensure every media outlet was terrified of covering Scientology, scared of the sheer legal costs alone that came with doing a story – legal headaches you helped create.) Anons are the ones standing in front of the Orgs – making the bots confront the truth of what’s going on and what DM is doing. Day in and day out they get bodies in the streets, promote stories online and compile and organize astonishing amounts of information and evidence against the CoS.

        Regardless what you think of them – they are the reason why a lot of people are aware of the abuses of CoS and that has greatly benefited you and your group. But the reason you probably dislike them so much is they are also the reason why people think Scientology is a joke, have ensured the “confidential” space opera OT materials are widely available, and why you won’t catch anyone under 35 (unless they were raised in a CoS family) ever becoming a Scientologist – or getting near an Org unless its to protest or mock it.

        Fortunately when it comes to free speech and protest – you don’t get to pick and choose what information people can read or what opinions they can voice. Anons have every right to voice their opinions on the “beliefs” of Scientology. The information on Scientology is out there – but you and many independents seem to think people should only have access to the information deemed appropriate by you. That’s not how its going to work – Anon has ensured all the info. is out there for people to read through and decide for themselves what they think. Thank goodness LRH (or his policies) aren’t used to determine what type of information on Scientology allowed on the internet – it would make Gobbels look open minded. It’s obvious the “bots” currently in CoS are easily manipulated by propaganda, and I don’t think that changes when they leave – they are still too easily swayed by false propaganda. This is why no filter or censor should be allowed – they should have all the info, read all the competing viewpoints, and start being forced to think for themseleves rather than follow a new leader or jump into a new groupthink. I think many people were attracted to Scientology because they didn’t like thinking for themselves, it was much easier to think someone else has all the answers and will give them to you. Their crutch needs to be removed and they need to think on their own, not just find a new outlet with “all the answers” for them.

        • Thanks. Read what you write.
          “Anons have every right to voice their opinions on the “beliefs” of Scientology”
          As do we. Any look at WWP on any given day shows the majority – and you say it is a democracy (even though by admission of its moderators admits it is an Anarchy – demonstrates your “democracy” is as anti-Indepedent Scientologist as DM is. You can ask anyone who spent much time with Miscavige and they’ll tell you WWP threads read as if written by Miscavige in their indecency, insensitivity, profanity, lack of respect and hate tone level.
          “but you and many independents seem to think people should only have access to the information deemed appropriate by you”
          Again, read your own natter board. The majority condemn my every utterance in violent and indecent fashion. You don’t see that here about you, but for a few random comments very rarely by commenters.
          In short, change your stripes or stop bitching when one states a fact that even you admit the truth of.

      • MM, you said:

        “But the reason you probably dislike them so much is they are also the reason why people think Scientology is a joke, have ensured the “confidential” space opera OT materials are widely available, and why you won’t catch anyone under 35 (unless they were raised in a CoS family) ever becoming a Scientologist – or getting near an Org unless its to protest or mock it.”

        If you re-read the above paragraph it is clear you are saying that Anonymous has run the most effective black PR campaign on Scientology in the history of black PR.

        Assuming that’s true for a moment, you are saying that a bunch of guys just happened to get together and democratically decided and acted to carry out that plan – the organizational equivalent of spontaneous combustion. And they remain anonymous to boot because no one knows who they really are.

        Well, if it looks like an op, tastes like and op and smells like an op, it’s probably an op.

        A wise man once said there is a law about ops: “true intelligence operations begin and end covertly.” There is a cause and an effect but to any observer there is just an effect because the true cause remains hidden. Synonym wise, you could take the word “covertly” out of the above phrase and insert the word “anonymously” so it reads: “True intelligence operations begin and end anonymously” and you would say the same thing.

        To date as an op, I don’t believe that Anon has been as effective as you think but I don’t think that’s for want of trying. But it does explain why they attack both the C of S and Marty – at their core they are not interested in handling abuses, that only applies to the fringes. At the core they wish to wipe out Scientology in any form.

        And on their fringes they have just the right amount of crazy/zany people along with a mix of ex Scientologists to make it all look like it’s spontaneous. And of course Miscavige just swells the ranks of that fringe and only helps their cause by his insanity. Hell, he’s their best player.

        But the real telltale sign that gives the game away is this: if Anon was what it says it is, it would be tackling a hell of a lot bigger fish than the C of S.

        My opinion.

        • Well, as per usual, your opinion carries a lot of weight – because it comes with a fabulous bullshit detector.

      • How is making Hubbard’s policies, books and lectures available on the internet for everyone to download and scrutinize freely a black pr campaign?
        Go to the leaks & legal section on WWP. You will see tons of original LRH materials can be downloaded there, thanks to anonymous making them available.
        I haven’t seen any independent site, where Hubbard’s material is offered for free.
        There are some freezoners site where some of these materials can be downloaded , yes, these were already there years before you newly out Indies came onto the scence. But the independents don’t seem to actually have done anything at all to make LRH’s tech available for the public so far.

      • JJ: “But the real telltale sign that gives the game away is this: if Anon was what it says it is, it would be tackling a hell of a lot bigger fish than the C of S.”

        Very, very, very perceptive observation. Relative to the totality of mankind, Scientology’s problems are a tempest in a teapot, but it’s our teapot, so we’re passionate about it.

        Anons can pile onto the tempest, but one wonders why they don’t take on other issues. True, some of the original Chanology guys got tired of pestering Scn and moved onto democracy issues in Iran, but many Anons have remained stuck on the Scn issue.

        Yet, there are so many, much less comfortable, issues they could be bitching about, starting with the U.S. Government. Taking on Scientology is actually a very safe target that lends itself to a certain amount of humor and ridicule but there’s no real payoff for Anons when DM goes down and the church reforms. There WOULD be a payoff if they took on an issue like rent control in their communities, or tackling corporate exploitation or environmental issues. In fact, I can’t imagine why anyone would pursue the Anon agenda if they weren’t already aware that there are many things of value in Scn. If they’re just in it to help end the injustices perpetrated by DM & Co., good for them, but their time could be better spent elsewhere. I guess I’m saying that the energy behind Anonymous is suspect to a degree.

        Independent Scientologists are passionate about it because they know the potential benefits of Scientology well applied. Anons are passionate because the church pressured YouTube to take down a Tom Cruise video? There’s added inapplicable passion here.

      • I think that you have to allow Anonymous to protest in the way that they do. I support your protest against the C of $, Marty, and I think you’re a very courageous, admirable man. However I don’t believe in any of the beliefs or practices of Scientology at all. When all this is over, you will have accept that there are many people who think it’s rubbish like all the other religions and are turned off by proselytising.

        Frankly I am very happy for you to be an Independent Scientologist in peace and to present your beliefs to anyone and everyone. However I would hope that you would support my right to reject them completely.

        Frankly I find KSW beyond scary. I cannot and will not accept an existence in which I have to “convert” people for their benefit. Add to that the e-meter and auditing, etc and I couldn’t be more sceptical.

        You’re ok as a Scientologist and I’m ok not as one.

        Good luck with exposing the abuses as you have been doing.

        • Thanks. re: “allow Anonymous to protest in the way that they do.” Clearly, I don’t have a say in the matter.

      • Yah – that’s free speech, sweetie. I don’t agree with Westboro Baptist Church, but I have to listen to it.

        I look forward to the C of $ imploding and all the abuses coming out. What scares me most about it all at the moment is that, being English, I thought the BBC would have shown their follow-up show by now and nothing so far! I never would have thought that would have happened to them! The litigiousness of C of $ is breathtaking.

        Good luck

        • I believe it will show eventually – though quite tame compared to the original piece completed several months ago. If it does not show and it is too tame, you can bet the story of how that came to be will be as electrifying as the subject of the original show. That I guarantee you.

      • The wired newslink Marty linked to conveys a very accurate picture of the situation. Conversely, the article describes how the people who joined only for the “lulz” have long ago ceased any activity against Co$. Those anons who are left are generally more educated about the writings of Hubbard than those in the past. This is my observation.

        As do we. Any look at WWP on any given day shows the majority – and you say it is a democracy (even though by admission of its moderators admits it is an Anarchy – demonstrates your “democracy” is as anti-Indepedent Scientologist as DM is.

        Yes, it is more of an anarchy. Personally, I’d rather have people out with the independents than in the “church”. That’s why I at least support you to some degree. I’ve even been calling out your names at protests at passing Scientologists so they will look and realize there’s something wrong with the “church”. Rinder’s and your name ring a bell with most Scientologists, Marty. Even in Germany.

        If you want to know why we’ve been attacking Hubbard’s doctrine you only need to read what Bobo writes. I was appalled. Bobo, you equated the value of millions of lives with “the tech”.
        It makes me wonder how far you are willing to go to squash perceived threats. Would you kill for the tech?
        You say Scientology is a religion. Do you realize how creepy it is for outstanders to read, who do not share your belief that Thetans pass on to a new body in your next life?

        Again, read your own natter board. The majority condemn my every utterance in violent and indecent fashion. You don’t see that here about you, but for a few random comments very rarely by commenters.

        Yes, you are right.

      • Good question. Buddism and Hinduism not so much, because at least they don’t seem to care about proselytizing.
        In this respect, the christian faith with its inquisition and its missionaries was much more creepy. Luckily, the institutions of christian faith are much more benign nowadays.

        Just like most faiths, Scientology is a faith with a claim to exclusivity. The difference is that you have a very real goal of “clearing the planet”.
        I have been brought up by my parents to believe that you cannot value the life of even a single human being. It is invaluable. It gets creepy when a group that has a claim to absoluteness will give up their humanity for their goals. A first step to losing your humanity for me is if you start to place the value of your beliefs over the lives of other people.

        Maybe you remember one of the first posts that I made. I said I would not protest an “independent” institution of Scientology that did not abuse the human rights of its members.
        What I am trying to do is bring in another perspective to think about so that not another such organisation is created as exists under Miscavige today.

        • Then you are engaged in sophistry – contradictory at that. You said in the comment I replied to that you thought that the concept of transmigration of souls creeped people out.

      • Marty, my comments make complete sense unless I accept your personal opinions about anon and WWP – which I do not. I don’t think you’ve read WWP boards much if you think they are awful censors. In fact I would think you read a few posts, maybe spent a day or two looking around and had an instant knee-jerk reaction, summary judgment was reached and your opinion has been set in stone ever since. Many people over 35 have difficulty detecting the humor and sorting through what is information and what is sarcasm at WWP. To see proof of how hard it is for older people to grasp WWP and Anons just visit any of the OSA black PR sites devoted to Marty, that try to cloak themselves in “chan speak” and fail so miserable its actually painful and hilarious to read. Besides that, they don’t agree with your pro-LRH p.o.v and I don’t think you can tolerate that – from anyone.

        To prove my point – WWP never censors you, they may tear apart your blog posts – but almost every post you make is published and discussed on the WWP boards. If they were censors they wouldn’t allow your posts to be published, much less entire threads discussing them.

        The only thing that will get censored on WWP is if you promote illegal activities or if you constantly make claims and offer no proof to back them up. One thing I will always credit WWP with is there “dox or stfu” policy. You don’t spout off stuff there unless you are prepared to back up your claims with hard proof – if you do make constant claims without proof you will be drummed out. It was a policy developed overtime, can’t say it was like that in the first months of the forums, but was implemented to avoid the kind of gossip and drama that doesn’t do anyone any good – and seems to rum amok with ex-scientologists, CoS critics, and independents. (Particularly the drama)

        Just because you don’t like what they are saying, doesn’t make it untrue or without merit. You can choose to close your eyes to what’s going on in the protest arm against CoS – but I think that only leaves you in dark and with an incomplete picture.

        Most posters here seem to hate Anons/WWP – and tries to mock them because they are too old to understand them. It’s unfortunate, because like it or not – they have done more to hurt the CoS in 3 years than the last 20 years of independent critics. They have made it safe to be critical of the cult and have finally made the media come out of the CoS induced fear coma they have been in since Time’s “Cult of Greed” cover story.

      • Mirna “You don’t spout off stuff there unless you are prepared to back up your claims with hard proof – if you do make constant claims without proof you will be drummed out.”

        So if someone comes back from a life-changing, purely subjective experience (whatever it may be) … and they announce this to the world … Anonymous’ only response is “prove it!”

        Mirna, you honestly don’t see how “group think” that is?

        The irony of all this is that at the core of WWP is one big “group think” — they are trying so hard to resist group thinking that they are blind to their constant, innate practice of it.

        Sadly, not too unlike the current CoM.

        (“Two sides of the same coin”, as someone running this blog once said…)

      • I’d like to post this for all those, Anons, non-scientologists, and others, who are concerned, worried, or frightened about scientology’s role in the world and how true scientology honestly practised by those who are interested in doing so, would actually affect your lives. It is what L. Ron Hubbard himself wrote in answer to the question, “Is Scientology For Everyone?”
        This is a recent post on Geir Isene’s blog, please read it:

    • Marty is right. The great majority of anons is targetting certain elements of the belief system and some the belief system as a whole.

      What Hitler and his cronnies did was to temporarily damage societies and kill bodies. Societies can be rebuild and bodies are abundant for Beings who want them.
      Fools supporting the ‘Scientololgy Religion’ by paying into the IAS, etc., are not innocent. They are supporting the destruction of the only way we have of getting all of us above the mest orientated societies we are stuck in. This crime is far, far greater than temporarily destroying societies, and killing off bodies. The magnitude is off the scale compared to what Hitler did.

      Have you actually thought about what you are writing? How much do you value a human life? Would you participate in another Holocaust if need be to protect the Scientology religion?

      Marty, you want people to differentiate between the Scientology as created by Hubbard and organized Scientology under Miscavige. I find it difficult to do reading things like this. Do you really stand for this way of thinking?

      • Faust, neither.

      • Hi Faust;

        Yes, I have thought of what I write.

        I don’t have the slightest doubt that LRH would agree with me, that the destruction of the tech of Scientology is a crime of incomprehensible
        magnitude. Those supporting such motions should be confronted with the fact that the magnitude of their overts in doing so are unimaginable.

        In a reply above, Karen quoted LRH.

        Obviously LRH considered that an individual denied Scientology for whatever reason considered it to be an overt of magnitude. What if Scientology were obliterated? It wouldn’t be just one individual denied, it would be all Beings in this universe denied. The magnitude would be, well, it can’t be catagorized.

        “It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude. This is a very great oddity I wish to point out to you.

        “In the first place, Scientology is a road out of and into universes.”

        …”When a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody. I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.
        “See, we don’t quite understand the magnitude of the injury and the magnitude is considerable.”

      • Also, do you recognize this?

        “We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or something to do for lack of something better.

        The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depends on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

        This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.”

        I happen to believe that. My own experiences on both sides of the cans demonstrated how true the above quote really is.

    • Anonymous is a whole lot of teenagers that get all their facts from the internet. Occasionally you will see some in their 20s. I don’t really know why they’re a topic here.

      Are there a lot of them? Sure. They’re from the message board–the website has millions of views a day.

      Can they make a difference? Any large number of people can.

      The way anonymous attacks Scientology, in general, is so uneducated, juvenile and ineffective–even if it’s correctly only aimed at the CoS–it makes everyone under the name Anonymous immediately disregarded. If you want to be a real protester, you’d seperate yourself from them.

  20. I still think a bunch of you high profile, highly recognizable independents and ex’s should show up at an event, line up along the walk to the event with signs that simply say:

    “My name is xxxxx. I’m a [processing level], [training level]. I used to be [executive position, if held]. I’ve left the COS; let me tell you why. I can still communicate, can you?”

    Your call to action is certainly due.

    • I think they’d be far more effective one on one.

    • Brendon,

      It might not be very effective as the current Mestology action is to hide behind screens and “lock down” -remember that a few Indies went to Starbucks in downtown Clearwater with no signs and the whole base shut down!

  21. What kind of church has the IAS raise money – that is then used to pay spineless PI’s to go out and enturbulate those that choose to leave the church?

    That point alone galls me so terribly. We’re talking MILLIONS of dollars a year, is this what I sacrificed my hard earned money for?

    AND, why can’t the church get back to the original LRH tech,
    without DM’s misinterpretations?

  22. Think of Rosa Parks; the “Mother of Civil Rights”. For those who don’t know her – she was a black woman from Montgomery Alabama, which was at the the center of US Aparthied in the 50’s and 60’s. She had enough. On December 1st, 1955 she got onto a bus and sat down in a seat near the front of the bus – a violation of the signs and the grooved in commands for blacks to sit in the back of the bus. She would not move when a white person came on the bus and the driver ordered her to move and give her seat to the white person. Think for a minute how brave this woman was when she sat down in that seat in the front of the bus and then defy the bus driver. Realistically speaking, she could have been beaten within an inch of her life, or killed for her display of courage which sparked the beginning of the end of discrimmination. But she would rather be dead than live like this any longer.
    Rosa didn’t understand what was wrong with her brothers and sisters. They were all cowing to the white man and his suppression. She refused to any longer and it set off a chain of events that eventally lead to freedom.
    And that’s what it takes to be free.
    I broke the chains of suppression back in May of this year. I expected a lot of “Indies” to follow. I gamboled away my family and friends that my “Indie” friends would also follow and speak out in enough numbers to help collapse the DM regieme but I was wrong and now I, like others, are trapped out here with a lot less friends and no ties to my kids largely because we have too few real Independants to make us effective faster.
    Rosa’s bravery sparked a lot of other blacks to knock off the bullshit and demonstrate their freedom when they started using white bathrooms and white drinking fountains and other white facilites. We need a lot of Rosas out here that actually stand up and identify themselves and make known their intentions. For all I know, half of the posters on this blog are OSA staff who make nice and cute postings and comments to appease everyone else.
    I am tired of the complacency. I cannot believe that the posters on this blog are still worried about their status or their families status or their jobs or whatever when Scientology is being destroyed.


    • TOm,
      Well, you are in the small minority in being “trapped out here and lots less friends”. Wow, I’d review your operating basis.

      • Marty, I wrote that wrong. What I meant was that we lost a lot of friends and family through disconnect. It was a sacrifice for sure. I am not sorry for that becase I’ll do whatever is needed to get Scientology back. But the lurkers still lurking and contributors still contributing don’t help at all.


      • to Tom who said: But the lurkers still lurking and contributors still contributing don’t help at all.

        You have no idea what the lurkers are doing, and some are doing some things behind the scenes that are mighty mighty effective. Maybe they will not receive public glory for it, now or ever.

        You made a choice to gamble and lost friends and family and are disappointed because everybody did not follow directly behind you to “out” themselves similarly. Your action was certainly courageous and you’ve been wounded in this particular battle because of it.

        I seem to recall that in past US wars all the way back to the American Revolution, there would those fighting on the frontlines and stepping in front of the bullets, and there were others who gathered intelligence that helped win decisive battles, saving many lives – also contributing to winning the war.

        I sure wish you could give credit to the actions these others behind-the-scenes are doing. Instead of just dismissing them as “lurkers” and saying like you did that “they don’t help at all”. No war has ever been won simply by spilling blood; double-agents and under-cover work has always been important.

    • Hi Tom,

      I appreciate your viewpoint. The sacrifices you made with your family must make it very hard to wait for action. I am sorry. You might be surprised what some of us who are not yet public are doing behind the scenes to make things right.

      I don’t know anyone’s situation but mine, but without me, my dad who has given so much to me, would be in a nursing home. I can still help Scientology without abandoning my parents who need me. I am part of your team.

    • Tom,

      re: folks that you and Cat Daddy and some others have referred to as “lurkers.” I’ve been off lines for about 3 years and only in email comm with folks who still are on lines, so maybe this is a point of ignorance for me.

      But where have you gotten the idea that on lines “enablers” or contributors are reading this blog? Or any other anti-church blog. I only personally know two formerly actives who read this blog. All my active church friends (who contribute to the IAS) NEVER express a negative observation about management or church stats. And I can tell you that until 2007 I was quite ignorant about all these issues.

  23. Your humble servant


    The gist of what I got from this post is the following line:

    “I think we are being are being far too timid and mild about the well-heeled bots who continue to contribute to Miscavige’s billion dollar facade and Black Ops.”

    You are right, these people are evidently enabling a rotten suppression of true Scientology and the hope it holds for mankind by generously supporting a suppressive maniac and his evil ways, as well as harming good people like Marty. They are not just idly throwing their money away. They are actually doing actual harm. We should not just excuse them by reasonably saying, “Well it’s their money to spend as they please, and they mean well.” They don’t have any right to lavish money on suppressive person and his suppressive actions. They don’t have any right to “be reasonable” in a bad way. They don’t have any right to refuse to “look.” They don’t have any right to operate on fixed ideas.

    So, to the extent that we can, let’s focus on such people and get after them. Don’t neglect to INFORM them of what is going on so that they have no excuses for not knowing. Don’t be shy of CRITICIZING them for the harm they are doing. To the extent we can, hold them ACCOUNTABLE.

    And did I not just read somewhere recently that some apparent criminal who was up to his ears in bilking money from people facing foreclosure has been highly commended for donating a million dollars to some Miscavige cause?

    This sort of thing does not merit pussy-footing around. We must do what we can.

    Thank you, Marty.

  24. I was at an IAS reg event back in the mid-90’s. Jeff Pomerantz was the speaker. He made his speech about how awful things would be if people didn’t give; the usual garbage. One thing in particular stood out. He said, “I don’t care if you don’t make your next mortgage payment.” The two people I was sitting with were rather naive so when it was over and we went outside I made sure they understood that the mortgage payment comment was Pomerantz, not LRH. They did NOT give.

    To anyone who reads this blog but you’re not yet posting and maybe still inside the “church”, there’s something you need to understand. People in the “church” do not care about YOU. You are a commodity to be used for $$$. The staff can’t care; they’re under too much pressure to bring in money. Your “friends” are too distracted just trying to survive.

    As long as you allow it, you’ll be used & abused and they’ll bleed your bank accounts dry…………as long as you allow it. All it takes is for you to say no.
    If you don’t wake up and say no, the day will come when you’ll be out of money, perhaps filing bankruptcy like an OT 8 I know of, maybe even one of those losing your home to foreclosure. You’ll ask yourself how did this happen? I’ll tell you; you didn’t say no. That’s all it takes. If you don’t start doing this, and I mean right now, the day will come when you’ll be out of money. You’ll be looked at as a downstat and kicked to the curb like yesterday’s garbage. What will you do then?

    If you think it’s too hard to walk away and start over right now, how do you think it’ll be when you’re flat broke with ruined credit and no place to live? Start taking care of yourself NOW.

    • Watching Eyes,

      To this I would add: The idea that this can’t happen to you, or that somehow your “upstat” status with the church will save you, both of these ideas are self-delusion encouraged by the very organization that is bleeding its field to death.

      LRH policy on finance, specifically borrowing, is very clear, and completely ignored in large part by both sci. organizations and individual scientologists, interfering as it does with dm’s avaricice, with his insatiable need for always more and more money.

      BTW, the price for ignoring the laws of the physical universe (and money, as energy, is of the physical universe) is that the physical universe WILL PUT YOUR ETHICS IN. It is rarely gentle in doing so.

      I know of too many scientologists who have already fallen into the trap of financial ruin. One couple I know is declaring bankruptcy for the third time in their marriage. I am afraid I know many more poised on the edge. Unfortunately, once you realize you’re standing on the edge it is often too late to stop the momentum of the inevitable fall and crash (there’s that physical universe stuff again).

      If it’s not real to you that the things your money is paying for are utterly morally contemptible , then at least look at the INEVITABLE consequences of financial irresponsibility to yourself, your family and your group.

      • Very true. Their “upstat status” will be gone the second they’re out of money.
        Another thing for those still inside to ask themselves. When was the last time you heard of the “church” helping any of it’s parishioners during tough times? Forget the last time; have you EVER heard of the church of miscagive helping any of you during hard times? This is something church’s do all over the country. I know of churches that have helped people with rent, food, gas etc. Belonging to a church isn’t supposed to be a one way flow. It’s a group activity where people help each other. Exchange is not the issue, it’s about help. Why isn’t it about exchange in normal churches? Because they know you’ll turn around and help the next guy.

        Have you ever heard of the church of m doing anything to help any one of you without saying you’re downstat, out-ethic, PTS etc etc. No.
        How many have lost your homes? How much help did they get from the C of M? I’ll tell you. None. Why? It’s no longer a church and has morphed into a cult.

        Time to start saying NO.

    • Watching Eyes,

      Yes, and its not only that these bankrupt and finacially failing “Scns” don’t say no, the action is OFF POLICY. All those who are now in financial trouble because of donation to the IAS and other swindles have voilated LRH policy on finances, plain and simple. But they have the right to be as stupid as they want.

  25. Marty, you’re already doing more than your share, I know, but one thing that would strike a giant blow for truth, justice and the Theta Universe is to publish your book. As potent as your blog has been, someone doing a doubt and looking here for the first time today would only get an inkling of the out-tech, off-policy and downright inhumanity that the little dictator has been engaged in for the last 25 years. Your book would give them the big picture in one package, from a perspective that only you can provide.

    Personally, I plan to buy one copy for myself and several more to hand out, with instructions to read it and pass it on. And I’m sure the church will help to publicize it too, by ordering everyone to not read it. A guaranteed best seller!

  26. I am suggesting for starters that we call blood money what it is, “blood money.”

    We may need to state a clear purpose what you/we are doing. What’s the objective, the goal, the results to be achieved.

    Reforming CO$ is not something I care about, since I won’t be back there again, thus neither here nor there. Nor is mobilizing Bots to merely dethrone DM/RTC going to bring about any state of interest to me.

    Saving Standard LRH Tech? Course of Action, Plan? How is what we are doing here going to achieve that?

    Handling constant CO$ legal harrassment which prevents Tech Delivery in the Freezone is something I would support, since a betterment of conditions could be achieved.

    • Foremost. I’ve stated my purpose very clearly. It has been published as the WELCOME section of my blog, and web page before it, for 20 months. What is your purpose?

  27. Confirmed, Marty:

    Seattle is not only empty, it’s “170 staff” are dwindling in p/t.
    That report straight from a current staff member directly into my own ears.
    The place went from decades of around 40 total (this means about 20 on day and 20 on Fdn), to the PR’d “170 staff” in about 3 months, in preparation for the Grand Opening.

    Now, said staff member has confirmed that staff are leaving. Another item recently reported is that part-time staff is abolished. You’ve gotta be there full-time to earn your twenty-five bucks per week.

    To anyone sitting on the fence, it’s very simple, yet hard to confront at first: David Miscavige is antisocial. He wants the religion to fail because he’s terrified of anyone getting better/stronger. At the same time, he wants to collect money from every org, every parishioner, every staff member he possibly can.


    • DMs PR machine seems to have ignored the fact that the original Ideal Org is no bigger now than it was before the new building: Buffalo. And just how many SO members have been RPF’ef / routed out over it???

      Even the Missionaire / E.D in Buffalo has left the Sea Org now. Jono Reece. He was a veteran from PAC.

      He’s in Seattle now expecting a baby with his new wife.

  28. OSA, when will you learn? You, and DM, are responsible for your own condition. You have pulled in the “Indie Scene” due to your own actions, or lack of. The moment you stop and realise this, the moment you can start effectively doing something about it. A solution? APPLY SCIENTOLOGY. Your repeated efforts to destroy, degrade and suppress, is NOT correct application.

    Word clear HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 PR Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA. Understand how this policy relates to YOU and YOUR ACTIONS. And before you robotically respond with “our propaganda is dirty but it is not black because it is true”, I would like you to take a minute and really LOOK at the scene, and what you guys are putting out. Too much venom stains one with venom. Right now the CoS is drenched in it. The word “Scientology” is MUD to many out in the world right now. Your general relations with the public at large is, on the whole, SHIT! (Survey this if you don’t believe me). This has been pulled in. Clearly you are dealing with lies, or these things would not occur (or persist). Think about it! “Black campaigns ARC break people since they depend on false reports and are thus out-reality.” (LRH, OSA NW Order 15, Black Propaganda) “WHEN DATA IS FAULTY THE ANSWER WILL BE WRONG AND LOOKED UPON AS UNREASONABLE.” (LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC). So take some fucking responsibility. FOR ONCE.

    “It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.” (LRH, HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 PR Series 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA) Think on this point for a while. Look at what you do. Look at your actions. Are they self-determined or other? If other, whose orders are they? Who demands the implementation of these venemous campaigns, these dirty little ops? That’s a serious question. Ask yourself. Who?

    “It is a wise man who, confronted with conflicting data, realizes that he knows at least one thing – that he doesn’t know. Grasping that, he can then take action to find out.” — LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC.

    • Jack UK said:
      “The word “Scientology” is MUD to many out in the world right now. Your general relations with the public at large is, on the whole, SHIT! (Survey this if you don’t believe me).”

      Here is a survey done recently on a Scientology ad:

      • Wow! Where’d you find that (and do you know what analytics they were using? I mean, was this just a spoof made by Indies or was it an actual piece of research?)

      • Your humble servant


        You are right. Years ago the public had never heard of Scientology. Now they have, and they think it’s awful. Of course, they still don’t know anything about Scientology the subject, but they have learned a little about the Church of Scientology, and they hate it. That’s what Scientology means to them. This is a big generality, of course, but as generalities go, it’s quite true.

        That was a pretty impressive survey. Thank you.

      • John Nunez,

        No surprise. I’ve done my own field surveys. CoM is dead. DM destroyed Ron’s good work and reputation.

        When will the remaining well-heeled few get it? I guess at the end. The dead end.

        Tom Gallagher

      • John, thanks for this. Slick PR, fancy ads and $$$. None of it can hide the fact that the product being promoted by the CoS is faulty (squirrel). One could also, quite easily and quite reasonably, look at the man at the top as the “walking advert” of this product – someone who so frequently deals in hate, lies and degradation – to see that this is clearly NOT a product that the general masses would have a need for, or even wish to see on the shelves for that matter.

      • Joe Doakes-

        It’s a “real” study by HCD Research. Here’s more on it:

  29. Bears repeating:
    – Edmond Burke

    Whatever Marty’s crimes may have been in the past against anyone whilst in DM’s army, I am willing to forgive because he has allowed this Blog to persist and made communication available to ALL. Even to those who speak against him. Marty is demonstrating GREATNESS and pan-determinism and he is not DOING NOTHING! Even LRH says that the worst thing you can do is nothing.
    Plato also once said something that is applicable here as well:

    We all be pirates and bums as we are all “Captains of Industry” in one manner or another and banded together we will get the gnome to stand down or be taken down by his own action and inaction. All one needs to do to make something vanish is to admire the shit out of it!(excuse the pun)

  30. Marty does have ethics protection!


    – Founding Fathers of the Declaration of Independence

    If is was right and correct for them then it must be right and correct for us. Of course this applied to the redcoats but the gnome’s indifference to sanity takes on a similarity that applies.

  32. Sounds like a day out on the Gulf getting some space and catching a few fish gave you a bit of a new perspective eh Marty?
    The prominent enablers are extremely annoying to put it mildly.
    Cruise is the leader of that rat-pack but you can go down the food chain of celebs and prominent “OL’s” and include the “OT 8’s” who sling that status around as if we’re supposed to be impressed…and let the whole bunch do the purp-walk alongside DM and I’d be very content.

  33. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,

    You know I am a big supporter of you.

    From this article of yours though, I am a bit unsure of what you are asking for. What is the specific product that we are going for now? I feel that we need a more distinct target and what people can do to help get the product. If the Orgs are empty and that is not stopping the SP and suppression then what are we going for that will stop the SP? I have always said that you are the agreed upon leader in the Indie movement and have felt that you don’t really want the hat at least in a strict organizational way. If we are an organized group then we need a leader and a product to be effective and I know that some including myself are reluctant to “wear hats”. If we are just a loose group of friends that “want” reform then I think that method is sort of poor control but may be all we have at the moment. I am not targeting you on this. It is just my opinion in general.
    If the suppressive church is still winning and pulling in millions from the bots despite it’s obvious lethargy, what more can we do?
    I think it would be helpful to get these products:
    1. More people coming out as Independents.
    2.More SP declares to prove how irrational the “church” is.
    3. More public exposure of how the “church” acts like the Mob instead of a church.
    4. Get evidence on church crimes and expose.
    5.. Each person briefing their friends still in the church to see if any are ready to wake up.
    Any other potential products that can be had??
    Thanks for all that you are doing and have done Marty. I know that you are doing this only because you have high integrity and have no obligation to any of us to do anything.

    • Tony, It is just an article expressing a view. It is in response to 75% of my energies for the past year being directed at helping people navigate situations gingerly and taking what I consider too much of a careful approach. I guess it falls under number five your recommendations – all of which are being encouraged among independents. There are a number of big shot contributors who KNOW THE TRUTH, but are continuing to contribute to the suppression. And I say such people are becoming the suppression. I am saying I guess, when you’ve educated someone and they continue to contribute to your and my demise, let them know in no uncertain terms what they are doing. I don’t think people outside want or need orders. I think people need to find their backbones. Not you of course. You found yours a long time ago. This is not directed at you or perhaps a couple hundred others who are truly de-pts’d. Its to those reading and playing patty cake with ongoing suppression.

      • Tony DePhillips

        Yes Marty.
        Anyone who knows this truth and continues to contribute out of fear is going from PTS towards a suppressive beingness. I have no pity for those who continue to contribute to this SP regime, whether it is financial or through their collaboration. If you want to stay silent that is one thing, to stay silent and contribute is aiding and supporting the enemy and in my book you then become the enemy. I’m with you Marty.

      • Tony DePhillips

        I would go one step further and say that anyone who knows of such bots that know the truth and still support should report the particulars here as an ethics gradient to them. So other of us will know who the enemy is and they can be publicly pillaried here.

  34. crashingupwards

    Marty, I dont blame you for being pissed. Your under attack. Other posters here under the same conditions would be going ballistic. Thier “reasonableness” would fade fast.
    The rich scientologists who continue to support the church refuse to accept that the rembrandt they bought is fake. Their ego’s are all puffed up and that ties in to a lot of the way scientology is marketted anyway with “powers” and “levels” etc. Now add more status via IAS and its pretty ugly, obnoxious and in some cases evil.
    I dont want to paint with a broad brush on every rich scientologist. Every one has a different reality on what is going on in their church. But to the ones who know better and choose to ignore, I agree with you, its blood money .
    And I agree with O.O. on the solution lying with the continued exposure of the abuses. I see attacks on individuals as possibly playing into their hands if done incorrectly. If there are attacks, they need to be leveled factually and without HE&R and derision. Anyone who has raised children knows the pitfalls of overreacting when trying to correct. You become the issue, not their behavior.
    At the end of the day those left still contributing will be objects of pity and the butt of jokes. A reward they will richly deserve. No one will envy them.
    They are making their own chain, donation by donation, just like old Jacob Marley.

  35. Marty,

    Since my husband and I announced our defection from the church almost two years ago, we’ve taken advantage of the fact that we were not declared and talked to everybody that we knew who were still in and still supporting the church.

    At first, we got mostly nowhere and couldn’t believe they were still willing to give “blood money” to the church– couldn’t understand why. Then we realized something painful: the more we failed to get through to them, the more we found ourselves nattering about “these stupid people”.

    At that point we decided to really apply tech and look at it all analytically.

    We kept statistics on everyone we talked to and what we were doing that worked and didn’t work. We tried different approaches, emphasizing different things, etc. Then we sat down and looked at what was working and what wasn’t. Here’s what we found:

    The more we expressed our ideas, our opinions, our feelings, our thoughts, our observations, our frustrations– the more it went nowhere.

    The more we showed actual statistics, actual LRH quotes and other hard evidence, the more we started to get through.

    In other words, we provided the mass.

    The single best thing we used to do this was the website you wisely list first on your Blogroll:

    It’s been the single most effective dissemination tool we found for those still in the church and enabling it with “blood money”. Also, we just recently noted that at least 7-8 responses to Mike Rinder’s survey on credit Friends of LRH as the main successful action they’d found to enlighten people in the Church with.

    As we read between the lines of many bloggers here, and feel the frustrations boiling up as we have had, we hope this information helps. After all, we all have the same goal of getting to the people still in the church and to be effective about it.

    That’s how this church will ultimately lose its blood money and its enablers.

    • Thanks. It helps a lot. See my reply to Tony D of just a few minutes ago too.

    • tsb,
      my husband and I are doing the exact same thing. We’ve stopped supporting the church in every way. We’ve been talking (a LOT) to friends and enlightening them. We’ve had some successes and some failures and have regrouped and gone at it again. One thing we have noticed is that this is definitely a process. When you realize that this can be a huge reality adjustment for someone, after one has spent decades in the church, it makes sense that it can take a bit of time to absorb it all. But people ARE coming around. And they are saying no to the IAS. It’s a gradient, but it’s progress.
      I totally agree with Jeff, a lot of the people posting here started out as lurkers. It took me two months to figure out how to post without worrying (get an Anonymizer program on your laptop and a hushmail account) and then another couple of weeks to start using it. It took my husband 6 weeks to be willing to LOOK at the internet. Call us whatever names you like –PTS, Bots, whatever you chose–but I’m applying what I heard LRH say in a tape series (hopefully someone knows which one. Jim?) that one needs to use both Force AND Intelligence. I figure we are much better for the cause at this particular moment being able to communicate to as many people as we can before we get thrown out. It’s only a matter of time before one of our friends gets a sec check and names us. And truthfully, I will relish that day. But I’m planning on taking as many out with me as I can.
      I’m sure this is not going to be popular, and Marty feel free not to post it. But I hope, for group solidarity sake, that we don’t alienate those who are needing a little more time before deciding to drastically change their lives, by calling names.
      And one last thing….please keep in mind that you guys from Int were THERE. You SAW things happen that many of us did not see. We’ve only seen “perfectly coifed and tanned” Dave at events over the years. Now, with the reports you have provided, it’s easy to see he is 1.1 at best. But this is still new data for some. And even though I completely know it’s true, I’m just having to repeat hearsay. And those I’m talking to are just getting my hearsay in part. Some people I’ve talked to recently didn’t even know Mike Rinder was out, much less anything else. So, please guys, realize that even though you may have discovered these things and had time to connect the dots and see the whole picture, not everyone is up to speed. I’m going to get to as many as I can while I can. Guys on the outside keep doing what you’re doing and posting these brilliant posts and keeping this stuff on the Internet for my guys to see. We’re a team, right?

      • One more note …instead of calling us “lurkers” why not grant some beingness and use “learners” instead. If the Orgs are not safe places anymore (and I can attest I haven’t seen a safe one in years) then perhaps this blog could take up the slack.

      • Magnolia, Like I said to Tony; I am not even addressing you – you are way up at Action.

      • Magnolia, what you and your husband are doing strikes me as an intelligent and effective use of your current status. Once you are declared or publicly out you may find that former ‘friends’ will no longer take your calls or open your emails, and your chance to enlighten them is significantly reduced.

        Certain posters who have come out themselves in the last year or so will continue, like reformed smokers, to insist that we all need to do that immediately. There is a time for each of us when it will be more beneficial to be officially out, and only you can decide when that time is correct for you.

      • Hi Magnolia,
        The tape containing data on the need to use both force and intelligence is called “The Free Being”. It’s on the SHSBC. A great lecture. I don’t have the exact date though, sorry.

  36. Dear Marty,
    I once heard that the Superpower was design to wake up thetans…
    We all can admit to the fact that the only way DM management used it has been in order to milk money out of the public…

    There are a lot of unconscious and numb beings walking around, a lot of cowards and overwhelmed people.
    As LRH always said: The work is done by the few.
    Thank you for your help and resposibility on this matter 😀
    Love to you and Mosey

  37. Karen#1,

    Thank you for your post. It clearly points out LRH intention on this highly charged area and I hope causes some that support DM to see where he is taking them and how his actions in this area have destroyed the church.

  38. What about Vicky Aznaran? Wasn’t she an early whistleblower? And were her statements not factual? Where is she now? — Please try not to generalize “e. There was no hard facts, evidence and first-hand testimonials readily available from top members telling the real scene.”, as it will make a number of us, who saw it all coming years ago, feel, you are not in for the real reform.

    Good luck with your moves on the checker board of freedom.

    • No, she was not a whistleblower.

    • hewhowas:

      Aznaran a whistleblower? Please.

      And your comment — “it will make a number of us, who saw it all coming years ago feel, you are not in for the real reform”

      Reform! Reform? Marty is not Jesus. He cannot raise the dead.

      The Church of Scientology is DEAD.

      There is no reform.

      1) What we want are the abuses exposed. 2) The coffers of dm to stop being funded by those complicit with his crimes either though blind unwillingness to look (which is purely evil) and having looked the decision to stay due to personal agenda. 3) the dirty ops to stop

      My agenda is to find some way to one by one, get people I once knew exposed to the truth.

      What they do with it — well — that is their eternity.

      How is yours shaping up?


  39. I keep getting money request letters to “advance my status” from the IAS. I throw them away as soon as I get them, because the requests are all the same. Same picture. Same plea. Same old BS. I have not been active in the CoM for a year now, yet I am still getting this annoying mailings. It shows that the CoM is that desperate for money. I find your words resonating with me, Marty. Another fine post.


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  42. Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil
    Bull Conner was damn certain he was doing the right thing by beating women and setting attack dogs on children in Alabama in the early sixties. He was probably a great guy to have a drink with if the subject of segregation never arose.
    But patty caking Conner would have perpetuated American Apartheid for years.”– Marty

    I agree…
    Pointing out the evil.
    Bringing to light the outpoints.
    Insisting that a person thoroughly look.
    Exposing the deceptions.
    Making visible what has been masked.
    Encouraging fearless investigation with unfettered thought.

    I compare this situation to 9/11/01.
    People who have thoroughly looked into 9/11 are aware that all three World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed by explosive demolition. The evidence is overwhelming. In addition, the number of outpoints surrounding the official 9/11 government story is countless.

    However, it can be difficult to get people to thoroughly investigate 9/11. Some people have fixed ideas which can inhibit the ability to really look.
    It is a tough pill to swallow. The truth of 9/11 can wreck years of stable data.

    I see many similarities between exposing 9/11/01 and exposing the CoM (RS – Radical Scientology).

    Getting people to look seems like an important first step.

    • Re: 9/11. Just looking at the Twin Towers collapsing at free fall speed and not filtering it through any of the millions of words of rhetoric surrounding it leaves one with the inescapable conclusion that there is something fishy with the official accounts of the tragedy (i.e., it’s all BS). The magnitude of the cognitive dissonance many would experience from that filter free view is comparable to what many Scientologists would feel if they dared peer behind the PR curtain DM has erected. Doubtless, many big contributors are blinded by the very contributions they have made. Imagine having contributed $10 million to the IAS and being confronted with the news that DM flies into a psychotic rage, oh, a few times a day, each and every day. That would be tough to confront. I myself never contributed anything to the IAS except my time and my soul and I have an infinite stash of both, so it’s no great loss.

  43. In my opinion those left in RTC, OSA Int, Int Management and IJC Office are a disgrace to humanity. I hope that one day you guys will wake up and realize the extend of your treason to LRH.

    • Been There,

      Lets not judge too hastily. Almost every single person here was duped at some time or another, we all have blood or dirt on our hands. Marty’s been out for several years, myself less than one. before I came out, he could have told me I was a disgrace and treasonous for staying in. Other posts have been out much longer than Marty, they could have said the same to him.

      But none of that happened to any great extent. The act of waking up and taking some responsibility anew tends to wipe out the past. It’s just not fair to hammer on at folk who will one say see what you see but haven’t quite seen it yet.

      Sure, put their ethics in like a real EO/MAA would. Talk to them with real TRs. But don’t completely write them off for still doing what we all once did. Besides, the enablers face a fate much much worse than any you could ever come up with – they need to look at the guy in the mirror.

  44. Marty,

    I sense that behind the scene you are privy to some stuff that can’t or at least won’t be posted here. I understand that and the indignation you perhaps feel. When someone is complicit, tacitly or otherwise, in an ongoing operation that is in fact taking out Mankind’s best hope for a higher level of understanding I share your frustration.

    This has been one of those days where when I read your post I’ve traveled the tone scale, not once, but several times. So I got the chainsaw out and even got some good work done despite the heat, cutting a half a cord of firewood. At 55 going on 56 that burns up a lot of energy. Came in and reread your post and some 38 or so comments.

    That’s when I left the house, met some friends, (really good beings who, though, because of DM’s products wouldn’t dare step in a CoM), and now here I am.

    It’s my perception that something is happening. Namely: Order is going in and confusion is blowing off. I should have capitalized that. Never-the-less let’s just keep putting order in.

    Dm is like a black mamba, injured and cornered. Dangerous indeed, potentially fatal. With a $1 BILLION or so war chest he has his overloaded venom sacks lashing out at ANY threat, though most are imagined. (Yeah, I’m probably one of those martians.)

    And here you are with others at your side saying that this snake will not deliver another venomous strike against anyone of goodwill. I agree.

    I will continue to speak out, though only recent in that endeavor.

    My name is Tom Gallagher.

    I care about my fellow beings, for without them, who would I have to play with.

    Sometimes it takes guts to get on the playground.

    Respectfully yours,


    p.s. Here’s how I see the demonic little one These results are written in stone.

  45. Tony DePhillips

    A few quotes from an LRH reference that has some applicability here. It is called Conditions How to Assign. HCOPL 20 October 1967
    • ” The lowest confront there is, is the confront of evil.” LRH
    • “An executive who cannot confront evil is already en route to becoming suppressive.” LRH
    • “It is so easy to live in a fairyland where nothing evil is ever done. One gets the image of a sweet old lady standing in the middle of a gangster battle with bodies and blood spattering the walls saying, ” It’s so nice, it’s only a boy’s game with toy guns.” LRH
    • “It is more than policy that one gets the condition he fails to correctly and promptly assign and enforce.” LRH
    • “It’s a sort of a natural law. If you let your executives goof off and stay in, let us say, a Danger condition, yet you don’t assign and enforce one, they will surely put YOU in a Danger condition whether it gets assigned or not.” ~LRH
    • “Now we have to have skilled tech to bail us out. And I assure you that the tech will never get in or be used beneficially at all unless: 1. We get ethics in, and 2. Unless Scientology orgs expand at a regular rate. Only then can we be free.” LRH

    There is a person on staff in Seattle her name is Cheri Rodriguez and per reports she has been spreading false hoods about me. She openly tried to get into comm with me when I resigned from the church. She had been a good friend and I had helped her on her 2-d many times at no exchange. When she asked to help me at the behest of the OSA MAA (I assume) I told her that I wouldn’t let anyone help me unless they were willing to look at the Truth Rundown. This so she could have both sides of the story. She was unwilling to do this. She told me at that time that she had been looking at a lot of stuff on the internet and knew about DM’s niece and some other stuff as well. Despite being offered to look and having done some looking she continues to spread untruth about me and supports an SP group. I consider that she is in Treason to me and to Scientology. I will continue to expose other people that I know are collaborating with the enemy so as to expose and assign them the correct condition.

    • Now Tony joins the Sudden club; those who can go sudden, and stay focused like a laser beam.

      • Tony DePhillips

        Someone else want to give it a try. Just think of someone who is a bot and who did something that you feel puts them into a lower condition to you or Scientology and just give the specifics and name them and assign them the condition. It is SO EASY and it feels GREAT!!! You can even do it if you are flying under the radar!! Let’s us be CAUSE and not wait for them to put at us at EFFECT.

  46. Karen #1,
    Thank you for for the reference. I understand and I be you are one hell of an auditor!

  47. ” ….. if I am ever muzzled, Mike will be next, then another, and another. And guess what? The forces of evil will have achieved LRH’s warned doomsday (a Black Dianeticist successfully monopolizing the subject of Scientology to the detriment of humanity.”

    This is the most important part of your statement, IMO.

    Marty, please note since your presence and Blog truth has gathered and change has rippled across the planet with confusions blowing left and right and certainties an abilities rehabbed and strenghtened.

    The fact is that the IAS well will continue to be tapped until the last drop. But there is no doubt the well is by far less abundant as each day you, this blog and the wonderful thetans who gather hear put forth their love and support for LRH, his work and basic love and decency for people.

  48. Egads, man.

  49. Orgs are empty, Marty, only the truly blind can’t see it.

    The insane price increases of the late 70s started it, demolition of the Mission Network deepened the rot, then Miscavige’s squirreling on a massive scale” (GAOT) finished it.

    So why worry about “destroying Scientology”? That’s a fait accompli.

    Don’t rock the boat – SINK IT! Marty you have the IRS dirt on Miscavige, I would expect you to use it. That’s his Achille’s heel. You have to nail him before he nails you.

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  51. Theo Sismanides

    So I wrote above that Stefan Tunedal wrote about the org board and this group saying that it is a club and friendships are created in this club.

    First of all, Stefan I have nothing against you, except that I think you committed some blunder in saying what this group should be like. This group is what it is. It is being formed now for some time, and we don’t know where it’s going to take us. I like to see it this way with groups that I am devoting a hell of a time. And this group takes its power from Scientology and Ron Hubbard and they had some policy and stuff and the latter was a bit weird in terms of being effective about things and what’s the best way for being effective not just making friends.

    So, I am answering on this by a long post. I woke up at 6.00 am, looked onto Marty’s blog. Some outsiders may call this fixation. I call it determination of the beast. After more than 15 years now (after the GAT thing), the beast has been trying to right a wrong (or many wrongs in our case). And now there is more beasts here, getting together. So you have now a new game. Interest comes up. So my long post written at 6 am. I would never abandon my goals in life, I would never abandon a tool, a good tool and a path which leads people to enlightment. That’s not the beast I would like to be. Luckily the beast that I am, doesn’t do such bestialities. Ha,ha. The beast behaves. Only acts badly when mother fuckers get in its way. Have fun!

    So this club is for friendship.
    OK, this sounds good but I don’t know what friends are today. As a matter of fact I think I was looking for Scientology because I couldn’t find any FRIENDS friends . In Greek we say “you know a friend in difficult times”. So, I have substituted the word friend with the word Scientologist because I saw they were the only ones doing something for the difficult stuff. The bank and the trap we live in. It may sound far-fetched to some but now that I am thinking about it, not only that but I substituted the word friend with the word Sea Org member.
    Of course like in any headless, phychotic, leaderless, lifeless, crazy and badly run group, where Theta has gone mad or is NOT UP TO IT (David, you can pick whichever you like), the group MEMBERS are acting also psychotic.
    That doesn’t mean that the Sea Org could not be my friends again. Not the Sea Org like they are now, but those (even with another name) who ACT AS SEA ORG. Not the SO as the piece of shit DM made it. But the SO I know exists and I can create.

    I don’t know really, I don’t know how many of you have had that experience in the Sea Org. It’s like you are on a ship. Outside is rough and tough and inside you have one of the best vessels taking you through the storm. They are tight together one with another and they normally get along great… or something like a team, maybe? A common purpose…, maybe? A common fight for something higher?
    And Stefan Tunedal continues:
    “What I am saying? There is no command channels in the independents and there will never be an org board. If you want to form an org board I suggest you start a group.”
    Interesting to see how determined he is: never will there be an org board. Probably he didn’t say this to me because I am not starting any group. Ha, it’s too much to start a group and then we start starting groups now, and we have the group down in Greece as opposed to the group of LIGHT AND MODEST AND NOT VERY PISSED SCIENTOLOGISTS INTERNATIONAL and then we have THE ORG-BOARDARIAN SCIENTOLOGISTS INTERNATIONAL (that’s led by Theo, me, by the way) and then we have “THE SWEDISH LEAGUE OF SCIENTOLOGISTS BEFRIENDING THEO’S ORGBOARDARIAN SCIENTOLOSTIS INTERNATIONAL” and such crap.

    What’s the matter with you guys? THIS IS THE GROUP that STARTS THINGS INTERNATIONALLY, this is IT. I ain’t gonna look for other groups now, otherwise I go get my 4th beer, meaning, gee, let’s stick together more than just “friends” a word which doesn’t mean so much today and stay close together guys and create SOME THING(S) because I s-e-e t-h-e s-t-o-r-m o-n-c-e a-g-a-i-n and this time the Captain is gone and he is not going to pick you up any more from the ground and we got to do it just by ourselves. Do we care?

    So, it’s a club, says Stefan, where we learn the news and chit chat, and form allegiances. And where we now learn, I say, that OTs go bankrupt! You see, nobody cares, this thing drives you to apathy. Not Stefan Tunedal (he just buys too easily the “no organization really needed” thing), but the fact that we now have a line here and learn the news and what is the news? Oh Scientologists are collapsing, OTs are going bankrupt. Another blow to whatever we once had as a dream. The dream of going OT. Now goes bankrupt? Crap, crap, crap. Apathy, apathy, apathy. What’s directly opposed to Apathy? Action, action, action.
    And what’s the action here? Oh, so OTs go bankrupt. This is weird? Oh, of course they have been other-determined donating money not belonging to them. Not very OT actually, more like overts on the 6th and 7th dynamic.

    So, what is the action? This group, yes, this group, (I may also do some captaining here, from time to time) gets a decent, well documented letter out TO ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS and it’s distributed by ALL OF US, THROUGH ALL OF OUR LINES, to all Scientologists in or out. And it says there what is the real Why about OTs going bankrupt. And we support this thing and make it known that it doesn’t need to be this way. Dead agenting the hell out of DM and this phenomenon now. Attributing it to the correct cause and the correct source of it.

    This will B-L-O-W charge and not create apathy. This is the Org Board I am talking about.
    So guys, I am staying right here. And if you need captains to give you a direction, now that the captain is GONE, well then you need captains. And that’s (y)our condition. Needing Captains.
    Otherwise, if you don’t need captains OK go ahead and jump into the scene. Captains or no captains. But make sure we somehow win because I am sick and tired of losing now. I am not spreading defeatism, I am just trying to give the correct estimation of effort here.
    Here is Theo now with his kiddy car (and the HCOB in his hand, hard evidence of him being right and COB being wrong for some weird reason) so, here he is now, going to crash down the enemy, tootoo tootoo, taram taram!!!!! Boooooom, down went Theo, bambam, kaput, dead, SP declared, who gave a shit, not for him, for the fucking HCOB. It was right there. The hard evidence of the “murderer”, proving right there that Miscavige was the Squirrel and the Suppressive. A beautiful set up STABLE DATUM, an HCOB, denied by COB, wow, it’s like we won a penalty against the opponent and we don’t even score, not win, just score one goal, create some havoc inside the organization, say “what is this? Refusing to apply an HCOB? What a shame? Who did it? COB? WTF is going on? ”
    What more evident than an HCOB not being applied (actually denied and not-ised) ? What more evident than that? What more easy to acknowledge and detect a suppression than having an HCOB in hand that is not being applied and Int Mgmt for some strange reason, do not want it to be applied. What is this shit? Where am I? What’s more to an HCOB?

    I’ll tell you what more to that. FORCE, FORCE, FORCE. That was the thing that took SCIENTOLOGY by the boards. POWER mere, sheer, physical application of Power, power, power and force, force, force by a very weird, nasty, mysterious, arrogant and ambitious type of guy as Miscavige proves to be. His ruthless application of Power, power, power and My End justifies My Means, took us all down. One Man! That’s actually what many ex-Int staff say. “There are no others behind him”. OK. Might be right as well. We will see. So, for now: One Man, took us all down! Wow! I don’t feel very proud with this. Do you?

    Using Power, Structure, Symbols, Org Boards, Orgs, Posts, Raw Energy against one by one. One at a time. Taking them down, o-n-e b-y o-n-e. He is like the Master of Oneness, hahaha. He can make O-n-e-s, very easily, isolate them, and calling it “separating the weed from the seed” take their head in a dark room, a spectacle just for those who should see it not to do the same thing again. For the rest he is keeping his PR in, in, in. “Let’s wash our hands now, from this stinking blood and go to our next Int Event!!” In any way this is the way he took us down, Stefan.
    So, before saying “oh the Independents will not be organized ever”, or actually this group, because that’s what you meant, if you know what you meant exactly, since it was a very brief point you were making there, as to this group staying as a channel of friends… before saying this please think twice as this is THE group now where things start from. And we better hurry up.
    And I swear that the very thing that took us down, a complexity of organization and a Miscavige manipulating this, will take him down as we are going to be so “complex” for him in our simplicity of being so many multiple points around the globe, organized and steadily focusing attention onto the target from all corners of the planet that he is going to go bananas. And this is the idea of an Org Board. It’s saying: We have terminals, lines, a common purpose and we stay together on this. Do we want to be more effective ok, let’s make an org board out of this also. It’s simply this, how effective you wanna be in what you are doing? Thank you.

    • Hi Theo, what a great post!
      I think we want the same, or it is damn close. Independents: I see good people and I see jerks. I see independents clowns who degrade LRH-tech and I see them who I would call very good friends. I am not in a group called the independents. If you want to post an org board and call this “the independents” then I will not be part of it. I will certainly not. And there is nobody leading the independents today or tomorrow.
      I suggest you recruit, call it something else and organize. The independents will never organize. Just look around at the different web forums.

      • Theo Sismanides

        Stefan thanks. We have all been recruited voluntarily on this blog anyway! Don’t ya think?

        Don’t worry, I think I am following here what we do. And all it is, is about Function. That’s all. When Structure becomes the more important thing than Function things go by the boards. An OT knows this and always sees to it that Functionality is what counts. A good game, not a “good organization” is what counts. I believe one day we are going to see more things from a commoner perspective.

        To give you an idea of what LRH thought about Organization, I have read a CBO (Central Bureaux Order) which unfortunately don’t remember which it was, but well… he was talking to Flag Ship Officers and was telling them why the hell they needed a schedule? They didn’t need a schedule, I don’t need a schedule, you don’t need a schedule, no Independent needs a schedule, nor do we need a common space to operate from. Still an org board can be there run from our own spaces. It may sound weird but I am sure it’s forming up, not as schedules, structures and musters and recruitment as such, but as function, function, function.

        So, on that said, what would you like to do from home? Hahaha. No kidding actually! We can all pick up some function in an orderly way.

        That’s all, and thank you so much.

      • Hi Theo, I like you.
        I think you also understand me: Organize is fine, just don’t call it “Independent Scientologists International.” Please. If you do you will see another flood of doubt announcements.
        I approve of “Independent Mission of_____” or even “Independent Scientology of _____”

        Best Wishes

    • Theo~I haven’t read your entire post here yet, and I certainly will, but I just have to say MY group will be the
      Smörgåsbordian Group 🙂 Bwahahahahhahaha

      • Theo Sismanides

        Tara, haha, Smorgasboardian (sorry, have no accent symbols, or hard to find them now) sounds great!!! Is it Swedish by the way?

        So you are now officially the leader Smorgasbordian and you will receive a telex with orders from central bureau. Hahaha!

        P.S. As a matter of fact, don’t laugh at all we could all start a game like that around the globe! With Orgs, little groups. I hope it’s OK with some people, you know? Hahaha. You see what people don’t get on organization is that the lighter the beings running the organization the more fun it becomes. You have to have though a lightness of a being to run it… lightly.

    • Theo~I’ve finished it. You’re spot on and I love your story. I think you’re hitting the ridge that’s there on the word organization. I also think you can think this through without me writing it all here.
      Yes, we need to coordinate and combine or actions towards some achievable goals (now as Marty posted in The Legacy of the Tech) in whatever way we can.
      I appreciate your ideas of actions I could take. Ideas are way up the org board. 🙂

      • Theo Sismanides

        Yes, I find out there is a lot of ridges on organization. I personally am not organized, haha. But I did great when I got many people and somehow gave them something to do.

        Now, people think by Organization the super Organization of the C of M. Not my idea though I cannot say that they gave a bad name to organizing because it’s used for suppression.

        But honestly I wouldn’t go to musters and attend them and be at a certain space with others. No, no, no. My idea has to do with the org board via the web, ok some actions taken in the physical universe but coordination via the web.

        We will be talking about it. Thanks for your good comments.

  52. Tom G, Great to have you on this playground!

    Thank you for supporting Marty and our fun club.

  53. Fellow Traveller

    I, Bruce Pratt, take (undue) pleasure in being 1) a supporter of Marty and his ilk, 2) an adherent of LRH’s Legacy, 3) a member and supporter of IS and no longer a member of the abomination that has become the legacy of Chairman of Bullshit, 4) a fella who kin hep from time to time, 5) a fella who kin eat crow if appropriate and 6) a fella who may throw a stick on the fire from time time. To that last end, I’ll share some of my own conclusions.

    A) The Church is Dead. Yeah. I definitely did not want to not accept that. But the pretty much incontrovertible proof that the organization’s members have lost their Qual, and it seems Ethics, pretty much seals their fate. I mean if LRH stated in RJ 39 that New OT VIII was complete and given to management and we hear that there have been 5, that’s FIVE DIFFERENT VERSIONS, then Qual has long since left the building. And I will say nothing of what this implies for those hanging in for subsequent levels.

    B) LRH’s legacy of philosophy and technology is fortunately available in a largely uncorrupted form so organization and practice of those who desire such is possible and practical. I notice the irony of that now. This does allow the possibility of a “new” organization using whatever should be deemed appropriate from the remains of the dead Church. There appear to be elements within that are still true to the legacy but they will not survive where they are.

    C) The irony mentioned in B) is the fact that B) includes Qual and Ethics functions on A) as well as any remnants from A). Hiya Jim & Lise!

    D) Based on 2 factors the only sane handling can come out of C). My factors are
    1. the magnitude and depth to which individual members in the Church have sunk. I am not trying to make them wrong. I am reflecting on my own experience in what it took to wake up as well as the failures at the top. There are good people there, no question. Can they correct it from the inside? Not by themselves. It will require continued actions mentioned by C).
    2. based on the legal judgments associated with the Headley case and the analysis, I am not going to look to the US government to solve any problem here — mutual out rudiments, possibly hard fought to get as much as any natural indifference. If the US government acts, it will likely be after such provocation that the response will be an attempt to squash, not correct.

    Bruce Pratt

  54. Marty:

    You put up a list of items that were true when we were ‘bots and we were in. But I add this to my own list:

    i. Scientologists were receiving services and getting desired changes in their lives in accordance with expectations. And they found the gains they received were in-exchange for their contribution.

    This is why I think that the robotically-applauding crowd I saw in the 2010 MV videos is smiling.

    They REMEMBER what the Church was in 1973.

    They THINK it’s still that way.

    And they’re willing to not-is the present conditions to continue to exchange for the gains they got 37 years ago.

    ‘Scuse me. I gotta go make sure I have the right definition for PROPITIATION.

  55. Looks like that times are getting rougher for you. Watch your body carefully especially if your body developes cold sweat in the night and you wake up wet.
    But we are at least a bit lucky in that Scn no longer produces real OTs. Consider OTs doing black ops…
    And why an OT8 is not OT?
    Cause those things had to be excluded from the bridge that would lead to uncover some ops from the 80ies that led to this desaster. But unluckily those steps are neccessary to go OT and get back some ability.

  56. Hi Marty,
    Hi everyone,
    is about 15 years since i’ve no danation to the IAS, and i was often pressed to make new contributions, and i handled the IAS terminal saying that about my finances i was the only person who had to decide because if there were problems to tackle, the bank would only contacted me and my only problems were.
    why is it easy to be brave with other people’s money. )))))))))
    soltan from italy
    (sorry for bad translation)

  57. There is a massive chasm that one needs to jump into so-to-speak. As LRH said ‘a lot more people are in confusion than you might think’. MissCavage is adding to that, and supplying controlling the stable datums. Scientologists in the church need to take a really deep breath to venture beyond OSA propaganda (hats off to us for doing it) and really find out. BUT I am sure in the heart of EVERY scientologist (except MissMerchant of chaos 3 decades straight DM) knows deep down that Scientology is only YOURS when you have complete integrity on data in ALL areas, including who is DM, where are these things written, and take PERSONAL responsibility for EVERY MEMBER of management. It is MY responsibility to KNOW scientology is being run STRAIGHT, and the old-man is being followed.

  58. So… of the Posters wants us to all “come out”.

    He waited 13 years before HE did.

    It might be “glorious” and “romantic” to paint a bull’s eye on your back, but this Poster should really learn a lesson from the Viet Cong – how the VC and NVA whipped ASS on the “mightiest army on earth”. Quite a story. Hint – they didn’t pummel and demoralize the USA by advertising their coordinates.

    Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.

    • Theo Sismanides

      OT VIII, no one who is under disguise but active should be considered a lurker, provided as I said they do things. Life is doingness and being a spy or under cover is very important. So, carry on with your activities but let’s all make sure we take advantage in the best way we can!

    • OT VIII,

      You’re right. For one thing, it takes a lot more resources to deal with an unknown. Ask any police force in America. “Standing up and being counted” can become “stand up and become an easy target.” Much easier to reek havoc from behind a tree or in the dense forest. The enemy has to waste a lot of ammunition and resources in pursuit. Being a target makes ammunition expenditure an economical proposition.

      Why make it easy for your opponent?


  59. Continuing the Miscavige Soap Opera:
    Jens Uhrskov who wrote IMB 116 R is back in Denmark pushing fund raising to Idle Orgs!!!

  60. I do realize that the purpose of this blog very much centers around handling DM. “Let’s take care of the crimes!”

    Justice and ethics can be wonders to experience. If based in understanding.

    However, I also notice a bit of mob mentality creeping in.

    It’s always a good idea to use the higher points of the chart of attitudes as a model for one’s behavior. The valid criticism of LRH and his policies always trace back to moments when he did not. The same applies to each of us.

    What is greatness?

    Something to which we should aspire.


  61. It’s interesting to me that people leave the CoS when they do. Some of us left a long time ago, and others left only recently. I know people who left the CoS in 1959, 1968, 1977, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988 (the year I was last on lines), 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. If we did a poll among the thousands who’ve left the CoS, I bet we’d fill up the calendar with the months, days and years we acted on our realization that the CoS wasn’t our cup of tea – or, for a few of us, when the CoS decided we weren’t its cup.

    It’s even more interesting to me what motivates people to leave the CoS when they do. Some leave when they’ve been badly injured. Some leave when they see others being injured by the Church, but can’t stop it. Some leave when they realize they simply don’t like the CoS vibe. Others when they find they can’t get the gains they’d once gotten or expected to receive. Some leave when they face or try to recover from financial ruin. Others are embarrassed by or disagree strongly with the Church’s political positions on social issues. For most of us, all these reasons and maybe some others figured into when we made our decision to walk out the door and not go back.

    One of the things that led me out that CoS door in 1988 and has kept me away ever since was the realization that I didn’t have to agree with anyone else to decide what to do when and with whom I must play. Since then I have built a tremendous capacity to exercise my rights as a free being. I have long been in charge of the work I do, whom I work for and with, whom I communicate with, what I agree to do with and for them, the contributions I agree to make, etc. Much is asked of me, and I deliver much. However, I contribute what I continue to agree to deliver.

    That doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t want “to be in community” with others – through friendships or family or groups. But I am leery as hell of those who want to tell me what to do about the spiritual side of life. I’ll cop to being once burned, twice shy. Heck, I’ll even cop to being many-times-burned and very, very shy.

    Maybe I’m just your basic free-range chicken kind of a Scientologist.

    The thing that has attracted me to this blog and that keeps me attracted to this community we are creating is the idea of being in communication with the Middle Path of Scientology. I am not the least bit interested in the Left Path or the Right Path.

    As those who need to know are aware, I have contributed to this Middle Path and will continue to do so. None of those contributions have required me to reveal my identity. Plus – and this is a really big deal to me – I don’t want to reveal my identity. And I won’t – unless, of course, I change my mind.

    Since I reserve to myself all the rights described above, I acknowledge that everyone else has the same rights – to their right, left, over-the-hill, or back-to-the-future paths of Scientology.

    My future calculations of what will or won’t work for me regarding Scientology may be uniquely mine.

    Finally, this message certainly isn’t aimed at Marty, who already knows this stuff about me. It’s just my personal declaration of independence offered to all who post, comment or lurk here.

    Just Me

    • And I’m glad you adopted me as your brother – warts and all.

    • Fellow Traveller

      Just Me, that was beautiful.

      I see a wonderful, tear jerker of a demonstration of a being at cause across all dynamics. That is necessarily a balancing act, and perhaps each of us has a different balancing act . Yours is a marvel to observe. And you can articulate it.

      Thank you for the privilege.
      Bruce Pratt

    • Just Me,

      Are you really only the second smartest being in the universe?

      Or does God count?

      Personally, I left when the group began demanding that I contribute more to its “reality” than the group was willing to contribute to my own. The situation became unbalanced. I could either lose myself and become effect, or lose the group.

      Bye, bye, group. Hello happiness.

      While reading your thoughts I kept wondering about the dynamics and elements by which groups attract and maintain membership. Which brings us back to this blog.

      I’ve noticed that some of my favorite Middle-Path Scientologists have either faded from the scene or disappeared completely. A recent post discussed Marty’s rise to prominence, taking over from ARS, Operation Clambake, and ESMB.

      Those of the middle path are attracted to truth. And understanding. And the capacity to change minds. We know that we are not always right. We know that our positions will change as new understanding comes our way. We respect the idea of others and grant others the right to hold those ideas. And if we believe those ideas are in error, we are comfortable presenting our views without trying to make that person wrong or in taking the position, “I know; you just plain fucking don’t.”

      My fear is that this blog will violate its successful actions as described in the last paragraph. Theta attracts theta. Unfortunately, theta also attracts entheta. And theta must bring understanding and KRC to bear in converting entheta to theta. Make wrongs, fixed ideas, harshness, and the ilk do not convert entheta to theta.

      Used to be I would go exterior reading the posts here. I still go exterior a lot. just not from what I see. Something has changed. Perhaps, someone wiser than I am might be able to put their finger on exactly what.

      I do realize that attacks are under way, directed at Marty and Mike and this group and its members. I wonder if internal attacks here against one another benefit anyone other than DM.

      We shall see how this plays out.

      We shall see.


      • I would suggest you fully grasp SOS and the complete body of PTS/SP tech for a complete understanding what is in the air.

      • Marty,

        The implication is that I do not.

        Raised eyebrow.

        Understanding a subject or the data in that subject does not automatically lead to identical application by two different beings. Two beings can equally understand how to build an engine; one chooses to build an engine for speed, the other for fuel economy. Application of data differs from knowing data.

        Each of us has his own viewpoint. Each of us assigns the importance we choose. Unlike Windhorse, I would cut someone in half if they threatened me or my family. But, I understand her position. And I respect her right to choose that position.

        Understanding a datum or series of data does not immediately suggest that one’s application will be faultless. Arrogance is certainly fun, but believing ourselves superior and without flaw is a pitfall.

        The biggest mistake any of us can make is to assume that we already know everything and therefore can learn nothing from anyone else. Even from those less blessed. The second biggest mistake is to assume that our positions need never be re-examined and modified.

        I could read SOS fifty times and learn something new each time. So, with that in mind, I could say, “Marty, you could learn something reading SOS.” And, if you had your study tech in, that would be true and you would learn something new.

        As for the PTS/SP tech: in my observations, it is both incomplete and badly misunderstood, thus misapplied. And, not only in the church. The subject is very broad and I’m sure LRH would have loved to have had time to explore it further.

        There are more things in heaven and earth, Marty, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

        Or, should I say, Horatio?

        One never do know do one?

        But, keep swinging.


  62. I live in the middle of nowhere. My neighbor, who owns a house not far from me, lives in NYC most of the time.

    He has met several well heeled and connected Scientologists still IN. We’ve talked a great deal about it.

    He just returned from a vacation in France – staying with outrageously wealthy friends.

    I’ve been telling my neighbor about RADICAL Scientology for a long time. And did again today.

    He now asks questions about RS versus LRH’s tech as he’s heard good things about LRH’s tech from those still in who were in FOR YEARS.

    Moral of the story — keep talking to your neighbors, anyone you can have a repeat conversation with about RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY — you never know who they may know. Never.

    And guess what … neither does dm and all the bots combined.

    And your neighbor WILL search the internet. And next time he speaks to his friends (who are in) he’ll bring up RS and real questions.

    The walls will come down NOT by us snipping each other nor ALL of us coming out … WHY?

    Those IN do NOT read the internet and I for one don’t know anyone else IN anymore. So we are effectively talking to the choir here (by and large) (which is fine, we act as a support group and people do read and learn)

    Instead I feel that the walls will come down by my comm lines outside Radical Scientology. THEY read the internet and they will continue to ask about RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY to those people they know who are in. And little cracks will form.

    RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY — it communicates. Never talk about the existing structure without saying RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY.

    This blog serves many purposes, one of which it keeps me informed about RS so that I can talk to others about it.


  63. beenroundlongtime

    This is a tricky thread to add to.

    I left the church in the mid-80s, after 16 years as both public and staff. I left for the same reasons many of you now are posting: secretative org activities, inexplicable alterations of the tech, abuse of staff, demonizing members who had legitimate doubts about what was happening at the time, demonizing Gerry Armstrong for airing his doubts about the validity of LRH’s biography, increasingly harsh ethics, the introduction of sec checks at the OT levels (as if OTs needed watching over more than those who’d yet to reach the “more able” levels)… and the list goes on.

    It’s true that Scientology and Dianetics were being delivered. It’s NOT true that public weren’t being harassed for donations in the $100,000 range for the IAS (I overhead too many reg cycles at Flag which were as off policy as they were enturbulating).

    So it’s not like all was well when some of you were still in. You had to turn a blind eye, just as I did…. right up until you couldn’t do it anymore. To your credit, you’re trying to correct what’s gone so horribly wrong within the church. That’s commendable. It doesn’t change the fact that those who are still in are turning the same blind eyes we’re so familiar with. I’d like to suggest it might be prudent to refer to them as staff, rather than as “bots”. No one is much persuaded to look more closely at things when they’re referred to in derogatory terms.

    There are many policies that apply here. You’ve done a good job of applying them, and reminding readers and posters of their existence.

    I am an admitted lurker. I have a very good reason for that, which involves the safety and well-being of a few people posting here — some with their real names, others still under the radar. To be called on the carpet for not “coming out” is a failure to apply useful LRH tech, since it serves to make one wrong (never a fun feeling) and if Scientology is as we’d all like it to be, it’s never used to make another wrong. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s generally an ethics cycle and, even then, there should be reasonably good indicators not long after the first ethics gradient is used.

    It would be nice to find this space less judgmental.

    • Thanks – thanks for your suggestion, but the thought of staff never once cross my mind in writing that post.

      • Many of those who are still “In” were staff for some time in the past, didn’t recieve the benefits of the Bridge they helped others to acquire, left staff and became public with the hope of now moving up the Bridge. In many cases those who were org or mission staff had little or no tech or admin training, but were mostly hatted for neccesity ( an admittable very inefficient system, but nevertheless used, as many execs had little or no hatting either). Many of those public who attempt to move up the Bridge in todays Scn. don’t have enough training prior to C of M or came on after the early 80’s, and so don’t spot the false or alterred data as they never had the true data to compare to. To lump all these beings, many of whom have a strong urge to help others and don’t realize the trap they’ve enterred as robots is a ‘thought stopper’ IMO (see ‘leaving Scientology for the background on thought stopping).
        Only 6 months ago I was what many of you would call a ‘BOT’. I worked as a contractor full time, I studied GAT 12 1/2 hours / week for several years. I had not had any of the heavy experiences described by Amy, Marc Headley, Jeff Hawkins and others, and knew very little about the uplines scenes. Not only was I not aware of this site, but I had very little ‘free’ time and had never read any Blogs of any kind, did not shop on the internet, nor do any banking or bill-paying via the net. I was puting any free time into my training and helping others as a volunteer minister. I don’t really care if others here look at all those still in as a lost cause, but I still care for many of my friends, who think they are doing what’s right. I think we still need people under the radar to spread the truth. Most of my comm lines in have been cut, though I still have a few I haven’t allowed to be severred.
        Mark Elliott

      • beenroundlongtime

        It was the phrase “well heeled bots” which led me to conclude you were referring to staff, albeit OSA and/or other annoyances.

        • –adjective Informal .
          well-off; rich. –
          The high-roller public putting up millions for the war chest.

    • beenround,
      In S.O.S., the Chart of Human Evaluation, the column on Reality, at 4.0 on the Tone Scale it says: “Search for diffferent viewpoints in order to broaden own reality. Changes reality.”
      This blog is such a wonderful opportunity for that.

  64. Regarding the general subject of the original post and how to address current enablers of RS, and also in regards to “lurkers” or “free riders” as the term is used below, I offer this copy and paste from Wiki (emphasis mine):

    “Culture theory

    “More recent strains of theory understand social movements through their cultures – collectively shared beliefs, ideologies, values and other meanings about the world. These include explorations into the “collective identities” and “collective action frames” of movements and movement organizations¿

    “Culture theory builds upon both the political process and resource-mobilization theories but extends them in two ways. First, it emphasizes the importance of movement culture. Second, it attempts to address the free-rider problem.

    “Both resource-mobilization theory and political process theory include a sense of injustice in their approaches. Culture theory brings this sense of injustice to the forefront of movement creation by arguing that, in order for social movements to successfully mobilize individuals, they must develop an injustice frame. An injustice frame is a collection of ideas and symbols that illustrate both how significant the problem is as well as what the movement can do to alleviate it.

    “A few things we know about injustice frames (from Ryan and Gamson 2006):

    * Facts take on their meaning by being embedded in frames, which render them relevant and significant or irrelevant and trivial.
    * People carry around multiple frames in their heads.
    * Successful reframing involves the ability to enter into the worldview of our adversaries.
    * All frames contain implicit or explicit appeals to moral principles.

    “In emphasizing the injustice frame, culture theory also addresses the free-rider problem. The free-rider problem refers to the idea that people will not be motivated to participate in a social movement that will use up their personal resources (e.g., time, money, etc.) if they can still receive the benefits without participating. In other words, if person X knows that movement Y is working to improve environmental conditions in his neighborhood, he is presented with a choice: join or not join the movement. If he believes the movement will succeed without him, he can avoid participation in the movement, save his resources, and still reap the benefits – this is free-riding. A significant problem for social movement theory has been to explain why people join movements if they believe the movement can/will succeed without their contribution. Culture theory argues that, in conjunction with social networks being an important contact tool, the injustice frame will provide the motivation for people to contribute to the movement.

    “Framing processes includes three separate components:

    * Diagnostic frame: the movement organization frames what is the problem or what they are critiquing
    * Prognostic frame: the movement organization frames what is the desirable solution to the problem
    * Motivational frame: the movement organization frames a “call to arms” by suggesting and encouraging that people take action to solve the problem”


    In summary, carry on. You are doing all of the above already.

  65. I’m a bit late on the chain of comments on this post, but I’d like to make one point about those who are in who won’t look. There is a sky-high goal of most scientologists – to get to OT, up the bridge, total freedom, however you want to express it. You think scn is the ONLY route to that goal. Therefore you refuse to look at ANYTHING that threatens that. I was done when I finally concluded for myself that my eternity was mine alone (there’s of course more detail to the buildup that resulted in that). AND THEN I WAS FREE!

  66. Something everyone may find interesting. If you go to the most popular site-ranking site out there,, and type in and Marty’s site, you’ll see that is ranked as the 30,000th most popular site in the US while Marty’s is ranked as about the 25,000th most popular site.

    The church can say whatever they want, so can VS or that Willie guy, but statistics show that more and more people agree with what Marty and the contributors to the blog are saying over the Church’s PR palaver.

    I mean, honestly, statistics show that this blog’s traffic goes up monthly while, even with the Church’s multi-millions of dollars in paid-online-advertisements, can’t seem to get more real traffic.

    • Quick clarification to UnluckyPatron’s post:

      The stats show that more and more people consider Marty’s blog worthy of clicking on and seeing what’s there. You can’t conclude they agree with what’s on the blog.

      One thing is certain though, is sure having an effect out there.

      • “You can’t conclude they agree with what’s on the blog.”

        Perhaps, but the alexa numbers also show that on average, people stay twice as long at Marty’s site than they do at the church’s site: 4+ mins with Marty’s site, and about 2 mins at the church site.

  67. There is one computation behind all this and it is in the definition of good:
    A good person wants to help The Church of Scientology by giving all he has for a higher cause… the 3rd dynamic, his group.

    That is what is considered now “good”. So they are helping you to be good and they are waiting to cash the money, because if you really do not have misunderstood that what it is expected to happen.

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