Lying in Miscavige’s $70 Million Bunker


Miscavige and his minions are painting themselves into the lower corner of the RTC bunker by virtue of being forced to make sworn representations; a slippery slope for a pack of liars.

Warren McShane swore out a complaint to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. A copy of the resultant Sheriff’s report was obtained by the Headleys’ lawyers and it was filed in their cases in support of their opposition to the church’s motion for summary judgment. A link to the document, along with the Church’s urgent motion to strike it from the record, is at the bottom of this report. Note in the motion that the church denies Warren made any such report to the Sheriff.

The complaint was filed based on a photo of Tom Cruise’s and David Miscavige’s motorcycles appearing on my blog. (words in italics are quotations from the official documents.)

Mr McShane handed me a colored copy of a digital photograph that had been posted on Mr. Rathbun’s web site on April 23, 2010. The site information is listed as follows:

Warren really did wonders for the church’s future tax exemption and for ongoing criminal investigations into his boss. He made it very clear to the Sheriff that the hundreds of hours of work performed on those personal bikes of his and Tom Cruise were “operations and projects of the Church of Scientology”:

It appears that much, if not all, the information and images contained in the two computers are proprietary in nature related to the internal operations and projects of the Church of Scientology.”

The projects and all the material, data, and images associated with these projects were described as not for public consumption, and proprietary to the Church of Scientology.”

Warren has undermined any future dead agent packs that try to attack JB’s credentials for future appearances:

JB was an employee of Religious Technology Center (RTC), which is under the supervision of Mr. McShane. JB did not have an official title within RTC, however, due to his tenure with the church and his unique skill set he was an integral part or the lead on many high profile internal church projects.”

Warren confirmed that all base personnel (with the exception of JB, and of course he is now gone) had no access to the internet absent restricting filters:

JB’s internet computer was different from other employees, in that it did not have any filters and JB could search the internet without restrictions.”

McShane swears to the Sheriff, that with the exception of JB – and of course he’s gone – no “church members/employees…enjoy…freedom of movement”:

On April 22, 2010 (Thursday) at approximately 0730 hours JB left the main facility driving his privately owned vehicle. It was not clear where he was going, or the nature of the trip, however it was not unusual for JB to come and go due to his work projects. His ability to come and go from the facility is in contrast to other church members/employees, who do not enjoy the same freedom of movement.”

McShane has established that RTC hired professionals to put my home and family under constant surveillance for an indefinite – but clearly lengthy, general – period of time. Hence it should go a long way in proving that RTC, Dave’s org, is utterly responsible for every invasion of privacy and harassment they have committed to date :

Mr. McShane told me RTC had previously contracted with a private security firm in the State of Texas, to monitor Mr. Rathbun’s activities.”

Now, a little back story before I continue. Miscavige told me on several occasions that there was one reason and one reason alone that Warren McShane remained in RTC after the 1987 take over. That is, “Warren is such a good liar, who else is going to handle RTC depositions and declarations?” Miscavige told McShane to his face that if it weren’t for his lying abilities he’d be busted to Gold to do MEST work the rest of his life.

Now, check this out:

According to Mr. McShane, JB was spotted by the security detail on April 24, 2010 meeting with Mr. Rathbun at a restaurant in the City of Ingleside, Texas.”

Interesting, since by April 24th JB had not even entered the state of Texas since his 22 April departure from the Int base. Obviously, JB had not set foot in the city of Ingleside, had not met with me and had not dined with me by April 24.

The security detail reported that at the conclusion of the meeting they followed JB to a “Best Western” motel in the City of Ingleside. The security detail called Mr. McShane and advised him of JB’s arrival and the meeting.”

JB never stayed at a motel in the city of Ingleside, ever – not to this day. JB never ventured within 22 miles of Ingleside by the time he was ambushed by Tommy Davis, Angie Blanenship, Laurance Barram Stumpke, and Bob Wright – which as we shall see McShane admitted to later.

Mr. McShane summoned (4) church members/employees who know JB the best and sent them to Texas to attempt to contact him and perhaps persuade him to return to the facility in Hemet, CA.”

According to Mr. McShane the four dispatched employees were able to contact JB in the lobby of the Best Western motel on April 26th or 27th 2010. The group tried to persuade JB to return with them. JB retreated to his room and refused to come out or speak with the group.” (For the record, Warren, it was 28 April)

That’s funny, Tommy Davis (Tommy, of course, needs no introduction as to his history and proclivity for lying) has told at least two reporters that I know of that the Texas Op never happened and he never set foot in Texas. Yet, he testified under oath (in the Headley case) that he went to Texas. But, he again lied claiming that he went there to fetch JB on his own determinism and specifically was not “summoned” by McShane (as McShane told the Sheriff), nor by his female “supervisor” nor Miscavige.

Q: Did your supervisor tell you to go see him?

A: No, she did not.

Q: So, why did you go to Texas to see John?

A: Because he is a very good friend of mine.

Q: So no one sent you to see Mr. Brousseau?

A: No.

And so, I suppose in aid of David Miscavige’s ongoing efforts to lose the church’s tax exemption, Tommy testified that the private jet charter (no doubt paid by the church) that sent 20 people to Texas was a wholly “personal affair.”

Q: And you were visiting him as part of your job duties for the Church of Scientology?

A: No, I was not.

Of course, McShane failed to mention the other sixteen people that accompanied Tommy, went to my home, blocking the street with four cars in order to prevent me from rescuing JB from Tommy’s gang of four. Let’s see what Tommy had to say about that under oath:

Q: And at the time that you were visiting Mr. Brousseau, is it true that there also were a number of vehicles that were sent to the home of Marty Rathbun?

A: I don’t know of anybody that sent them. Nobody sent anybody anywhere.

Now, back to more McShane lying.

There are three motorcycles parked in front of a fountain with the structure behind the fountain. Mr. McShane told me the motorcycles are privately owned by members of the church. According to Mr. McShane the photo was taken in 2005 by employee Yvonne Gonzalvez, using JB’s personal digital camera.”

The church’s lawyers raised a hue and cry that the report from which I quote could not possibly be publicly available because it could compromise an ongoing investigation. Well, I wonder whether these pricey legal Einsteins bothered to read the report. If they’d read it, they’d have found out why it couldn’t possibly be an “ongoing investigation”. The damn pictures in question were taken with JB’s personal camera as McShane himself acknowledges to the Sheriff.

I wonder whether those legal beagles thought through how they would ever explain to a judge that the “proprietary “products” that the church claims are in danger of duplication and undercut are a couple of custom motorcycles and a space age tanning booth produced with slave labor.

Not to mention the fact that everything JB took with him is relevant and credible evidence of felonies committed by David Miscavige.

The insertion of Gonzalvez was another McShane lie.

Finally, McShane had this to say to the investigators:

Mr McShane told me the structure in the digital image is the front of the RTC Administration building, located across the street from us.” (Note the present tense – indicating the Sheriff’s deputies taking the report were sitting across the street from Temple Miscavige while taking the report, no doubt being doted upon by Cathy Frasier and Muriel D).

And in the photo at issue – taken in 2005 – there is an RTC symbol etched in the expensive, bullet proof glass entrance to prove it is the RTC building. One little problem: Warren said “is”, not “was.” And thus, Warren accidentally told a truth.

Did you know that Jenny Linsen, and a host of other Miscavige insiders, supplied sworn declarations to the St Pete Times (the ones designed to bury Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht and I) claiming that the RTC 70 million dollar palace in question was never RTC, was never intended to be for RTC, but instead was always planned to be CSI’s HQ and has been since its construction? While ordering that perjury, Miscavige also ordered, and obtained compliance, that the 30 foot by 20 foot bullet proof glass over the front entrance be replaced. Why? To replace the multi-thousand dollar RTC symbol etched into the glass with a multi-thousand dollar etching of the CSI symbol. All done as part of his cover-up that he spent 70 million dollars for his own personal, 55,000 square foot office palace. All measures taken after I called him out on it.

It is the same building Miscavige and his personal staff occupy to this day.

You know what it is like to live a lie? You gotta remember the lie and all the subsequent cover up lies all the time so as not to get caught out in another lie. I reckon you all know that because you broke that cycle for good on Grade II and/or OT II.

Imagine for a moment the personal hell that Miscavige lives day in and day out. Not only does he live a lie and lies habitually, he orders his inner circle to lie continuously; and under oath. He even spends tens of thousands of dollars altering MEST to conform with his lies.

Memo to Warren, Jenny and Tommy:

I know that you had to learn to remorselessly lie to remain close to the top. It is a survival requirement. Regardless of the manner in which I have reported facts here, I want you to know that there are many people out here who will receive you with open arms and help you get rapidly onto your feet to live honest, productive, and happy lives. Scientology actually works. Clean hands actually do make a happy life.

Memo to Dave:

You have apparently fully accomplished what you are so fond of accusing others of, buying your own bullshit. You have surrounded yourself with liars you created and so your mocked up universe continues on its dwindling spiral unabated. But, don’t worry, your one source of accurate information on the true state of affairs concerning Scientology is still broadcasting daily strong and clear, Moving On Up A Little Higher.

One last word of advice, borrowed from Nas:

Use the two holes

above your nose

to see the truth yo.

full Sheriff’s report:  jbcomplainta

168 responses to “Lying in Miscavige’s $70 Million Bunker

  1. Tony DePhillips

    You have scary confront Marty!!

  2. Tony DePhillips

    Here is our youngest Indie!

  3. Memo to Marty:

    You rock.

    I dont know how DM actually lives with himself. I know if I had been given the task of heading Scientology in the world, I would not even think of spending one dime of parishoner’s money on luxory for myself. I would sell some books, or FSM, and enjoy that money for myself. When I think of what DM is doing, it makes me sad for the future of all those who are supporting what they think was LRH’s hand picked successor.

    You once alluded to DM perhaps going the way of Nero or Hitler…with a suddeness that would be shocking, rather than just leaving. Sometimes I see that as well. What would a man like DM do if he just found out he was just indicted for multiple felony counts of financial crimes? Would that be enough to send him into that final decision to “bail”?

    I have a feeling we will find out. As sad as that is to think about, I just dont see how he will survive what I think is coming.


  4. Wow. Regardless of whether or not he is lying, you have documented proof of the fact that most staff cannot come and go as they please, and that their Internet communications are cut. Also, that they send out the posse when someone misses a roll-call. I mean, really. Who does this?

    Is it illegal to prevent someone from leaving any facility, church or no? Except for prison, I can not see any legitimate reason to block the door for anyone to leave a place. Block entry, sure. But leave?

    When I was on staff at Flag and Pac, I never was restricted from “leaving the base.” Never. This was years ago.

  5. Martin Gibson

    Thats a big bowl of truth. I think DM is gonna have indigestion.

  6. Wow.



    Great job, Marty! It’s like boxing with a shadow, tracking deception and lies –exhausting– but you keep your integrity and lucid thought and have it spotlighted! There it is. Very well done, Marty. Very well done and Thank You.

    ☛ “Nobody sent anybody anywhere.” -Tommy Davis, the land of Generality

    (“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” -Mark Twain)


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  8. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “I suppose in aid of David Miscavige’s ongoing efforts to lose the church’s tax exemption”

    If DM did cause CoS to “lose” it’s tax exemption, that would be a HUGE win for everybody. Finally, CoS would be free from the dominance of the federal goverment. Finally, exchanging its sovereignty for a subordinate status would be over.

    501 incorporation was one the biggest mistakes the leadership made, and it drastically caused the suppression of Freedom. CoS sold out to the government and lost it’s soul.

    For the informed, the “tax exemption” was NOT a win whatsoever. It was a huge loss by submitting it’s sovereignty to the state. Clearly, DM had M.U.’s on FREEDOM and our American Constitution THEN, as he still does today.

    The IRS, of course, knows very well that it has no constitutional authority over the Church, and that it may not violate the First Amendment protection against government interference with the Church.

    A truly FREE unincorporated Church is not only exempt from taxation, it is IMMUNE from it.

    I had to bring this up because 501(3)(C) incorporation creates an UNfree Church that’s puts it under control by the government.

    How can that make a free group?

    Here’s more info about this …

    Of course, apply study tech. 🙂

  9. What a dangerous web of lies Miscavige is creating for himself … and those who do his bidding.

    Are these people even aware that lying in a sworn affidavit constitutes PERJURY? And committing perjury in the State of California is “punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three or four years.”

  10. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty. I’ve sent an URGENT hushmail message to you. Seperate from my statement here….
    Excellent work my friend (s).
    Hats off to you too – Warren McShane. You have done more good than bad for once. I am sorry to say though, I’d be surprized if you even get to see this post and all the responces to it as the second this post on Marty’s blog reaches David Miscavig’s eye balls, your breath will stop, the blood will drain from your head and you will pass out from the overwheling realization that your “counter efforts” or as Dave likes to call “The worst Suppressive Act committed against me in the history of Scientology” (the last one Yeager “committed a week ago) are unrecoverable and you will find yourself scrubbing bird shit from the roof top from the RTC Administrative building that dosen’t exist before today’s (Thursday) time stamp of 2pm.

    I am fairly certain though that the same crude crapping maching with the claer plastic bag, garden hose for showering and sledge hammers Dave Miscavige had purchased with Church Funds for Norman Starkey, Ray Mithoff, Hara O’Hare, Mike Sutter and untold others to use are still available for you to again use. Good for you these items/tools are well broken in making it easier for you. Not sure if Danny “Dunnitagain” Dunagin will be the one watching you this time as he seems to be tied up on the RPF or something.

    For those reading this that know, if there were EVER was shit storm to hit the Int Base, it has hit. I can not even fathom the bone chilling fear that is being issued by Executive Criminal David Miscavige. As a once loyal Base Staff Member you all know the feeling that runs through your bones once it has become abundantly clear to yourslef that YOU have fucked up on COB’s Lines and there is NOW WAY out of it.

    Well Warren McShane, please understand this…. I am here for YOU. I have a safe and sane place for you to rest your seriously weary soul….. Finally. Believe me Warren it is safe, you can hang with me ALL DAY long and enjoy life as much as I do. You can genuinely help people DAILY and have fun with it. It’s a great time to leave and begin a new life. We will watch the MLB PlayOff’s together, catch the beginning of NFL seson. Come see the Pacific Northwest change season’s from Summer to Fall…. The color’s are breathtaking !! My insurance to your complete safe beginning steps of rest and recovery is…. Imagine wow wonderful it would be to catch and fully docement David Miscavige using Church of Scientology International funds to fund PI’s to follow you and I around Portland and throughout this beautiful state of Oregon in a clean professional Tow Truck while we help people of society with vehicle problems for 10 hours a day. Oh yes, I do run police calls and it would be a bonus to have PI’s swarming around documenting you and I impounding a citizen’s vehilcle for a DUI violation, pulling vehicles from a house, or mayby from one of the many beautiful river’s which boldly run thorugh this city. We may even find ourselves recovering a vehicle wraped around a tree, hit by a train, or one that is blocking rush hour traffic as it ran out of gas in the nuber 1 lane of Interstae 5.

    As many people here would disagree with the possibility of anyone ever having any ammount of fun with you or for that matter ANY good times together with you, Warren you and I had MANY great times together. You were then and are now still a friend of mine, no matter how many searches we conducted, security – both covert and overt – operations we involved ourselves with over our joint years of service to CSI proper.

    You know my email accounts, you have my phone numbers. I am here waiting to help YOU whenever needed.


    — Jackson

  11. Ne Obliviscaris


    I’m starting to admire this monolithic organization that Miscavige and Co. have built for themselves. What a colossal cluster-fuck.

    With that in mind I would like to make a toast. As Mark Twain famously said:

    “May every liar be blessed with a good memory”.


  12. How you can follow this stuff is beyond me!

    But I’m sure glad you can.


  13. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    This site gives even more clarity about the C&S enslaving itself to the State.

    The Four 501c3 Myths

    “It’s impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government.” – Congressman George Hansen

  14. Hi Marty,

    the sheer volume of lies is incredible – and obvious. Even without having personal knowledge of the incidents described (in the meaning of “having been there myself”): e.g. Tommy Davis saying he was not sent or ordered to go to Texas is laughable. Then he’s never been in the Sea Org and doesn’t have to be “present or accounted for” and getting a day off or going on holiday must be a piece of cake. Well, that’s exactly how I (and probably every other SO member) remembers the time in the SO 🙂

    Over time I became an “in-depth reader” of your blog (not only reading your initial comm but all the comments it sparks off as well as documents linked). Maybe I am late but in the Headley Summary Judgment ( the judge repeatedly referred to a Reply Statement of Uncontroverted Facts submitted by RTC which I would like to read if you (and the Headley’s) want to and are allowed to post it.

  15. Is Tom Cruise so mentally impaired that he cannot see the parallels between
    the life he is leading, and the character he plated in Valkyrie? Or is he secretly harboring a death wish for DM? He has little credibility to lose at this point, although a public airing of his complicity in this would probably be more embarassing than anything else revealed up to this point.

  16. The plot thickens and Dm because smaller day by day .

  17. DM must have been saving up his rice and beans for a LONG time to afford his palace and custom bikes.

    This IS his Achille’s heel….keep hammering! He is just plain bananas over MEST.

    This sort of publicity must drive that psycho Miscavige WILD.

  18. This is the repeating pattern.
    The Leopard does not change his spots.

    1. Highly abusive, vicious violent conduct ~~ A history of violence, punishment, discipline, more punishment within the confines of INT base, DM lashing out physically, the madman at the helm creating a culture of violence

    2) The SO member flees or departs the Church.

    3) DM gets enraged. What will they whistleblow on DM ? What have they seen him DO at INT base ? Have they witnessed his beatings? Have they witnessed his sadistic punishments ?
    DM orders Warren McShane, Legal Director RTC to manufacture a CRIME, jazz it up, let’s nail the blown SO member.

    4) As in the story of JB , Mcshane calls Hemet Sheriff Department with the nonsense of JB STOLE “unauthorized removal of computer data” JB’s image of the motorbikes in his own camera !!! LOL
    …. and that JB committed vandalism. (JB’s extended of vandalism was snipping 2 SIM cards value $20 each)

    But look at the viciousness and vindictiveness. JB worked in the SO for some 40 years on a pittance. He leaves the INT Base because he has had enough.
    IMMEDIATELY DM gets Warren McShane to file false and ridiculous CRIMINAL charges on him, like he was a wanton common criminal.

    NOTE : DM’s cult feels it is HIGHLY suppressive to report the Church to Law enforcement. Yet they do it to their own ex members over and over and over. They use Law enforcement for their own dirty deeds.
    It’s not suppressive to turn in SO vets to law enforcement, it is only suppressive for SO vets to report crimes to law enforcement !!!!!!

    Witness the bogus hogwash charge of Marty and the death of his brother (filed in Southgate ~~ LA Suburb police station.)

    No warrant was ever issued on the bullshit charges filed on JB. Warren Mcshane has cried “Wolf!” too many times….

    Hemet Sheriff’s department has a HISTORY on INT BASE.
    Hemet Sheriff’s department were not born on banana boats.
    Hemet Sheriff’s department (Like other law enforcement agencies) have been inundated by literally 100s upon 100s of reports from Old Guard, from Anonymous, from Indies, of what goes on inside behind the guard gate.

    Hemet Sheriff have had to provide escort for fleeing SO members such as Jeff Walker, Jesse Prince, Marc Headley and others.
    Imagine any “CHURCH” that was so dangerous, so unconscionable, so vindictive, so abusive, that the fleeing staff member needed a POLICE ESCORT to leave !
    Has any reader on this site HEARD of a person exiting a “Church” needing a police ESCORT ?

    Again, I will repeat Hemet Sheriffs did not fall off the turnip truck. They are extremely savvy.
    They have read the OSA Network Orders on the web.
    Hemet Sheriffs understand the application of OSA Network #15.
    Hemet Sheriffs in anticipation of OSA infiltration have their own firewalls and compartmentalization of INT Base matters.
    There was a wonderful older female sergeant who looked over the Marc Headley report when he fled with Hemet Sheriff escort back in 2005.
    This older female sergeant has now passed away.
    BUT she KNEW a LOT of what went on at INT Base
    And she gave very explicit instructions that the Marc Headley police report be carefully filed for posterity.

    I will state one more thing.
    Warren Mcshane you ought to be able to see the expression on Hemet Sheriff’s faces when you call in another bogus trumped up piece of hogwash to protect your boss David Miscavige.

  19. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Here’s another extremely important white paper on this subject:

    501(C)3 RELIGION: Reemergence of the Divine Right of Kings

    Click to access 501c3-DRK-2col.pdf

    My fellow Scientologist friends, we were completey steered wrong in the opposite direction of Freedom by the bad/suppressive leadership of David Miscavage.

    Clearly, no serious scholarship was done before this oppressive decision was made to whore out our Church, Freedom of Religion, and separation of Church and State to the subjugation of government. As soon as that happened, there went Free Speech, and we lost our sovereignty.

    (Also, there went the fearless, Freedom Magazine I used to love because it used to tell and defend the truth about real issues all Americans face. It used to truly be about Freedom.)

  20. crashingupwards

    They will be welcome with open arms. Absolutely. Lets go OSA, RTC,etc. Lets wrap this up so the bottom is reached and Scientology can begin to rise from the ashes.

    You cannot continue to defend this mess of lies and suppression. ” The defense of anything is untenable.” Remember your training in Intel and PR. Its a loosing game.

    Lets start a winning game for everyone. As Bob Barker used to say; “come on down”. All can be made right.

  21. Well, this will be interesting.

  22. Damn!!
    Shit hit the fan.

  23. Watching Eyes

    I read this somewhere, maybe even on this blog. It came to mind while reading this.
    “If a person tells the truth, it becomes part of his past, but if a person tells a lie it becomes part of his future”

  24. More crimes!

    We want more crimes!!!

  25. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, it was from Kentucy basketball coach Rick Pitino.

  26. rory Medford

    Lie by lie the truth will come out!

    DM is burying himself and his followers one lie at a time.

    Keep exposing him for what he is: A LIAR and a FRAUD

    One day he might just wake up, smell the coffee and start applying REAL SCIENTOLOGY to his life and those around him.

    Until then…. The church will continue to crumble and slowly fade away into oblivion

    Keep on pouring out the truth, posting the truth and hopefully people will open their eyes and see what we have all seen

    TICK TOCK TICK TOCK its just a matter of time before the entire charades comes falling down

  27. martyrathbun09

    Jackson, M&M love you buddy.

  28. Is it even possible to serve DM with papers? How does that occur with so many layers of people between him and the world? Can someone be subpoenas as a witness without being served? I’ve never heard of DM having to testify or being deposed in recent history. I would like to hear his coughs and stammers when he lies like happened in his Ted Koppel interview re: certain questions about LRH.

    Apparently he’s not as good as Warren McShane unless he’s on stage talking to his own.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, if nobody but JB could come and go as they pleased, how did Tommy and three others – without order or authorization – charter a jet for fun in the South Texas sun?

  30. My God Tony, That was great! Definately an Indie.

  31. Ne Obliviscaris

    I have a question for you, David Miscavige.

    What is the definition of commission?


  32. Thanks for the latest update Marty.

    By the way, I captured film footage of the staff muster at the Int base this morning.

  33. Who cares about nice words? She’s gonna kick his ass!!! Poifect!

  34. Jackson, We definately need to do a phone call. Love, Sargio

  35. Excellent breakdown of truth, Marty.
    All the lies had my head spinning. No wonder people stay in confusion down below – they can’t ever get truth and they go on hoping and hoping and hoping.

  36. Marty, you are helping everybody find out where they really are!

  37. Fellow Traveller

    I salute you, you magnificent and magnanimous being.
    Bruce Pratt

  38. Attached to the above video is a re-enactment of the bombing of Hiroshhima. This is what Scientology is meant to handle the insanity leading to this. How can we possibly do that when we have insanity at the top of the org board. I do know there are pockets of sanity in the S.O. and these will have to be supported with admiration and appreciation. Not to mention any names but they are there. Members of the old guard who are still there applying LRH regardless of what anyone else is doing. We know who they are and we appreciate their continuance.

  39. Wow. It’s hard to keep up with all the lies. I may have to start a log.

    “Aberrated individuals use two distinct and very aberrated methods of controlling others. The first consists of forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship or support unless instant compliance take place. In other words, You do exactly what I say or I am no ally of yours”. This is outright domination. Additionally, it seeks by anger and outright criticism, accusation, and other mechanisms to pound another individual into submission by making him less. The second method might be called domination by nullification. This is covert and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted remains unsuspecting beyond the fact that that he knows he is very unhappy.” LRH Self Analysis- List 11 (old book)

    Question for OSA, GOLD, RTC personnel et all. Are you unhappy?

  40. Jackson: “For those reading this that know, if there were EVER was shit storm to hit the Int Base, it has hit. I can not even fathom the bone chilling fear that is being issued by Executive Criminal David Miscavige.”

    Ah, nothing like waking up to the words of someone who’s so personally aware of Miscavige’s self-created living nightmare. Thank you for this Jackson.

    Miscavige, you just keep supplying the nails to your own coffin, don’t you?

  41. Dave Miscaviage, et al….. is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. You can’t claim that Warren McShane is a liar, therefore you can’t believe what he says in this police report. If you walk that path, then all the other 30+ years worth of declarations by Warren McShane become null and void. So how many cases have legal declarations been made by Warren that helped the church? That is a lot of skeletons in the closet you don’t want to let out!

    Eventually the truth will prevail, it always does whether you want it to or not!

  42. Karen. Your comments are always so spot on. The “ethics” file at the Hemet police department is getting larger all the time. DM’s actions are being recorded by a real police department.

  43. Marty,
    The truth is a beautiful thing. Brilliant.
    Karen # 1. Another awesome, kick-ass post!

    You know, they’re up there on the fault line. Maybe the Gods will offer up a second earthquake today, and really keep things lively! As it is, I”m sure someone is hidding under a table as I type. I personally think he will run.

    Here is a pretty good clarification of “summary judgement” which I found online if anyone need more info.

    A procedural device used during civil litigation to promptly and expeditiously dispose of a case without a trial. It is used when there is no dispute as to the material facts of the case and a party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.

    Any party may move for summary judgment; it is not uncommon for both parties to seek it. A judge may also determine on her own initiative that summary judgment is appropriate. Unlike with pretrial motions to dismiss, information such as affidavits, interrogatories, depositions, and admissions may be considered on a motion for summary judgment. Any evidence that would be admissible at trial under the rules of evidence may support a motion for summary judgment. Usually a court will hold oral arguments on a summary judgment motion, although it may decide the motion on the parties’ briefs and supporting documentation alone.

    The purpose of summary judgment is to avoid unnecessary trials. It may also simplify a trial, as when partial summary judgment dispenses with certain issues or claims. For example, a court might grant partial summary judgment in a personal injury case on the issue of liability. A trial would still be necessary to determine the amount of damages.

    Two criteria must be met before summary judgment may be properly granted: (1) there must be no genuine issues of material fact, and (2) the movant must be entitled to judgment as a matter of law. A genuine issue implies that certain facts are disputed. Usually a party opposing summary judgment must introduce evidence that contradicts the moving party’s version of the facts. Moreover, the facts in dispute must be central to the case; irrelevant or minor factual disputes will not defeat a motion for summary judgment. Finally, the law as applied to the undisputed facts of the case must mandate judgment for the moving party. Summary judgment does not mean that a judge decides which side would prevail at trial, nor does a judge determine the credibility of witnesses. Rather, it is used when no factual questions exist for a judge or jury to decide.

    The moving party has the initial burden to show that summary judgment is proper even if the moving party would not have the burden of proof at trial. The court generally examines the evidence presented with the motion in the light most favorable to the opposing party. Where the opposing party will bear the burden of proof at trial, the moving party may obtain summary judgment by showing that the opposing party has no evidence or that its evidence is insufficient to meet its burden at trial.

    Jurisdictions vary in their requirements for opposing a summary judgment motion. Federal rule of civil procedure 56 governs the applicability of summary judgment in federal proceedings, and each state has its own rules. In some states it is sufficient if the party opposing the motion merely calls the court’s attention to inconsistencies in the pleadings and the movant’s evidence without introducing further evidence. This approach rarely results in a court’s granting summary judgment. On the other hand, other jurisdictions, including federal courts, do not permit a party opposing summary judgment to rest on the pleadings alone. Once the movant has met the initial burden of showing the absence of a genuine issue of material fact, the burden shifts to the opposing party to introduce evidence to contradict the movant’s allegations.

  44. “When you have a problem, if you tell the truth, the problem becomes part of your past. If you lie, it becomes part of your future.”

  45. Nothin’ like a nice cool Jackson on a warm summer’s day. Ahhhhhhh…

  46. Excellent point, Karen, about DM’s crew calling the police/sheriff so soon. Policy is to work through Scn justice procedures before calling authorities. God knows, I had to wade through WISE Charter Committee hell before I could even think of suing a former partner for ripping me off. Even then, the Charter Committee seems to rule for the highest donor – but I digress.

    First, there was no evidence that JB left the church. He quit his job. Big difference. He “blew” his post – okay. Blowing a post is serious, but it is not an immediate leaving of the church. So, to call in the authorities at this stage is premature = squirrel admin. Sure, JB “may” have had some unauthorized files, but there is no real evidence of that. He probably just copied some personal files (such has his personal pictures, as we know 😉 from the computer. Of course, in his position, he could have been thinking of Ron’s advice in the Bolivar policy.

    JB cutting his SIM cards was a stroke of brilliance. By the way, they are essentially free, not $20, so there is no real material cost here. But, cutting them keeps anyone else from using his account info and then attributing the calls and activity to him. He essentially closed the phone account without hope of reopening, thereby preventing fabrication of “evidence.” It also shreds the name list and messages on the card, which is also good security practice. In fact, I would say that JB’s actions were consistent with someone quitting a job, not committing a crime.

    So, where are the standard Scn Justice procedures? Where is the Comm Ev? The B of I? Why jump the gun and call the cops? Because standard Scientology seems to have been abandoned by those entrusted to safeguard it.

  47. Felicitas Foster

    Thanks Marty,
    great catch on all the details.

    Yes, if you tell the truth you are in a state of peace of mind – you can observe and look at what is in front of you. If you lie so much you need all your attention units to hold all the details in place so you wont be caught lying.

    What a freedom to live with the truth – what a poor live if you have to live with so many lies.


  48. FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been screaming about that for years, mainly to no avail, as I have attempted to bring various church pastors up to speed on that issue … a church is an EXCEPTION to the tax codes WITHOUT incorporation. Once incorporated, a church begs for the privilege of exemption after exchanging its right.

    But you are only circling around the rabbit hole here, and it goes pretty deep. For instance … the income tax … truthfully, it only applies to a small handful of limited situations, such as being a government “employee”, being an “employee” of a federally owned corporation, non resident aliens deriving an income from within the US, residing abroad with foreign earned income under protection of the US flag. If you are working a regular job in the private sector in any of the 50 united States, you are not engaged in a taxable activity, EXCEPT that you make it that way via participation in Social Security, using an SSN on a form W-4. The slave enumeration bureau at admits that the SSN is voluntary, not required to live or work in the US, and the IRS admits that form W-4 is voluntary. Fill out a W-4 and use an SSN and you have made yourself a federal employee for tax purposes. It is the private sector that does the dirty work of the govt. by insisting on SSN use BY CORPORATE POLICY and not any law.

    But the rabbit hole goes far, far, far deeper than that! To get a glimpse of how far down the rabbit hole goes, check out and view the video “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” by Robert Arthur Menard. There are other videos on that site as well, see “Bursting” first. A simple video, but you may want to see it several times thru because the concepts may be totally new to you.


  49. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    ROFLMAO Hahhahahaha!! Now that’s intention! She’s a cutie and you will have to show her this video when she’s older.

    1. Being interviewed by mommy = Cute

    2. Answering mommy’s questions = Precious

    3. Originating that you’re gonna kick DM’s ass = Totally Priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  50. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” -Mark Twain

    That’s my favorite quote. I wonder what Mr. Twain would have thought of Mr. Rathbun? Or the rest of the Indies and Outies (real SPs and such)?

  51. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You lied under oath. So easy to prove, too. Why are you willing to go to prison to cover up for Miscavige and the crimes being committed by your organization?

    It’s not “saving Scientology” to do this!

    You were a good kid with a gung-ho purpose to help people. And now you’re in way too deep because you chose to defame the whistle-blowers, commit perjury and cover up CRIMES being committed against humanity.

    Anne Archer – SHAME on you for allowing your son to go down with the sinking ship. And Tom Cruise, I’m afraid your “best friend” has been lying to you and using you for far too long now. Anyone supporting him is an accomplice in my books.

    Best advise would be to get out and tell the authorities the truth about what goes on. That’s the only way you can truly help yourself and others.

    (Marty, you don’t have to post this if you don’t want – it’s just killing me that they somehow think they’re “protecting their religion” when it’s completely the opposite!)

  52. Jim, Well said brother!

  53. My hat is off to you girl! I would expect no less from the only surviving LRH trained Class XII C/S in Scientology. Your observations are a breath of fresh air. They are communicated with ‘no emotion’, and very In TRs. Just natural the way any Trained person would communicate.

  54. (the Jetsons’ dog:)”R-uht-R-Oh, Mr. Ravey McRavage”, looks like you
    rgot”, ‘a number of force vectors traveling in a number of different directions’, LRH,UPC 11. The more correct data Marty and others put here the more aligned particles and thoughts become, awareness in the field IS rising.

  55. Yes, and it’s some post he has this Warren:
    “Hey Warren, what are you doing these days?”
    “I work for Miscavige, pretty important stuff, RTC and important stuff like that.”
    “Ok, so what is your job?”
    “I’m a liar, and my stats are up again this week!”
    “You’re a liar?”
    “Yes, but I’m off post right now so that is the truth right there.”

  56. Fellow Traveller

    Truly, truly pinch me material.

    Bruce Pratt

  57. Fellow Traveller

    Marty — my hat’s off to you for your interlocking or overlapping triangles on this. Your KRC and ARC — well, WOW!
    Thank you.

  58. OK, I’ve cleaned off the computer, the carpet, my shirt and the cat following reading this one. I’ve come back to it, read it again, the full reports, the whole works.

    Soooo, JB takes an unannounced trip. Prior to the sojourn he seems to have finished his cycles. He’s got what he needs, left what he doesn’t and there you go.

    Apparently, aside from what cannot possibly be determined by any known methods forensic,(i.e., the ‘scrubbed com-poo-ters), there is a photo, one referred to by the ‘victim’ (DM) as ‘proprietary to the Church of Scientology’ which was admitted by said victiom to have been taken on a personal camera, owned personally that is, and one might argue ‘proprietarily’, by John Romeo Brousseau.

    Said photo is acknowledged by the victim to be of subjects that have been described by this same victim thusly: “The projects and all the material, data, and images associated with these projects were described as not for public consumption, and proprietary to the Church of Scientology.”

    This statement, recorded officially by the ‘purported’ Sheriff’s office of the locality in which these ‘projects’ were committed, er, performed, is then apparently introduced into the record of a civil case between another and the ‘victim’ (DM). Upon which the ‘victim’ here (DM) and the ‘victim’ there (DM) says he objects to his victimhood in one case being used in a case involving his victimhood that isn’t the same case, of victimhood.

    Now, apparently, evidence of ‘excess benefits’, taken on an acknowledged privately owned and operated camera, is ‘inadmissable’, since, since…now what was that again? Oh, yes, since these excess benefits “are proprietary in nature related to the internal operations and projects of the Church of Scientology.”

    I’m no lawyer but, doesn’t that mean some sort of officially recorded statement, hence laws of perjury and such are entwined, by the ‘victim’ in all these cases (DM) is actually an open admission, estopped from being taken back lest one be considered a perjurer, that said excess benefits DO exist, in excess, and to the personal and direct benefit of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige.

    Again, I’m not a lawyer but, isn’t that kind of a wringer for those ‘pecs’ to be tied up in? Don’t the falsely sworn affadavits of Jenny et al, provided to the St. Pete Times, all official-like, and sworn, on penalty of perjury and so on and so forth, contradict the official (well, as DM has said ‘purported’) Sheriff’s documents?

    Am I tracking with all this or do I need to get a hold of a copper handle and discharge this from my aura?

  59. Oh, forgot one thing. The ‘scrubbed’ com-poo-ters. It seems, according to a purported official report by a purported Sheriff taken from a purported RTC President, that these said com-poo-ters (said because they apparently contained some very interesting shit/poo) are described, purportedly thusly:
    “It appears that much, if not all” the data on them was “proprietary in nature related to the internal operations and projects of the Church of Scientology”.

    Well, I guess at some point we’ll find out how much was ‘much’ and how much was ‘not all’, under this rubric of ‘internal operations and projects’ of the Church of Mescavige, er Scientology, and that would be RTC, purportedly too, I guess. Maybe there is evidentiary data, of excess benefits, personal use and advantage type stuff. Maybe, with all this conflicting ‘affadavit’ stuff it may take a forensic expert, appointed by say, the IRS, to determine the extent of excess.

    Hey, I dunno. It seems kind of complicated to me. I guess truth will sort of lay out the lies. I’m sure Dan Sherman can help with that.

  60. Jackson – my brother with a different mother, very wise words and generosity!

    It’s incredible that this whole dog and pony show started with a picture worth a thousand words! Sure reminds me of Watergate, other-gates and the most damaging were the cover-ups and lies exposed! Especially the Criminal of the Board and this COB thong!

  61. Thanks guys for presenting this information.

    I think that people should become more informed about the history of the evolution of The Federal Reserve and income tax. Aaron Russo’s documentary is a good start. An Independent Scientologist assisted in making the film.

    G. Edward Griffin is briefly in a CCHR film. He has a great book out about the history. (…and many of these researchers are also aware of the 9/11 cover-up.)

  62. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Your OT Intention is so on purpose and focused. You do yourself and LRH proud, dear friend!

    Thank you!

    Gary 🙂

  63. Watching Eyes

    You make some very good points. I have a couple questions.
    1. Do “ordinary” churches have 501c3 status or if I’m reading your comment correctly, it’s not needed, right?
    2. Then what was all the fanfare about when the C of S got it’s tax exempt status? In my limited understanding I thought it was so people could deduct from their taxes any money paid for services. But even at the time when I read that booklet the church gave out explaining it, it seemed to me that the church was essentially agreeing to make itself a sub-agent of the IRS. Now that was weird.

  64. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you Penny! The legalese can get confusing not being a lawyer and such. It’s good to be able to give us a road map as such to help us digest the goings on of the law and DM’s BS.

    Marty has done an absolutely courageous job and if he’s an even better auditor – Wow have we got a good one here!!!

    Is this group getting T/A action on these matters or what?!!!!!!!


  65. Virgil Samms

    Jim, can you imagine the amount of poo-poo mouth language from DM on those computers? The Sheriff is probably having late night cokes with his men reading DMs foul mouth comms going “Oh – here’s a good one. Miscaviage called one of his executives a “Shit-eating pencil dick… aw man, I can’t read any more, too gross.” His men laugh.

    ML Tom

  66. Tommy Davies is the biggest liar. It would seem that all these people that are telling fibs would start to think that they are being set up to take a fall. Just look how they turned on Marty and Mike. how did it all go down. Oh right, when Marty and mike were in they were the evil ones out of control and not obeying orders. Poor little DM had no idea what they were doing. When he found out he made it right by busting them.

    Tommy and Crew can’t you see that this is the exact same thing that David Miscavige is doing to you and that it is only a matter of time till your number is up? David Miscavige seems like the kind of man that would grab a small child and use them as cover to aviod being hit himself. 1. Please David if you are going to be a leader at least act like one, take some responsibility for your actions. 2. Pretty please all you “followers” follow that vioce in the back of your head that keeps telling you that something is up. Because something is up and your neck will be next on the long list of chopping block victims. You have the power to stop the insanity and do the right thing.

    I for one pledge to help anyone that decides to “do the right thing.” and at the risk for talking for the group I would be willing to bet that the majority of people here are willing to do the same.

    One last thing to all the people that are lying for their leader ask yourself would he do the same thing for you? If you dare to confront that one fact then you know the right thing to do.

    My good thoughts are with you and know that there are people that will not hold your past actions against you.


  67. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Jim, You absolutely have me laughing so hard that I’m dumbfounded as to how you do it!

    “This statement, recorded officially by the ‘purported’ Sheriff’s office of the locality in which these ‘projects’ were committed, er, performed, is then apparently introduced into the record of a civil case between another and the ‘victim’ (DM). Upon which the ‘victim’ here (DM) and the ‘victim’ there (DM) says he objects to his victimhood in one case being used in a case involving his victimhood that isn’t the same case, of victimhood. ”

    If I had to go to court some time I would want you for my lawyer. If nothing else just to see the expressions on everyone in court when you give your “summations”!!!


  68. It's me again

    Holly Smokes!! This is like reading an Al Copone and his crime syndicate, the Capones, story . The names have been changed to Miscavige and the Miscaviges. As history as proven, these types of stories never end well.

  69. Jackson: One of the most genuine and kindest persons you could ever meet. Love ya brother man!

  70. Thought Provoking

    Your compassionate words to a fallen friend and unconditional forgiveness have that refreshing ring of Scientology to me! What a great ring it is.

  71. Amy: Glad you posted about Anne Archer.

    I’m working on the back channels — on getting info to Ms. Archer. It won’t be coming from me, but from a friend of mine, non-scientologist but is well educated now on Radical Scientology.

    Anne has friends in the Hamptons – my friend has her friends in the Hamptons.

    What do people in the Hamptons do for fun? Gossip.

    What’s better than Radical Scientology to get the party going.


  72. Karen, Love!

  73. wow when Iread that I’m just in awe. I can’t believe it,
    so we have been fooled ?

  74. Tara, And maybe WHO they are.

  75. Thought Provoking

    Thank you for continuing to issue summary reports of DMs criminal activities. So much has been covered in the blogs over the past year and a half that it can be hard for newcomers to understand the PATTERN of criminality that has been going on for decades. As more and more people “look” they will see that they are not dealing with a bunch of nattery SPs but with some very brave OTs no longer willing to be SILENCED and are reporting abuses of long duration, despite personal danger.

  76. Observable data.

  77. What a bright darling!!

  78. Gary, one of mine, too! Makes it possible and fine to be “sudden” from the state of no fabricated machinations 🙂
    Hmmm, maybe this is what he would’ve said:
    “Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

  79. Jim,

    “It appears that much, if not all” the data on them was “proprietary in nature related to the internal operations and projects of the Church of Scientology”.

    This is the view taken for a long time. In the mid to late ’90s, had a standalone desktop computer and printer personally bought and put together by working at the staff canteen and getting bonuses on my own time. This was so that I could menu plan, print menus for the day for viewing, come up with recipes and new dishes, work out & keep track of nutrition in terms of calories, proteins, carbos and fats for the meals and the day, printed daily and kept as a log. James Perry also provided me with a stand alone laptop & printer which was not connected to the web, owned by Incomm in order to do this “on the road”. I kept the laptop and my desktop data synched.

    Also used it for daily BPs, stats, reports, logistics, internal memos and all the admin required.

    When I left in 2001 – left the laptop and my Nextel in the org car. My personal desktop had it’s main and backup hard drives removed from it -outright theft – rendering it completely useless, without any operating system which from my viewpoint is theft of my own intellectual properties and creations. Perhaps having foie gras (fresh duck liver), rack of lamb and Chilean Sea Bass as opposed to rice and beans is totally secret!

  80. Never read such a funny thread !

  81. Watching Eyes,

    I will try to answer that. Corporate status is not required for tax purposes, because a church is an EXCEPTION to the tax codes PRIOR to incorporation. Upon taking on corporate status, the corporation, a legal fiction entity created via state granted privilege, is NOT an exception to the tax codes, is, as an entity, a creature of privilege, and must beg or apply for a grant of tax EXEMPTION from the state.

    The Cof$ incorporated early on, and did have a grant of exemption for years until it was revoked. It then had two choices … unwind its corporate status or fight as a corporate entity for its grant of exemption. There are problems with unwinding a not for profit corporate entity regarding disposal of the property. Cof$ chose to maintain its corporate status and fight for exemption, which they eventually won.


  82. one of those who see

    Love this! I hope Warren sees it somehow.

  83. I can’t imagine. I can’t confront Marty’s confront.

  84. one of those who see

    Hi Ann,
    Well done on posting a very appropriate quote!

  85. Prior to getting tax exempt status IF you claimed Scn. deductions on your tax return — good friggin luck. And if you mentioned Scn. you were going to get an audit.

    It wasn’t recognized AS a charity nor a church so you couldn’t claim it AS SUCH.

    IF you claimed it as an educational expense — well, fingers crossed you didn’t get an audit. IF you did — good luck proving it AS AN educational expense.

    So — you were not “really” fooled.

    HOWEVER, in getting Church status – how much did the church have to promise to play IRS agent to it’s members. Hmmm — remember, when not filing taxes became an ethics offense etc etc

    Before that — who knew and who cared.


  86. Karen # 1, spot on lucid assessment.
    “Has any reader on this site HEARD of a person exiting a “Church” needing a police ESCORT ?”
    No. In fact, the Cult operation is the exact opposite and inverse, a real Church is where people flee TO, a real church offers shelter from the storm and sanctuary.

  87. Here’s a good ice-breaker —

    Did you know that scientologists are not allowed to masturbate?

    That’s always good for an interesting discussion – in fact, a friend (non-scientologist) said — is that Radical Scientology belief or Hubbard?

    He’s learnin’


  88. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Watching Eyes,

    Please refer to

    Answers are there. Most Scientologists were/are dupped.

    Now the CoS is essentially a compliance officer for the SP organization called the IRS. CoS went PTS to the IRS and went off the rails.

    Anybody else remember when ‘Freedom Magazine” used to write about the IRS and expose their BIG-TIME overts? Did the IRS stop being an SP organization? Why did the CoS turn around and CONNECT to a KNOWN SP?

    Before that was a time when staff could be much more open and honest, and FREE. Once CoS became a State-Church, by getting a license (5013c corporate status), that was the end of Freedom for CoS to honestly speak out.

    As a 5013c corporation, an incorporated State-Church cannot influence legislation. It is a perfect covert way to silence churches under the guise of “corporate protection” from the State. There went the Church’s Freedom of Speech.

    What was played out as a “big win” at the event was actually a (unrealized at the time) HUGE mistake and a LOSS for scientology, and humankind for that matter.

  89. Jimbo you have literally out done yourself in explaining this legal stuff/BS! You had me rolling on the floor laughing! Jan

  90. To each and every reader:

    I just wanted to add something I thought of while gardening that has to do with this blog. It’s a bit off topic, but also undercuts all topics. Every now and then a poster will state that “It’s Marty’s blog,” which is true. Marty owns this blog. However, the success of this blog will depend on each of us deciding to be co-owners. It is not just Marty’s blog. Not just Marty’s ownership.

    The reasoning goes back to CCH’s. Communication, control and havingness. When you are communicating you are exerting a bit of control which leads to havingness. Each of your communications adds to the havingness of the blog. If this blog were totally dependent on Marty’s ownership, the havingness would be diminished. As would the communication and the control we exert, not only here, but outside.

    For you to exert KRC on the environment, you have to postulate a bit of ownership of that environment. When you are sharing your thoughts, you are adding your ownership to the group’s havingness. And to your own. Others are adding to your havingness. Which, along side cognitions, explains to some degree the case gain individuals get reading this blog. Reading the blog increases havingness–sometimes.

    And it isn’t simply what Marty has written. It is the contributions of the members which provides the havingness. And the insights.

    But, you can’t relinquish control to Marty by saying, “Oh, he owns the blog.” Doing that reduces your responsibility and your control. And, I think that the purpose here is to increase knowledge, responsibility and control. Not as a vague idea, but as an actuality, where each of us goes out and brings about changes.

    And bringing about change is much easier when you assume ownership.


  91. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Thanks. I’m thankful to be in good company. 🙂 Awesome stuff you said too!

    One may also like this latest book written on the subject of the income tax, “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths.”

    It is authored by Dave Champion, an extremely brilliant and brave thetan in the tax honesty and Freedom movement.

  92. Speaking of COB’s Thong Sinar, I wonder if there were any ‘images’ on the com-poo-ter?

  93. Marty, thanks for your blog pointing out these McShane’s and others’ lies and the strategic implications of those lies. Thanks also for posting the sheriff’s department report. It’s important information, as well has having significant entertainment value.

    Karen #1, thanks for your strong analysis and the context into which you continue to place the lies and crimes that are being revealed.

    But most of all — to JB — thank you so much for leaving that abomination of a pseudo-religious compound where you used to work. Thank you for having the skills and the courage and the very large gonads it must have taken to look, observe, compare, change your mind, and take decisive action.

    And, by the way, thanks for the pix, too — loved ’em!

    Just Me

  94. Dear Jackson,

    Great post. Many new readers do not know that you were a former Security Chief on INT Base and you saw it all. I liked that you said “Where is Heber Jentzsch?” Heber has no voice. I DO. I will speak up for the 450 or so INT BASE captives under complete lockdown. Heber is 75 years old and is not even permitted to have his own cell phone.

    Another poster said it so beautifully ~~

    QUOTE :
    When you get to the point of allowing someone else dictate what, when and how to: eat, sleep, maintain health care, handle finances, choose a spouse, raise family, socialize, educate, raise or keep pets, clean, choose a career, organize, do maintenance and repairs, drive, shop, speak, read, write, view, think, and believe,

    The question arises: Do YOU really still exist? Even caged prisoners can still read, write, think and believe at their own discretion. The moment you allow another to decide what you believe, YOU slowly begin to disappear. ”
    END of QUOTE
    The Int base captives/prisoners have no power of choice of anything.
    What time they wake up, where they walk to, what kind of lockdown they are in, no cell phones, no internet, no ability to call 911 to escape.
    How the hell in 2010 can one abusive tyrant keep hundreds of people in lockdown on American soil with no ability to walk past the guard gate ?

  95. Jim, You see real good. Don’t do the copper thing. Please.

  96. Dear Dean, Penny, Gary, Grasshopper, Pericles, Sarge, Karen, Veritas, Tom Gallagher, Joe Pendleton ~~
    Thank you for blogging back….well received.

    Here is Marty’s current United States visits rating.
    Traffic Rank in US
    Here is the Church Stat for US hits (hundreds of sites all crossed linked to raise the stat)
    United States Flag 31,887
    Traffic Rank in US

    Source : Alexa


  97. V, I think Mr. Clemens would be proud to have said that.

  98. I feel like we are a group of friends who get together at Marty’s place to discuss things. Like the way the guys who were at the formative stages of the American Revolution leading to independence from England used to meet up at the tavern to talk.

  99. dfb,

    Oddly enough, I think several of the people gathered here are the exact same ones from that Revolution. That revolution and merging of souls was no accident. And neither is this.


  100. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I feel the same way, too. I’m so thankful to be able to be here amongst whom I consider my true, sincere, caring, and VERY able OT friends here.

    What a relief to see the bright and shiny light on truth here on this blog!

    Thank you Marty for creating a safe environment here for us scientologists. I very much appreciate you (and, of course, everybody else here).

  101. What Just me said.
    Marty, Karen, Jackson, Marc and JB – you all rock!!!
    Warren McShane – keep right on fashioning that noose in a workmanlike manner.

  102. Watching Eyes

    Thanks for clearing this up. Looks like a Faustian bargain if there ever was one.

  103. Karen, I wonder if we could get Amnesty International involved in freeing the people held without human rights.

  104. And Capone got busted on tax violations. DM could very well also be busted for tax violations.

  105. OnceUponaTime, I believe you may be right. This all does feel very familiar, like we’ve been in this exact same place before. I also feel that I know you guys even though I’ve not seen your faces.
    What that means I dont know, but it’s there.

  106. Wayne Froemke, you got it right man!

  107. (i.e. A lower number is better — ranking #1 is best, etc.)

  108. You are so wise. It is true, they are defending David Miscavige who is a corrupted coup leader, and is in it only for money.
    Tommy is now a cinical robot. MacShane has lost his mind, and is a pathological liar as is DM.
    I feel sorry for Tom Cruise, who is being used.
    Karma will catch with DM. Just wait.

  109. Hi Just Me,

    I can speak to JB’s character. His skills and courage and I won’t speak about his gonads,lol, are only succeeded by his generosity.

    If I had to depend on one person in a worst case scenario, I would want it to be JB. Incredible thetan he is.


  110. All for the $$$$ as usual. Thanks for the links.
    “The incorporated church, in particular, is placed directly under government jurisdiction and control.
    It is primarily attorneys (and certain CPAs) who are responsible for the deception, aiding and abetting the government’s fraud. They have a vested interest in doing so, as the need by licensed churches for “licensed professionals” has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.”

  111. Jackson, you’re like a big teddy bear & I just want to give you a big hug!

  112. LoL 😉

  113. Now that’s smart!

  114. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, my own answer to your question “How in the hell……..?” is that people continue to say “yes” and “OK.” It won’t change much until people start saying “no” and/or start picking up lead pipes and using them. In my own case, if you read my post on Marty’s last post and what I experienced – I took a long look at what happened to me and realized that it was ME sitting in the chair agreeing to continue to inflow what I was inflowing. And so I decided I would not go back in and participate in that activity….I would not agree to “be there and communicate” any longer in that venue, and thus take more responsibility for my own agreements as to what was happening “to me.” Nothing justifies the overts that the other commits of course. And nothing makes what is happening to Heber OK (AT ALL!!). I don’t know Heber. I just remember him from as far back as 1972 when he used to come to my org with his guitar to put on shows and I am certainly aware of his great contributions. So I am going to say with all due respect to a great man, Heber said “yes” to Miscavige and aided him for too long a time.

    I know it was much, MUCH easier for me as a public to not come back in the org when I had a place to live in and money in the bank. As compared to a life long SO member. I have friends who have been in the SO for a very long time. But I also have friends who decided after a few years not to continue to say “yes” and left.

    The conditions you express at Int Base also exist to a large degree for SO members in the PAC area of LA, as well. Frankly, those conditions MOCK the words “total freedom.” Lincoln said that slavery justified the world calling us hypocrites when we talked about equality for all in the Declaration of Independence. And that we needed to live up to those words. If “Scientology” cannot trust its highest order of staff to come and go by themselves, have freedom to make phone calls or evaluate the information on the internet, why would the world give us any credibility as to what LRH tech can do for people? (despite our own knowledge of our own great personal gains).

    When people didn’t stand up and walk out of the 1982 San Francisco Mission Holders Conference when Miscavige started threatening people with expulsion, Scientology as a movement started rolling downhill, and I don’t mean picking up speed towards the goal line.

    HOW we can get more and more Scientologists, SO and non-SO, to stop saying “yes” would be a very valuable discussion.

    Abraham Lincoln, our great 16th President said (to Congress) “The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor to the latest generations. We, even we here, hold the power and bear the responsibility”

    And so we do.

  115. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, one more thing.

    Yours posts, coming from who you are, what you know, and what you have accomplished, carry tremendous credibility and impact.

    I just wanted to say…thank you.

  116. Once~You are exactly right. My own KRC has risen tremendously since taking and giving here.

  117. Hear that David Miscavige, Children want to kick your ass. your repiutation is toast.

    You are a Joke and Tom Cruise is the punchline (Or punchbag ?)

  118. I second that! All of it.
    As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.

  119. Just in case the photo in question gets lost, guess what, it’s posted also somewhere else and gets visited too. And little Dave can’t do anything about it!!!!

  120. Great post Dylan! Thanks.

  121. You are quite right Michael. We are co-creating this blog. I think when someone says “It’s Marty’s blog”, it’s often in response to natter that Marty won’t allow just any old garbage to be posted.
    It’s like a party at his house. All who attend are co-creators of the event and all take responsibility for how it goes, and everyone is welcome as long as we try to make a positive contribution and help make it fun for all.
    But since it is Marty’s house, he can and does set a standard, a line we ought not to cross. One of us can make himself unwelcome at the party. One then suffers the natural and logical consequence of having his unwelcome behavior pointed out to him. This gives him the chance to change his behavior and be welcome again.
    This is in fact the proper, non-punitive, and well-judged use of Ethics.
    It benefits everyone, including the person who gets “corrected”.
    I for one am very glad to have it here.

  122. Felicitas Foster

    @ Jim Logan
    LOL!! I like you humor.

  123. DFB-

    Where’s that bar wench with my tankard of hard cider?

  124. martyrathbun09

    Its a shack

  125. As far as I understand all this, there are really two layers to the tax-exemptions.

    The first layer is taxes paid by the organization itself. A profit making organization must pay tax on its profits. A non-profit organization does not pay tax on any profits derived from its non-profit purpose. It still pays tax on any non-related business income. As an example, an educational instituation will not pay tax on any of its tuition as that is income related to its non-profit purpose. But if it runs a restaurant which makes profits, then it pays tax on that income because selling food is not an educational activity.

    Even without a religious aspect, Scientology organizations would have qualified as tax-exempt if they could demonstrate that they offered educational services. But the key to the non-profit status is that no individual or individuals can be paid profits. Individuals who work for the organization as staff can be paid wages but not profits. Profits must roll back into the organization and never inure to an individual or individuals.

    The second layer has to do with donations made to a non-profit by individuals. Certain donations that are made are tax-deductible by the individual making the donation from their own personal tax return.

    The first is tax exemption for the organization. The second is tax-deductible donations by the donor.

    Where it gets weird for Scientology organizations is to do with the proportional pay plan, which can be regarded as a profit sharing system, therefore inuring to individuals. As well, funds paid to individuals, such as LRH, that are not salaries but direct payments of surplus funds can be regarded as payment of profits to an individual.

    Tax deductible donations are considered to be deductible if the individual does not personally benefit from the donation that was made.

    Take a fund-raising dinner as an example. The tax-deductible portion of the donation made for attending the dinner is the amount that exceeds the cost of the dinner itself. So a $250 plate dinner would result in a tax deductible amount of $230, because the dinner costed $20.

    The IRS grants these two layers of tax exemption and tax deductible status of donations based on a series of IRS tax codes. Its very complex as are all the tax laws. Typically, a qualifying non-profit applies for a ruling on income that falls into a “gray” area, and on tax-deductible items that fall into a “gray” area.

    The bottom line on non-profits is: 1. Do any of the profits inure to an individual? 2. Is the non-profit’s purpose clearly operating outside of the scope of profit-making endeavors — i.e. does not compete with profit making businesses in the same field. So public welfare, education, public art galleries, etc. that serve the public are generally approved. i.e. you can’t just set up a non-profit company for the purpose of making cars. It competes with profit making entities and does not serve the general public. Or in the case of a religion, serves the spiritual or religious purpose.

    A religion that pays profits to its leadership or its staff or its members is in a totally gray area, especially if it offers services that could be seen to be offered in the profit sector. Churches do pay pay tax on any non-related business income they generate. It has nothing to do with religion.

    Scientology is utterly unique on the scene. The auditing is intended to address spiritual travail and potentiality. Yet it is delivered to a specific individual, who pays for the auditing he/she will receive.

    The key to the tax exemption was establishing that Scientology is not competing with profit making businesses but is delivering services that are essential to spiritual beliefs / benefits only.

    Secondarily, for individuals to deduct the monies paid for auditing and training, the “doctrine of exchange” had to be introduced. i.e. that an individual cannot experience spiritual “enlightenment” from auditing unless adequate exchange is maintained.

    Most of this has nothing to do with the rights of religions. It has to do with religions colliding with business profit making activities in unfair competition.

    i.e. a Christian Church cannot just set up a restaurant and make money with it, claiming that the profits go to the Church and therefore are exempt. They are running a restaurant business, which has to do with serving people food, and that is not their primary purpose. But if they run a soup kitchen which gives away food to the poor or needy, then obviously they are doing something that a business would not do because it is not profitable.

  126. David from England

    Off-topic but I wonder whether anyone here can help me on this. My understanding is that LRH was quite ill towards the end of his life. My minimal reading of Scientology and these blogs would indicate that he was PTS to somebody. An obvious somebody would be Miscavige. Did that ever show up in his auditing?

  127. David from England

    BTW, have nearly finished Self-Analysis. What an amazing book. I have never felt thought so real as I have when undergoing the processes.

  128. And I believe that earlier revolution for liberty was really won before any actual fighting began because the revolution was in the ideas. Once the colonists got a taste of liberty and the heady ideas of the revolution, they could not go back.

    “A person’s mind stretched to a new idea can never return to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Our revolution has occurred. The physical universe has a bit of a comm lag, but it is catching up every day. I have an image of a big, old dirty city crumbling apart with beautful flowers popping up in every crack.

  129. When do Scientologists take responsibility for ousting David Miscavige?
    You can have all of the reasons why it cannot be done, or, you can do it. Use the law in a methodical way. There are no magical ways do it.

    Church Executive Magazine is a place to begin:
    The Legal Section:

    “Excess benefit transactions will lead to excise taxes
    Posted by Contributor LEADERSHIP Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

    “By Karen Kirchman

    “Publicity regarding churches and ministries has fueled many questions about ministry expenses and the use of ministry assets for personal benefit that could be grounds for excise taxes resulting from excess benefit transactions. These excise taxes are reported and paid by the individual who received the excess benefits, not the church or ministry. However, in abusive cases the Internal Revenue Code allows for the exempt organization’s status to be revoked.

    “Effective March 28, 2008, the IRS issued final regulations to clarify the requirements to retain tax exemption under 501(c)(3) and how this relates to excise taxes imposed under Internal Revenue Code Section 4958. Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations cannot be organized or operated for the benefit of a private interest, such as designated individuals or their families or the organization’s creators. Code Section 4958 imposes excise taxes when excess economic benefits are provided to disqualified persons in a public charity. The final regulations illustrate the requirement that the exempt organization serve a public interest, prohibiting private benefit through excess benefit transactions…”

    Party on Dave. Enjoy it while it lasts.


  130. Maria,

    In order to get a handle on the tax issue, and learn what the situation really is, you need to read the Dave Champion book,
    Income Tax: Shattering The Myths, available at
    And yes, Wayne, I have an autographed copy of that book … just to let you know … I have been listening to Dave Champion since 2003, and Dave read my letter on the air 23-Mar-10 listen in at minute 44, he read my letter regarding Obamacare.

    Anyways, Maria … the question you need to ask yourself is how liability for the tax is incurred in the first place. According to the nine learned orangutans that play with their toy hammers while wearing long black nightgowns … the income tax is an excise tax, that is, a tax on privilege. It is only MEASURED by the income derived FROM the privilege. This goes back to the Brushaber decision of 1916 which found the tax to be within Constitutional bounds. In otherwords … if you fish in your own fishing hole, the one that you own, you can catch all the fish that you want. If you fish in somebody elses fishing hole, they can charge you for the privilege.

    Corporate entities are legal fictions created by grant of govt. privilege and are therefore taxable, whereas flesh and blood human beings are not, and are NOT the subject of the tax UNLESS they engage in activity that is a granted privilege and therefore taxable. Unincorporated assemblies are NOT the subject of the tax … that is the natural status of a church. Incorporate at church and obtain a taxpayer ID number and right has been relinquished and privilege has been accepted. BUT … some corporate entities are granted tax exemption, and some corporate entities are flow thru entities for tax liability purposes, such as LLC’s. It is possible to structure your affairs as to not incur liability … use an LLC which is owned by a unincorporated business trust organization and the tax liability disappears. The UBO is a non taxpayer, the LLC provides a corporate EIN to the anal retentitves you do business with who insist upon a number, even though none is required by law.

    Anyways, read Dave Champion’s book.


  131. This is from an Anonorange comment on a Heber video posted on youtube:

    “Mr. Heber C. Jentzsch (75) is now officially listed on the California Department of Justice Missing Person Database, as missing. Likewise, he is also listed on the Federal Missing Persons Database.
    Michelle Dianne Miscavige (49) has also been added to both databases and actively searched by law enforcement.
    The LAPD has opened a missing persons case for both as well.
    I would like to thank the Twin Peaks Sheriff Lieutenant, Mr. Rick Ells for his valiant efforts”

  132. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  133. Dark And Light Wizard

    Sin, Corruption! What next will Wizard hear of “Blito-P3” According to my dusty Wizard archive facsimilies, it was Thor/Moses incarnation whom from a position atop of a sand dune lashed the city of Sodom. Unfortunately one person fast approaching the sand dune where old lightening boots was, took a direct hit and became “stone”
    Wizard wishes to hear no more this weekend about Blito-p3


  134. “Independence forever.”

    John Adams, last public words as a toast for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1826

  135. Cult members from the controversial church of scientology lying their ass off – what else is new?

  136. Wasn’t there a poster on this blog who revealed he offered you a spacious dwelling ? And you were fine with the place you allready had .

  137. I just love reading home-spun theories on the IRS and taxes. The funny thing is I’ve never met someone who has looked deep into the tax system and concluded “Oh my gosh, we actaully should be paying more taxes.” The conclusion is always that taxes are voluntary and so on.

    The IRS has compiled a comprehensive response to all the whacky theories. If you want to consider some actual facts, (with actual case law citations!) check this out:

    If you want to live in a fantasyland that runs completely counter to established law and reality that’s fine. See you in tax court.

    The irony is that revoking the COS’s tax exemption is high on the list of critics. The ability of the COS to use its religious status through the State Department against other countries, as a shelter against employment laws, and in general the PR value to create the impression of a religion rather than a self-help business was massive. I believe a COS without the tax exemption will go from merely shrinking to actually disappearing.

  138. Well done on SA David from England. Are you doing the lists?

  139. Maria-

    You’ve got a lot of this right. While I’m not an accountant, let me just add a few things:

    People can make money in non profits. It’s not a gray area at all. For example, the head of university can make a nice salary (I think some presidents are now close to the $1 million mark). The faculty and staff can get paid well too. The big issue is whether the payments are excessive and unreasonable. Such was the case a few years ago with the head of the United Way.

    Yes, a non profit can get taxed if it operates an unrelated business (in fact the tax has its own name: UBIT as in Unrelated Business Income Tax). I don’t know if anything prevents a non profit from engaging in for profit activities, but my experience is they tend to stay in the non-profit realm.

    There can be for-profit and non-profit businesses doing the same thing. Higher education is one example. The University of Arizona is non profit. The University of Phoenix is for profit.

    The biggest issue for the COS, pre the exemption, was that the Supreme Court had looked at the COS and concluded it was a for-profit business rather than a non-profit entity set up for charitible purposes. (Hernandez v. Commissioner). That is why the 1993 tax exemption appears “suspect” to a lot of people.

  140. Hello David from England. Awesome on your reading and doing Self Analysis. Doing the SA lists was one of the highlights of my life, and I think that most people here would agree. Welcome to the journey!

    LRH was sick in his later life. I personally don’t know exactly what the details were, but I know a contributing factor was the fact that he spent a good chunk of his life researching Scientology and acting as a guinea pig for the rejected techniques as well as the workable techniques. In other words, the research was hard. Also, running this crew of reprobates was hard too! He was in his seventies. It is not unusual for a man in his seventies to die.

    But, being as you are starting your journey, let me tell you something: It is not important how LRH died in the overall scheme of things. What is important is that you picked up Self Analysis, read it, applied it, and had success and wins with it. THAT is incredibly important. That is what matters.

    Carry on, man, and have fun! You’ll soon see why everyone here is so passionate about the subject.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Your last paragraph is bullshit Brendon.

  142. This website is exploding with highest ever comments recently.

  143. Marty-

    Well if it was bullshit it was unintentional, which maybe qualifies it as simply incorrect. It has been a long time since I’ve read Hernandez. Its focus was on the deductibility of auditing payments. They held they were a quid pro quo, as like one would find in a business transaction rather than a charitible gift transaction. That was overturned by the 1993 agreement.

    So yes, although it underlies the decision, the focus wasn’t on the Church itself and its corporate status. You are right there and I was too quick to drop that in without a little review first.

    Or maybe the bullshit call was about something else in the paragraph that escapes me. Any clarification welcomed. (Not sure where this response is going to drop in the thread.)

    LOGIC- Data Series 2

    “There are 5 primary ways for a relay of information or a situation to become illogical:

    1. Omit a fact.
    2. Change sequence of events
    3. Drop out time
    4. Add a falsehood
    5. Alter Importance”

    Warren McShane, how illogical you are!

  145. Jesse Prince

    Reading this Blog always puts a big smile on my face : ) ! I invite anyone that reads here to join me on facebook!

    Jesse Prince

  146. Fellow Traveller

    Very well stated, Grasshopper.
    Bruce Pratt masquerading at the moment as Master Po

  147. Marty-
    The information contained in your latest blog has been forwarded to a trusted friend at the Los Angeles Times. I am formally asking him to look into this latest revelation, as told by the President of the RTC.
    ‘Keep up the insights, the truth will be told.

  148. I have some upset about the “churchification” of Scientology. Let us start with the Scientology cross. It almost seems like someone told Ron that he had to find a symbol somewhere, so he pulled one off Crowley’s tarot deck as a protest. I think Ron was told that he HAD to make Scientology into a religion, but he didn’t like the idea. Later on, he had to justify why he had done it. I’m sure it seemed necessary at the time. I don’t have to remind anyone here that any bad reputation of Scientology stems from out-tech, and no “religious” label can fix that. Also, some countries like India and others forbid religious proselyting. The “church” label impairs expansion here.

  149. martyrathbun09

    You got it.

  150. David from England

    Yes I am. Marty knows my background – by the Church’s standards I should be antagonistic towards everything Scientological. On the contrary, I think the work is extraordinary. It’s such a shame that the organisation is hell-bent on frightening people off.

    What do I do next?

  151. Ooops! Sorry, I forgot! It’s not a house, it’s a shack. The party is at Marty’s shack.

    I stand corrected!

    Ya’ll come!

  152. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Pete Sagi,

    It’s so endearing to see a fellow scientologist fully in present time regarding the complete truth about the income tax. Well done!

    And your right Pete, the correct solution for everybody concerned about this matter is to read Dave Champion’s book, and all questions will be CLEARLY answered so there’s no more confusion on this subject.

    I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. Finally, there is a totally sane book on the subject!

  153. You remain and always will be my very own Sir Augustus Jackson, gentleman extraordinaire, friend to all, slave to none.

    You rock darlin’!

  154. “Sin, Corruption!…Wizard wishes to hear no more this weekend …”

    Well turn off your computer then.

    I certainly don’t feel that way. I am delighted to read information about DM’s sin and corruption whether it’s over the weekend or during the week.

    But maybe you’re right. Maybe the release of data should be slowed down and we can instead discuss the other message you wished to communicate. You talked about a bystander being turned to stone because he or she came close to the person destroying the sin and corruption.

    Slow down the release of information and stay away from the people doing the exposing!

    Thanks Wizard. You’re a big help…

  155. Its not what the IRS says, its what the nine learned orangutans with toy hammers wearing long black nightgowns say. The IRS is the past master of using weasel words … legal terms that have a special meaning on the one hand and a common dictionary definition on the other. If there is one place where study tech applies the most, it is the IRS codes. Their weasel words include “terms” (look up that one, too) such as “taxpayer”, “individual”, “person”, “wages”, “salary”, “commission”,
    “income”, etc. They use their weasel words in their debunking, hoping you will assume dictionary definitions. So while it is true that “All taxpayers should know that their wages are the subject of the tax” it is also true that a Citizen of any of the several united States may receive remuneration for services he or she renders in the private sector without incurring any liability for income tax whatsoever.

    And don’t accuse me of doing the weasel thing, and/or looking for “loopholes”. It is the IRS that does that … the “loophole” is that they can do anything they want once you volunteer yourself into their jurisdiction, usually by use of a socialist slavestate number.


  156. I for one pledge to help anyone that decides to “do the right thing.” and at the risk for talking for the group I would be willing to bet that the majority of people here are willing to do the same.


  157. Sharon:

    You have no idea just exactly how bad it is to have perennial loose cannon serial fuckup AnonOrange involved in our affairs in even the slightest degree.

    Michael A. Hobson

  158. I for one pledge to help anyone that decides to “do the right thing.” and at the risk for talking for the group I would be willing to bet that the majority of people here are willing to do the same.

    Yes we are
    We work for LRH
    (had my e-mail address wrong on earlier post)

  159. That’s great, David. Well done 🙂

    What other books have you read? Handbook for Preclears is also a very practical book. It fits nicely after doing SA, imho. Give it a whirl and let us know how you get on.

    Do well,

  160. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Right on Pete Saga!,

    It amazes me how the majority of the population has gotten literally enslaved (physically, with extra work) by just the misduplication of words which have specific legal meanings.

    If they only looked up the words you mentioned, in the legal sense, they could become FREE from State enslavement.

    I highly commend you for knowing your stuff and paying close attention to the important details … even one’s such as “Citizen of any of the several united States”. I’m impressed! 🙂

    Keep spreading the truth, my friend. Of all people on Earth, scientologists (if they’re applying study tech) should be the most aware about the IRS 1.1 play on the definitions of typically common words.

  161. Wayne,

    Just to let you know … I am a FORMER Scientologist, not a current one, not an indie, not a freezoner. Nevertheless, I support what Marty Rathbun is doing here, providing a forum for those who would like to practice the applied religious philosophy of Scientology
    outside of the command and control system of the Cof$.

    Regarding Dave Champion … glad to see you are a supporter, regardless of his stand on Scientology, which was negative. Dave, nevertheless, is someone who regardless of personal feelings on Scientology would defend your right to practice as long as you didn’t infringe anyone else’s rights.

    That said … I’d like to be in comm with you off of this forum, my email is and cell phone is (314)580-9885
    There is material beyond the Dave Champion stuff that I’d like to put you onto, see what you think. Also, I believe I have identified the key pressure point in “the system” to strike and the means of landing a “Dim Mak” strike, would like to get your opinion, so email or fone.

    BTW, from what I have read … it is now impossible for someone to be in good standing with the Cof$ and be a non taxpayer, it is a sec check item to go onto any higher service. LRH personally hated the IRS worse than even I do (or did at one point, mainly they are not the enemy … the IRS is not “Agent Smith” … the IRS is just a collection of “squiddies” or “Sentinels”, mindless search and destroy robots) whereas DM has cozied up to them. Interesting.

    Anyways, fone or email.


  162. martyrathbun09

    “Agent Smith” is the Art Series 8 for the ideal RTC staff member.

  163. Every time I see the name Tommy Davis I want to punch something. Of all the characters in this sordid tale he disgusts me most

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