Scott Campbell and the Ring of Fire

I mentioned recently that I don’t believe any of us will truly make it until we travel through the valley of the shadow of death alone.  Scott is one of those special individuals who has done so and has greatly enhanced my life by sharing his experience with me.  Please read his words carefully and contemplate them.  In my opinion they are worthy of our thoughts.

Scott during his early days in the Sea Org


“Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics.” — LRH

To me, stories like Jorge Arroyo’s and Valeska’s bespeak the “slavish obedience” that can be brought about by the use of Black Dianetics. It should serve to warn us against the dangers of indoctrination and mass hypnosis inherent in any secretive group.

Only fully indoctrinated “true believers” can be subject to this type of treatment for long without objecting. Oh, we may rationalize it away with protestations about “wanting to help” and such, but in the end, let’s face it, we became the hypnotized members of a cult.

I too was witness and subject to the same type of treatment as Jorge and Valeska in the Sea Org. Although now it seems that it has been cranked up to a ridiculous level of intensity to ensure “obedience”.

It was when I started to question and protest the goings on at the ship that I was torpedoed with a healthy dose of Black Dianetics.

I wasn’t very obedient, so someone determined that I was to be driven insane.

Keep in mind that Black Dianetics only works on people who are fully indoctrinated into a belief system. That was me. I was fully committed to solving any problem in Scientology in order to ensure it’s expansion, that was my goal.

The goal of Black Dianetics in bringing about insanity is to turn the person’s stable datums upside down, thus shocking him into a “highly suggestible” state.

The operator then continues to give the subject data about highly upsetting, unsolvable problems that are occurring in PT. As the subject attempts to communicate with the operator about solving the apparent PTP’s, the operator is all the while insisting that there is no solution.

During this “Solve the GPM” phase of the operation, the operator is sprinkling the comm with phrases like, “You don’t understand, (the problem) it goes back too far”.

Upon further questioning by the subject, the problem goes “back, back, way back” and “deeper, deeper, much deeper” etc. This serves to drive the highly suggestible subject deeper into and further back on the track and deeper into a hypnotic state.

And he is just left there…

It works just like LRH says it does.

Later, (possible paraphrase) “A familiar sound, a dog barks, a horn honks, and off he goes…”

I know from first hand experience. It was done to me.

But you know what? After I was fully “into” this induced psychotic break, I was secretly glad.

I knew it was my way out. And it was. Grim details of the road out to come.

I, like many of you, came to Scientology looking for solutions to my problems.

Soon, I trusted that those problems would be handled in due course, and joining a group that was helping people like this seemed like a good idea. So I joined the S.O.

To me, the fact that my experience in the Sea Org has been so similar to others’ experiences illustrates the reason why Scientology cannot be trusted in the hands of the few, or the one.

The independent movement is the right handling. The institutional church is becoming increasingly marginalized. We are just witnessing the attendant phenomena of its death throes.

In reference to an earlier post, the fact that Scientologists are being bonded and “briefed” on data taken from other Scientologists PC folders, Life History and Ethics files necessitates that we prepare ourselves for this tactic. It is also clear that we are being labeled as members of “anonymous” in order to create a negative association or force us to “out” ourselves.

OK, I’ll bite. I am not anonymous.

My name is Scott Campbell. I have been a Scientologist since 1984. I was in the Sea Org from 1985 to 1994, first on the Ship Project before purchasing the ship, then as a crew member on board the ship after that.

My wife Karry and I were in the Sea Org on the Freewinds together from the beginning. We have been married for 24 years and have 2 wonderful daughters.

Scott recently with Charlie Tuna

We have been living a lie by promoting and defending the righteousness of the church of Scientology and the Sea Org to our friends and family (despite all evidence to the contrary) for 25 years.

By the way, it would seem to me that anyone agreeing to such bonding and briefing would be able to be named as an accessory in a lawsuit to any violation of “Priest/Penitent” privileged information rules.

Note to Scientologists getting briefed: Sure does seem like a lot of SP’s are around these days, doesn’t it? Far more than two and a half percent!

None of us “asked for” or deserves this type of treatment. No one does.

If man truly is “basically good” then he deserves to be helped – not harmed. By using these tactics, David Miscavige and anyone under his orders in the Church of Scientology are harming all of us.

Go ahead, vilify me. Tell everyone how bad I am. Hurt me. Hurt my family. I deserve it. Don’t I?


Scott Campbell

Ne Obliviscaris (“Forget Not”)
The motto of the Campbell Clan.

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  1. Thank you Scott and Welcome!

    Trey & Nicci

  2. Dear Scott,

    Thank you for standing tall and coming out. You have one of the more incredible stories of what occurred at FREEWINDS and Arizona. Please do tell the story. You have a captive audience.

    Bravo Scott ! You set a good example…….

  3. Hi Scott,
    there are none so blind that will not see.
    You saw, you conquered.
    Well done.

  4. Welcome to the “out” side, Scott! Excellent choice of song to include at the end of your posting. John McGinley once told me about a time he was on watch on the bridge of the Apollo, ’round ’bout midnight when the Old Man came in. At some point during that visit to the Apollo’s bridge, LRH sang “Ring of Fire”. Whenever I hear that song, I always think of that story.

  5. I was in PAC when you were sent there.

    I remember what happened.

    Even at the time, being in the SO, I agonized over the nightmare they were putting you through.

    I heard your screams.

  6. Your finned friend looks very tasty! Blessed are the troublemakers …

  7. Your story is very familiar to me. Interesting how the most feared state (insanity) becomes the salvation and solution to the prison of Radical Scientology.

    I have often worried that those friends of mine, still involved will either commit suicide or go insane — finding themselves homeless or worse — before we are able to get word to them.

    Thank you for your strength, for finding your way back through the valley of
    the shadow of death.

    Once you’ve stared at death – it becomes a friend.

    Having a strong friend, such as you, to help others find their way out, is truly a blessing.


  8. Welcome Scott. I have enjoyed your posts as NE.
    Now give us the dirty details of your story;)

  9. Scott Campbell mentions JORGE
    A Mexican Amigo.
    Jorge hung himself to death on Freewinds
    after the ABUSE he received.
    Marty did a Memoriam on him

  10. Scott, good to see you and good to see that you are in good health. I was the CO ITO when you were in PAC. I was also the Mission I/C of the original Maiden Voyage.

    Thanks for standing up and being counted. Your a good man.

    ML Tom

    ML Tom


    Graeat story Scott and if I remember well you became an auditor for the ship too…well welcome back we receive you with open arms…. and you are right it seems that the 2.5 percentage is growing…..of SP’s… for good!!

  12. Scott, welcome to the outside. You’ll find it’s actually safer than the inside. And I am so glad I can now just call you Scott. It’s a great name. When I received my Black Dianetics and went psychotic, some people told me they did it on purpose, and for several years I refused to believe them, until people started contacting me, with the same story of yours. . Thank you so much for coming out in the public, your story will be helping people you don’t even know now… But the light of truth cleanses away the darkness. Thank you for making the darkness a whole lot smaller. Welcome!!
    nancy many

  13. Your humble servant

    Wow, Ne Obliviscaris! I have read your thoughtful and incisive posts with great interest since I began reading this blog last May. I looked it up and found the translation, “Never Forget!”, which even strikes me as even a little more forceful than, “Forget Not!” but who am I to quibble with the Motto of the Campbell clan? Anyway, thank you for your open communication. It is very good to hear from you, and I am sure we are all eager to hear more!

  14. I’m curious Victoria. Why would you be interesting in the “dirty details of his story?” or characterize them that way?

    Scott said he would provide the “grim details of the road out” — trust me, if he is even remotely graphic in what he experienced while IN the throws of a purposely induced psychotic break, you’ll start having nightmares.

    Grim details — hopefully you have a strong stomach for horror.


  15. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome to freedom Scott!!
    Thanks for stepping up!

  16. Hello, Scott! Welcome to the OUT side, bright side of the road.

    That’s a good looking tuna, and you shine!

  17. Scott, Welcome to those who don’t have a need to hide anymore. We’ll hang in here and help any who need it as they work their way to the light. It sounds like you went through a lot of cr*p. I’m glad you made it out tyhe other side.

  18. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Unfortunately, this is an area where (as has been said before) we must travel through the valley of the shadow of death on our own.

    You made it Scott! VWD!

    So how is the official Church of Scientology following this?

    “If we do ANYTHING ELSE but raise their self determinism … if we do ANYTHING ELSE but better their control of their environment, as a spirit, we FAIL. Flatly.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, “The Hope of Man”, (Minute 21:21)

    BTW, has anybody looked up the word “self determination” in a dictionary lately? There are even manipulations going on in the definitions with the meaning totally gone. 1984 stuff. FYI, the one dictionary (of the very few) who’s got it right is the Webster’s New World College Dictionary (Fourth Edition).

  19. Scott, My god now I have to write another story. Very well done my friend.
    Hey, I got an idea…..feed Charlie mayonaise…call Starkist!

  20. Scott

    I have so often enjoyed your posts that yesterday I was away from my computer and my thoughts turned to the mystery, “Who is Ne Obliviscaris?” I wondered if I knew you … Now I can see that you are an old comrade from the Troublemaker Clan. It’s good to see your face!

    When you’re ready I will be sitting here, waiting to hear your story.


  21. Dear Scott,

    Thank you for being here with us and communicating the truth. I am very glad to know you and your family are safe and doing well.
    Keep it up my friend.

  22. The stories of the crimes committed by this sociopath are getting worse and worse. I do hope that all of you are able to get some type of law enforcement to understand that human beings are being tortured! This story saddens me so much. It is great to hear your family made it through this mess. My thoughts and prayers are with those still in and those who have suffered at the hands of this sadistic madman!

  23. Dearest Scott
    A heartfelt congratulations and THANK YOU for speaking up.
    It’s good to put a face to ‘Ne’ whom I have enjoyed getting to know on the blogs. I liked ‘Ne’ very much, but I like Scott much more 🙂
    Very well done for keeping your wife and children close to you. That in itself is a Herculean feat. I may not have lost my sanity to the church but I did lose two men I once loved very much and a huge piece of my soul. The church stole something from each and every one of us that was painful beyond the loss of mere money. By your actions you are making it very clear that you, like the rest of us here, fully intend to take it back!

  24. Ron Matlock
    Just caught your declaration on the last blog. Well done to you too and kudos for getting your wife’s permission first (smart man!)

  25. Scott,

    Great to see you come out. My first visit to the Freewinds was in ’93 so I probably saw you there.


  27. Welcome Scott to the world of Sane Person (SP).
    I also received my dose of Black Dianetics and went psychotic, but I was sure that something was terrible wrong, so I held my position, still had a drop of sanity to analyse my thoughts, and came out to the other side after much reading of internet material about the state of the fake Church and stories of ex members. Thus, I thank you for your story that I am sure will help others. I am glad you saw the true state of it, and left. Welcome!!!

  28. Yes pleeeeeez Sarge. Hungry – feed the thetan 😀

  29. Good job Scott. There’s another Scott Campbell in Scientology and he looks a hell of a lot like you.

  30. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Scott! A grand name indeed. I too have thoroughly enjoyed your postings and have wondered who was that masked poster?! I was on the ship in 89 and 91 and may have seen you there. I am so glad that you are out of the hell that you went through. No one deserves (well maybe the “wee” one) what happened and is happening on the ship and on land at the hands of real suppressive beings – DaMasochist and crew.

    You and your family can now savor the company of true friends and loved ones with peace and goodwill forever! My Postulate to you, Scott. 🙂

    Love and ARC,


  31. Martin Glass

    Dear Scott,
    Congratulations on getting out from under all that suppression!
    That tuna looks awesome. I sincerely hope you enjoy your new found freedoms to the max with your entire family free from the insidious controls of the “Church” and the dwarf that heads it .

  32. Welcome to Freedom!!! Make yourself comfortable & enjoy it! By coming out with your name & picture another chain was obliterated!

    Here’s one of my favorite quote from Handbook for Preclears:

    “Actually you are a giant tied down with cotton lint. You tied the knots and furnished the string and said where you’d lie.”

    Let’s keep cutting the strings that tie us down. Let’s stand up & be free to enjoy our present & create our future.


  33. Scott – My Love,

    Thank you for putting into words what I too feel. LFBD!!!!

    I can’t believe it. I’m kind of looking forward to the upcoming tug-of-war with my family. Not sure that they’ll say anything as they are not big on facing any kind of unpleasantness. They really want to achieve the Full Bridge. That they believe that the church is as LRH intended after all these years and being regged so much, is beyond me. Out points are just sitting there by the dozen.

    I feel like now I can be at cause over all of my Dynamics again. Such space!!!! Funny that!!

    Also Love, thank you for granting me such space for all of these years, I know how concerned you were regarding the potential forced disconnection from my family. I’ve always said that regardless of what we do, that they would discover the true nature of what the Church of Scientology has become anyway.

    For so many years we have been living like ghosts really. Reluctant to speak up and say anything in case we had to disconnect from my Scientology family members – totaling 8 still active Scientologists.

    I know that only by fully applying the Doubt formula to the existing C of S was I able to “see” all of the outpoints back when I was 15 years old in 1995 when I joined staff at LA Day. The stat pushes, staff ordered to disconnect from their spouses because they were not Scientologists, false or incorrect reports on the number of staff hired and onto Staff Status 0 (most of the newly hired staff disappeared the next week after they were hired – a totally false stat-push), Registrar’s crush regging and/or trapping their public in the tight small cubicles. I thought that it was odd but was not sure how the org was supposed to be run. Buy the time I did figure it out, it was years later and I wrote up my O/Ws of omission then. Repair of Past Ethics Conditions is such a wonderful thing.

    Cheers! Here’s to finally waking up and smelling the lie for what it is. Well done to every one of you who are truly Independent Scientologists.

    I Love you,

    Karry Campbell
    Independent Scientologist

  34. Sarge,
    I’d prefer mustard. Dijon. MAYO! OOK.

  35. Scotty,
    Well, I’d say a Highlander is an incarnation of a Thetan; can’t be killed. So much so, Caesar, the first, lamented this fact.

    Life’s a tough row to how my friend, there is a ‘force band’ to face and best. We are all strengthend by your courage and determination.

    I’m personally blessed with your friendship.

    Jim, of the Logan, Dornach, Easter Ross.

  36. Scott Campbell

    Dear all,

    Thank you all for your heartfelt welcome and good tidings. I was out of the office and just got back as Karry was ready to post her comment.

    WOW! You guys are wonderful.

    We can have a tough road ahead or an easier one. All it takes is for scientologists (of any stripe) to realize one thing. As LRH said, ethics is a personal thing. It is one’s rationale toward optimum survival along all the dynamics of existence.

    If we keep that in mind we can’t help but become better beings and treat each other better.

    Thank you guys for being there for me. Know that I am there for you too.



    P.S. I will try to respond as I can to comments individually and I will put my story out when it is appropriate to do so.

  37. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Trey & Nicci,

    Great to be out!

  38. Scott Campbell


    Actually Marty gets the credit for adding that song and the post title/intro.

    Thanks for the great LRH memory.

  39. Scott Campbell

    lulu belle,

    When you’re presented with a horse to ride, the best thing to do is ride it and not fall off. Isn’t that right, windhorse?

  40. Scott Campbell

    Not the first time I’ve been called that.

  41. Scott Campbell

    Thank you windhorse, your posts always inspire me with their poetry like eloquence. You truly are a benevolent being.

  42. Scott Campbell

    Thank you Karen,

    Your wise council has been of great assistance.

    Love, Scott

  43. Scott Campbell

    Thank you for that.

  44. Scott Campbell

    G. du Houx,

    Thank you for that.

  45. Watching Eyes

    You came through hell and survived. Well done! Welcome to freedom, where you can have all of your dynamics. Never again will anyone make you wrong for being you, having fun and enjoying life.
    Flourish and prosper = the best revenge.

  46. rory Medford

    Thanks Scott and Welcome. The door just keeps opening wider and wider for more people to join the Independent movement!!!

    As people like you speak out others will follow. Game over for DM and the Church, they just don’t know it yet!!! or do they?

  47. Scott Campbell


    No problem, Homeslasher!

    I was more worried for you guys, really.

  48. Scott Campbell

    Do you REALLY want to know or are you just saying that? -Tease.

  49. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tom.

    I remember you. That’s back when it was OK to be Gung-Ho Scientologists.

    Congratulations on getting out. I look forward to hooking up with my old gang.

  50. Scott Campbell


    Not an auditor for the ship. No, there was another Scott with a similar sounding last name. Think pianos. Thanks for the well wishes.

  51. Scott Campbell

    nancy many,

    Thank you Nancy, your story inspired me too.

  52. Ne / Scott,

    I, too, have enjoyed your comments here, Ne Obliviscaris. And now, howdy to your other name. Like others have already said, your handle
    made me pretty sure you were a Scotsman, because I didn’t think you were a member of the Australian metal rock band by that name.

    Shortly after you showed up here, Marty mentioned how fond he was of you. And I can see why — anyone who has gotten through what you had to get through deserves much admiration and love.

    Just Me

  53. Scott Campbell

    Your humble servant,

    If you Google “Motto of the Campbell Clan”, you will see that it is Latin for “Forget Not”. Do not forget that to us the subject precedes the predicate when translating the romance languages.

    Thanks for your good wishes.


  54. Scott Campbell

    Tony DePhillips,

    Right on, Right on, Right on my brotha’.

  55. Scott Campbell



    It was good. We were in sushi heaven. Had to give two more away.

  56. Awesome for you, Scott! You got a big ole fish too! I am happy you have your family in tact to boot! Life is grand.

  57. Scott – I have enjoyed your comments always. Thank you for being here with us and standing up for the truth. Welcome! 😀

  58. Scott Campbell

    Doc “Smith”,

    Thanks Doc. As LRH says, (posssible paraphrase) “You haven’t lived until you’ve gone completely stark-staring mad”.

    And it was true. I wasn’t really living. Just going through the motions of the other determined. It was when I started looking and asserting my self determinism that I came through the cycle.

  59. Scott,
    Well done on comming through with your integrity and self-determinism intact. You have my respect and my postulate for your happiness and prosperity. Even after many months of reading heart-wrenching stories of cruelty, violence and sadism perpetrated on good beings whose only desire was to help, I find myself saying WTF! How could this be happening within the Church of Scientology? It is the very antithesis of what LRH devoted his life to creating and not what I saw and reached for over 20 years ago.

    I decided to find the answer to my own question by researching other religious philosophies and looking for patterns of differences and similarities. The first thing I disovered is that Scientology has doctrinal similarities with the Eastern Philosopies of Budhism, Taoism and Jainism; the Western/Greek Philosophies such as Platonism and Stoicism; the Gnostic Philosophies found within Christianity, Judism and Islam rooted in Hermeticism. I also found that Scientology is doctrinally divergent from Classical Chritianity, Judism and Islam in that it assumes that man is basically good and can be raised to greater levels of awareness and spiritual abilities through his own efforts and without intercession by higher authorities.

    Scientology is most certainly a syncretic Religion bringing all of this ancient spiritual wisdom into the 20th century with its new found understanding of the Physics of the Cosmos as well as the anatomy and phisiology of homo sapiens. After some rumination, I realized that every one of these great Philosophies went through idealogical change, turmoil and schism.

    The pattern appears to be as follows:
    1) A philsospher posessed of keen intellect and reason draws conclusions regarding the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.
    2) These conclusions become a popular system of beliefs or a creed.
    3) This creed becomes accepted truth and more firmly held tenets.
    4) The tenets become even more authoritative doctrine and eventually entrenced dogma which is sacrosanct and immutable.
    5) Theological purists begin to enforce unquestioning devotion to dogma and its ecclesiastical authorities.
    6) Anyone darring to question or doubt is declared a heretic and subject to quashing.
    7) Without recourse to Reason or Justice, splinter groups form in order to continue practicing their popular and useful Philosophy.

    The conclusion I have drawn is that when any creed becomes entrenched dogma enforced by the theological-purist police, it is on its way out. Anyone or anything that has to demand respect and loyalty through threat of penalty is undeserving of them by deffinition. When our God given rights to observe, act and decide as free and self-determined beings begin to be infringed upon “for the sake of our eternal future”, reason demands that we recognize the argurment as specious and fight back.

    The solution to this idealogical dilemma is not immediaely clear, but I would suggest that abiding Natural Law is appropriate. Man is bassically good and is already on an evolutionary spiritual path. The truth is not something that can be posessed, controlled or bartered anymore than sunlight can be. When found it must be shared for the benefit of all and not the profit of a few. The Law of Gradient Scales is certainly appropriate because there are those who will not be able to process the “red meat” of some thruths.

    LRH said that Scientology was intend to make the able more able. So I say do not hold back the able in order to protect the victims of this world. If mistakes are made then so be it. I say fix them, learn from them and then get on with the show. We do not intend to fail, but success and failure are opposite sides of the same coin. I would rather fail greatly in the pursuit of great things than live a timid life of conformity to the status quo. If I have learned any lesson through all of this it is that the Spirit of Play is paramount to success and happiness in life. When things get serious then we are on the wrong path and playing the wrong game.

    I apologize for the ideological catharsis here, but it has been building up for some time now and I was not in the mood to whithhold. Again my best to you and all of my friends out there in Inde-Land.

  60. Scott or Anyone who can answer, is the use of Black Dianetics as you described trained into people as a process to use? Or is it learned as in contagion of aberration?

  61. Scott Campbell

    Wayne Froemke (AKA “Safe”),

    Thank you for that.

    Don’t worry. They’re following it in such minute detail as to become almost introspective. Almost

  62. Hey Scott!
    You really surprise me now…. It is really great to hear of you, I enjoyed your posts as Ne… but I also remember the laughs and the jokes… In the crew lounge,” petunia ” you use to say a lot.
    I remember you watching Joe Montana’s 49’ers Superbowl win and trying to explain the game to a bunch of ” Euros” was fun I remember the face full of fun.
    My name is Maximus …….commander of the army of the north….I have seen indignity and I have seen injustice and I will make this right in this lifetime….
    Roman stuff apart..,it is with great joy that I hear of you.
    A friend,


  63. Scott,

    You stand tall. I know what you went through, and I have nothing but admiration for your strength of character and integrity. You are truly a man who has walked through the shadows of the valley of death and emerged tall at the other side. Yurs was a journey that few could have confronted and survived. You are a courageous man.

    I am very happy to see your posting, as I know what it means for you personally. Good going amigo.


  64. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Sarge,

    Karry cooked and canned plenty of ‘ol Charlie too. Lots of Tuna fish sammys, tuna salad and my favorite, Tuna melt with Tillamook sharp cheddar on squaw bread!

  65. Scott Campbell


    Thank you for your good wishes.

  66. Scott Campbell


    Thank you truth. I’ll do my best.

  67. Scott Campbell


    It is my fondest with for all of this to be over so that true brotherhood can be achieved by scientologists and mankind alike.

  68. Scott Campbell

    I credit my wife with literally saving my body’s life twice during the psychotic break. She was there for me when no one else was – or by circumstance, could be.

  69. Scott Campbell


    Thank you.

    How could I do otherwise? She’s a wonderful woman. People round here call her “Mother Nature”. And she is. You should see her garden.

  70. Scott Campbell


    What up, Sinar! Thanks. I bet I saw you too.

  71. Karry,

    Welcome outside the Co$ to you. What courage it takes to do what you two have done, but how wonderful that you can take this action together. This is a happy day!

    I hope your family sees the light, too. But as you said, sooner or later they will discover the true nature of what the Church of Scientology has become — spiritually bankrupt.

    Just Me

  72. Harry Potter

    I clearly remember when you were locked up in the RPF storage locker full time in the dirty, murky, pipe filled complex basement with the sliding metal door with the padlock keeping you in. Zeb Simms and Enzo Contrafatto were your RPF security detail. Like a poster above, I too remember your screams from that basement room you were kept in which echoed around the entire basement.

  73. Scott Campbell

    Maria (1),

    Thank you Maria, I truly hope it does help. I know that this has helped me. I was tired of keeping it to myself anyway.

  74. Scott Campbell

    Boyd H,

    Thanks Boyd. Probably my doppelganger. That’s why I didn’t have boy’s – didn’t want to unleash another me onto the world. HA!

  75. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for the welcome to this family, Gary. Yes, I understand that there are others who are being held against their will on the ship to this date.

  76. Dear Kerry,
    Your comment really touched me. Thank you for being such an amazing lady, wife and mother.
    You and Scott are a very strong and powerful team. We are very fortunate to have you with us.
    Your Scientologist family will soon wake up and join you.


  77. Hi Brad, No need to appologize for thinking, observing, creating. That was a great post and pulled together a lot of loose strings. I think if more people took a look at what is and has been going on and figured out or just hypothesized by ‘wise men’ and even not so wise, there would be more ability to stand in another’s shoes and take a walk.

  78. Scott Campbell

    Martin Glass,

    Thank you for this, Martin. I blew down about a million divisions after I sent it to Marty.

  79. Scott Campbell



  80. Scott Campbell

    Thank you Honey-Bear. You’re the best.

    I hope your family are allowed to stay in comm. We’ll see.

  81. Hi Scott,

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for your story.
    Did anybody notice that the anti-marty-anti-mike blogs are getting more hostile and PSYCHIATRIC? OSA sinks deeper by showing DM’s mindset.

  82. Scott Campbell

    Aye Jimmie,

    If there is one person I could point to in all this, (even after Marty helped me with with his extremely kind and considerate two way comm and recommended reading) it would be you.

    You are the one who really set me straight with your MOQ hat firmly on.

    I thank you for that, Brother.

    Scott, of the Campbell, Argyll, Inveraray

    to read more about the Clan Campbell go to:

  83. Karry,
    I’ve never met you. With your post above, and what you’ve come up through, I’m sincerely in awe. Wow, you guys amaze me.

  84. Scott Campbell

    Watching Eyes,

    Thank you for this.

    I bet they’ll attempt it though!

  85. Scott Campbell

    rory Medford,

    Glad to help, brother.

  86. Scott Campbell

    Just Me,

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes the blood of my ancestors runs deep in my line.

    As for me, I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA. Marty’s old stompin’ grounds.

    That – and only that, is why he loves me.

  87. Scott Campbell



  88. Scott Campbell


    Glad to do it. One’s life is as valuable as one can serve others.

  89. Scott Campbell

    Brad Hagemo,

    Thank you for your thorough deconstruction of the process of corruption that the tenets of all great religions have gone through.

    LRH trusted that good would win out in the end. And it shall.

  90. Scott Campbell


    It is an exact process. It contains certain elements that are prerequisite to effect the desired outcome. It – Black Dianetics, (as well as Reverse Scientology) is in use every day in many different ways in the current Church of Scientology.

    One can also be affected of it by “contagion of aberration” but BD and RS have to be present first.

  91. Scott – You are an inspiration, I was in PAC during the same time you were there. I am working at independence – thanks Tom, Mike, Christy, Chris, Haydn Jackson and Steve for all the support. Tom Martiniano if you read this can you give me your email? I am a longtime friend. You know me and it is important for my status to remain what it is for a little while longer. And thank you Marty for this stable datum of your site. Me and mine are close now and it is an awesome feeling… In the meantime we are in the depths of the valley, fighting for survival and searching for a lost soul.

  92. Scott Campbell


    Or should I say, “Hey petunia!” – my Pet Name for most others of the male species (in reference to Porky Pig’s wife, Petunia).

    Come on, it’s endearing!

    Good to hear from you too, Amico.

  93. Scott Campbell

    Thank you very much Mike.

    That means a lot to me coming from you. You are a shining example for others to follow. The hell that you have gone through should serve as a cautionary tale for those who would follow a madman into darkness.

    And the path that you have walked should well serve as a road out.

    Let these and the coming revelations be our beacon to follow you into the light.



  94. Scott and Karry,

    Thank you for standing up for what is right and doesn’t it feel great to breathe that fresh air of freedom and to just relax and to be able to actually see how you can now truly reach the goals you had all along but that were being thwarted?

    You are among many, many friends.


  95. Ne Obliviscaris


    Maybe Victoria has just read my folders and files. Tempting stuff for vampires.

    Like Marty once said: “I’m No Angel”

    Never said I was either.

  96. Is Scott’s story posted online somewhere for all of us to read? Thanks.

  97. Joe Pendleton

    Brad, all VERY well put. A lot of wisdom and food for thought in your post.

  98. Scott,
    Well done and congratulations on your announcement. I respect your past dedication and feel bad that you had to endure any entheta and direct suppression while trying to help others.
    It speaks broadly of the nature of those who are the suppressors, particularly under the pretense of “being holier than thou”. Disgusting at best.
    I am very happy you were able to survive, keep your family in tact and I truly admire your honesty in coming forward.
    My best postulates for your future and a very warm welcome to the land of REAL freedom.

  99. Theo Sismanides

    That was great Brad, really made sense adn that’s the way things go down. So, we have learnt a lesson adn we can keep creating because I think this is key to the whole thing. Create, create, create and not go into conserve as that’s were the cycle starts going downhill. Thanks for keeping creating!

  100. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Scott, the only thing that they cannot take away from us is that Theta we are. And Theta does not fear anything. The only way to take it down is to make it lose its sanity.

    I am happy you are with us and we are together in this, each one keeping his own beingness while moving up. It is of tremendous importance what we are doing, coming out and whispering it to our sons and grandsons that the tech was free. Now, we all start talking louder and louder. We just don’t whisper anymore. I bet this makes us special and I am very happy I am one of this company.

    Your comment makes my day, a sunny Sunday here in Athens. It is great to see I have friends again all around the globe cause friends for me are those who do not just whisper anymore but speak loud now. Thank you for speaking loud and clear now, Ne Obliviscaris!

  101. Thankyou.
    Thankyou so much for sharing this.
    Thankyou to all the people who comment and who contribute their stories, perspectives, viewpoints, information, insights, LRH data, etc.

    All these contributions by others have helped to expand my awareness and understanding.

    TL Lets Look

  102. Felicitas Foster

    Karry, Scott,
    a very warm welcome on the outside. Very well done on making it and making it the way you did.

  103. Felicitas Foster

    I was interested in Ron Matlock’s coming out. Couldn’t find it. Can you help me find it?

  104. It is very nice to meet you, Scott.

  105. Welcome Karry 🙂
    Congratulations on your freedom.
    Funny, overts of omission have become another casualty of the C of M. For the last few years I was in the church I was never allowed to get off those overts as it had to be what I had DONE. I personally find that as my responsibility rises the biggest overts are the NOT-DONES. Another casualty to the Golden Age of Trash.
    RPEC is amazing isn’t it? Some of my biggest wins ever. Would thoroughly recommend it for anyone newly coming out.
    May you win every tug of war – shouldn’t be too hard you have lots of really good anchor men 😉

  106. A toast to all the Indies who understand the price of freedom:
    “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back”
    Freedom medals? We don’t need no stinking freedom medals.

  107. Glad you have put your name on the Indy List.
    Strength in numbers.

  108. I’ve always been interested/amazed at those Sea Org members who stay in the SO year after year inspite of having received few of the benefits of Scientology Auditing and/or auditor training. A steady diet of ethics conditions, RPFing and dreadful First Dynamic conditions? Bad food – low pay – absurd working hours and conditions…for what?

    The only thing that kept me going through all the abuse and general insanity found in orgs? Simple – the spectacular OT wins I had had along the way, wins that let me know UNDENIABLY that the journey was both real and worth it. These wins gave me the horsepower it took to put up with any manner of crude oafs calling themselves “staff”, “Sea Org” or “public”.

    For those who grind it out in the SO for 10-20 years with nary a tech win they can call their own? I still scratch my head.

  109. Dear Scott,

    Thank you. Thank you for your story, strength, care, understanding and thoughtfulness. I’ve always enjoyed your well considered posts here.

    My best wishes to you and yours. That goes without saying, though. You’re in good company and intention is cause.

    By the way, that’s a hell of a tuna. That’s livin’ man.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  110. Elvis once said about the Church, “It’s all head and no heart”.

    Well, I think here we’ve found the heart.

  111. Brad,
    Your waxing ideologically cathartic was sweet soul music.

  112. “I heard your screams”

    This comment haunted me all evening, into my sleep and this morning.

    Scott — no one should be tortured as you were. As Nancy was and others.

    Coming forward, whole and with your wisdom shining should send waves of abject terror through dm and his minions.

    I’m adopting your motto: Forget Not.

    Compassion also means ensuring that those who harm others are stopped. It’s the compassionate thing to do for dm. His decent into the hell realms started long ago and it’s time he starts to reverse his slide.

    The valley through the SHADOW of death is a healing one; however, the valley OF DEATH can be a permanent one. Frozen in death. A cinder for a soul.

    dm can you truly say you are not afraid?


  113. martyrathbun09

    Yes it is.

  114. Ne Obliviscaris

    Actually, Karen, The events took place on the Freewinds, PAC Base in the former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (purchased in 1977 by the Church of Scientology) and at a small ranch owned by an Albuquerque, New Mexico Staffer at a place called Apache Creek, Reserve, NM. I Looked at it on Google Earth the other day – it’s still there.

    I expect it will be purchased and bulldozed in the next few days…

  115. There are plenty of stories on this board about why people do stay.

    Fundamentally, because they want to help others.

    Nothing to scratch your head about. It’s called wanting to help create a world without sanity, criminals and war. And most SO members have SEEN wins with others at some time, whether they themselves got auditing or not.


  116. It is an exact process.

    THAT is bone chilling. I had no idea.


  117. Ne Obliviscaris

    OT VIII,

    Better look to how LRH characterizes those so-called, “crude oafs” before you make any comparison to your own OTness.

  118. Ne Obliviscaris

    Theo Sismanides,

    Actually Theo, it is the body that is psychotic. Not the Thetan. That fact became very apparent to me as I went through the process. It was when I “bailed out” on the body that the psychosis would manifest. When I would come back to it, everything was very calm. It was cyclic in nature and responded to restim-type triggers.

    That is why LRH recommends a remote, pastoral setting for a PAB 6 handling.

  119. Welcome Scott,

    It is this vital aspect of healing others that keeps me coming back. And Marty is one of the best…..just seeing you smile with that Tuna tells me you are back, and nothing could make me happier.

  120. Ne Obliviscaris


    Thank you Brother. Do what you need to do first. The best advice that I received was to do what is best for you.

    I was amazed at how much genuine concern others had for my personal well-being as a first priority.

    It wasn’t fake or just some introductory treatment to get you in the door. Like the church of today.

  121. Scott Campbell


    Ahh, the sweet air of Freedom!

    Thank you for your friendship.

  122. Scott Campbell


    Methinks they’ve gotten a little too close to the subject!

  123. Scott Campbell

    Penny Krieger,

    Thank you for your good wishes.

    Don’t feel bad, Penny. I’m OK.

    Now we just have to focus on helping others who need it.

  124. Thought Provoking

    You mentioned Apache Creek, Reserve, NM…

    Isn’t that where Mace Kingsley ranch is?

  125. Thought Provoking

    Hi Scott, loved your posts! Good to see you out in the light of day and looking forward to any comm you are willing to originate, when you are ready.

    You mentioned true believers being hymnotized and I thought this definition from the tech dictionary would be appropriate. Though I have posted it before, it is worth repeating.

    1. an address to the reactive mind. It reduces self-determinism by interposing the commands of another below the analytical level of an individual’s mind; it enturbulates a case markedly, and materially aberrates human beings by keying in engrams which would otherwise lie dormant. (SOS)

    2. a continuing inflow without an opportunity on the part of the subject to outflow. (DN ’55)

    3. the process of restimulating states of apathy by the introduction of additional engramic content which would thereafter be as compulsive as the other data in the incident.

    4. amnesia trance for the purpose of planting suggestions.

  126. Sam, Are are soooo cute!

  127. Scott Campbell

    Here you go, guys.

    The world (though Leviathan) is catching on.

    Stockholm, Sweden (CNN)

    Swedish authorities say they have revoked an arrest warrant that had alleged rape against Julian Assange, the founder and editor of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, less than a day after issuing it.

    Assange is “no longer wanted” and “is not suspected of rape,” Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne said in a statement posted on the agency’s official website Saturday. He is also no longer arrested in absentia, the statement said.

    The arrest warrant filed Friday had also mentioned a molestation charge, but molestation — which is not limited to child victims in Sweden — is not a crime punishable behind bars in Sweden.

    Karin Rosander, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, told CNN affiliate TV4 that Assange is still being investigated for molestation. Earlier, Rosander told CNN that Assange was arrested in absentia Friday night, and faced charges in relation to two separate instances, but she did not have more detail about when the alleged crimes occurred or the identities of the alleged victims.

    Assange denied the allegations in a posting Saturday on the WikiLeaks Twitter page, saying, “The charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.”

    WikiLeaks had also called the arrest a “dirty” trick in a Twitter post early Saturday morning.

    Sound familiar?

  128. That was a line Michael Keaton had from the really funny film “Night Shift” which came out in ’82 that Sarge is referring to, BTW.

  129. Day by day we train our minds. We train our minds basically either by rushing, speeding and ignoring our life. Or we train our minds by appreciating our life – whatever it’s circumstances. We appreciate that we are alive. We appreciate tuna fishing. We appreciate each other.

    Or not.

    We tend to think — oh – when something important happens I’ll respond in a good way HOWEVER if we’ve ignored others or not cared, then when that important day comes – it’s not easy to change because of the “training” we’ve done.

    I couldn’t help but think of dm. Who cannot be considering that the day WILL come when something important is going to happen (just like each of us) – one day he will die. And his mind WILL be frozen in the past, in his horrific crimes against his fellow men.

    And he will NOT be able to escape but instead will be catapulted into the places his OWN mind will send him — deeply into hell.

    He’s been training his mind now for the past 30 years and it just gets blacker and blacker.

    But even dm COULD start to wonder? Could start to crack. Could start to step back from his habits just a bit and start feeling FEAR.

    It would be a beginning.

    I’m not holding my breath though.


  130. Scott Campbell


    I’ve heard so much about you. Thank you for being there for us.

    Here’s my viewpoint on the whole thing.

    Love, Karry

  131. Hi FF
    It’s under JB’s post towards the end:
    Hit the link or just go to the last Blog.

  132. Karry Campbell


    I’ve heard so much about you. Thank you for being there for us.

    Here’s my viewpoint on the whole thing.

    Love, Karry

  133. Virgil Samms

    Sure thing revenimus. It is

    ML Tom

  134. Jesse Prince

    I won’t try to oversimplify the urgent issues being discussed here but I think this is important to say. The problem with David Miscavige being the dictator of Scientology is David knows nothing about the subject itself. He never understood the purpose of Scientology and he never attemped a serious effort to understand the material itself. It’s like a security guard at microsoft suddenly taking over the entire microsoft empire. It will never work properly.

    Jesse Prince

  135. WH,

    That’s really spot on! Many are did not get up the grade chart, but many were also able to. It’s also an answer to the question – “would you want others to have similar gains?”

    At the Freewinds, there was a an Officer Training School program (OTS) which most of the Cine Shoot Crew did, as ordered by DM. I’m told by some of the guys doing this that they had to give their wins during graduation and those as compared to the wins of some of the paid completions made the latter look very pale. There were questions on how to get onto the OTS, which is for SO only. There are wins on the 3rd Dynamic, but on a lesser and lesser amount after DM took over.

  136. Virgil Samms

    I never look at them. I am only in search of TRUTH.

    ML Tom

  137. Brad,
    In my own study I came across the Emerald Tablet of neo-Platonism/Hermeticism and the datum ‘as above, so below’, i.e., as in the earliest premises of Dianetics ‘function monitors structure’ and in Scientology, ‘consideration takes rank over mechanics’.

    Here and now, with and in Scientology there is an important phenomenon. The subject is there to rehabilitate the individual to his creative self. He can emerge as a thetan without a bank, and have very, very different responses. The future, as a completely free canvas, can be created in any way he can imagine. LRH says in a Limited Distribution HCOB of 27 October 1978; “Therefore as a rule, while engaging in any collective, social or organizational activity, you have to foster individuality.”

    The Scale of Groups has at the top Associated Terminals. Those terminals are individuals come together on an agreed upon aim, while remaining individuals and part of a group. It’s really very high scale.

    There is also a quote from the Time Track of Theta/Milestone series of lectures, the Hubbard College Lectures of March 1952, #27:
    “…because whenever a religion- you see, a religion is different than a religious philosophy, very different – a religion is that thing which is given as a package to a people about which they are not supposed to reason, and under thought and duress is used to control that people onerously. And you find many of these religions are completely bare of aesthetics. And then when they come up to higher levels of action, they actually get up toward theta for a while, and then they will slide back into a MEST religion wholly. They very seldom rise up. That is why an individual is almost never a mystic and a religious person at the same time. We need differentiation in those categories in order to understand that anything used as a control mechanism is the MEST universe.”

    Scientology is a workable route to spiritual freedom for the individual, aided in that journey by well-meaning others. It can, if used in a reversal of its purposes, be used as a most effective means of MEST level control. As one progresses up through the route, he will encounter the levels where ‘conflict of purposes’, the area of Goals Problem Masses, are there as a stage of confront.

    Until these are confronted and surpassed, either side of well crafted and limiting, and intentionally so, ‘conflicts’ can be dramatized, by any individual.
    Until one gets through and passed the GPMs, the ‘use’ of Scientology can potentially be either positive or negative by that individual.

    It can also be ‘robotic’, especially in terms of policy for the group efforts:
    ” The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need and the better things run. Only a thetan can handle a post or a pc. All he needs is the know-how of minds as contained in Scientology. That was all he ever lacked. So, given that, sheer policy is poor stuff as it seeks to make a datum stand where a being should be. That’s the whole story of the GPM’s. So why not have live orgs?

    “Policy is only vital where agreement must exist between two or more thetans working together. Beyond that it fails. A needful policy is “We’ll start work on time” since without it the org goes ragged. A useless policy would be “The registrar must always smile at an applicant” for that puts a datum where a person should be.

    “So there are two kinds of policies-those needed to obtain work-together ease and those which seek to put a datum instead of a being in a position. The less you have of the latter the better things will get. The more reasonable the former, the more work will be done.” PL 23 October 1963, OEC Vol 3, Refund Policy.

  138. Scott Campbell

    Just an aside,

    Thank you, Marty – for being who you are and doing what you do. Your courage under fire, your leadership and your love for your fellow man will see us through this dark time in life.

    And thank you for taking time on your day off to moderate.

    Love, Scott

  139. From what I experienced, it is the very goodness of the being that is exploited and twisted to exert control. And it is definitely intentional. The people who join the Sea Org have a huge desire to help and this button is used mercilessly.

  140. Scott~so those operators or handlers (who in this case are S.O. members) knew that what they did and the way they did them to you would have the effect of caving you in or spinning you, squashing you?

  141. Scott,
    Ceud mìle fàilte!
    (A hundred thousand welcomes in Scottish gaelic)
    It’s heartwarming to know you pulled through – what a win and what an experience. Boy Karry, your bravery and determination lays brightly on your shared track with Scott. All the best for the rest of the family being able to see for themselves that the present church is not what it seems.
    I don’t comment often but read the blog a lot and have always enjoyed your comments, Ne.

  142. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Wonderful post from start to finish. And the gem of gems…

    “I would rather fail greatly in the pursuit of great things than live a timid life of conformity to the status .”

    Words to live by.

  143. OT VIII,

    I know why I stayed on staff, on lines, and put up with the BS. It was because I knew Scientology worked. I also knew that there were and are barriers both internally and externally to getting the tech out there.

    The various organizations and groups of Scientology have never been perfect, not even close. DM is the culmination of a long line of events. Nibs left in disgrace in 1959, the original Foundation fell apart due to all sorts of reasons, quickie grades in the ’60s, stat pushes in the ’70s. 5% per month increases for years in the late ’70s to mid-’80s. The F-ing Finance Police (what a dramo!). Captain Bill telling the BC class in 1983-84 that “any real OT can fry a chicken at 50 feet.” and that we were the elite. David Mayo squirreling the TR’s (Yea, I said it!).

    When I was on staff and something stupid or wrong-headed would happen that disturbed me, I would literally remember why I was there (the tech is worth it), and tell myself “That’s not Scientology.” I would write it up if feasible. But, my thinking was that as more people, on staff and off, would get trained and audited, these issues would iron out. As long as things were mostly right, and the overall progress was positive, we would be okay.

    Obviously, something got missed along the way. Frankly, I think a lot of it had to do with the neglect of SO staff’s cases. Sure, NO CASE ON POST, and MAKE IT GO RIGHT. But, really, are we saying that staff are immune from Scientology? That they are a special breed that can endure weeks, months, and years of HELL without breaking or without damage? Come on.

    Look, I agree with the concept of no case on post – you cannot let your case get in the way of your job (or life, for that matter). But that is a holding action. You still have a case, and it needs to be addressed.

    I was Class IV when I first joined staff. I was working cheek to jowl with kids who were a. kids, and b. untrained in Scientology. We were working like slaves in a very high-pressure environment. What saved me was that I was trained, and knew at least some of the tech. “If you know the tech, it will protect you.” That is so true. The others, like, for example, Tanya Burden, blew or cracked. Tanya had no clue what Scientology was. She was just a spoiled girl who liked being queen bitch until she probably crossed the wrong person. I remember being on staff and wondering why these untrained people were putting up with it. I know why I was. I also figured it was growing pains and that we would push through it.

    Here’s what I think: I think we are pushing through it now.

    Scott: Thank you for coming out.

    I too will come out at some point.

  144. Scott,
    I was just reading over some comments on the previous thread, looking over Chuck’s last one and his heartfelt, positive postulates for the future. Aside from a commonality of a ‘tough’ experience that you, he, I and many others have undergone in our journeys, I think something else is shared by all of us now that we are in various stages of having come through to the other side so to speak.

    A recognition of a vital ingredient in any success of this subject, its people, the organizations and something that if missing, makes for the cold, ruthless machine-like structure were compassion is frowned on as ‘weak’ and ‘reasonable’ and the attitude of Cold Chrome Steel reigns. The ingredient is the actual spirit of Scientology.

    It is one of hope and effective help. It is that spirit, missing in day to day operation in the Sea Org in varying degrees, and it appears now, among a public attempting to be made over by DM into that Cold Chrome Steel false ideal of a Sea Org member, that keeps a hand from being extended to a guy in need of that hand. It’s the attitude relayed by Mary Sue in the article How Ron Works.

    Man is good. He can be compelled by Bank to do bad. Ethics exists only to restrain that compulsion long enough to get the Bank out of the road. Then the being, in his beauty and creative brilliance shines.

    It is my reality that the Sea Org experience, when the person goes at it hammer and tongs, out over the ramparts and gets his ’10 or 12′ Comm Evs, and really enters into the arena of life, he will sooner or later hit the ‘force band’. It manifests in many ways. It is all of the same nature. It is the eons of accumlated and retained, just under that social veneer, force of the Bank. It is Bank on each Dynamic. It is merely restimulated in this lifetime. That restimulation itself in many cases, albeit a ‘lock’ or even a ‘secondary’, is enough to toss a being around like a ragdoll. The force in the engrams is the source and for me personally, were it not for the Sea Org and my experiences in it, I wouldn’t have any clue just how much force really exists, under that social veneer, that has to be bested to attain any real state of OT.

  145. OT8~Assume the viewpoint of those who audited you, thus enabling you to become OT. That is what keeps them there, what kept me on mission staff. Those wins/gains are immeasurable, even at the lowest levels.

  146. My fix comes by helping others, always has, always will. 🙂

  147. Craig Kern,
    Yes I’ve noticed. They are now becoming the other side of the Goals Problem Mass. DM’s GPM played out in the group.

    The Church of Miscavige is a group bank. It’s now flipped over to the Opposition Terminal in its dramatization of a GPM.

    Funny, in a larger view, the ‘independents’ are the obvious result of KSW. That’s why DM attacks the Technology.

    My article on Floating Needles is now published on Scn-Cult. It relays once such attack.

  148. martyrathbun09

    Folks. There is a lot of sooth coming out of Chi Town with this one.

  149. martyrathbun09

    Karry, thanks from a known f****** lunatic.

  150. Grasshopper,

    I like the way you think. Very much.

    Just Me

  151. Thanks Sinar, ‘Billy Blaze’. Its a must see classic.

  152. Asange putting the Ethics in on the whole world. He doesn’t afraid of anything (deliberate misspelling).

  153. Jim~Truth sayer extraordinaire.

    I meant to respond to someone earlier calling themselves a victim because they might need help or even be perceived to need help. That’s false. A lie permeated through the CofS.
    The smallest part left before complete annihilation may be me, alone, but that is the smallest piece of theta, like one grain of sand on miles and miles of beach.
    We cannot be a beach without each grain of sand and without ultimately being responsible for the others – we need each other to be whole. I am not a victim because I need you. You are not a victim because you need me. I can expand this up and through the 8 dynamics.

  154. Scott/Ne,

    By the way, since no one has remarked on it yet and it needs to be said (and I know Karry will agree with me about this), in that “early days in the Sea Org” photo you look like an teenage boy angel. Oh, those eyelashes!

    Just keepin’ it real,

    Just Me

  155. OMG this evil is very hard to confront.

  156. Ghost Wizard

    I was very aghast to read of your ordeal aboard the Freewinds. I shall have to pass by it sometime. Wayne AKA “safe”, Some good stuff you threw in the other day AND not bad lecture that “Hope Of Man CD” by LRH. Recommend it.
    Ghost Wizard

  157. Jesse,
    For that and lots more, you have an open invitation to my cabin to take in the Highlands of Cape Breton. It’s warmer than Chicago in winter here too 🙂

    I think I may still owe you $50 as well. This will be my exchange.

  158. Kathy Braceland

    GREAT SCOTT! I LOVE your posting and I love you free spirit Scots!

    My better half, Gary Webber, would love to get in touch with you and Karry. He grinned seeing your face again and learn that you’re alive and kickin’. Would you send your email address so he can send you a warm hello?

  159. Just Me – I’m sure I was on the ship when Scott was there, yet I dot remember him … Shows I was already nearly dead 🙂

    Who could forget those eyelashes, indeed.


  160. Scott~I’m sorry to pry so deeply, I just am trying to understand whether processes/procedures known to make a person cave were intentionally used? Like my practicing how to handle an ARC Break being learned in “reverse” to actually CREATE an ARC Break… and practiced as such to do so.
    I had missed the comment re. hearing your screams, with people guarding the door! Being that guard and not helping you, I would call contagion of aberration because maybe they did nothing out of fear of being punished versus evil purposes toward you.
    But intentionally doing some process/procedure meant to cave you in…that is…extremely enturbulating (I know you know that) and very hard to confront that any S.O. member would do this.
    I had a level of naïveté because I was so far removed from the S.O. and especially int. level.

  161. Virgil Samms

    Our Medals are Goldenrod and are awarded by C of $.

    ML Tom

  162. becomingAware


    You have the strength of great personal integrity. I’m happy you survived and had a wife that stood by you like she did.
    We may have met on the ship. Your photo looks familiar. I was there prior to the launch and on many other occasions related to DM’s grand promotionals.
    I do not see how a being can increase his level of beingness in a location with such suppresion. Only DM could come up with that one. OTVIII being delivered on a prision ship.

  163. Virgil Samms

    That’s actually insensitive. You went OT VIII on the backs of those who were being driven crazy. Apologise right now. Please.


  164. Virgil Samms

    Hear Hear!

  165. False imprisonment/Controlling/Punishing bodies. Another practice protected by “ministerial privilege?”

  166. Sinar, I forget sometimes how long ago that was. Most people haven’t seen the movie. The first time I saw ‘Night Shift’ was in 82 at
    an RV park in Devore (north of San Bernadino). I lived in a 5th wheel trailer and would meet with Pat Broeker there. There were two beds
    in the loft and I had a small tv and an VCR at the end of the beds.
    One day Pat told me to rent some movies and ‘Night Shift’ was one.
    It was one of Ron Howards first films and it was a classic. Pat and I
    both loved it. Pat told me to hang onto to it as DM was going to come with com the next day and he wanted DM to see it. So I made dinner for all and after they went over the com we all went to the loft to see the movie.
    I gave DM my bed and I layed on the floor. After the movie DM kept
    raving about the movie. I’ve never seen anyone suck up so much in
    my life. No matter what Pat said DM would rave about how wonderful
    it was. Apparently when DM returned to Int he had everyone see the movie. Big P was his hero. It was discusting. It is a must see but not
    because DM said to. It really was a funny movie.

  167. Thanks for the kind responses to my basic question about SO member motivations. I had always noticed that the staff who were most kind an helpful were ALSO tending to their own cases. One reason I trust Heber implicitly is I saw him frequently walk out of session at AOLA like anyone else – he had the same auditor that audited public, so Heber was getting the same tech and C/Sing that any of us were getting. HCOPL Cases and Morale of Staff…I recommend it to anyone.

  168. WH, Check the mirror. Your compassion is showing. Its a good thing.
    Got more ‘windhorse’ prayer flags today. Thought of you my friend.
    I think they’re special because they are hand made by those who care.
    Like you. Love

  169. When I was at PAC in 1993 they had somebody locked up down there. I was told he was “type 3”. Was that a regular thing? It would be quite logical to assume that people are regularly imprisoned at Flag and the ship as well. If they are doing Introspection Rundowns, shouldn’t they be putting the wins in the org mags?

  170. Jesse,


    You silly, overly-humble goose.

    What is a thetan if not simple?

    And what is the truth if not simple? If DM does not and cannot understand the subject, how in the hell could he possible apply it correctly?

    And if the subject doesn’t get applied correctly?

    Like an idiot working on your car.

    Understanding is the simple key. The reasons we don’t understand may be complex. But understanding is always simple.

    When Scientologists really understand that DM hasn’t a clue what Scientology really is all about, the game is over for him.

    Which brings up the question: why are members of the church unable to recognize this simple fact? Why the non-confront?

    Solve that and we can all go out for key lime pie.

    Oh, we can do that anyway.


  171. Tara, Very well said!

  172. Theo Sismanides

    Scott, I hear you. It’s interesting the way you put it and it absolutely makes sense.

  173. Jim,

    From the eye of a stone cold killer,
    A tear drops,
    Compassion flares,
    A broken child needlessly cast aside,
    mangled in the mud and grime of war
    the small, lifeless body a reminder
    of why we fight
    My vengeance becomes my weapon
    to make the world right
    where children can sing
    and find their future.

    Now, Jim, I don’t know where the fuck that came from. Maybe from a beyond. Being tough? Facing the force of the bank? Feeling compassion? Shedding a tear? I can relate.


  174. Just Me,

    Am I turning gay? Those eyelashes sent chills up my spine.


  175. Scott,
    Were you still onboard for the trip through the canal to the Pacific and Ensenada? Most of the Int staff got to go aboard and the ship crew got to go for a tour at Int.

  176. Scott,

    I have a soft spot for those who have gone crazy and walked through it to sanity. Been there, done that. Glad of it. Increased my understanding of life and those on this planet.

    Auditing is facing madness in gradients. Sometimes life audits us without the gradients. Oh my, what a mind fuck. But, the EP is so fraught with insight.

    I understand Marty’s comment about walking through the valley alone, but I also understand that very few are capable of doing this without becoming completely lost. Having the tech sure helps. And having friends to guide us and support us certainly helps.

    Which is why we come. To share and to help. To wash one another’s feet during the long journey, to smile with understanding at stories told, to offer a hand when the climb is too steep.

    Glad you are there.

    From one crazy to another.


  177. It’s a testament to the toughness of a thetan, and this thetan in particular, to be pushed to the brink of insanity and come charging back with your wits and your fists intact. Ron had a particular admiration for the Scottish race, and based on the example of Scott Campbell I’d say it was well-founded.

    Hearing this story (and that of Nancy Many, another who came charging back), it makes me wonder how many did not survive this treatment, at least not in good enough shape to escape and articulate their experiences. I’d like to think the use of black Dianetics was a rare event, but somehow I doubt it.

  178. Karry,

    Being married I know how important having a spouse’s support can be. And how wonderful and fulfilling. Which is why the cavalier and callus destruction of marriages by DM breaks my heart time after time. I am so happy for you two. Life ain’t always easy. And sometimes you want to strangle one another, but what a fun ride.

    And having kids. Wow! Another reason the DM approach to living makes me sick. Kids are so incredible and deserve so much of our love and admiration. To cast them aside as meaningless is incomprehensible.

    So, I’ll give my kids a hug. Know you will do the same with yours.

    Kiss the spouse. And savor the moment. Ah, it’s so good to be alive!


    ps. Are you Chinese? It seems that you must have been married at the age of six if you and Scott have been married 24 years and you were fifteen in 1995. Either that, or you have mastered time. My mom did that. She remained 29 long after I had graduated from college. The mathematics of motherhood.

  179. Good to know Jesse. More please.

  180. Professor Logan,


    To be able to string ideas together like this. Pure magic.

    I commend thee.


  181. Thank you Jim! I appreciate the offer.


  182. Think it’s the black dianetics and scn in reverse.

  183. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Karry,
    VWD for being such a good woman and supporting your man. I’m sure you two make a deadly duo!!
    Welcome to THE Club!!

  184. Hey Sarge,

    Thanks for filling in the orgins of DM and Night Shift! I well remember when he was raving about this film. Bill Dendui was around at the time and Bill had a much similar character to Billy Blaze when he got on his stand-up roll.

    DM often would obsess about the things he liked and tended to force these onto everyone. Another film he was enthralled with was Scarface. He was so pumped up about the film and the graphic blood and violence, he had me do a video edit of the blood and gore back-to-back. Marty well remembers this. 20 minutes. Known as the Scarface Edit. He played it for everyone and even at staff meetings, I think.



  185. Scott Campbell


    Yes I was. However I was ahem, indisposed by that time.

  186. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Brad!

    That was some damn nice philosophising there.. I can’t wait for us to hook up again and work on another million dollar margarita.
    Hope all is well. 🙂

  187. Wow, what a great tune. There’s a being sinking his teeth into life. I think it was Socrates who said a life unexamined is wasted. Thanks Karry.

  188. Scott Campbell


    Thank you very much, Gary. I look forward to meeting you all someday.


  189. Michael,
    Where did it come from? From the source of mainline truth.

    That has to be some of the most beautiful expression I’ve ever experienced.

    I know you. You know me.

    I’m beyond words at meeting you here again.

  190. Tony DePhillips

    OT VIII,
    I hate to say it but your remarks seem a bit covert. Like “if you only got up the Bridge, you could tolerate any of the craziness you found along the way”. Like it is somehow the Sea Org members fault that they are not in a sane organization and have an SP running things. And that they should have “made it go right”. And that they could have made it go right if they had only gotten themselves up the Bridge like selfish little OT VIII did.

    I have heard of others complain about you and I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt, but that was strike two from where I sit. I think I just got a whiff of OSA and it doesn’t smell very good.

  191. OT VIII:

    Dude, it is not all about handling your case, which I suppose it why you were never on staff and have such unkind regard to most of us who were.

    The definition of OT is cause which is something which can and often does get generated by big beings regardless of auditing level and status.

    BTW, you are still owing an earlier requested apology.


  192. Scott Campbell


    The Black Dianetics “Session” was delivered by one person. Other subsequent “Sessions” were given by that same person after the psychotic break was induced.

    Other restimulative actions were also done during the cycle in an apparent attempt to get me to succumb.

    Others participated either under direction or unwittingly.

  193. Scott Campbell

    Harry Potter,

    Adventure on the high seas!

  194. Scott Campbell


    The data is contained in the Factors lectures where LRH talks about a body without a thetan being psychotic.

    He basically says that if you want to make a tough auditor, give him a psycho to audit. The auditor, if tough enough will either handle the PC or discover that there was no one there in the first place.

  195. martyrathbun09

    Boy, I love the fact you all jumped on this one.

  196. Ne Obliviscaris

    Jesse Prince,

    Thanks Jesse. I see your point. Your story and your utterances are among the ones that inspred me the most.

  197. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks Bernie,

    Is fhearr fheuchainn na bhith san duil. – It’s better to try than to hope.

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

  198. “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” -Albert Einstein

    “Most, if not all, problems brought to therapists are issues of love. It makes sense that the cure is also love.” -Thomas Moore

    And Scott, something I deeply admire about L. Ron Hubbard is his sincere expectation and knowledge that our best is who we truly are. His life’s work was dedicated to that. Thanks for all the fervor and devotion with which you sincerely embraced the vision of possibility for life and civilizations, that you served and to which you gave your all in the Sea Org. The abuse and betrayal of a child’s heart is no small thing.

    So, in the spirit of truth and people worthy of our trust:
    “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

  199. For Tara and others, here is part of a post I made on another forum, about “North Korean Brainwashing”. They, too, used an “exact process”, or a combination of them during and since the KoreannWar….

    “….North Korean brainwashing is based completely on denying the target prisoners all positive emotional support, and exposing them to an all negative emotional atmosphere, and actually rewarding them when they acted to destroy their own ideals and emotional capacity and relationships.

    The north korean brainwashing camps were unique in that the prisoners were relatively well-treated in the physical sense.

    They had adequate food, shelter, and water, and were not physically tortured. In fact, their captors were careful not to make them angry, as this could have provided them with motivation to oppose the brainwashing process.

    A study done after the Korean War, of 1,000 returned prisoners of war who had been “brainwashed”, found the majority never got back in touch with old friends and family. They were found to be in a condition described as in “mental solitary confinement”.

    All their bonds of affinity and relationship with others had been broken, and apparently they had lost their capacity to have positive relationships.

    The camps they had been in had no barbed wire surrounding them, and very few guards, yet escape attempts were very rare.

    At the same time, it was found that something like 28% of the prisoners had died in these camps, essentially by giving up their will to live.

    These camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, ever recorded.

    Many of the prisoners just went to their quarters one day, sat in a corner covering themselves with a blanket, and died, often within two days.
    Usually no-one of the other prisoners tried to help them, because the bonds of relationship between them had already been broken.

    The researchers concluded these men had died of “extreme hopelessness”.

    Here is how it was done:

    1. Group members are all channeled into informing on each other. Informers are given rewards. This broke the trust between the group members and isolated each person from the others. No-one could be trusted, because anyone might be or become an informer at anytime.
    Interestingly enough, no-one was punished for anything they had reportedly done. That was not the objective. The objective was to destroy the trust and emotionally supportive relationships the group members had with each other.

    2. Prisoners are organized into smaller groups of 10 or 12, and required to confess bad things they have done, and also to confessing good things they failed to do. They did not confess to their captors, but to each other, the other group members. This was a “reverse group therapy” process which gradually eroded the caring, trust, and respect the men had for each other.

    3. Efforts are made to destroy loyalty to leadership and their country, and their own ideals. This was done by carefully controlled communication, exposing all the negatives about the USA and never mentioning any positive aspects.

    4. All positive support was withheld. For example, all supportive mail from home with any good news or encouragement was withheld. All mail with bad news was delivered – news of death, pending divorce, dunning letters for unpaid bills, etc were all promptly delivered.

    The goal of this kind of brainwashing is basically to completely ARC break (destroy the positive emotion in their lives) the prisoners with themselves, with their fellows, with
    their leaders, their country, and with life, and eventually their will to live.

    Some of the prisoners essentially became like their captors, and became apologists for the north koreans. Most did not, but were severely emotionally damaged.

    Much of the information here I took from an audiobook called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD.

    They are founders of the field of “Positive Psychology”, which they promoted to businesses, but which has application to all people.

    Positive Psychology has to do with the study and implementation of methods for reinforcing and increasing mental health in any setting, instead of focusing on the sick, disordered, or pathological.

    It does reveal how positive or negative interactions between people strongly affect their “mental health”.”

    I think readers can easily see that DM has institutionalized a similar system of breaking people, in his perversion of the”Church”, by instituting Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology. These are “brainwashing” techniques, knowingly designed and used, to destroy the livingness of those to whom they are applied. They are knowingly and deliberately used. At least part of the intent is probably to reduce the number of those leaving, to become active, effective Independents.

    It is the attempt to make a “broken piece”of anyone who might in the future leave and become a threat to Miscavige and his “religion”.

  200. Scott~That is so fucking evil – to put it nicely!
    But, thank you for clarifying that. I can better understand that 2% who would do that versus the rest who were so PTS.
    I could still fill a page with “FUCK” right now though.

  201. Valkov~Thank you for that info. It sounds exactly like the current S.O. as described by those here. I’m still trying to digest how evil this is.

  202. Scott Campbell


    I hereby confer upon you the honorific of:

    First Knight of The Order of the Knights Who Say… NE!

    That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.


  203. Scott,

    It’s great to put a name to a nick. And a fine Scots name it is too laddie!

    Troublesome lot, these bloody Scots – never willing to stand in line and be meek. Always up to some bloody trick or other, always rocking the boat, forever causing trouble. Good stuff, keep it up 🙂

    [I’m having a hard time these last 10 days keeping my temper in check – I have a severe dose of being righteously indignant. Reading stories like yours describing what the 5 foot wanker gets up to just pisses me right off.]

    Alan, of the McKinnons, Skye.

  204. Scott Campbell

    Thanks, you guy’s.

    Well, I might as tell you my motto regarding this subject:

    I”ll love ya’ till you fuck me, or (barring that) I’ll fuck ya’ till you love me.

    Just kidding.

  205. Scott Campbell

    Ghost Wizard,

    I’m ok now. Thanks for your concern.

  206. Fellow Traveller

    What they said, Scott (&Karry).

    I salute you.

    Bruce Pratt

  207. Scott Campbell

    Kathy Braceland,

    Thanks Kathy, We love us too!

    Nuclear Gary! Whas’ happenin’ Brohammy?

    Give me a note at


  208. Scott Campbell


    Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend doing it alone. When the correct tech is applied, it’s like turning off a light switch.

    A musical interlude for your entertainment:


  209. Scott Campbell


    Like I said in an earlier comment, forms of Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology are being run on staff and public on a continuous basis in the Current C of S. If you don’t believe me, ask Marty.

    It can be applied in several different ways with their own unique outcomes. Remember what LRH said about it:

    “Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics.”

    Seen any of that lately?

  210. Scott Campbell


    Thank you for that and those wonderful quotes. I got it.

  211. Scott Campbell

    Aye, Allen.

    A bit of Scots wisdom for ye.

    Aon bhò a bhristeas an garradh, ‘s a dha dheug a leumas

    “One cow breaks the fence, and a dozen leap it.”

    Glad to break a fence for you guys.


  212. Grasshopper:
    You make some very important points.
    There is no staff enhancement due to corporate greed of using auditors to milk for auditing hours, using them up so pcs can be regged again. Staff enhancement is so low on the list of priorities that it is almost non-existent other than sec checks, “What are your crimes?” type demands and nothing else.
    Miscavige is a sadist and his dictates trickle down via his RTC reps so he micro-manages every nook and cranny of the Orgs.

    DM’c cult would not spare an auditor to audit the slaves !

    My son Alexander Jentzsch was in for 14 years. He received a Purif and some sec checks, not even Life Repair in 14 years of service !

    The Universe Corps to audit staff that was promised was deleted out of existence.

    When 2nd generation Scientologists are recruited at a tender young age like Jenna Miscavige, Marc Headley, John Peeler even Chuck Beatty and other, they are never given the spectrum of the Bridge. They are given and witness horrific ABUSE.

    When they depart, sickened to the heart at what they have witnessed, their ABUSE time track in the SO is still resonating within. I do not fault them at all for deducing that it was all a scam. They have never experienced anything but ABUSE and horrific ABUSE. This charge is never addressed but instead they receive Dirty OSA Ops on TOP of past abuses for blowing/speaking out/posting on the web.

    There is only thing you can guarantee DM’s henchmen do.

    They are incapable of putting a fire out. They only know to inflame it.
    Hence the burgeoning Internet and more and more connection and high speed communication between Critics, Old Guard, Independents and those in Anonymous who are the Roman Catholics against abortion and the Lawyers (not everyone there is as it appears.)

    Children that grew up and were abused in Scientology have their own website

    Just when you think you have heard it all, guess what ?
    There are more horror stories emerging.
    It is even worse than some of us can imagine

  213. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Brad.

    I’m saluting back now.


  214. OTVIII
    The insinuation in your post is that SO members who were not ‘tending to their cases left something to be desired in their conduct or trustworthiness.
    I do apologize if your experience of SO members was unpleasant or distasteful in any way. Perhaps those who were less than perfect were hungry? Tired? missed their family? Had a day off denied for the 100th time? Couldn’t get in session? Couldn’t get an auditor? Couldn’t get to the dentist to get that painful abcess removed? Hadn’t fully recovered from a recent abortion? Couldn’t afford a pack of smokes because there was no pay that week?
    Please forgive their petty foibles – I guess that being there for honorable and noble purposes and putting the lives and spiritual freedom of others before their own is unforgivable in light of the fact that they didn’t make it go right to make it to OTVIII despite the fact that there were no auditors for them.
    Do not quote LRH policy self-righteously before ex-Sea Org members here. You are entirely ignorant of the matters about which you speak and I’ve already had a stomach full of pious hypocrisy from the C of M already thank you.
    Keeping it civil here OTVIII so don’t push it any further.

  215. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for the good wishes. I appreciate all the support.


  216. Scott Campbell


    I appreciate that. Thank you.


  217. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tom,

    I’m happy to be back!

  218. Scott Campbell

    Thought Provoking,

    Thank you. Great post. Black Dianetics in a nutshell.


  219. Tony DePhillips

    You rock Karen!!

  220. Just read your story, Scott. Congratulations on your decision to speak out. I hope you and your family reap great personal rewards as a consequence. And I hope many who know you will wake up all the sooner because of what you’ve said.

  221. Scott Campbell

    Harry Potter,

    Actually it was not a “storage locker” It was the old medical waste incinerator room from when the building was the Cedars of Lebanon hospital.

    I tried to find a way out one time and got between the wall and the outside of the old brick incinerator. When I came out – an old, used, glass syringe was sticking out of the top of my foot.

    I got the guys on watch to open the big, steel clad sliding door and told them in the tone that was appropriate for the moment, (cheerfulness) “Hey, look what I found!”

    They were horrified.

    Like I said in my post comment to Karen the other day:

    Try getting flat on terror. Now there’s a toughie.


  222. Kathy Braceland

    OT VIII,

    Have you ever heard the baseball term “advance the runner?” It’s a very unselfish play. The batter hits the ball purposely in a position where he may go out himself but by doing so, one or more of his teammates will run to the next base and maybe even score. He may be booed and ridiculed by the fans but that doesn’t matter. His only aim is to advance the runner, in hopes that he will help lead his team towards victory.

  223. Scott~I got my dose of True Blood in me now. Phew.
    Man, I’m glad you made it out of there alive and kickin! 🙂 Kudos to your wife too!

  224. Sarge — I’m so glad about your prayer flags — you live near my brother – so having those flags waving sending prayers his way makes me very happy.

    I look outside my bedroom window and see three sets of flags. They make me happy as well.

    Something about seeing prayer flags — well, they just make me feel happy.

    I’m glad they make you happy as well!!


  225. Ted,
    DM particularly liked that scene with Tony Montana’s big pile of coke on his desk/table. He mentioned that scene a few times.

  226. Yeah, well we all had to bring “disposable clothes” & all ended up having to clean the bilges for a little bit. The clothes were thrown out after. I still wonder to this day what I was supposed to learn from that!

  227. Tara, you’re welcome but I can only say I am sorry to have to post such information, the evil of it is so difficult to confront. The fact that it is the Church of Scientology we all loved that has been subverted from the very top and turned into a North Korean-style brainwashing/concentration camp is just inconceivable – but apparently true. And the contagion is spreading downwards. It is the stuff of nightmares for sure.

    Disinfecting by exposing it to light is the best solution we have. The publication and dissemination of the true information as broadly as possible so others will not be fooled by this pretender “church” as it exists today.

  228. Scott Campbell

    Thought Provoking,

    It’s in the vicinity. As I said above, the place where I was belonged to an Albuquerque Org staffer.

  229. Scott Campbell

    Oop’s Sorry. Stepped on toes. Congratulations Ron! Well done.


  230. Scott Campbell


    Yes, we may have met. Don’t worry, things will get better.

  231. Karry Campbell

    Correction, I joined staff at LA day in 1985. — Karry

  232. Karry Campbell

    Just Me,

    Yes, that would be great if my family did see the light. Hopefully before they become “bankrupt” too.


  233. Karry Campbell


    Thank you very much for your kind words. I truly hope so.


  234. Karry Campbell


    Thank you.

    As I was a KTL & LOC sup on the Freewinds, I had plenty of experience in this area. You are right – overts of omission can be BIG! I always insisted upon these being written up as well as overts of comission.

    Fortunately there is RPEC to handle any past unhandled conditions.


  235. Karry Campbell

    Sorry Michael,

    I corrected that in a post above. It was 1985. Good that you caught that.

    So very true about marriage and kids in the Sea Org.


  236. Karry Campbell

    Tony DePhillips,

    Thank you for the ack. Happy to join, FINALLY!


  237. Karry Campbell


    Did you ever live in a duplex on Russel Ave. in Hollywood?


  238. martyrathbun09

    comment from Troubleshooter:
    2010/08/23 at 12:32 pm
    If your handle is true you are one of those who demonstrate that something is wrong with the results being turned out these days at the top of the Bridge and minimally let us know that you can remain a cannibal all the way up to the “top”. Now you must also know then that your money did not buy you happiness, friends or superman abilities. In fact I know a few of your fellow double digit IQ peers friends and even they know not to make suppressive generalizations about those who signed the billion year contract. Your obviously not trained. (and in case you say you are, let me say again that you are obviously not trained) This is not the forum for you to air your petty attitude that was clearly spewed over the backs of those who were breaking it for your ability to go up the Bridge. hmmmm maybe there is a case for OT VIIIs going back to their Objectives. I don’t wish that on anyone unless of course it IS by some unbelievably horrible chance that your Bridge was so suppressively CSed that you didn’t obtain the EPs that LRH states so clearly in the CS series and rundowns, or that when each grade EP got sidechecked at every point when you resumed your auditing after any breaks and you received the standard repair/advance programs you STILL didn’t get the EPs or when you did you OT Eligibility the CS AGAIN didn’t handled any out-tech in your lower Bridge or when you proceeded up your OT levels the CS didn’t handle out-tech on your case – SOMEWHERE in their your critical attitude should have been handled…hmmmm oh now let me ask you something VIII, are you a Patron Meritorious?!!!!!! Because THAT would explain your inability to recognize similarities and differences. It does seem however that due to your Clear status having been checked, checked again, re-checked and then that check being checked that you would be able to see that for gods sake YOU are the reason for the abundant attitude you felt it appropriate to throw up all over the heart felt communication in this blog about. And when your ethics was put in you felt you should do it AGAIN! Indeed you do not belong here as it was also said. You are not fooling anyone. You are here to enturbulate. You are an OSAbot. Send in another clown fellas as this one is outed. It does provide some entertainment for sure and it allows some venting that might not otherwise have been done…I’m NOT a new kid on the block by any stretch of the imagination so don’t fuck with me or with those who have had the courage to walk the walk.
    Trouble Shooter, holstered and backin’ away
    posted for Troubleshooter. – marty

  239. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, lovely. I always advise folks go for base hits rather than swing for the fences. Different concept, but nonetheless a baseball analogy.

  240. Scott Campbell

    We used to call these types – “bridge pc’s”

    And yes, it was derisive.

    Got the world by the tail – and spinning it around in small circles with nary a wobble.

  241. Scott Campbell


    Did you take the Int “Officer Training School” on the ship, or just the “lower reaches of the E/R” tour?

    I was the E/R Org Officer.

    I was one of the I/C running the OTS. I also made up the WQSB so that half of the ship staff at a time could go up to Int while the other half safely manned the ship.

  242. Scott Campbell

    Hey Marty,

    That was the philosophy of my championship softball team, “base hit-em to death”.

    Just ask Greg Hughes what my “Scott’s Tool and Machinery Repair” team did to his, “The Killer Artichokes” team on our way up the league.

    Just so you aren’t kept in suspense, we beat them 13 – 3 and the game was called on the “Ten run rule”.


  243. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tara.

    Yep. Alive and kickin’! Karry says thanks too.


  244. Jim,

    Funny how a thetan knows these things.

    Come to think about it, funny how a thetan knows. Period.

    But interesting.

    Right back at you, brother.

    Goo goo g’joob.

  245. Trouble Shooter

    Hi Scott,

    We used to call them professional pcs. We also had to give them longer TEs (technical estimates) – only because these were the guys who somehow always seemed to avoid the training route…

    Scott, your delivery into the valley of darkness, your wife’s role in helping you through it including saving your life TWICE, your screams heard by others during lock-up, posts from others who have lived through their own journeys out of similar suppressive uses of LRH’s tech – it’s bone chilling. It takes tough thetans to survive such nightmare, evil levied upon one by those they trusted no less. It is so much evil to confront. I ran implants like this way back on the track on FPRD but this… is evil of a whole new order of magnitude..done with the very tech I’ve believed would allow me to achieve my purpose which has been found to be worded well in the AIMS OF SCIENTOLOGY. Your experience, it sounds like a miracle that we’re able to address you here. I’m grateful for all that you did, gave and gave up to work on those AIMS.

    “Got the world by the tail – and spinnig it around in small circles with nary a wobble.” is just the kind of Pirates and Bums thing to say to bring a smile back to my face. Hell yeah!

    It’s nice to meet you.

    Trouble Shooter

  246. Scott Campbell

    Thanks for the great story, Sarge.

    A good story is like a work of art. The beauty is in the telling.


  247. Scott,
    I remember you at the E/R now. No wonder your photo seemed familiar. Was half of the Int base tour which went through the bilges and cleaned it. We had lifeboat drills, docking drills, as well and rowing races which was fun. Wak and Rory were good friends of mine.

  248. Scott Campbell


  249. Scott Campbell

    Thanks HG & CD.

    Regarding reaping great personal rewards. I already have.

    Regarding Karry’s family. I hope so too.


  250. Ne Obliviscaris

    Trouble Shooter,

    Thanks man. Speaking of Pirates, you should have been there one time at the Bos’un’s Party when I chopped down the Christmas Tree with one stroke of my Cutlass. Everybody laughed.

    Broken ornaments sprayed across the dance floor but we didn’t care. We just kept on drinkin’ & dancin’ as we slipped around in the blood and the beer. Good times.


  251. Jim,
    You are a virtual fountain of theta and wisdom. I am struck not only by the depth of your knowledge, but the great care with which you share it with those you wish to help. LRH would most certainly be proud of how you are carrying on his legacy of walking in those big ‘boots in the sky’.

    The ancient Greeks believed that everything in the Universe was in the process of becoming its ‘ideal form’. I believe that man as an individual and as a species is so evolving and with the help of beings such as you who posess knowledge of the tech he will succeed sooner than later.

    You have my sincere and humble thanks for all you have done, all you are doing and all that you will do to contribute to this divine motion.

  252. I want to dedicate this song to all who read and post here, and to those who are unable to do so. Thank you to all of you and them, for your struggles.
    Let us be the deluge.


    Some of them were dreamers
    And some of them were fools
    Who were making plans and thinking of the future

    With the energy of the innocent
    They were gathering the tools
    They would need to make their journey back to nature

    While the sand slipped through the opening
    And their hands reached for the golden ring
    With their hearts they turned to each other`s heart for refuge
    In the troubled years that came before the deluge.

    Some of them knew pleasure
    And some of them knew pain
    And for some of them it was only the moment that mattered

    And on the brave and crazy wings of youth
    They went flying around in the rain
    And their feathers, once so fine, grew torn and tattered.

    And in the end they traded their tired wings
    For the resignation that living brings
    And exchanged love`s bright and fragile glow
    For the glitter and the rouge
    And in a moment they were swept before the deluge.

    Now let the music keep our spirits high
    And let the buildings keep our children dry
    Let creation reveal its secrets by and by
    By and by–
    When the light that`s lost within us reaches the sky

    Some of them were angry
    At the way the earth was abused
    By the men who learned how to forge her beauty into power

    And they struggled to protect her from them
    Only to be confused
    By the magnitude of her fury in the final hour

    And when the sand was gone and the time arrived
    In the naked dawn only a few survived
    And in attempts to understand a thing so simple and so huge
    Believed that they were meant to live after the deluge

    Now let the music keep our spirits high
    And let the buildings keep our children dry
    Let creation reveal its secrets by and by
    By and by–
    When the light that`s lost within us reaches the sky

  253. Scott, I am so very happy for you and your family. Welcome, great things are coming your way. Thanks for all you have done….justice is coming!!

    Love Carol

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  255. Scott/Ne and Karry,
    I’ve been off line for several weeks so have only just read your posting.
    Brings me back to what seems now like another lifetime. I am so glad to see you and know you guys are doing well. It didn’t take a full out graphic description for me to know how awful it must have been for you. I am so sorry that you experienced such evil at the hands of your “fellow staff”, done with such self-righteous justification as only the blind and self-righteous can do. As I remember you, it must have taken quite a lot of effort on their parts to create an effect on you. Well done for persevering and coming out of it all with your good sense and good humor in tact to flourish and prosper!
    Would love to talk to you guys again. Please contact me:, so we can do that.
    Love and hugs,

    Whoooya! More freedom, more truth, more compassion and understanding. Our side is definitely a force to be reckoned with lil davey. You might want to reconsider your position and go away now while you still can, later might be a tad uncomfortable for you. Suit yourself.

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