Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard


I highly recommend that you dial into and watch and listen to the Louis Farrakhan’s Sunday 22 August, 2010 sermon, titled Put On The New Man. It is approximately 1 ½ hours long. http://www.noi.org/webcast/aug-22-2010/

I watched the live webcast of the sermon this morning.

Farrakhan does not mention the words Hubbard, Scientology, or Dianetics – but his sermon is so throroughly strewn with LRH’s nomenclature, there is no doubt to what he is referring to. He announces that at a smaller gathering of more trusted people scheduled for this Tuesday he is going to connect the dots and speak in more particulars to that which he not so vaguely refers.

Farrakhan clearly gets LRH. Ironically, he gets him more thoroughly than Miscavige, any church managers, or even church public, can ever get him. The reason I say this is because Farrakhan paints a beautiful picture through reference to the Bible and Koran through which he introduces LRH (again, without reference to LRH’s name). Farrakhan is able to do what we independents are free to do – but which is prohibited within the church. That is, to study wisdom as passed on by whatever sources, to think freely with it, and thereby understand Scientology in its context and with the breadth where it is most effective.

Farrakhan clearly refers to LRH (without mentioning his name) as a man who developed some ideas that can take a person closer to God. It is this distinction too that makes his understanding far superior to what Miscavige followers have been lead to believe.

Farrakhan makes the realization of the Eighth Dynamic (God or Infinity) the goal toward which his followers practice Scientology. In the current church, of course, that is impossible since they thoroughly implant that LRH is God, a position that Miscavige’s PR machine has been covertly, though steadily having DM replace LRH in. I don’t care which man they elect as their God, to worship a man – as has become the C of M’s lot – results in an “arrogance and vanity” and “know-best” that Farrakhan very rationally and clearly demonstrates is not a place to aspire to. His grasp of the Know to Mystery scale is impressive.

Farrakahn makes reference to the Admin Scale, org boards, engrams, auditing, and a host of other LRH concepts. He announces the fact the Nation has created a new org board that includes a department that is concerned wholly with getting members up the Bridge.

I learned of the broadcast through someone forwarding me an email circulating amongst gung-ho public Scientologists who have been working on a project to get the Nation of Islam introduced to Scientology through delivery of Book One auditing. It was clear to me in the context of the message that this is all being done on the hush, hush so that Dear Leader at the appropriate time can package the conversion of the Nation of Islam as one incredible Fourth Dynamic product of his own. This, predictably, in a word, is a con in the making.

First, I will say that this is no product at all – and in fact a potentially disastrous one – should we not follow this very closely and do what we can to educate Minister Farrakhan and his people where the C of M intends to lead them.

Second, as with any great potential advance of the legacy of LRH, this one was not conceived nor executed by Miscavige nor even by the church.

In fact, this is really a product of the late-great Isaac Hayes. Isaac was a personal friend of Farrakhan and introduced him to Scientology in long meetings they had while both were staying at the Celebrity Center hotel in the last nineties and early 2000s. Freedom Medal winner Alfreddie Johnson worked with Isaac on this and carried on Isaac’s work of enlightenment. Only Alfreddie could have pulled it off. And that is because of Alfreddie’s understanding of Scientology in the broader context of his first chosen, and never abandoned, philosophy – Christianity. Anyone who ever saw Alfreddie riff on Scientology with reference to the Bible, will appreciate his influence when they hear Farrakhan’s 22 August sermon.

Farrakhan’s depth of understanding is apparent by his lack of reference to teleprompters and notes. Which incidentally, makes him a severe, 5-alarm threat to Miscavige. And while I am certain Miscavige has not shown Farrakhan one single sign of jealously (what with his honed, 1.1 skill), I am just as certain he is already plotting the man’s demise, covertly of course. And so I beseech Minister Farrakhan and the top members of his security forces (Fruit of Islam or FOI) to read LRH’s Science of Survival as soon as practicable.

A couple of particularly heartening notes in Farrakhan’s sermon that indicate he has not become a DM bot, and can avoid that pitfall, were as follows:

Farrakahn made an impassioned, poetic argument for his followers never to become material oriented. He said that once a person goes that route, “life force is compromised.”

He also spoke of applying Scientology in the direction of “purging oneself of all arrogance and vanity.”

Finally, he said he is leading the Nation of Islam toward investing all it has toward service rather than into facilities. Striking an LRH chord we are all familiar with, he said:

“I don’t care nothing about buildings. Stop being fascinated with buildings. Start being fascinated with your development and growth into your valuable final product.”

One discordant note that may spell a crack in the door toward Farrakhan going the route of Miscavige was his final words. In them he made it crystal clear that all current Ministers of the Nation of Islam must sign papers agreeing to partake in Scientology training, and those that refuse “will be thanked for all they have done” for the Nation and told to “sit down.”

I want the Minister to know that I – and I hope I am not speaking out of school by saying this – all of us here (hundreds who are highly trained on the writings of L Ron Hubbard and experienced in their application) are here for you and your people when you start recognizing the slippery slope Miscavige will inevitably lead you down. And that means, we can help you continue your progress up the Bridge, without financial or PR motivations, when you recognize these are Miscavige’s only motivations for facilitating your best of intentions. We are also there for those individuals within the nation who suffer from being forced to convert to Scientology against their own determinism, a subject that by definition cannot work when practiced against one’s own self determinism.

And, worst case scenario, if the good Minister is already joined at the hip with Miscavige, and is skillfully misleading his own flock, we will be the ones to clean up that calamity like so many others the C of M has created. While his event warm up and wrap up is suspiciously similar to C of M attempts to deify Miscavige, Minister Farrakhan’s extemporaneously expressed understanding of Scientology is so far superior to Miscavige’s I am inclined to take his words at face value. He is quite evidently thrilled when making reference to the wins some of his disciples have experienced with Dianetics – something that has never, ever been evident with Miscavige.

As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

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  1. Watching Eyes

    Great post. I can only hope you or someone you know has a way to contact Farrakhan to info him about what he’s in for should he let the dwarf cozy up to him. Once he understands it’s all about the $$$ & PR and nothing to do with results, he’ll run.

  2. Be very carefull. That man is a wolf in sheepsclothing

  3. As a jew, I must take offense to this…I mean, you DO realize the man’s an anti-semite, right? Please print this, as I’m not trying to start a flame war, or something. I would like yours, and others, opinion on the subject.

  4. How big do you need your red flags to be Marty ?

    “One discordant note that may spell a crack in the door toward Farrakhan going the route of Miscavige was his final words. In them he made it crystal clear that all current Ministers of the Nation of Islam must sign papers agreeing to partake in Scientology training, and those that refuse “will be thanked for all they have done” for the Nation and told to “sit down.””

    Louis F. Has always been a dictator. But he is a smart Mofo.

  5. http://www.adl.org/special_reports/farrakhan_own_words2/farrakhan_own_words.asp

    For nearly 30 years, Louis Farrakhan has marked himself a notable figure on the extremist scene by making hateful statements targeting Jews, whites and homosexuals.

    Farrakhan’s bigoted and anti-Semitic rhetoric has included statements calling whites “blue eyed devils” and Jews “bloodsuckers” that controlled the slave trade, the government, the media, Hollywood and various Black individuals and organizations. He frequently denies that Jews have a legitimate claim to their religion and to the land of Israel.

    On June 26, 2010, Farrakhan delivered an an address rife with anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel. In an attempt to craft an argument that Blacks, not Jews, are the “real” children of Israel, he downplayed historical Jewish suffering, accused Jews of world domination and promoted anti-Semitic charges of Jewish deicide. He also repeated many of his past accusations about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, Jewish exploitation of Black labor in the cotton trade, and Jewish control over government, finance and entertainment.

    During his address, Farrakhan heavily promoted the second volume of the anti-Semitic book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. The new volume, subtitled, “How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy,” blames Jews for promoting a myth of black racial inferiority and makes a range of conspiratorial accusations about Jewish involvement in the slave trade and in the cotton, textiles, and banking industries.

    Farrakhan’s June 26 speech and an equally anti-Semitic follow-up speech he delivered in Chicago two weeks later are the latest in a series of highly offensive addresses he has delivered in the last year. During his keynote address at the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day event in Chicago in February 2010, Farrakhan accused “Zionists” of controlling Congress and the Obama Administration and advanced long-standing conspiracy theories about Jews and money.

    In July 2009, Farrakhan delivered an anti-Semitic tirade during a speech about Michael Jackson, alleging that that Zionist Jews are out to sabotage influential African Americans and claiming that the performer suffered at the hands of powerful Jews throughout his career.

  6. Don’t shoot your own foot.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Scientology can handle that.

  8. martyrathbun09

    If he doesn’t have lines that get this post to him, and if he doesn’t read it, then he is already gone – and we’ll see evidence of that soon enough.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Cat Daddy, I know this man’s history. I’ve written of a far more sinister act he committed. But, I also believe people inherently have the ability to change their stripes. And I try to grant them the opportunity to do so.

  10. I’m speechless — which as we all know is rare 🙂

    This is potentially wonderful.

    Or potentially the worse news I’ve heard for a long time.

    I’m leaning towards the latter. God help us.


  11. crashingupwards

    Wow. This posting is startling. I do not see a smooth merger here. My experience with black people is that they see through bullshit rather well.
    If you want to see the C of S implode, let this happen. Scintology has always had its fair share of Jews, and this just isnt going to fly. And its not the way individuals should involve themselves with Scn. Sounds more like an enforced corporate top-down merger. This could be a real disaster for both groups. If Farrakhan likes scientology, he should make reading recommondations to his followers. Beyond that it just isnt right. Quite startling.

  12. Nu Uh, David Miscavige wished he had Farakhanns skills though.

  13. martyrathbun09

    “Sounds more like an enforced corporate top-down merger. This could be a real disaster for both groups” You’ve got that right.

  14. Fellow Traveller

    Amen Brother Marty!

    If we don’t believe people can change, especially for the better, then what the hell are we doing here?

    Moving on up a little higher.

    We don’t all start at the top. Some of us start pretty far down. But as long as we discover a path, travel it, help others discover and travel theirs (and do what we can to get back on when we digress), we have great opportunity for improvement.

    Marty, your skill and finesse on “help others discover and travel theirs” has my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. A potential problem with the middle path is it is the widest one so requires the most tolerance and most understanding of the most numbers of viewpoints.

    Bruce Pratt

  15. David Miscavige is indeed the dwarf. Louis runs a much bigger scam. The onley difference Farakhann has a big audiance.
    Remember what Miscaviges answer was to Phils number one question: “When people listen to you”

  16. Tony DePhillips

    The proof will be in the pudding.

    If Farrakhan is a good man he will see what the real situation is and improve. If he goes for DM then that will have many more sinister ramifications. If Minister F is really a 1.1 then he will become blood brothers with DM and that will be a situation. In any case I don’t give a crap. I know what I know and I will take it to my grave.

    I am sure Dm will be milking this one for all it is worth. Maybe he will give the Nation Of Islam followers a 20% discount?? All hail DM may peace be upon him!!

  17. Freedom Fighter

    Everything else aside, this is quite an astute statement:

    “I don’t care nothing about buildings. Stop being fascinated with buildings. Start being fascinated with your development and growth into your valuable final product.”

  18. theta networker

    What to say? … Marty, you responded a while ago to, Cat Daddy, that you know this man’s history and you have written of a far more sinister act he committed. I take it you may be referring to the role he may have played leading up to Malcolm X’ s assassination.

    I’m of the generation that went to school when Malcolm’s Autobiography as told to Alex Haley came out and I read it and studied Malcolm’s life to some degree … including the question of who attacked him, domestically as well as overseas before his assassination … I came to admire the man as you do … for being able to change …

    I am aware that, many years after Malcolm’s death, his family — one or both of his daughters, I believe — made peace with Louis Farrakhan. Nevertheless: Having read some of Louis Farrakhan’s words, I think IN contect, the inpression I have is that his basic philosophy is much as Elijah Muhammad’s was: depply in the racist band. My opinion: He may very well be an actual SP … which might account for this possible impending very unholy alliance …

    Your comm lines are incredible 🙂 Thank you for alerting us to this.

  19. martyrathbun09

    You may be right. That’s another reason we need to keep an eye on all this.

  20. You are absolutely right, Marty “This could be a real disaster for both group”.
    Wow! I am speechless.

    This is the group “Nation of Islam” that Michael Jackson was involved with towards the last few years of his life.

    I hope Louis Farrakhan reads your post.
    My personal opinion, either he is after taking David Miscavige down and replace him or David M already has a good plan to destroy LF.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Good point Bruce!

  22. Wow. This may have been the most important and possibly pivotal post of this blog’s history. That is some serious courage. Going right into the Lion’s Den with this one. We got your back brother…

    When looking at the church and how it it is operating right now it always helps to apply some Will Shakespeare.

    Merchant of Venice
    Act I Scene iii

    “Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

  23. Marty, I can see why DM locked you and Mike up and banged on your heads with his Voodoo Scientology: You guys like think for yourselves. DM, the scotch-addled, chain-smoking Cult Dictator, couldn’t handle you guys — or seemingly anyone else in RTC or on Int Base. Well, if powerful people bother Dave, then I guess he will have to eventually declare the Nation of Islam. NOI is certainly not going to take orders from a white guy like David Miscavige — especially when they learn that DM likes to enslave and brutalize people in order to break them down. NOI enshrines self-reliance as one of its virtues. That is why so many NOI members own their own businesses. Think about what happens when DM has WISE dip its hand for 10% into all of those businesses.

    OCMB covered the CoS/NOI story in May and June of 2006. Miscavige Cult literature was then claiming that 50,000 NOI ministers would be trained in LRH tech:

    “So that is why the World Literary Crusade, headed by IAS Freedom Medal winner Alfreddie Johnson, launched a pilot program to bring LRH study tech to 30 instructors at the Nation of Islam mosques, and now, by mandate from The Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the WLC will deliver LRH tech to 50,000 members of their congregation in every mosque across America.”

    Am I correct in assuming that somebody in CoS is the NOI FSM. Does Minister Farrakhan get a 10% FSM commission on NOI business from DM? Or does Alfreddie Johnson get a 10% FSM commission on NOI? And why the delay of over four years in Minister Farrakhan implementing Scientology in NOI?

    This story has far more to it than can be covered at The Shack!


  24. Your humble servant

    Fascinating! Louis Farrakhan is himself a fascinating character. For those who think David Miscavige could trick and destroy LF, oh, no I don’t think so! David Miscavige may be a bull mastiff tyrant in his own back yard, the Church of Scientology, but when it comes to external affairs he will be just a little poodle yapping. When it comes to politics, intelligence, street smarts, energy, and real friends, you had better bet on LF, if you are going to bet that the two are headed for some kind of leadership struggle.

    His anti-Jewish and anti-Israel remarks do concern me, and I am quite concerned about his earlier endorsement of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, who as far as I can tell is a real SP if you ever saw one. It troubles me too that he has characterized Hitler as a “great man,” explaining that he rebuilt Germany and made it powerful prior to the WWII, although he has stated that he deplores the evil that Hitler wrought

  25. martyrathbun09

    J Swift, Thanks. I have gotten so much back channels email/phone intell flowing in since posting – you are right, this sucker has legs. My next installment may wind up being how the alliance is already being used to suppress. But, wanna study some more and collect some more.

  26. Scott Campbell

    Wa alaikum, Marty,

    I agree with your main post and this comment.

    Try fucking over these cats and see what happens, DM.

    It would be the worst mistake you could make.


  27. Marty,
    Another informative and thought provoking post. Minister Farrakhan has a history of wrong targeting the sources of injustice and oppression, but I want to belive that he is motivated by Justice and not Power. For me personally I am repulsed by what he preaches out of the 2.0 band, but it is most certainly directed at those who are at 1.5 in his congregation.

    I have a little different spin to offer up on this strategic alliance. If indeed Minister Farrakhan does have an understanding of the true products of Scientology technology, he will be evaluating the results his people are getting. It has been a long time since David Miscagavage has had to take responsibility for his actual statistics and answer to any kind of Qaul eval. We all know that DM prefers sycophants and automotons and finds aware, self- determined and capable beings extremely annoying. It is only a matter of time before he will sabotage this strategic alliance and the real products of the Church of Miscavology will be made clear.

  28. Scott Campbell

    I wouldn’t get as worried as all that. What is this potential unholy alliance going to do? Force DM’s twisted brand of SCN on the Nation of Islam and in turn on others?

    Will they then come after us? I doubt it.

    If these guys are like any other of my black friends, they will immediately recognize us as the good guys.

    I really don’t feel that we have much to fear from them.

    Just Sayin’


  29. martyrathbun09

    Brad, I can’t argue with that analysis. I think it is spot on.

  30. Bingo. There it’s said. Exactly. Thanks.


  31. Harry Potter

    They’re using this Farrakhan connection as a huge win already in briefings.

    Just like 15 years ago when some Buddhists were studying at Flag and it was made to look like the Dali Lama and all of Buddhism would be turning their keys over to Dave.

    Spinning anything they can is SOP of course.

    If you talk to people who are on staff or regularly in the orgs on course, they parrot all the amazing expansion. They have never been on the shoot crews that have had to, for the last 20 years, go into empty orgs and somehow make them look full. Or spin some chick who went on vacation to Peru to make it look like she saved a million babies so her IAS medal looks deserved.

    If the graphs in the events were accurate which of course everyone for the last 20 years shows straight up and vertical, Scientology would indeed be in really good shape.

    Spin, spin, spin. Keep people blind.

    To keep it dirty like Dave, the only expansion happening is with Tom’s a$$hole. And the collateral damage are all good people on staff or who think they really trying to help the world.

    Lots of BS.

    Farrakhan and Miscavige are of the same cloth. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Businessmen trying to turn a profit by taking advantage of NPO corporate set ups.

  32. Scott Campbell

    Dear All,

    To anyone out there (scientologists and others alike) who still might be delusional on this subject, I would say only this:



    THE BEST THING TO DO (in so many words) IS:




    This is the only way to evolve as a being.


  33. Mr. Farrakahn is currently on the Purif at CC Int. He has been on the Purif for about 5 weeks now.

  34. Scott Campbell

    If any of you pay attention to global politics, then you know that it is our (United States) turn in the barrel.

    The Powers That Be may have decided that bringing about intolerable conditions in the United States is the way to hasten it’s demise.

    If this does go the wrong way, I would say that it is only as an instrument of TPTB.

    We do not have to let this happen.

    Our strength is in numbers. Far more people agree with us and our principals than agree with The Powers That Be.

    My suggestion is to withdraw and gain some perspective on it.


  35. Take a look at this link which is right on the front page of the Nation of Islam website. under their newspaper links (final call) on the right hand side.


    Marty doesn’t have to draw the connection it is right there on their website!

  36. Hate to go all A=A here but the perfect poise and rather expensive looking perfectly pressed jacket give me the heebie jeebies. It feels eerily familiar. Just my gut reaction. Hope I’m wrong. I’m sure we’ll know for sure soon enough.

  37. I second that. This is startling.

  38. I am not a scientologist though my ex “2d” is. (She won’t write on your blog but tells me all about it.) She had introduced me to some of your vips long ago, mostly nice enough people, including your president Heber Jenzt.

    She and I have shared an admiration for Louis Farrakhan.

    One day she excitedly told me she heard he was doing your auditing, this would be back in the mid 90’s. So when I got to meet him later I told him that I’ve called radio talk shows more than once to defend him – but that he didn’t have an agenda that I could tout for him. He nodded his head at me with concern and winced. I dropped your president’s name “Heber Jentz”, and he asked me to repeat it because he didn’t recognize it. He couldn’t recognize the name, yet he was supposedly doing auditing. This was 1997.
    If the C of S can help the N of I with their literacy, business success, whatever, I’m all for it. The man is not the smartest black leader to come around but I know from shaking his hand and talking to him he means well and is looking for help. He is susceptible to rage, and all the mistakes that come with it. But I pray that he sets an agenda for what he wants out of your church, and doesn’t get suckered into spending gobs of cash attaining it. Cause that shit has a habit of diminishing returns, to watch my friend these past 25 years.

  39. I don’t see Miscavige welcoming Louis “into the fold”.
    Miscavige bullied his way (over a few girls and sissies) into total control of a “church” of only 40,000 active members that is worth billions and brings in millions of dollars per WEEK. Miscavige is a little two bit criminal who works on holding onto the golden goose by removing and silencing anyone who isn’t willing to be a victim.
    Louis and his followers specialize on not being victims and they are very overt about speaking their mind and holding their position. Not being a bunch of whipped DM puppets they will of course research Miscavige on the internet, do their own investigating and know him for what he is.
    If Louis and his people want Scn they will either take it directly from the punk (lock, stock and barrel) or they will gather up the materials (all readily available) and go off and use it in a bigger and better way than Miscavige ever dreamed of.
    The Miscavige game will continue to melt away while the ball gets picked up and used in bigger and better games.

  40. Very recent. Some kind of weird mix between Muslem and Rastafari thought.


    Must say, I now have my popcorn ready. DM can’t take on Louis F. He may have a billion or so dollars but he can not take him on. If he does he is toast.

    DM needs to do what he did best to usurp power in the past. Grovel like the lowlife he is and hope Louis F. dies first.

  41. As Salaam Alaikum , Marty

    Very interesting but will this turn out to be similar to the training of the Buddist Monks that went to AOLA a decade or so ago?

    Those Monks where to be trained up as auditors, C/S’s, and course sups, in order to bring Scn tech to over 1 million Buddist.

    I was even sent to bonded SO Mission briefing in which the strategy was revealed and a secret letter from LRH to the leaders of this Buddist sect. where Ron states he was Gautama Siddhartha and the letter was signed with the exact historically verified “G”.
    The idea was that if the word got out of the Buddist training the SP would try to thwart it any way possible so the training was to be done on a need to know basis until they were ready to fire out back to thier Temples.

    But since that time I have heard of no further developments withregards any of that. Anyone else?

    As I see it the Church couldn’t simply deliver any valuble final products beyond the intro courses and as a result they just stayed away.

    Any similarity here?

    Is this a repeat with the Nation of Islam?

  42. Louis Farrakhan is pretty savvy. He knows about the 9/11 Cover-up…

    Good References to 9/11 Truth are…

  43. If you see it….There is your proof. They were the guys that we couldn’t place that appeared out of nowwhere.


  44. Marty…. do you think Isaac Hayes started seeing the dark side of CofM based on what he experienced before he passed and perhaps was able to get some sort of warning/heads up to Mr. Farrakhan or the NOI in some way?

  45. Exciting and Scary at the same time!

  46. Part 2 is above.
    This is Part 1 of Farrakhan talking about 9/11…

  47. Why don’t we take a lead from the Nation of Islam (NOI) and become NOIS the Nation of Independent Scientologist?

    As-Salamu Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

  48. I believe in the goodness of people and in LRH’s tech and I am certainly living proof that leopards can change their spots.
    I sure hope they aren’t already corrupted. None of the African Americans around me are followers of N.O.I.

  49. I knew the Nation of Islam was into flying saucers and the like, but this particular alliance blind-sided me.

    Marty-the Nation of Islam is full of a bunch of racists, thugs and charlatans. They have almost as unsavory a reputation as the CoS. You’d be far better advised to steer clear of them, rather than seeking to forge an alliance of your own.

  50. Worked with a couple Black Muslims in the 90s.

    They also had severe factionalism within their church – too many intra-mural sports, it cut their reach into society.

    SP Detection, Routing and Handling – a severely lost tech, possibly the most important key since without it you cannot get ethics in.

  51. Not a Farrakhan fan. I’ve been in DC after the Million Man March, I’ve lived in SE DC. I’ve found his minions to be racist from the get go. I have pretty high confront, and was comfortable as a white woman living in SE DC by myself. And yes, I’ve experienced reverse racism. I’m with Cat Daddy on this one, as I have done my research and discovery.


  52. Marty keeps the great posts flowing. Let’s all hope we can intercept Farrakhan’s meeting with the waist-high terror midget. BTW, we do you suppose DM talks like a truck driver as soons as the floodlights are no longer shining on him? Is it because he’s a complete a–hole, or is it because he’s the educational equivalent of Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies? Or perhaps both. Anyhow, time to queue up the trendy rap music as feel some “Changes” coming on:

  53. Peter McMahon

    This is a parody, right? Where’s the punchline?

  54. I remember that, but in the vast sea of BS, PR, made up stats from events I simply forgot about it.

    I would like to see a compilation of a bunch of the “annoucements” like this from the events over the last ten or so years and compare them to present time. I recall something about the government of Mexico (Baja?) funding Criminon in all their prisons? Some small european countries implementing LRH admin tech and org boarding their governments? Etc.
    Tons of this stuff where you would sort of wonder what it really meant.

  55. rory Medford

    I wouldn’t sweat it, this will only speed up the demise and downfall of DM and the church.

    DM continues to pull in the wrong people the wrong groups, etc

    This will backfire on him and the PR for this so called merger will be another nail in the coffin

  56. Sometimes I pretty much see a person at first glance. I can see their “aura” or thetan or maybe just their tone level or something, but sometimes I really get someone right off. Louis Farrakhan is one of those guys. So was Miscavige. I knew there was something wrong with both these guys before they even opened their mouths, but of course I doubted my own knowingness and then was forced to evaluate it against the “real world” and decided maybe they werent so bad, after all Miscavige was the leader of Scientology and Farrakhan a prestigious leader in his own right.

    I feel that Farrakhan has the same use for Scientology that Miscavige does- to serve his own 1.1 purposes and to control and nullify people around him.

    I AM OPEN TO BEING WRONG, and would like to be- but thats my gut hunch on this.

  57. Theo Sismanides

    My opinion in this is the following:

    if Farrakhan means what he preaches he should see that the C of M is part of a NWO and it is not Scientology. He should then seek new allegiance for Scientology and he should choose to be with the Independents. Especially, because of matters of human rights. Does he know Miscavige is torturing and beating people? Does he know he has been altering the Tech?

    If he is part of the whole scenario and he is just saying things to keep manipulating his flock for covert purposes and interests, I am sure he will “go along” fine with DM and the C of M.

    Scientology, under the alter-is of DM and C of M, is being used as the next global religion, this is the scenario. And the people of Earth, of various denominations are getting it more like an enforced/covert corporate top-down merger. The point is who is enforcing or covertly assisting this merger?

    I wonder what Alfredie Johnson is doing and how come he can accept Miscavige as a leader of Scientology now that Marty and the rest have said all this? This I don’t get.

  58. Felicitas Foster

    thanks for the post. Learned something new.
    In case Minister Farrakhan is up to using black Dianetics I feel for his followers. It doesn’t make much sense that somebody in this tone band and being an agent for the creed of the NOI suddenly turns around an can grant beingness.

  59. wannabeclear

    The fact that Farrakhan wraps himself in the Koran and the bible makes him about as much a man of god as David Miscavige. Giving credence to anything he has to say because he “gets LRH” is incredibly disturbing. Does this somehow negate the fact that he is a bigot, an anti-semite, and a racist?

    It’s great that you try to see the best in people and believe in everyone’s ability to change for the better. But, Louis Farrakhan won’t suddenly become a peaceful, open-minded, facilitator of communication among all people, no matter what brand of Scientology he forces on his followers. Rest assured that he has no real intention of embracing any form of Scientology. He may be using it as a power play, and for no one’s benefit but his own and to further his own hateful agenda. His aim is to stoke hate and fear, and expand his base of power, much like DM.

    By praising his eloquence, you are helping legitimize the rantings of another destructive megalomaniac with control over a large number of people. He will not see your truth, no matter how strongly you state it. And to believe otherwise is either reckless, naive, or both.

    Instead of spending your resources worrying about the “poor” misled Nation of Islam, worry more about the fact that you, as someone who is respected by the freezone, are giving credence and attention to someone whose hateful philosophy should neither be celebrated nor admired, but should be condemned in the strongest of terms.

  60. Felicitas Foster

    I thought it would be a good idea to see Minister Farrakhan in action to be able to lokate him on the Tone Scale (seems to be of March this year):

    Over to you guys.


  61. If DM f***s up with the Nation of Islam … he might have to engage in “unprecedented” ( doesn’t he like that word ? ) spending of his war chest. The 7 -figure amount he spent on me will be NOTHING compared to that.

    And if DM really pisses NOI off … those black guys can copy what Anonymous are doing, but with 100 or 1000 people at each org !

    There have been some allegations that CST ( = Church of spiritual technology, basically the owner of the tech ) has connections to the US government. If that is true … maybe this whole thing is an intelligence op to tame NOI ???

    Just wondering.

  62. Martin Gibson

    Help, being the basic purpose of living, causes reactions when running into situations that seem to be unable to be helped, and when frustration sets in (help can become destruction simply by failing then dropping down tone to anger band, thus destroying on a purpose to help, tricky one eh?). Now at an anger tone one can attempt to NOT-help. Ever seen a couple fight until one shows visible upset/tears?) at this point an EFFECT has been created, morale actually increases, and one feels back in touch and of some importance. Its crazy, but you may have observed it. DM specialises in creating a NO-HELP scene. Then when the beings surrounding drop down tone to anger refuses to admit any effect (no effect on self, only effect on others – see chart of attitudes, anger band). This can lead one to that horrible state of creating no effect, must-have effect. Where one cant help, and cant even NOT-HELP (cant harm). I get restimed a lot through this cycle on that. Thankyou Marty, Mike, Karen, Amy, JB for providing the EFFECTS on DM that are being created, from your personal experience. It helps to confront the nothingness that Miscavage works so hard to create and maintain.

  63. Independent Scientologist

    All I can do is ech an earlier comment.

    Holy shit!

    When I was recently at AO, I saw LOTS of Islamic women in their traditional garb outside the canteen, so I know that the link between Scientology and the Nation of Islam is quite factual. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  64. There are some interesting aspects to the beliefs of the Nation of Islam, for example, this excerpt from Wikipedia.org

    “Passed down via written lessons from 1930-1934 from W. Fard Muhammad to his student, Elijah Muhammad, referred to and titled, The Supreme Wisdom the Nation of Islam continues to teach its followers that the present world society is segmented into three distinct categories. They teach that from a general perspective, 85% of the population are the deaf, dumb and blind masses of the people who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to lead in the right direction. These 85% of the masses who are said to be manipulated by 10% of the people are referred to as the masses of the people. Those 10% rich slave-makers are said to manipulate the 85% masses of the people through ignorance, the skillful use of religious doctrine and the mass media.

    The third group referred to as the 5% poor righteous teachers of the people of the world who know the truth of the manipulation of the 85% masses of the people by the 10% and that 5% righteous teachers are at constant struggle and war with 10% to reach and free the minds of the masses of the people.”


    As far as an alliance between DM and NOI, this seems extremely unlikely to me, given that the NOI considers white people to be an inferior race based on genetics. i.e. the white race was produced genetically by black scientists.

    NOI accepts the information outlined in None Dare Call it Conspiracy, which lays out the activities of the Rothschilds (world banking, one world government).

    Unfortunately, this does translate into a racist point of view that can easily be picked up by the “ignorant masses” as more of the same racial bigotry that has plagued our civilizations for countless centuries.

    Perhaps an awareness of the concept of a suppressive person, without regard to race or religion will supplant the racist point of view. In speeches throughout the 90s however, there are numerous instances of very thoroughly racist statements being made by NOI — they really don’t hold any punches on the subject, particularly on Jews. From what I have read, it goes this way: Rothschild was a Jew, part of a Jewish conspiracy, and by implication/association Jews are bad. Whites and Jews enslaved black people and killed millions, therefore by implication / association whites and Jews are bad.

    Now read the quotation from Wikipedia again.

    DM is white. He is controlling. He is arrogant. It doesn’t seem very reasonable to me to think there would be an alliance of any kind, except a very uneasy one. And it just could be that NOI will take the higher road, but it sure sounds to me like the intention is to take it as the “natural” and “genetically” superior race comprising the 5% that tells the 85% what to do.

  65. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. According to Malcolm X, NOI was negotiating with the KKK to purchase a massive land plot for Afro-Americans to migrate to so as to guarantee segregation – so there is a history of alliances with suppressive whites. On the ROthschilds, etc perhaps this alliance led DM to require OSA and to read and go by Jim Marrs conspiracy theories. Ironically, Marrs relies upon many racist sources for his theories, including Southern Confederacy aplogist historians. Interesting can of worms.

  66. This very well may end in the most historical event
    in the history of the CofM. Minister Farrakan is by
    far a bigger and brighter being than Dear leader. No
    doubt Farrakhan has his own agenda and will out flank
    the dwarf.
    If you are on this blog the odds are you too are bigger and brighter.
    I can’t imagine a PR machine that could actually fool the Nation
    of Islam under Farrakhans leadership so let’s wait and behold
    the outcome. I think it will be a brief time before we see th EP.

  67. martyrathbun09

    I am reporting, I believe, very accurately on what I observed. I could launch into a lengthy critique of his life; as I could probably do to everybody who reaches for Scientology. But, to do so – and not give a person a chance, granting their reach as genuine – and immediately condemn them for their pasts, would be to do precisely what the C of M does. And that perhaps more than anything has killed the church as a potential force of good for humanity. But here’s something to celebrate. Do you realize this debate never happened in the church, at any level. This debate is impossible there.

  68. martyrathbun09

    Truth be told, my hunch too. But, we’ll see how this plays out pretty darn fast now that it is in the public eye.

  69. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for Tupac’s “Changes”, one of my personal themes.

  70. martyrathbun09

    I am not looking for an alliance. Depending on how this plays out, I may share my own personal experience with NOI in Houston post-Katrina. My experience, and my attitude, is very similar to Barack Obama’s as written in his first book.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Hard to say. I believe the former, but have no evidence of the latter.

  72. I think he, like Miscavige has this ability to tell people what they want to hear. Miscavige for sure takes Scientology and the spiritual freedom it promises as a carrot on a stick to lead people where he wants them to go. His only problem is if people get that spiritual freedom. It’s like he wants to use it to make people run around in circles. I dont really now enough about Farakhan to comment as I did. I wish he was a powerful and positive leader. I think Alfreddie Johnson is. But you notice Alfreddie Johnson is too busy actually working and helping people to grab power and attention for himself the way Farakhan does.

  73. “Do you realize this debate never happened in the church, at any level. This debate is impossible there.”


  74. martyrathbun09

    The two photos are revelatory. The discussion, as per usual, is racist and degraded. If FOI is being used to attempt to intimidate Scientology protestors, then that speaks in support of the concern Miscavige and Farrakhan have forged an unholy alliance. BTW, I wouldn’t get too concerned about FOI. At some point I’ll tell of their attempt to scare me off a little further up the road.

  75. martyrathbun09

    Sam, good eye. I’ll draw a lot more parallels if I don’t hear from his people relatively soon. There are many.

  76. Tony DePhillips

    What I would be intersted in is to see who is paying for their training and auditing? Is the NOI paying or is the individual?

  77. Marty,
    Did you mean to place your comment under Cat Daddy’s comment, not under the 9/11 Cover-up comment?…
    If you see it….There is your proof. They were the guys that we couldn’t place that appeared out of nowwhere.
    — Cat Daddy

  78. martyrathbun09

    Probably, don’t have time to dig in at the moment. Maybe you can put it in the right place.

  79. Part 2 about the 9/11 Cover-up is worth watching.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Tony, interesting question.
    When Minister Farrakhan’s subsidized Book One and admin training services are done for his followers, they – as he has clearly already done himself – are going to want to continue on up the Bridge. There are three ways I see this locomotive going from there:

    a. Miscavige can continue to subsidize their progress and somewhere up the line he will run into the ugly consequences of Free Service Free Fall PL, unexchanged for services creating an out-ethics frame of mind in the recipients causing untold disasters.

    b. Miscavige will send Farrakhan’s people to orgs where the consequences of being beset upon by the Vulture Culture will create even more frightening disasters.


    c. Miscavige will set up a very affordable training facilities where NOI people can produce sufficient auditors to service their public.

    And, if he takes the only viable route, “c” above, well then he’ll be carrying out the will of Isaac Hayes and the Independents. And everybody wins in the short term. Assuming of course, he can remove the hundreds of arbitraries he’s entered into the line up himself. But in the long run of course the question will then be begged, why isn’t Scientology set up like that for everybody, instead of just for members of NOI?

    And…hey, wait a second…the good Minister Farrakhan might just wind up inadvertently having a major hand in forcing Miscavige to do what the Old Man clearly laid out in policy decades ago.

    I know…dream on.

  81. Hi Yoni and thanks for bringing up this aspect of the discussion. I do look for Israeli/Jewish independents so if u see this and are interested please ask my email from Marty. Toda

  82. Louis Farrakhan’s Sunday sermon at this web address: http://www.noi.org/webcast/aug-22-2010/

  83. And in fact not only is there no redemption between lives, the forgetting that takes place and the resultant compounding ignorance due to the unavailability of previous experience, may be the root of our problems.

  84. I think many of you are giving Louis Farrakhan way too much credit in the IQ department. He is a very reactive person, he listens to way to many people, and he is easily wrapped in to other people’s agenda’s. The thing we should be worried about is the connection between DM and Louis. DM is no dummy and he obviously did a number on all of us and LRH. DM will use Louis far faster than any of us could blink an eye or before Louis will be the wiser.

    You can still be a leader, you can surround yourself with lots of smart people to guide you to make smart decision, but being SMART and WISE is not a prerequisite to running an organization. It all has to do with the company you surround yourself with.


    Speaking about the NOI as a group, if Mr. F sticks with Miscavige it can only end badly for the NOI. It may end badly for Miscavige too but he’s headed for that in any event.

    I am continuing to monitor media/internet outpourings these days and it is clear there are three distinct campaigns running in the religious field:

    1.Anti-Muslim, very heavy, resulting in 70 percent of all Americans now being against a mosque being built a couple of blocks from Ground Zero despite the fact that many Muslims died in the twin tower terrorist act. It’s created a total A=A. Terrorists equal all Muslims. Of course the 70 percent result is now being touted in the media as “public opinion” but it was created by biased media in the first place.
    2. Anti-religion, any religion, the main falsehood being that religion has caused all the world’s problems. This is by far the longest running campaign and has had great success on the east and west coasts.
    3.Anti-Scientology which has mainly used Internet channels probably due to the fact that most media outlets are now battle shy when it comes to Scientology.

    The NOI are now well within bombing range of all three campaigns. In fact, it is of great note that the NOI came under fire from campaign #3 (anti-Scientology forces) the moment Mr. F hooked up with Scientology some years ago.

    My conclusion is that Mr. F is looking to get the tech for his people and will distance NOI from Msicavige once that is accomplished but it’s a bad move, he should get the tech on other, less destructive lines.

  86. Does the Nation of Islam beat and incarcerate their staff, crush reg their members, play dirty tricks on its former executives, …………..?

    Maybe DM can learn a thing or two from Louis Farrakkan.

  87. I like your vision. Dream on friend. We don’t feel alone when you do.

  88. David Miscavige is trapped. He is backed into a corner.

    The internet is his enemy, because it exposes his deceptions.
    There are other government and corporate deceptions which are exposed on the internet. The 9/11 Cover-up is a massive deception which is exposed on the internet.

    Farrakhan exposes some of the deceptions, such as 9/11 (see my above post with 2 videos). If members of the Church of Scientology came to realize that they had been duped by the 9/11 official government story…then they might also start questioning and LOOKING into David Miscavige.

    David Miscavige must not let Church members become aware of other cover-ups, because it might prompt people to look into his own criminal cover-ups.

    If Miscavige highlights the Nation of Islam, it will only lead more people to investigate Miscavige’s criminality.
    Miscavige is trapped.

  89. Marty, I don’t doubt people can change. But this man is evil and please don’t be Theete Wheete (sic) about this man. One thing I am not reasonable with is bigotry and hatred especially towards the Jews. Farrakhans alignment with Miscavige makes total sense. Evil begets Evil- Farrakhan is quite a speaker and is incredibly good at breeding hatred. Hes certainly a much better speaker than Miscavige ever dreamed of being. Don’t believe his sweet talking-he is pure hatred. If it wasn’t Jews or whites as his target it would be someone else. Your statement Marty “Scientology can handle that” is wonderful in a wonderful world. But I dont buy it for a minute! It certainly hasn’t changed Miscavige and a true SP does not make case gain. Again don’t get caught up in his “sweet talking”- Hitler said many “wonderful things” only designed in the end to control. Black Dianetics is his goal. Vigilance towards the like of Miscavige or Farrakhan and there ilk is the only thing that will prevent another Hitler. This time we may not win!

  90. Did anybody read this article? It’s an account of a lengthy UFO siting from the Fort Harrison.

    This is very strange.

  91. Theo Sismanides

    True Marty, this debate would never be possible there. If it were things would be different. Here we have open comm. A stable and safe environ to speak our minds.

  92. The fundamental outpoint in Farrakhan leading his flock to scientology, or for that matter any group being courted or encouraged towards scientology in any form, is that it is not wholly self determined for each individual involved.

    There is a big other determinism at play here which has potential for abuse. I welcome and delight at the idea of NOI members getting scientology.

    I am frightened by them being ordered to.

    If Farrakhan makes an example of the fruits of scientology by an exemplary life and deeds and others are influenced, that is good. If it is dogma accepted because of cultural forces, it will inevitably turn bad.

  93. They do intimidate. They deal in terror if they do not get what they want. Anonymous are mostley gentle souls with a big mouth. I am one. We are gentlemen compared to the NOI. We may use our free speech to the limit but we are not dangerous like the NOI can be. Now we know where those guys came from the pieces of the puzzle click. Enjoy your Ganbangers.
    (watch beginning to 3:00 min mark)

  94. If NOI members are anything like SCN members (in other words, if they are human and have access to the internet), it’s going to get every bit as ugly for them as it has gotten for us.

    Truth will reach out and grab many NOI members regarding Miscavige and his bullshit.

    If Farrakhan is in any way like DM, I believe that a lot of NOI members are about to experience the ugliness of being disconnected from just for searching out and sharing the truth.

    Marty, if Farrakhan ignores your efforts to get in comm, all I can say is, the people of the Nation of Islam are screwed. DM isn’t going to offer services at reasonable rates to anybody, IMHO. I’d bet that DM probably feels like the NOI is now his personal property if I’ve learned anything at all about him from this blog.

    My hope, of course, is that Farrakhan may just end up being the self-destruct motivator DM deserves.

  95. By the way this is alsoo the one were the “last” SP declare is givin out.

  96. This may also be the “flaw” in scientology, that we allowed organization to trump self determined action. Setting up an organization is to some degree an attempt to put responsibility on automatic.

  97. martyrathbun09

    CD, Are those two intimidators with NOI?

  98. Scott Campbell

    I’ve found it always better to not assign others as evil. I’m the type of person that immediately spots and validates a person’s good characteristics and validates them.

    By doing this, the person being thus validated starts holding himself to a higher standard, spotting and correcting his own bad characteristics.

    Regarding any perceived outpoints observed, a little teasing now and then or a derogatory comment and some “now, we’re supposed to’s” should be the first gradient.

    With this method, one can help others to raise their competence level. As you are acknowledging the areas in which the person is competent, you are granting him the space necessary in order to see his own faults. Knowing that he is ultimately responsible for his own condition, the person will automatically start to find and correct his faults on a self-determined basis.

    Plato quoted Socrates as saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. This is only true if the person in question cannot gain the perspective needed in order to examine his life.

    By validating a person’s strong points – and not invalidating him based on his weak points, the person himself can gain a sense of space and security and freedom to act. People are basically good and know the difference between right and wrong.

    To illustrate how this mechanism works in a group dynamic, there is an old saying that goes, “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us, to talk about the rest of us.”

    That is not to say that justice is unneccesary. Justice is the action that the group takes to correct an individual who’s ethics have failed. Ethics is an individual thing. Ethics is an individual’s rationale toward the most optimum survival along the various dynamics of existence. These dynamics necessarily consist of: 1. Survival of self. 2. Survival of family through procreation and the family unit. 3. Survival as groups. 4. Survival as Mankind. 5. Survival of the plant and animal kingdom. 6. Survival of the physical universe. 7. Survival as spiritual beings, and 8. Survival as part of the infinite potential for creation.

    These 8 dynamics must act in harmony and do not ascend or relate to each other in order of importance. If one or another dynamic falls to neglect or intentional disregard, the others also suffer. While justice is sometimes necessarily applied to one’s fellows, it also then carries the obligation of opportunity for redemption. As the lowest common denominator of existence is the overriding imperative to survive, mechanisms to this end must be developed and used in the course of human relations.

    By talking about a person’s bad points to others, one creates triangulations against the validity of another’s existence. As the person being invalidated reduces their reach, their sphere of influence becomes smaller and smaller until the triangle collapses into a line with the terminals who are in agreement that the other is “bad” in some way. The three terminals, now in alignment – flow along the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance of course is always to succumb to the chaos of the physical universe – never to organize it and survive against it.

    By avoiding this mechanism, we can raise ourselves up to a higher standard and evolve to a higher level of being. Validation works in any group dynamic, whether applied to one’s marriage, one’s company, one’s country, or one’s bowling team.

    And yes, it will even work for mankind and the universe as a whole.

    In closing, I would like to leave you with a poem by John Donne:

    “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee…”

    Indeed, no man is an island – we are a group – and mankind can only survive as such. Do yourself a favor, look for the good in others. Let them know that they are worthy of existence. The help, admiration and support you shall receive in return will raise us all up to a higher place.


  99. I recently visited the Dallas Idle org.

    During the final part of the tour being given to me by a staff member – she went over all the NOI stuff that was happening.

    From what I gathered, Dallas Org (in her view) has a great deal to do with all the NOI buzz in the Church these days.

    I can understand that she had to brag or PR something, because after the tour of that massive bastion of MEST which was BEREFT of anything resembling what a true “Ideal Org” ought to be (A center where DROVES of people should be training and auditing).

    As with Brags or PR, without any evidence of this massive inflow of NOI people – thats all it is: PR.

    I cannot believe that an organization led by the likes of Mr. Farrakhan would not due EXTREME due diligence if they are aligning themselves with the so-called CofS.

    If he truly does get LRH, then there is NO WAY he would get in bed fully with the ruined version of Scientology being schlepped by Grand Master of MEST Miscavige…



  100. martyrathbun09


  101. Dividing people into us and them is an almost ageless game here on planet earth. It’s THE single major cause for endless suffering.

    Regardless the platform, if the speech has us and them – for my money I stay away.

    I don’t care if the person says he’s a wonderful Christian, a god-fearing Muslim or orthodox Jew and all the nuances in-between … Republican, democrat, this talk radio host or that.

    If you hear – come join MY side and we’ll save, free, conquer, eliminate etc the other side – just walk away.

    Don’t add your energy to the age old lie – that I am separate from my brother when in truth I am my brothers helper. Not keeper, helper.

    At least this is how I see it. This is to me an unholy alliance … RS with FOI – and It saddens me that yet again the helpful technology of LRH is being co-opted …


  102. They look the part dressing in their smart suits looking all though and “cool”

  103. I noticed they got nerve assists before retiring too. At least that’s non-metered. I just don’t see anybody getting any standard metered auditing, therefore no wins from auditing (unless completely by accident). It would be amazing for them to get study tech into their community. It is the inability to learn that keeps everyone/anyone down.

  104. Cat Daddy,

    The result of black propaganda is always violence or destruction of some kind or another. Just because the acts are not always committed by those spouting the falsehoods is neither here nor there.

    Anon is a hate group. Hate begets violence and destruction.

  105. Yep. I hear ya.

    (…and I also like your perspective expressed in another comment below.)

  106. !
    Thanks for stating this.
    He will like the results I am sure.

  107. Perhaps I’m missing the main point here. In light of the current political climate, an alignment of Farrakhan and the “church” is likely to be more alienating than not, particularly for those who are sensitive to Farrakhan’s history and his tendency to want to dominate. I can’t help but wonder if stoking the fire was part of the intent. It’s never wise to ignore an enemy, but it’s often wise to play it cool.

  108. martyrathbun09

    stoking what fire?

  109. JJ

    A pretty big generality, given I doubt you know any of them personally and I”m SURE you don’t know ALL of them personally. I’m also going to hazard a guess that you know only of the actions of a few, and you only know that second or third hand. Am I right?

  110. The smart suit remark is out of context now but the “cool”glasses guy discussed things at the scientology event/anonymous protest with the two smartly dressed black guys of whom one we have positively identifiedvas a Farakhan Body Guard. See my post earlier in this thread.

    JJ, The CO$ is responsible for killing people.

  111. OK, here is something I have been wondering about for some time. As I think LRH has mentioned before, the combination of thetan plus body can bring the thetan UP the tone scale. The thetan’s experience in life can be greatly be effected by body entities. I have talked with several psychics about the opening of the “third eye” which is supposedly very worthwhile. I suspect that the same thing can basically be achieved on the OT levels without having to have this via of a “third eye”.

    Anyway, this “third eye” is tied in with the pineal gland. A theory I have read is that more melanin in the skin means more melatonin in the brain, which means a more active pineal gland and a higher level of spiritual ability. Basically, black people are inherently superior to whites. Of course the modern world was created by the white man, so the black man is suppressed.

    Is this racist? Lots of white kids labeled with “Aspergers Syndrome” (my own son included), but almost no black kids. Why are black people the de-facto leaders of American culture? Maybe they are better at “feeling”. I rejected all of this “genetically determined behavior” as crap until I had children and observed it for myself.

  112. Marty, It took me a while to get what you’re saying. I think its the
    reach thats important here. Reading and using LRH tech to better
    yourself and others even in the hands of bigots will allow people
    to cog and wake up. Change for the better and redemption is what
    Scientology is all about. You never said agree. Well, most don’t.
    Its a step. Good or bad, well we’ll see. Give anyone access to truth
    and amazing things happen.

  113. Scott,

    After reading one of your earliest posts I thought, “now here’s someone who gets it.” And this post didn’t disabuse me of that notion.

    A lot of us are nibbling around the edges. We get it to some degree. And often I’m a complete moron because I just believe what I believe for no other reason than I choose to believe it. I really don’t give a fuck if it’s true for anyone else. I just want to think what I want to think.

    So, I just wanted to present you with the “Michael Believes You’ve Got It” certificate.

    Unfortunately, you’re going to have to mock up your own damned certificate for the physical universe. I don’t mess with that shit. It ain’t my job.

    But, if you do, I’ll sign it. You can either send it to me, or we can try that remote writing crap where you channel my signature via the vias–at no extra cost.

    Should you enjoy the aesthetic enhancement of said certificate, which you mocked up, I can allow you to mock up more with my signature for only a nominal fee. We can think of some really impressive Latin titles for you which will dazzle all your friends and business acquaintances.

    Said friends and associates will undoubtedly clamor for certificates of their own.

    And, to make earning more certificates easier, you can become a Field Certificate Facilitator, raking in over ten per cent for every cert sold. FCF training is according to Golden Era of FCF Training Standards–which can be accomplished via vias and via channeling. This is a cheaper option than actually being trained as we can split the difference between actual travel and accommodation expenses.

    To finish the course, all you have to do is swing your needle three times back and forth in a leisurely manner and say, “I do.” Any needle-like item can be substituted (for a minimal additional expense to certify). You can use a finger, a fork or any body appendage.

    Ain’t life sweet?

    Before long, you could have all the rooms in your house papered with certs. What a deal!

    But why limit those certs to paper? We can use holographic projections. We can do digital screens. The media is the message, but the message is, “I’ve got it made!”

    And how do you know you’ve got it made? BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT THE CERTS TO PROVE IT!

    (barring cancellation at the whim of the issuing authority–me. Being God is so gratifying.)

    Hell, lets do some certs in gold and platinum. Maybe do a couple in weapons grade plutonium (properly shielded) –that ought to make a lasting impression!



  114. Tony DePhillips

    Don’t Not-Is the last thread OT VIII. We are waiting to hear back from you on your comments.

  115. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Marty,
    I like where you are going with this.
    Truth be told , it can only become a disaster for the church or if it really helps the NOI, and the tech is good, then it will help expose DM for what he is. I see this working out very well for Indies in the long run. In the short term it could give DM’s stats a bounce. The Kool aides will be all “pumped up” and who knows maybe DM will get the NOI to confront the protesters in the short term. But I don’t think the annons would back down from that and that would give the “church” even worse PR than it has now. Imagine the NOI confronting Annon in front of the orgs and trying to get someone in for a div 6 course??

  116. They will probably overrun him. Maybe he’s doing a shortened schedule.

  117. An small lit object hoovering in the sky for a lenghty period of time, sounds like Venus or a satellite.

  118. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the video Cat.
    Whether these 2 thugs are NOI or not, they could be. The fact that the “church” seemed to relish in their intimidation of the protestor shows where they are at. If it comes down to a face off then you will see police and arrests. And the PR will worsen for the cult. They think they can use force instead of ideas to win. They know they can’t win with ideas and theta. By the way, Sparrow the guy in that video has big time guts and is a real hero in my book.

  119. NYC report coming in. An african American stepped up to a Femanon protesting and told her he was a muslem believing in mozes, jezus and muhammed and was just onley there (at NYC) for Dianetics and nothing else. There is footage but I know you will believe me on my word.

  120. Ghost Wizards AKA Keepers Of The Sword

    Very delightful news Brothers Of Man.

    Ghost Wizards

  121. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I have no doubts as to why and how DM and LF might join forces so to speak.

    As for your question:
    “I wonder what Alfredie Johnson is doing and how come he can accept Miscavige as a leader of Scientology now that Marty and the rest have said all this? This I don’t get.”

    For anyone just getting into or being interested in DM’s version of Scientology, it’s usually the “flash of the cash” that attracts them when visiting Flag or CC. The “flash of the cash” is my way of stating that the opulent MEST of the Idle Orgs draws people in to have it admired and then agreed to it (i.e. looks fabulous so it must be successful. That’s for me!). Look at all the sparkly stuff – isn’t it cool?! Get the idea?

    An SP is an SP. When you see the “flash…”, Duck and Cover! 😉


  122. Tony DePhillips

    This is a possibe scenario. First of all, I would bet that Dm could dupe LF. I hope I’m wrong but I think with DM using black dianetics on him he could do it. Then Dm will start (probably has started) intoctrinating LF on the PTS/SP tech. Give him a good shpeel on how the SP’s are trying to stop the “good” people and LF is now a major player for good. Then DM convinces LF that he needs to stop the Indie movement and the annons as they are the evil SP’s. I do believe that the NOI has quite a few ex-cons involved in it, so that would be perfect for “muscle thuggerry”.

    This is a possible scenario and even this would fail because it would creat awful PR for the cult. But as we know the thetan is basically good and I do believe that what ever happens it will only be DM working to have his ethics put in. He wants to be stopped, he just doesn’t know how to do it the easy way. We will help him.

  123. I’m with Murray on this one. I don’t profess to know a lot about Farrakhan, but what I have heard is a consistent message of hate and divisiveness from his own mouth.

    This is was he had to say about the assassination of Malcolm X :

    “Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? A nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.”

    Doesn’t sound much different to the stuff being spouted by the mouthpieces of Miscavige. I can see why they would be drawn to each other.

    I like to believe that people can change for the better. But first they have to be willing to change.

    Could it be that Farrakhan wants to use Scientology to exert more control over his followers? I can’t see it being used for the right purposes.

    I can only see this ending very badly for the CoS.

  124. Dark And Light Wizard

    Fire? The “Stoker” fire going on soon.

    Dark & Light Wizard

  125. Scott,
    I agree with your assessment. The Utopian Socialists have been very busy for some time now plotting ways to implement their egalitarian agenda. They have been using the UN to indoctrinate the world as to the evils of American Democracy and its capitalist, free-market economy for a generation. The bulk of the citizens of Earth still struggle in poverty under the oppression of dictatorships and plutocaratic oligarcies. They are often satisfied to substitute one oppressor for another if it means bread on the table. Seeing the world’s sole super-power being brought down to size and taken to task looks like justice to many. What most fail to realize is that the USA is truly the last bastion of personal liberty as well as econimc and religious freedom. If these Utopians and their perverted altruistic moral code come to power, the world will experience an equality of misery and servitude to the State. Of course those who swear loyalty to the State will be provided a “larger-but-equal” share, while those who displease the State will be given a “smaller-but-equal” share. Sounds a little like the Feudal System that did so much for European peasants durring the Dark Ages.

    So the great pendulum swings and I am reminded of the aphorism; ‘those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it’.

  126. oh man we got trouble.

  127. Another book recommendation for Farrakhan and his followers is Advanced Procedure and Axioms.

    Yours truly,
    “Blue-eyed devil”

  128. Dark And Light Wizard

    Forgot to add to the above: There was some”thing” very missed at the Castle.

    Dark Wizard

  129. Marty,
    I’ve been an avid fan of this blog for some months now and this is my first post, inspired by my admiration for the quality of sincerity and truthfulness of your communication. I’ve also been an interested observer of Louis Farrakan for years and greatly admire his speaking ability, (especially the rapport he has with his audience) many of his ideas and his willingness to speak his mind. As far as whether or not he embraces the Church or ever becomes a Scientologist, I don’t think he will, especially since he is a big fan of Jesus Christ and the Bible as well as the Quoran, but I don’t believe that’s of paramount importance. He’ll eventually, if he hasn’t already, have to separate the wheat from the chaff anyway, if he wishes to apply the tech for results, instead of militant (and altered) protocol. I personally think he’s genuine and bright enough to see the merit of LRH’s stuff. He knows it’ll help him accomplishment his (very strong) purpose – to help pull his people out of the mud. He has products and stats. From what I’ve seen, the Nation of Islam has a formidable track record of success in getting it’s members off the low life style of drugs and stupidity while instilling self-respect, manners, industriousness and a strong commitment to community through an awareness of the majesty and power of the spirit. If that has had to come about by distancing themselves from the racial suppression of whites (duh!) then so be it.

    Fard was a mysterious character full of “strange” teachings. Elijiah was a bizarre, intelligent, dedicated, hard-line hypocrite who created a movement designed to change the slave-like, second-class citizen status of American blacks, similar to what Martin Luther King was doing, only with a more militant, segregated, and less tolerant of bullshit op basis than Martin’s. Farrakan essentially took over in Power from Elijiah and made the NOI better and less violent and more integrated. Yeah, he’s tough and arrogant and prejudiced and egotistically and yes, their religion is riddled with strange and science-fiction-like stuff (double duh!) but what religion isn’t like that? I don’t know of any.

    The espoused generalities of the NOI are not complimentary towards whites or Jews and can be hard to take, but they do seem to hold water in their related specifics. What Farrakan says about Jews, for instance, having power consipiracies is absolutely true. It’s built into their culture. They create juggernauts, fueled by their belief that they are the “chosen people”. The Jewish culture has empirically demonstrated their ability to dominate the fields of finance, literature, the arts, business and all matters of survival through their shrewd, calculating, innate sense of intelligence, cooperation and hard work, even though they can be domineering and at times, annoying. So what? I have nothing but admiration for them for being able to succeed so artfully. I think Farrakan sees an opportunity, a way to kick on the turbo-jets for his people so they can catch up with and surpass the Jews. After all, according to NOI philosophy, THEY are the REAL Chosen People. More power to him in balancing things out after centuries of systemic prejudice from Whitey!

    Just a little about me for the curiously inclined, I’m a former Scientologist of thirty years, having done OT 8 (twice), all the L’s, Academy Levels, sup trained and a ton of other stuff over the decades as well as a former org exec staff member.

    The increasing aggrandizement of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, overall lemming-like mindset, Nazi-vampire bloodlust for money, Golden Age of Tech-Betrayal, zombie-parroting of suppressive FN implants, rewriting of all the books, alteration of the tapes and HCOB’s and HCO PL’s, as well as the dictatorial, militant and abusive metamorphosis of the Church over the years without ANY significant observable positive effect on the world overall, finally led me to tire of running on the Great Spiritual Treadmill and simply quietly bow out, saying enough is enough, having essentially done the whole officially available bridge, anyway.

    Maybe someday, possibly this life or the next, if I ever rekindle my sense of trust and get a second wind, I’d like to audit the PDC creative processing techniques and see where that leads me.

    In the meantime, I believe you’re providing a valuable service to anyone interested in bettering themselves through the technology of Scientology. You seem to have a workable alternative to the official Church’s mine field of GAT and Black & Reverse DN & SCN being played out on their followers.

    But hey, those new robotized org buildings are really, really something though, huh? When all the buildings are complete, maybe then Tom Cruise will finally tell David Miscavige that the buildings look nice. Wonderful. What do you think TC’s next request will be? Maybe he and Dave will decide to switch over to those really cool Nation of Islam hat and robe costumes. I’m also just now wondering if DM is already planning the redesign of the tops of all those Ideal Org buildings, you know, the Islamic/Arabic type with the giant Christmas bulp tops? They could promise that in a very big reg cycle!

  130. PlainOldThetan

    Hmmmm. I am now very interested to watch the first few addresses LF makes after he completes the Purification Rundown. I am particularly interested to see if the blatant manifestations of the “biochemical Personality” as described in Clear Body, Clear Mind have diminished or vanished.

  131. Ditto but there’s wisdom in letting the hand play out.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for the thoughtful and informative post.

  133. Marty,
    I spent some time learning about Mr. Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and related topics. I watched Mr. Farrakhan’s sermon from yesterday.

    Considering various things relative to this and accepting your Opening Piece and the efforts of Isaac Hayes, I suppose at this point I’m hoping it was Isaac that established the ARC/KRC with Mr. Farrakhan and that ARC/KRC line is based on the truth of LRH’s Scientology, straight no chaser (NO DM).

    It is inevitable that spiritual men, rational men, will find LRH’s Scientology.

    It is up to us to make sure that it is still LRH’s Scientology. If Mr. Farrakhan is wearing his hat, he’ll know we are here.

    He’s set foot on the Road to Truth that is in the subject.

    Honorable Sir, there ain’t no turnin’ back.

    I am personally available at any time to help on your course.

  134. martyrathbun09

    I think the Great Middle Path is preferable to either the far left or far right.

  135. Scott Campbell


    Thanks for that. Ayn Rand herself couldn’t have summed it up better.


  136. What is it in Americans that has the need to keep pounding on the Jews. when does that button become flat ?

  137. Francesco Yi

    What do you make of the Mother Plane?

    The Mother Plane
    Elijah Muhammad taught his followers about a Mother Plane or Wheel, a UFO that was seen and described in the visions of the prophet Ezekiel in the Book of Ezekiel, in the Hebrew Bible.
    Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance and construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went. And their rims were tall and awesome, and the rims of all four were full of eyes all around. Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1:15-18, Bible, English Standard Version
    Louis Farrakhan, commenting on his teacher’s description, said the following:
    “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Mother Plane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. White people call them unidentified flying objects. Ezekiel, in the Old Testament, saw a wheel that looked like a cloud by day but a pillar of fire by night. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that that wheel was built on the island of Nippon, which is now called Japan, by some of the Original scientists. It took $15 billion in gold at that time to build it. It is made of the toughest steel. America does not yet know the composition of the steel used to make an instrument like it. It is a circular plane, and the Bible says that it never makes turns. Because of its circular nature it can stop and travel in all directions at speeds of thousands of miles per hour. He said there are 1,500 small wheels in this Mother Wheel, which is a half mile by a half mile (800 m by 800 m). This Mother Wheel is like a small human-built planet. Each one of these small planes carry three bombs.
    “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said these planes were used to set up mountains on the earth. The Qur’an says it like this: We have raised mountains on the earth lest it convulse with you. How do you raise a mountain, and what is the purpose of a mountain? Have you ever tried to balance a tire? You use weights to keep the tire balanced. That’s how the earth is balanced, with mountain ranges. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that we have a type of bomb that, when it strikes the earth a drill on it is timed to go into the earth and explode at the height that you wish the mountain to be. If you wish to take the mountain up a mile (1.6 km), you time the drill to go a mile (1.6 km) in and then explode. The bombs these planes have are timed to go one mile (1.6 km) down and bring up a mountain one mile (1.6 km) high, but it will destroy everything within a 50-square-mile (130 km²) radius. The white man writes in his above top secret memos of the UFOs. He sees them around his military installations like they are spying.
    “That Mother Wheel is a dreadful-looking thing. White folks are making movies now to make these planes look like fiction, but it is based on something real. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Mother Plane is so powerful that with sound reverberating in the atmosphere, just with a sound, she can crumble buildings.”
    Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert It?[2]

  138. Francesco Yi

    How would you handle that man?

  139. Scott Campbell

    Might I ask you to research any continued affiliation between Obama and NOI, Marty?

    I’d be interested to hear what you find.


  140. Francesco Yi

    I agree with Murray and Axiom. Farrakhan spreads bias and by embracing him, you might lose support of moderate black and white.

  141. Scott Campbell


    You Have a crashing M/U on the meaning of ethics.

  142. Tony, Kim Belotte put a TRO on AnonSparrow, Moxon had to flew over. He is an Ex-staff and an Anon but still uses part of the Tech that he finds usefull. He talks the talk. If you want to see the thugh with the “cool”glasses talk to the nation of Islamics or Fruit of Islam Guys watch Protest 181.3 on Sparrows Youtube.

    There will be Anons jumping around though

  143. martyrathbun09

    Please define “embracing.” Does one embrace everything that anyone is when they walk into a Narconon or the C of S for that matter. This thread is emanating a weird vibe.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Why? I’m beginning to be concerned you might be getting too much Vanity and Limbaugh programming. I just told you I read his book and his “affiliation” is the same as mine. We’ll burn together I suppose.

  145. martyrathbun09

    What’s next? We discuss the bizarre nature of immaculate conception, and the Gnostics, Plato’s and LRH’s writings on the existence of disembodied spirits?

  146. Scott Campbell

    It’s cool, Marty.

    Every being in this game has some “blind spots”. Or he wouldn’t be subject to the nature of the trap.

    We are just looking out for each other. I try to always consider all of the “Monitoring Factors” when trying to solve any problem.

    Who’s watching your blind spots?


  147. martyrathbun09

    CD, you are beginning to sound like Miscavige – every comment is twisted into an unprecedented assault.

  148. martyrathbun09

    are you serious?

  149. Felicitas Foster

    Yes, grant beingness!!

  150. I’ll do you one better: The San People in South Africa are the closest to Original Homo Sapiens Sapiens (arogant us lol) geneticly.

    The african gene is dominant.

  151. The question is why did the Jews go in finance and the arts.
    Answer: In the middle-ages being a moneylender was a forbidden trade for christians. Why the arts? Few Jobs were open to them and Christians rather hired Christians.

    Born out of neccecity. Need to survive in a hostile enviroment.

  152. Hey Cat Daddy,
    There’s no pounding of Jews in my post. Other than what you mocked up.

  153. Yoni,
    My opinion is that beings, become aware, change their minds as they get new data and re-evaluate old data. They, in Dianetics and Scientology, deal with ‘held down 5s’ on their computations and so can arrive at better conclusions. They become more spiritually aware and see past race, color, creed, to the actual nature of the being.

    ‘Fixed ideas’ are called Service Computations/Facsimiles (as they exist in a mental image form called a ‘facsimile’, which is how one retains ‘data’/memory) and they are the ‘bug in sanity’. Let’s hope he gets REAL Scientology and he’ll surely handle any Ser Facs.

  154. Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy perhaps 😉

  155. Ditto and Ditto!

  156. And also…Cat Daddy,
    Americans, you say? That’s an interesting comment. Perplexes me though why you’d pick out Americans. If you said Germans or Egyptians or Arabs overall I’d understand the foundation of that premise, but…Americans? Americans saved the Jews from being annihilated as a race. Americans were instrumental in the United Nations proclamations that gave the Jews a rightful home place, even if it is arrogantly located. Through the points I’ve mentioned about Jewish culture they earned themselves the rite of passage through the American melting pot assimilation process and are highly respected by everyone (except left over dumb rednecks) for their continued high achievements. So…pounding on the Jews?

    Your reply to my comment reminds me of the fired supervisor in Office Space who invented the game of “Jump to Conclusions”.


  157. Thank you Marty, for the excellent acknowledgement of my post.

  158. I back Marty up on this 100 %. Russ Limbugh is a talking disaster.”A reactive mind on legs”. Blames O Bama even for the dead of Micheal Jackson. Compares him to Hitler even.

    Google: Russ Limbaugh Blames

  159. Scott, I have no doubt you ‘get it’. This comment of yours was very well
    written. Thank you for sharing it. Love

  160. “I don’t care nothing about buildings. Stop being fascinated with buildings. Start being fascinated with your development and growth into your valuable final product.”

    That statement in the church of dm is the direct route to the EO.

  161. Scott Campbell


    I don’t listen to or read either of those. The reason I said that is that both Obama and Farrakhan (as well as DM ) operate in in the effort band.

    Why do we need to fuck with that? Are you getting bored?

    I’m sorry but when Karry read this post last night, the first thing out of he mouth was. “Marty doesn’t have enough problems”.

    She’s always been a pretty good bellwether for me.


  162. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Jimbo, thanks man, thanks for keeping this stuff sane, clear and on the right perspective.

  163. WH, I wrote this long comment to yours but again, I think you said it good!
    Love, Sargio

  164. I did indeed Jump to conclusions. Reading your post in a different “time unit”makes me see it the way you intended. My apologies. I am used to see Jews, Conspiracy Finace(Banks) in a less advantages tenure.

    It is said rednecks have a little dutch blood in them 😉

  165. Scott Campbell


    Also – just to let you know, I don’t know of any affiliation between Obama and NOI myself. It was a genuine request.

    You indicated that you were on comm lines whereby you could find out. The reason WHY I asked is because I would trust info from you a lot more than info from the media.

    I’m also glad that you put the following – “My experience, and my attitude, is very similar to Barack Obama’s as written in his first book.” – in your comment. – You wrote, “as written”

    The subtleties of semantics can be very telling, indeed.

  166. martyrathbun09

    Effort, along with about 6 billion others.

  167. I mean the combination of those words used in the media not that I see them less advantagesely , Jews I mean.

  168. martyrathbun09

    He wrote in essence: I respect them for what they do to instill pride in downtrodden people and make them productive, but when it comes to getting anything productive done with them as a group it is frustrating because they are so damn divisive. So, I think asking “what is Obama’s connection with NOI” is about as useful as asking what my connection is.

  169. Scott Campbell


    Sorry man. By no means do I want to have a contentious issue with you here.

    I still have blind spots. Maybe my consideration that others could have them too is one of them.


  170. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Michael,

    I always love a good “pyramid scheme” drama.

    Thanks FF and Sarge.

  171. Trouble Shooter

    Oh I’ve been hearing of Purifs routinely now going on for weeks – a friend of mine went to Flag and did hers and it went of for 6 weeks on a full time schedule. She came back home after that when she WAS going to stay and go Clear and get trained…sigh

    Trouble Shooter

  172. Scott Campbell

    Got it. Thanks. I really did not know that.

  173. non-scientologist

    Great, it looks like the country’s two most paranoid, wacked out, paramilitary cults posing as religions have found each other. I don’t know who will swallow who, but this is not going to end well.

  174. CD,
    Sorry but thats not an answer to my question.

    But a pass on the STCC drill divertion of the question. Next drill.

  175. Theo Sismanides

    I am listening to the sermon and I am at 38 minutes right now. It’s interesting to see how he talks about bettering people and their mind… I will try to listen to the whole thing and see what he said about the new man. It’s interesting to see how he puts things and progresses little by little to the idea of changing conditions (he did mention that too), and utilizing God to make things new and the idea that he has to make a new man, from whom will come a new reality. He uses then Dissatisfaction with the condition we live in, and this is what I am listening to now… “we got to make a new man, and we got to give that man a new mind”, he said.

    So, maybe I write some more.

  176. Scott Campbell

    You got that right!

  177. Scott Campbell

    Not that I would say she had answers by any means. It was just a vision of the future that in a way, is sadly coming to pass.

  178. ► Grade 2, well delivered, can handle and solve all that.
    Hostilities, hatred, judging others, natter, etc. ALL handled on Grade 2

  179. theo sismanides

    Couldn’t listen to more tonight but I will tomorrow. But one interesting thing is that this thing with the NOI…mmm and Scientology makes me think.
    They get them into SCN or whatever, ALL of them together!!! This is so nonScientology! Poor people, they should be left to their own self determinism and freedom. This is super controlled and the minister inerprets God’s will for them… I am so glad I am not a Christian or a Muslim anymore! Hahaha!

  180. Byron,
    In the original book A History of Man (What to Audit), LRH explains the “third eye” and the origins and remedy for the situation you describe.

  181. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Jim,

    One of the most annoying things to me is to get “stuck in a maybe”.

    For that reason, I always refer back to my personal policy regarding handling unresolved issues: “Never serious, always sincere”

    By your posts, I sense the same quality in you, my friend.


  182. Great post Marty. Good to know of religious leaders who study LRH and dissiminate his PHILOSOPHY to others.

    Dianetics is NON-denominational.

    Regardless of one’s religious values and beliefs, ANYBODY who erases engrams, secondaries and locks can’t help but feel better in life, rise UP the Tone Scale, and strive for the greatest good for the greatest number. It is inevitable.

  183. I just watched this Sermon.
    It was a mass recruiting and a mass regging.
    Have you seen all those bodyguards ?
    Scientology nicely explained from a christian viewpoint !
    They have a new Org Board with vfp’s and will create “a new man” by sending them to the department of wisdom and qualifying and certifying them, the’ll learn management technology and how to handle the mind etc…
    The regges are seating at their tables to enroll the people, they just have to give a signature (he didn’t talk about money, but I bet the people will have to pay).
    Then they want to send them around to change the world.
    I don’t know if have to laugh, cry or applaud it.
    Never seen such a thing !
    Is that the brave new world Miscavige dreams about ? The “new man” Louis Louis Farrakhan says is as powerful as god ?
    He wants to make gods out of them, as they are already basicly gods !
    So they be God I, God II and go up the bridge as he told.
    Have you seen his emotions towards the people that won’t sign up ?
    It’s fascinating. Scientology mixed up with the bible and the koran. Soon he’ll have a third book there. Dmsmh !
    It’s his right to change the purpose of his religion, and make gods out of his people with the tech.
    The guy is a hardcore Scientologist and is reorganising his people with an Org board and Management tech.
    Honestly said I’m just confused.
    But my heart says we have to move faster higher up.
    Auditors of the world unite and audit those f…ing religious implants with angels and devils out of the people and give them back their selfdeterminism.
    I’m totally fed up with any kind of leader wanting to tell me what I’ve to think or to do !
    LRH never wanted this kind of nonsense !
    I’m for “open source Scientology” !


  184. Watching that video and all the similar videos from Anonymous, I am struck with how well the staff and public scientologists keep their cool.
    That stuff pisses people off. If you did that anywhere else you would have major problems. If you did that in front of the post office, the mailmen would kick your ass. If you did that in front of any other group, provoking them like that, there would be physical violence.
    This guy wants to make it into an “assualt” when someone says something to him and touches his camera? He’s out there begging for a beating IMO. He probably wont get it there though. Tell him to go do that at a NOI meeting and see if he gets a different response. I wager he will notice a difference.

  185. martyrathbun09

    Far more annoying that DM’s PIs even.

  186. Packman,

  187. LO,
    With all due respect, how did you figure Scientology was going to be disseminated to other 3D’s?

    That the Nation of Islam’s spiritual leader is aware of, studying obviously, and it would appear cogniting on various principles of Dianetics and Scientology (and I personally pray he gets a Major Stable Win on his course and in his auditing, for REAL, so he knows personally what it is he’s got in his hands) is actually just the beginning sort of thing for a change in the broader culture. How the heck did you figure this would happen?

    I know for a fact, LRH himself had Annie Tidman consider for herself the broader strokes of effective handling of larger areas of life. For example, what if, tomorrow, the entire psychiatric community suddenly threw up its arms and said ‘you, you Scientologists, you are right, we haven’t a damn clue what a mind is…HELP!’ Well, HOW exactly are we going to do that since their entire ‘public’ is ‘illegal’ as a preclear? Hmmmmmm?

    Look, folks, I don’t know how much Mr. Farrakhan has grasped of the reality of the truth of Dianetics and Scientology. That certainly will become evident as he progresses personally. It will also become evident as those who, on their own self-determinism, participate in their courses and auditing progress.

    I, me, Jim Logan, sure do hope that the postulates of beings resurrected, rehabilitated, recovered in self-respect and able to reach out and effectively help others achieve the same, that Mr. Farrakhan spoke of in his sermon on August 22, 2010 DO come to pass. We will all be so much better for it.

  188. Trouble Shooter

    Hi Mat,
    I met you many years ago. Both you and Mary (I hope that’s ok to mention) were OLs for me, examples of good people and effective team members. Midst all the action and pressure you were kind individuals – it left an impression. My comment here is that I agree with you in that I think it’s possible that the NOI will absorb our scriptures and walk away without any kurfuffle. One way or another this latest NOI news leaves this little bitty string sticking out, one that needs to be pulled, just a little tiny little tug, like the one Marty did. The silent auditor invites itsa…HCOB 1 Oct 1963 HOW TO GET TONE ARM ACTION

  189. I meant that by bringing it to a level of discourse here (no offense intended), it might have been the reaction that was hoped for by those who want you to fail. I’m not one of those who wish you ill, so the thought / comment is passed along in good faith and with good wishes.

  190. martyrathbun09

    If so, they have woefully underestimated me.

  191. one of those who see

    Hi Brad,
    Reading Atlas Shrugged now and loving it. It is much better, spiritually for a man to be self reliant. I also believe it is a wonderful to help others to achieve that state which is what Scientology can do. Ayn Rand was not against helping others. She was against people being Forced to help others as through taxation. She was for separation of Economics and State, which is alittle scarey to contemplate. But, I tell ya I am leaning that way. Time we as a people took more responsiblity and the government can be left to do a few tasks well.

  192. Some time ago I concluded that Farrakhan was out of the same mold as Miscavige and the other 2 1/2%. He’s just a little smoother at it than most. Will he change for the good because he’s been exposed to Scientology? Possibly, but it doesn’t seem to have worked on the Little Dictator, and he’s been exposed to a lot more of it than Farrakhan.

    Here’s my take on it. Alfreddy Johnson kept the topic in front of Louis, because Alfreddy has seen Study Tech work its magic and he genuinely wants it for the right reasons. So Louis finally takes a look at the Church of Scientology, as it exists today, and concludes that whatever else this subject has going for it, it sure can be used to control people. There’s a living demo of that right in front of him, and he wants that power.

    Now, whatever alliance comes about between the CofM and the Nation of Islam, it’s going to be on Farrakhan’s terms. Little Davey is way out of his league here. Anyway, that’s how I see it. Time will tell.

  193. martyrathbun09

    Didn’t work so well in 1929, with the fall out throughout the 30s, nor in 2007 with the fall out yet to come.

  194. Farrakan is already saving the Nation of Islam from stagnation, even without the tech of Scientology. NOI could have gone in the complete other direction than the one he’s taking it. For example, when they were the Black Muslims and had sects of their religion nick-named “The Zebra Killers” in the 1970’s in San Francisco whereby they started kidnapping and killing white women, children and men because they were told to by a senior minister. They even worked out a point system, most points for children, of course. X number of points and they earned a place in heaven. I think Farrakan was instrumental in putting an end to that type of ignorant and destructive behavior in the NOI. I hope he does well with the tech and with his own objectives.

  195. one of those who see

    OTDT said “The espoused generalities of the NOI are not complimentary towards whites or Jews and can be hard to take, but they do seem to hold water in their related specifics. What Farrakan says about Jews, for instance, having power consipiracies is absolutely true. It’s built into their culture. They create juggernauts, fueled by their belief that they are the “chosen people”. The Jewish culture has empirically demonstrated their ability to dominate the fields of finance, literature, the arts, business and all matters of survival through their shrewd, calculating, innate sense of intelligence, cooperation and hard work, even though they can be domineering and at times, annoying. So what? I have nothing but admiration for them for being able to succeed so artfully.”
    Maybe I misunderstand you, but this seems 1.1. Very rough around the edges which is why I believe you got the response from Cat Daddy. Your comment rubbed me the wrong way as well.
    Having said that, Welcome. Glad you are posting here.

  196. one of those who see

    Bizarre is the word that comes to mind regarding this NOI/Scientology story. If I didn’t know better, I would think someone was making it up. So, I am calming down and trying to think clearly. I am ofcourse interested in all people benefitting from Scientology. Man is basically good. I definitely believe that. So, I am glad they are interested in the tech.
    Don’t know how this can work with peoople ordered to Scientology.
    If a reach was made toward Farrakhan, I don’t know why he was chosen with quotes like the following:
    From: http://deathby1000papercuts.com/2008/03/louis-farrakhan-twenty-controversial-quotes/
    “Many of the Jews who owned the homes, the apartments in the black community, we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our community and built their community but didn’t offer anything back to our community.”
    “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”
    “The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the late of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years.”
    I’m just sayin’

  197. Tony DePhillips

    He’s not breaking the law and I think the thugs were out of line, if not breaking the law themselves. I don’t do picketing like this but I wouldn’t say I never would. You have a right to protest in this country and if people don’t like it, then that is the way it goes. Change the law if you don’t like it. It is not justification to be a thug IMHO.

  198. For those who missed the link above, this is no longer just “reading in between the lines” … this is front (NOI) page news:


  199. Tony DePhillips

    I hate to say it Marty but you and Mike were doing a similar thing when you went to Flag to try to get Mike to see his son. I know it was for a shorter time and you may not have been as antago. How would you have felt if these guys did something similar to you?

  200. Tony, I like you and I think we would get along if/when we meet, but I disagree on this point.
    Mike and Marty at Flag were being OT and holding a position in space.
    I dont recall them being antagonistic at all. I dig the Ghandi thing. Just being there and owning your right to communicate and hold a position in space. Thats not what the anon guy is doing IMO. He is trying to stir up trouble. He would be happy if somebody lost it and assaulted him. Thats the difference.

  201. Trouble Shooter

    “But here’s something to celebrate. Do you realize this debate never happened in the church, at any level. This debate is impossible there.”

    This was my EXACT thought just before I read your typed words saying it. and it’s truth is SO important that it deserves a moment to duplicate it fully – this kind of dialog is where great ideas are born and problems solved. It’s a macrocosm (A system reflecting on a large scale one of its component systems or parts) of analytic activity right?…it’s so NOT the reactive pain/fear driven operations of DM’s corporate enterprise doing business desquised as LRH’s Church of Scientology. Thank you Marty for saying what you did and for keeping it safe and granting the beingness you are! THIS IS Scientology! Also and with all due respect to any of you who might think that “naive” is a word to describe Marty Rathbun ??!!! I ask you – REALLY? now come on! No make wrongs, no propitiations – there’s some great data being shared here. A being who can change his mind is free – celebrate this thread! don’t look at it with dread!

    Trouble Shooter

    Trouble Shooter

  202. ok, so this is what is called a good idea? NOI and Scientology?!?
    How can these two “schools of thought” be brought together, when logic dictates that they are incompatable ? How exactly are you going to audit a Muslam woman on grade 0? There are questions in auditing that would probably cause some of them to get very upset and walk out. They are not open minded individuals, able to talk freely about many things, as it is not how they are indoctrinated now.
    So, again I ask, how are they going to get NOI hardcore members to go along with Scientology?

  203. correct spelling “Muslim”

    Thank you

  204. one of those who see

    Hi Marty,
    Thanks for your reply.
    We probably shouldn’t get too much into politics here, but just as a quick reply: I believe the argument is that there was government interference in the free market in 1929 and certainly in recent history. I just wonder if maybe a truly free market would work better in the long run. It would mean that we the people would have to up our responsiblity quite a bit.

  205. Marty, you wrote: “Assuming of course, he can remove the hundreds of arbitraries he’s entered into the line up himself.”

    That’s the key, unfortunately. More than ever right now, I wish to god that the Orgs were actually setup to deliver workable, life-changing tech. Sadly, I’m afraid with the redefined FN and other arbitraries … it does not bode well.

    I do hope that you can make some headway into the Farakkan and Alfreddie camps. It is exciting to see the possibility that LRH books and lectures will truly (potentially) be in front of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.

  206. Hello One of Those Who See,
    Which part are you viewing as covert and hostile? Are you saying the writing is rough around the edges or my ideas are not fully formed? Just clarifying your origination. It sometimes can be difficult to determine the intent of straight up communication that is not live 2 way com, which allows for speedier clarification and understanding. To clarify my end, I hold no ill feelings towards Jews in any manner whatsoever. I’ve had extensive philosophical discussions on this subject with my Jewish friends many times and they’ve only expressed gratitude and acknowledgement for the depth of my understanding of them. I stand behind my statement that I have nothing but admiration for them as people. That said, if I’ve somehow made a faux paux here of which I’m unaware, please point it out to me and I will be more than willing to take a look at it.

  207. One of Those Who See,
    To be more exact in my communication, yes, you did misunderstand me; I am not a 1.1. I don’t even appreciate having that label slung at me. But thank you for the welcome, anyway.

  208. Yes, some of those Anon protesters are EXTREMELY annoying! But truthfully, I got much worse on my bullbaited TR’s drills – man, I had some coaches with the foulest mouths on the planet.

  209. Alex,
    That was a little bit of wonderful.

  210. Marty, they are constantly underestimating you. Haven’t you noticed?

  211. Fight? You’re concerned they’ll fight? I’m afraid they’ll multiply!!!

  212. Or, in the case of an OT VII I’ve known for years, Grade II can completely miss it.

    Don’t you know anyone who has done Grade II who manifests residual or blatant racism, bigotry or the willingness to think in unflattering generalities about certain ethnic, religious or socio-economic groups ?

    I always figured it was a “cleared cannibal” phenomenon; a person learns certain viewpoints in life and does not automatically change them until they are re-examined, and apparently not everybody bothers with the last step. Look around you with no expectations if you can, and see what you see.

  213. Tony DePhillips

    Granted the guy can be annoying. I never said what Marty did was EXACTLY like the annon guy. I said it was similar. My point is that he has the RIGHT to protest. Your example of “if someone did this in front of the post office then the postman would kick his ass is bullshit. That would be assault. I am saying the guy has the right and those two guys on the video were acting like thugs. If you ever went to protest something that you felt strongly about I seriously doubt if you would like having a couple of guys do to you what they did to him. I guess we will have to disagree on this one.
    I like your posts and I’m sure we will get along. Just don’t touch my camera if you see me in front of an Org….

  214. I know Kim Belotte really well. She used to be my room mate back in the late 80’s. It was a short tenure of living together and I will never forget how nattery she was about me and my daughters after she moved out. Her father supported her and her sister. She drove a Corvette that Daddy paid for. How sickened, but not really that surprised, that her sister was responsible for the death of the SO member Jorge.


  215. Racism, bigotry and prejudice are fixed ideas, used in lieu of inspection of the present time environment, and show lack of intelligence and sanity, which means they have an inability to see differences, similarities and identities. That is addressed through different actions, including training. A very targeted approach could be drawn up on Expanded Dianetics if it didn’t fully handle on the grades and NED. You could list for the exact fixed idea that the person uses in that specific area and then run it out with Dianetics. Other actions like the Outpoint/Pluspoint lists, Happiness RD, False Purpose RD, False Data Stripping and training on the Data Series, PTS/SP, Academy Levels (and Internship) would handle the hell out of it. A potential piece of resistiveness to change in the person would be the money one makes for keeping such prejudices alive, but even that could resolve in auditing once it was brought to view.

  216. Because I honestly don’t know if people are beat up. Tony right on man for stepping up in defense of the right to sticking it too the man. The right to protest is one of the foundations that western socïety is build on. There is no right to be a thug. There is alsoo no right to assault and no right to beat people up. There is the right to self defense though. If it is the way you say thay NOI is dangerous to picket than that means it is a thug religion.

    By the way why would anybody picket a postoffice ?

  217. They mate; then one eats the other, as do some insects. Yet to be determined is which one plays predator, which one plays food. 🙂 The “hybrid” offspring is likely to attain a higher level of interestingness than anything we’ve seen yet! Stock up on popocorn…

  218. one of those who see

    Hi OTDT,
    I apologize for not being specific. I felt that the section of your post that I quoted was rough on the Jewish people. Therefore, this sentence seemed 1.1 “I have nothing but admiration for them for being able to succeed so artfully.”
    I only meant the sentence, not that you are 1.1. And your point is well taken that if this were live 2 way comm I may have understood this differently.

  219. I do not know OTDT personally, but I read no 1.1-ness in his remarks about Jews. Jews are a unique group who count their calendar as going back nearly 6,000 years. Over that span of time, they have developed a lot of tech, the transmission of which is what Jewishness is all about. A big part of this tech could be described as “How to survive, flourish, and prosper”. It is woven throughout the fabric of their philosophical teachings. They have been persecuted at times for having this tech and refusing to give up who they are. It has been viewed at times as a “conspiracy” on their part. Well, they have been doing what we all try to do, which is Survive! and arguably more successfully than some other groups. I think OTDT may have been expressing admiration.

  220. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully we will meet again.

  221. Jim, you wrote: “With all due respect, how did you figure Scientology was going to be disseminated to other 3D’s?”

    My biggest concern is the same that others have expressed, including a concern that Marty voiced in the opening article: Farrakhan is REQUIRING all of his staff (or “laborers”) to study Scientology, if they want to continue to work in any capacity for the Nation of Islam. This is a very bad sign. As I’m sure you know, other-determined study of Scientology (or any philosophy for that matter) never sinks in and doesn’t allow for meaningful understanding (and cognitions) … and in fact, usually simply creates robots or enemies.

  222. Jim,

    Just my opinion. The whole thing has an appearance of theta, but if you look at his tonelevel. It’s quite different. He intends to handle masses, as DM does, as Napoleon and Hitler did. No respect for an individual. And he demonstrated that he’ll be ready to sacrifice Individuals that won’t sign ! No choice, sign or sit down !
    Hitler sent the youth and kids to summer camps, build schools, people were doing sports and he build autobahns. This is really theta !
    Isn’t it ?

  223. Martin Gibson

    I think its very interesting but nothing to count eggs about. Whilst operating as a group is great, its also important to act as a 3rd dynamic source point. Each person applying tech to others and guiding those others to be able to enjoy the huge win of knowing they can do something about life too. Thus able to benefit from the 3rd dynamic but able to operate independantly too… Unlimited survival and expansion potential. I really do hope the cycle above goes well though.

  224. Seems to me that Farrakan already holds his followers tightly in his grasp and under control without Scientology. All his sermons and discipline and teachings have not brought about much of an overall result and he knows it. Their faith and discipline has carried them about as far as they can go and he knows it. He’s very bright and willing to change, just like his ex-brethren Malcolm X ultimately evolved to. I think his implementation of the study tech, admin tech and other basics will only make his organization better, brighter, more intelligent, less prejudiced and with more understanding of the environment.

  225. One of the two young men approaching the Anon guy said he’d have to restrain and not dramatize an engram. That echoes Mr. Farrakhan’s comment in his sermon. That is, now that one is aware of the Reactive Mind and engrams, one can actually exert some ethics and restraint. No more free reign to dramo.

    To me, that showed a heightened awareness and ethics presence. In my opinion the two young men are members of the Nation of Islam, and if they are any indication, they are applying themselves to study and practice of the principles.

    I’ve dealt with all sorts of stuff in a Div 6 in a major city. This Anon guy prattling on and on would try anybody’s Bullbait. Considering the two young men are fairly new to the whole thing, I’d be on the side of validation of their comportment. Impressed the hell out of me.

  226. My only intent was sincerity in exactly what I stated.

  227. Alex,
    This so-called ‘flaw’ is amply addressed in policy by LRH. For example:

    “The more thetan you have present, the less policy you need and the better things run. Only a thetan can handle a post or a pc. All he needs is the know-how of minds as contained in Scientology. That was all he ever lacked. So, given that, sheer policy is poor stuff as it seeks to make a datum stand where a being should be. That’s the whole story of the GPM’s. So why not have live orgs?

    “Policy is only vital where agreement must exist between two or more thetans working together. Beyond that it fails. A needful policy is “We’ll start work on time” since without it the org goes ragged. A useless policy would be “The registrar must always smile at an applicant” for that puts a datum where a person should be.

    “So there are two kinds of policies-those needed to obtain work-together ease and those which seek to put a datum instead of a being in a position. The less you have of the latter the better things will get. The more reasonable the former, the more work will be done.” LRH, PL 23 Oct 63, Refund Policy.

  228. John,

  229. Margaret,
    I also said ” It will also become evident as those who, on their own self-determinism, participate in their courses and auditing progress. ”

    That was in consideration of the HCO Policy on ‘Troublesome Sources’. In other words an ‘A-J’ check prior to any service. Mr. Farrakhan will hopefully apprise himself of this policy and the idea of self-determined participation in study and auditing being a key to success. If not, he’ll soon find it out as that’s what policy is: experience with what works.

  230. one of those who see,
    The ‘Jews’ are a Third Dynamic now aren’t they. As such, and with a long history as such, I’d say they’ve managed to maintain. As a 3D, they’ve accomplished things in the areas of the arts, culture, economics that are pretty amazing.

    Like ANY 3D, be it the Nation of Islam, the Int Base, the Rotary Club of Keokuk, as an organism they have an experiential track including ‘Third Dynamic Engrams’ which make for less than ideal conditions.

    As part and parcel of clearing this or any culture of the aberrations accumulated in the business of survival, eventually they too would hopefully avail themselves of the workable means to do exactly that. I’m sure that will go a long way to reconciliation of both the overt and motivator flows for all.

  231. Margaret,
    Are you a Scientoligist or not. Do you actually consider that Scientology works and when applied in a standard manner can resolve aberration?

    I understand HE&R. I apply Scientology to handle it. Take a walk, differentiate spaces, step outside the significances, be there comfortably and do nothing, assume to the best of your ability the status of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics, and give this another look.

    The future is upon us. Scientology is making its way around the world. This is what we’ve postulated. We are getting what we put energy into. Best get a comfortable position in the saddle as this horsey is full-spirited.

  232. XOSA,
    Interesting question you’ve got. I’d say re-read the Logics. Demo how they apply to your question. Write back if you haven’t answered this for yourself.

    ANY mind works on the same principles, in this particular universe, as ANY mind. That’s what we, the Scientologists, are all about.

    ‘Incompatible’?! Are you serious?! How the hell did you figure ‘clearing the planet’ is going to occur?

    What does ‘clearing’ actually mean?

  233. martyrathbun09

    Well, th e skepticism is already proving out to be healthy in some respects. Expect an entirely different take (with a lot more data) by me by,say, Sunday.

  234. martyrathbun09

    Not me. That DM and LF are willing to bring in FOI to attempt to intimidate free speech speaks volumes.

  235. LO,
    Thank you. Would you please answer the question I posed. How did or do you figure the subject is going to be successfully disseminated to other 3Ds?

  236. I have tought this over. This may be the only time that Dianetics and onley Dianetics is used outsifde the CO$ in a controlled Enviroment within another culture. Having been less exposed to outside circumstances regarding Dianetics this may well be the Experiment albeit from a totally different Angle that can be an objective test of this 60 year old book.

    In that sense I must say it is an very intresting development and oppurtunity. If it makes thiese NOI members less agressive than that is a gain.

    This was me trying to take a scientific Angle on it

  237. Marty,
    I have no illusion on the randomity of this whole scene.

  238. What AnonSparrow does is put out ideas to DC staff that get them thinking. That is what he is trying to do. There is nothing wrong with that. It is his right under the law to do so, and in this case I believe it is very ethical to do what he is doing.

    Moreover, he has been staff there. He has been lied to as a staff member there, as well as verbally abused, made to work for free, and all the other things that go with being a staff member in a Church of Scientology. So he has “paid his dues” even by Scientology standards.

    Physical intimidation, threats or acts of violence, are neither ethical nor legal. And anyone condoning violence, or threats of violence, to a peaceful protester is not ethical, in my opinion. And may very well, in certain circumstances, be criminal.

  239. because.

    I have no knowledge of this Bonded SO Mission, but as far as I know LRH never said he was Gautama Siddhartha. In the poem “Hymn of Asia” by LRH, he said that he was Metteyya, AKA Maitreya. L Ron Hubbard wrote “the Hymn of Asia” for a Buddhist convention during the 1955-56 worldwide celebrations of the 2,500th year of the Buddhist era. He does speak of Lord Buddha in the poem, but says he (LRH) is Metteyya.


  240. My best friend online for years was a Jewish scholar in Kabbalah. He taught me many fascinating and insightful things about their advanced writings and practices. Interestingly, a lot of it parallels advanced levels of Scientology and para-Scientology. Their writings and concepts are very complex, but very philosophically practical and magical in more ways than one. Crowley’s stuff was steeped in it and LRH learned a lot from that body of knowledge.

  241. Dear Jim,

    Had my glasses not on.
    Sorry for not answering your question.
    It could be the way it’s done with that church. If the intentions of the C.o.S are noble and the speaker’s intention too. Propably some good Scientologists will come out of it, perhaps also lots of fanatics. Time will show.
    But to answer your question; I think that in the future suddenly the existence of the reactive mind will become common knowledge ( nothing religious), and suddenly Institutions, Governments and Scientists will edify monuments for LRH and his discovery of the reactive mind.
    History proves it. Many great discoveries or ideas took sometimes long time to be understood.
    Democracy (thought out by the greeks) was only achieved by the creation of the United States. There were many great people trying to achieve it and working on to attain that goal. One day it was done.
    The same is with Lrh works, hundreds of people were working in the last 10 000 years to solve that riddle. Lrh’s work is the culmination of it and he solved the riddle.
    Many great people will come after him and continue his work. I don’t think the subject is fully researched yet and will ever be. Propably, there will also be one day a great communicator, that will disseminate it.
    Nevertheless, in the meantime we should continue our work. Perhaps Marty, Mike, you or me or somebody else can make some breaktrough or contribute towards it and we will achieve our goal this lifetime.
    I don’t think the reactive mind has anything to do with religion. It’s not a belief or faith, it’s just a fact and you can demonstrate it to any human being without any great problem.
    As soon we take that religious label off Scientology and Dianetics, more people will be interested in it. Look at what religion restimulates; read the comments on this thread; you get division and people tends towards different beliefs. We are not here for that, and fight over beliefs and faiths.
    Our duty is to audit as many individuals as possible and this will created enough theta that we can survive as mankind.
    You can disseminate to groups but in the end you always will have to handle one individual, then the next, then the next..Hard work isn’t it ?

    But those cleared and trained people will bring about a big evolution of Mankind, not a new Civilisation or a GoldenAge, we don’t need a new one. We just have to evolve further. We have so many great people in our Civilisation. Why not help them to become even greater ?

  242. She claims Sparrow stalked her in the TRO

  243. John and Jim,

    It’s real to me that it could be handled in such a way because I have had fixed ideas of my own handled with auditing. I defer to your superior technical knowledge.

    Perhaps there would be less attacking of sci tech as “not working for everybody” if we simply stopped making blanket statements such as
    “Grade II handes that,” when in fact, Grade II does not always handle that. I don’t wish to derail this thread, but I just had that realization about the tech and how claiming the wrong results or scope of results can completely invalidate the good that a process or set of processes actually does. Thanks. After 9 months, things are still moving around in my mind.

  244. Louis Farrakhan was awarded the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights, founded by Libya’s leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Libya (also thanks to Gaddafi) forced all it’s Jewish citizens to leave the country. As of 2004, there is not a single Jewish person left in all of Libya. That’s human rights for you.

  245. one of those who see

    Hi Jim,
    Yes, ofcourse! Well stated. The Jewish People as well as all individuals and groups will only benefit by availing themselves of the tech. On this we all agree!

  246. lunamoth,
    I totally, completely, and fully understand that things can move around in the mind. You have hung in through a lot of stuff. Forgive my eval, but I think you’ll come through just fine.

    I’m looking forward to the day we sit across from each other, maybe the next Independents Day, and just chat. Between ridiculously broad smiles that is.

  247. LO,
    Thanks for a thoughtful answer.

    The future is our canvas.

  248. Allan,
    If you got to the next thread, the one on the Survey Results, down a bit, I’ve admitted to criminal behavior. Mike R comments on it. I’d do it again in a NY Minute.

  249. Jim, I didn’t write the above. It was written by “one of those who see”. Regarding the earlier comment … yes, an A-J could resolve it … but more importantly, Farrakhan needs to cog on the importance of self-determinism.

  250. Yes. Flaw in quotes…..as the flaw is really in our application of the subject.

    I just sort of cognited on the overall structure Ron set up recently. It was set up to handle big organizations, but also it was set up to oversee and qual the functions below, not direct them.

    At the bottom of the organization the work, the actions are originated, and reported upstream, and then correction or acknowledgment goes back down. In theory.

    Now it is all the top telling the bottom what to do, with various layers also directing from above.

    The problem with this is that the full data needed to do the job is down where it is being done.

    So in the perverted current system even more “top” is needed to gather data and direct the “robots” below. When if they were just left to do their jobs, and simply watched for needed correction from an exterior “top”, the organization could be light and fast moving as LRH intended.

    Miscavige sure likes machines. And seems to hate beings.

  251. I just wanted to throw in one short thing:

    It is usually said that “Scientology CAN handle that”. I believe the word “can” was chosen by LRH although I cant source it at the moment. To say “Scientology WILL handle that” is of course innacurate when dealing with someones mind. Scientology can bring about a willingness to change ones mind. It doesnt change it. To say you can make someone who’s thoughts and opinions you disagree with change sounds more like some sort of mind control or hynosis or something IMO.

  252. I think most people who post here have had auditing. “Science” is not the ultimate judge of a subject, particularly since it often denies the spirit.

    Knowing if Dianetics/Scientology works comes from doing it and finding that it works for you on a personal and spiritual level. And as you can see from the results coming from the Church, it must be applied correctly to acheive full results and it can even be misapplied or altered to the point of unworkability.

    So if these guys dont do it right does that mean it doesnt work? It’s a subjective, personal, spiritual subject. So if someone says it doesnt work, doesnt at mean it doesnt work?

    Maybe it works for the people who say it worked and didnt for the people who say it didnt?

    I for one, will tell you it does work on me. So even if that is the only evidence it does work to that degree.

  253. I think he’s just saying that there are cultural and religious prohibitions and barriers that might be a problem. I think if you could get someone in session these things dont matter so much. The PC has to be in session and these barriers would have to be handled somehow if they came up.
    I dont think he meant that as a person they would not get gains. Just some cultural barriers.

  254. CD, just watched the video and I think Sparrow held his ground well in the face of being very much outnumbered. He has a right to “soapbox” his opinions in public. It is not against the law to have a big mouth and talk a lot.
    In the state where I live, Michigan, if someone touches you or your property against your wishes, it can be considered “assault” and in my town the police will discourage such physical contact if a person calls them in on it. I feel the officer was wrong to that extent. He was probably trying to pre-emptively minimize the incident in case Sparrow wanted to escalate it to a formal complaint.

  255. Let’s not talk about human rights because we will then have to talk about the proposed Islamic Center issue in NYC. Anyway, someone please give me more info on Miscavige as I do my own research. I’m not Mr. T but I pity the fool that thinks he can bring about Farrakhan’s Demise. There is a lot of misinformation about that man because there are some powerful people that don’t want to be exposed. But you wont catch one person willing to challenge him and his views in public because you can’t challenge truth with falsehood.

    P.S. It’s funny to hear some speak of Farrakhan having a role in Malcolm X’s death. But when Malcolm was alive you were calling him the same names you call Farrakhan. If you want the true facts check the cointelpro.

  256. Joe Pendleton

    I’ve just watched the first half hour of the speech as I have to get off the computer right now, but I couldn’t help but notice the more expansive ARC of Farrakhan than one would have expected of him. His past anti-Semitic rantings and ravings are indeed apalling. I’ve often thought that what was even worse than the words he used, was that I never believed a man as smart as Farrakhan actually believed them. I always thought that he spread hate to his followers in the most cynical fashion; to direct their hate toward another group and thus control the worst of human emotions , and thus control his followers. Sadly, one of the oldest, if not the oldest of human games on our small planet.

    Having said that of this man’s evil past, YES, of course a being can learn and change. We have always said that one of the main products of Scientology was changed conditions (for the better).

    We shall know MUCH more after his NEXT speech (that is to say, the speech after he announces an alliance with the C of S). He certainly will not deliver a hate filled tirade. Could he ever do that again? Miscavige/C of S certainly would counself him in the strongest terms possible about this and the goals of Scientology. If indeed he delivered a speech of reconciliation and ARC with Jews/White people, etc, then in the short term Miscavige will have pulled off a PR coupe of huge proportions. I think he already has realized with the PR of Scientology in the internet toilet, it will very hard to get folks in “retail”, one by one, as we did in the “old days.” He needs to go “wholesale” and get a whole group of thousands in. And if Scientology can be seen to “change” Farrakhan to a man of peace, and large numbers of Black people can be gotten into the church, well….look at the Mormon model (though they still do get people in one by one most of the time). Miscavige would reap tons of prestige I think in the short run. How NOI folks would do in the long run….well, who knows. Coming from an authoritarian group, they might do very well. Remains to be seen.

    Now if Farrakhan announced an alliance with the C of S and DIDN’T change his speeches…..then you have a perfect shit storm for the church. Tommy Two Tone will be called on the carpet in a scene that will make the Anderson Cooper thing look like a tea party. It will be the WORST PR hit Scientology has ever taken. Just imagine the reaction and the effect on Scientologist’s morale in LA, much less Israel and places like NY, London, Paris…..Florida. To say nothing of the media criticism around the world.

    But first things first folks. He hasn’t announced an alliance with the church yet. So, let’s hang on and see if that actually happens. And yeah, if he does it with force and pressure on his members…..it ain’t gonna end up so pretty.


  257. Farrakhan was also apparently quoting from an LRH book, with attribution, in a speech earlier this year (2010):


  258. He said something to the effect “Our friends call them engramms” in the last 15 minutes of his speech.

  259. This is interesting. Per this SP Times article in early 2006, it was Alfreddie Johnson who introduced the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan to study tech and Narconon. No mention of Isaac Hayes (who passed away in Aug-2008):


    My guess is that Alfreddie had the lead on this one, and Isaac provided support for LRH study tech and drug rehab programs along the way to make the case to the NOI stronger.

  260. Margaret,
    Sorry, my mistake on who wrote what.

  261. Keep an eye out for an increased use of the word “Mecca” in CoM promo.

  262. Marty,
    I think it is great that those who want you to fail underestimate you.
    You are using that underestimation to your advantage 🙂

  263. What I Ideally would like is something the Dalai Lama made possible by lending his monks out to the University of Wisconsin.


    I think you all will have a feeling of familiarity 😉

    Do not work against Science but work WITH Science. If I was some sort of Scientologist I would go for an Alliance with this open minded University and alsoo seek assistance from the Office of the Dalai Lama.

    Go where no Scientologist has gone before.

  264. Marty is correct that anyone can be saved and put on the right course.
    Let’s see however how interested Mr Farrakhan really is when he has to come out of treason with the Jewish people. As soon as he has done his conditions and is accepted among the majority of of the Jews, then he may start.
    Having the Church accept him without some serious atonement on his part would be a PR nightmare.

  265. Look. We’ll see!

  266. crashingupwards

    The church is a PR nightmare anyway even without Farrakhan. I agree the jews feel Farrakhan needs to apply lower conditions towards them, just as he feels they need to apply it towards his race. All depends where your sitting. He has been verbally polarizing. He has the power of his pulpit. But he hasnt been able to actually manipulate economies to the detriment of others. I am sure he considers his race the injured party. There is more than one truth that needs to be confronted here. Plenty of lower conditions to go around.

  267. He used quite a few Scientologese in the speech … here are my notes:

    In the first half, Farrakhan talked about not being in the “valence of Jesus” and he used “valence” in the Scn sense (i.e. “personality”).

    Also in the first half, Farrakhan talked about “going up the Bridge” figuratively as a sort of nod to Scientology’s Bridge.

    At 1:16:05, Farrakhan said: ” I saw a little nine year old boy, ‘auditing’ an 87 yo woman. Now what could a 9 year old do for somebody that’s lived 87 years, you may ask? ‘A little child may lead them’ …”. He was clearly talking about Dianetics/Scientology “auditing”.

    At 1:20:21, Farrakhan said: “Just correct it, don’t ‘invalidate’ it.”

    At 1:27:50, Farrakhan said: “Some of our friends call that ‘stimulating an engram’ … and stuff starts coming up, and we don’t even know where it came from…”.

    At 1:29:10, Farrakhan said: “In the new Org Board … organizational board of the Nation of Islam … there is a new Department called ‘How to Eat to Properly’.” At 1:30:01, he said: “There’s another thing on the Organizational Board to learn how to Think Properly.”

    (NOTE: The term “Organizational Chart” is used almost exclusively outside Scientology circles.)

    At 1:38:20, Farrakhan said: “…into that ‘Valuable Final Product’.”

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that Farrakhan and the NOI are using Scientology principles and ideas. How attached at the hip the NOI is with Miscavige remains to be seen.

    Don’t forget: Jada and Will Smith opened a school which uses LRH Study Tech … but they openly state that they are not Scientologists.

  268. Watchful Navigator

    Marty, I want to thank you for writing this article and holding your position in the midst of the controversy. And for pointing us to a truly historic moment on the track.

    I wept tears of joy when I saw the video and speech. This is an incredible moment for us as Scientologists – to see an entire significant religious movement duplicate at least some part of the potential of LRH technology and embrace it – make it “their own” (which I believe they will inevitably do, despite the skeptics).

    There’s a lot of A=A here in the comments. Farrakan and the NOI have been black-PR’d like no other group in recent history. They’ve been painted as “bad guys” for a long, long time. Both on the talk-hate-shows and in whisper-campaign PR, amongst fearful people of little confront who “need an enemy”. Some of the worst rhetoric for example against Obama, attempts to position him with such so-called “extremism” – both real and imagined.

    By the way, Farrakan’s impeccable dress is part of the NOI culture and a point of pride. It’s a way of saying “we reject this out-ethics, beaten-down, street living” in favor of elevating culture and “setting a good example”, and has been a part of that culture at least as far back as Malcolm X.

    The rest of you white folks here who’ve raised objections: which do you like better, a well-dressed, disciplined – yes militant – group of young men dedicated to fixing what’s wrong with society and kicking criminal and drug-dealer ass, or the grossly decadent, sham, pants-sliding-down-my-ass SUCCUMB culture being pushed at us by some version of the forces Farrakan rails against? (forces alluded to but never named, in LRH’s articles like “CULTURAL DESTRUCTION”).

    And you think they’re -not- going to stand outside delivery areas (even though still under DM’s shadow) and defend LRH tech from harrassment???

    Farrakan’s rhetoric is quite tame in comparison with what has been the actual reality facing blacks in our nation. Like Malcolm X before him, Farrakan has artfully guided the deep-seated pain and distrust of his followers into far more positive channels and instilled a genuine sense of pride in young adherents.

    I will admit he has demonstrated PTSness but to compare him with DM or label him SP is way over the top.

    He is -feared- in direct proportion to the magnitude of overt unconfronted within the historic injustice visited on his group – and of course, mainly by those who refuse to acknowledge it. LRH points out in a PR series piece on Protest PR that the historic problem confronted in that group has NEVER been addressed in our nation. LRH wrote that decades ago, and it still hasn’t been fully confronted.

    We know better than that because we understand that no problem or engram is “too old”, and that continued communication in an effort to move through it, is a pluspoint. That’s what Farrakan has been trying to accomplish. Yes, he has made errors.

    All of us are going to have to grasp and learn to explain clearly the difference between the cynical, manipulative hold the Rothschilds-Rockefellers have had in the creation of “Zionism” which has made use of genuine Jewish interests to manipulate world politics, and the cultural reality of the common, mainstream Jew, from which many have come forward to draw the distinction and speak out against the lies and injustices done in their name. Of course this question cannot be oversimplified, and human rights cannot be ignored. We of all people believe for sure that no one “race” or culture could possibly be to blame for the manipulations of a few, but that a tiny percentage of anti-social elitists have sown so much confusion and engineered so much manipulation that it’s become almost impossible to put a sensible picture together.

    And if you are new to this, don’t expect to find conclusive answers in one night of Wiki. This manipulation of religion throughout history has affected all religions profoundly, but in particular the common Jew has paid the price more so than any other. Farrakan and his people of NOI are in for some real answers as they come to understand the anti-social personality and the track of beings in this universe. Then they will connect the dots where racism once filled the vacuum. Meanwhile, they are way out in front of those who believe history is as simple as the Rockefeller textbooks pretend to present it.

    So yes, that doesn’t mean they don’t hold some views way out-of-step with mainstream think. But OTDT – I think you covered that one quite well in your wonderful comments. These views are grossly misunderstood by so many because most of us read or listen to them from the warped lens handed us by decades of black-PR and manipulated media (that goes all the way back before Malcolm X and is still with us in talk-hate-shows) and yes, some of his statements have been definitely hostile to enemies both real and imagined. I can understand those who feel threatened, but would ask them to keep looking at all angles of this one. Not some right-wing racist’s collection of favorite quotes taken out of context that “prove” how evil the man is.

    All this gives DM a huge PR problem. It won’t be solved with his side-kick, glutz-PR (yell and curse with violence when your leader is under the microscope for same) Tommy Davis. It’s a sensitive issue and it gets out on the talk-hate-shows and we’ll never hear the end of it – but as mentioned already, all this will sure get people to LOOK.

    If we have something to offer as Independents, it would be the use of the PTS/SP tech and the PR series to help them navigate the backlash that is likely to hit them from the old COINTELPRO forces still latent and firmly embedded in the controllers of mainstream politics and media. The same old Eli Lily PR machine that funds the talk-hate-shows that won’t be able to resist shooting this down for all they’re worth.

    This temporary alliance with DM’s warped version of LRH tech is not to be feared. Farrakan drew the line in the sand when he made that statement about not worrying about having nice buildings. It was a loud and very clear statement of separation from the DM agenda of glitzy Idle Orgs. It was a bold statement of how Scientology was going to be put to WORK in society, not kept on display inside some building.

    For those worried about “what part (or style) of the tech” Farrakan is accepting, worry no more. People without a time track of extensive invalidation of knowingness (like new Book One auditors are often hit with when they for example, read ahead in the the R&Ds and try to use post-Book One developments like effort-processing) tend to accept LRH at face value – actually going out and applying what they read. They will take whatever they find useful, learn to study, raise IQs and actually DO SOMETHING with the tech in society at orders of magnitude greater than ever!

    I dare any of DM’s indoctrinated sheep to tell them “NO” to coffee-shop effort-processing or whatever similar tech applications by Farrakan followers in the street, as in the type of verbal tech rebukes that have always worked too well on most of us “well-educated-to-obey” boys. I dare them to reg dirt-poor but clean-dressed, young, dedicated activists for their “next IAS level”!!! C’mon, let’s see it!

    This promises to be a movement of ACTION in a highly motivated and dedicated group who are sure to duplicate and embrace LRH in the same high proportion to it’s high workability.

    I would not sweat the naysayers here. Of course we are going to see a bit of fanaticism in all the enthusiasm. Stand by and watch the confusion blow off.

    Who cares if Farrakan doesn’t reach out to Independents immediately? We’d be missing the point. The NOI are natural Independents. And they’ll come around quickly after they’ve had to bypass the gridlock of PTS management’s initiative-stopping “guidance”.

    They’re bound to start getting tech IN, “over dead bodies” (not to be taken literally – it’s an expression we use).

    This may well be the greatest event on our timetrack yet – overshadowing the phoney IRS “victory” and the phoney and impotent “Golden Age” follow-ups.

    It’s NOT and never will be, DM’s victory and he KNOWS it.

    On staffs we sometimes go into an area and find what LRH labeled a “camouflaged hole” (an area where production is ignored and/or faked). The NOI is very likely about to break out and show up the current Church of DM for what it is to our society – a CAMOUFLAGED HOLE. A Sea Org in Treason to its purpose of “making a safe space for the 4th dynamic engram to be audited out”, now reduced by DM’s suppressive control, to catering to rich, arrogant white folks making glitzy, IDLE ORG buildings where no one is getting serviced and in so doing, suppressively SITTING ON the only hope this planet has left to it – LRH’s legacy.

    I have watched their young men work the streets with zeal and dedication. These guys are already in present time, eager to change conditions. And now they have found the tech to do it. This is Criminon on steroids.

    Let the spiritual version of “urban renewal” begin!

  269. In an LRH tape he talks about delivering Scientology to the entire U.S. Armed Forces, the most potentially destructive group on the entire planet. Nation of Islam is small potatoes compared to this.

  270. Marty,
    This post really moved some TA within the ranks. I found the entire discussion fascinating, but I was struck by an interesting cognition. There is something very important happening in this forum. Like the Greek academies who appllied the Socratic dialectic of Hypothesis + Antithesis = Synthesis, this group of enlightened Independants, through intellectual argument, is contributing to the evolution of Scientology and a new paradigm.

    Right now in this 21st century, we have s significant number of emancipated intellectuals who are posessed of great wisdom regarding the Axioms of Life and the Cosmos, as well as a workable technology to bring about a New Age of Reason. The “Church of Scientology” is only a temporal manifestation of the Philosophy of “Knowing How to Know” which is itself an eternal manifestation of Theta. If the “Mest Church” disappeared tommorrow we would all carry on, using what we know, raising ARC and KRC, disabused of the false datum that divine wisdom may only be disseminated from monuments to religious arrogance.

    From where I stand, the future looks bright for all who seek to help and be helped.

  271. Remember how David Miscavige treated Jesse Prince, the highest ranking African American in the Church of Scientology? You can see Jesse talking about this on the web.

    For example –

    Jesse Prince: You know, and it’s also ironic that they would target the African-American community because the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, is a racist, a racist in extremis, as well as his South African companion, Norman Starkey. I was the only African-American that I know of that ever achieved a high position within Scientology. And even then, I was continually subjected to racial slurs by David Miscavige and, um, Norman Starkey to the point where we nearly came to blows about it.

    HOST: What kind of racial slurs?

    Jesse Prince: “Nigger”, “dumb nigger”, this kind of—constantly.

    I hope Miscavige gets his comeuppance.

  272. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this fitting analogy. Didn’t, the Old Man say we do not seek “revolution”, but instead “evolution?

  273. Thank you Margaret for the posting. The thing that struck me is that he used the word “Friends”

  274. I think the talk of Lower conditions would send a man like Louis Farrakhan into the curtains in a hissyfit or maybe you will get the death stare. I have seen his death stare in his speech when he talked about people not going along with the Dianetic studies.

  275. A Novel Idea: Maybe Jesse Prince can do ghis Friend Marty a Solid and meet or arange a meeting with Louis Farrakhan 😉

  276. “Jesse Prince, a former high-ranking official in the Church of Scientology, said of that “Hubbard could not conceive of a colored man like me of being so intelligent.”

    In a radio interview, Mr. Prince mentions that the current head of the Church, David Miscavige, is racist. Such racism in the leadership, even when not expressed publicly, tends to permeate the entire organization, allowing prejudices to go unchallenged.”

  277. Watchful Navigator,
    Aaaahhhh…a sigh of relief as I read your awesome duplication of the scene and your very astutely written comment. Very well done and a big ack to you.

  278. I second that, OTDT.

    Great write-up Watchful Navigator, with wonderful insights and hope.

  279. The CoS has connections with the government, and it’s true that they actively seek them.

    But the idea that some sort of government law enforcement agency is working behind the scenes and using CoS against another group seems about as ludicrous as LRH’s story about his association with Jack Parsons being all about *breaking up* a Satanic Occultist cell, rather than just LRH’s association with a Satanic Occultist cell. Delusions of grandeur and all that.

  280. And Will Smith and Tom Cruise are “best friends”.

    My guess is that there’s plenty of space between Farrakhan and DM, and that Alfreddie Johnson is managing the whole thing. Farrakhan’s “friends” in the CoS are likely those that have been carefully selected and vetted by AJ and if AJ’s smart, he’ll keep DM as far away from the whole thing as possible.

  281. Cat Daddy wrote: “Go where no Scientologist has gone before.”

    I’m with you on this CD. However, it really was with the Miscavige regime that the CoS stopped being supportive of Scientologists who openly embraced science and the scientific method.

    Do a bit of looking around for SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price … Scientology OTs in the early 70s who did the ground-breaking psi work that eventually became the US Government’s “remote viewing” and “paranormal studies” projects.

    Or the guys who created the “traumatic incident reduction” (TIR) system in psychological circles, with its primary foundation in Dianetics and Scientology.

    The Church of Scientology was a much different animal prior to Miscavige’s takeover.

  282. You are quite the writer. I have always found you and Karry admirable….especially when you both said I DO in Leb Hall………

  283. Cult begets Cult: published Ovctober 10 2000

    “While Farrakhan awaits a meeting with Lieberman, some black Muslims, anguished over the rift inside the NOI, fear that the minister, who is battling prostate cancer, has lost control of the 91 mosques that make up his religious empire. People are defecting to Orthodox Islamic groups. “I think many others want to leave, but they don’t know how,” says Bashir Muhammad Akinyele, cofounder of the Pan Afrikan Muslim Association, who says he was forced out of Mosque No. 25 in Newark, New Jersey, for speaking out. “When I was a part of the organization, our numbers were much greater. There was a higher spirit. You saw more of the FOI [Fruit of Islam] soldiers selling The Final Call. There are many brothers and sisters who stepped off, who left the mosques, for various reasons. Most of it involves contradictions and inconsistencies in Nation of Islam teachings and money.”

  284. http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/organizations/n/nation_of_islam/index.html

    New York Times
    Friday, August 27, 2010

    “The Nation once enjoyed a near monopoly over interpreting Islam for black Americans, using the faith as a vehicle to promote black separatism.

    But now it competes with sects that branched away, and with groups ascribing to the more traditional and inclusive Islam followed by millions of Muslim immigrants and their offspring.”

  285. Another Side of Louis Farrakhan

  286. To Bad for Slappy Miscavige FarraKhan does have children.

  287. I have to agree with your take that some skepticism is healthy here. Do you have an ‘entirely different take (with a lot more data)’ yet?


  288. EXODUS 15:3 The LORD is a man of war. KING DAVID is his name.
    Jesus was King David, and was in prison for years , committed crimes, made love, and slept with Mary Magdeline, a sexually happy, kung-fu expert that hung upside down until he reversed gravity and floated on water. A kung-fu expert is a Buddhist Monk. Infinitum north pole ice age and Brown Woolly Mammoth Wool Haired Elephants and green eyed Neanderthal King Davids on his head and both shoulders-HOLY SHROUD -VATICAN-Resurrection of King David 6ft 4in 308 lbs of White German Legendary God of Sex, War and Thunder (THOR) The Lord was a barbarian and warlord. David said slaves submit to your masters, submit to the authorities. The lord was not infinitum cottonsheep haired gorillas on his head and both shoulders,enough monkey business oo oo aa aa, blacks are Gorillas..Remember slaves submit to your masters ..Obama is a demonic rat(democrats are evil.) Israel and America are lands of the free and homes of the brave, they are Republics. Demonic rats (democrats) do not realize Bush was saving Israel.. Read books of wisdom, judges, numbers, death penalties. Godly people do not need to go to church and are Republican , veterans, and police helping save America and the homeland of the chosen jews. All animals and anything meek goes to heaven . God is about Patriotism ,Buddhism, Judaism,
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    I am the Lord King David .The black lord that negroes pray to is lucifer .
    Jesus was David and slept with a dozen women, i am his great grandson from mary magdelines family tree.. Bush was wonderful saving Israel, the homeland of the jews. I am his great etc… grandson thru mary magdelines bloodline of his son from her giving birth. I was in prison and you loved me.The lord was indeed a convict. The three gods in heaven blessed America and Israel. Republicans, veterans, and police are disciplined trinities and have everlasting life. demonic-rats like Obama fry forever in torment with all the other disloyal blacks who prayed to the black lucifer . The gods love Israel and love america and are willing to die for both countries. The lord brought the judicial system. and brought war, not peace but a sword. Obama should defend Israel. Godly people are Republicans, veterans, and police. We must save israel.

  289. martyrathbun09

    The reincarnation of Jack Kerouac as a far right winger.

  290. Wow, fascinating post and comments…well some of the comments were fascinating, others were, well…ignorant. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, like the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad before him, and Elijah Muhammad, like Master Fard Muhammad before him searched the earth for knowledge that would help uplift Black people.

    Look, if your mission is not to uplift Black people, meaning to remove the still present slave and colonialism mentalities that Black people carry even after hundreds of years of slavery, suffering and death, then you are not qualified to judge Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam nor are you qualified to determine what body(ies) of knowledge will help us become the number one employers of our self, to improve our communities.

  291. And David Miscavige – head of church of Scientology – you can be assured (by reading the blog articles here) has no intention of uplifting “Black people, meaning to remove the still present slave and colonialism mentalities…” Quite the opposite.

  292. Hallo everybody,

    I just read different articles regarding Scientology and David Miscavige – and I want to comment on Jasons article about David Miscavige where he writes the following:

    “…. it’s also ironic that they would target the African-American community because the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, is a racist…”

    It is so easy to judge someone you never met – it is so easy to create stories – it is so easy to just follow a large number of people – to follow the “stream”, but wait – stop for a moment. How easy do you want to let your self be fooled? Would you ever judge a person you never met – by rumors in your school – or your work place – would you ever be so superficial? Well, I guess the most of you would answer NO to that question! I hope so.

    So why judge David Miscavige because of rumors made out to create chaos or said by one person who is having some personal problems – and are taking them out on the world, blaming everyone around him. Did any one of you ever notice that some people just like to criticize? I guess your answer will be YES to that question. So wake up – when you turn your back to these people, they will talk bad about you as well, surprised – well, don’t be – just think about how the human mind can work – how a “negative” person can react and blame people in his surroundings when he is in a bad mood, and when you keep this knowledge in your mind, you will know not to take everything other people are saying so serious. My advice is – do not judge someone or something you have not experienced your self – make your own decisions – and find your own truth – so instead of listening to all this here – go to Scientology and find your own answers about what it is, and when you become more enlightened, and see what LRH really stands for – then come back here, and share it with the rest of us 🙂


  293. martyrathbun09

    Nice, on your “critic” criticism you just described Miscavige to a tee.

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