Italian Battalion – leaders emerge


Today, on the day Moving On Up A Little Higher hit two million visits, I happened to receive the following good news from our friends in Italy. Incidentally, it took just over nine months in service to reach the first million visits, and just under five months to reach the second million. Realize in reading the Italian report that Italy is already the third most active country on this original English language blog, behind only Australia and the United States. And now Gary Baldi informs us his Italian language blog – which largely reflects this one, while also creating an expanding independent Italian field – is in a several month affluence. In the face of suppression, flourish and prosper indeed.

Ciao Marty,
I am writing you to keep you updated on the “INDIPENDOLOGO” progress.
The Blog is really going ! And the ripple effect is strong. A few
days ago we hit the HE for a single day with 882 hits. The months
progression is also “straight up and vertical” (joke)
MARCH        780
APRIL        2.199
MAY          5.425
JUNE         6.819
JULY          9.215
AUGUST  14.253 with 3 days to go!I think the italians were ready for it,
but the data was not there in their native language , so even if
some sites were already exposing the situation they were not
differentiating between DM and Scientology and so the real WHO and
WHY was not given – so when we translated your videos , CNN, the 31
factors, and lots of your posts I think we gave them the real
thing! This thanks to you and the other Indies over there . I think
that what impinged was also the approach that was taken, a
“serious” one , without HE&R but mostly data and no confidential
ones. I think also that your view of the “great middle path” helped
a lot to differentiate with the extremisms that are also present in
sites over here. So I guess the TRUTH was given out and they
responded.In the beginning we had a “how to reach” problem , but
we started with a few emails, we collected a few addresses and
started mailing, that gave result. Then I got in comm with one
girl whom is running a site over here since 13 years , in where she
also has translated lots of material , she is on the “Scientology
is wrong side” but is an intelligent lady so I was able to keep a
comm line with her and she posted a link to our site – as a note I
refused to exchange the link favor with her since she has
confidential material on her site , but she understood my point on
it and went ahead and posted the link, so another flood of people
started coming in.In our group we basically followed Steve Hall lead with the fathers of the constitution names, and it worked. We used the Italian Risorgimento ones and we have:

Gary Baldi
his wife ANITA also a major military figure

Camillo Benz (the name of The Count Camillo Benso),_conte_di_Cavour
plus we have Max Zini (for Giuseppe Mazzini)

and Jo Berti for (Vincenzo Gioberti)

also a number of others unnamed are cooperating with the Blog.
Plus the TIZIANO declaration was a major push and recently

GIOVANNI BONZANI a major leader in the Novara
area OT VII has been declared and his declaration also brought
attention and we posted his comments and article on our site.
But as a said above I think there is a thirst for DATA but for the

We have now from 300 to 400 steady followers and to be honest
I do not think any ACADEMY in Italy has so many “students” on line
every day.

Also I did a post on our standing on ALEXA and we beat the
wwwscientologyit traffic !!!

I think that if you and the Indies there continue to provide us
with the TRUTH and we keep translating it and giving the message
and rebuild the hope , I am sure we will win. That also is because I feel
that there are MORE disaffected Scientologists in the field than
online Robot Scientologist – so we can win the numbers match. But we
have to rehab the delusions , the losses , the no-results
situations that DM brought into existence by his Reverse

To end I liked what you posted in the “Legacy of the Tech ” post:
“For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not
trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders.
Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is
what is called for.”
I think we are doing that and I am sure the same can be done in
every EUROPEAN COUNTRY and we will win EUROPE.


101 responses to “Italian Battalion – leaders emerge

  1. Ciao my Italian friends. I think LRH would be very proud of all of you. We all know how hard it is to stand up but it’s just fear. Hell, what they gonna do, kill you? Can’t be done! Very well done on sharing the Truth! Love

  2. Pretty soon, the entirety of the Church will statistically be a smaller stat in OUR org board.

    I can invisage idle orgs ED’s covertly coming to us for advice on how to expand their orgs. Of course, the standard answer will be,”What do your LRH materials state?”

    Viva Italia!
    Pax Romana!

  3. Tony DePhillips

    This is fantastic news Italy!!!
    Tony DePhillips

  4. Ciao Gary,

    Buona fortuna on getting even more hits! I agree that what people really need is FACTUAL, SERIOUS DATA with NO HE&R. I just want to point out that there is a spectacular website for providing exactly what you mentioned. The link is:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this website yet, but it’s here on Marty’s blog at the top of his homepage. I’m not sure if it has been translated into Italian yet, but maybe you can write to them if it hasn’t been. My husband and I have had great success using this site– particularly because it DIFFERENTIATES between LRH and COB point on about 50 major points of Tech and Policy.

    Keep up the good work!

    Devon McAuley
    Class VI

  5. Italians know how to bring truth.
    Very, very well done!!

    “…Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is
    what is called for.”

  6. Scott Campbell

    I’ve always loved the Italian way of life. They are such a fun people and so into games! Great big beings who live and love life.

    Way to go guys.


  7. Now THIS Is what we call taking Planetary Dissemination to a whole new level!

  8. GO GO GO, you Italians!! Show the rest of Europe what can be achieved!!

  9. Bravo to the Italian Independents.
    This goup is growing world wide and may the “TRUTH” help all those willing to look.
    VWD to Gary Baldi and his group in Italy.
    This is very exciting news and I agree with Sarge….LRH is very happy with our progress.

  10. Mike Lemeron

    This is really excellent data. Italy rocks! The Italians are so enthusiastic and great to work with. That was my experience when Gold had video shoots to do over there. Italy going Independent is very exciting. Course and Processing completions will always be senior to MEST buildings made – that’s a no-brainer.

  11. Thought Provoking

    WOW! Gary, fantastic news!!! 🙂 🙂

    I really want to commend you and your team on the translations. I’m sure that a lot of time and effort goes into this daily. Yet you do it, so that many others can find out the truth as well. Again, VERY WELL DONE on making sure Italy has the truth!

    Marty, great update and thanks for passing along such good news!

  12. Bravo Gary! hip hip to the Italians! a wonderful and fun loving bunch you are!

  13. Gary Baldi,
    Bravissimo! You and your friends exemplify the great spirit of Italy. There is no place on earth that can equal the enthusiasm and dedication of Scientologists in Italy. Always has been the case and always will be. And not only that, you always do it with such style!!! Keep up the great work.

  14. Independent Scientologist

    The stats on number of visits to this site and the Italian sites are really, really encouraging. Clearly the word is getting out. Thank God the Internet can’t be silenced.

  15. Cat Daddy, beautiful

  16. Gary Baldi,

    Congratulations ! High Fives and Salutations to all the Italian Independents. Good work on all the translations!
    I wondered if you had any update on the Maria Pia Gardini cycle.
    This was an earlier example of how the Vulture culture zero’d in to reg at $$$$$$ and milk the parishioners at any cost for Flag Service Org stats (FSO)


    Then Maria decided to write a book. Unlike American Authors like Marc Headley, Amy Scobee and Jeff Hawkins, who have had no litigation, Maria Pia Gardini had attempts to shut her up.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) – The Church of Scientology in Italy has announced it is initiating legal proceedings against the Daughters of St. Paul and Maria Pia Gardini, a Catholic author who was formerly a Scientologist and has returned to the Catholic Church.
    Read more
    more quoting
    The Daughters of St. Paul in Italy are taking a courageous stand against the Church of Scientology. Their publishing house recently issued the second of two books by Italian Catholic Maria Pia Gardini, who is a former Scientologist.

    The publishing house has just published a second book by her exposing abuses within the Church of Scientology.

    The Church of Scientology in Italy has announced it has instigated legal proceedings for libel against Gardini and those who have assisted her.
    In bringing this lawsuit the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige risk the enmity of millions of Catholics around the world, particularly since the organization forces all women, both married and unmarried, working for their elite Sea Org management organization to abort their unborn children.

    (Gary ~~ do you have any update? Was the threat of suit all hot air ?)

  17. Gary Baldi,
    Thanks very much for the wonderful news! The name always reminds me of beautiful very bright orange fish called Garibaldi which you see when diving in So. Cal waters. The fish is named after Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, who famously wore a bright red shirt, as did many of his followers.
    Molto ben fatto , andate in Italia!

  18. Marty,
    Awesome on the 2 million hits!!! Congrats!

  19. The Independent Italian community ROCKS! You know how to live, love, work. You know when you see phony imitations of life. And you know when to say BASTA! Keep it up. You are a force to be reckoned with.

  20. VWD Marty, the Italian Battalion and all of the Indies.
    Here I think is the appropriate ack in LRH’s words:
    “There are only a few with a good forward look and who are relatively unaberrated.
    Men will keep the accounts straight only because you can muster bayonets to enforce that they do.
    Ethics presence is an X quality made up partly of symbology, partly of force, some “now we’re supposed to’s” and Endurance.
    On of the reasons the press now print what we say is that we have endured the biggest shellackings anybody could muster up. We’ve gained Ethics presence publicly by it.
    Endurance asserts the truth of unkillability. We’re still here, can’t be unmocked. This drives the SP wild.”
    (BY) L. Ron Hubbard (FOUNDER)
    HCOPL 4 October 1968 ETHICS PRESENCE

  21. Karen,
    There was a book by Karen Pressley (formerly Karen Schless) which apparently was suppressed in the USA.

    …”In 2006, I was contracted by New Hope Publishers (Birmingham, AL) to write my story in an updated version of my earlier manuscript. I completed the book titled Escaping Scientology: An Insider’s True Story. This book went into editorial production; the cover was designed and placed in for pre-sale targeted for February 2007 release. According to the New Hope sales manager, the book was their #1 requested item in their winter catalog of pre-sales.

    Evidently, the Church of Scientology once again felt too threatened by what could be exposed in this book to allow this story to make it into public hands. Elliott Abelson, Chief Legal Counsel for CSI, exerted enough influence over the publisher into believing they should not release the book. He lied to the New Hope publisher by saying that I had signed a covenant bond of confidentiality that, if violated, would make me culpable for a $500,000 fine, to which the publisher would be accountable. However, I had never signed such a bond! His claim was fabricated. I attested this to the publisher’s legal department. Abelson’s threat was nothing but a fabrication used to instill fear in the publisher and suppress the release of the book”… (from:

  22. link had “)” attached to it and is bad. It should be:

  23. PPS: Received my signed copy of the Jeff Hawkins book yesterday in the mail!

  24. I have one question, Marty and Mike. If DM would no longer lead the C of S, would that change your attitude towards the C of S? And if yes, how?

  25. And in honor of our Italian friends BRAVO!
    “Meglio un giorno da leone che cento da pecora.” 😉

  26. Marty, Congratulations on 2 million! I swear at least 10 thousand are
    mine. Love, Sarge

  27. Congratulations Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Thought Provoking

    bello, perfetto!

  29. one of those who see

    Congrats Marty on the 2 million!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! And ofcourse the incredible upstatistic of it taking only 5 months!
    Ciao to our friends in Italy! Very Well done. I first met Italian Scientologists in Portland and fell in love. I hope to visit for the 1st time in the not too distant future.

  30. Thank you Gary and team for your great expansion. Thank you for getting the TRUTH out in Italy. You will soon take over the whole Europe.

    Thank you so much for all you have done and are still doing to help those wonderful Italian thetans to be CAUSE and spot the REAL WHY and WHO (DM=Suppressive).

    Love you ALL!!!! 🙂

  31. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


  32. Dear Italy,

    What a foray. Allow me to send my love.

    There is something that I have always admired about the Italians. It goes along the lines of the current “civilization” and what we’ve experienced on the track. You folks get “it” regarding the spiritual nature of man.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    My stint in the SO has provided ample ammunition for me to cast my utter certainty that you all will be centered in the reform of this church.

    This is an APPLIED religious Philosophy.

    Please carry on and thank you all.

    Much Love, Tom Gallagher

  33. I’ve always said that everone is basically Italian and that all roads eventually lead to Roma!

    To Gary and all you crazy, belissimo Italians: MOTO BENE!!!!

    Love, Martiniano

  34. Watching Eyes

    Congratulations Gary. You’ve just ruined DM’s day. His hold on Italy is coming to an end. There’s nothing he can do about it. The truth can’t be stopped.

  35. Great read, way to go Italy, I wish you all the best!

  36. Very nice. Dare To Live. Help Others. (no idea of the Italian part?_

  37. Thanks Sam. So true, so true.

  38. Awesome Italians! WoW all the way around. I have loved every Italian I’ve met in the CofS of old. The most passionate and lively people I’ve EVER met! Viva Italy!
    Congrats Marty too! You must have a touch of Italiano in you too, huh? No matter…your connection point in this physical universe is amazing!

  39. I just got through reading Counterfeit Dreams on a long flight home. What really struck me about this story is how WELL things were going, up until the Lisa McPherson Incident. Yes, DM was tough, unreasonable, and at times just plain WRONG, but LRH Books were being sold in volume, the Orgs were reaping some of the benefit, and the scene appeared to be expanding. That all changed, and the CoS(&M) has now turned into an organization on a downward spiral into MEST with jet rockets attached. Technical Delivery has been sabotaged beyond recognition, and the “culture” is now all about the “holy dollar”, and a “Gitmo Bay” management style of dealing with personnel issues.

    Jeff illustrates his story incredibly well, and just reading about DM bellowing in the vast “courtyard” of empty Building 50 evoked strong imagery…. He is living a hell of his own creation.

    The scene COULD be reverted. In fact, there are some things that could be done to vastly improve tech delivery, and ensure that session data remain secure and inviolate. At this point, the most constructive thing we can do is deliver could tech to others, and train others standardly, and assist each other in achieving higher states of existence. While we need to warn others of the dangers of becoming enmeshed in DM’s freak show, the focus should be on introducing people to the subject, and letting people get on with moving up to higher states of beingness.

    De-PTS’ing those still “on-lines” is a huge contribution in that direction. It is great to hear that the Italians are getting the “Truth Rundown” in their native language…..VWD!!!

  40. Then I got in comm with one
    girl whom is running a site over here since 13 years , in where she
    also has translated lots of material , she is on the “Scientology
    is wrong side” but is an intelligent lady so I was able to keep a
    comm line with her and she posted a link to our site

    That actually made me laugh 🙂

  41. Two million!!!! Very Well Done to all of us!!!!!
    Look out world: the Italians are on the loose! We are blessed.

  42. Glad to hear the Italians are up to something good.

    Meanwhile – anticipation mounts, waiting for DM to assume room temperature.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Ron to come back – coming “back” (knowingly) is not an easy/sure thing. Lotsa randomity between A – B on that issue.

    It’s up to us (and the Italians) to make it happen.

  43. Great News!! Dear Gary and all the rest of your team. I’d appreciate if you would publish also my own story on your blog. It has already been translated and posted on Martini’s site, but since she has a different view of the subject I’d really like to have the whole lot in your Blog. It appears under my name Ignazio Tidu. Best of wishes.
    PS I still have my own original copy in english and the translated ones in case you’d like to rearrange it at your own choice without altering the content.

  44. Tony DePhillips

    +1 Marty!! You da Man!!

  45. Karen#1 – Thank you for posting the link to Maria Pia Gardini’s horrific story. This detailed account of the vulture regging that occured in the mid-90s at Flag made my blood boil. I had to get up from my desk a couple of times and punch the wall. I’m sure it’s only gotten worse since then. Debbie Cook has a lot of answering to do in my opinion, I don’t care if Miscavige was breathing down her neck at the time.

  46. Felicitazioni! Great News!
    Can you or any of your readers give us an update on the Idle Orgs in Italy?


  47. It looks like friendsofLRH (at least portions of it) has already been translated. It is linked at the INDEPENDOLOGO site.

  48. 2 million! Wow! Amazing!!!!!
    Moving Up A Little Higher each month. Love it! 🙂

    Thank you Marty.

  49. Fantastic news on this blog. 1 million in 5 months. That’s a lot of traffic!
    Well done Mr. Baldi and friends! I have Greetings from Sweden to you. We love what you do there every day!

  50. Tom,

    you had written here :

    “I just got through reading Counterfeit Dreams on a long flight home. What really struck me about this story is how WELL things were going, up until the Lisa McPherson Incident. Yes, DM was tough, unreasonable, and at times just plain WRONG, but LRH Books were being sold in volume, the Orgs were reaping some of the benefit, and the scene appeared to be expanding. That all changed”

    The Lisa tragedy and the introduction of the “golden age of tech” ( GAT ) happened more or less at the same time. DeMon must have realized then that he can get away with any alteration of LRH concepts and materials, and can sell the same services to the same people again and again. Most ( though not all ) scientologists would buy it. After that he had no more reason to be shy about his mania to “improve” the church.

  51. To Marty & Gari baldi :

    You are doing a fabulous job indeed 🙂

  52. Dear Gary,

    I knew Maria Pia. I was flag public during her tenure in the SO. And you could not find a more dedicated staff member AND fantastic auditor (from what I was told).

    She was horrible abused financially by the FSO – horribly.

    BUT more horrifically she was denied the right to visit her daughter as she was dying. She did not complain and grow bitter at THAT point. She was on the ship doing OT VIII and she told me about it.

    She did OT VIII on her own dime, I believe and so that she could audit OT VIIIs who needed review etc at Flag.

    Whether she thinks scientology is a scam or not — she deserves the kindness of the Italian Independents and others — IMHO —

    Why continue the horrible “THEM and US” of Radical Scientology? Might it not be better to acknowledge how horribly she was treated and perhaps just say to her — boy, I am I sorry you had to suffer like this. It wasn’t scientology.

    And before Boyd H. says I’m too buddha-goodie-two-shoes, let me remind him that perhaps one day, he might need some kindness from myself or others.


  53. Cat Daddy-


  54. WH,



  55. Windhorse~Thanks for giving me the human side of the story. Can I rub your belly? LoL 😉

  56. Hi Gary,

    I understand what you are saying and can appreciate that you are mad at Maria Pia.

    Where you and I differ is that I don’t “demand” respect, nor do I feel entitled to respect.

    There are several on this board who don’t agree or respect me. That’s fine.

    I appreciate that Marty is willing to post my comments – whether he agrees with them or not.

    I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my comment about “THEM AND US” but you see — it doesn’t matter WHO first calls someone “THEM” or who then says — no, I’m not THEM – THEY are THEM.

    It’s still division.

    That is my only point.

    I think what you are doing in Italy is fabulous. It takes courage, time, effort and of course some money.

    And I wish you continued success and expansion.


  57. martyrathbun09

    I never took Gary’s comments to target anyone as “them” or bad in any way. He simply pointed out why he did not publish material that he considered ill-targeted and thus inaccurate. I am glad he knows he is under no obligation to start thinking with a mob and an A=A=A mentality. That is why I consider him a leader and not a sheep.

  58. Marty — I said nothing about “bad” —

    Just about them and us.

    Underneath all of it is just us. (man being basically good)

    I must have missed something — I didn’t see where Gary mentioned prior to my comment that he wouldn’t publish ill-targeted material.

    However, rather than derail this blog entry and it’s intention – I’m bowing out of the discussion.

    I wish only the best for Gary and the independents in Italy and elsewhere.



  59. martyrathbun09

    I am referring to this specific statement of yours: “Why continue the horrible “THEM and US” of Radical Scientology?” Nothing that Gary wrote warranted that rhetorical question, and what it implies, in my opinion.

  60. Yes, well, he HAD to alter the tech to protect his major missed withholds, and prevent anyone from ever finding out that it was his squirrel C\S’ing that spun Lisa in, and ultimately led to her demise. It has been total individuation and not-is-ness from the top since then.

  61. Conny Lundberg

    Dear Gari and Marty,

    A fantastic job Very Well Done indeed!!!:=))))
    We love what you do and we will handle Sweden also!

    Conny Lundberg

  62. Gary, Congratulations on a job well done.

    Karen#1, Maria Pia Giardini is being sued for some 2 million euros. The CoS backed away from its threat to sue the publisher (Daughters of St Paul). You can read about the suit here:

    Here is an English translation of the writ:

  63. DFB aka Dfb99

    Hey, I have to turn in some stats to the OT committee. Can anybody help me out?

    Essentially I need money.

    Stat # 6: US$_______ Amount of funds raised for Org Buildings or Renovations in US$. (Must be invoiced by the org, not pledged amounts.)

    Stat #9 _______ Number of IAS Statuses Completed

  64. Your humble servant

    Karen #1,

    Thank you for sharing your report of Maria Pia Gardini. That was a true horror story. Is it any wonder that after such vicious oppression by David M’s minion’s she could go into the valence of an enemy of Scientology, the subject, as well as the Church’s suppressive management? Accepting her account of what happened as true–and I do believe it even though what she related was shockingly evil–I cannot blame her at all if she flipped into the camp of “rabid anti-scientologists.” From my viewpoint, it is not a good thing at all to so flip, but it is certainly understandable. An atmosphere of suppression and extortion is so foreign to real Scientology!

  65. To Gary, and your family and all of the Independent Scientologists in Italy,

    This is just wonderful, fantastic news! 😀
    I have always loved the Italian spirit. The brightest stars in the sky.
    Thank you for what you are doing. What dedication, and purpose!
    You will be and are setting the way for the rest of Europe to follow as per usual. 😉
    Much Love,

  66. Tom it went downhill much earlier than that. Lisa Mc pherson was not the first one that died because of the “We are the authority on the mind” mentallity and of course “We are the only ones who can help”.

  67. martyrathbun09

    CD, please start paying attention to what people are saying before firing contrarian crap. It is getting tiresome – and is a diversion from conversation.

  68. If Amway or other multi-level-marketing executives had done this kind of “regging”, front-loading distributors with product, even with the “exchange” for product Government agencies would have been all over them. In fact, they got in trouble for doing a lot less, like taking excessive tax deductions.

    It seems incredible the “vulture culture” of Miscavige’s “church” can get away with this kind of thing without being shut down.

    I can only hope Pia gets justice.

  69. Your humble servant

    I am so sorry. This kind of idiocy just further tarnishes the image of the subject of Scientology in the mind of the public. The subject’s reputation is already quite bad currently, thanks to the extreme destructiveness of Mr. DM, and all the folks he forced or persuaded to comply with his “command intention.” You will note that the quoted allegation made against Maria Pia G. does not allege that her horror stories were false, but merely that her anger was “unjustified”. (She has behaved and “spoken on many occasions with totally unjustified acrimony and anger toward the Church of Scientology”). What kind of lame generality is that? The finest lawyers that money can buy could not win the case against Maria, if even half of what she said was true, and I believe it was basically true, although possibly colored somewhat by her anger. Even a mild version of what she recounted would rather paint DM’s representatives as heartless extortionists.

  70. I’m gonna watch The Godfather in a new unit of time and raise a glass of wine to you all in beautiful Italy!!!!!!


  71. Gary & Maurice,

    Thanks for letting me know that was translated into Italian. I just checked it out and it looks beautiful.

    Great job!!


  72. Thank you Major Wynn,

    I am sorry to find out that Maria Pia Gardini subsequently has attacked the Independents in Italy and has pendulum swung to a total disbelief of it all.

    But this is an FSO product. This is the EP of her doing all levels up to OT VIII and the internal conduct of FSO with the pressure from INT base to keep the revenue coming in at $3 million a week.

    Not how the reg Dave Foster slapped her. DM sets a good example for the trickle down effect. I have never heard of a Reg slapping his own prospect. This was not the Flag or FSO that I put my years into with service. It has morphed into something else.

    ………….. So DM’s cult decides to sue a Vatican protected publisher. We will see how that goes in Italy with an Italian jury on Italian soil.

  73. Sinar ~~
    Thanks for all this information.
    It would seem that the solution is to self-publish as done in the case of the last 3 books, Blow for Good, Abuse at the Top and Counterfeit Dreams.
    As Marty has previously announced his book is coming in due course…….many many questions will be answered.
    This book will blow charge and be THE reference text on the Church for decades to come.
    Sinar, have Karen P get in touch with me

  74. If Maria Pia is having trouble differentiating between the scientology she knew within the church, and scientology as a philosophy as it is practiced by independents outside the church, perhaps more communication with her, more affinity for her and more understanding of her expressed to her would remedy the situation.

    I, too, was left with the impression that Gary was lightly dismissing her with this comment : “In regards to Maria Pia she is more on the “Scientology is a whole scam” with no differentiation so….,” and it was the “so” that lead me to believe that he was not too concerned about her fate since she appears to think not too highly of his religion, this putting her on “the other side.” This is the impression his communication made on me. Apparently I’m not alone.

    I do not fault Gary his viewpoint, but I do agree with WH that there is a willingness expressed there to hold her at arm’s length, when I believe all that may be required to make an ally of her is more ARC. I could be wrong. As I said, this was the impression I got.

  75. Bella Italia !

    To Theo the Greek.
    You surely have somewhere or know the Lrh ED for EU, I think called “The language Barrier” and how it can be solved by a fast translation system. You remember ?
    let me know perhaps you still hat it in you’re hat binder.
    Write to

  76. martyrathbun09

    Gary has the Constitutional and Human Right to have a viewpoint. Where is Pia’s hand out to Gary?

  77. Gary ~~
    Thank you for this and for all you are doing to keep LRH’s dream alive in Italy. Understood on what you say.

    I really like the “Fathers of the Constitution” names. I looked up all the links you gave. Nice touch.

  78. Karen#1~Exactly! She IS the product.
    So many times after I blew, I thought of the vulgar things said to me and my reply was, yep, I’m a product of YOUR bullshit…not LRH tech!

  79. great stuff, we can only win, thus the results, there is no way on this planet as we stand with our feet to the ground and our minds in the galaxy can we be moved by the direction of truth, hence we postulate to be free. thank you again and again.
    darren may

  80. Karen#1 – You’re right’ she’s not the product of the LRH FSO; she’s the product of cults and mind control, DM’s “FSO”. She was scammed out of her money by a greedy cult and the evil, brainwashed robots that follow that “creed”.

  81. Yes! It is true, there are more Italians ready to pop up that we can even imagine… I love it!
    90% of the people I was personally contacted from (from all over Italy) were people that have been stopped for arbitrary reasons on their bridge…
    I’ll like to remind to the readers that unnecessary auditing actions, are still considered NO AUDITING.


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