The Cult of Miscavige – Desecration Day

Warning: Do not watch the following video if you just ate. Secure beverages a fair distance from your computer before watching.  Clear any children out of the room whom you do not wish to hear you curse at the top of your lungs.  If you have extremely high blood pressure, skip the video entirely.  – blog management

By Mike Rinder

Watching Dear Leader’s March 13 “tribute” to L. Ron Hubbard is to experience two plus hours of gag-inducing tragicomedy. 

But it is also the latest evidence of what Mark McKinstry said in response to Marty’s posting Miscavige’s New Shock Squads.

“Then the applause would come and the AGREEMENT and with that the reality established, despite what the real scene was. You are left with the feeling that you are alone in your observation, the one who is going to bring the party down with the facts, and so, on it goes.

“I think that under this, a vacuum was left when LRH dropped his body. Miscavige stepped in to fill that vacuum/confusion. Most Scientologists who cling to the current organization want someone in authority to stand up, tell them how right it is going everywhere (except in the sector where they are), interpret world events and explain the tech for them. And, as you say, come in and make things go right in their area sometime in the future.

“And, the fact that it is wrapped in a high-tech glitzy presentation just adds to the credibility. Like going to a movie, you can suspend disbelief for two hours and let the outpoints wash over you.”

If you watched the video above, you will observe Dear Leader strutting onto stage where he sucks up the “Standing O” with no attempt to end it (this was a crime of magnitude back when he allowed others to participate in these International Events – Heber in particular was victimized for not curtailing applause for him when he walked on stage). The adoring crowds’ applause goes on for a minute and 19 seconds as Dear Leader positively revels in it. (And note, the picture of LRH you see after 20 seconds was added by the video editors afterwards –the audience didn’t see it).  That is vomit-worthy.  What happens next is tragic.

Dear Leader presents a “rolling thunder” (a term he coined to describe a series of stats one after the other without a breath, building to one final, crazed crescendo of cheering and applause when the last bursting graph busts out the top of the screen to fireworks and shooting stars) of Dan Shermanspeak ©® recounting the accomplishments of the life of LRH.  They put everything they had into it to try to hype LRH, including over-the-top graphics and over-inflated and deceptive “stats.”  That resulted in 38 seconds of applause – less than half what was lavished on Dear Leader. Exactly as he planned it.  

That one statistic tells you everything you need to know about the state of the Church of Miscavology.

The rest of the event lives up to the opening sequence.  Throughout it, Dear Leader’s strange cadence, emphasis and pronunciation has become a parody you might expect to hear on South Park representing a radical, comical politician desperately trying to be “interesting.”  And when combined with Shermanspeak©® it is virtually a foreign language.

The event was a case study in propaganda by redefinition of terms. Following is what Dear Leader said:

What LRH most wanted for his birthday – the gift of expansion.

But in this day and age, the epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word – that’s an Ideal Organization.

But as a first word, let me once again reiterate what an Ideal Org represents – for while you have seen some magnificent structures of late, and are about to see others that will bedazzle your eyes, the real beauty of an Ideal Org is far more than skin deep. After all, they are built on tech and policy, literally.

Meaning, you can read a policy, describing what an org should be, then gaze upon an Ideal Org and there it is. And specifically, that pivotal LRH description of what one builds towards with an ideal org, and of which he writes: “The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way”  To exactly that end, Ideal Orgs are designed to replicate across entire continents and so bring on all LRH tech everywhere and hence so make planetary clearing a reality.

As for our headway to date, ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet, but even so, there’s another way to do the math: because the fact is, our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined. So yes, where stands an Ideal Org, there lies our future. And while I could tell you about our next million square feet of ideal orgs now on the horizon and presently under construction, well all you really need to foresee the future are the Ideal Orgs I am about to present.

Let’s break this gobbledygook down.

Of course, everything he says ignores clear LRH policy about org buildings (cited here before, but the most basic bears repeating:  PL 23 SEPT 70 QUARTERS, POLICY REGARDING, HISTORICAL where LRH lays out the POLICIES and RULES on the subject which include: “VIABILITY of the org is the first and foremost consideration.”  “Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.” “Image is a secondary consideration.” “Renovations are destructive if extensive.”)

Yet, with that in mind, he brashly claims that he is “following policy,” and proceeds with his sleight of hand, redefining an “Ideal Org” as an “Ideal Building”.  Accept that, and everything falls neatly into place. Here is how he does it:

Gain agreement with a truth:  LRH wanted expansion (let’s not mention St. Hill size and the Universe Corps and staff going OT which is what the LRH ED is really about).

Sleaze in something that sounds sort of right:  Ideal Orgs are the “epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word.”  Except he is NOT referring to an org, he is referring to a building. Listen carefully and he actually says it:  An Ideal Org is a  “magnificent structure”.  And another Freudian slip: His new palaces will “bedazzle” you. The definition of that word is: “to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light; to confuse or disarm by dazzling.”

Add another correct sounding bit: Ideal Orgs “are built on tech and policy” – and then give “proof” of that because you can “gaze upon” one and see it (presumably because you can see the MEST: course rooms and auditing rooms… wow).

Throw in an LRH quote so it sounds really “On Source” — the end product of an Ideal Org is  “a new civilization already on its way” (presuming an actual org rather than a building).

Therefore, it’s obvious, more Ideal Orgs (Buildings) will make Planetary Clearing a reality.

And thus, abracadabra, hey presto and shazzam! – the proof of our incredible headway towards planetary clearing is that ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet. !!  (Tip for Dear Leader: invest in old airplane hangars or maybe some abandoned car plants in Detroit – your square footage stat will go out through the ROOF).

But here’s the kicker. Even Dear Leader knows he has to give SOME sort of stat beyond the square feet to prove the “incredible expansion” of Scientology and the “massive forward advance” towards planetary clearing. 

One might expect “Number of New Clears” – it is progress towards planetary clearing right Dave?  Or how about “Number of Grad V auditors made” (that could audit people to Clear?).  OK, maybe that’s a bit much.  How about we take it back a notch and just go for total Well Done Auditing Hours?  Student Completions?  Anything related to delivery of Dianetics and Scientology?  How about a NUMBER of anything?  You know, like the good old days: “This year we delivered X number of courses, hours, completions, whatevers.”

Well, no such luck.  It seems the best he could come up with to prove the MASSIVE international headway for planetary clearing was: “ our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined.”  OMG Dave, that is monumental.  Presumably you didn’t give the number because it would be seriously embarrassing. Those 25 orgs  “introduce” more people than the other 150 combined.  But do they “introduce” 250 a week between them or 2500? No matter Dave, because the fact is that you have exposed the horrible truth your two or three fancy building per event can’t cover up:  Scientology orgs are failing miserably.  The average org (ie 150 around the world) produce just 1/8th as much as the “Ideal Orgs”. Now, in anyone’s mind that is small and failing when they are 1/8th of those empty Ideal Orgs (see next posting mentioned below).    

Dave, you have to be worried:  How long before someone leaks the ACTUAL stats of these wondrous Idle Orgs?  Buffalo?  Dallas?  Malmo?  Berlin?  Madrid?  Steven’s Creek?  Seattle? Nashville? In the Vampire Empire, these are the most closely guarded secrets since the formula for Coca-Cola. Why? Shouldn’t you be proud of how you are clearing the planet with your Idle Orgs and be announcing it to the world?  You’re not shy about promoting your accomplishments. And even tout the most amazing stats — 8,000 orgs, missions and groups (yet I see the church claiming NO connection to an Applied Scholastics school in Melbourne — but bet that one is counted — probably more than once — in your 8,000).

Next installment, the smoke and mirrors of the “Birthday Game Winners” presentation.


359 responses to “The Cult of Miscavige – Desecration Day

  1. The Corporation that hijacked Scientology hires extras (paid actors) to populate those events. Casting calls and ads are proof.

  2. David Miscavige talks like Snagglepus. doesn’t he?? a hybrid Snagglepus Hypnotist Creepy.

  3. Wow, Mike. I am bedazzled by your piercing of the veil.

    If I had any doubt about the analogy of Der Leader to Jim Jones, only DL doing one better, that intro applause segment sealed it. And this is the recording where the applause could have been edited down. It has been in the past, probably those events which have been confiscated and returned to the tomb of the sacred squirrel.

    Bruce Pratt

  4. Mike, this guy’s voice makes me want to vomit. Truth is his presentations just get more and more slimy. I have to shake my head when I see this and I think to myself you otasses actually buy this shit?
    From what I hear Stevens Creek Ed has been removed and is in Los Angeles for “training”. and of course then there is the Los Gatos Org located in Saratoga that can’t keep their lights on. But hey some poor soul will be convinced that the greatest good is to pay up!

  5. I noticed at the DC Idle Morgue opening event that it appeared that the sound system was piping in crowd noise once the midget made his appearance. The decibel level was noticeably higher, and looking around, I could nor see anyone whistling and screaming. Most were just politely clapping. I can hear it in this event as well. There have been a number of NFL teams accused of doing this as well during home games, so it is not that strange of an idea.

    Also, for those of you that dealt with him personally, does his voice normally have that depth and tone? It sounds to me like the vocals are being processed, through maybe an octave doubler (to artificially create the lower fundamental tone) and perhaps a compressor.

  6. Wow Mike. Way to pierce that Shermanspeak in implant cadence.
    Solid stat you present. Thanks for the analysis.

    If I had any doubt of the Jim Jones – Der Leader analogy, the intro removes every shred of evidence. DL is doing JJ one better. It is a travesty that DL usurps and corrupts LRH’s legacy to pull this off.

    Bruce Pratt

  7. Floating Needle

    Awesome post Mike!Thanks (Next time use a bigger font though) :0)

  8. Paul Bourgeois

    Thank you for the warning about not being near food………

  9. David Miscavige said : “What LRH most wanted for his birthday: the gift of expansion. But in this day and age, the epitome of expansion, the very action definition and the substance of the word ….”

    Excuse me? “But…” ??? and then he redefines what L. Ron Hubbard wanted? And all the lemmings applaud?


    This is a complete inversion. Hubbard wanted freed life and improved conditions, and these stats talk about nothing but real estate acquisitions?


  10. FN: Its the only way I can fit everything in 😉

  11. God, I really miss going to those events…sigh…

  12. Positively putrid, but, with the help of a little Captain Morgan, I was able to force myself to sit thru that clip. Not sure which is worse at this point … having to listen to ol’ Slappy or those tiny fists of fury. Either is pretty damn bad.


  13. Pascal Dorion

    DM looks finished, his TR0 weak and old… It’s almost sad. Crowd looks dead and small. We won! LRH will be proud of us.

  14. Yeah, I know what you mean. I sometimes find myself daydreaming about being punched in the face.

  15. Yes….but I must confess to a very (until now) secret affinity for Shermanspeak©®…its one of those things you just cannot find anywhere else…

  16. Thank God for that. Can you imagine if everyone talked like that? It would be lke being trapped in a perpetual Monty Python skit: The Ministry of Silly Talks.

  17. Danny SHERman, you got some ‘splaining to do! “Bedazzled” was not a good choice of wor-r-rds! Report to CRUM-ming! (As LRH used to call it.)

  18. Dan — I disagree. I think it was precisely the correct word. He just didnt know what it means!

  19. Actually your earlier post describing “Rolling Thunder” and its intent blew some shit from my universe…it really was a brainwashing operation.
    The cadence, the tone, the sentences that never, never, never end…the non-sequitir phrasing, the ever increasing volume…the false, stupid and insane stats, and then the clapping, oh the clapping!!! That was the best part because the asshole stopped talking!!!!

  20. The crowd was very obviously prepped to give the opening standing O.

    Deep Fax could probably dig up the script they were fed. Something like “Each and EVERY one of us has to show the totality of our backing of COB, who has singlehandedly – and in his spare time – faced and handled enormous suppression, … [more Dan Sherman blah-blah omitted here for brevity] with a rousing, highest-ever volume-and-length opening applause. Auditors will be standing by after the event to deliver touch assists to hands and throats. MAAs will be available for those not requiring an assist.”

  21. Wholly crap!

    I am so glad I don’t attend these propaganda spectacles anymore. I hated these events especially Dan Sherman even whilst still a Kool Aid drinker. David Miscavige is the biggest creep in history.

  22. Wow Mike! You have pierced the smoke and mirrors and misdirection of the lead shaman. Stats — duration of applause — it is right there.

    If I had any doubt of the uncanny similarities of Der Leader to Jim Jones, they have been laid to rest. DL is certainly going to best JJ. That intro was eerie.

    I do remember that the applause used to be cut down in the recordings distributed. Discretion has been reclassified as a DM Degrade.

    Thanks! Can’t wait for the next installment.

    Bruce Pratt

  23. Nanook: “…and then the clapping, oh the clapping!!!That was the best part because the asshole stopped talking!!!!”
    That was funny!

  24. Mark Fisher

    That was the longest run on sentence I have ever heard in my life!

    Excuse me but I couldn’t tell if that was Dan Sherman or Richard Simmons! He looks and sounds like the “Sweating to the Oldies” exercise guru. 🙂

  25. FN try increasing the font size on your screen by holding down the Ctrl key and rolling the mouse wheel (on top) up or down.

  26. Rolling it forward increases the font on my screen. That’s how tech savvy I am, I had to try it out again to be sure. LOL

  27. Well, here’s a leaked stat for Seattle: at the New Year’s event beginning 2010, there was a proud announcement that the Seattle area had made ONE clear in the past year.

    I sat there thinking, Oh My God, how many trillions of years is it going to take to clear the planet at that rate? And they were all whooping and hollering about what a wonderful achievement that one clear was.

    Now that I’m out of the loop, I don’t know if there was another one in 2011, but I doubt it.

    Can you draw a curved line that goes down and down, smaller and smaller, to a hole in the bottom of the universe? That, my dear, is your downward spiral for the ideal orgs.

  28. It’s all a bit like this really:

  29. Argh.

  30. scilonschools

    Mike, Extraordinarily well said and presented sir!
    (and thank you for your perceptive health warning on DM’s ‘presentation’ , Please note use of small ‘p’ in presentation)

  31. DM has no stats.
    Poor Dan Sherman. He has no neck.

  32. Ok, so check it out. One week, when I was being particularly fed up on post I figured out how to read The Gulag Archipelago out of the Qual Library.

    This video reminded me of an anecdote feom that book of life behind the iron curtain at the Party Rallies. At one party in particular, the Party Leader was introduced, and everyone had to stand up and applaud of course. And the part enforcers were watching the crowd. No one DARED to be the first to stop clapping at this particular rally.

    Everyone was terrified that if they were the FIRST to stop applauding they would be noted as “disaffected” (not the actual word used) and they would get a knock on their door in the middle of the night and they would be shipped off.

    And the clapping went on for 15, 20, 25 minutes, and old women were having trouble standing, but would not be the first to stop clapping!!

    And eventually one guy decided that he had to sit just to make it okay for everyone else to sit and so all the women could sit who were too afraid to. And he did sit. And so did everyone else. And that night, the guy who sat down first got a knock on his door. And it was fhe part enforcers. And they said they saw he was the first to stop applauding. And he was shipped off.

    How many people think that if they attended a live Int event, and sat anywhere, and ONLY stood when LRH’s picture was shown, and not every time an exec was introduced, and not every time someone ended a sentence with, “now that’s what I call…” or every time DM finishes a sentence with extra emphasis…that they would receive KRs from scores of staff for being “individuated” or “enturbulating”. I’d put a million bucks on it!

  33. No, I mean really its true…The Mis-Cabbolator would start to talk and as he went on and on with all that nonsensical drivel you would sit there and try not to laugh out loud… or spit. Then I would look around to see how the other inmates were taking it…there was always a sort of embarrassed feeling accompanying like I cant believe I got myself mixed up with a group whose leader talks like this…then the pressure in my head would start to mount, my mind would drift, but no, I don’t want to be seen with a wandering gaze…and then he would FINALLY stop and we could CLAP! I don’t know about anyone else but the reason I never wanted to stop clapping was because then the whole cycle would start over again…

  34. THAT is hysterical. Actually had me laughing out loud as I read the blog at 1:30 AM —


  35. Friend of Ron

    You want stats MIKE RINDER, I give you stats:



    LRH ED 67 INT, 20 Dec 1969, HOW TO RAISE YOUR STATS: “Auditors are valuable. An org is valuable if it audits and trains auditors. If an org is valuable it will get paid by the public to be there. But it is only valuable if it audits and trains auditors.”


    HCO PL OF 13 JANUARY 1983, THE BUSINESS OF ORGS: “Orgs are in the very new, for this universe, business of setting people free…..”

    STATS: (ref. latest Celebrity Mag, a QUATERLY ! mag)

    Following are the CC INT stats for major grade chart services – training and auditing – for the last quarter. (See verification at the end of the eval).

    M1 –15
    Student Hat –5
    Pro TRs –4
    Pro Metering –3
    Sec Checker Crs –1
    PTS/SP Crs –2
    KTL –3
    LOC –2

    Academy level 0 — 4
    Academy level 1 — 2
    Academy level 2 –1
    Academy level 3 –1
    Academy level 4 –1
    NED Auditor Crs –1
    Grad V Auditors –0

    ARC SW –6
    Grade 0 –6
    Grade 1 –5
    Grade 2 –8
    Grade 3 –8
    Grade 4 –11
    NED Cs Comp –3
    Dn Clears –0

    Following are the rest of the delivery stats for one quarter:

    Golden Age of Knowledge Courses – Congresses, Book Courses, Lecture Courses (which did not exist when LRH was alive): 332.
    Basic Services: 310

    There are 642 completions on all the small coursers combined. But there are only 92 completions on all major courses and zero Dianetics Clears

    CONCLUSION: CC INT is no longer focused on creating freed beings but has become, for the main part, a Div 6 feeder line.

  36. Free and Clear

    I am sure that Mariette knows this, and probably many others on this blog as well, but I accidentally was exposed to longer term int stats a few years ago .Perhaps others can chip in if they have knowledge of these stats. I can tell you that at least in time period I was looking at, it has always been about 12 orgs that produced more first services starts than all other orgs combined. Some were “idle” and some were not. It didnt’ affect the stats. They were more or less the same orgs that have been strong since the 70’s. This is not something new with “ideal orgs”. These same orgs, for example NY org, Milano Org, LAD and so on form a small group of the only 12-15 operational orgs on the planet. The rest are not small and failing, they are completely in NE. I saw these stats org by org , one after another, dead flat graphs for first service starts with occasional tiny little blips all the way at the bottom of the graph. The orders of magnitude for those who are interested, when I looked at these graphs, was 10-15 new service starts a week for each of the 12 largest orgs, excepting Milano and New York which I seem to recall as closer to 20-25. The rest of the orgs were almost all zero, with an occasional org having one or two. It was quite obvious from the long term graphs that the ideal org program was having absolutely zero impact on this, the stats moved around a bit, but generally were the same for the last 10 years. The really frightening stats were the major to minor stats. You never hear about this stat anymore, years ago it was talked about a lot. This is the number of people who take their first div 4 services, moving out of div 6 and starting on auditing in the HGC or a course in the academy. Div 6 people don’t all stick, the representation of how many Scientologists an org is making is the “minors to major” stat – people who move from minor courses in div 6 to major courses in div 4. This stat shocked me pretty good. For all orgs in the world except for the 12 big ones, it was zero. For the 12 large orgs, it ran between 2-5. So on a really good week all orgs in the world started 60 people onto major services. This is why you see so much cannibilization and desperate regging at the top of the bridge. The sequence is very clear in retrospect. DM dismantled CMU and ceased to fund planetary dissemination. He was well on the way or completed with this by 1990. As this is being done, GI starts to dry up across the planet. To “solve” this, DM introduces flashy IAS events and starts pouring the heavy heat onto donos. The donos campaigns begin to profliforate. Has anyone heard the story of LRH’s reaction when he heard that SEF had been created to raise funds for MSH’s defense? Way I heard it from someone on the lines at that time there was a hole in the ceiling and that thing got shut down within 24-48 hours planet wide. Anyhow, I digress. The fact is that no amount of fancy talk can cover up the catastrophic Class V sector stats. It makes you want to cry. I would think that if the Indie movement gathers just a bit more steam, there will be more people being moved onto the Bridge in the indie field than the entire $cn Int structure.

  37. Thanks Mike for viewing that video for those of us with queazy stomachs.

    Someday the Independent Scientology community will give you a plaque of some kind for doing that.

    Frankly I’d rather sit through another R6 implant than go to an official Scientology event.

  38. Yeah, I’m certain he uses voice processing. Similar to what a DJ or voiceover guy would use.

    Actually, in this event I thought his image appeared to be computer-enhanced too.

  39. scilonschools

    “Fill your boots DM”, start the fundraising now and make a bid for Abraj Al Bait Towers in MECCA, Saudi. Every member of the CoM is ‘duty bound’ to DONATE, it’s a worthy cause!!(It’s already got the Mecca tittle)
    ” The under construction Abraj Al Bait Towers in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, are set to take the record for the largest building in the world upon completion. It will also have the largest floor area of any structure in the world with 1,500,000 square metres (16,137,600 sq ft) of floorspace.”

  40. plainoldthetan

    One of the things I found fascinating is that (in the transcript) he’s claiming to trumpet the “reality” of Idull Orgs, then goes on to define them as symbols. What they “represent” is important.

    Gee Davey, didn’t anyone ever teach you that the *symbol* is not the *thing*?

    Or, in the case of Idull Orgs, the “symbol” is a “no-thing”.

  41. I quit going to events 11 years ago. I just couldn’t stand the bullshit stats that DM kept spewing out of proportion. I knew better. And I also could not stand the SHEEPLE robotically applausing every 10 minutes. I’d just like to add that there is another huge outpoint that nobody has mentioned….the comm lag on the LRH biography being published. I worked with LRH a long time ago, and I was also privy to seeing the original manuscript of the biography back in 1992, which was written by a very famous author. And I might add that it was VERY WELL written. At that time, the working title of the book was “L. Ron Hubbard, The Man That Governments Spent Millions To Stop”. However, somewhere along the line, DM decided to fire the author and replace him with Sherman, who has been supposedly working on the biography for almost 2 decades now. It has been NINETEEN YEARS since I first saw the original manuscript and Bridge Publications were regging donations from Scientology public to pay for it AND promising that the book would be published and available in less than 2 years. So what happened??? It is obvious that dear leader has SABOTAGED it and put a huge stop on it. DESPITE all the PR bullshit that Sherman talks about at events. It is downright suppressive. As an added note….if the original manuscript had been published it would have blown the lid off all the 3rd party on LRH. Because it exposed who the real enemies were and how and why the media was fed false data about LRH three weeks after DMSMH was published, which the media has been running with ever since. It is becoming more and more obvious that David Miscavage has crimes of magnitude on LRH and Scientology. Sooner or later DM, you WILL go down. That is not a threat, it is a PROMISE.

  42. The next item on the CofM production line:
    A dm love doll ( IAS member price 9.999$)

  43. It’s been trending this way for years. Worse and worse. The graphics get slicker and slicker, more and more non sequitor, and he’s getting more and more like something out of “The Stepford Wives”–and so is the audience.

  44. Tom, I thought the same thing. His voice sounds like a lower octave is being generated and mixed in with the dry signal, and I noticed something different with the way he ends certain phrases, like he studies his own speeches and listens for any nuance that can be beefed up. That guy is like voice-over actor on steroids, and he presents like a used car “special financing” “super sale sale sale sale!” promo piece with the escalating tone and cadence and never ending lines. What a total piece of work that dude is. AND, the graphics are WAY OVER THE TOP….the whole production is a freaking implant freak show.

  45. Looks like the security of the CO$ failed again. Usually event videos are being
    locked up like Gold in Fort Knox. Must have good connections to get one.*ggg

  46. Tony DePhillips

    When I see that, why do I think of this?

  47. Tony DePhillips

    Interviewing the OTA shills.

  48. Tony DePhillips

    You are right. It was hard to watch him in his degraded state. It looked like he was turning on Bells Palsy and he is starting to resemble Rick Moranis the comedic actor.

  49. Thank you very much for commenting on ( part of ) the LRH Birthday video. You wrote: “… And note, the picture of LRH you see after 20 seconds was added by the video editors afterwards –the audience didn’t see it. That is vomit-worthy. …” The friendly “Vomit-worthy” is a euphemism, I presume.

  50. * Nervous.
    * Fingers trembling.
    * Rattles way too fast.
    * Pause too short between sentences.
    * Seems to have a lisp.

    Looks like DM would rather have been somewhere else.
    After 25 years he should have acquired at least some decent Presentation Skills.

  51. If he spoke just a tad faster, you’d think this was an Auction.

  52. Yes Tom, it sounds like his voice is being augmented. And it sound like crowd noise is dubbed in. But of course the video could have been tweaked and edited quite a bit, with crowd noise added, plus the initial ovation could have been doubled in length by the editor.

    The main thing that puzzled me is his speech. Does he really speak so much at length so quickly and completely without pause? It was like one long sentence and I never heard him take a breath……

    That is very much in the style of the “rapid-fire” hypnotic induction technique used by stage hypnotists.

    I suspect this speech was edited for the video, all DM’s pauses and hesitations removed, the sentences all run together and the tempo speeded up a little to make it even more hypnotic.

  53. As I did not buy the basic book and lecture packages since then I never ever got a DVD from Int events. But I would like to look at that event.
    Comm to those in the official church: can you put that video on rapidshare please?

  54. scilonschools

    ‘Bedazzled’ I preferred the !967 version of that film Starring Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Raquel Welch, to the 2000 remake, Starring Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O’Connor, but both are excellent!


  56. scilonschools

  57. scilonschools

    Mind you the 2000 version does have that famous line @ 2:31 about Scientology!

  58. Well Mike I’m glad you viewed the event video for those of us who’d rather sit through an R6 implant than go to a corporate Scientology event.

  59. My last two comments didn’t go through on my usual account.


  60. There that seems to have worked.

    Anyway Mike I’m glad you sat through the video for those of us who’d rather re-experience an R6 implant than see another Corporate Scientology event.

  61. Well, that was sure fun.

    Do you have any al-Qaeda beheading videos I can watch next?

    Any home or property that used to belong to LRH

    (Supreme Squirrel Series Issue I)

    All Auditors
    All Sups
    All Wordclearers
    Ethics Officers
    OSA Plants


    For use on students or PCs who are insisting on using standard definitions of words thus barring the way forward for the fully recognized and instituted use of Black Propoganda by the use of redefinition of words.
    This procedure must be used liberally by all auditors, word-clearers, OSA staff and ethics officers where it can be clearly seen that failure changer the PC or students thinking may lead such beginning to have ‘unpopular ideas’ (See REDEFINITION PILOT DICTIONARY for clarification of the word ‘unpopular ideas’.

    Note from the PC or student that he has disagreements with an idea you are trying to instill. Indicators of this are usually preceded by a ‘confused look’ or ‘furrowed brow’. Some PCs or students0-p who have not yet been driven down the tone scale into complete apathy may even state his disagreement as having something to do with some old not-now-used HCOPL or HCOB. Ignore this and continue with the process.

    1. Pick out a word at random that could be the word that the PC or student has correctly defined and which is causing him to hold on to an idea that he thinks is correct.

    2. Ask the PC or student what that word means. (Usually the PC or student will give you the CORRECT definition).

    3. Stare at the PC or student. Comm lag. Give PC or student and authorative, knowing smile.

    4. R-factor the PC or student that he hasn’t quite got that right (PC or student will at this point sometimes give you an antagonistic glare to throw you off. Ignore it. Keep your TRB (TR Bullshit) in and continue with frozen smile.

    5. Pull out the REDEFINITION PILOT DICTIONARY and show the PC or student the exact definition he should be using. Explain to him if necessary why LRH used this particular definition utilizing hidden data lines as necessary to force the PC or student to accept the accepted definition.

    6. Continue to smile woodenly at the PC or student until his needle manifests 3 swings of an ARCX needle.

    7. Indicate to PC or student that his needle is floating.

    8. If used on a Student: End off squirrel word clearing and send to the examiner for verification of ARCX needle.

    9. If used on a PC. Ensure that he is now ready to proceed with his session using new wrongly understood command. Continue entire process to ARCX needle. End off and send to the examiner for verification of ARCX needle.

    Full and extensive use of this Policy letter will ensure blind obedience to my will from those may have hidden disagreements with me and stop those pesky Indies from spoiling my game.

    D. Ron Miscavige
    Copyright © 2011
    by D. Ron Miscavige

    Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard library for permission to squirrel the works of L.Ron Hubbard and re-publish it claiming that it is based on his policies and writings.

  63. ‘Scuse typos. It was a ‘sudden’ creation.

  64. davemessenger

    A few observations:
    1. The are zero african-americans in the audience. All white people.
    2. They have strategically placed a nun wearing a habit near the front.
    3. David Miscavige’s intonations sound like Stephen Hawking’s computer voice. (Listen again with this in mind)
    4. All the accoutrements behind Miscavige look like something from the World Wrestling Federation.

  65. Thank you for sharing Mark
    The video is so false and prefabricated and its pretty obvious that it had been a pre- arranged audience to hype the introduction, opening.


  66. He does.
    And it is.

  67. Thanks. And these are stats for the largest Class V org on the planet by a long way. The only other Sea Org Class V org is SH Fdn (virtually Non Existent as AOSHUK operates full time anyway). This is the biggest and best there is.

  68. Valkov — I doubt anyone would dare edit “a COB speech” other than to take out stumbles, stutters or misspeaks. He thinks his delivery is perfect. Nobody disagrees with him. So why change perfection?

    And for proof of that premise — just wait til you see the next video. It will become apparent to you that the ONLY acceptable form of addressing an audience in the C of M is to try and emulate Dear Leader.

  69. Hey! I like Monty Python! You take that back!!! 😉

  70. Watching Eyes

    “CC INT is no longer focused on creating freed beings but has become, for the main part, a Div 6 feeder line.”
    A Div 6 feeder line…… nowhere. Well I should qualify that. Get them through the mini, mini courses then off to the mecca of tech imperfection; Flag. Then they find out what it’s all about. Regging, sec checks, regging, ethics, more regging etc until they finally manage route out of there in a state of near bankruptcy, lucky if they still own the clothes on their backs.

  71. I thought the same thiing Mark.

  72. Mike,
    Thank you for breaking this down for us. I’ve done it a million times in my head, but have so wanted to communicate it to others… as you just have. The disection and explaination of his implantation presentation is SO nessecary. You have done so here, with the skill and deftness of a Musketeer, artfully handling our pen like a foil.

    This is a carry over from your previous post. It was mentioned how the public have a total lack of confront. Confront is sorely needed to watch this video here. During my Data Series final eval, I DID come to the logical conclusion you have presented to us all here: DM is an S.P., by definition, and the source of the failure of the church, the decline since L.R.H.

    I remember staring my supervisor in the face, my mind whirling in awe and “disbelief,” wanting to say all this… and there I was, about to tell an Sea Org staffer that his commander-in-cheif was the biggest whack-job on the planet! HUGE invalidation! This super, who I had the greates respect for and admiration for… was one of hundreds of thousands of “suckers.” It was bad enough I was dupped, hell, I was green before I ever got to L.A. I’ll get over it. But you guys… him, all of you ex S.O., you signed up for a billion years! You were committed! How in the HELL could I spit on that, unless I had absolute proof! Unless I had 100% varifiable facts! And even if I did, how could I bare to crush your worlds by pulling back the curtain on this S.O.B.?

    And so, the overt of omission: stop at the local org, the “Why” is something less that could be confronted. Wrong target. I was “right” but I was not confronting the real truth. It was easier to go after the obvious … rather than confront the Sherman Tank… or God forbid, what the tank itself lead me to.

    I have a 5 year old boy hounding me, or I’d keep going. But glad to have this off my chest. Even after all my time here, over a year, I’m still bringing up my confront and seeing more and more truth.

    Keep going.
    Do not stop.
    Mike, Marty, everyone… keep going.

  73. Bryan,

    Well, er… sorry, no.

    But if you are in an anorexic mood and need something to induce you to barf, then there is a treat in store, coming to a computer near you soon!

  74. Is it just me or does David Miscavige look like Alfred E. Newman?

  75. That man spoke for over six minutes without pausing for a breath-that is amazing; perhaps there should be a stat for that!

  76. RJ — You are welcome. Its a filthy job, but someone’s got to do iit!

  77. Count — This has in fact been commented on a few times.

    All the “Biographer” does these days is write drivel for Dear Leader.

    Dear Leader doesnt want him putting out a biography on LRH — it might take away some of the attention on him…

  78. Has he had a stroke? His sentences all sort of drift downwards at the end like some one who has had a stroke. Mouth seems more lopsided than usual too.

  79. TroubleShooter

    What I read 500 plus times in LRH ED 339R is that LRH wanted us to 5.4x THE STATS! and those being the ORG’S GDSes! and in 339R-1 that there were International Management Execs in place to help each staff member achieve such from there own posts that they could write to…pffsh…Duck and hide, Duck and Hide, Twist and Shout – YOU WILL ABIDE! not.

  80. Centurion — that is a result of being in a permanent state of “cringe”. We cringe when we have to listen to his Shermanspeak drivel — imagine what its like to have that going on in your head 24/7. Surprised he hasnt cringed his head right into his torso….

  81. TroubleShooter


  82. GetTheConcept

    Thank you for this. In my opinion these events are THE biggest factor in convincing church members that the church is expanding at a phenomenal rate. They ARE effective in what they are intended for. Current church members who I’ve talked to are completely certain that the church is making a positive impact the likes of which have never been seen.

    The spotting of outpoints is a skill that requires practice. I was not one of the people who was seeing the outpoints in these events, such as the outpoints that are being commented on in this blog post, when I was still in. And currently I often still need to be shown the outpoints in these events and in other DM PR mechanisms.

    I am very interested in furthering my understanding of exactly how church members become convinced that Scientology is growing explosively and that David Miscavige is their hero.

    While I was watching the above video I noticed some of the things that, while I was still in the church, would have been effective in convincing me or reinforcing my conviction of the same. I would like to list them out here and get any comments from anyone interested in shedding some light on how DM uses these mechanisms and the outpoints in them that many would never spot:

    1. The seemingly very large amount of people at the event. (By the way, I recognized a SO member in the front row so there is a sign of an outpoint right there.)

    2. The enthusiasm of the audience at the beginning of the event.

    3. The apparent emphasis on LRH in the event makes it look, as it should be, that the attention is on the correct source, not DM.

    4. The fast, long, enthusiastic listing off of accomplishments that makes it seem like there are so many accomplishments that there is not enough time to say them all or go into detail on any one of them.

    5. And I’m hoping you all will point out some more, in addition to what’s already been said.


  83. Sounds real, in the Org (Europe) where I studied for about 20 years, there were always the same guys sitting in the courseroom (DIV$). About every 5 years one or two came from DIV 6 in DIV 4 courseroom.

  84. Bozz — Yeah, I guess that wasnt really fair. The Ministry of Silly Talks (aka Vulture Culture, Vampire Empire, C of M) is a creation unto itself and bears no resemblance to anything else either dead or alive.

  85. TroubleShooter

    How can cob keep introducing him as LRH’s biographer ??? where’s the BOOK DAN?????!!!!!! Do you REALLY NEED 15 years or more to write a BOOK???!!!! Who HIRED this guy anyway? And none of my staff or field wanted to hear this guy at our events!!! we wanted Heber we wanted Mike and we wanted Marty to connect with us and tell us like it is. Dan Shman you represent NOTHING that LRH’s tech means to me! and cob your the spittle on the meter dial that needs to be wiped away…

  86. Jethro Is In The Zone

    A Scn friend of mine was once encouraged to bring his non-Scn girlfriend to an LRH birthday event in order to “dessiminate” to her. It was probably the worst thing he could have done to get her interested in Scn. After watching the event, his girlfriend concluded that his religion was nothing more than a game show. Little did I know at the time how right she was. Someone famous once said that Scientology events are a Wheel of Fortune episode produced by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Transformers, Armageddon , Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.). Whoever said Scientology events are “intro routes” was full of sh*t; not even long-term Scientologists like them. And of course they’re always followed by some kind of high-powered crush reg cycle. No wonder the “church” is shrinking; real churches are non-profits which operate for the good of the community. In a $cientology church, you’re basically told to take a hike if you don’t have enough money for services, i.e. “Free Service Equals Free Fall”. Nowadays, you can’t even pay for that service because there are so many activities that preempt it and have no exchange (Idle Orgs, IAS, SuperPower, basic books, etc.). Welcome to the “Church of Hypocrisy”, i.e it’s ok for use to be out-exchange as long as you’re not.

  87. Mike,
    Nice piece of writing.

  88. Mike,
    Really nice piece of writing.

  89. Friend of Ron


    And now you know why they no longer sell or deliver the Data Series Evaluators Course — the original version from the 70s that had all the MSH drills on it. It gets people to think for themselves. Can’t have that.

  90. Friend of Ron

    You said: “I am very interested in furthering my understanding of exactly how church members become convinced that Scientology is growing explosively and that David Miscavige is their hero…”

    I believe the outpoints are so staggering now that the alternative to believing is to seeing the obvious — that dear leader is a psychotic. That is too hard to admit and confront. The hardest thing to confront is pure evil and so it is easier to keep believing.

    The history is full of examples.

    The majority of the Sea Org guys and the general public Scientologist are very hard working, good people. But so where the Germans before and during World War II when the ashes from the ovens rained on their houses every night. So where the Catholics during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition tortures they all witnessed and condoned. So are the Lybians now as they witness their army destroying whole cities and killing hundreds of their own.

    The confront of evil takes looking. Believing is so much easier, and especially so these days when looking — as in looking at sites like this — has been made a crime in the CoM.

  91. Mike –

    Can you write a post about the plot to murder Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network?


  92. TroubleShooter

    Oh yes 2ndxmr you’re right. The staff are briefed at mandatory pre-event meetings to hoot, holler and raise a hell of a lot of noise. Then they are told to spread out among the public to pump them up get them to do the same and create the illusion that the whole audience in general is at ENTHUSIASM. The briefing also includes keeping an eye out for strangers and if one shows up for an event the DSA is to find out who they are, what org they go to, what service they’re on, where they are on the Bridge, how is that there at the event e.g. are they a friend of a local parishioner…things that the DSA will then follow up on.

    Indicators are watched throughout the event – people not clapping, people leaving early, exits are all covered by staff to monitor whose leaving and to prevent them from doing so…a real THETA atmosphere with which staff are to grit their teeth and smile while they many know that what is being said is a bunch of false pr bullcrap.

    One can hope that the veteran staff members around the world who are on the ground LIVING the life of a staff member day in and day out putting in 80 or more hours a week on post or on post+moonlights are savvy to the false pr of the “expansion” news at these arduous events. If it drove me out of the auditorium year after year as I was so disgusted (and DID KR) it has most assuredly created enough questions in enough STAFF around the world to count them as part of what is bringing the cauldron to a boil from within.

    I continue to believe that we have a lot of agreement on the inside that something is wrong – that factor alone is a contribution to the ultimate demise of cob and his cirque de monology events…that’s where I started – a staff member who knew SOMETHING was very wrong and so it is and now I’m not there to be asked to be expected to be a prop for in these gala presentations of magic and mirrors.

    ps – I’ve always wondered where all the noise was coming from in the audience when almost everyone panned looked bored…this event was no different.

  93. Here goes Alanzo.

    There never was a plot to murder Cynthia Kisser.

    This urban legend is apparently sourced to Garry Scarff. Garry Scarff has been used to spread false information by both anti-Scentologists and OSA as it is well known he will say anything for attention. If anyone had ever contemplated such a criminal act, I assure you there are two people who would never have been told about it: Garry Scarff and Barbara Schwartz.

    End of story.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Sharp ear you have Veritas. His crap is laden with that redefining LRH covertly business.

  95. PJ – don’t laugh….two months ago I received an email with a link in it to take a survey for: “what merchandise you would like to see made available for sale at the orgs (i.e., shirts, hats, coffee mugs, bobble-heads, etc.).

    As is if the damn funding raising is not enough….

  96. Since this shifted so far from what made me laugh — it was Mike’s comment about daydreaming about getting punched in the face. It still makes me laugh this morning, just thinking of it.

    No wonder dm hated you — you have a great sense of humor 🙂


  97. Why on earth did they get one of those animatronic dudes from Disney World’s Carousel of Progress to host this event? Gawd, that’s so 1950’s.

    Oh….I guess that guy is David Miscavige. My bad.

  98. Watching Eyes

    In my opinion these events are THE biggest factor in convincing church members that the church is expanding at a phenomenal rate.
    The events are only effective with people who aren’t looking, people who have their eyes wide shut, sheep who listen but don’t look.

    I saw the bs at events back in the 90’s. They way they showed the graphs at warp speed, zooming up, up & away into affluence, with titles you had to speed read if you wanted to understand what you were looking at. But the sheep were hypnotized, clapping & cheering in glee. At what? They had no idea. But clap and cheer they did. And everyone pretended to feel good as they left to go home with their wallets a bit lighter.

    DM is nothing more than a Carnival Barker.

  99. Thanks WH. But really, I am better known for my innate sense of political correctness….

  100. LMAO! What trained Scn’er could listen to that and not walkout of the church? Amazing.

  101. How can you have multiple “Ideal” orgs if they are not all identical?!!
    By definition “Ideal” is a conception of something that is perfect and cannot be improved upon.
    Therefore logically, there cannot be two or more different “Ideal” orgs.
    LRH asked for “Saint-Hill sized”, not a series of Ideal orgs. (Please correct me if my LRH statement is not exact)

  102. This was hard to watch. They succeeded at setting the bar for a new low for degrade of LRH image. On the centennial celebration of his birthday they produced an INFOMERCIAL! They just omitted the final pitch: “All this for just $19.99”

  103. Dear Mike,

    If this isn’t implant technology I don’t know what is. I literally felt dizzy when the graphics and cartoons were running, back-dropped by the unintelligible high-speed gibberish spouted by the psychotic runt.

    By the way, you should include in your forewarning to remove any pets from the vicinity while viewing the video clip. Elmo, our cat, is now sporting a partially digested ham sandwich. Ugh!

    In any case, thanks for the update, however, I think I’m going to take a long walk and do a locational on myself before I give Elmo a bath.

    Sincerely yours, Tom

  104. George White

    Get TheConcept,
    I spent over 20 years in marketing and I studied LRH’s marketing technology in the early 1980’s when it was introduced. The first International events centered on a group of very highly polished executives representing tech, ethics, operations,management, etc. I brought many people to the events who were impressed by this group. Over the years, these executives gradually disappeared and the events became centered on one person – DM.
    This one-man-show became the norm and really does not fit into quality marketing or public relations which was the initial intention. The idea of an executive intended by LRH seems to have been lost. When one person takes all the ‘hats’, you get something very unreal.
    George White

  105. martyrathbun09

    Chiquita hid under the couch with her paws over her ears.

  106. martyrathbun09

    Dude, for an “outsider” you have duplicated and understood pretty damn well.

  107. Elmo – sorry dude.

  108. Seriously–how do you people, how does anyone buy this shit?

    ALl he is spouting is NUMBERS—is he really saying that LRH is a more prolific writer because he wrote more jibberish or more books or more WORDS than Dickens and Mark Twain–combined? Has he ever heard of quality over quantity?

    I mean hell, I should just sit down and start writing words, until I cant write anymore and once I get to 4 million words, hell Ill be a better writer than James Ellroy or Grisham & Dan Brown combined!!!!!

  109. By the way Mike,
    I think you were grossly negligent in that you failed to convey just how serious the dangers of watching this video were at the beginning of your post.
    I’m sending you the repair bill for my coffee splattered computer.
    Oh – and my cat needs to go to the groomers.

  110. scilonschools

    DS has no Neck? Where do you put the Noose?

  111. Are you the original Veritas?

  112. OTA audience training

  113. Just put it on my tab Sam. I still owe you gas money….

  114. BMOC — Well, if you got your 4 million published, you would be more prolific. And BTW, I dont think anyone here “you people” do buy this shit. I guess I could be wrong…

  115. Dm seems to be out of breathe and gasping for air. Probably the cigarettes, the stress and the Missed Withholds are really taking a toll on the guy. I also thought his hair seemed to be different this time, parted even more on one side towards his ear. He looks and sounds stressed! If the guy has read Dianetics in the last decade he will know where cancer comes from, coupled with the smoking.

  116. that was one expensive product considering how much money was used to buy their ideal org to create clears, auditors, etc… I think someone needs to question the ROI.

  117. With the amazing auditing I have gotten during the last year I discovered an ability of mine to perceive people looking at their picture.
    I can tell if they are well or sick or else.

    I can tell you that Mr $ DM it is definitely not at his best… quite worried I would say… very missed withhold…
    and the audience…
    There is a bank in a group and in $cientology is sitting right there cheering and supporting the very thing that will destroy them.
    The analytical mind are many of the people that have left…

    I have never been a big fan of events, I always perceived the lies and I did skip them… often.
    I was there at Flag when at graduation were showing affluence stats in the FH HGC, but we did not have public pcs to audit…
    DM is losing ground so fast… and he knows it.. Wondering what is planning to save himself.


  118. Galley! Bring me grog!
    I need something for the pain of watching this!

    Bruce Pratt

  119. When I was staff at Flag, the staff and public were herded to Ruth Eckard Hall for the events. Miscavige would have his flying monkeys walk the isles facing the audience to ensure everyone was clapping. Miscavige would say something like “This year we used enough toilet paper to go to the moon and back 5,000 times” and everyone would have to jump up and clap and ensure they weren’t the first to stop.

    I used to intentionally miss the bus ride to the hall and just watch the event
    in the auditorium of the Fort Harrison Hotel. There would be a couple hundred staff and public in the auditorium and left to themselves, there was never a standing ovation or clapping every time Davey gave some fairy tale accomplishment.

    It was a good way to see the events for what they were – a good time to catch up on some sleep.

  120. Wow Mike! After seeing you pierce that deluge of bs, I gotta wonder if Ronald Reagan’s Teflon was not something he got from you.

    After that stat analysis on the applause, all question of Der Leader being from a similar mold as Jim Jones have been dispatched. It is a similar but oh so much more disturbing mold.

    I remember that the applause section used to be edited DOWN for the distributed recordings. It seemed appropriate to me.

    Going by Home Depot later to get drop cloths in preparation of the upcoming installment(s). More Scotch Guard too. Need something like Scotch Guard for my computer.

    Bruce Pratt

  121. Hahahahaha!! Thanks, Mike. I needed a good laugh.

  122. Contrast that booming voice with Dan Sherman – they seem to have done some processing in the opposite direction there. This event seems to come out of Alice in Wonderland. Curiouser and curiouser it gets.

  123. scilonschools,

    You place it at the intersection of legs and torso, but he probably has none of those either.

  124. Friend of Ron,

    At one time I was one of those meager stats. It was my experience at CC Int (for which they were able to publish a few of those stats) that I decided I wanted no further auditing from any org. It was exactly that experience which made me draw back and “disengage,” and start looking for answers as to why everything had become so obviously f’d up.

    So even the paltry “true stats” they publish don’t measure actual production in the sense they were meant to, rather they obscure the truth, which is that people are being blown off and disabused of wanting scientology by the “services” that the “church” provides, and for which they claim statistics, however pathetic.


    Auditor: Do you have an ARC break? (no F/N)

    Dave: I don’t get ARC Breaks, I’m COB, I ARC Break others.

    Auditor: OK, on the question, “Do you have an ARC Break”, has anything been suppressed? (rising needle)

    Dave: I suppress nothing, I’m COB. (dirty needle)

    Auditor: Alright, has a Withhold been missed? (long fall)

    Dave: I withhold nothing, no one is capable of missing anything on me I’m COB I just #%ing told you that you idiot Can’t you hear? Who trained you? Look at my eyes do you see how powerful they are Gimme that meter I want to look at my reflection Hey! Now THAT’S what I call blue eyes Here, take this meter and shove it up your %ss Am I F/Ning yet? YSCOHB you’re going directly to the RPF hey I think I just had a cognition on how great I am Man I look good I’m going to the races with Tom after I route you to Security Do you have your own boilersuit? My needle better start floating or I’m going to dive over this table and choke your stupid incompetent carcass until I start swinging three times You know I wrote half the damn books and bulletins myself I’ve read all the archives and I personally alone myself have read and audited all the levels up through OT XV and I could melt your head like a flame-thrower on a candle but I don’t because I’m benevolent and kind and tolerant of morons and my leadership skills are unsurpassed not even LRH could get the buildings built that I have where is the examiner? (rock slamming)

    Auditor: Did you have a thought when I asked you that? (rock slam interrupted by Long Fall)

    Dave: (dives over table and starts beating auditor in the head with both cans)

    Auditor: (falls onto floor bleeding and unconscious)

    Dave: There! (throws bent up cans and meter at auditor, rips up worksheets, tips table over) There’s your #%ing answer! Happy now?? (kicks auditor in the head, smashes door open, straightens his tie and leaves)

    (meter sparking while still rock slamming)

  126. martyrathbun09

    Just like Mat. Always able to figure out a workable solution.

  127. From Miscaviges Auto-Tune ® enhanced voice, to the rapid overwhelming delivery of data, the video is a record of an minor implant delivered.

    The meta message, “we” own the concepts, philosophy, and technology called scientology. Disagree at your peril.

    Except that good people are still under the spell of it, I would say let the Church sink from the weight of its own mistakes. It seems to be doing little right.

  128. Git your 50,000 monkeys a-typing.

  129. You’ve come a long way, baby…

    Actually, spiritually…you haven’t changed a bit.

  130. Hey, me too!! On the political correctednessness, that is.

    As Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister of Canada would say in his wonderful Quebecois acCEN(t): ‘ Hit, his, wonderfOOL, TO be, so, pooopaloor.”

  131. Likewise the word “literally”.

  132. That’s why he tells his billionaire donators, and celebrities NOT to go into any of the Ideal Orgs, that their handling will be done separately. He does not want them to notice how empty they are.
    I don’t know if he has ever done the OEC/FEBC/DSEC, and is doing the exact opposite of everything good LRH had to give, or if he is untrained and just loves his POWER.


  133. Dear Mike,

    Dear Leader has no intention to publish an LRH biography because that would shift attention off of him in his more-than-obvious pursuit to become the “New Founder of Dianetics and Scientology”, which is what I foresee will be made public (in some twisted DM way) all too soon… Just saying….

  134. Watch Hitler rousing the crowd. Sure it’s snowing, sure it’s a somber subject, but when he hits his “applause point” they know how to react. Try the section from :50 to 1:45.

  135. For a long time I sat at events listening to COBs delivery, wondering where actual comm had gone, thinking, “diction and elocution have no place in it…” (from TR 1 drill) and seeing that those were the only things being emphasized! It follows that there would be no need for content, logic, completing an idea, reality or understanding!

  136. Plenty more where that comes from:

    “The total number of hours of international events (English and translated) produced in the last six years totals 1,966—an average of 28 hours per month.”

    That’s an average of 7 hours per week, or 1 hour per day for 52 weeks per year (20 minute standing ovation inserted here).

  137. plainoldthetan

    I’ve been waiting for a Davey Miscavige Action figure.

    Wearing little Evel-Knievel stunt biker leathers.

  138. Well said Free & Clear,

    The Div 6 –> Div 4 stat of 30-40 years ago was booming. Even the smallest of Missions at the time had a steady flow of new public coming out of Div 6 and carrying on with Div 4 Academy courses. Very few dropped off the lines. Having to show up early just to get a seat in the Academy was an everyday occurrence.

    What caused this inflow?? A simple Communications Course.

    Standardly run, the gains were tangible. The course either piqued your interest from the realization that the sheer simplicity and application of the data was enough to move mountains, or it blew you out of your head.

    Later on, another boom with the advent of the HAS Co-audit … in the Mission I was in it was almost a one for one ratio of people coming off with stellar wins and eager to continue this adventure.

    Compare that with the unfeeling implant-like videos fed to new public in the current church – no wonder stats have all but disappeared.

    The event in the video above is carefully constructed to throw up a screen and hide the actual scene.

    Bright lights, booming voices, rapid-fire videos & key words … all part of implant technology and done in a carnival-like atmosphere. The only thing missing is some heavier electronics and the sound of a jackhammer.

    The result, a bunch of glossy-eyed automatons hypnotized and hit with a wavelength intended to pin one into MEST , and led by the epitome of flimflam men – David Miscavige.

    Sooner or later they will wake up and realize that Miscavige’s re-definition of the Ideal Org PL is far removed from LRH’s vision, and his gaudy structures are nothing more than houses of cards.

    Fake Corinthian columns do not, a Scientologist make.

  139. mark mckinstry

    To me.. the crowd looks bored at the intro. Standing an applauding, but looking around. One would normally relate a standing ovation with enthusiasm.. but because it is enforced it has sunk to boredom or below.

  140. So, Centurion, perhaps you are describing an “insect” (divided animal’ — from the segments of its body (head, thorax, abdomen). No that’s not it. How about “bug”– “denotes a special group of insects with beaklike sucking mouth parts…” Yep, that’s the word I’m lookin’ for! Does that do it for you?

  141. Perhaps he knows what it means and is covertly or subconsciously telling the truth?!

    Hidden messages in COB’s speeches?!

  142. Interesting point, lunamoth.
    Add to that the number of people who have been “cannabalized,” that is, they were partway up the bridge, and now they are put on Div 6 courses so they can get through maybe 10-15 in one quarter. Divide that out and maybe 30 veterans could produce all those Div 6 stats.
    I applaud you on being able to see the weirdness so quickly. The vets have a harder time because they have become “invested.”

  143. It has been now over 4 years since I last watched a Scientology event. I must say I cannot believe how I ever went to one in the first place. Let me clarify this statement: in the 1980’s in Rome org, where I first started in Scn, LRH’s Birthday was something I begged my mother to go to because I felt really excited to be there. The atmosphere was theta and I felt I really belonged in that group of people that were “doing really something” for Earth. Then I joined the S.O. and a few months later LRH discarded the body. I saw the funeral event via satellite and I heard what DM said at that event.
    Today watching the above video, it struck me how the implant (the cadence, the sort-of convoluted PR-by-redefinitiony speech, the incessant robotic clapping and the subliminal installment of false data) is pretty much the same.

    After I left, a very dear friend of my mother and me sent me the DVD where the Golden Age of Knowledge for Implanted Beings was released. In that event, DM spewed probably the grossest of out points ever: he blamed some poor lads and ladies that way back in the 50’s and 60’s earned their living through their typing abilities in transcribing authors’ manuscripts. These veritable “demons” committed all sorts of “crimes” with LRH books. I mean, to hear DM speak, they had several editing orgies whenever LRH dared to tape a new book for them to transcribe. This made LRH look like the biggest fool on Earth — not its savior. After all, LRH used the books he wrote in his daily management and research. Are you going to tell me he would not have spotted an alteration from what he wrote?
    I tell you, I am a writer. I write Sci Fi; I can spot an alteration to what I write. I immediately zero in on it whenever I read some copy. Since I trust LRH to be a lot more observant than me, the obvious cat falls out of the bag: another of DM’s implants is revealed.

    All right, let’s talk of Dan Sherman. As a “public” viewer of events throughout the nineties, when Dan first started appearing, I was actually happy, at first, that someone with a little writing ability came to speak at events. I’m sorry to say that before him, orators at events were either a little too technical or too formalized. Dan was refreshing because he used a way to build the sentence that, yes left you breathless when having to pronounce it, but also was entertaining. I mean, you needed to rehearse your speech for real or you were going to make a dog’s breakfast of it.

    At first it was a pure breath of fresh air — that soon got stale! When DM appropriated what you comically refer to as “Shermanspeak”, he just did not have the same flair of the original: Dan Sherman. I heard Dan give a speech once at an event — he was fun to listen to. He used all sort of aggrandizing adjectives and metaphors, he made excellent good use of early 20th Century American idioms; he amazed me at his repertoire of English vocabulary — all of a sudden it was not all technical and formalized. There went a man who could build a sentence to entertain. This must have been noticed by DM and he sought to appropriate this gift by having Dan Sherman write speeches for him. Unfortunately, for DM, this style is absolutely inappropriate and unnatural. DM cannot and should not try to give his speeches, as written by Dan Sherman — never!!!!

    DM should hire — I don’t know… whoever writes speeches for Schwarzie! — political style would best suit DM and his endeavor to bend the minds of his followers.

    The other night I was on You Tube and heard the president of the GLAAD give a speech. It was political talk from beginning to end. It reminded me a lot of a Scientology event!!!! Except that this guy did it with an elegance and a charisma that was pretty undeniable!!!

    So, bottom line of it all: Thank you Marty and thank you Mark for this post. Every now and then, I need to be reminded how things were before I freed myself of the implant, so that I will never fall in it again. Once again, thank you.

  144. Hi Count, good to hear your point that the book was already finished in 1992. I couldn’t quite remember how we got onto the Dan Sherman bandwagon so this connected it up for me.

  145. Please tell me what 9.999$ is in American terms. Thanks.

  146. Funny too.

  147. It seems to me too that his voice has changed – like it’s a cartooning of what it used to be. Also his hair and face shape have changed……….and not for the good. Sherman looks like he’s been rode hard and put away wet.


  148. Marty, the other day when I was posting I got dumped from the site with the comment, “You are posting too fast. Slow down.”
    Today I got dumped again with the comment, “Duplicate post…” because it was the second time I replied to someone with simply “LOL.”
    Does anyone know if this is a glitch on Marty’s site or is it just my software? Thanks, L

  149. Good One!

  150. Question: I thought Dan Sherman isn’t a Scientologist? The second speaker on that event is a WOG?

  151. Who got the applause? LRH or Miscavige?



  153. Dear friends,
    I admire people who just dare to look. Looking (admiring) is really the universal solvent. Thanks to all of you 🙂

  154. What about Farrahkan?

  155. Oh, I didn’t know that it had been commented on before Mike. I am fairly new to this blog and didn’t see any comments about it on this thread. Thanks for letting me know. Anyway, you make a good point about taking attention away from himself. I also noticed recently that the site is promoting the hell out of DM. Disgusting.

  156. Tony DePhillips


  157. Hold me down I just had a realization. Here is the new medal being created for Dan Sherman. It hangs on ribbons striped in red and royal purple. A large gold disk (bigger than any medal given to date in the CofS) heavy and marked in huge letters, says:

    CA CA KHAN!!

    I hope I haven’t duplicated someone else’s post on this. It came on me kind of sudden!

  158. Tony DePhillips


  159. Tony DePhillips

  160. LMAO Sam! Too funny.

  161. I saw some empty seats, which in the history of events, means this actually was pretty poorly attended.

    The big name celebs were NOT in the front row as much as in the past.

    I’m referring the video to the half dozen new religious movement academics I interact with, and I’d appreciate to have MORE footage of this and all events as they occur, for the same reason.

    The events of Scientology have evolved into the largest group Scientology rituals, and while as Scientologists we didn’t give really a damn what academics and religious movement scholars thought, I think deciphering “our” events to scholars, in detail, is important.

    Mike, you have lived through the whole evolution of Scientology events from the early 1980s to today.

    Because the major events are the main whole Scientology movement gatherings, the events have become rituals, the major rituals of the church.

    I would love to have access to ALL events, put them ALL online to view, from start to finish, and watch the evolution of Scientology’s events. And get everyone’s comments who had anything to do with those past events, plus all the insider comments about event speaker fads and the do’s and don’t’s that you speakers at those events had to follow.

    I remember back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Ray Mitoff and Heber got a LOT more spontaneous applause than Miscavige, and those applause moments SHOW that the movement members DID appreciate the more theta beingnesses of both Mitoff and Heber. Heber and Ray had their own Scientology public positive reputations, in years past.

    Having the full length and as unedited as possible from all past years somehow put online, to view and compare I’ve very much someday like to see.

    There used to be some great material in the events, some detailed tech history briefings, and “source” briefings, in past events.


  162. Good points. I hate to say this, but it’s really sad how many SHEEPLE we have in Scn. who actually believe it is expanding like crazy. Meanwhile the PSYCH’s are expanding and making illegal PC’s a million times faster. And I’m sure dear leader is happy about that. I remember writing him a letter about 18 years ago, pointing out how the IAS continuously cut across CCHR reg lines and left nothing but bones. The IAS did nothing but LIE about how THEY were handling Psychiatry. I pointed out to DM that it was not the IAS’s hat and that it was CCHR’s hat. So WHY was the IAS using the psych’s as a button to reg millions of dollars that never went to help CCHR? He wrote me back and said I was right, it was not the IAS’s hat and that they should not be doing that. And then had the NERVE to tell me that CCHR should go out into WOGDOM and raise money. Go figure on that oximoron.
    The man is INSANE.

  163. martyrathbun09

    First I’ve heard of the former. Sometimes, when you make a duplicate comment on the same thread it’ll come back with some message like “you already said this” or something to the effect.

  164. RTC
    Office of COB


    _1. Practice Appalachian double-octave yodeling.

    _2. Gargle with Jello and honey for an hour.

    _3. Get Tom to blow in my mouth to increase lung capacity.

    _4. Get those flag-waving shills routed out and away from others immediately after event is over.

    _5. Post that Nation of Islam woman in front row so Farrakahn won’t feel slighted.

    _6. Steroid injections in jaw.

    _7. Get Sherman to include as many words with the “ssh” sound as possible.

    _8. Have Security confiscate calculators from audience so they won’t be able to do the math on the stats I present.

    _9. Get Yager to make 37 million digital copies so that 47 million book stat is actually true.

    _10. Try to appear enthusiastic about acking LRH.

    _11. Fire my speech coach.

    _12. Drill: “i ashined sheventy-shix down-shtat Shea Org membersh to the RPF’sh shecret shlave labor shquad to csheclebrate Ron’sh annivershary at the lasht Shunday Shervicshe.

    _13. Do that marble-mouth drill from The King’s Speech.

    _14. Make sure Dan Sherman’s face bruises are hidden with make-up and Security watches him for blinking SOS signals in Morse Code.

    _15. Scrap that simulated LRH rap video idea.


  165. martyrathbun09

    Flavio, thanks for your comment – matches a lot of my observations too.

  166. Come on guys, credit where credit is due, Miscavige has learned his trade very well and fully applies what he learned.

    Read the direct quotes from Miscavige’s mentor and teacher, laid out below and you will see what I mean:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

    “The broad masses … are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.”

    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

    “The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence. ”

    “The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.”

    “The day of individual happiness has passed.”

    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

    “Architecture is not only the spoken word in stone, but also is the expression of the faith and conviction of a community, or else it signifies the power, greatness and fame of a great man …”

    All quotes supplied by Miscavige’s hero and pin up, Adolph Hitler

  167. Dan Sherman:

    Perhaps it’s been forgotten or was never known but in the early 80’s Dan Sherman was an up and coming author. He published at least 5 books and was gaining a good reputation …

    Then I guess the glow of being recognized by someone with FAR more clout than Dan had was too much for him. And off he went to Int – for wining and dining with the big cheese himself. dm.

    Now he’s a exceptionally boring speaker at dms circus events AND his speech writer to boot. The speeches everyone deplores.

    Can you just imagine the incredible sadness Dan must feel knowing that he’s thrown away what could have been a terrific career — he could have had his books made into movies as he became better known.

    He could have been … another Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly, Robert Parker, heck he could have been another Stephen King …

    There are endless possibilities of what could have been —

    Instead he’s a scriptwriter for someone whose events are painful to watch even on the internet (I only lasted less than 5 minutes). A biographer of LRH that will never see the light of day.

    And someone who people silently groan when he steps on stage. Knowing he’s going to talk endlessly.

    Oh — how the (could have been) mighty have fallen.


  168. Empty seats.

    Bags/shadows under his eyes.

    New hairdo.

  169. I too liked some of Danny Sherman’s earlier years’ speeches.

    When I was at Author Services Inc, from 1992-1995, when Norman Starkey was still doing some event speeches, which I think predated Danny, and I think when Norman fell from grace around 1994, that is when Danny was called in to begin doing event writing more, etc.

    I think Norman had formerly done more speech writing, and then Norman was less liked by DM.

    I recall at ASI, I was the computer person, that prior to events, the “speeches” of everyone, us computer operators had to make sure the latest versions of the speeches were smoothly relayed from each of the different orgs, from ASI to the Int Computers, that is, so the people at all ends (ED Int, Norman, DM, Marc Yager, Heber, whoever) all had the other people’s speeches, so none of the speeches were saying the same “news”. Since sometimes the “news” could end up both in Ray Mitoff’s speech and in Marc Yager’s speech, for instance.

    That whole coordinating of the speeches period, must have also had it’s effect of making the speeches dryer, on top of the speechwriting limitations of Marc Yager, etc.

    Yea, Danny at least reads books, I’m pretty sure, understands and appreciates better writing.

    I’ve wanted to see Danny defect, and do like Vaughn Young, and write MORE about what material Danny’s been exposed to, about LRH, and give a more transparent behind the scenes history of LRH, something that Omar Garrison likely would have done, had Omar’s book ever been allowed to be published.

    Someday, someone will have to utilize the LRH archives properly, like academics actually do, and do the LRH story, using LRH’s archives.

    I’d be happy to see Danny defect and do that. Or if DM somehow leaves center stage, then reformed leaders of Scientology let Danny do what DM is not letting Danny do, and even let other outsider writers/academics have access to LRH’s archives and do the LRH biography.


  170. I noticed that too. Maybe his asthma is playing up.

  171. Mike,
    It’s been a while since having to watch an event. Dear Leader has definitely changed, and not for the better. The perfection of changing his voice tones is very much of a distraction and reminds me of the carnival hawkers or those infomercials selling spiffy and unique kitchen gadgets. Add to that the implant quality images to fast to be digested properly and the result is a big barf. (looking for that paper bag)

    Ruth Eckerdt Hall is not very large and according to their website has 2,182-seat main auditorium capacity. The video shows quite a few empty seats, considering that most of the FLB crew and OOTs have to show up.

  172. Not natural at all. Can you imagine him auditing you in that voice?

    This whole trend of Scientology speaker speech “voice” is the antithesis (anti TR 1) of the spiritual practice “voice” of the auditor.

    It’s a huge blind spot, and to me, I always wondered why the heck are these supposed Top Scientologists, leaders of the movement, sounding NOT at all like the warm auditor voice one’s auditor more normally sounds like.

    I think DM has stopped listening to LRH’s voice, a long time ago, for comparison.

    I know DM used to practice hours and hours for his speaking duties as head speaker at events, it’s rote.

    He’s so degenerated as a speaker.

    Auditor’s used to have to do TR tapes, and compare their TRs to LRH’s voice in the “Demo” tapes of LRH auditing.

    I’ll bet DM has long since, like more than a decade now, NOT been doing this, not comparing his event TRs to LRH’s “event TRs”.

    Not enough warmth by a long shot. But in this 8 minute clip, there are a few slight incidental attempts at “warmth.”

    Yea, DM doesn’t accept TR coaching, and if he did, I’d say the key “Cramming” point I’d cram him on his naturalness and MORE warmth.

  173. My son Alexander Jentzsch was Events I/C responsible for the overall STAT of how many public attended these DM smoke and mirror Events which in recent years, boast and brag the Real Estate acquisition.

    Comm Evs and heavy ethics for Sea Org members all around for low attendance for a COB event~~ this is all behind the scenes.

    It has become real EFFORT to get folk to attend. There is a HUGE discrepancy with the numbers that CONFIRM attendance and those that show up.

    The only conclusion is that to get Cof$ off the phone or to end the comm cycle, the public CONFIRM attendance to placate the event Registrar and then NO-SHOW.

    Staff are put on a horrendous schedule in the last week before the event for CALL-IN to get Mandatory attendance for a COB event.
    It is normal to only be permitted 3-4 hours a sleep a night and work in overdrive.

    Many have reported that up lines at INT it was normal to get little to no sleep for a week for a COB even 4x a year, i.e. every 3 months.

    There is a German Nazi Propaganda movie called “Triumph of the Will” by Leni Riefenstahl, a Hitler adoring film maker. This is available on Netflix.

    The overriding theme of the film is the return of Germany as a Great Power , with Hitler as the True German Leader who will bring glory to the nation.

    The adulation of Hitler to his crowds of applause, (standing ovations) and the “COB” events are remarkably similar. Stunning similarities with over-the-top special effects and hypnotic cadence speeches.

  174. No mine does it too. It thinks you’re saying the same thing twice if you post the same word again.

  175. Wow Haydn. Wow.

  176. The answer is covered in the post above:
    “The adoring crowds’ applause goes on for a minute and 19 seconds as Dear Leader positively revels in it. (And note, the picture of LRH you see after 20 seconds was added by the video editors afterwards –the audience didn’t see it).”

  177. Oops – this comment got posted in the wrong place – it was for ‘Ludwig’

  178. Helluva smart dog! She knew about Logan’s cat….

  179. Sam, you would have to number your LOLs!

  180. Or press Ctrl and + .

  181. Expansion redefined is printing books to put on shelves and warehouses and TWTH booklets and spreading it to third world countries.

  182. I have the same problem sometimes. Today I wanted to comment and it did not work. Without error message. Once while observing that error I had another try and did comment with the exact same message and then I got the error message of “duplicate comment”.
    Guess this is a software error. PHP script error or the database behind it is too busy. Could be that too much comments per second arriving at the web server.

  183. +1 – and hopefully facial correctness too! 🙂

  184. +1 Haydn!

  185. Count, DM looks at the IAS as the ONLY ones raising money…hell they threaten and abuse people and keep getting money!

  186. I agree with you 100%.

    Personally I noticed most Scientology public speakers don’t come off with the same warmth and ARC of the Ol’man.

    Though I thought Heber came close and so did Wild and Crazy Cap’n Bill Robertson came close.

    I remember Norman trying but not quite making it.

    But your right Dave doesn’t even get close.

    The guy in my opinion comes off as a con artist which is basically what he is or some kind of slick shyster as if he’s taking voice lessons from Monique Yingling.

    To me listening to him or Dan Sherman were pure torture.

    I couldn’t wait for the video entries so they’d just stfu.

  187. I totally agree Chuck.

  188. Globetrotter

    Check out the video at 4:30, it shows about 50 Research and Discovery volumes on the top of the “pile”. As far as I know, there are only 16 that have actually been published. Doesn’t that beg the question that if an official C of S event illustrates “the world’s most comprehensive body of work on the human spirit” with computer generated images of 50 R & D volumes, most of which have never actually been published, then how true are the other stats DM presents?

  189. 1. LOL 😀

  190. stunned silence.

  191. Oh my goodness! H

  192. Lynne,
    All I know is that I am not going to get close enough to check.
    Did LRH want a biographer as part of CoS planning? I wonder how many Clears and OT’s could be made if this guy was sent packing and the money diverted to such. Then again, with DM at the helm, such goals are a lost cause anyway, so why not blow millions on a diversion from going OT. That is what DM will give his flock absent OT 9-10….diversions.

  193. The applauding looks like enforced admiration. Like Kim in North Corea or others of that kind.
    By the way one day on staff I had enough of that lies and being forced to applaud on meetings. That day the CO told about fantastic achievements and waited for the applauding. I did cause that no staff did clap hands. Big fun. The CO had been baffled like mad. That ended this meeting right there. Maybe someone can do it on the next event with DM. Would be big fun.

  194. Ask your money back

  195. Farakhan would be bored not being the centre of attention.

  196. like any dictator most live long doing their dance with the devil.

  197. Boz and FOR,

    Funny thing was I never paid too much attention to Miscavige as I thought (silly me) that since he was RTC he was not directly involved in any management functions.

    I even believed the RTC website when I KRed all the off policy and out tech I perceived as believing that RTC would be sorting it out by correcting the appropiate terminals responsible.

    You know like Ron says in RJ 37.

    Imagine my surprise when I was pulled in by two Sea Org missionares who happened to be working on a “Special Project” and ended up getting RBed on all the KRs that I had written to RTC as if they were “Black PR” then being ordered to receive the “Truth” Rundown at my expense for “Black PRing Management”.

    Little did I know that I was only supposed to write these reports on other Scientologists who weren’t granted ultimate ethics protection because they happened to be patrons of the IAS or question the “wisdom” management even if they were in blatant violation of any policy or tech.

    Nor should I especially have any critical thoughts or consider having any evil purposes towards some dude they called the “COB”.

    I mean pardon my confusion at the time but I thought that there were several boards in Scientology that each were chaired by a separate chairman or woman.

    Imagine my surprise when I found out there was only *one* based on some hoary old legal document that was given to the Riverside County Judge back in the early ’80’s that was signed by Ron saying that he was a good and trusted friend.

    I mean I myself had personal letters one handwritten from Ron himself saying basically the same thing over the years that I communicated to him via SO #1 but I guess the fact that this document was given to a Judge made all the difference at least to the terminal showing me this document that I was assured few Scientologists had ever seen that supposedly somehow gave him ultimate authority over the Church of Scientology.

    I must admit that I had a withhold at that point that I had the critical thought that this person was full of shit and that they had forsaken the entire organization to the whims of megalomanic psychopath who had only a few years earlier had embraced “tax cruds” and a “Secret Police Organization” as his “friends”.

    At that point truth be told I had embraced the actual *truth* and that the Church of Scientology was in deep shit and that these morons were playing right into the hands of the people Ron had fought himself for over a quarter of a century.

    Yes the ultimate truth was the truth that they never expected me to find on the “Truth Rundown” 🙂

  198. One fifth of IAS patron status.

  199. Great points.

    Yea, DM ought to listen to a few Hitler speeches, and review some LRH congress introductory session/lecture day 1 event speeches by LRH, and compare the joviality.

    Heber has that joviality.

    Ray has heart.

    DM practices and considers he’s operating on some sort of permanent “marching orders” from LRH, my guess tracing to the LRH orders/comments of the early 1980s, where LRH commended the new “tough” leaders, and then the “hard chromed steel” positioning LRH gave to RTC, and THAT’s behind DM’s irreligious beingness also.

    Heber ought to be MCing all Scientology events, and were he to show up, and speak, it’d be a very big change for the better for them.

  200. You know, as the issues were LRH EDs, I don’t know how many public have actually read LRH ED 339R & 339R-1. As staff (and Birthday Game I/C) we chinese schooled these issues until blue in the face. They’re the underlying core “game” that all staff rally around. And even if the general public aren’t intimately knowledgeable about them, they definitely know about the game as a concept.

    The first issue delineates the Birthday game and end goal — “Saint Hill Size”. This objective had real live statistic associated with it.

    The second issue delineates a much broader view — the subject of Ideal Orgs. It describes the “ideal scene” envisioned for orgs not just “5.4x the statistics”, but rather it talks about the feel of the place and the impact it would have on its environment. It ends with a line about an ideal org not just being an org, but a new civilization already on its way.

    Now, not to give any verbal or “leading” data, but even the lowliest dolt can see the sequence here. It was always understood that the sequence goes something like this:

    5.4x statistics > viability > St. Hill size > Ideal Org

    It was never this (how could it be?):

    Ideal Org > 5.4x statistics > viability > St. Hill Size

  201. Well, the lectures (which mostly have been released) are counted. The R&Ds are duplicate transcripts of mostly everything. Admittedly they have some lectures that didn’t make it into tapes/CDs, but from my understanding that’s a very small amount.

  202. wild and crazy guy mixed with Quebecois, you could do that mix well, I recall, back in the day.

  203. Seriously.

    This coming “Independence Day”, I would vote for Mike and others doing some “skits” of life in the Green Room, at events, as a skit!

    Just like at Int, on the Christmas “skits”, which were pretty funny!

    With you ex big time players now out, it’d be interesting to see your skits on living during event mode reality with DM!

    And film and post them for history!

  204. I’ve seen promotional photos with 100 R&D vols – when they started publishing the new ones this was the plan. If only DM could complete a cycle of action. Maybe he found there was more money elsewhere. I thought it was a good project.

  205. He sounds odd

  206. (hello from Deep Fax)

    Office of COB
    Speech Prep Dept.


    _1. Practice Appalachian double-octave yodeling.

    _2. Gargle with Jello and honey for an hour.

    _3. Get Tom to blow in my mouth to increase lung capacity.

    _4. Get those flag-waving shills routed out and away from others immediately after event is over.

    _5. Post that Nation of Islam woman in front row so Farrakahn won’t feel slighted.

    _6. Steroid injections in jaw.

    _7. Get Sherman to include as many words with the “ssh” sound as possible.

    _8. Have Security confiscate calculators from audience so they won’t be able to do the math on the stats I present.

    _9. Get Yager to make 37 million digital copies so that 47 million book stat is actually true.

    _10. Try to appear enthusiastic about acking LRH.

    _11. Fire my speech coach.

    _12. Drill: “i ashined sheventy-shix down-shtat Shea Org membersh to the RPF’sh shecret shlave labor shquad to csheclebrate Ron’sh annivershary at the lasht Shunday Shervicshe.

    _13. Do that marble-mouth drill from The King’s Speech.

    _14. Make sure Dan Sherman’s face bruises are hidden with make-up and Security watches him for blinking SOS signals in Morse Code.

    _15. Scrap that simulated LRH rap video idea.


  207. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    **LRH 100th ANNIVERSARY**

    _1. Practice Appalachian double-octave yodeling.

    _2. Gargle with Jello and honey for an hour.

    _3. Get Tom to blow in my mouth to increase lung capacity.

    _4. Get those flag-waving shills routed out and away from others immediately after event is over.

    _5. Post that Nation of Islam woman in front row so Farrakahn won’t feel slighted.

    _6. Steroid injections in jaw.

    _7. Get Sherman to include as many words with the “ssh” sound as possible.

    _8. Have Security confiscate calculators from audience so they won’t be able to do the math on the stats I present.

    _9. Get Yager to make 37 million digital copies so that 47 million book stat is actually true.

    _10. Try to appear enthusiastic about acking LRH.

    _11. Fire my speech coach.

    _12. Drill: “i ashined sheventy-shix down-shtat Shea Org membersh to the RPF’sh shecret shlave labor shquad to csheclebrate Ron’sh annivershary at the lasht Shunday Shervicshe.

    _13. Do that marble-mouth drill from The King’s Speech.

    _14. Make sure Dan Sherman’s face bruises are hidden with make-up and Security watches him for blinking SOS signals in Morse Code.

    _15. Scrap that simulated LRH rap video idea.


  208. They have done that for over 15 years. IN the 1970s we had “postulate checks.” With the R&D volumes, we have “postulate tapes to books” volumes.

    And realize also, it is now over two decades since CST was formed and operating, and they are trusted to eventually turn ALL of LRH’s transcribed works onto stainless steel plates. (Wish more with the insider strategies of CST would pipe up all those plans, I know ASI funnels the royalty and license fees from all the organizations which utilize “LRH properties” the money ASI collects mainly goes to CST, for the stainless steel plates and other archival long range projects.) The “postulated” R & D volumes are a long standing long range postulate that WILL happen, but for now it’s sidelined for buildings I imagine. I’d be interested to know where the ASI royalty and license agreement payment “profits” are going today, as CST seems to be backburner.

  209. Operatingwog

    Hey. Less of the wog talk. Scilon fagfuck.

  210. Under-the-radar

    The heavy force of getting people to the events. The force of getting a public on the phone. The force of getting a public to agree to come to an event. The guilt of saying no. The guilt of lying, saying that you will show up knowing that you will not. The lies over the loud speakers outside of the event saying “The seats are all full. If you want to watch the event, you will need to watch the event in the over flow room”, only to find out that there are plenty of seats with sections of 6, 8, or 10 seats all open so a family could all sit together, if that existed in Scientology. The very hypnotic tone of the speakers. This is getting fricking strange.

    Since my first event, I have always wondered why I have found it hard to be in present time while listening to the COB. Could it be that my attention was fixated on the pressure to be at the event, the outpoints and lies and my effort to justify these as OK thus giving me just a slight degraded feeling? Talk about brainwashing. WTF

  211. I got a headache when dan started speaking. Dear leader’s voice sounds hoarse? Suppression?

  212. Chuck,
    At Ruth Eckerdt hall, the green rooms were downstairs off a hallway leading to the stage. Dear Leader had his own room, at least twice the size of the two others upstairs at a conference room. Incomm computers, monitors for the event, snacks, drinks etc. were available there and he had his light pre-event meal there. After the event called for a lavish, gourmet multi-course celebratory meal with those in favor at the time.

    Those events at the Freewinds, Shrine and St Hill were pretty much similar in vein with the different facilities, personnel and resources. There was more fraternizing at the Freewinds with those OTAs “shock squads” after events.

    The other speakers hung out elsewhere, unless called to the carpet at this room, so I’m not sure what skits could be scripted with that scenario.

  213. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB


    _1. Practice Appalachian double-octave yodeling.

    _2. Gargle with Jello and honey for an hour.

    _3. Get Tom to blow in my mouth to increase lung capacity.

    _4. Get those flag-waving shills routed out and away from others immediately after event is over.

    _5. Post that Nation of Islam woman in front row so Farrakahn won’t feel slighted.

    _6. Steroid injections in jaw.

    _7. Get Sherman to include as many words with the “ssh” sound as possible.

    _8. Have Security confiscate calculators from audience so they won’t be able to do the math on the stats I present.

    _9. Get Yager to make 37 million digital copies so that 47 million book stat is actually true.

    _10. Try to appear enthusiastic about acking LRH.

    _11. Fire my speech coach.

    _12. Drill: “i ashined sheventy-shix down-shtat Shea Org membersh to the RPF’sh shecret shlave labor shquad to csheclebrate Ron’sh annivershary at the lasht Shunday Shervicshe.

    _13. Do that marble-mouth drill from The King’s Speech.

    _14. Make sure Dan Sherman’s face bruises are hidden with make-up and Security watches him for blinking SOS signals in Morse Code.

    _15. Scrap that simulated LRH rap video idea.


  214. Independants, Freezoners, Ronsorgers, Exes, Critics, Public invited along withAnons.

    30th of April is Miscaviges birthday by the way


    Auditor: Do you have an ARC break? (no F/N)

    Dave: I don’t get ARC Breaks, I’m COB, I ARC Break others.

    Auditor: OK, on the question, “Do you have an ARC Break”, has anything been suppressed? (rising needle)

    Dave: I suppress nothing, I’m COB. (dirty needle)

    Auditor: Alright, has a Withhold been missed? (long fall)

    Dave: I withhold nothing, no one is capable of missing anything on me I’m COB I just #%ing told you that you idiot Can’t you hear? Who trained you? Look at my eyes do you see how powerful they are Gimme that meter I want to look at my reflection Hey! Now THAT’S what I call blue eyes Here, take this meter and shove it up your %ss Am I F/Ning yet? YSCOHB you’re going directly to the RPF hey I think I just had a cognition on how great I am Man I look good I’m going to the races with Tom after I route you to Security Do you have your own boilersuit? My needle better start floating or I’m going to dive over this table and choke your stupid incompetent carcass until I start swinging three times You know I wrote half the damn books and bulletins myself I’ve read all the archives and I personally alone myself have read and audited all the levels up through OT XV and I could melt your head like a flame-thrower on a candle but I don’t because I’m benevolent and kind and tolerant of morons and my leadership skills are unsurpassed not even LRH could get the buildings built that I have where is the examiner? (rock slamming)

    Auditor: Did you have a thought when I asked you that? (rock slam interrupted by Long Fall)

    Dave: (dives over table and starts beating auditor in the head with both cans)

    Auditor: (falls onto floor bleeding and unconscious)

    Dave: There! (throws bent up cans and meter at auditor, rips up worksheets, tips table over) There’s your #%ing answer! Happy now?? (kicks auditor in the head, smashes door open, straightens his tie and leaves)

    (sparks emitting from e-meter while continuing to rock slam)

  216. Well, on a good note, the lispy little Toad did manage to get a ton of books out into the world. Ebay and Amazon has tons of them for sale for dirt-cheap too. The Freezone also benefits from this to some degree riding the Coattails of CO$ burn-offs.

    I saw a post here a while back to the effect that every 25 Books sold equals 1 Scientologist; one would assume books sold to people who are not yet Scientologists.

    Unfortunately any new Scientologist gets pelted for his wallet and he’ll soon be gone before he gets through his Div 6 Service.

    Thus a no-win situation.

    Maybe DM is a closet-case Freezoner?

  217. Yep. He drops these kinda thought-stopping “zingers” on you, that make a person think “Wow, I never thought of that! He really understands LRH and Scientology at a higher level than me!” His “blind leading the blind” hook was an archetype of that technique.

    If you don’t spot it, your mind is f*cked.

  218. Well Lynne, DM better get that Clear up to OTVIII pronto, to get him/her under control before s/he goes Independent and starts causing the CoS trouble….

    Don’t want to make too many Clears at once, ya know, they’re to hard to control…..

  219. Yes, I haven’t purged in a while so that sounds great, Mike.
    Now, was it just me or are DM’s supporters in extra-double-hot-with a twist propitiation/sympathy for all of his recent SP troubles? 🙂

  220. Galley! Bring me a grog!

  221. Some forums/blogs have minimum character count filters.
    But that would likely be a WordPress thing.

  222. I must admit that I only made made one Clear this year so far too. I’m usually working with people on OT levels.
    But the smile on her face was a wonder to behold.
    Just think what could happen if every Independent Scientologist really commited themself to making 1 Clear a year.

  223. Der leader’s sp…eech writer did accurately use the term, “action definition” as seen below.

    DEFINITIONS, TYPES OF, (a) differentiative defintion—one which compares unlikeness to existing states of being or not being. (b) descriptive
    definition—one which classifies by characteristics, by describing existing states of being. (c) associative definition—one which declares likeness to existing states of being or not being. (d) action definition—one which delineates cause and potential change of state of being by cause of existence, inexistence, action, inaction, purpose or lack of purpose. (AP&A, pp. 65-66)

    Miscavige is certainly delineating himself as Cause and potential Cause of any and everything Scientology. The change of state of being is clearly delineated in his words. The Church of Scientology is now a bedazzling spectacle which will either awe you into obedience or he and his goon-squad will declare you into oblivion. The over-arching purpose being to lock you recalcitrant spirits into one of his glorious halls in order to be deeply implanted by his magnificant speechs and render you obedient forever to der leaders spectacular, superior, benevolent and ONLY reality.

    We, of course, use the definition, something like (in Texas)… “Hey, y’all wanna be free again? Well, c’mon down.”

  224. Globetrotter

    “Postulated Source materials” I guess…

    DM: “But of course tonight we honor LRH as the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, which is a saga like no other ever told. It begins in an era when works on the human mind were relegated to university libraries, and rarely read, if ever opened.”

    Well, at least university libraries are open to the public. The LRH Archives, with a large part of that “world’s most comprehensive body of work on the human spirit”, are not. The “work” he is talking about, in its entirety and its original form, is off limits to anyone but DM and a handful “chosen ones” He kinda fails to mention this in his speech (guess it would result in a different kind of rolling thunder).

    Show me the real stuff! Books, stats, results, etc. if they only exist in the form of flashy computer graphics, are just BS.

  225. god, priceless info!

    Thanks so much Sinar.

    I’ve given repeatedly to scholars, you rname, JB’s name, Mike’s name, Sarge’s name, as key ex members who comment on this blog, as your comments and history is SO important. (And Marty’s comments are some of the most illuminating to me.)

    I’ve repeatedly hoped history would NOT get lost, and it’s in your guys’ heads! Thanks so much for commenting here these past couple years!

    As a side story, one time, like in 1993 or 1994, I was riding in the Saturday study weekly “van” ride from ASI to Int, going up for our Saturday all-day study time at the Qual Courseroom at Gold, and riding along for the ride on their travels on Saturday for meetings in the ASI van that week were James Byrne, AND Danny Sherman.

    I being a reader, and being at ASI at that time, getting the $256 weekly paycheck as ASI staff, I had the extra money to be a “Book of the Month” club member, and my monthly book that week was an insider biography by Mao’s doctor. It was an insider’s view of life around Mao, by his doctor. In my head, these parallels between LRH and his evolving entourage over the years, and Mao and Mao’s entourage, I think it’s natural to want to hear of the daily life details of a religious movement’s leaders.

    You and JB and Sarge could easily each write about your lives with LRH, and for you and JB, for your lives later around DM.

    Believe me, in your and JB’s minds, and Sarge’s are just so much important history, I truly urge you all to please somehow interview each other on camera, or to please write.

    The Mao doctor’s book, is a pretty good role model book.

    In other religions, there is this same history, the history of those that lived years next to the leaders who watched the leaders exemplify, or not, the religion’s ideas. And the real day to day life, that IS what happened, and people appreciate hearing that history.

    I certainly do. Thanks so much Sinar.

    On DM thinking he deserved all these perks, all those years, wearing his Lim suits, his $110 neck ties, his 400 dollar shoes, his 100 haircuts, probably more costly, it’s relevant.

    DM is Scientology’s leader, and his behavior, habits, perks, perjury, violence, are important to detail.

    He is NOT a good role model. He so outperks LRH, it’s truly something to publicly detail for history’s sake.

    If you guys don’t tell history, it’ll get lost.

    In 1995 an INCOMM staffer almost leaked the SIR databases, but that INCOMM staffer recycled the computer tapes they made and were about to leak.

    I so wish we had LRH’s full SIR databases in the public domain.

    Maybe a future INCOMM staffer will repeat history.

    Do you know if Rog Kernbach is still at Int in the computer room?

  226. Count,

    I’ll tell you a little story about CCHR.

    Back in the day when we were still running on the original Directives which were written by Ron we had aligned ourselves with the “Antipsychiatry” movement.

    Don’t let the name deceive you.

    The anti-psychiatrists were actually psychiatrists well respected in their field who had formed a coalition with patients who had been brutalized by the profession with barbaric methods like electro-shock, lobotomies, and over medication (by the way not all medication is bad such as giving a over distraught person a sedative or a sleeping pill so they can get some sleep etc.) and were trying to put in ethics on the profession.

    This was actually CCHR’s purpose back then which was to align ourselves those psychiatrists mainly who wanted to put an end to the abuses of their profession particularly those that infringed on the individuals basic civil and human rights.

    *Not* eliminate Psychiatry.

    This is why it was called the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights.

    Anyway CCHR was quite successful with the help of the Antipsychiatrists or vise versa in stopping the abuses while it was under the GO and for a short time while it was directly under OSA.

    I mean you hardly ever read or hear of shock treatment being promoted as an effective means of “treatment” except for a few extremist whack jobs who are nuttier than there patients

    Same with lobotomies.

    Also most patients have to sign an informed consent form of some kind before they can be medicated.

    It’s still too bad that millions of school kids are being drugged without their consent after their parents are being brow beaten into signing a release form but still progress had been achieved.

    Compared to what it was like prior to CCHR and the Antipsychiatry movement is like comparing the enlightenment to the dark ages.

    By the way all this hard work by CCHR was done by actual volunteers mainly GAS members and Scientologists who were not Sea Org Members and in fact was one of the few Scientology organizations that wasn’t directly under the boot heel…er…I mean control of the SO.

    Anyway that all changed in the Mid ’90’s when CCHR came under (Un) ABLE and the whole operation became a circus side show with the impossible as in move a mountain and unnecessary objective of *eliminating* psychiatry and those Scientologists and former GAS members who didn’t get with the program were quickly terminated and replaced by Sea Org members with that fixed “dedicated” glare (you know the one. The one that makes ’em looks like they were *brain washed*) and its OL which was supposed to be Szasz according to the directives became Bruce Wiseman.

    A man who knew as much about the history of psychiatry as ….Tom Cruise.

    (I suggest if you really want to know the true history of psychiatry that you read both ‘The Myth of Mental Illness’ and ‘The Manufacture of Madness’.

    Two books written by an actual psychiatrist that the Ol’man highly recommends.

    Instead of a deluded Neo-con with some kind of political agenda.)

    Anyway that’s the sad story of CCHR which like the old Franchise Network was totally nullified after the “Sea Org moved in”.

    Personally I think the IAS is just an all purpose cover a catch all false flag operation now used to launder funds through operations that don’t really effectively exist like CCHR.

    I think the only money they get is used to keep their lil’ shop of horrors open which is just down from the Wax Museum on Hollywood Bvd.

  227. It looks like DM is looking to buy KCET studios in L.A. 4.5 acres on Sunset Blvd. for $14.1 million. From the LA Times:

  228. Ludwig, he’s a “Scientologist” (in title only, imo). He’s the Minister of Propaganda in this “1984” world called the CoM (he writes Miscavige’s speeches).

  229. Murder Cynthia!!!

    Al baby.

    RU serious!

    She like that nut ball Ted Patrick AKA ‘Black Lightning’ was the best excuse they had for pulling the plug on CAN.

  230. His smiles have become more and more forced over the years, I think, but it was really apparent in this one when he was introducing Dan Sherman. Very missed-withholdy.

  231. Bed Man,

    First why don’t you clear the word prolific for a start (it might improve your writing skills) then go publish that book after typing in over 4 million words which is supposed to better than Ellroy, Grisham and Brown combined.

  232. I requested my money on account from the Boston Org 8 months ago. They still have not paid me because they are so broke. They literally have 0 money and less than 20 staff. Its amazing that this video can give such a false impression. Here in a major American city, like Boston, is a broke org with few public, few staff, and virtually 0 reach from the Boston community.

  233. “Then the applause would come and the AGREEMENT and with that the reality established, despite what the real scene was.”

    Crucial: Did Lisa die IN the hotelroom ? (As mike said in an Interview)

    What can be agreed upon in this crucial case? what was the real scene ?

    What reality should I have ?

  234. Free and Clear, what time period are you referring for the Class V stats that you saw? And where were you that you got to see them?

  235. OTDT,

    I see you’ve managed to wrest Dave’s session worksheets from the last session he had in ’92.

    Rumor is the auditor was buried next to the copper rods.

  236. Hi Count,
    I know that Fletcher Prouty publicly stated that he wrote (or did a great deal of work on) an LRH biography. And also Garrison did one apparently too, prior to that. Can you comment on whether it was either one of them, or someone else?
    The lack of a good, well-researched and balanced LRH biography is really, really a shame. (And when I say balanced, I mean truly balanced — written by someone who appreciates his life’s work, and isn’t trying to tear him down simply because he started Scientology — but also isn’t trying to propagandize his life either.)

  237. I think the nun was the Farrakhan /NOI variety.

  238. Chuck ~~

    I have had various reports from different LEAKS of what Miscavige has done to Heber.

    It is pretty horrific.
    It is worse than you think and you have heard a lot.

  239. You are perpetuating the term wog yourself and using some “anoncult”language as an insult.

    This is NOT sparta so go DIAF

    Amnd as for ludwig I recomend tthe movie “Lawrence of Arabia” to really wordclear wog.

  240. I remind you that being a hypnotist isn’t autamaticly a bad thing.

  241. I have to say I am in complete agreement with you on this. I’m a student of film studies (history and theory mainly) and I’m very interested in studying films that come from unusual sources: governments, religious groups, corporations, etc. I think they have a lot to teach us, not only about the groups that made them, but about the broader societies and times in which they were made. They’re also terribly neglected by scholars in the field, and are far less likely to be diligently preserved than traditional narrative features.

    In fact, I’m applying to graduate school this summer and I was thinking of doing my writing/research sample on the subject of Scientology and cinema.

    I also loved what you said above about allowing (real) scholars access to the archives. My sense is that current management is justifiably nervous about this, as they would have no control over the results of genuine academic work, and some (by no means all) of the conclusions would no doubt be unpalatable to the organization and to Scientologists. But I dearly hope this happens someday. It worries me, however, that some important material may be purged in order to suit the demands of the day. (See for example the recent DVD releases of Hubbard’s lectures, in which he is so digitally processed he looks like a cartoon.)

    Do you happen to know if material that has been withdrawn for political reasons (like ‘The Secret of Flag Results”) is actually destroyed, as in negatives and all? Or is it preserved but kept under wraps?

    At any rate, I’m really glad to know that someone else is thinking about these things.

  242. lvi wrote: “Mr $ DM it is definitely not at his best… quite worried I would say… very missed withhold…”

    I noticed the same thing. Check out how fake his smile looks through out, but especially when he is introducing Dan Sherman.

  243. I think that he was in a hurry to get is bottle of Scotch!

  244. Excellent point on that sequence!

  245. What false information did you use Gary Scarf to spread via OSA?

    Give us an example.

  246. plainoldthetan

    My best guess is that it’s $9,999. Some European countries reverse the use of commas and periods in large numbers, especially currency. Some countries like Germany put their currency symbol after the number.

  247. Hey, I want to date David Miscavige. He looks trim, groomed, well dressed, relaxed, and rich. I always wanted to date a Pope in Hollywood with lots of cash. He can get me into the movies too.

    Can you arrange this for me?

  248. WordPress glitch double post

  249. plainoldthetan

    “I think that under this, a vacuum was left when LRH dropped his body. Miscavige stepped in to fill that vacuum/confusion.”

    So, he’s saying that Scientology’s management sucks?

  250. WordPress glitch double posting

  251. Wow Sinar, you tech’d me!

  252. Gee Ralph, but you didn’t cost 13 MILLion DOLLars!
    Congrats on your products though.

  253. And does it strike you that having an LRH Biographer stuck permanently on the flow line, it prevents anyone else from approaching the subject? “Oh, someone’s already working on that…”

  254. Thank you!

  255. Snort, chortle, garrroooooooooooofffffffffff, yoooowwwwww,
    please excuse my nose, it is bleeding milk… rotflmao….

  256. “Well, on a good note, the lispy little Toad did manage to get a ton of books out into the world. ” Slightly misplaced cause? It happened on his watch, yes. He do anything to cause it? Not really.

    Bruce Pratt

  257. Oh wow another brilliant move by those fiscally responsible geniuses over at the International Land Lord Office.

    What pray tell do they want with a television studio?

    Maybe they figured out that selling the public squirrel Scientology didn’t work so now they’re turning evangelical.

    Reverend Dave Farewell.


  258. “Wendy Honnor on Face Book: If you know somebody who has cancer, even if they are dying and have days to live, you can save their life and have them well again. The true underlying cause of cancer is spiritual. The answer is not heavy drugs – it is found in the area of the sexual relationship and family. An upset in this area can create the condition of cancer – for example an undisclosed abortion or a miscarriage that was not talked about sufficiently to enable them to heal…”
    “…or an affair that was kept secret or a child given up for adoption and never acknowledged, or simply a relationship that is not sufficiently loving and the person feels upset about that, or a child who is estranged from the person with cancer and this cut communication line is troubling them. And if the person who is sick confronts this area and is able to safely talk about things they have done they’re not happy about, or upsets they’ve had, & put these things right, then they can begin to get well. I’ve saved dozens and dozens of lives from cancer alone in this way. We are spirits. We’re not bodies and the spirit alone can heal the body. Email me if you know somebody who needs help & I can explain to you exactly how you can help them. Love Wendy”

    I find this very troubling. Comments anyone?

  259. Karen,

    Can you elaborate on what you know? I do realize Heber is a man still close to your heart and talking about it might be painful.. But, considering Heber’s ex-status as President, I think getting this information out would be helpful to expose more of the CoS (as indeed, all information must eventually be made known).

  260. Just a thought- does a biography have to be a book?
    I know he was supposed to be working on a book, but it seems he’s switched to just writing this horseshit biographical stuff that is used in the events and DVD’s about LRH. One could consider that he is doing a multi-format biography I guess. Books, printed anyway, are becoming a thing of the past I think.

  261. Scott Campbell

    Bell’s Palsy? Nice pull, Tony.

  262. Ok. I don’t know what causes cancer. I do know people who were cured of it apparently through auditing, and I knew one person who got better from assists and natural treatments but relapsed and died a few years later.

    One person in particular was interesting because he was OT3 or 4. He went to ASHO for some auditing. He wouldnt tell me what it was but that it wasnt just assists- said he was lucky because he was going to die and they got him in anyway. Are there NOTS assists or some auditing from that area of tech that maybe he did? I don’t know but he was cured and he was going to die according to the doctors.

  263. Wisher ~~

    In summary (not wanting to reveal my sources, one of whom is still “IN”) Heber has been beaten, punched, spat on, pulverized and humiliated by David Miscavige directly for YEARS. For those who are newer to the blog, Mike Rinder did a very hard hitting blog on him ~

    He is imprisoned up there and has no ability to walk through the gates.

    He is 76 years old but is not allowed to have a cell phone.
    He has been “allowed” to see his son 2x in 8 years even though he is in his twilight years…..

    Following up on reports of Heber Jentzsch missing and imprisoned according the the LAPD, Heber Jentzsch has been “found”, but they have not met with him. They accepted Scientology lawyer’s affidavits that he was WELL and HAPPY.

    This is interesting because they did release him to be seen alone with Law Enforcement.

    Anyone can sign anything under DURESS.
    M and M can tell you a lot more about who signs what when COB orders it.

  264. Does anyone understand what that “stat” is at 5:05?

    “with more than 280,000,000 copies of his works in the hands of people out there..”

    Who are there people? They have to be counting single CD’s or something. So if Larry bought all the congresses, basics, ACC’s, then bought ten more sets that are sitting in his garage how many “copies of his works” is that?
    283,000,000- I just don’t buy that stat or understand it.

  265. TYPO

    They DID NOT release HEBER to be seen alone with Law enforcement.

    Only paper work was done.

  266. The cameras at thee events usually zoom in on the celebrities first sitting in the front row. I didn’t see any celebrities.

  267. Scott Campbell

    Great piece Mike.

    Boy oh, boy. Miscavige has rally lost all of his timing, inflection and cadence. He seemed hurried, harassed, harried and hollow.

    A small man on a big stage.

  268. 2 minute sample of the Drug of applaud and adulation and standing ovations by the masses in “Triumph of the Will”

  269. My Class V org was always in decent shape … I never heard anyone take any issues with the mock up of the building. Needed a little work on the exterior, some areas could use a paint job and new carpeting, but the estates section was always well on the ball and they kept the place clean and up to speed.

    Then some OT Committee was formed looking for $$$ to bring the Building up to some Standards as issued by RTC/Int (whoever), but it certainly had nothing to do with meeting local building codes. I heard a rumour about needing a million dollars, orders from “upline”. (This was mid 90’s, never heard anything about “Ideal Orgs” in those days.) So beside the bi-monthly IAS rakings, the OT committee was now all over everybody’s back for money.

    Whatever they ended up collecting, it would have been much wiser to invest in promo or send off another TTC terminal for training, since the building was quite OK as is. Whatever the problem seemed to be with the building, it certainly wasn’t a local problem with the Staff, Exces or the public.

  270. I can’t speak for Mike, but I recall using a scarf to haul a jeep out of the mud once. I don’t think its name was Gary, but it could very well have been. I didn’t ask. The scarf didn’t volunteer.

  271. Shhhhh, the cat has really become sensitive about this sort of thing. I played the Basics release once and I’ll be damned but she went into this trance and started clapping. A muffled sort of furry paw thing that sound like ‘bamf, bamf, bamf’ and then she walked backwards, for WEEKS.

  272. RJ,
    The fact is, Dave’s ‘auditor’ IS the copper rod. Just one. An only one. If it were two there might actually be some vague release across them. For the copper rod that is.

  273. She is delusional.

  274. He knew we’d be watching and his witholds were getting missed.

  275. Awaken Soul

    Has any dm Church done something for their communities lately? Helping the elderly, kids etc.? Can’t even care for their own members.

  276. “and then the clapping, oh the clapping!!! That was the best part because the asshole stopped talking!!!!”

    LOL!!! 🙂

  277. I think it’s easier to make clears out here in the field because we don’t have the “benefits” of executive C/Sing and Sea Org micromanagement.

    I made one clear last year and two so far this year.

    Perhaps we should organize a birthday game in the independent field. It would be a real eye-opener for those still in the clutches of the COS.

  278. DM is living in his own delusional world as 1000ds of Scientologists too. They see things that don’t exist for the rest of mankind.
    If google search is an success index then Dianetics is dead. Also then Ron would be less known then Heinlein. This is no scientific research, but nevertheless if only it shows trends then one can see that after 60 years not much has been achieved re clearing the planet. It seems to me, after living 36 years in a virtual world, that i never confronted the real world and the whole subject has to start again at Zero !
    Google search results:
    Help 6 610 000 000
    Love 4 300 000 000
    Freedom 420 000 000
    Philosophy 239 000 000
    Yoga 197 000 000
    Psychology 147 000 000
    Coca Cola 103 000 000
    Meditation 70 000 000
    Psychiatry 33 600 000
    Buddhism 24 000 000
    Scientology 7 980 000
    Dianetics 595 000

    God 1 030 000 000
    Jesus 398 000 000
    Justin Bieber 259 000 000
    Harry Potter 229 000 000
    Allah 180 000 000
    Barack Obama 139 000 000
    Paris Hilton 89 000 000
    Buddha 68 700 000
    Will Smith 67 400 000
    Elvis presley 40 000 000
    Tom Cruise 33 600 000
    Dalai Lama 21 000 000
    Leonardo da vinci 18 000 000
    Nelson Mandela 15 400 000
    jean jacques rousseau 12 700 000
    Alfred Einsten 6 760 000
    Isaac Asimov 6 555 000
    Robert A. Heinlein 3 820 000
    L. Ron Hubbard 3 220 000

  279. Karen that is heartbreaking. 😦

  280. I suggest she read “Grace and Grit” by Ken Wilbur. His wife Traya died of breast cancer after a 5 year battle. Both extremely spiritual people who did all sorts of alternative treatments as well as some conventional methods.

    It’s quite a moving, well written story. Which will leave the reader eschewing anyone ever saying — OH — you should try this, or you have withholds, or you need to do more of this and that.

    Cancer is an extremely complex disease and guess what — no TWO breast cancers are exactly the same let alone breast cancer and liver cancer for example.

    People who say what this gal posted on her FB page are simply —


    Score another well commented politically correct statement to Mr. Rinder 🙂


  281. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Brainwashed cult members from the controversial C of S lying their asses off, what is else is new? It’s so good to be out of that god damn cult!!!

  282. Thanks for expanding on the confrontation that finally nailed it for you. It truly leaves one aghast to encounter the kind of treasonous double-think these jack-booted RTC characters are capable of.

  283. “they never expected me to find on the “Truth Rundown”
    LOL – that happened to me to.
    While RBing down the line “There’s an SP in the church”
    Good stuff this truth rundown eh? 😉

  284. Tony DePhillips

    See if this reminds you of anybody in terms of coldness and callousness:

  285. Thanks for the invitation CD

  286. Here’s my comment:
    ” 25. I promise not to advocate Dianetics or Scientology only to cure illness or only to treat the insane, knowing well they were intended for spiritual gain.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard

  287. The notice from Karen regarding Heber .
    Can this be explained, because it can be asked If Heber has been beaten spat on punched on and its known from outside what actually is being done about it . I dont understand why its not reported to officials if its documented as such

  288. He totally does!

  289. TroubleShooter


  290. Sorry about the duplicate postings.

  291. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Leni was not an admirer of Hitler, BTW. She did what she had to do. To refuse would mean the ‘camps for you girl!’
    Actually Leni had help from LRH as explained in Leni Riefenstahl, A Memoir – “Dr. L. Ron Hubbard has put his London apartment at my disposal and there I was to translate cinematically the new completed script with him and Philip(Hudsmith)”

  292. I don’t believe Danny will ever defect. He hasn’t the backbone for it. He never had much, and he has little, if any, left now.

  293. Good comment, Sam, just not relevant any more. 🙂
    The active members in good standing of the Cult of Davie don’t follow LRH. They follow the “new, improved, arbitraries removed, know best” of Der Leader.


  294. To all the super-seekrit collaborators who got their hands on this internal Co$ video and got it up online, thank you and please keep doing what you’re doing.

  295. TroubleShooter

    another – huh?

  296. Yvonne Schick


  297. TroubleShooter

    IMHO just as in asking WHERE’S HEBER? until we finally get to see him in the flesh walking and talking and smiling and breathing the same air we do asking SO WHERE’S THAT LRH BIOGRAPHY AGAIN??? or DID YOU SEE THE “SPOKES PERSON FOR SCN TELL THE WORLD THAT THERE IS NO SUCH POLICY THAT DICTATES WHO A PARISHIONER CAN OR CAN’T BE CONNECTED TO? or NOW HOW MANY PERMENANT CLASS IV, GRAD V, DUKES, VIIIs AND XII AUDITORS HAVE BEEN MADE IN THE LAST YEAR ON THE PLANET? LAST 5? LAST 10? OR WHAT IS THE ACTUAL CONDITION BY STATS INTERNATIONALLY OF PC COMPS? WDAHs? VSD? MAJOR COURSE COMPS? (and by that I mean actual LRH defined major course comps – NOT the Basics courses being counted in Div 4) I don’t think these questions can be over-asked or repeated.

    For me personally to ask WHERE IS THAT BIOGRAPHY AGAIN? is a repeating the question as many times as necessary for the osa-plants or guys in the shadows to understand and acquire a reality on the outpoints of the situation and WAAAAAAKE UPPPPPPPP and find the real answer to those questions or minimally start asking those questions themselves!

    It may or may not be effective but it makes me feel better! 😉

  298. A really, really old friend of mine who was on staff at a Class IV org back in the ’70s used to piss off the HAS during staff meetings by saying “HCO Bring Water!”

  299. Much of the “applause” is set up ahead of time. The center of the audience
    is filled with outer org trainees who were given little flags to wave and were told to make a lot of noise. The front rows are filled with Flag executives (that were told to lead the applause through out the event) and brown nose OT VIIIs and celebs who want to look good for the camera. Most of the surrounding audience looks bored and is looking around wondering when it is okay to stop all the clapping over nothing, so they can sit down.

  300. Thanks for the scoop, Mat.

    Seems this is really a cult of 1 hiding inside another cult under the cover of a church. This rabbit hole runs vewwwy deep.


  301. Never heard of her before this post – but after reading through her website, could it be that she is an CofM-approved squirrel?

    In any event, I have lost good friends to cancer who have not-ised (denied) the medical side of the disease and thought they could glow it away.

  302. Friend of Ron

    Great quotes Hayden! That helps to move the confront of evil up higher, which IMHO is the key to seeing the obvious.

  303. Deep Flax was simply too hard for the WordPress rumen to digest. Instead of a well processed cud you got a word fart.

  304. In other words, RJ, if a staff member is doing it right, they’ll get their own personal wake-up call.

  305. JM — How right you are.

    Not only that, he is very well paid. He refuses to join the SO (he used to use the excuser that it was his wife, but she died of cancer years ago) — so he drives a nice car (given to him as an “award” by Dear Leader) lives in a house renovated and decorated for him at the Gold base, has an over-inflated salary, flies around with Dear Leader in private jets, has his clothes tailored for him etc etc.

    The only downside he appears to have in life is that he has to listen to Shermanspeak 24/7 and that is causing his head to recede into his torso…

  306. It gets harder and harder to listen to this guy.

    No matter who you are and what you believe, the one thing you should get out of studying Scientology, no matter if Scientology is absolute Truth or absolute BS, is an extensive vocabulary. If all you apply is “Barriers to Study” and look up your words and do demos and all that – if that is all you do in Scientology, you will come out with a very good understanding of the English language.

    Regardless of anything else, LRH was a writer and had a great command of the language. His use of words was precise. To borrow from Twain, he “used the right word and not its second-cousin.” Read his work, and your vocabulary will improve unless you are already well-read.

    So, when I listen to Mr. David Miscavige, I wonder – how could he be the “leader” of the church and have such a piss-poor knowledge of English? He sounds like a school-boy trying to impress us by using words like “halcyon,” “egregious,” and “plethora.” And then he uses them incorrectly, or “almost” right. Like the use of “literally.” They are “literally” built on policies and tech? Uh, no.

    The line “But as a first word, let me once again reiterate what an Ideal Org represents…” is just ridiculous. That is word-padding and the work of an illiterate. That is someone stupid trying to sound educated and smart, but failing miserably. That is the self-importance of the not-quite-bright. Exactly the guy KSW was warning us against.

    It is very clear from the evidence that Mr. David Miscavige is not a Scientologist. He is betrayed by his language alone.

  307. GH — She is a “Freedom” medal winner. Sort of.

    When Terry McMahon from the IAS flew to Tasmania to ensure all was in place for the Gold shoot crew to arrive and shoot her “dissemination ” spanning the entire state, he found nothing other than a few people she had done assists on in old people’s homes. A total flap. Terry and ultimately the Gold Shoot crew ended up setting up “groups” for the shoot, and basically doing everything she had supposedly done. Her hype didnt match reality then it seems it still doesnt.

    There were frantic efforts made to try and find another winner. Nobody else could be found so Terry McMahon was basically told to stay there until there was enough footage to put a video together. It was a serious flap as everyone knew she was a total sham. She arrived in the UK for the event and it was like a party clown showing up at a funeral. Unreal then, still unreal today.

    Check out her massive dissemination in the state of Tasmania today. You might some frustrated bill collectors, you won’t find groups or missions, let alone orgs.

    With competition like that, no wonder Dave announces Tom Cruise as the greatest disseminator in the history of the world.

  308. But LO, you forgot that the CofS adds to its stat all those hits on Help, Love, Philosophy, and Tom Cruise, since it obviously OWNS all the trademarks on all of those subjects! LOL

    That would at least be a stat where you could see how it was manufactured, as opposed to the stats shown at events.

  309. I know you can hold your own.

  310. Dear Chuck,

    Thank you for that input. It actually cleared up something for me. Once, while I was on the Freewinds and I worked as a simultaneous translator for a Maiden Voyage Anniversary, I actually had the chance to observe DM and some of the then Int Execs prepare for their speeches. I was left with the idea that events had to be filled with sterile data.

    As a translator, were the scripts actually maintained “sterile”, it would have made my job a little simpler. However, there were excursions from the script. Although this is understandable, I noticed embellishments every now and then; still, based on what you told me, I have a better understanding now of the prior process in getting these scripts made. Thank you again.

  311. I think you’re right. He looks much more haggard (and hag-like) and worse for wear in the still shot I saw of this same event. Just part of the post-production insanity that goes into remaking every event so that dm is seen as embodying his vision of his own perfection.

  312. Too funny!

  313. Pop Quiz

    DM’s resume:

    1. Religious Leader.
    2. Narrator.
    3. MC
    4. Producer.
    5. Director.
    6. Actor.

    Select the item that does match the others.

  314. Yes but I’m a social creature.
    And I like our unholy alliance 😉

  315. And I don’t give a crap what ‘OSA’ has to say about it.

  316. Yeah I know.
    I guess the Auditors Code is old, not used anymore…

  317. K,
    Confront of evil or lack thereof? Now that that hits the the nail squarely on its head!

  318. Dear Sassyanon,
    After reading your post, I was left rather speechless. I must thank you, though, for posting this because it is not every day that one hears such dross.

    Although I am quite acquainted with the LRH material on the subject of cancer, I never for once believed he meant for excluding the physical treatment from a therapy to cure this disease. As it has been said in another answer to your comment, any Scientology process must not be advocated to replace medical healing.

    To say that what that woman has said is troubling is quite an understatement. It is factually criminal — at least, it’s the way I see it. Anyone in very bad physical condition would hang on to any hope to be cured and fall prey to the misconception that, through auditing alone, cancer can be cured. I do not mean to minimize the potentially miraculous effects of auditing; however, one must know what one is uttering when one wishes to promote the beneficial properties of auditing where cancer is concerned — cancer is a physical malady. The spirit does not “have” it. Auditing is addressed to the spirit. To address the spirit when one is physically ill is a violation of policy and tech and a Gross Auditing Error.

    Well, here are my 2 cents on the matter; I will not belabor the obvious any further.

  319. martyrathbun09

    You have demonstrated wisdom here over the past days. I am impressed.

  320. Exactly 🙂

  321. True SPF,

    Lenny was a brilliant cinematographer who was between a rock and hard place in Nazi Germany.

  322. I recommend it for everyone Sam.

    Though if delivered in the Church it should be renamed as the “Foot Bullet RD” 🙂

    By the way Marty’s another product of that RD 😉

  323. 2ndxmr I can’t say I was really too surprised when I was visited by the RTC Gestapo with the way things were going I was actually kind of expecting it.

    Funny thing was they almost made it seem like getting the RD was some kind of privilege.

    I mean how 1.1 was that?

    Also after running all the “BPL” or “Black PR Lines” I had which was pretty easy since they were all written in my KRs.

    They asked me one question about whether I black PRed the Ol’man and the rest were about David Miscavige or “COB”.

    Of course since I hardly knew the lil’ rodent as “COB” but only as DM the moron who didn’t know that “Between Lives Implants” was an actual LRH Lecture on Night Line , now the IRS’ and InterPol’s best friend and as the historically challenged idiot who thought “suicide bombers” bombed Pearl Harbor and the one who did an “eval” on technical delivery that could have been written by a mental retard.

    I mean if they had of cleared the lil’ sec check question along those lines it might have …you know…grooved it in a little.

    So the big shock wasn’t actually being pulled in for the TRD but that it was at the bequest of someone who would have been considered under the ADA as “exceptional” and would be taking the “special bus” to school.

    In other words RTC which was supposed to be the ones charged with maintaining the purity of the tech was taking orders from a well connected highly placed lunatic.

  324. There will be a clown. unless he get’s beat up again 😉

  325. Right on LDW.

  326. “To address the spirit when one is physically ill is a violation of policy and tech and a Gross Auditing Error.”

    You can adress both, I am sure there is a way where there is a will.

    People that have cancer seem to have many spiritual needs beginning with people just being there for them.

  327. Hi Margaret,
    No, it was neither Prouty or Garrison. It was a much bigger author. I’m sorry I cannot devulge who it was, as I was bonded on it and can’t mention any names. But at this point in time it doesn’t matter, because DM got rid of him anyway.

  328. Good point troubleshooter. We need to raise hell and TR3 the question as much as we can, and as loud as we can. In fact, I just sent an email last week to someone who worked on the line and asked WHERE IS THE BIOGRAPHY??? I still have not gotten a reply.

  329. martyrathbun09

    Huh,? email me.

  330. martyrathbun09

    Yes, good catch CD. He should have said, and may have meant to say, “spirit solely”.

  331. Okay – so let me elaborate on this a bit. Let us dissect this not from a content point of view, but just from a use of English point of view:

    As for our headway to date, ideal orgs presently equate to better than 1.3 million square feet, but even so, there’s another way to do the math: because the fact is, our 25 ideal orgs to date already introduce more new people to Dianetics and Scientology than all other orgs combined. So yes, where stands an Ideal Org, there lies our future. And while I could tell you about our next million square feet of ideal orgs now on the horizon and presently under construction, well all you really need to foresee the future are the Ideal Orgs I am about to present.

    “to date” and “presently” – redundant.

    “Equate to better than 1.3 million…” – You can’t “equate to better than.” You can “have more than” however.

    “So yes,” – Does DM have “So yes” copyrighted?

    “do the math” – he is not doing the math, because math usually involves numbers, and I see no numbers here.

    “all you really need to foresee the future are” – Rookie. “is”. “all you need” is singular.

    “now on the horizon” and “presently” – Redundant. Two redundancies in one paragraph.

    Am I being nit-picky? Sure, if I am critiquing an illiterate. But the “leader” of the Church of Scientology should be super literate… and he is neither.

  332. I don’t know. But tons of Books are out there now.
    And that’s good news.

    Since many here have stated nothing moves unless it gets DM’s blessings, I assume he must have had a hand in it, ie. approved or authorized it.

  333. Personally a Biography isn’t really a big button with me and I don’t think it was really a button for Ron according to what he says in Quality Counts:
    (begin fair use)
    This morning 1 received a cable from an Org. An urgent cable. Did it say, “How do you assess for a Pro-Hav level”
    or something sensible? No, it didn’t. It said, “Send us some biographical data for a newspaper article.” I spit. That Org is
    doing the lousiest job possible in Technical and is all worked up to get publicity. What’s this? Do they think a society in
    this shape will approve Scientology into power? Hell no! And to hell with this society. We’re making a new one. So let’s
    skip the approval button from a lot of wogs and settle down to work to make new people and better people. Then maybe
    you’ll have a society.

    (end fair use)

    Anyway the story I got from a source that was pretty close to the Hubbards was that Mary Sue was on Ron’s case about a biography back in the late ’60’s since there hadn’t been one published since ’59 which was in a PAB or something like that.

    So he dashed off a three page Info Letter or something like that which ended up on Mary Sue’s HQS Course Checksheet and Pack.

    Man I wished I’d kept that ol’ pack and checksheet because the “old” HQS was such an awesome little course!

    Anyway as far as I understand having a biography written about his life was not at the top of his to do list no matter how much the GO whined about having one.

    That is until Super Squirrel took over at ASI in the early ’80’s as I/C of Mission All Fucked Up.

    Some people called it MAC but I think the above is more accurate and he assigned Jerry “All we’s gotta do is allege” Armstrong.

    You know the guy who walked around with leafy fronds sticking outa his ass who happened to be good buddies with the LAPD CID and probably the CIA who immediately packed up a pick up with phony docs and headed to the late Omar Garrison’s place who was one of the few allies in the press we had at the time and dumped this fraudulent garbage on his door step which may have been a cover or legend of some kind.

    Something that Flecher Prouty had suggested who happened to be an old ally of the GO’s and had written several Freedom magazine articles for them about the JFK Assassination and other Government perfidy when he was assigned to research the Ol’man’s himself.

    Which would have likely “dead agented” a lot of the unmitigated crap that was being churned out by IC groupie Russell Miller and wrong target of attack Jon Atack former victim of the Mission Massacre and definitely one who had a big ax to grind in their appropriately titled ‘A Piece of B.S.’ assisted by none other than Mk Ultra poster boy Ron DeWolfe AKA LRH Jr AKA Nib’s Hubbard who was listed as a one of the casualties in the HCOB of the same title.

    MICE standing for Money, Ideology, Compromise, Ego in the game of espionage would describe them and the lil’ guy parked over at ASI.

    However Fletch who happened to know a lot about the game being played services were no longer required and that’s when Silver Screed (who tries to be) Shakespearean Stuck in Some endless Soliloquy Sherman was brought in on the project and hasn’t gotten a product since.

    Not that it matters much to his employer beyond the point of passing along some torturously purple prose panegyric to the still faithful giving them the impression that a Biography is the offing somewhere in the brilliantly bright future of “Ideal Orgs” filled with clamoring public, OT 9-15 (actually the Ol’man originally said there where 15 levels above 7 but who’s counting?) and Super Power.

    Nuff said.

  334. Thanks for the backstory, Mike. Maybe she was the prototype case for some (if not all) of the subsequent 4th Dynamic win videos!

    “We’re clearing Kinsasha!” (cut to hippos looking like they’re doing TR-0)

  335. Dono your email address Marty. What is it?

  336. You think that’s funny? It’s joking and degrading. Read the HCOB on jokers and degraders.

  337. He did this when on staff in the early ’70s, prior to the HCOB on J&D, so he is off the hook.:)

  338. plainoldthetan

    I already did a point-by-point shredding of this “stat” on

  339. I see this often. One should stay clear of any religion that cuts you of the moment you get a serious illnes.

  340. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Someday you’ll get the chance to run up on stage (with torch in hand of course), and say what we all want to say…

    Tha tha tha That’s All Folks!

    (as they drag DM off to jail 🙂 ) (after which we can have a fire sale of the left over torches!)

    Gary 🙂

  341. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hate to say it, Sam, but DM has effectively deleted LRH from Scientology Inc.

    We’ll get him back soon enough! 🙂

  342. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Jim, do they still allow you to live in Canada? LOLOLOL

  343. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    A proposal for a new name for Dan…

    “Dan the Sherman Turtle”

    (hmm… I wonder if he has an Ideal shell?)

  344. That’s no excuse. Bottom line is that it is 1.1 and degrading LRH’s HCO regardless if the HCOB was out then or not.

  345. Thanks for your input RJ. I am well aware of everything you mentioned. I was a GAS member way back in the mid 70’s and I also worked for the most upstat CCHR chapter on the planet in the early 90’s and got more done than CCHR Int could even dream of. We used to routinely throw any orders from CCHR Int into the garbage (as they were so squirrelly and unreal) and went about getting our products. But after awhile I got sick of all the CI from CCHR Int (probably at the behest of DM that I was not aware of at the time, but am now) and I left. I guess I was a classic example of a good staff member being blown off by an SP. LOL!!

  346. That musta been when Jan Eastgate took over and replaced Tanya after she helped kill the National Medical Enterprises and the Charter Octopus.

    Personally I think that we were too successful and we’re starting to piss off Dave’s “friends”.

    Besides we were actually doing our job instead of getting behind this idiotic campaign to drive down the price of Prozac so Dave’s buddy Feshbeck could profit by short selling it.

  347. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

  348. I know it’s a few months late to comment on this, but…

    (I am not and have never been a Scientologist, but am enjoying looking through this blog for a grand tour of what happens when organizations go completely off the rails, something useful for a potential book project)

    I am an accomplished public speaker, and have presented in front of well over 100,000 people, giving talks at industry conferences on all six continents (a part of my overall job). I have also been interviewed over 100 times on US and European television relating to my expertise. I have consistently been ranked among the top handful of presenters at the conferences where I speak for both information value and effective presentation style. I have been trained extensively in presentation skills and broadcast media classes and have honed my craft through lots of hard work. With that said, here are my thoughts on this presentation:

    1. It certainly sounds like DM’s voice has been enhanced. Nobody with the exception of some news anchors can maintain that much vocal consistency for any length of time. It takes years of constant daily practice to do that; I can’t do that and I have had plenty of training in breath modulation. The thin voice that they’re presumably trying to disguise is probably due to constriction in the torso — he’s not breathing properly. It sounds like there’s a lot of tension in his throat as well. Learning to relax and breathe “from the diaphragm” (i.e., from lower down in your torso, instead of “from the shoulder blades”) drops the pitch of almost anyone’s voice. And it makes you sound more natural, more relaxed and more authoritative. But it sounds like nobody in Scientology is going to risk the consequences to suggest he just get a three day class in public speaking.

    The voice issue doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with DM’s height (Al Gore, for example, has a relatively high voice for a guy who’s 6’1″ [iirc] and fairly big framed, but he’s learned to work around it).

    2. Another reason for the need to reprocess DM’s voice is that he’s speaking way too fast. When that happens, people come across as nervous and non-credible, so they probably have figured out that deepening his voice might offset for that. In my view, it doesn’t. I would estimate he’s talking about 130-150 words a minute; most news anchors roll about 100-110, which is fast enough to get through a lot of material, yet still sound credible and thoughtful. This used to be one of my big pitfalls early in my public speaking expertise, though I had much better tone control than he does.

    3. The immense “data barrage” strikes me as an attempt by DM to shove his viewpoint down people’s throats — telling instead of selling. Effective speakers draw people in and create a sense of intimacy with their audience. They will raise and lower their voices, and they’ll use dramatic pauses, they’ll ask rhetorical questions, and above all, they will alter the cadence, slowing down and speeding up skillfully to create an emotional experience to bond with the audience. Providing data in a speech is only one way to reach the audience, and not only the best one. I once gave a two-hour speech that needed to be laden with immense amounts of data. To keep the audience from slitting their wrists, I used every outrageous trick I could think of. Among other things: I demonstrated the situation the data was meant to underscore by leading 2,500 people in sing-alongs to parodies of 60’s TV show themes, to break up the data dumps. My scores for that presentation were higher than the scores for the beloved (and world famous) company founder.

    I won’t go into what this “shoving data down people’s throats” implies about the Scientology organization; I think many of the posts and comments discuss that thoroughly; this small bit of evidence certainly suggests that the organization is top-down, without a lot of room for dissent. It’s not very inclusive. If I were shopping for spiritual improvement, I wouldn’t be buying it from a guy who doesn’t appear to be able to listen to what somebody else thinks.

    4. DM’s use of a podium and body language are poor. He has only a few basic gestures, repeated like clockwork: a) straighten up stack of papers (which you shouldn’t have on stage), b) move hands out to corners of podium and lean on them, c) with palms remaining on corners of podium, raise fingers an inch above podium, and d) take left hand off corner of podium prior to moving both hands back to position (a). Effective presenters are taught never to hide behind a podium (unless they’re political leaders and the podium is a shield against bullets, missiles, etc). Effective presenters will walk around the stage, moving front to back depending on the emotion being conveyed, and side to side to include the entire audience, or to support a variety of camera angles.

    5. Some posts have said DM is short and probably sensitive about his size, but he shouldn’t let that shouldn’t be an issue if he’s the only one on stage. You don’t have to actually look a certain way to be effective on stage; you just have to leave behind any of your own concerns about how you look. I weighed close to 400 pounds during a good portion of my career. Simple mirror work exercises for a few minutes before I went on allowed me to transcend negative thoughts about how I looked so that I really enjoyed being in front of the audience. DM looks very nervous.

    6. The stage design is too busy for effective presentations — all the mirrorized and glittery stuff might work for a Las Vegas lounge act but it reduces credibility for an important milestone speech, which this is intended to be… A much better way to present would be a bare stage with the backdrop of a picture of LRH throughout, and an almost invisible floor microphone on one side to serve as a “starting point” to signal major divisions of the speech, before starting to wander around the stage again. If DM got rid of the podium and walked the stage, the use of multiple cameras would enable different angles to enhance different moods — a high angle shot showing humility and pensiveness, a low-angle shot emphasizing power and certainty (and also disguising small stature).

    7. Another impression of this presentation is that DM sounds borderline manic. I mean clinical, and I mean in the psychiatric sense. Regardless of what one thinks about psychiatry, the profession has identified clear diagnostic criteria for mental illness that are easily recognized by someone trained in doing so. My ex had two family members that suffered from classic manic and depressive episodes. One of the things you learn to recognize as an early marker for a manic episode is what’s called “forced speech,” (aka “pushing words”), where the person sounds like they’re trying frantically to talk fast enough for their mouth to keep up physically with their racing mind. It may be an artifact of the voice reprocessing, but it sounds a lot like DM is pushing his words. And the overall structure of the presentation, from peak to peak to peak, is almost trying to create a manic experience in the part of the audience. But the way to *really* captivate any audience is to rotate through as many different emotions as you can over the course of the presentation: worry, pride, humor, fear, surprise, etc. Not just blast away with the ego of numbers that don’t really make a lot of sense to me.

    8. Don’t put out bogus data that’s easily proven false. In the brag about how LRH was such a prolific writer, DM claims that LRH wrote more than Mark Twain and a bunch of other guys combined, and says that Twain only wrote 47 “novels, novellas and short stories.” As I write this, I am looking at the Complete Works of Mark Twain on my bookshelf (the definitive 29 volume set) and I find over 100 short stories in just the first two volumes of short stories Twain published. If you throw up a trivial stat that turns out to be easily proven false, you’re never going to convince someone of any of your other stats. I don’t need to have access to the inner workings of Scientology to see that DM is full of shit. One simple nonsense stat and the guy has lost me forever. If praising LRH requires making up bogus data about Mark Twain, then that really says to me LRH is not that special after all. Check out the gaudy rhetoric about North Korea’s top nut-job, Kim Jong-Il.

    Incidentally, on that last point, why aren’t there more comparisons of DM to Kim Jong-Il and of Scientology to North Korea? If I take the stuff on the blog at face value, I think the comparison is quite apt.

    9. The biggest thing missing from a data dump is the “why” of these purported successes. If the numbers are up 10x in the last 10 years above the 100x in the previous 50 (i.e., Scientology is getting bigger off a big size at an accelerating rate, something that’s really hard to do), that’s a golden opportunity to tell me why. If I’m a true believe, and Scientology is really taking over the world, I’m going to feel even better knowing *why* that’s happening, not just that the stats are impressive. Even if your numbers are completely made up and the reason why is complete and utter nonsense, you are going to sound much more credible if you explain why you think the numbers are going up… Tie the accelerating rate of goodness back to specific things that were going on in the organization… In other words, try to take credit for decisions you’ve made in the past to bolster your credibility. Most good presenters would do that, even if they’re completely making s*** up. DM doesn’t give any reasons why the pace is picking up. So he’s missing a chance to cement his reputation as the Most Impressive Poobah Ever by not explaining why the data is what it is…

    The above are just some thoughts about presentation style. Take from this what you will.

    Best regards,

    John P.

  349. Another thing that bothered me: the first number on the screen was the number of miles LRH allegedly logged by 1930 (i.e., by age 19): 251,754 miles.

    This is a number that practically screams to be exposed as a fraud. First, extreme precision always screams “bullshit.” How do you know that the number is not 251,755 or 251,753? It would have taken a lot of work back in the day to find out the exact number of miles on a train trip or steamship voyage, and then log them precisely.

    Second, consider just how much time young LRH would have had to spend on voyages. According to Wikipedia, the “20th Century Limited,” the legendary express train between New York and Chicago, took 20 hours to go 960 miles, or 48 mph in 1925. That meant that if LRH journeyed exclusively by train, it would have taken him over 5,000 hours to log 251,754 miles. And that was on the fastest express train in North America; the average speed overall was probably half that. Hubbard’s Wikipedia biography says that he traveled extensively in the period 1927-1929 and doesn’t suggest much travel before that while he lived in Montana. So if we assume 4 summers of active travel by railroad, Hubbard would have had to have traveled 125 hours per week (out of 168 hours total in a week) on the fastest express train in North America for the 10 weeks of each year’s summer vacation. In other words, he would have done precious little else but sit on a train for four summers to reach that total. Unlikely. that he would log more miles than a railroad crewman.

    The number looks even more bogus if you consider ocean travel. Wikipedia lists the Titanic’s cruise speed as 24 mph (21 knots). Due to its impressive size, it probably had hull speed greater than the majority of the world’s ocean liners in service in the 1920s. The Blue Riband winner, the absolute fastest ship on the oceans from 1909 to 1929, was Cunard’s “Mauretania,” with a record average London to NY speed of 30 mph. So the Titanic’s speed is more realistic as an upper bound of the speed of an ocean liner, and 20 mph was probably optimistic for the lower quality equipment that served far-off destinations. Again, how could LRH possibly have had time to sail 10,000 hours in four summer breaks from school when there are only 1,680 hours available over the entire summer vacation, or 6,700 hours total? And that doesn’t even count time spent in port?

    It took me a grand total of four minutes to look up the relevant facts on Wikipedia to torpedo this number. I doubt any dedicated Scientologists would take the time to do this exercise, but anybody with a little curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism about the Church of Scientology could do what I have done here in about the same time as it took me.

    So the first number on the screen that comes up is a blatant obvious fabrication, and DM has utterly lost any shred of credibility with me, in the case that I were willing to believe. DM’s speechwriter should be shot for using numbers that are so trivially easy to blow holes in.

    If I were writing this speech, what would I do differently, presuming I were just as willing to lie through my teeth as DM is here? I would use a number that wouldn’t be so easily to disprove without a lot of digging. I might say this: “In an age where most Americans had never left their home state and where only 5% of Americans had been to another country in their entire lives, LRH had, by the tender age of 19, been to 22 different countries in five continents.” Then I’d drive home why this number matters by saying, “He had contact with many other cultures and that would lay the foundation for all the research he has done into universal truths of human nature, ultimately leading to all the great stuff that we have here at the church of scientology” (or whatever the point was). The numbers I cooked up are just as bogus as the 251,754 miles that DM flashed on the screen, but they’re a lot more credible sounding, and they have the added benefit of being extremely hard to disprove, instead of being easily proven false with five minutes and trivial math skills.

    So what does this tell me about DM? He is a complete and utter tool, if he thinks that people are swayed by just the size of the number (251,754 is a lot more than 22 or 5, the two numbers I mentioned). If he put the 251,754 miles in centimeters, would I be even more impressed? And either he is an idiot or he thinks his audience is if he expects them to believe an obvious bogus number like this one.

    John P.

  350. John, I don’t know if anyone else will see this, but I wanted you to know that I did … and that I think it’s a great post. I recognize the accuracy and usefulness of your detailed coaching notes for Pope on a Box, David Miscavige. I also appreciate your observation that he is full of shit. Finally, I enjoyed your fine writing. Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to share this.


  351. This has quite possibly been the most enlightening thread ever posted on Marty’s blog. Mike R, thank you for your insights into the Wendy Honnor fabrications.

    John P. thank you for this incisive deconstruction of the DM stage show. Hats off to you.

  352. Wait a minute — this quote from Leni can’t be accurate. It is way, way wrong chronologically. Think about it: What was Hubbard doing in the 1930s, when Leni made Triumph of the Will? He wasn’t hanging around London and calling himself a doctor.

    And refusing to make the film wouldn’t have doomed Leni (and there were no concentration camps at the time). I admire Leni a lot, and I’m sure she didn’t know what was going to happen after ~1936 — but she definitely sympathized with Hitler at the time. This wasn’t uncommon in the world. Remember, the 1936 Olympics (which Leni documented in another great film) were held in Berlin. A lot of non-Germans thought Hitler was pretty cool.

    Sorry to go off topic.

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