Birthday Game Smoke and Mirrors

By Mike Rinder

This segment of the event is a study in the hardest outpoint to spot: Omitted Data.

First omitted.  Guillaume Lesevre used to be introduced as ED Int. Then it became “from International Management” after he had been removed from post.  Now he is just “Mr. Guillaume Lesevre.” Miscavige only tolerates him being in the same event because he doesn’t want to stoop to handing out awards to Missions and orgs (he doesn’t mind doing it to the Platinum Gluteus Maximas who provide his vacation trip/party/meal/tailor/manicurist allowance).  What’s it going to be next year?  “Please don’t clap, here’s Lesevre to hand out the stupid awards.”

Second omitted.  The LRH Birthday Game. They don’t mention achieving St Hill size so all staff earn a decent wage and can go OT with the Universe Corps – that IS the LRH Birthday Game and what he told all staff he wanted in LRH ED 339R.  Today its ONLY Ideal Orgs, and that means “Ideal Buildings” (in fact, in many cases, they are FAR from “ideal” as described by LRH – badly located, requiring massive renos, too expensive). Listen to the Shermanspeak sleaze:  “These orgs play to reach LRH’s target and so become Ideal, at which point civilization changes and destiny is guaranteed.”  Almost sounds like LRH’s target it to become Ideal.  Or, “the only sure route to a wide open road to OT is Ideal Orgs.”

Third omitted. ANY new orgs or missions. The numbers of orgs and missions remains the same, year after year, after year.  Yet, Miscavige’s grandiose description of the “Ideal Org” strategy talks about the orgs replicating themselves – establishing groups and missions in their field and these then growing and becoming new orgs. And there are NO new ones. In fact, Lesevre gives the following stats.  “175 Orgs. 488 Missions. Better than 6,000 IHELP groups, social betterment and humanitarian programs.”  Apart from those stats for orgs and missions never changing, its about 1400 short of the “more than 8,000” that Miscavige and Tommy Two-tone keep announcing (while at the same time asserting the church has “no connection and nothing to do with” an Applied Scholastics school getting negative media near the new “Ideal Org” in Melbourne.” ) Its 2400 short of the 9,000 they now have on the Scientology website:  “Over 9,000 Scientology Churches, Missions and affiliated groups exist in 165 nations, four times in just ten years.” [That IS what it says, I didnt mistype it].  

Fourth huge omitted. Actual stats are few and far between. It’s all smoke and mirrors.  

Belleair next to Flag is the EUS champion mission again – for the fifth time. By now it should be at least 100 staff and 500 WDAHs. Look at the picture of the staff — all 10 of them.

Kaoshuing is top mission in ANZO again. This IS a big Mission. There was a huge “Ideal Org” building bought for it a decade ago?  No mention (though they mention the buildings bought years ago for Capetown and other places).  Must have gone the way of Harlem and Battle Creek and some of the other over-hyped, never heard from since, PR dished out in earlier years.

South Coast Mission in WUS is the most expanding mission in the world. Check out the photo of the Mission staff. THAT is the most expanding Mission in the fastest growing religion on earth?

Toronto Fdn – the second place org winner in Canada. And the ONLY thing mentioned and shown is a drawing of how the outside of their “Ideal Org” will look.  NOT mentioned – they have had that org since the late 70’s!!! It is one of the buildings that LRH directed be bought by the Building Investment Committee. Still not renovated! Why? They don’t have the money! It used to be the biggest org in Canada. Now, you couldnt really explain THEIR failure on not having a big enough building?

Then we get the real sleazes, the Conts where they COMBINE the Day and Fdn “Cont orgs” and contrive them as “winners” – London, DC and LA Org are all sleazed with combined stats. And even then, the few stats they give are hardly impressive.  London got more than 5000 books in the hands of new public – that is 50 per org per week! And that is worth mentioning as one of the most impressive stats in the world of Scientology!  They show 40 staff in the photo of the London “winners”.  That’s one of the big, booming “Ideal Orgs” with a $20 million dollar building on a street with NO body traffic (hard to find a street without body traffic in London). DC gives NO stats, but they win the whole shooting match with “5X Book One hours” and “50X the number embarking on introductory routes” (whatever that means). 

Somehow in EU they imported a bunch of staff to Brussels (they never had more than 8 staff in Brussels org) and they “won” the game.  The proof of their production?  “They welcome more than 500 diplomats, ambassadors and VIPs to Introductory and Sunday Services.”  Intro and free Sunday Services are combined? I guess it gives a clue that all free services are now counted as “Intro Services” – so that probably means “someone looked at an Intro Video in the robot displays” is “a person introduced to Scientology and taking their first step on the Bridge.”  Of course, there is no mention of how many hours they deliver. 

The only org that really looks like it might be doing well is “Scientology Mexico” in Latam.  But the 2nd and 3rd place orgs only get a “building mention.”  But then again, this org and Roma are two recent “Ideal Orgs” so they are probably still staffed with SO member and imports from other orgs (until they have to move on to the next “Ideal Org”).

The SO Orgs are pretty sorry too.  AOSHEU’s big stat is that they “make a new OT every day” – but 7 completions per week on either OT 1, OT 2, OT 3, OT 4 or OT 5 (and that counts one “OT” for completion of the theory course and one for the completion of the solo auditing) isn’t much for an Advanced Org that services “13 time zones and 43 nations.” 

AOSHUK has the distinction of producing “more Power Releases than any other SO Org” (wow) and “extending the Bridge through OT Reunions and Ideal Org briefings.” 

CC Int (these may be the stats for CC Int in LA or the stats for the combined Celebrity Centers that collectively are also known as CC International) sounds pretty impressive with 3000 Basics Completions – but what that really means is 60 books read per week.  They also produced 48,000 hours of auditing (correct order of magnitude for a single Saint Hill size org) but only 1000 Releases. Really? 48 hours per release? Clearly they are not doing the “streamlined Grades” that you can get through in an intensive or two at Flag – because that is 5 Releases. Objectives? Book One? Unexplained and sounds like some pretty horrendous overrunning. Maybe they are bogging everyone waiting for that third swing?

Finally:  An incorrectly included.  Enforced butt kissing of “COB” that is required to be included in every winner’s speech. Yecchhh.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Great analysis. Notice that the most oft-repeated “delivery” statistic is “book one hours.” For missions that is all they talk about. Hey, when I got into Scientology in 77, Missions were measured by the number of Clears they produced. This statistic alone – what they use as a measurement – demonstrates Miscavige has wrought the worst kind of regression and degradation to the subject. Even for the Founding Church they boast of “Book One” hours. Of course they omit that most of those hours are produced by unwilling members of the Nation of Islam who have literally been threatened by Farrakhan (ala Miscavige) if they don’t show up and if they even complain about it.

  2. Felicitas Foster

    Thanks Mike,
    excellent analysis. If that isn’t an eye opener.

  3. Scott Campbell

    Here’s a little counterpoint to Ideal Orgs.

    How about Ideal Beings:

    Wow. What a fantastic decision it was for me to go see Trey. I had been off lines since 1994 after routing out of the Sea Org. My exit was pretty messy and I had a lot of BPC to say the least. I had also never addressed or handled what I originally got into Scientology to handle.

    Trey was recommended to me as top-notch Auditor. I arranged to come see him for an interview and assessment. Of course I knew of him by reputation but this was the first time I had met him this lifetime. He was very welcoming and friendly, yet professional at the same time.

    We went to his auditing room and he interviewed me about what I had done so far on the bridge and what I wanted to handle. Believe me, the stuff I wanted to handle was pretty hard to confront. At the end of the interview, Trey excused himself for a short time and said that he would be right back. When he returned he said “OK. I think we can help you with this”. As we started, I noticed how he looked and thought, “Boy, this guy looks like he’s been through the wars”, his appearance was haggard, tired and beat-up.

    As we progressed through the “cleanup” his appearance (to me) seemed to get better at some points and worse at others. All the while we were handling massive loads of charge on my case and I was feeling progressively better and better. Not too many sessions later we had gotten through it. What a relief!

    Next we started Grade 1. This has been a fantastic action. As we have gone through this level my problems have been dissolving left and right. I am back in PT and back in Action! Recently I’ve noticed that the problems of those on my comm lines are also resolving. My affinity flows and ability to confront and take responsibility have reached entirely new levels. I am enthusiastic about the future that lies ahead of me.

    As I was driving down the road after yesterday’s Grade 1 session with Trey, I thought to myself, “Boy, Trey really looks good lately”. He looks youthful and strong, vibrant and full of energy.

    And then it hit me. “This is what an Auditor does! This is ACT ONE! OH, MY GOD!”

    In Advanced Procedures and Axioms, L. Ron Hubbard exactly describes this procedure:

    “The auditor and pre-clear are a group. To function well a group must be cleared. The clearing of a group is not difficult. It requires but little time. The relationship of the auditor and pre-clear is not parity. The auditor lends himself to the group as the control center of the group until the pre-clear’s subcontrol center is established under his own control center’s command. The role of the auditor ceases at that moment.
    The auditor necessarily owns the pre-clear. He owns the pre-clear on a lessening basis until the pre-clear owns himself. If the auditor wishes to successfully own, to the end of NOT owning the pre-clear, he must not use the pre-clear to the service of the auditor for this establishes and confirms the ownership and inhibits the pre-clear from owning himself.

    THE FIRST ACT of the auditor concerns himself. He assesses the task rather than the pre-clear and assesses the matter within himself. He establishes whether or not he desires the pre-clear to become established under the pre-clear’s own center of control. To do this the auditor may find it necessary to straight-wire himself for the removal of any reason why he does not want this pre-clear to be owned by the pre-clear. He then postulates to himself what he wants to happen with this pre-clear and postulates as well that he can do this task with this pre-clear. He must feel these postulates solidly. If he cannot he must discover why he cannot. Thus the first session’s first minutes with the pre-clear are concerned with the auditor himself. He should take time out from the pre-clear until he himself is established in his task and then readdress the pre-clear. “

    My cognition continued on my way back home. My mind reeled at the awesome magnitude of Trey’s compassion and ability to confront and handle another’s case. When I first met him and he agreed to take on my case, I thought he looked beat up and haggard. Little did I know that his appearance was literally a manifestation, in him, of what kind of shape I was in! Now that I am well and happy, he also looks well and happy! (Sorry about putting you through that, buddy. I really didn’t know how it actually worked until now).

    This awesome responsibility that is assumed by Auditors such as Trey is the exact reason why they are THE MOST VALUABLE BEINGS ON THE PLANET. They literally take on your case, confront and handle it with you and for you.

    There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe the magnitude of this expression of love for one’s fellow’s.

    Thank you, Trey, thank you, thank you, thank you. My words of gratitude do not seem enough. Thank you for what you are doing for me, for mankind and all of the Dynamics of Existence. I shall endeavor to repay you with my good works toward our mutual goals of achieving spiritual freedom for all.

    Scott Campbell

  4. Mike,

    Given your experience as a former executive inside, this will be impossible to refute. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Now, for the several church members who are reading this, even though you are not supposed to be reading it, what are you going to do? Are you still going to support the squirrel of the ages? Or are you going to overcome your conditioning and act on the inteligence that LRH wanted you to use to see things as they are? You decide. I can assure you – when you get away from DM and his post hypnotic hyper caca implant station, you will win with LRH tech in a way never before imagined. Just look at who has recently left, and why they left. Use your knowingness.


  5. I liked the old impromptu speeches by Birthday Game Winners before the days of these prepared speeches read off the teleprompters.

    Guilliuame looks older, but mellower and doesn’t look like he’s got any bruises from any senior staff or DM beatings.

  6. ” They also produced 48,000 hours of auditing (correct order of magnitude for a single Saint Hill size org) but only 1000 Releases. Really? 48 hours per release? Clearly they are not doing the “streamlined Grades” that you can get through in an intensive or two at Flag – because that is 5 Releases. Objectives? Book One?”

    Sec Checking?

  7. barneyrubble

    I wonder if DM has changed the GDSes (Gross Divisional Statistics), other than WDAHs these were never even mentioned.

    Excellent Analysis, Mike though it was extremely difficult to watch the 27 minute video, was barely able to get through it, esp. the acceptance speeches which were so canned.

  8. I have friends that are still on staff at Belleair mission. There are very few students or PC’s there. The auditors get a few hours of auditing per week.
    There may be IHELP (to stop) groups, but there are only a handfull of Field Auditors that still audit on this PLANET. I think that anyone that enrolls in a Bk 1 course is considered to be a “group” whether the data is ever applied or not. I remember a HCOB where LRH states that an org will expand in relationship to the auditing that is occuring in the field. I will find it.

  9. Very good analysis!
    A little correction for Brussels: average staff in the past was around 25 /30 staff, not 8. None of the current staff was authorized to become part of the new Iddle Org, for some “legal” reason (there is a trial going on in Belgium). For the last year, the Iddle org got a maximum of 80 Bodies In The Shop per week, with more than 100 imported staff, in a HUGE building greater than AOSH EU…
    What hurts me the most is all those struggling and dedicated staff, trying to still get the show on the road, despite, and often secretly against Int Management. Paris Org is a good example of it.

  10. Marty,
    “Of course they omit that most of those hours are produced by unwilling members of the Nation of Islam who have literally been threatened by Farrakhan (ala Miscavige) if they don’t show up and if they even complain about it.”

    Could you go into a little more on this or refer me to an earlier post that explains it?

  11. Thought the best speech was ED FCDC. Would have liked to hear what the org stats all were. But maybe shifting attention OFF of stats might be something the public and staff appreciate, I wonder if this lack of stat details in the events of recent, is indicative of LESS stat pushing in the missions or orgs? Maybe DM’s stuck attention on buildings at least takes the heat off staff and the incessant stat pushing of years past.

  12. I put myself on the meter in regards to COS birthday game… results below.

    This is the new Mark VIII meter that is soon to be released.

  13. I managed to catch the end bit of vidio where she says “What do you live for.You live to help others” I want to know, how come Loki did’nt quite duplicate that?

  14. I put myself on the meter in regards to COS birthday game… results below.

  15. Doesn’t look like the link worked in the comment section.

    Here’s the direct link.

  16. crashingupwards

    Thanks Mike for stripping away the bullshit.
    They forgot one important stat. And it s big one. A game changer. Its number of people introduced to Scientology as a suppressive, abusive cult. The figure this year through the mainstream media alone is in the hundreds of millions. And if one were to count the same person over and over as he is repeatedly faced with new and different TV, radio and newspaper exposes, I suppose we could be in the billions. Happy Birthday indeed.

  17. I’m going to puke……….

  18. becomingAware

    Disgusting. Stats perverted to something that does not measure VFP’s.

  19. Your humble servant


    Thanks for your work on these last two posts. They are valuable and revealing. I find myself hoping that the orgs and missions are NOT doing well since I now believe they have become money-draining implant stations. The truths that LRH formulated and the tech of auditing is valuable indeed, but what a confusing, disappointing, and horrific situation it would be for anyone to become a Scientologist now and dedicate himself to auditing and training and to try to “go up the Bridge.” Frankly, he will never make it. He will exhaust himself and his resources trying. If he appears eligible he will become staff or S.O. and work like the dickens to further enrich David Miscavige and give the official organization an even worse reputation than it presently has. Yes, there are wins to be had in Scientology even under the present outfit–to a point. But, at what cost! And we know now that the way has been booby-trapped by out-tech and vicious arbitraries. So, no one is going to really make it “all the way” in the present, official Church of Scientology.

  20. Question to anyone who knows.

    Is the whole Ideal Org strategy a result of an eval?

    And is the rationale, that once the orgs are “ideal” sized, that this will be a better footing for the next stage, “Saint Hill sized”. As it’s common knowledge that so many of the orgs that once had formerly attained Saint Hill size, dropped again to below “Saint Hill” volume production.

    I’m wondering if this was in an Int level eval, these points of former Saint Hill sized orgs falling back to lower than Saint Hill size production volumes, and that it is just too much to expect the orgs around the world to ALL achieve Saint Hill size?

    Universe Corps not even being on the table as a reward to orgs that are not even being pushed to achieve and maintain Saint Hill size, I wonder also, if the out security of the OT materials was a consideration, on top of the considerations that maintaining Saint Hill size production levels.

    My initial knee jerk “reasonable” thoughts behind the undercutting of LRH ED 339R Int major goals, were my above thoughts.

    The problem with formerly pushing for Saint Hill size orgs, and making them a requirement for the upper level parishioners to have the upper levels above OT 8 released to them, I think we all agreed that was a huge obstacle to ever seeing OT 9, 10 and above ever get out to public for them to do. The old Saint Hill sized orgs push was a requirement that truly was so steep, it I think threw a lot of top people into silent tacit agreement that getting all orgs to Saint Hill size was undoable. Against the additional LRH orders that NO orgs were ever to be closed, that effectively made it all almost an unwinnable goal.

    So, despite all of the other ongoing wrongnesses, I’ve had a soft reasonable spot, or realism, about the Ideal Orgs strategies. I’ve personally justified it as a gradient, in seeming response to the undoable “get all orgs up to Saint Hill size volume production” and only then release OT levels 9,10 and 11 and above, to the parishioners.

    I think the movement deserves open access to the Int level evals, about all this. And the movement deserves to just HAVE the tech, no “expansion” conditions placed on them having the tech.

    To me, in retrospect, high toned leaders IS the key. High toned people just make better decisions, no matter what they’re faced with, whether it is LRH’s own limiting strategies, or the perpetual Scientology management problem of the “small and failing” orgs (like the tiny Canadian orgs, the tiny UK orgs, the tiny Latam orgs, etc, etc, every cont has their large share of the “small and failing orgs”).

    There do seem to be some major no win predicaments of the official top management scene, that need some public letting of their hair down with the parishioners of Scientology, and ask for some group decisions on it.

    I remember LRH wrote to ED Int, GL, that if a certain hiring requirement “acted like an arbitrary” then GL needed to know it was within HIS power to handle that arbitrary.

    Someone up top Scientology has to work out the LRH ED 339R Int goals and the release of the upper OT levels, and take “Saint Hill sized orgs” off of the requirements.

    Ideal Orgs seems like a reasonable undercut gradient, and I’m sure the people still in the staff ranks who’ve lived through the 20 years of LRH Birthday Games, they also condone the Ideal Orgs strategy tacitly, silently, without protest for the similar reasons.

    Bill Franks surfaced recently on another chat site. The power that LRH gave to the ED Int position, needs to be worn in a positive fashion, to untangle some of the arbitraries that blowback on Scientology. Bill mentioned, and I recall this slightly, that Bill was considering The Way to Happiness as a possible stragetic shift, since LRH came out with TWTH in 1980, and Bill was ousted in 1981, and things went way harsher and darker.

    I wish somehow LRH’s admin writings could be instantly mind melded, or “learning machine” (ala Battlefield Earth) into some high toned leaders of the movement’s heads, and they undo the major arbitraries, the REAL arbitraries that cause so much blowback against Scientology.

  21. I saw that too Marty. The stat analysis is that the Book I is biting somewhat, but after that they cannot get them into the academy or onto grades. I suspect the Book I makes them interested enough to donate to IAS and then they are blown off the lines. I know of two instances when a new person was on the lines, got Book I, was blown out and then blown off of the lines by dono pressure.

    I was also amazed to hear that LAD is used as the exec training facility for all Idea Orgs on the planet. Isn’t that ITOs hat??? You know, OEC/FEBC at the Executive College. Maybe this is per HCO PL …., well maybe Flag Order….. or SO ED…. hmm. None of the above……

    ML Tom

  22. Hi Mike-

    Thanks for interpreting this warp-speed gobbledygook; Guillaume must have needed an oxygen mask to catch his breath after his delivery. I guess he was in a hurry to crawl back to the Hole.

    Also of note are the standardized love-fest comments from each of the winners to the Lord of Enslavement himself, the lilliputian commander of black tech, COB. Good god, it’s so clear that all of this is orchestrated to exalt the sawed-off sociopath.

    I need another long walk and locational…………


  23. Mike,
    Don’t forget that the 48,000 WDAH at CCI is not all in the chair. One thing DM started doing quite some time back is count Purif hours as WDAH.

  24. Thanks for the analysis of truth!

  25. 7 OTs a week?????

    When I was at AOLA back in the late ’80’s a “stat” like that would have awarded us a CMO Mission with the SO on R&B and all us Non-SO on half pay and Ivan in an aggravated state.

    Ivan would have really been Ivan the Terrible 😉

    We usually averaged about 3x that many that is 20-25 per week and I remember one week we hit 38.

    7 OTs a week is a pathetic stat.

    Most Pr Pr releases?

    Did they actually say how many?

    I mean if you run one case on 5 and VA I think thats a total of 12 releases if I remember correctly.

    Anyway as you say Mike.

    All smoke and mirrors.

  26. For me, THE MOST BORING piece of TRIVIA nonsense which perpetuated for YEARS was this kind of thing at a “COB event”~~

    ++++++ A Police officer (images) in a Country in Africa ( unknown country ~~ never heard of it )~~ did a “Way to Happiness” course and UNBELIEVABLY had his entire team sign up for the course (images of happy Africans on Course)

    +++++ In the depths of South America some Priest/Shaman/Holy Man in
    ( unknown country ~~ never heard of it ) loudly tells his village the wonders of Dianetics.

    +++++On some banana Island in the Pacific ( unknown island ~~ never heard of it ) the Chieftan (image of a guy who looks like he is costume for the Gold photo shoot) tells of an incredible win of his toe healing.

    etc etc etc.

    Not a word on a US Org, a US Mission, a US stat, a St Hill, no Stats given of what is going on in the United States ~~ although in the main these are Clearwater/Los Angeles audiences ~~ but dribble about a 3rd world country success story of some isolated photo op.

  27. Mike;
    No disrespect meant towards your well written post, but as I was watching the 1st two minutes of Mr. Guillaume Lesevre (honestly I couldn’t take more than 90 seconds of this B.S.) spit out words faster than the the race horses could run I was left with a big YAWN!!!!

    I need to go outside and get some space and fresh air and ask myself WTF questions.

  28. Mike, wow . There are so many outpoints that I found myself gagging while watching this. “Idle Orgs are islands of santity?” Not.

  29. (OTDT set me up to be able to anonymously post these leaks directly. I found this one in the shredding file. Deep Fax)

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB
    COB Personal Public Relations Dept.


    ***Confidential and Vital***


    Without COB there would not only be no elaborate events, there would be no Church of Scientology left on this planet. His leadership is unsurpassed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It is no secret that COB’s 1st Dynamic is in a sufficiently high enough Condition that he has no restraint in holding himself up to the world as an example of competence and dedication in compliance with The Way to Happiness campaign of Setting a Good Example.

    Without COB the Church would have deteriorated to a broken-down, do-good quasi-religion being led by some former actor or a guy who’s English is nearly incomprehensible or even a rogue maniac.

    COB is here to serve and save mankind. Proper acknowledgements help keep suppression off his lines and keep him uptone so he can do a better job for you. When not acknowledged, suppression can creep in on his lines, bringing him downtone and THAT’S when his tremendous energies may be misdirected, a phenomena that is to be avoided at all costs for the sake of our religion.

    Therefore, so as to pre-empt suppression, help keep COB on target and his eyes on the mountain, it is now mandatory policy and the duty of every single Scientologist to follow this policy.





    4. BEING COB.

















    COB Personal Public Relations Director


  30. blipblapblippity-blap

    That rhythmic clapping with all theme music is so artificial. No one is visibly clapping like that, and that many white people do not spontaneously find a beat. Scientific impossibility.

    Sorry, but how do people eat this bowl of shit over and over again?

  31. martyrathbun09

    Right Tom. LA Org is supposed to be the grounds where ITO runs apprenticeships. But exporting their book one a thon has further depressed the orgs as the event evidences.

  32. martyrathbun09

    In fact, for the first time in history, that mainstream media made a distinction between the mind bending Cult and the philosophy of Scientology. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given them the time of day.

  33. martyrathbun09

    That woman is a stone cold bot. She couldn’t run a body let alone an org. The only stats of FCDC were ordered NOI followers onto Book One. They should have had Farrakhan accept the award.

  34. martyrathbun09

    I think you can find it on the search feature in the right hand column by punching in Farrakhan and/or Nation of Islam.

  35. martyrathbun09

    The total staff shown in that photo was about half of Div 6 of the Portland Mission 1977. And there were a couple dozen missions like that in the US.

  36. Question with boldness

    I just watched the beginning of the event and had to turn it off. I happen to know FOR A FACT that the South Coast Mission in WUS has NO ONE ON COURSE MOST OF THE TIME! This is disgusting lying, lying and more lying. There are four auditors at the mission and two of them are Dianetics only auditors. How could this Mission be number one? Because the other missions worldwide have even less WDAH and student points. There are maybe 10 staff total at South Coast Mission in WUS and most are very part time. The Mission is open Monday – Friday noon – 6:00.

    The Birthday Game is now completely distorted and full of lies. What a horrible 100th Birthday for LRH.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Purif and Obectives – and I bet Book One.

  38. martyrathbun09

    You’re welcome Guillaume.

  39. Jack, it does seem funny, doesn’t it, that the event could be forever-and-a-day long but Gillaume had to speak so fast, as though he had no time? Kind of like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland pulling out his pocket watch and saying, “I have no time!”

  40. Thanks, QWB, when I saw the view of the South Coast Mission I was wondering if it was “padded.”

  41. I truly do not know how those who attend these events do it year after year. I haven’t attended one since 1988, and it was painful then, although nothing like the utter bullshit this video shows it to be today.

    I had a long, sweet phone conversation today with an OTVII friend in California who has moved far away from L.A. to get out of “the fishbowl.” (WH, this is our dear mutual friend.) She is so happy being removed from that scene. Her solution, like mine, was to withdraw and then withdraw some more.

    Her son is still in the church, so she won’t cause a scene. She loves LRH and listens to PDC tapes weekly, sometimes daily. But she doesn’t use the word “Scientology” in public anymore.

    Just Me

  42. Good for you Scott!

    VWD Trey!


  43. Thanks Mike, that’s 26minutes and 12 seconds I’ll never get back. I notice the same run on sentences that Miscavige uses. It makes it very easy to to miss the fact that little of substance is being said.

  44. one of those who see

    A very important point! Glad you mentioned it here. And very well done and thank you to you and others that contributed to the differentiation.

  45. +1 That is the sister of Luri Belotte (RTC Rep Freewinds.)

    You can meet her husband (Clyde Andrews) in this vid..(the 7:00 minute mark is the most telling.)

  46. one of those who see

    Exactly RJ and lets not forget that was the stats 25 – 30 years ago! If more and more people got trained standardly since then. If management were on policy, imagine what the stats would be. Truthfully if the stats of 2011 were even the same as 1982, that would be an indicator of something terribly wrong.

  47. Chuck, it was the result of a crashing misunderstood concept, symbol or word on the Data Series 40 “The Ideal Org”.

    In that PL LRH Talks about Qual and HCO being relatively empty. DM talks about the whole building being empty. LRH says that the students would be graduating all on fire to audit. DM says that the buildings have top of the line fire suppression equipment; virtually impossible for a fire to exist. LRH says that the PR area control would be such that no one would dream of threatening it. DM says HIS PR area control is such that Marty woudn’t dream of threatening it. LRH said “Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing; grooving in and handling each of its functions , with each of its divisions doing more and more of itsd full job better and better.” DM says “Bilk millions of dollars out of the public, shave some off for yourself, then throw massive amounts of money at a new building, slam-dunk the staff there, (borrow them from other Idea Orgs) and ORDER them to do well.”

    Did that answer your question Chuck?

    ML Tom

  48. Thanks Li Po. Yeah, I forgot about the legal case and how the old org staff couldnt infect the new org. So every one of those people are imported. Amazing. Everything is done for “PR” and appearances.

  49. Chuck — the lack of mention of stats is for only one reason. There is nothing to talk about!

  50. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome Scott!!
    Awesome Trey!!

  51. crashingupwards

    True enough, Marty. And you go out of your way to make the distinction and most of us here understand the very real difference. As that difference continues to be explained and become more real to the public the Independent field will continue to grow and flourish. The one thing the film showed to me was there is still a great desire by folks for a solution to their woes, and scientology still attracts them.

  52. Simon Bolivar

    Book one hours come from the Basics, since those are mandatory people do also the course and audit book one, once they have finished the old Scints that fell in that “CRAP” the hours of bokk one shall start to get less and less.

  53. Right dog. They count as half. And CC does do a lot of Purif delivery. So, that may account for some of it.

  54. Karen,

    Right. And the main reason for that is because even if they have someone like that in Los Angeles or Clearwater if they would agree to be video’d (not too likely given the PR of the C of M) anyone would know they were just another “Joe Blow”, but some exotic looking witch-doctor is far more interesting and you forget you are looking at just ONE person. And the final reason — nobody can ever track those guys down to verify the facts.

  55. Hope you’ve recovered Jack. Sure was nice outside today!

  56. plainoldthetan

    It is one thing for Marty or Mike or me to say “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. It is another, and welcome, thing to be able to see Toto pull back the curtain and reveal what that man behind the curtain is actually doing. With enough time to say “what?” and by replaying the video to say “what the f—?” and replaying the video again to say, “that can’t possibly be the truth”.

    Happy Birthday anyway, Ron.

  57. Scott – beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  58. Chuck
    Prepared, edited and rehearsed to ‘perfection’. Just like the Flag graduation (with the compulsory addition of thanks to COB and RTC for Standard Tech and a hand to LRH)
    Shame of it is Dave Petit is a wonderful and charismatic speaker under normal circumstances. In this video he looks and sounds like a ‘mini me’.

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Speaking of out-points, here’s one that has always stuck with me.
    You have an ED of a floundering Org that gets removed either temporarily or permanently and “sent for correction”. This ED gets sent to a Sea Org unit in L.A. or Florida or wherever. The “impression” is that they are being sent somehwere where people are “experts” on the Admin tech and supposedly can “debug” anything. The truth is that these people that are supposed to be doing the “correcting” either don’t know how to do it or they are not allowed to do the right things to actually correct the ED.
    This is a total farce.
    In my opinion, no class V Org should have to pay “upper management” one thin dime until THEY gett their stats up and can prove that THEY can get the product.
    You would think that management would take some responsibility for the sorry state the Orgs are all in, instead of justifying them. They are false reporting and that equals a LOWER CONDITION for “upper management” and the highest ranking “manager” is dm, and he is a TOTAL FAILURE. Stop paying these people PLEASE!!!

  60. barneyrubble

    Vicki Shantz is worse. She used to be nice, completely different valence these days.

  61. Not to mention using LA org, in my humble opinion, is total out exchange. FEBC trainees from other orgs going into an “established” org in order to “train” created a wierd feeling. As one who tried this, I felt like I was betraing my own org by utilizing skills elsewhere that should already be booming?
    1) It wasn’t. LA Day was dead even when I was there.
    2) What has LA Day done to deserve the attention of FEBC’s coming and “booming” them along?
    3) Encouraged quicksilvering, regging trainees to join LA staff and/or S.O.

    There is no policy, nothing in writing, on any of this. Another arbitrary on the lines that “makes sense” and yet somehow… not!
    ugh. don’t get me started. 😉

  62. Did anyone else notice the adroit addition of ‘ideal continents’ in one of the speaches?
    Is that going to be included in the ‘stats’ in the future?
    Number of square miles of ‘ideal continents’?
    What a load of codswallop.

  63. One is made to acquire a taste for it. DM is expert at convincing people he is serving them Chateau Brion, when he is in fact serving them S–t on a shingle.

    In that game, he is a stellar upstat – brilliant and without peer.


  64. .

    There was no eval.

    Dave had told the world that OT IX and above would not be released until all orgs were the size of Old St Hill. He knew he had NO management (he had destroyed it and taken everyone off post) and thus there was no hope of this target being attained. And he knew the public would know it too.

    He needed something else to take its place and came up with “Ideal Org” (it has NOTHING to do with the PL of that name, it was merely used as a term that SOUNDED on Source).

    The first one was Buffalo. Entirely coincidental — org was going to be purchase by the City under eminent domain, he saw an opportunity to get money from the City, put Eric Lieberman on the case and then with his usual bravado told everyone (left) in management that HE was going to take that shithole Buffalo Org and make it into something. There were all sorts of missions sent and people from all over the world poured into “making it to right for COB” and the building was gotten and renovated.

    This was called “the Buffalo strategy” to begin with and because it was so “successful” all orgs were ordered to do it (problem was that most of the strategy involved things that couldnt be duplicated unless COB himself was involved as nobody could authorize or justify the mass musical chairs, bypass of lines and financial irregularities required to follow the Buffalo pattern).

    The next orgs were Tampa, Joburg and Madrid. Again, they all had special circumstances.

    Joburg was in the center of the city and it was literally unsafe to be on the street — the Flag Rep had been murdered and his shoes stolen outside the org so they HAD to move.

    Madrid was a horrible, tiny old failing craphole and Dear Leader was trying to deal with the Government there to grant religious recognition (and Tom Cruise was having a 2d with Penelope Cruz who lived in Madrid).

    Tampa was a crap hole in a strip mall and was embarrassing to Dear Leader –and he told Angie and Jenny Linson to get the dilettant Flag Public active doing something about their local environment (he is very disdainful about the public other than for the few seconds he shakes their hand and smiles when they give millions to the IAS).

    This BEGAN the “Ideal Org” “strategy”.

    And it was perfect all round.

    a) The one thing he doesnt lack is money, so he could BUY “expansion” by buying buildings.

    b) He made the OTAsses responsible for the Ideal Org strategy in their area. They couldnt very well complain about not getting OT IX when THEY were now responsible for getting all the orgs to be “Ideal.”

    c) It became another massive income source.

    d) No Universe Corps required.

    Utter genius — unless you actually wanted to reach out and get people in, onto and up the Bridge. For that, its an utter disaster.

  65. QWB — Thanks for the info. Tells you all you need to know about the massive expansion in the Mission Netwrok. This is the Mission that expanded MORE THAN ANY OTHER MISSION in 2010!

  66. Scott, lovely success story and cogs. Trey, very well done, big guy. Good on ya both.
    Just Me

  67. Guillaume Lesevre’s talk seems to share the pacing and turns of phrase of Miscavige’s speech. I’ve heard this “voice” in some of the promotional videos, too. Is there one person who writes (or directs) all of the public speaking or narration at Scientology events?

  68. Even worse Tony is that the EDs are probably getting a good dose of “Black and Reverse” laid in.

  69. All of the guest speakers at this event sound look like they don’t mean to sound like what they are saying is true.

  70. Scott Campbell

    Thanks you guys,

    I had to tell you! Sorry to cut across the thread but I couldn’t wait!

    Love, Scott

  71. Couldn’t watch it. It’s all bull shit. The lies in the PR are outrageous! I’m looking forward to the recoil that always happens when you lie in PR!!

  72. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Deep Fax,

    And thank OTDT for setting you up. Let him know that I want him to set up a permanent laughing/ack machine in his universe, so when he or you post something, he will automatically get me ROTFLMAO!!!! If he doesn’t see it in writing all the time, he will “KNOW” that it is there. Starting right….NOW!!

  73. whoaa Nelli, hold on to your horses, they be talking so FAST!

    Merriam Webster Dictionary
    fast-talk transitive verb
    : to influence or persuade by fluent, facile, and usually deceptive or tricky talk

    fast-talk (fsttôk)
    tr.v. fast-talked, fast-talk·ing, fast-talks
    To persuade, mislead, or obtain with a smooth line of talk: fast-talked him out of his money; fast-talked her way into the show.

  74. So, I’ve read Mike’s analysis and read almost all the comments. Do I have to watch the video, too? ‘Cause I really don’t want to. H

  75. I noticed this, too. Has Guillaume Lesevre always talked like that? His cadence is identical to David Miscavige’s. The words are rattled off with no time for any meaning, but an intention to pummel and dazzle, and every sentence punches the last word in an elongated drone down-pitch:

    ” …in every league of PLLAAY.”
    “….until we crown our world CHHAMMPION.”
    “… these stable are filled with birthday LLEGENDS.”
    “….in the eternal city of RROME.”


  76. martyrathbun09

    By any means necessary? Thanks, Tom. What is Clyde the glide’s post?

  77. martyrathbun09

    JM, I don’t know why she has to shy away from the word. I’ve yet to see anyone hold it against somebody (in regular life – and not to the lurking haters) when that somebody clearly makes the distinction between the cult and the philosophy. Quite the contrary.

  78. Scott Campbell

    Good point, Tony.

    You’re right that it’s a HUGE outpoint that the “corrective” actions are not effective at reversing stat trends.

    Many times aboard the Freewinds I saw S.O. and Class V org execs come for “correction” only get caved in confused and fired back to “get the stats up”.

    IMHO Independent Scientology is the only solution with long term viability.


    1. Heber Jentzsch walks onstage as MC, welcomes everyone and then announces that David Miscavige has been arrested, declared, sued in civil court and all his squirrelling has been located and fixed.

    2. Enjoy the 15 minutes of genuine roaring, clapping and hooting and hollering.

    3. a) Entire team of Int Execs walks onstage with their Lower Conditions written up, completed and each delivers an apology.

    b) Their ethics officer comes on and has their ethics folders and shows that each one located DM as their current SP and all SO Executive Directives and policies that germinated the seed of DM-type behavior were located, corrected and will no longer be part of the culture.

    c) Sea Org members’ pay increased, proper medical care instituted, mandatory days off and vacations, child care instituted with proper education and supervision, mandatory family time, and hands off relationships.

    4. Intermission while Dom Perignon champagne is passed out and everyone has a party during which enjoyable music is played and refreshments served.

    5. Part II of event: Bring out the Top Auditors, that is, ones who audited the most, give ’em a plaque and some money and a vacation.

    6. Bring out some staff who’ve proven competence and have inspiring stories to tell.

    7. Bring out some public PCs who’ve handled major life problems and have accomplished something in life they otherwise wouldn’t have.

    8. A toast with more champagne.

    9. Announcement of the lowering of prices.

    10. Announcement of the firing of existing lawyers and all PIs.

    11. Announcement of cancellation of all SP declares.

    12. Announcement of amnesty for all RPF members.

    13. Announcement of cancellation of Ideal Org program to be replaced by original Birthday Game.

    14. Announcement of abolishment of IAS, to be replaced by original HASI.

    15. Announcement that Original Comm Course is to be put back in all orgs.

    16. Announcement of implementation of policy of no over-regging.

    17. Announcement of cancellation of mandatory 6 months checks on OT VII.

    18. Announcement of new OT V co-audit for all properly trained public and any other available action or rundown.

    19. Announcement of all SCN materials being put onto computer disk for availability to public and available via internet with proper subscription access.

    20. Announcement of cancellation of all donation statuses with new policy that any donations over and above the cost of services will only be accepted anonymously, no commissions paid, and only announced in one worldwide sum as part of a yearly financial report conducted by an outside accounting firm and released to all members of HASI.

    Grand Finale: Party continues ’til dawn with intermingling among all staff and public while continuing to enjoy champagne, music and gourmet refreshments.

    Conditional Step: roof may have to be replaced on building next day.


  80. Operatingwog

    I can’t imagine why they would choose the DC org for world champion when Sparrow’s vids provide such clear evidence that it’s completely dead.

  81. This is truly sad. No real stats or numbers. “Thousands and thousands” of new people on the bridge. And a dog and pony show!

    The tacky race horse and Howard Kosel metaphor is an epic fail. The words Mr. Lesevre is speaking are not his own. It’s the voice of one person speaking through many puppets.

    The long shots panning the attendees don’t match the audio track. Those people are clapping rather politely, but the vocal track is amped cheering, screaming, whistling and shouting.

    There is a little pocket in the center of the room that all happen to raise white handkerchiefs and wave them in cheers. Are these the hired actors? Or is it just a coincidence that the only hanky-waving attendees all sat down together in the middle?

    The corporate management may enjoy the metaphor of riding people with a crop, but this metaphor is not worthy of the subject of Scientology in my opinion. It’s even tackier than those diet drink sales conventions.

  82. OTDT could you have had Deep Fax warn unwary readers of the dangers of going into hysterically, hilarious, (I’m Shermanizing here 😉 gales of laughter while consuming hot or cold liquids or food stuffs.

  83. Mike, I think this analysis makes you Der Leader’s biggest fan. The kind of fan that clears a room. For sure when it clears, there ain’t much left.

    Bruce Pratt

  84. This is exactly what originally attracted me to SCN.
    VWD to boy you and Trey.
    I haven’t seen that in SCN inc. for two decades or more.

  85. Yes, it was the result of an eval;
    DM wanted money and evaluated how to get the maximum income for the minimum exchange. To extract donations you don’t need to audit people – they pay for a seat next to DM at a Dinner.
    Much cheaper than training auditors to deliver a tech DM doesn’t understand anyway.

  86. Boz,
    I remember many LRH advices where he ordered that LAD be THE model org, seem to remember points he made that this should be easy with management right next door, and an AO and ASHO right next door for their winning public to take their selectees.

    A damning statement f0r a management and organization unable to accomplish that over 30-35 years despite massive resources including those you describe having been thrown at it.

  87. Like when Orange County went St Hill size and John Woodruff got up on stage and quipped “They’re still cheering back in LA!”

  88. V — you may find this hard to believe, but Dear Leader thinks he is THE MASTER PUBLIC SPEAKER. He has all sorts of sycophants telling him this all the time — he will stand up some other speaker (like Guillaume) and in front of a group of Gold Staff say “Do you think the public would rather hear from me or from this guy [points at GL] who nobody can understand, who drones on in his foreign language and who makes every word sound the same?” The unison reply comes from the assembled Gold staff “You Sir, of course.” Then some “brave” soul will add “he sounds like he is retarded” and then a few more might chime in.

    At which point, Dear Leader is momentarily satisfied and issues an order to “IMPR” or whoever it is that is at least pretending to be in the IMPR Unit — “Karen, you take Chee-eater here and you make him watch 5 of my speeches — start with the IRS one as that one was the best — then you load his speech into the telemprompter and you drill him until he can impinge like I do.”

    Not a joke.

  89. martyrathbun09

    Mike, You are right. And we should add that Ideal meant Ideal per HCOPL The Ideal Org. It had nothing to do with MEST. It had to do with delivery of Scientology. Yes, there is plenty of LRH in issued Sea Org publications that the org closest to management should not only reflect that Management unit, but also be so productive as to easily be able to support it financially. Love that you checked in with your wisdom. Miss you pal.

  90. Watching Eyes

    Great analysis. Fifth omitted: Scientology.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant summation of truth Ralph.

  92. OTDT

    I do not acknowledge you enough, but think your Satire is Brilliant and accurate as well.

    Keep it up !

  93. I think this “ex-” ED Int – Mr. Lesevre was on some timer, so he had to speak that fast(otherwise he may steal the show of the Leader) . Sadly enough is that he looks like a puppet, because the “Int Mgmt” that was constantly acked in the past events has now seemed a forbidden term. Replaced with the One. There used to be B’Day newsletters showing weekly how each org is doing in the game. But I rarely saw them since 5-6 years ago and I am now wondering where those Ideal Orgs would be ranking in the actual B’day game chart.

  94. The biggest outpoint I see is omitted space. None of the people who spoke had any space of their own. LRH had space and presence.
    Guillaume Lesevre sounded like some racing track commentator.
    A lot of the stats are Book One auditing?????? Why are people using that now when far superior tech is available? Isn’t single flow engram running out-tech now?

  95. martyrathbun09


  96. Absolutely correct enccas.

    If anyone speaks in an event other than Dear Leader they are a) given a time limitation at the outset, usually unreal to cover what needs to be done and then b) when the speeches are drilled they are forced to cut things out of the speech if they can’t get it done within the alloted time. There is a lot of make-wrong that goes along with this. Miscavige gets his speech put together and timed and then he tells everyone else “See, I can stick to my time, I dont know why you can’t stick to yours” (er… because your time was based on how long you took and the others were based on how long you wanted them on the stage stealing your limelight…).

    So, GL had a time he had to be done in. He was told numerous times nobody wants to hear from him anyway, so he should get off the stage as fast as he can. He knew if he went over the alloted time he would be punished.

    End result — at the end of the “sentences” he was rushing through like an auctioneer he starts looking like he needs an oxygen tank. It is difficult to understand him. And he looks like a fool. But that is all way less important than whether he ate up some of Dear Leader’s time by running over his allotment.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Yo bro,

  98. Good point Sam,
    These award recipients all appear to walk on eggshells and be “careful of” and not genuinely happy of being “winners”. Seems they do know and realize that something is really faked & contrived about all this as they really haven’t been playing 339R and the “Birthday game”!

  99. Tony Dephillips

    Yeah buddy, that was off topic.

  100. Best I can tell is NoI liason. (And married to Org ED, so OTA, etc.)

    At 2:20 in this vid he admits his culpability in railroading another protester…

  101. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Or like a clean samurai cut leaves no immediate trace, ain’t felt, but the head falls off.

    Bruce Pratt

  102. martyrathbun09


  103. He calls that “impingement”? omfg

    It’s more “slime”. He doesn’t “impinge”, he slimes all over you. ugh I have to take a shower now….

  104. Tony Dephillips

    Stone cold bot. Love it.

  105. No stats for the number of Haircuts or Massages delivered to drive new public in?

    I’m deflated.

  106. Why are people using that now when far superior tech is available? Isn’t single flow engram running out-tech now?


    As you remember it was back in the days when the Orgs and Field sold a lot of Dianetics books per the HCOPL ‘Books Make Booms’ where I think the Ol’man mentions DMSMH a whopping total of 50xs.

    So he issued an LRHED called ‘Ridge on the Bridge’ and Book 1 auditing and Training Seminars became an Intro Service.

    Well it seems somebody upstairs probably decided it was a brilliant way to cover up for the lack of trained auditors in Orgs like say the Volunteer Ministers Program actually started a few years earlier than that but didn’t become “mandatory” (I hope I don’t have to point out the obvious oxymoron) sometime in the late ’90’s and the whole Book 1 thing just took on a life of its own where Missions that had been decimated of trained auditors after the famous Mission Massacre started delivering nothing but Book 1 auditing like they now deliver practically nothing but Volunteer Minister “hours” currently instead of any real auditing which from what I understand can now only be delivered at the “Mecca of Technical Deception”.

    As I wrote it is a *Div 6 Intro Service* but now it seems that virtually the entire Corporate Organization is stuck in Div 6 with the introduction of the so called “Basics” and have sunk to the status of what we used to call a Field Group.

    Also let’s face it Ralph.

    Book 1 which is pretty much run by the book without a meter is far superior to anything delivered under the rubric of the “Golden Age of Tech” 😉

    Too bad they manage to kill off any wins the PC had on Book 1 by turning them over to a Red Sealed robotic Golden Age of Tech Auditor.

    Probably those few fleeting wins the PC had on Bk 1 are the only thing that keeps them going on the Brick Wall they call the “Grade Chart” these days in the “Church”.

    Technically its easy to get a PC running on Quad flows after single flow Book 1 tech if you know how to fill in undone flows and have accurate W/Ss of the PC’s Book 1 Auditing.

    Even without those all is not lost if you can assess an L3 and do an L3Rundown.

  107. one of those who see

    This is horrible. Makes me want to just get Guillaume out of there!! I would rather hear him speak normally and at his natural pace with the accent (which I find a pleasure moment) any time.
    The inval you guys were the receipt of in the CHURCH !!!!!!! of Scientology is really…, makes me want to cry.

  108. I’m worried about Guillaume. He doesn’t look so good these days.

  109. In my opinion, there is less rationality to this than meets the eye. Miscavige doesn’t understand freed beings, except to know they are somehow a threat to him. However, he does understand MEST, i.e. real estate. Hence, expansion of Scientology means acquiring as much square footage as possible. And as far as he can tell he is winning at this game, and everyone around him tells him he is right.

  110. one of those who see,

    I met Guillame back in the late 70’s and he was a real cool guy to talk to.

    Also after Ron died he contacted me on the SO #1 line and asked me how I was doing?

    He was a caring individual at one time that like a lot of the Int Management Structure has totally gone OOV

  111. Scott Campbell


  112. Scott Campbell

    So seldom heard of that I felt I had to remind people of what actually occurs in a real auditing process.

    No where else in this universe can you get the same type of help.

  113. I’m sure the biggest stat in the Church is the kiss COBs butt stat

  114. Yes…and all through the Real Estate bubble in the US in the 90’s, SOR stats “soared” as the value of the RE holdings increased….each new appraisal up was used as a justification for “doing the things that won”.
    Which had NOTHING to do with TECH DELIVERY.

    False stats are False.

  115. Scott, that’s cussing awesome! Trey’s been one of my heros for a long, long time. It meant a lot to me when he (even he) left to become independent.

  116. Question with boldness

    You Go Girl!

  117. Scott Campbell

    I agree Marty. They are usually quite curious about it.

  118. You said the Flag Rep was murdered in Johannesburg. Could you please give date, time and event so I don’t get hung with a mystery here? I have an earlier similar on the Portland thing. Thanks.

  119. Scott Campbell

    Never happen. Don’t want it to.

  120. Scott,
    I’m basking in your happy. Thanks buddy.

    Thanks Trey 🙂

  121. Scott Campbell

    “KCOBs BS” is a GDS now Ingrid. LOL!

  122. I’ve tried a couple of times but can’t do it. Sigh….

  123. Escept my husband keeps turning it on so I get a bit of inundation that way.

  124. OTDT–LFBD F/N on every step! Thank you!!

  125. It is a great analysis. Yet at the same time, I would wager that deep down in their hearts, everybody sitting in that audience must surely know that they are listening to “PR” bullshit. How could it really be otherwise? We’re in the midst of the greatest economic downtown this country has seen since the Great Depression, and there is no real money to be made in either the stock market or in real estate. So how the hell can anybody really afford to go up the Bridge on their income alone? Not me, man! For the vast majority, it takes Investment Income to go up the Bridge. Most people don’t go up the Bridge on their personal income alone. And there IS no money to be made in investments these days, generally speaking. Yeah sure, some small number of people are probably still out there making money one way or another with investments, but they are in the small, small minority. Many, many people I talk to are already upside down on their mortgages. So when you just simply look at the state of the economy, you have to realize that Scientology stats MUST CERTAINLY BE DOWN. It’s just like Harley Davidson, they’ve fallen on hard times because people cannot afford to pay $20,000 for a new motorcycle these days. So if that’s the case, who the hell can afford to pay $50,000 to $100,000 go Clear and beyond? NOBODY , man! NO-BODY! The audience sits there and applauds, not because they don’t know it’s bullshit, but because they want to show their support for any effort to keep the dream alive. But they know the stats are bullshit. We all know the stats are down.

  126. Ok, I just have to say, this guy makes me wonder where the line is between protest and harassment. There’s got to be a line there somewhere. I’m not saying he is wrong or right. I’m just sayin thats not my style and that tone level grates on my nerves.

  127. Did anyone catch the mini-rolling thunder that Dave Petit launched? He’s another tyrant mini-DM robot. Used to be a decent guy, now a total tyrant.

  128. Ingrid, I’m shocked that a girl who looks as innocent as in your picture there could talk like that. AND ROFL!!!

  129. Guillaume was a wildman, when I knew him, he had character. He was a leader and he was very inspiring. He has been assaulted as a soul so savagely that he is but a shadow of what he used to be. He was a loving father, a leader and a proud frenchman, all of these things have been stripped from him, he has lost his personality. I’m shocked at the “winners” and how they didn’t mention him at all. He is a huge omitted. He is not introduced as ED INT and that is an outpoint that every Scientologist (who has been around for over 10 years) detects as an outpoint and it lingers in their mind as an outpoint.

  130. Awaken Soul

    Church members whose wallets are empty are ordered to donate time and help audit book one. And there’s short of staff, so training them as book one auditors is fast, then they at least can have a stat on auditing.
    That might be the reasons why this is a
    stat worth disclosing. When the public hear the word “auditing” on the event – then everything is “fine” as it should be.

  131. Awaken Soul

    This must be The Ideal Event!
    Great analysis. Especially the omitted data.
    Imagine how much “thinking” involved in the event creation to cover up truth. No wonder DM looks tired. Having a hard time micromanaging everything.

    New stat:
    Well done thinking hours to cover up the real stats… That must be in affluence for years. Maybe the show it on the next Ideal Event. The graph will look great! Clap clap

  132. Scott,

    I respectifully beg to differ. Your “diversion” from the thread is actually not a diversion at all, but is more to the point of celebrating the TRUE legacy of LRH (with an exclamation point), in stark contrast to the pseudo celebration offered by his Holyness David Maximus Miscabbage.
    Thank you Scott.
    Thank you Trey.

  133. He liked “shit on a shingle” for breakfast – the army term for chipped beef on toast.

  134. Excellent analysis Mike. You certainly spotted a lot of omitted data. Well done. By the way, I was on the mission for LRH to buy the Toronto org building back in ’79 and you are exactly right about it.

  135. Wow, Thanks for that bit of data QWB! I really wondered if there was anyone on the blog who was familiar with that Mission.

    For this Mission in the LA/OC area to have massive expansion is contrary to what I’ve read of Missions closing their doors or downsizing by PlainOldThetan:

  136. TKU Mike for the interesting data. I am afraid I couldn’t sit through watching that midget arsehole performing for an entire event. It used to be good when Heber and the other Int execs were present. It was bad enough having to go when on staff. Events were engramic, all that forced regging before one gets to go to bed.
    I have just heard that Melbourne Org cannot afford to pay the electric bill and some of the staff are living in the org because it’s cheaper for them and a few days after the SO mission left there were a couple of blows.

    I hope the dwarf chokes on his whisky some night.
    The times I stood in line for pay after graduation to be told, “There’s no pay this week.”
    I had 2 kids and the nanny had no food money so I had to use my personal money for their school lunches. I was hired out for hundreds of $ per hour as an auditor and they have the cheek to give me $85,000+ freeloader bill after 10+ years of using my own money if I wanted to eat decent healthy food rather than the slops we were served.
    It makes me want to puke when I hear how he lives while the prisoners/slaves scratch out an existence.

  137. Seeing a SP Declare after his duly appointed Comm-Ev by the Church of Scientology’s Board of Directors would be enough of an event for me OTDT.

    I probably couldn’t go near a meter after that because it would probably just go into a persistent F/N 🙂

  138. The Church is becoming effect of it’s own smoke and mirrors. Take this week. I find someone in front of my home taking photo’s of my home. Before that I busted someone going through my trash. Then I go to the mailbox and find Sea Org recruitment promo.

    That’s confusion. The Church is in a condition of confusion.

    Somehow just noticing that makes it seem impersonal.


  139. Joe Pendleton

    Ha, ha, Marty. Now that would have been something for ol’ Louie to have gotten up to the podium……..and three hours later….but no one would have left the auditorium, that’s for sure.

    A comment on what you posted last week re: Miscavige’s smarts: I haven’t been to an event in 5 years, but in looking at just this 26 minutes (and I watched it BEFORE reading Mike’s analysis), one can definately see the “positive” effect this would have on an audience that entered the building hungering for good news to believe. This kind of event DOES indeed contribute to creating a certain reality and a certain universe that keep staff and public “enthused” about the movement. I’m just saying that I can understand why some of my friends at the local org are still enthusiastic (when they talk to me anyway) about staff and the org. Of course no one EVER tells me what the stats are – and I ask occasionally. I live in another place now, so can’t check it out for myself (and wouldn’t go into the org anyway even if I was in town).

  140. Joe Pendleton

    OTDT – not to rain on your parade at all (would I do that?)..but I can’t let your post go without a comment on Heber. As I once wrote to Karen#1 on a post, and having seen Heber perform in person since 1972 – with all due respect to the great man Heber has been, it MUST be pointed out occasionally that he did indeed enable Miscavige for over two decades; he supported him and PR’d for him, while also helping to set up the IAS. Yes, I understand what has been done TO him. But…….he needs to take responsibility first…and so that would be the first thing he would have to do at the event. No?

  141. Joe Pendleton

    His “speed talking” almost painful to listen to. But….I will say this though… The challenge (and no doubt intensive drilling for tons of hours) of getting all these words out at these events has made Sir Willie’s English (as far as just being able to hear clearly each word) very clear and understandable these days. Not much of a French accent as it was 15 years ago. Of course, he probably doesn’t get back to France very often these days……..(he’s not Canadian, is he? I don’t want to commit a faux pas here, as we say in the old country)

  142. Journey Continued

    Christ I found the whole thing bloody restimulative! It was like I was being sucked back into a past incident – being at Flag or in the SO. Fully of hyperbole, gobbly gook, spin and outright lies! DM out spruiking his snake oil again.

    Scientology expansion was never going to happen when incompetent management (at all levels) all played the blame game and consistently agreed to any new Why that could open the door to a handling in their own minds.

    The Church of Scientology will never survive, let alone flourish and prosper, while they do not create a safe environment where people can come in and avail themselves of standard tech and go up The Bridge. Management, now and as far back as the Mission Holders Conference (at least), has been actively making a very unsafe environment for staff and public alike.

    Who in their right mind would agree to join a group that is going to fleece you for everything you have got and more, or subject you to horrendous working conditions with no reward for your contributions, possibly imprison you in a gulag, order you to commit illegal acts, and then when they are done with you, through you out on your ass penniless and in poor health, and then proceed to persecute you, your family, friends and colleagues. Who in their right minds is going to dedicate their life and their resources to going free, when the technology of freedom has been so abused and corrupted that the only freedom they will ever see is the freedom to become a robot.

    How on earth can one expect the tech to go in in that kind of an environment? No, as per KSW 1, what you can expect is a massive worldwide PR and legal backlash that will and is occurring and that will bring the whole corrupt organisation to its knees.

    The CoS, its organisations and staff, and all the public are so out of ARC with one another, and so out of ARC with the world around them, that it is impossible for any real progress to be made on any dynamic. What is possible however is that just creates and enforces the very barriers to freedom that LRH developed Scientology technology to overcome.

    Sorry for my rant, but I find the destruction of the CoS, the tech, and scientologists throughout the world, and the shattering of a dream repulsive. And to see this snake at work trying to sell this crap really pisses me off!

  143. Joe Pendleton

    Ingrid, would we shorten that stat to “KCBs”? (kiss COB’s butt stat). And the Cl. V winner of the new KCB game with 1,000 KCBs each week (they quota them at each muster, for staff and students, and at graduation and for each division before people are able to leave the org each night)………is little Okeefenokee Org, right there in the wetlands of Georgia, which proves you’re never too small to be a champion ass kisser.

  144. Journey Continued

    P.S. Please forgive my haste and my numerous typos

  145. Video offset around 16:10 „SH size is just around the corner“. Maybe this is the next strategy. To tell the publics that SH size is still the requirement of the release of upper OT levels.
    By the way I had been on staff while my org made it to SH size. Shure it could not maintain that level of production. And now one could think that SH size orgs are a non reachable goal. But how we reached SH size in the first place? By delivering lots of auditing and those that got the auditing went Clear and OT. That released quite some charge on this planet and in the munich area (you know munich, 3rd Reich and all that charge from NAZIS, even older „practices“ that had and still have the purpose of enslaving mankind.). That made it possible that more new publics came in and those made it up the bridge too. Nowadays scientology is degraded into self help, make money and be superior to others game. That is not the point. We did scientology to un-enslave us and the world. Especially by confronting the roots of all that. And especially in munich that had been quite a task. In the 70ies I walked around in the city and I could still feel the presence of all that that did happen in the 40ies. We did clear that by removing that charge. On the one side it may be impossible to do OT 9 and above with some major 3rd dynamic charge unhandled. Or on the other side of the coin if you do OT only to better yourself and be superior to others you have not earned to go OT. Thus that is the real reason why those desperately trying to go up the bridge empty their pockets only.

  146. Thank you Scott.

    One of the most satisfying parts of being an auditor is that I can audit people like you that have contributed so much to making the tech available to others.

    Whenever I did internships, I always particularly liked being able to audit staff members. Staff members have always contributed so much to helping others achieve spiritual freedom. They were always promised that if they joined staff, they would also be able to benefit from the tech as well, but in practice it rarely, if ever, happened.

    Being able to audit people like yourself is a small step towards remedying that injustice, and I’m glad that I can do it.

  147. Mr. Guillaume = To0 fast to grasp.

  148. El exauditor

    That would be an awesome event I second this post

  149. El exauditor

    I remember a good friend of mine who said DM dazzled like a “used car salesman” when he saw an event and was new to scientology. I let it pass at the time. But, come to think of it, he really does promote like a “used car salesman”.

    Even more, I think this was an insult to used car salesmen, no offense meant to anyone 🙂

  150. Yeah which is a shame.
    I know Dave Petit plays the Birthday Game for blood and the staff at CCInt work long hard hours and are about as dedicated as it gets.
    It’s just cruel that the basic truth in all of this is that they are off purpose and sitting on a big fat withhold; They know (and can’t confront) that something is seriously wrong.

  151. scilonschools

    Love your style Mike! Information with humour, you’ve hidden your light under that bushell for faaaar tooo long!

  152. “Dave had told the world that OT IX and above would not be released until all orgs were the size of Old St Hill”
    You know the problem I always had with that illogic?:
    Expansion means constant growth from the bottom up (field group to mission to org). So if you are constantly expanding (from the bottom up) then each year you will have new orgs as the missions expand.
    All orgs will be at different stages of growth at any one given point in time.
    So how is it ever possible that all orgs will be Saint Hill size at the same time?
    It isn’t a doable target.

  153. Tom
    IMHO it wasn’t a crashing MU but deliberate and pre-meditated squirreling.
    What DM is doing bears NO resemblance to HCOPL THE IDEAL ORG and DM knows it.
    It just so happens that one or two lines from the policy can be twisted into DM’s agenda.
    Seeing as no-one is being taught LRH policy anymore (as it’s old and not used anyway) who would know any better? If DM says that the public must be fleeced to purchase big, expensive, empty buildings because it’s what LRH wanted then it must be true.
    How many OEC/FEBC grads this year Davey?
    Ahhh yes. Ignorance is bliss.

  154. ++++ Mike, thank you for all the work and the great analysis.
    You are completely right with it.
    I´m so sorry, you had to get through this pain again, while watching the video.
    But somebody has to do the dirty work. 🙂 ++++

    Thank´s for the refreshing picture you just painted in my mind, ODTD.
    It feels good, I like it.

    Thank you Mike, Marty and all the other bloggers for your insightful and a lot of times very humorous input.
    You demonstrate such a free and creative spirit.

    This whole BDG video is such a Muppet Show!
    I’m sorry for the bad analogy, Muppet Show was at least a funny comedy, while this is a sad tragedy.
    Those speaker doesn’t look like being there in a easy relaxed fashion and communicate to an interested audience.

    They look more like hunted by some invisible, unseizable and unknown ghost.
    The ghost of a nearby SP.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back.
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as
    intended and designed by LRH:

    By the way Dave boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavidge – your dear wife?

  155. Truth of the matter is DM is knows he is violating LRH tech and policy. The problem is he doesn’t agree with it and it doesn’t suit his purposes.
    Any crashing MUs he does have are more likely to be in the region of ‘thetans’ and ‘OTs’ as he sees them as a threat. But then again, that could just be because he’s an SP.

  156. So much false cheering and unhappy faces in the crowds.

  157. My god ! What happened to GL ? He looks like a clown, behaves and reads like a robot or a cheap salesman and gives one the impression of being an idiot !
    Unbelievable !
    Sad…very sad…
    We sold about 20 000 Lrh Books (not booklets) in one year as streetbooksellers and were about 10 to 20 people, without being on staff, just like that !
    How comes that an ideal org with a huge manned up div 6 only sells 5000 books in a year ? They must be working very hard to hold the stat down !
    What are they really doing ? writing reports ? daydreaming ?
    horrible !

  158. OK- how about the 2 “Vana White” SO girls with the kisses and trophy. And seriously- who writes these speeches- it does sound like he is announcing a horse race. I cringed watching this then laughed. Its amazing how you would have to lower your perception to actually go into agreement with this foolishness.

    Marty or Mike~ one question:

    When you guys were in and would do these events- was there still a part of you that saw the silliness of the whole thing, or did you at the time not see it?

    Great post Mike. Thx for the data. God they look silly.

    All the best,


    UCONN by 6

  159. Fantastic Scott and Trey.

  160. Thank you Mike for this.
    You know, this is such a unbelievable thing to me.

    I received in the early 90′s some personnel letters from ED Int. Guillaume Lesevre.
    If there is ONE WORD, which describes the writer of this letters, it would be: CARING.

    Dave boy made such an other determined clown out of him.
    To see and find out, what this good man had and still is going through, is heart breaking.

    Free ED Int. Guillaume Lesevre!

  161. Mike/Marty, You both have hit the nail on the head with these points that it is all smoke and mirrors. I received two different emails just today about what liars and squirrels you both are.

    The real stats tell the story and show who are the real squirrels and liars truely are with the mumbo jumbo pooof we have a sparkling large empty building with no one there Saint Hill size???? BIS? WDAH? Course/Auditing Completions? GI? VSD? These stats are pitiful.

    ML, Jan

  162. Co$ publics might assume that the creation of the “ideal orgs” will be followed by a major dissemination campaign that will flood the org with new people.

    But I have little hope for that … I have not seen an effective dissemination strategy for years, despite of ads on tv and internet.

  163. crashingupwards

    Thank you for the dream and dare I say prophecy. It will come to pass. Just as Jules Verne’s writings of a man on the moon over a hundred years ago, your description of the New Dawn in Scientology Event is equally predicting a certain future. All the announcements and points you touch on are real and valid.
    The amount of unease in that audience was palpable. The message is getting through. Seeds of truth are planted and growing.

  164. He needs a glass of red wine and some country air

  165. scilonschools

    Did LRH intend DM to use the information in his HCO 7 Aug 1979 “False Data Stripping” this way?

    Click to access 1978_79.PDF

  166. And at the event there’ll be a toast to OTDT for making us laugh so much. You have created such a fun space here at Marty’s which I’ll miss when the leaks ends and DM is gone. But I think I can live with that 😉

  167. They’ve been trying to recreate the Book One boom of the 1950s ever since The Basics fanfare died down, what with the “new” HDA and the latest Dianetics DVD (which is actually quite good in fairness).

    IHELP, when not whoring for the IAS under the guise of VMing in Japan, has been pushing this in a pretty big way of late, claiming that “missions and field groups have come to the forefront of strategic importance as the front line of Scientology’s advance into communities everywhere.” Funny, the UK OTC says pretty much the same thing about “Ideal Orgs” when they come begging.

  168. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but as in all things there are gradients. And two gradients have become steeper and steeper over the past seven years:
    a) Scientology products on the decline, while LIES become far more blatant and frequent.
    b) Miscavige attempting to usurp the place of LRH.

  169. Actually — those people who are IN the church are deeply in debt and part of the upside down mortgage situation.

    What galls me is spending countless MILLIONS for a building when a nice clean uptone friendly place is what LRH has already said is how Orgs should be.

    Clearly those in the audience must SEE how even people with TONS of money hide their wealth these days by driving small cars. The big HUMVEES are off the road by and large and I believe no longer being sold like they were years ago.

    It’s an embarrassment at best and an utter appalling statement to how little care there actually is. 1/10th of the money for one of those buildings could bring water to a village, or build a homeless shelter in South Central, or a school for at risk kids.

    But no.

    dm needs his monuments. Well, until he stops drinking his hands will continue to shake, his temper will continue to flair and soon his liver will begin to revolt and he won’t be the first person to have early alzheimer’s induced by years of drinking.

    That is a fact. Drink hard, long and you just might forget who you are dm.

    Which would be a blessing actually as it must be difficult to live with yourself.


  170. Que?
    Brain doing a flip-flop!

  171. scilonschools

    Thanks Marty, In laymans terms what your saying is .
    If you are selling an Apple putting a finger over a small blemis is sort of Ok, But when that Apple is past it’s prime (ie. Rotten to the CORE) it’s more of a case of concealing it and just talking about it?

  172. Absolutely incredible comments from all hats involved: auditor, pc/pre-OT, friends! Standard application of Source to bring about standard/stellar results. Hallelujah!!

  173. “That’s one of the big, booming “Ideal Orgs” with a $20 million dollar building on a street with NO body traffic (hard to find a street without body traffic in London).”

    LOL, very hard. And yet they found one. The stretch of Queen Victoria Street the org sits upon is deserted at weekends bar the odd tourist who has strayed too far from St Paul’s Cathedral. During the working week the only peeps walking past are city suits from Bank of New York Mellon who have nipped out for a sarnie at lunch time.

  174. Expelled4Life

    GL’s “speech” would make caffeine nervous. Surreal. Manic. Sad.

  175. This squirrel admin is so gross that no one dares to look at it. Here is what Ron would say to this Naked King:

    From HCO Pol Ltr 14 Jan 69 OT ORGS:
    Some guys are so bad off they set targets like “move the mountain” and give one and all a big failure. Since there’s no way to do it and probably no reason to either, that’s an SP target. So what MUST be done means just that. What is vital and necessary. Not what is simply a good idea.
    Here’s some MUST targets as examples:
    A. Get tech delivered 100% in the org itself.
    B. Get the public aware of its being delivered and wanting it.
    C. Get the admin machinery in to get the public in and out.
    Or another series:
    D. GET 10,000 trained auditors into the org field.
    E. Get the public aware of the project and wanting training.
    F. Set up terrific 100% snap-pop courses to handle the flow.
    Or another:
    G. Get a £100,000 reserve cushion.
    H. Get all accounts staff and executives checked out on finance policy.
    I. Shove the throttle down on promotion.
    J. Deliver fantastic service.
    K. Get enough tech people in training to handle the flows.
    L. Find bigger poshier quarters to handle the flow when it rises.
    M. Get all staff onto the OEC to diminish flow line flubs.

    You get the idea.”

    Note: enphasis is mine

  176. Ah, Kirsi, but OTDT has also shown he can describe ideal scenes. We can always use ideal scenes! H

  177. Guillaume is in dm´s speed (nonsense) talk valence.

  178. The biggest stat in CofM is the dm “cog”-sucker stat.

  179. The worst torture would be to force prisoners to watch and hear this video again and again.

  180. I would imagine orgs are putting more people through Book One as a means to make money from those who cannot afford to pay for Scn. (A couple of intensives for Life Repair is still way out of reach for the average joe newbie).

  181. I think the Birthday Event may have been a bit of an eye opener for some people. My parents were pissed that they were pretty much told they had to attend this Birthday Event and have been fuming about it since they got back. My mom was surprised that there were people there who were not Scientologists. My dad is old school and thinks statistics are everything and not long after they got back they had an argument when my dad showed my mom this:

    “The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is: How many training auditors exist in its area. The individual statistic of Saint Hill is: How many trained auditors are there in the world.
    HCO P/L 4 October 1967 Issue I Auditor and Org Individual Stats (OEC Vol. 4, p. 118)

    He’s been on about it since to the extent that he’s been phoning people up asking about how many auditors there are and stuff. Then over the weekend my mom used my computer to look at some sites. She hasn’t said anything but I know she was shaken by what she’s learned.

  182. martyrathbun09

    Take a look at it. An international campaign to run one flow engram chains without a meter. In an organization that makes becoming a trained, meter auditor nearly impossible, and makes getting up to NED ever more impossible. Brain flip indeed.

  183. Ingrid you got that right!

  184. Love it Scott. Love it.

    ML Tom

  185. She has had different experiences.

  186. The events I’d like to see:

    Perp walk.
    Mug shot.
    Bail declined.
    Spread ’em.
    Orange jumpsuit.

  187. SpecialFrog

    As far as I understand it, you can’t “harass” a group, unless the group is so small that it effectively constitutes harassing individuals.

    While it may be annoying, it is both peaceful and legal. Additionally, it harder for them to body-route “raw meat” while it is going on.

  188. Sam, agreed.

    I agree that Davies problems are much bigger and MUCH earlier than any MUs on policy or tech for that matter. I was just trying to tell Chuck that DM isn’t capable of doing an “eval” much less understanding the Data Series. I read about his “evals” and how he tosses them out like one-sentence utterances. Ugh. The rest of us mortals had to spend weeks on getting them through AVC even though we did apprenticeships at RTC on them.

    DM reminds me of the character in Lensmen series called “Gray Roger”. Gray Roger was a major SP who continued to plague earth throughout its short history. Gray was Nero, then later was Wilhelm Kaiser and then Adolf Hitler and so forth. He was the same SP whenever there was major strife and trouble. I believe Davey is the same type of thing. He has a lot of traits of earlier suppressive personalities.

    ML Tom.

  189. Los Feliz Mission is “Street smart, hip and cutting edge”? I wonder who wrote that part of the speech. As if someone holed up at Int would know street smart.
    Narconon L.A. was street smart, hip, and cutting edge. A.B.L.E. shut that place down for being street smart, hip, and cutting edge. People drive in Los Feliz they don’t even walk on the street unless they are walking their dog. It’s an ELDERLY and UPPER MIDDLE CLASS community. If anyone on staff anywhere was “street smart” they were considered dangerous and watched like a virus. Street smart is A.B.L.E public. Maybe they think Los Feliz mission is “street smart” because Madonna’s mansion is there?

  190. Thanks Marty.

    Thats the one thing- I always laughed at. Can you imagine LRH using a teleprompter for a BC lecture? Never. He just spoke with and from his heart, just like the past spiritual masters.

    A religious leader speaking from a teleprompter is hillarious. You gotta laugh at that, man. Its so MESTY. Theta is alive and free and spontaneous and always speaks from a place of truth aka the heart.

    Great Post man. I have learned a lot from this post and the comments.

    By the way- the anonymous video- where you commented “sick” was ridiculous. I line charged watching that three times.

  191. Totally correct – the outpoints are beyond gross.

    I would almost bet that if you asked any SO staff to actually read the PL titled THE IDEAL ORG (which the whole (s)tradegy supposedly is build on) they would not see what Ron describes but instead substitute it with the glitz and pompous Dear Leader implants them with.

    LRH hardly mentions anything in there that deals with MEST. As to how flashy an org should look he only says:

    It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public.

    And that PL is made to be the foundation of DMestrology!

    As an aside that PL was written on 12 March 1975, a day before Ron’s Birthday. My Lord, what a BD present DM managed to fabricate!

  192. Oracle: That’s patented Shermanspeak…

  193. Can someone give me a quick “cs” for some assists?

  194. And I don’t mean quick as in do it quickly, I mean it shouldnt take long.
    Just looking for suggestions from somebody more trained than I.
    I can put my email here or I can write to an email address, or I can just write the details out here. Doesn’t matter to me.

  195. I like yours, too.

    Alternate Route:

    Chinese Haircut
    Indian Wrist Burn
    Draw & Quarter
    Boil in oil
    Hog Feed

  196. ThatWasAwesomeHeather

    I’m laughing and laughing. Thanks for that!

  197. Awesome, Maxwell. Both parents waking up to the lies at the same time. Let us know how they go!

  198. GetTheConcept

    For what it’s worth, when I was still in the church and watching these events and wanting good news that would justify what I was doing with my life on staff for 25 years: When I saw a guy in some far-off unheard-of land who got a win from Dianetics and then disseminates it to his group, I would “reason” that if it is happening that far away, it must be happening in a lot of far-away places.

    I also “reasoned” that “management” is prioritizing dissemination to lots of widespread areas so that it is so spread out that it would be too hard for governments, etc., to completely wipe it out on Earth.

    For me to have been “reasonable” like that I had to have already been gradually gotten into the frame of mind that Int Management and RTC were the essence of competence and trustworthiness. Little by little, small agreement after small agreement, I had been conditioned to believe this.

  199. Brain flipped a 18o.
    Having a ‘duh!’ moment.

  200. GetTheConcept

    Thanks QWB. If anyone else knows of specific lies in addition to this and in addition to the ones that Mike has exposed, I will accept them in avalanches.

  201. wow !
    Some years ago when we used to go to some events, our weekends were horrible. We were fuming then for 3 days as all that what we heard didn’t make any sense and we tried to understand it !!!!

  202. I remember that Mission! Man was that place hopping!

  203. GetTheConcept


    Thank you for this very detailed write-up and false data handling.

    I would like to be able to debunk any current church member (assuming I could first get them to listen to me at all) on their ideas of how Scientology is expanding at an incredible rate, and that it is because of David Miscavige, the savior of Scientology.

    Specifics like you have given here are the only way I can see that I would be able to do this. Please keep them coming.

  204. Did anyone notice that Guillaume looked away from DM when he shook his hand and looked at the wall instead. I can totally see why.

  205. Karen, I hear you and agree….$85,000 freeloader debt, I think NOT

  206. Wowza! They’re waking up 😀
    Thanks for the story Maxwell.

  207. Brian, lol…the two “Vana White” girls, I had the same thought!

  208. Bozz

    I remember the STCC evolution at LA Day in 1994.

    At the time, 9 FEBC Graduates (yes, grads sitting around for months and months, years and years and not being fired back to their orgs due to Arbitraries Expanded) where pulled off the ATC and sent into LA Day to launch the New STCC. Target was to get 75 on to it in two weeks or some such.

    It took two weeks full time for nine FEBCs to get 60 starts. Then back to ITO. Even with hat and lines turnover, the route collapsed and the students (50% of which were “retreads”) blew off the course.

    A few months later at an event, I remember running into an FSM who got 12 or 14 new public selected and started on the course; none completed, none where on lines.

    It was as if LA Day couldn’t waste the public fast enough.


  209. Something of an inversion of development: the tech continues to develop and expand forward on the time track, then slowly DM shrinks it back down the time track to it’s origin: NOTs through standard tech through basics through Dianetics.

    But each one is an inverted alteration.

    Soon, he’ll be giving courses on authors LRH read while developing Scientology, then stuff LRH studied while a teen, then stuff LRH read as a toddler.

  210. Yeah I used to live around that area during the mid ’80-early ’90’s and it was pretty hip until they gentrified it and turned it into “City Walk II”.

    So I’d say they were only about 20 years outta PT in that assessment.

  211. Absolutely sickening that Kim Belotte would be awarded anything other than a year-long trip to a jail cell. This miserable being is the central dirty player in the trumped up stalking charge fair game attack against Brian Mandigo, aka AnonSparrow.

    Belotte’s despoiling of a law designed to protect women is reprehensible and is a slap in the face to the thousands of women who are actual victims of harassment and stalking.

    One can only suspect that her central role in this foul plot pleased the malicious dwarf and was responsible for her “victory” and stage appearance at the centennial event.

  212. I agree George.

  213. Great Insight !!!

  214. Trey,

    I totally agree with you here.

    One of my first post in a Scientology Org was as a Staff Staff Auditor 🙂

  215. Its amazing how you would have to lower your perception to actually go into agreement with this foolishness.

    That’s exactly it.

    25 years of deliberate gradual dumbing-down of the membership so they swallow this shit hook, line and sinker.

  216. No offense taken Ex El.

    Actually when I saw the little rodent on Night Line I thought he was a slick lil’ weasel though I didn’t make this revelation too well known.

  217. Sam,

    This is why I believe Miscavige pushes “the Basics” instead of Standard Courses in Policy and Tech.

    Not that there is anything wrong with learning the Philosophy but there is a lot wrong to using it to distract people away from *Standard* Policy and Tech.

    This why course now take *forever* in the Church.

    However enough of what I have to say about this.

    This is what Ron says:

    Fair use from LRH ED 107 INT

    11. Courses should be fast, auditing drawn out. This is the exact reverse to what has been happening. Slow courses
    and fast auditing destroy the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. Fast courses and long long hours of auditing
    are the route to real gains and solvency.

  218. Chuck, I can imagine just one relative sane reason for Ideal Org (buildings).
    If the worst case happens with world economy (the monetary system breaks down completely) then the ORgs (staff and publics) would have a stable point in physical universe, from where they can operate. (If the building is fully paid without mortage).

  219. Free the Sparrow ! And RAEG about the Atack on Nono the Clown.
    Yes OSA atacks clowns now adays. He has been with the protest from the beginning.

  220. Totally gen this. Our ability to make rational and irrationality, especially when that irrationality is couched in the guise of something kinda sorta reasonable. And when the contextual, relevant data surrounding it is omitted, I found it harder still to detect the irrationality.

    Bruce Pratt

  221. Thank you, Maxwell! The truth cuts through to unshakable simplicity –>

    “The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is: How many training auditors exist in its area. The individual statistic of Saint Hill is: How many trained auditors are there in the world.”

    HCO P/L 4 October 1967 Issue I Auditor and Org Individual Stats (OEC Vol. 4, p. 118)

  222. Sam,

    Aside from any other factors.

    Is the following PL:

    (Begin Fair Use)

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Sen orgs can be put. They are:
    1. To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an org over others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1.
    When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2.
    When you get in Ethics the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves).
    It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all dynamics. And that we prevent orgs
    being used as means to oppress others.
    The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on policy and correctly. And we will advance.
    LRH:jp.eden Copyright (D 1967 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    (end fair use)

    Guess which one Miscavige believes is the proper *use* for an Org?

    Of course we could look at the fact that Standard Ethics was never gotten in by those who could have put his ethics in.

    Like an auditor who fails to get control back in on the PC and allows the PC to “run the session”.

    I believe we have done this Organizational level.

    We really can’t blame Ron for all of this because he turned the Organization over to *us* when the Int Management Strata decided to reorganize the the Scientology Network by eliminating the GO as in *Guardian’s* office and establish an autocratic structure that bypassed any Exec or Advisory Councils and SHWW.

    Ron even personally tried to prevent any faction within Scientology from gaining too much control by incorporating CST which contrary to some conspiracy theorists was *not* an invention of the IRS but an idea of his dating back to the incorporation of the ‘Church of American Science’ and the ‘Church of Spiritual Engineering’ which actually preceded the incorporation of the first “Mother Church” by J Burton Faber in Los Angeles in 1954 known as the ‘Church of Scientology of California’.

    However the CST due to outside influences or out of fear failed to get in *ethics* on the Rabid Squirrel or RS and that is why we are where we are today.

  223. That sounds exactlly correct.
    Andy… you from O.C.? If so, I remember you. You quickly became legendary at I.T.O. after firing back.

    Glad to see you here and getting your input! 🙂

  224. I agree Wn.

    That and some good standard auditing in a distraction free environment and maybe some cramming on Policy if he choose to remain as the ED Int.

  225. Sure DFB,

    Just send me an email at

  226. I thought those of you who read this blog would like to join TOMS shoes in exposing the lack of shoes in underdeveloped countries. April 5, 2011 is wear no shoes day.

  227. Personally, I always hated the “birthday game.” I hated the stat pushes, the so-called competition, the whole freaking thing. Scientology is supposed to be the game where everyone wins, and this set up is so ridiculous. It is also an internal event, if anything. As a public, I did not care one whit whether my org or mission was “in the running” in the game or not. What I cared about was is my case sup standard? Is my course being run on tech and policy? In other words, was the org doing its job? Orgs that do their jobs get and keep PCs, make auditors, and expand. They don’t waste time on pushing stats.

    This year, I got a lot of emails from CCI from the one of the cussing course supervisors (Basics, of course. Is there any other kind in DM’s world?) imploring me to start a course or come in on whatever course I am on to push the student points over the top. What the cuss?

    Even if past birthday games had some legitimacy (LRH being alive, for example, and using real stats), as you can see from this video, it is now a lower toned mockery of what this whole thing is supposed to be about. It is just a cussing fake horse race with stats that mean nothing. I would venture to guess that that stats used to “win” the game have been tweaked to forward DM’s aims, not LRH’s. So we have what appears to be a “tradition” in the Birthday Game warped into something else but with similar (but grossly worse) trappings.

  228. What will be interesting is what will happen when these NoI members start running into the whole track.

  229. Brian,
    The Vanna Whites are supposed to be “kissy girls” which methinks is covered in RED 339R to greet the race winners, traditional to the earlier Birthday game events from decades ago. Those cold chrome steel fembots weren’t particularly appealing nor did they a good job to act their parts.

  230. Mike,

    I remember when that “target” came out in an IMB and my first thought was WTF?

    That said the whole IMB was sorta like a theta trap in itself.

    I mean who could object to all orgs going Saint Hill size?

    Even though it was sorta like Heber’s favorite song “To Dream the Impossible Dream” or as Ron called it in the Target Series one those “move a mountain” targets.

    Point being if you objected you were looked upon as being “suppressively reasonable”.

    Another one which was totally doable was almost completely ignored which was have all OT VIIIs trained either to full Class VI or Grad V including all the Specialist Courses before doing OT IX.

    Seems Int Management couldn’t or didn’t want to handle the back flash from all these high rolling OT VIII morons who refused to get trained.

    So they concentrated on the target that was most impossible to achieve because strangely enough it was probably to them easier to confront than the HE&R from many of these untrained False VIIIs which was destined to give one and all a big fat failed purpose.

    At least that was my take on it.

    Having been there when the IMB was released and seeing the subsequent decline after that of the whole Scientology Network.

    Now I think it has gone from a totally fixed and stagnant Org that Ron talks about in the PL OT Orgs to one that is barreling towards self destruction.

    Anyway that’s my two bits from my own personal observations of the scene as a lowly munchkin in the Land of Oz 🙂

  231. RJ — Are you sitting down?

    I totally agree with you. Mark this day on your calendar.

    Actually I agree with the greta majority of what you write but usually only comment when there is something I feel I can add information to that might otherwise not be known.

    The main reason management concentrated on the “SH Size” target is because that is what LRH said they were supposed to do. He didnt say anything about training OT VIIIs and certainly didnt assign it as a job of management (and more than the general need to make auditors). But he DID tell management in no uncertain terms that it was their target to build orgs to SH Size.

    One of

  232. I agree. I saw it in my inbox and just about threw up!

  233. Sinar, you are totally correct. The LRH ED talks about the winners crossing the finish line with flash bulbs and kissing girls. One of those two used to be the steward in the Officer’s Dining Room and has been doing this for years. Her name is Rose. SHe is a very sweet girl/woman. GIven the circumstances they are in, I think they do about as good as can be done. Much rather watch them than Dear Leader, Dan NoNeck or Guillaume NoPost….

  234. RJ
    With you (and Tom and LRH) all the way on all the above points.

  235. DM may be the baddest person any of us knows, Min. Farrakhan has his own legion of detractors and personally, I don’t really know what to make of the bizarre CoS/NOI alliance, but some of the accounts at the link come across as sincere and genuine and, all the foregoing notwithstanding, that is a good thing.

    Thanks to Mike for the courage to actually watch this event. I made it through exactly 46 seconds before my confront blew up.

  236. Vercingétorix

    QUE ÇA !!

    (Mister Lesèvre – Save Yourself! You deserve better than this!)

    These events and boasting of stats would be funny, if it did not make one so angry to think about the other stats, some of which have been mentioned here by others.

    The tech of Scientology is now confused with an organization that is ridiculed, held in contempt and feared. (though well done to Marty and others on getting the media to at least start to make a distinction) Anything associated with the Co$ has mostly been dead-agented for the broad public by the actions of the “Church”: CCHR, TWTH, etc., despite the hard work and loyalty of staff members.

    Then there are the 2D’s and families that have been destroyed and their futures stolen. Plus the goals of a Cleared Planet, a “civilization without war, criminality or insanity” now seem to be put off for decades, the time it will take to repair the PR damage (if there is time, otherwise maybe we are going to have to do it all again as in Groundhog’s Day or Source Code until we get it right – what a drag!!!)

    I wish I had listened to my ex-fiancée/soulmate years ago; I thought I was having integrity, but she did not want spiritual freedom at the price of hers, and now that she is gone, it turned out she was right. (Live and learn, right?) Thanks, DM! At least I have hope that I can do some training and auditing in the independent field now . Thanks to all those who are keeping the hope alive through their resistance and for giving us a chance.


    While Skeet Shooting With Tom:

    “I love the way this gun feels against my cheek…it’s so…goddamn…solid feeling…and powerful…like me…just…like…THIS! KA-BLAM!! I’ll blow their fucking heads cleeeeeeeeen off! Yeah…hmmm…then I’ll blame it on the Church…I’ll use the Reed Defense…I have the lawyers to make it stick…I was forced into a cult…by my parents…then the cult forced me into taking on this stupid cartoon role…leader-schmeeder…shit…I’m fucking brainwashed…I brainwashed myself…with help from that friggin’ Hubbard dude…christ…I can’t believe I put up with that stupid fucking nonsense…e-meters…needles ‘floating’…heh hey…three swings…yeah…KSW…ha ha…looking for shit in my head…mow those fuckers down…BLAM! KA-BLAM! KA-BLAM! KA-BLAM! I do so love being with Tom…KA-POW!!!”

    While Orating at One of His Events:

    “Flah!…what I just said is totally ridiculous…can’t believe they buy all my shit…chickenshit motherfuckers…people are supposed to think what I’m saying is really cool…so they do…Jesus Christ…I am so fucking good…I’m a master fucking speaker…no one else could possibly do this…who? heh?…Heber? BAH! Leserve? Good fucking god…mush-mouth word mangler…fucking French fucking cocksucker…look at me…people are fucking mesmerized by me…yeah I’m so interested I’m interesting…what schmucks these morons are…I bet they’re all really SPs…except Tom…and some other really important people…idiots…suck ’em dry…I sound so fucking sincere and…yeah yeah yeah just try to bring me down…I really like my new watch…can’t wait to ride in Tom’s new Maserati…I’m gonna nail that stupid son of a bitch Leserve…he went a quarter of a second OVER and I ordered him not to and whoever drilled him is dead meat too…can’t fucking wait to have a fucking drink.”

    While Alone and In Bed:

    “Shit…too much Scotch again…dizzy…fucking drunk…feel like puking…heh heh heh…imagine that…imagine if I puked on Marc Yager’s head when he handed me those stupid numbers he came up with for the event…I shoulda made his sorry ass give that stupid talk…Leserve was a riot…speeding through his shit…probably shitting in his French underwear worried about hitting the deadline…I set that fucking race horse up to torture him…heh heh…shit, I’m fucking dizzy…better see if I can sleep…aaaaahhhhh….I love this fucking bed.”

  238. Free Speech is a Bitch, Ask Muhamar Gadafhi

  239. Scott Campbell

    Thank you very much Trey. See you again soon!

    L, Scott

  240. In plain english. DM was dominating the stage and made everybody his bitch.

  241. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Tom. Can’t wait to see you at the Indie Day party!

  242. “Every 45 seconds, human tracking claims another victim…” Why didn’t they claim this as a stat?

  243. I would raeg, but that’s just me.

    In the end it will get very West Boro Baptist Churcesk

  244. Hold on Mike,

    The paramedics have removed the crash cart after one of my kindly neighbors called 911.

    I think my pulse is back to normal now 😉

    Now take a load off your feet and maybe have some oxygen close by but yes Mike I agree with pretty much everything you say and I do read your posts with great interest even when you suggest I might be FOS some times.

    Anyway correct correct correct.

    Yes it was the target assigned to Management to make every Org SH size according 339R.

    And we both know that training is a damn good idea but it wasn’t really their target.

    I mean it’s like that Ol’ proverb that you can lead a horse to water etc.


    There was nothing in 339R that made making Orgs all Orgs SH Size as a condition for OT IX.

    In fact in my opinion if it had of been released earlier it might have actually assisted the actual expansion of Scientology.

    And personally I don’t think there was anything wrong with making “getting trained” as a condition.

    What was wrong very wrong was making the Public in general responsible for expansion by using spiritual extortion if you will by making it a condition that all Orgs have to be SH size before it is released and mingling the two targets.

    Anyway it looked like you had more to say Mike about this.

  245. One of my favorits, just really listen to the lyrics.

  246. Thank you Mike and Sinar. I understand more now. I’m sure how LRH envisioned it is much different.

    Thx Again


  247. JC, you hit it out of the park. I share your anger completely.

  248. Welcome Vercingetorix,

    Hope the moniker is not because there are similarities between treatment you received in CofM and that which the real V received at the hands of J Caesar!

    Even DM has not gone that far yet. At least, not that I know of.

    Regardless, your post is well communicated and I agree with your sentiments completely.

  249. Of course there’s the present constant stream of DM mistakes, excesses, etc, etc.

    Even with DM gone, and his 30 years of crap all thrown out, are you saying that the chance of actually turning all tiny orgs into Saint Hill sized is doable?

    If so, fine. I had my doubts even in 1981-82 when the Birthday Game LRH EDs all came out, especially for the “small and failing orgs”.

    I just couldn’t see them 5.4Xing up to Saint Hill size, literally.

    I saw the fact that the rest of the world is just NOT going to get continuously on board with Scientology, especially in some of the locations where orgs exist, not enough public will be drawn into Scientology to truly achieve valid Saint Hill size production volume.

    I’d say that from a “standard” view, the LRH ED’s are EDs’, that are to expire. LRH did not write LRH ED 339R Int into policy, so it is not permanent strategy.

    I think whoever is going to pick up the pieces in management, once DM leaves, will have to still deal with some major assumptions that ARE acting like arbitraries, and like the freezone Scientologists have done for decades, they just do Scientology, and the “game” and strategies of official Scientology just are inconsequential.

    I’m just saying that whoever picks up the pieces after DM’s gone, I urge them to consider shucking OFF more arbitraries.

    Sure the buildings are a waste of funds. I wish we had all the LRH traffic to the Int Landlord Office, and all of LRH’s traffic in his final years to read through.

    But even so, the freezone Scientologists just doing Scientology to each other, studying in smaller groups, flexible “prices” or donations, or funding, however people have decided to charge for Scientology auditing and training, I think the freezone’s flexibility IS a huge example of Scientologists voting with their actions, and removing a major arbitrary off their lines on applying Scientology to one another.

    Who’s paying for the Nation of Islam Dianetics Courses? IAS?

    It’s so ironic. IAS should be funding the freezone!

  250. From OP:-
    “London got more than 5000 books in the hands of new public – that is 50 per org per week! And that is worth mentioning as one of the most impressive stats in the world of Scientology! They show 40 staff in the photo of the London “winners”. That’s one of the big, booming “Ideal Orgs” with a $20 million dollar building on a street with NO body traffic (hard to find a street without body traffic in London).”

    I’m a Londoner and was on staff there around 1980.

    I take a slightly more than casual interest in their stats. From various sources of info the 40 combined day and foundation staff
    matches my info. Is smaller than 1980.

    Basic course room and div 6 course room ranges from 4 – 20 students each. Apparently more at the weekend. One source said most students were staff.

    I’ve protested with anons since they started. Once passing by the main org at 7.30 on a saturday there were NO people in the div 6
    bookshop area. Very few people going in and out. Like maybe 10
    per hour. Mostly staff one assumes.

    I often past the Tottenham court rd div 6 branch on a sunday and they rarely have any public in there.

    The 100 books per week for combined London day and foundation is probably reasonably accurate. Well…. maybe. They send out people to places like Westfield [ Europes largest shopping mall, with lots of space outside] and I’ve heard, from someone I gave a leaflet to on TCR , Edgeware Rd. I believe a couple of other places. Setting up tables for stress tests and selling DMSMH.

    I gather or have info that many who do this sort of work are St Hill SO. Many london Execs are old timers I was on staff with. I believe
    under some pressure to go back on staff. Not sure if they remain or not. No data on that as yet.

    Someone I know went to the main London Org and saw that the receptionist was in SO uniform. This was in its earlier days. On asking was told there was one other staff member on post.

    Another report of someone in early days given a tour found one or no people on course. Can’t recall which.

  251. DISCLOSURE–Event clips provided by:

    The studios of the Tavistock Institute Enhanced Mind Control Productions, Ltd.

  252. I was on the 1981 FEBC evolution. One of my FZ friends was also.
    We didn’t meet then, there was 400 plus students!

    This friend later went to do whatever in an AO and was informed that 60% of FEBC students never went back to their orgs.

  253. Nice bit of logic I hadn’t considered before Sam!

    Thanks for your observation.

  254. It’s astounding.

    I also thought that DM having people give these crap speeches, also is just him personally dominating people, so they do WORSE on stage than him.

    Forcing everyone around him to into sycophant mode, and make everyone look and act worse, so he looks better.

    He’s got everyone living a long duration engram around him.

    I can live with that.

    DM always struck me as NOT an auditor, and thus he’s permanently in non compliance with LRH’s “Command Intention” Flag Ship Order, where LRH said at some distant date, all Sea Org members were to become Class 8 and OEC(FEBC). A lot more Class 8 execs were needed.

  255. I meant to say I can live with your assessment of DM’s actions, I’m not for continuing the long duration engram he’s enforcing on everyone.

  256. It would be interesting to compile a list of suppressives and their identities down the track. For instance Julius Caesar was later Napoleon and later a top general behind Hitler. I think this list would help as-is some of the question marks people have about “how could he do a thing like that…?”
    I understand that some people may think this is a horrible suggestion. Okay, Fine, acknowledged.

  257. TEG,

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    How ’bout this presentation funded partly by the ” Fund for Human Ecology” with the generous support of the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation”.

  258. Yes, I can see that also.

    In the ASI advices from LRH, he got frustrated playing the stock market, and ordered it be stopped. I don’t recall if he then said go into real estate, but by extrapolation, possibly getting into real estate is a safer long range investment, as opposed to keeping the money in currencies and in bullion sitting on pallets in overseas’ banks.

    Another long range thought I have had, is that the freezone and independents who are “excommunicated” from official Scientology, because the freezone and independents apply the same Scientology tech (and better more standardly), that freezone/independents are truly just as worthy to have some say in HOW that accumulated Scientology wealth is used in the future, no matter what. Just a thought for the long future.

    I see so many possible future scenarios, I’d do an international amnesty, and just un-declare ALL SP declares for all time, and then somehow get some discussion going internally, discussion like is going on here in the freezone and independent Scientology movement, about what best to do with the resources that official Scientology has accumulated.

    I’ve thought of just liquidating the whole movement, and giving all parishioners their money back, period. Let staff go find work in the independent and freezone field groups.

    I’d be interested in what people think are some big solutions, like whether to even keep official Scientology’s major setups or not.

    I do think excommunicated Scientologists DO have a right to a say in what happens with their past IAS donations, for instance, if the official movement is NOT going to refund their IAS donations to these excommunicated Scientologists, for instance!

    To me, an international amnesty, and letting everyone in the same tent, is a better long range move. Official Scientology should strip off all the arbitraries that the freezone and independents have already stripped off.

    Just liquidate all this real estate, and give people who want their money back, back.

    All the materials are online now practically anyways, and put all the rest of the INCOMM SIR data bases online for anyone wishing to study LRH’s full cannon of writings.

  259. Your link goes to a whole volume of data. Could you be more specific?

  260. That explains it.

    Rather than have them listen to the first lectures that LRH gives at the beginning of Congresses, LRH’s joviality and life, is what DM’s NOT gotten, and he’s trained them all away from that!

    It’s astounding how DM does NOT refer people to LRH, and instead refers them to himself as a role model.

  261. You are wrong about Los Feliz. We walked there a lot. There are lots of restaurants people walk to. But you’re right that they’re not walking to the mission, or even paying much attention to it, I think.

  262. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about finishing the Full ED Hat and never being able to apply it to my company–which did okay anyway.

  263. Cured Robot

    You are brave to post if you are trying to fly under the radar because if OSA really wanted to connect the dots it would be relatively easy with so few people on lines there. Alas what you say is sooth.

  264. Joey,
    “… but some of the accounts at the link come across as sincere and genuine and… that is a good thing.”


  265. Very good news!
    Thanks for sharing!

  266. Mr. Rinder,
    Thank you for sharing your study and experience of the BG crap!
    I remember being my self in those event and started to be uncomfortable.
    And, not to lick your boot but i really like it when you where giving a speech…
    Perhaps you did not act like a robot? Since you where not on the stage anymore, i start to notice that some things wrong… only dm?, big booming false stats? etc…hmmm.
    Then, a year ago i start to go on Internet searching for the truth and here it is!
    For those who are still in… GET THE FUCK OUUUUT… NOW!

  267. I’m guessing that there are standing orders to not reg or recruit (staff or SO), any NOI members. Plus, no meter with Book-1, so no 3-swing F/Ns.

    That’d improve any Scn public’s experience!

  268. LO, I thought GL looked gaunt (rice and beans, no doubt) and the speech was very unnatural — very rehearsed. All very clownish.

  269. scilonschools

    Sorry Lynne! Page 367 of that volume

  270. Bozz

    Different Andy; I know the one you refer to; have not heard from him in years.

    My suedo name comes from “The Shawshank”.

  271. HA! Funny. Good one though.
    Well, if you know enough about that STCC evolution, you were close enough to be called “Friend.”
    So… welcome, Friend! 🙂

  272. DC org is the number one org on the planet yet here are there stats for
    the past 10 months per their March 2011 Ability Magazine.

    Per these stats that Scn has provided us, in the past 10 months the DC org
    has gotten 216 individuals through 386 services and a vast majority of them were basic, div 6 type courses.

    See the full here of completions here.

  273. There are restaurants down on Hillcrest Avenue heading south. Not up in the hills where the people live and what is generally considered Los Feliz. That Hillcrest Avenue goes down a few blocks with some book stores and few trendy boutiques and places to eat. It is walking distance to the A.O. I lived there in the nineties . I was the only street smart person I knew except for an X con who was recovering from a divorce on his mother’s couch.

  274. Maybe he wasn’t street smart now that I think of it. Or he wouldn’t have been clinging to that comfy couch.

  275. Vercingétorix

    Thank you Publius, for the welcome and validation of my comment. V at least chose to resist until C’s criminal tactics against women and children, plus better military strategy, discipline and technology ended the game. But V remains an example to all who choose freedom over servitude. Yes, I wouldn’t put anything past that other little Caesar…

  276. Jim, I just had a zillion dollar marketing idea: co-opt the NOI involvement with DM’s cult by offering services, especially supe training and Book One training to the NOI via your courseroom. NOI members do not have the kind of money to enable them to travel to train at CC Int but they wouldn’t need it if they could train via computer in The Courseroom or over the internet. Bring them in from their mosques, train them up and send them home to turn their mosques into academies. Min. Farrakhan is right when he says that Scn is the solution to the oppression of Blacks and is the way to become a better Muslim. DM, as we know, has his own agenda but can you imagine how many gaskets he would pop if we started training NOI folks for little or nothing? If they could download checksheets and packs for free. And, oh, by the way, turn their laptops into fully digitized meters with the Clarity Meter.

    NOI is onto the right tech, just the wrong organization to avail themselves of it.

  277. Tory Christman

    Great analysis—–thank you. We used to all hate this stupid game, as early on one could witness the staff did NOT get what was promised, even IF they “Won” the stupid B-day game.
    The OT 7’s and 8’s used to sit up in the Balcony, so we didn’t have to do the phony “hip Hip Hoooooooooooray” BS after each phony “Win”.

    I used to put on Book One Seminars—and not only did they NOT pay for IAS and blow, as was mentioned above, they never routed onto ~anything~ or even bought a book! Why not? Who knows—it was our job to DO the Bk 1 Seminar, theirs to take it from there. The stats were awful on follow up.
    RTC Cancelled the entire Unit (That was expanding greatly back in the late 80’s with the Flag Legionnaire Program) and declared Riggs Eckleberry (incorrectly, they later admitted) an SP. C of $—-their real stat IS Suppression, inside and out.

  278. Let’s all ponder that just a second:

    EVERY SINGLE SEA ORG EXECUTIVE… a Class VIII Auditor. OEC/FEBC Graduate and a Class VIII Flublessly Standard Tech Auditor.

    Every single S.O. Exec: Cl VIII/FEBC… or higher! Imagine some who were class XII?

    Tell me things wouldn’t improve over night if that were the standard?
    Anyone NOT the standard would be off-line and either in full-time TTC or reposted elsewhere.

    Imagine where we would be had that been the case, slammed in and kept on the rails?


  279. I betcha that comfy couch came from Ikea 🙂

    Anyway you’re right about Los Felix Oracle.

    The place changed after the Rodney King Riots.

    All the tragically hip and way too trendy headed west towards Western Avenue and “urban renewal” took over with a vengeance.

    All the cool places to hang out like the Onyx Sequel, George’s Dinner, Chatterton’s Books etc, etc are all gone.


    It sorta went the way Ashbury and Haight went after the yuppie scum took over.

  280. OTDT~You nailed it but good! Maybe you can get this to those copycat slimers to post…they’ll surely believe every word!

  281. Yes! 😆

  282. Karen~You weren’t a freeloader! A trick I think a lot of us fell for… 😦

  283. Thankyou. And maybe someday, future ex Int staff will thank all who did do the St. Pete Times story.

  284. At the risk of being accused of tech gibbersh again I’ll tell you my take on the scene.
    LRH was an eternal optimist. He talked about getting people up to high OT states back in the 50s and then cut back the gradient again and again.
    I don’t think that he anticipated the problems that he had with his own body toward the end of his life.
    My own assessment is that LRH anticipated people being at a much higher case state after NOTs than has been realized.
    Even then he felt that they would need a very strong group to support them through OT9 which is several orders of magnitude further than anything looked at before by most Scientologists.
    I think that LRH wanted to create a safe space for people to do OT9 and therefore put the requirement of lots of orgs at Old St. Hill size there.
    DM has no clue and no knowledge of OT9 it seems.
    Perhaps there are some missing gradients to what LRH conceived of.
    The OT9 that LRH was envisioning does need stable large orgs to provide a support group for people.
    Perhaps we can create a strong enough Independent Group to make it possible to release OT9.
    One vital thing that LRH said is that the biggest secret is that there is no secret.
    When we have Independents delivering Scientology across the planet and have a safe space for OT9 to be delivered in then it will be there.
    DM and his Hitleresque minions have no faintest concept of OT9 as it is a level that requires a very high degree of ARC. No more SRA, no more control – its about thetans really restoring affinity. Withholds simply cannot exist at that level and DM has too many.
    For a being to restore his OT state requires getting into ARC with other beings at OT9 and into ARC with MEST at OT10.
    Then OTs will recover the ability to make their postulates work.
    OT9 requires a space where there is no make wrong of others for their past misdeeds. It is an interactional level and DM & Co. are incapable of real interaction.

  285. martyrathbun09

    Mostly gibberish, yes, from my perspective, but for this line:
    “My own assessment is that LRH anticipated people being at a much higher case state after NOTs than has been realized.”
    That is only now being realized outside the church, the realization of which makes the rest of your post idle speculation.

  286. This majorly explains the 11 million Scientologists, because in this scenario you describe, we can see that 10.9 million quit pretty quickly after their initial introduction. And their names sit in central files, and per policy these book buyers and seminar buyers are NOT able to be taken OUT of central files until the person writes something to cause the person to be “deadfiled”, and most people will not even bother to write something to their org or mission to cause them to be deadfiled, so technically, all these seminar goers and book buyers end up being counted as Scientologists by official Scientology.

    When I get phone calls on the 866-XSEAORG line today, ex public asking how to get off the org/mission mailing lists, I tell them just mention the 3 taboo confidential words (X…., and b… t…s) in letters and on the phone, and that gets them off the mailing lists no fail. It’s amazing the power of a few words!

  287. I can share your visions and possible scenarios, chuck. However the visions will stay visions as longs as DM is running the shop 😦

  288. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    The Toronto org would take a LOT of renovating!

    There’s a wave of real estate development moving through that area. What will probably happen is that they’ll sell the property to a developer for a good price, who’ll knock the building down. Some of the money will go towards buying a smaller store-front for the Toronto org, while shifting the CLO stuff out to that white elephant conference centre in Mono. (I can’t see it ever opening as an AO. Any gains there would be direct loses from Flag, plus the extra expense of fixing and operating the place.)

    Miscavige will then announce the smaller building as a great victory, while pocketing the difference.

  289. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I guess the previous owner never mentioned the sway problem that cracks the windows over time? 🙂 They had to get a variance to add an overhang to catch the falling glass.

  290. Speculation in parts. Not idle. Some is very closely based on LRH quotes which it seems that despite your claims of excellent tech knowledge you have not seen.
    Your last line is an assertion as yet undemonstrated.

  291. martyrathbun09

    To the blind and thickheaded.

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