“Macho” Super Ponzi

Where the baby blue raid t-shirts idea came from


Sorry for the two day interruption of the ongoing series about the King of Squirrels, in his own words.  If you haven’t already divined the reason for Miscavige coming unglued and sending OTAs to their slaughter in Corpus Christi, I don’t think there will be any mistaking it as this series rolls out.  You see, as Miscavige’s grip weakens his bunker has developed more leaks than Nixon’s White House. And David Miscavige and all the OSA weaklings he has left are powerless to stop them from continuing. 


Thus, you are able to see very clearly a number of frauds that have been perpetrated on the public for some time now, and you can see in Miscavige’s own words that he is the source of them.  You can also see how he has co-opted the minds of the Opinion Leader public, OT VIIIs or OT Ambassadors (also referred to as OTAs), as an advance action to get Scientology public to stand for the most off-policy, out-tech mass squirreling imaginable.


Today’s feature is on Super Power.  Which Miscavige tells his OTA pals (twice for emphasis) is “Macho.”  As of the Maiden Voyage OTA briefing in June 2006 unnamed project personnel were working directly under Miscavige to perfect machinery that is going to synthesize perceptics.  People have joked about the new Super Power building becoming an implant factory.  I don’t know that all will consider it a laughing matter once you read what Miscavige has in store. If somebody is willing to have his or her sense of time and space “drilled in”, and their endocrine systems tampered with, by this suppressive person, I suggest he or she needs his or her sense of the rightness of things improved.


Incidentally, the reason he won’t name who is working on it is because not a single one of them is a recognizable name from the tech hierarchy or Tech Compilations Unit. They have all long since been destroyed by Miscavige, one by one. Instead, he has a corps of engineering types, who have not had a Bridge auditing action in decades or any Scientology tech training. I feel for those who might believe that LRH actually suggested a “massive, massive, massive engineering plant” be constructed in order to compile Super Power.






From recording of live event


…And otherwise – there I’ll probably give you a better briefing on Superpower.  Of which I – a lot of these things we work on – myself and I have a special project of confidential people that are so confidential you can’t even know their names.  (laughter)


We have a lot of these high tech things going on.  And one that I can tell I most certainly definitely personally work on are all these Superpower perceptics.  And I look forward to bringing that to the Auditor’s Day.  But basically we have a huge gigantic engineering warehouse in Los Angeles.  And we have all of the data on every single one of the perceptics, which is what we’re building there.  Everything LRH ever said on each one of them.  And you would just see a massive, massive, massive engineering plant putting together devices and mechanical items that drill in your perceptics.  It’s an auditing rundown and – I mean, this is macho stuff, okay.  (laughter)


This – it really is.  It’s macho stuff, it’s got the – you know, all these – it is, it really is.  (laughter)


And we’re  – and it’s basically – it’s an engineering project to be able to do these things like… How you can move through space.   How you can show that.  How you can get a relationship to time.  There’s all these very high-tech devices that have been created that are just gonna – it’s hard to describe it unless you’ve seen it there.  That’s why I’m looking forward to showing it at Auditor’s Day.  But what’s happening on that?  Oh just a massive, massive, massive warehouse and we start getting down to things – how do we get the guy to understand and feel his own – the “magnetic pull of his body”?  Yeah – we’ve worked that out.  “Body motion”, “saline content”, down to “endocrine system”, things like this.  All of those are being worked on, so that you’ll be hearing about there.  But that’s the general planning there. 

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  1. Say what?

    What’s this little fucker actually *saying* anyway? I tried to read it, I really did. Makes no sense except something vaguely like he has

    “a big space with cool dudes where they do cool stuff with stuff!”

  2. George White

    There was an article in the St. Pete Times by the stock broker who claims to have super powers. This was about a few years ago.
    Link is above.

  3. At least he didn’t go into a rage and beat someone during that little chat. Too busy talking about building an implant station.

    And as they are made to say after every success story “Thanks to RTC for keeping the tech pure”


  4. I prolly shouldn’t say this but……
    Sounds like he is S****** C*** in TC’s hanger again.

  5. What is even more remarkable is that these OT Asses listen to this every year and every year he makes promises (this will all be announced at Auditor’s Day 2006) and never keeps them. Years go by and nothing except demands for more money to build a building — one that has been funded 3 times over by separate donations (but should have been funded by servce donations to the FSO according to LRH in “What Your Fees Buy”).

    Miscavige is a self-important, vain, evil little man trying to keep his Praetorian Guard committed to his cause by letting them think they are privileged to “inside poop.” The audience truly live up to the ass moniker, and they are in fact being fed “poop” and believe its chocolate ice cream.

  6. Uh-oh … really contrary data here:

    “And you would just see a massive ( … ) engineering plant putting together devices and mechanical items that drill in your perceptics. It’s an auditing rundown … .”

    Devices and mechanical items that drill in your perceptics called an auditing rundown. Wow!

    This is very scary:

    “… I can tell I most certainly definitely personally work on are all these Superpower perceptics. ”

    Was this brought to Auditor’s Day 2006?

    “And I look forward to bringing that to the Auditor’s Day. “

  7. Link doesn’t work 😦

  8. Oops — Mike Rinder already answered my question in his inimitable way … NO, this was not brought to Auditor’s Day 2006.

  9. DM along with his puppets the OTA’s are INSANE! No doubt about it. This is crazy stuff. Interesting timing, yesterday somone mentioned to me how excited they were about SP getting ready to be released. I said BEWARE, this is NOT what you want to be doing. This shit is truly dangerous .The endocrine system is something to do not want to F–k with. This could be his downfall!

  10. Gary Morehead - a.k.a Jackson

    Neato Dave! ……… Neato!!! Can I see?? Huh? Huh??

    You obviously still need to do your KTL as you can’t communicate concetpually.

    You must feel like a fish outta water during these events cuz you don’t have a SHERMINATOR TELEPROMPTER to work with.

    One thing I do ask of you to communicate conceptually about is this…



    Now THAT would be “MACHO” of you to deliver the latest and greatest on their whereabouts and well being!

    …….and Barry Bonds thought his balls were small!

    — Jackson

  11. mrinder, your description of this little man is correct. This is pure evil and it’s time he goes down in his own saline content.

  12. martyrathbun09

    For Hedge Funders and Short-Sellers ONLY. The kind of fellows who put down a cool million to have Eric Clapton play their birthday parties.

  13. George White

    I have provided a better link below. My apology.

  14. Watching Eyes

    The Super Poseur has been pumping Super Power for years. Where’s the beef? And the folks keep chugging the Kool Aid.

    I have no idea what Super Power is supposed to be but from reading that transcript above, it’s been turned into some lunatic’s sci-fi version of auditing. What could we really expect from someone who slugged his PC in session? I mean, really.

  15. Watching Eyes

    Poseur definition: A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not. One who affects a particular attribute, attitude, or identity to impress or influence others.

  16. DM would build implant stations if he only could. Thank God he cannot complete a cycle of action, or even an intelligible sentence. Since the OTAs are sticking around, he obviously gives them what they want. Obviously no engineers among them, that speech was not very believable.

  17. Mike and Marty,
    When I was in LA, hanging out with actor types, there was a saying … “those who can not do, teach”.
    Since getting into business, and having success in business, I have experienced and observed that doomed and failing companies get into huge spending sprees when they can’t produce their products, making an impressive show, improving and refining manufacturing lines, working to make things perfect (unattainable) before the first one rolls off the assembly line. Statements like “the most modern technology” are impossible to sustain because technology is evolving on a daily basis.
    Things like a $100,000,000.00 plus “state of the art film studio” at Int and very few films being produced, if any, is a real business sign of fatal cancer.
    A third a billion dollars invested in super power buildings and a quarter of a century R&D over a “world changing technology” that was substantially developed by Hubbard more than a third of a century ago would make LRH roll over in his grave.
    Despite opinions of LRH’s abilities in different areas, they guy was a brilliant entrepreneur. The history of Scientology pre DM was “a process of continual improvement on services being delivered to the public”. What do we really have now?
    I now believe those that can not produce build fancy palaces and spend fortunes on R&D that don’t result in a commercialized product. People building things feel like they are doing something of value, but if there is no parallel production.

  18. Jackson,

    There is something not quite right about a little guy in shoe lifts that has never done a “real man job” for a day in his life, much less manufactured anything bragging about Macho.

  19. I think AnonOrange or Angry Gay Pope did a demonstration at CST and videod some of the earlier versions of some of the superpower equipment visible through the front fence. AO?

  20. It is telling that Miscavige builds MACHINES to help develop MEST based perceptions.

    Scientology already has processes and levels that can enhance spiritual perceptions, some like the “old” OT levels, now degraded. And these processes can be run simply by an auditor and emeter with no need for fancy buildings and engineering efforts.

    Miscavige is clearly running scientology in reverse.

  21. Are those in the hole being used for human experimentation on this project as “pilots”? God forbid. This is messing with dangerous stuff. And if people are caving in, wonder if they are being told they aren’t “macho” enough to take it?

  22. Jesus! I’m really starting to as-is this clown:

    “how do we get the guy to understand and feel his own – the “magnetic pull of his body”? Yeah – we’ve worked that out.”


  23. No wonder he uses Dan Sherman as his speech writer; without the Sherman script, the guy sounds like a 13 year old…

    “…a special project of confidential people that are so confidential you can’t even know their names.”

    …I most certainly definitely personally work on…

    …a huge gigantic engineering warehouse … a massive, massive, massive engineering plant …

    … I mean, this is macho stuff, okay. … it really is. It’s macho stuff, it’s got the – you know, all these – it is, it really is.

    Throw in the New Jersey accent, and you have an episode of “Jersey Shore”.

  24. Sugar Plum Fairey

    And yet for all his Super Powers, he recently declares bankruptcy. Hmmm, SuperPower Review?

  25. In the real heart of Scientology- The Factors, The Logics, The Axioms.

    One of the primal and most important contributions of Scientology is the concept of Space.

    Factors 3-5

    3 The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.

    4 The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.

    5 Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view

    And here we have an individual telling ‘OT’s” a “machine” is going drill in space and time for them.

    Translation: “Your space and time are no longer self determined. They are other determined.”

    The only possible way someone could agree to that is severe MU’s on Scientology, so many overts that their perception has become to low to spot out-points, or simply a DB with not enough theta to confront this nonsense. And it is nonsense.


    Have a great day people.

  26. Graviora_Manent

    There must be some people, just lurking or positing actively here, who have seen some of the Super Power drills Miscavige is trying to talk about, if so do chime in. I’ll get the ball rolling.

    As of December 2009, 10-15 crates, allegedly full of Super Power machinery, were brought to Flag and lifted to the S.Pwr floor through the opening in the wall. I have seen the crates with my own eyes so I know the crates actually do exist, but I cannot say they are full of any machinery. It could be all an attempt to BS the public and staff as usual. IMO, it is. We were shown various pictures of two machines with no recognizable background and told they were sitting on the 5th floor? of the SP building along with other machines. These images were of two real machines; they were not computer generated. (People who have recently got off the koolaid should remember all the CGI of Super Power we were shown while getting regged.) I immediately recognized the two machines because I spent some time at a space camp.

    One was a Spatial Disorientation Simulator. I gotta tell you spend 6 minutes strapped on that thing, and you will not be feeling too good for a good while. Have a trash can nearby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatial_disorientation

    Another was an advanced motion simulator that puts the person thru heavy visual and auditory stimulation while moving violently consistent with a given scenario, roller coaster ride, plane ride, etc. This causes an endocrine response in turn gets physiological reaction, affecting the cardiac and respiratory systems and more, of course. I am sure most of us have been on a roller coaster or a violent airplane ride and have an idea as to what happens to our bodies and us when subject to that kind of stimulation.

    I have also seen some of the actual drills and audio and video used for the drills. I am not going to get into all here, but I will say that only thing they all had in common was bright and flashing lights with uncomfortably loud and sudden noises. Again, make your own conclusions.

    The claim that there are secret people working on these is such bullshit. They have been used by NASA, FAA, for longer than Miscavige has been alive. Further, other machines do not exist and hence secret people don’t exist. Wait, I was supposed to let you come to your own conclusions. My bad.

  27. The Super Power building has always been Dev-T–“having to have before you can do.” Only time will tell what products crawl out of that building…

  28. mrinder,

    Not so surprising they listen to it year after year. The less analytical one becomes, the less time progresses because all moments become more and more the same. Failure to differentiate. It’s why engrams can impinge on present time.

    The analytical mind goes, “Fuck, that’s the same trick you pulled on me last year; I’m outta here.”

    The bank goes, “I agree, I agree, I agree. I’m staying.”

  29. Mike,
    That description “they are being fed poop” and believe its chocolate ice cream” truly communicates and I got all the somatics of that scenario!

    I thought that LRH did his research on Super Power and intended it for staff. I think I remember reading where LRH said teams would go out to each org and deliver it to the staff. DM’s squirreling Super Power seems not just detrimental to the public who are donating huge sums to a scam but also LRH’s original intention to help staff has been perverted.

  30. Mike Laws,

    Yeah, the thing that struck me was how foolish all this was from a business standpoint. The development of technology isn’t cheap. This project has to be draining the bank.

    Not to mention the drain put on DM’s resources in his obsession with Marty, Mike and others.

    Al Qaida’s strategy is to bankrupt the US by forcing a persistent over-expenditure of resources, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

    You can sort of plot a group’s expenditure of resources against the tone scale. Lots of resources being accumulated and used to further the group’s purpose is high toned. Lots of resources being expended against efforts which do nothing to further the group’s purpose is low toned.

  31. Yes indeed, we saw the prototype perceptics machine at CST’s Twin Peaks. Most scientologists don’t know that CST (Church of Spiritual Technology) even exists, but in around 1987, their income was $540 million (or thereabouts). Your readers may like to know that CST is above Scientology (CSI) and DM controls it, but he’s not on any of the paperwork. I checked.
    From Wiki: “Its founders include Meade Emory, a non-Scientologist who used to work for the Internal Revenue Service but went into private practice as a tax lawyer. The directors are: Lyman Spurlock, Rebecca Pook, Maria Starkey, Stephen A. Lenske, Sherman D. Lenske and Lawrence A. Heller.”
    Marty/Mike, please do an expose on CST soon. The public scientologists would love to hear how their money is spent.
    Here’s a video when AGP and I first went to protest CST. To our knowledge, CST had never been protested before and we really rattled them:

    You’ll see the “www.gyrogym.com”, that Miscavige uses for his Super Power research to invent new tech! It’s also a pretty funny video.
    That protest must have infuriated and scared DM so much about exposing his con, that he spend many thousands of dollars in landscaping adding at least 200 trees to block off the view from the fences (with inward pointing spikes to keep the bears out)
    I returned a week later and the sea org staff doing landscaping ran away from me (alone) like I was the most dangerous man they ever met. I was dressed normally, no mask and just calmly asking questions.

    That was the most bizarre event I ever encountered.
    I returned several times later and for months thereafter, they had three bad ass goons with tattoos waiting for me on the porch every time. These guys were just there waiting for months. That’s where you money goes. They were definitely not sea org people.
    Here’s a good page on CST Twin Peaks. Enjoy!
    I also have filed a missing persons report on Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentzch. I’ve got very interesting stories relating to this.

  32. Tunedal,

    Please, please, please don’t as-is him. He’s been a constant source of hilarity for me. I’d have to resort to watching the Comedy channel or something if you made him disappear.

  33. The Mad Hatter

    The transcripts of this speech expose David Miscavige for the fraud he is.

    “This – it really is. It’s macho stuff, it’s got the – you know, all these – it is, it really is.” (laughter)

    David Miscavige comes across as an uneducated dolt when he speaks,
    Please send him your money.

  34. Sounds pretty massive, massive, massive.

  35. Margaret,

    Maybe he doesn’t know their names. Confidentiality is just a pretense. He doesn’t know their names because they don’t really exist for him. Everyone is basically a “nobody” except for arch allies and arch enemies.

  36. Floating Needle

    This really says it all:

    “myself and I have a special project of confidential people that are so confidential you can’t even know their names. (laughter)”

    DM doesn’t know who he is (“myself and I”) it’s a sure sign of a split personality. “confidential people that are so confidential you can’t even know their names”

    In fact, even David MisSquirrelage, the Super Squirrel Champion of the Entire Milky Way GalaxyTM doesn’t know there names.

    DON’T TELL DAVE THIS; But the attendees are laughing at him not with him. (His grammar is worst than a 5th grader.)

    But no worries. Super Power will never be finished because an SP can’t finish a cycle of action.

  37. Floating Needle


    You are being very generous suggesting DM has an education equivalent of a 13-year old.

  38. Yeah, he should hang with Situation! They’d be perfect for each other!

  39. What a bunch of crap. And the public are following like sheeple.

  40. this is some really scary stuff. It is such an outpoint that the current staff and public do not feel that something is very wrong. They have the tech right infront of them and choose to listen rather then look.

    When I was a messenger I forwarded command intention and was 100% on purpose but this was all ways 2nd to green on white or FO’s etc. when something seemed wrong I found the policy and sorted myself out as the policy would clear it up. Now it seems like the norm is verbal data being shoved down everyones throats and all the staff and public comming back for 2nds.

    The way out is the way through but when you have a crazed man leading you there is no through. Enough to drive on to drinking (kidding)

  41. Remarkable, yes, and a perfect study in how to bring about an “Ideal” 1984 society!

  42. [ A] lot of these things we work on – myself and I have a special project of confidential people that are so confidential you can’t even know their names.
    Does this little asshole think he is Austin Powers?
    Or perhaps Dr. Evil?

  43. theystolemychurch

    Yep, all TWO of them have been working on it for years!!! LOL LOL LOL

  44. The Crazy Squirrel

  45. Just before we let DM bury LRH’s brilliance in developing Super Power for the benefit of the lowest of the low in DM’s eyes, i.e., staff members, let me explain a bit about the rundown itself. The Perception Rundown is #10 in the Super Power lineup. After you have cleaned up the pc on the subject of injustices on the Ethics Repair List (won’t Scientologists need that one!) and freed him from a stuck point on his track by finding out where he would be safe and done a few other things like cleaned up his false data adopted after suffering a loss, you are ready to put him better into communication with the world around him. That occurs on the Perception Rundown. You assess the list of the 57 perceptics. You take the largest reading item and basically audit out somatics connected with it using R3RA or, for Clears and above, with processes that don’t use engram running. Then you do drills to bring the pc to cause over the perceptic and these essentially involve directing the pc’s attention to that communication channel and having him take his attention off that communication channel, and alternating these two actions until: BLOOEY! And, believe me, BLOOEY does happen. The first batch of pilot pcs who went through Super Power in 1991, yes, 20 years ago, turned on their perceptions like you could not believe.
    So, in his hype and millions spent on developing all this sexy machinery, what DM is NOT telling you is that you only run what reads. In other words, only a few of the perceptics are going to read on any pc, and it is highly doubtful that saline content is going to be one of them, much less magnetic fields. No, it is the usual suspects: sight, hearing, smell.
    Hey, I’m not saying you couldn’t do some nifty stuff simply drilling your abilities on this equipment.
    Just don’t call it Super Power.
    More info on Super Power at Steve Hall’s site.

  46. DM and his crew have sailed off to some other place. Drilling a being into the body’s perceptics does not seem to be fruitful.

    I get so many different images on this one: the rack, the Iron Maiden, the machine used in Clockwork Orange, the machine used in “Princess Bride” to create the “sound of ultimate suffering.” This seems like something off of DM’s track. I don’t think this is what LRH had in mind in 1978.

    Forget how crazy this guy is for a second. Think about the perceptics. One of the more interesting wins I had was realizing that I was perceiving via the body, and that when I perceive sans body, the whole subject is different. In any event, getting into the perceptics of the body are interesting, but, really, isn’t it like learning how to drive a car? What does that have to do with case gain?

  47. Miscavige lavishly spends the money (that other people produced an exchangeable product to get) so as to acquire fancy mest that other people produced. In his delusion, he then proudly shows off the work of others like HE produced something. All he really does is waste the work of others so as to feed his delusion.

    Never in the history of man, has one idiot, accomplished so little, with so much…..

    I hope all those engineers, in that HUGE warehouse, are able to come up with a machine that will help Miscavige pull his head out of his ass.

  48. COB is the Great and Powerful Oz. I can’t wait to hear about all the blinking lights and steam jets these new ReallySuperMachoMacho machines will put out. It’s telling that no one else can be mentioned by name. Miscavige won’t share the stage with anyone.

  49. BARF!

  50. Bang on the money as usual Jackson. Macho would be a full o/w write up, or routing himself to a sec check, or opening up IAS acounts to public scrutiny, or just going far far away. Now that would be macho.

  51. The real truth, Marty, is that there are many of us who were attracted to Scientology because it was going to make us superbeings—either because we had terrific problems to solve (out Grades) or we wanted to be able to fend off those who were destroying us (PTSness) or we wanted to dominate others and always be the winners (Service facsimiles) and so on. Each person had his/her reasons. Some just wanted to help.

    Many of us got those case things handled.

    It is not new on the track that some guy comes along and says, “Here, just get this implant and it will make you (powerful, loved, successful, smart, WHATever.) And we simple little suckers, with our love of the “easy” way to do things, bought all of it. And wound up here.

    Well, the OTs who are going to buy this SuperPower Macho shit are the ones who never got the above handled. They are still looking for the magic key, for those wrong reasons. And boy, they may just GET it. After that they’ll wake up some day far lower than the first step on the bridge, puling and dirtying their diapers and asking themselves, “Why ME, Lord, why ME?”

  52. ” what DM is NOT telling you is that you only run what reads.”

    Joe you forget. In the land of dm, you RUN everything ESPECIALLY IF it doesn’t read.

    Therefore, you arrive at the desired result many thousands of dollars later:

    A completely solid block of introverted anchor points, destined to utterly cave in ANY perceptics the pc might have once had and now wishes he NEVER heard the worlds — super power.

    He just wants to crawl into bed, pull the covers over his head and stay there hopefully unnoticed forever.

    Perfect. THIS is dms idea of MACHO.

    Incapable, afraid, out of touch and out of sight.


  53. MAGNETIC pull on BODIES???? He’s really into implants.

  54. Now THAT sounds like something LRH would put together, and also something that would be of benefit. Taking an assess-and-handle using R3R and turning it into a macho collection of leather, hydraulics, whips and chains is… well, I hear the chattering in the trees in Hemet and Clearwater.

  55. Margaret,
    Don’t be so hard on 13 year olds!!!!

  56. Dave ‘being macho’..

  57. Laughing uncontrollably … H

  58. martyrathbun09

    Joe got it. Did you miss the bigges outpoint or was it simply a given. The processes you described do not call for ANY MEST to go hug. He is going to sythesize the perceptic for you, no have put your attention on it or off it. Next thing will be ect electrodes. Good, now put your attention on that, bitch!

  59. FN — You are of course right that Super Power will never be finished. BUT he will start selling something to the public that he will CALL Super Power. Of course, the big attraction will be the MEST as that’s what he is fixated on. It won’t really be Super Power and it won’t be for the staff as LRH intended it, but it will be a way of MAKING MONEY and somehow keeping those people who have bought everything else (the BIG donators to his Defense Fund) with something else to now be occupied with. He has to either release “Super Power” or “OT IX and X” or the game for those OT Asses is going to become “get him” as there is no other game for them to play as they HAVE ALL THE CERTS THERE ARE.

    I would make a bet that they will start contacting all the “tagged” OT VIIs (not auditing) and all the “OT VIIIs” and regging them for “Super Power”. It will be the “solution” as to why they havent been able to complete OT VII — another “incredible breakthrough” from COB based on a brilliant review of all case folders he did. Mark my words. Of course, it also allows every org to be canniabilized as this rundown will be needed by everyone in lower orgs, so they can all be brought to Flag.

    He WILL release this because he has no choice (just look at that White Elephant building sitting there incomplete for more than a decade) and because its a way of sucking more blood out of the stones that have become somewhat immune to the same old reg lines with absolutely nothing new except to re-do old levels.

    Never mind that they promote this as what will “Clear the Planet” yet it was piloted decades ago but withheld because of the secret Area 51 team building space ships so it can ONLY be delivered at Flag. Guess “Planetary Clearing” sort of lost its lustre in the era of the Church of MESTology.

  60. martyrathbun09

    How right you are. In fact, they not only did not get those things handled, they had them all put OUT by the church. I know – the technology handles it beautifully here every day. Love ya lady.

  61. Sounds like an implant station to me. In fact, if it’s as described above it IS an implant station.
    Disgusting that this is being done in LRH’s name.

  62. Lucy — You are right. See Dan’s comment on this. This whole charade is exclusively about the money.

  63. His name is Matt Feschback. His daughter, Jessica Feschback, is one of DM’s robots who audits Katie, Tom Cruise’s wife and “debugs” Tom C if needed daily.

  64. Forgot to mention that CST Twin Peaks is located on SQUIRREL INN Road. True fax.

  65. Marty — I think Dave got bogged in Science of Survival somewhere and is operating on the idea that if he can build and accumulate enough MEST he has conquered the MEST Universe.

  66. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    We kind of enjoy driving around the SP building these days, knowing we’re disconnected from it and have declined receiving those implants.

  67. … and we start getting down to things – how do we get the guy to understand and feel his own – the “magnetic pull of his body”? Yeah – we’ve worked that out. “Body motion”, “saline content”, down to “endocrine system”, things like this.

    Why would anyone need to figure anything out?

    Tech discovery is LRH’s hat.

    All this smacks of literalness and added complexity.

  68. Theta — Jessica is the daughter of Matt’s brother, Joe and his wife Cindy. Matt and Kathy have a daughter at Gold, her name is Melissa.

  69. David Miscavige is a Suppressive Person – of the Whole Track variety. Those who support him in the creation of MEST implant devices are part of his purpose to stop Scientology’s effectiveness. Duped or not. They are supporting this.

    Now, how did they get to ‘duped’? They DO NOT understand the Factors and the Axioms of Scientology. Not understanding these, they have not achieved the levels of awareness they are claimed to have achieved at these upper levels of the Bridge. They are NOT trained in a manner that would ensure they do understand.

    The fallacy of this Super Power implant device being anything to do with Scientology is that it is MEST. AUDITING only, ONLY occurs according to Scn Axiom 51:

    Coupled with a ‘Read Simulator’ that has an FN the NO BEING produced, but which is manufactured by a MACHINE, and now a MACHINE, incapable of itself doing anything in the absence of LIFE, ‘engineered’ to drill ‘perceptics’ by ‘manufacturing’ those perceptics and it is blatant what DM’s true purposes are: to implant, to restim implants to make beings fixate on MEST.

    This has NOTHING to do with spiritual ability. It is completely, an polarly, a vectorily OPPOSED to the entire body of fundamentals of Scientology.

    Well Dave, thank you very much for being so candid as to what you are all about.



  70. (Deep Fax sent me this. Just passing it on…)


    COB Marketing Briefing
    May 9, 2006


    A synopsis of the incredible, ability-generating, highly-engineered, fully piloted and proven to produce mind-boggling gains beyond your wildest imagination, computerized, automated, mechanized, para-spiritual machines:

    1. WHIZZY-DIZZ EXTERIORIZATION CHAIR: you’re strapped into a special chair, which is based on physics algorithms far beyond anything that exists on this planet. You get spun, faster and faster and faster until you exteriorize and THAT’S when the next machine in this incredible line-up of devices takes over and brings you to the appropriate level.

    2. ELECTRO-THETA-STABILIZER: once exterior, you’ll need to be held in position so your perceptions can be strengthened by the next device.

    3. QUARK VIBRATION DETECTION MONITOR: without a head you will squeeze your concentration at a single point in space, confronting atoms, molecules, protons, electrons, all the way down to quark particle vibration. Your progress and increase in ability will be instantly displayed on a giant fractal screen, giving you the feedback you need in order to master the science and art of concentration manipulation, a necessary and mandatory ability if you choose to move onto the next higher gradient machine to Total Freedom.

    4. ULTIMATE LAMBDA CONTROL ENHANCER: though exterior, you will find that you still have your body to be concerned about, since without you running it, it could end up walking over a cliff. This amazing machine’s protocol consists of putting your body into a tornado-hurricane simulation room where it will be subject to gale-force winds of 150 mph. A series of floor-to-ceiling poles with grease on them are strategically placed around the padded room. The idea is to strengthen the thetan-exterior’s control over his body, even under dire circumstances. Using abilities gained on earlier machines, you will command the body’s hands to grab onto the poles as you are flying across the room from the force of the winds. The amount of increased control over the body has been reported to have increased three-fold.

    5. TERMINATED FLINCH HANDLER: chained to the floor in a dark room, a series of high-voltage lightning bolts are designed to strike one inch from your face which is connected to our Proprietary Face-Flinch Detector module which WILL detect even the slightest reaction to the lightning bolt.

    6. TIME-STRETCHING EXERCISE CHAMBER: inside a mirrored room, surrounded by a strategically placed series of flashing, high-wattage flood-lights, laser beams and eery noises, images from ‘Where’s Waldo?’ will be flashed on the screen for shorter and shorter amounts of time. You will be expected to be able to pick out Waldo in 1/1000th of a second before you will be allowed a pass on this drill.

    7. SUPER-INTENTION NECESSITY LEVEL BOOSTER: laying on a steel table, a 40 ton steel car-crusher press slowly descends from the ceiling onto your body. You will be pressed between the steel until you demonstrate increased intention, through struggling or screaming. You will be amazed at how aware you become of your own intention to command your environment.

    8. OPTIMUM SURVIVAL KRC INCREASER: using preprogrammed life scenarios in 3-D your body will be placed in various simulated circumstances where you must instantly calculate mathematically, decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. This is no light exercise, it includes predicaments such as: Your elderly mother’s home is about to go into foreclosure. You have the money to bail her out, but you made a promise to the IAS that you were going to use the money to increase your status. The local sheriff is on his way to take your mother’s house, the IAS reps are standing on your doorstep waiting for their check. What are you going to do? This is one of very many circumstances you will be thrown into and be required to demonstrate your OT decision-making capabilities.

    9. SUPER-PAN-DETERMINISM TRANSCENDENCE ACCELERATOR: items and concepts generally considered unpalatable will be blasted into your ears through a high-decibel speaker array, particularly derogatory words and phrases to describe L. Ron Hubbard, yourself, life, your mother, and a long list of every component of existence imaginable. The idea is to completely eliminate all assignment of significances in your universe, wiping the past clean, leaving you with a brand-new, totally pan-determined viewpoint on existence, now ready to perceive reality.

    10. SOURCE RECOGNITION VALIDATOR: a series of images will be flashed before your eyes, first the pages of the Basic Books as they are now upgraded, then pages of the books that existed for years. Then photos of LRH, David Mayo, Otto Roos, Ray Mitthoff, Mary Sue Hubbard, Einstein, and COB. You will be required to gain the instant ability to choose the true source of the current wonderment of materials.

    Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent researching, developing, experimenting, testing, piloting and refining these apparatuses and is the real reason behind why we have left the Super Power building incomplete for all these years. Without these machines, the building is nothing. With these machines fully ready to go, delivering the types of results they are capable of, it brings the Super Power building to life, living up to its very name.

    By the use of these machines, along with the incredible line-up of parallel rundowns on Super Power, you will graduate in a state beyond Buddah, Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Ron Paul, and yes possibly even Hubbard-like, to near-COB caliber abilities.

    David Miscavige
    Temporary Super Power Marketing I/C


  71. “Magical Mystery Tour”

    Now I gotta figure out how the runtly rodent is gonna usurp Disneyland, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth”….

    Bruce Pratt

  72. Mike,
    I think the bugger had a disagreement back at “Function monitors Structure”. At best he did not quite duplicate “Considerations take rank over the mechanics of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.” More like what he got was “Considerations are so rank compared to the mechanics of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.”

    Humbly tendered,


  73. Kathy Braceland

    Miscavige continuously spews out lies and does so much damage…all under the pretense that it is LRH tech. That’s sick.

  74. You mean Dave’s favorite perceptics device is that leather sling (with stirrups) in Tom’s play room?

  75. OTDT,

    If speed of particle flow determines power, Dude, you’re in power. Incredible turn around time with your products. Whew!

    By the by, I just get the feeling you must have been one of them precursors to implanters that I was commenting about one day. You’ve got a feel for this stuff.

  76. typos – “that NO BEING produced”; “and polarly, and vectorily”.

  77. Deep Fax, via OTDT,
    Nailed it.

    Many thanks for the continued revelations gained from the penetration of the inner most recesses of the GOLDEN ONE’S “COPPER ROD RESTORATION CHAMBER”.

  78. This is spooky stuff. What I read here as descriptive of what the Miscavige rundown does is straight out of implant technology. LRH describes the flashing lights, the audio, the disorientation. This is part and parcel to implant technology. This certainly bears no resemblance to the R/D that Ron developed.

    Can you imagine Ron putting together machinery that mimics implants?

    ” Restimulate enough early track and do not discharge it and the being will have amnesia on the whole tract.”

    Ref: HCOB 24 Aug 63 Scientology Four- Routine 3N-The Train GPM’s- The Marcab Between Lives Implants.

    It is know that a flashing lights restimulates epilepsy in those sensitive to it.

    “Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in which seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in time or space, such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, or regular moving patterns.”


    Surely there are still OTA’s that can read and duplicate LRH. Or are they really already too lost?

    But then, this is Miscavige’s intended product.

    Reverse Scientology doesn’t really begin to describe it.

    Marty- feel free to edit if this is too much

  79. the blind”s leading the blinds…
    to the grave ,
    fake leader doesn’t mind,
    he got slaves.
    He himself is a slave
    of his mind
    digging into his grave
    his machomassy soul

  80. With all this macho stuff are girls allowed?

  81. GM-

    I ran out an incident like that during NED one time. 🙂 🙂

  82. You mean the elite of course.

    The guys that Ron talks of as the “vested interests”.

  83. Idle Orgs too are Dev-T–”having to have before you can do” and those don’t get products of trained auditors and Clears.

    It’s been some time now since the first one in Buffalo opened. It’s been totally amazing that OTAs and general Kool Aid drinkers don’t really look at these mausoleums and see them for what they are.

  84. H,

    It probably wasn’t brought up at Auditors Day because any auditors there would have recognized it as the R6 implant it is.

    Personally I think the possible reason that he never gave any names is probably because they work for the LSD of the DS&T at CIA.

  85. Seems appropiate Annon 😉

  86. But as I was reading GM’s post I realized that DM could not invent anything, could only copy something he could drag off the track with his amazing intention to OUTDO LRH. And the only thing he could dredge up would be implant machines. If it comes from his hands, it’s not going to be something constructive.

  87. The worst Miscavige can do with Earth technology is restimulate existing whole track implants with this setup. If you review the various taped lectures and other materials on this subject, he’s missing considerable whole track electronics necessary to lay in *new* implants: thought projectors, aesthetics band energy projectors, gamma-ray radiation projectors (these would be lethal to human bodies, even if he had them).
    The worst is still *very* bad, though.
    Michael A. Hobson

  88. On these Maiden voyage events, mornings are usually free for Dear Leader and he goes scuba diving on a rented by the IAS luxury dive boat with his entourage and favored flying monkeys.

    Perhaps this silliness at the event is due to his using Nitrox which is mix of air with Nitrogen. Nitrous Oxide is sometimes used to prepare divers for deep dives. Nitrous is also named “laughing gas” when used as anesthetic at the dentist. Nitrous produces the same sort of giddy disorientation and silliness in a controlled environment.

    Dear Leader is certified in using these exotic gases to dive.

  89. Well said WH

  90. thanks God , staffs are not !!

  91. Without a doubt, this psychotic pygmy needs to put in an isolation cell. Good god, he publicly flaunts himself as the Master of Ceremonies for his Implant-a-thon. Ugh…………..

  92. Thanks!

  93. RJ — Concerning the names. He didnt want to mention them as they were ALL CST staff.

    The Emperor of Corporate Regularity gave this project to CST. He treats them as his personal R&D Unit for all things MEST. The Mark Super Duper VIII Miscavige-meter sitting in another of his huge warehouses. The burl-decked Expedition for “Mr. Cruise.” Printing presses for his “state-of-the-art” horse and buggy CDstamping/printing facilities. An unbreakab le titanium hand-made, uncrackable, indestructible briefcase for him to carry around his secret notes. Whatever takes his fancy in his quest to accumulate er… conquest the MEST Universe.

    Even some of those OT Asses might have wondered why CST would be working on such things (maybe I give them too much credit….).

  94. Oh, yeah, I remember being hauled up to his conference room in the Villas in Feb. 1998, six years after the pilot was completed, when he was just starting to get his hard on for Super Power. He had Russ Bellin and Tom Vorm there along with Ray and me and was announcing that how the CST guys were going finally do something about Super Power. He was trashing the pilot because the items we used for the perceptic of smell were simply items anybody could find anywhere: a lemon, cinnamon, other spices, a flower. But NOOOOOOOOOO! DM was going to take that ONE rundown out of 12 completely over the top and spend millions on freaking equipment when everything anyone needs to do that particular rundown is already in the environment. It was all about the equipment for only PART of ONE rundown out of 12 rundowns. That guy could got give a rat’s ass about who the rundown was developed for: THE STAFF! Never a word about the incredible results obtained on the first batch of pcs we put through the rundowns. These people were truly transformed by Super Power. But the were only scum–er, staff–and no source of money.
    I have heard an account that the balance machine was at Gold and Marc Headley was shown a demo of it. DM had Ray climb on and Ray had trouble keeping balanced on it, which of course DM used as an opportunity to make Ray wrong, as though drilling one’s sense perception was a competition.
    DM has a crashing MU on life. He thinks that there is only room for one person at the top of the mountain. He doesn’t understand that at the top of the mountain there is unlimited space and therefore, room for everybody. Truly pathetic.

  95. Hey, Ingrid, if it weren’t for girls, there woudn’t even BE a macho! LOL

  96. Amen, and thank you Jim for re-orienting us towards Source after this disturbing foray into the mind of a mad-man. I know who DM is and what he is doing also.
    Love to you,

  97. mrinder, Joe and Cindy have twin girls of which one is Jessica and I believe the other one is at Int also that is Melissa). Matt and his former wife AJ Porter who is also in the SO (with a different last name – married Solo Nots craming, testing person, don’t remember his name) have a daughter ( don’t remember her name).Matt and Kathy only have a son.

  98. Body perceptics huh? This is all very interesting, pay a zillion dollars to truly get the mass of introversion. Geeze a joint and a bottle of whisky is a damn sight cheaper if that’s your goal.
    What ever happened to the concept contained in the SOPs, of “Be three feet back of your head? Now fix up anything in your body… ”
    I think DM has taken the term “Super Power” a little too personally, its not a self command – it’s for the PC dummy.

  99. When I was on staff up at CST I was the Estates Sec, in charge of all the base construction projects, We had a budget of aprox 14 million. We had over 16 projects ongoing at that base alone. This included the underground storage facility and a new production building. We had crews (wog ) working double shifts to get theese completed. There is also a custom made log cabin for all of the execs. complete with hand made doors and wood imported from the south. The LRH home is over 3,500 sq ft. and set up with everything. I know this as I over saw all the projects.

    directly across the street is/was crew berthing totaling three homes. When I was staff we all lived there minus Russ and Sara, who lived on base. I would think that all staff would live of the base now but am not sure.

    I was also at a number of the external sites. I oversaw the completion of the Trementina Base LRH home. Which was just beautiful with no expence spared.

    I worked directly with all of the people in the videos above. They are good people and would help anyone of them.

    There is no doubt that David Miscavige runs the CST org on a daily basis. dollars to dounuts that this is where Shelly is.

    my two cents. D

  100. ODTD- John Allener will read your comment and really believe it is from COB. I’d like John to get the Super-Intention Necessity Level Booster as he needs work in this area. I didn’t FEEL his particles of intention.

  101. 🙂

  102. Carol — They are a confusing clan. Melissa is definitely Matt’s daughter and Jessica’s cousin. I guess her mother is AJ Sprecher… Whatever, the original point was that Jessica is Joe and Cindy’s daughter, not Matt’s. Phew….

  103. OTDT-Sorry I got your name wrong in my last comment-you get me laughing so much I can’t see through the tears.

  104. the super duper Mark VIII e-meter’s were kept quiet form the majority of CST staff at the time. as were the other external vault sites. Talk about cloak and dagger.

  105. Ladies and Gentlemen — step right up to the Greatest Show on Earth. Oops did I say “Show” – pardon the slip I meant to say Hoax.

  106. I have a huge withhold to get off to the group.

    I just got back from Super Power after comping the rundown. My session video is below for your edification. I feel like a new man. DM himself was there to congratulate me. Once he saw my video, he jumped up to about my height and yelled,”FINALLY, A PRODUCT WORTHY OF ME, ME, ME!!”

    You people have it all wrong. Power is WONDERFUL. UNLIMITED POWER, EVEN BETTER.

    My condolences to the supervisor who fell out of the window and onto Ft. Harrison Blvd. He must have pulled it in by not being macho.

    Wake up, you fools.


  107. Davey’s is going down the slope faster than a rocket. He had the most innovative and sophisticated implant station of the whole track, delicately conditioning the most able and highly aware beings of this planet. He kept Marty there until 2004, Mike till 2007 and Jentz et al till this day. But now he’s arrived at the level of matter and has to resort to old-fashioned physical implant techniques, common in all banks.

  108. Onceuponatime, but I don’t know how to stop as-is:ing once it started.

    Ha! yes, me too. He’s a real clown, It’s true. What are we going to do when he’s gone? A few of us met here recently and people were falling off their chairs when we talked about some of the stuff this clown has been up to. It is priceless.

  109. The Super Power speech by Miscavige sounds like the ravings of a bad “B” movie plot where the leader has gone “gugutz”! What a dildo!

  110. Howard Roark

    How do you know?

    I’m not challenging you – simply curious.

  111. I was around and serving LRH when he was working on this rundown in ’79, among other things such as the Purif and his going onto Solo NOTs, remixing of older lectures to make them higher quality and comprehensible & shooting of Tech films for auditor training. He would also do a lot of photo equipment & film testing and do photo shoots, aside from the time where he went to the Int Base to direct Cine shots. There was a huge Purif poster created at the time, which was from one if his shoots . He would also spend some of his time working with music as he had a separate music room.

    He would talk about adding various items to the rundown and was really excited how the various rundowns dovetailed to the product he envisioned.

    This was all about helping his friends – the SO and staffs – from the experiences he had in working with staffs as to the difficulties preventing those from performing as he expected delivering Tech to public and so in achieving a cleared planet. LRH even worked out how the rundown was to be implemented as to which sections of the Org Board would get it first. He was emphatic about this tool enabling planetary clearing. LRH’s priority was for staff first and public later, though he did mention that it could be used on the Dianetic Clears who didn’t get Power on the grade chart.

    There was no mention of Mest on the complexity or how high tech Mest was to be created in delivering the rundown. Only that there would need to be essences in bottles one could sniff and improve senses of smell, as LRH’s own sense of smell and taste and many other perceptions was very acute. This is another Dear Leader penchant on Mest and the situation of complexity in confronting.

    Throughout the years, the subject languished and only a small pilot of superpower started in the early 90s, with only a handful of people completing the rundown, with only one of the 3 Feshbachs completing it at Int.

    I was totally surprised and shocked when Dear Leader announced the Superpower project, in the later part of the 90’s with it’s donations and big ground breaking event with golden shovels in ’98 seemingly changing and altering what LRH was saying in ’79. This was during the Lisa McPherson legal case going on in Clearwater. I thought there was some kind of data from LRH I didn’t know about which came out later after he went off the lines.

  112. Girls are why there is macho stuff. 🙂

  113. Mike – I think Davey is stuck in a TL implant to assume power (over Scientology) in order to provide the give or take dozen actual enemies of Scientology unlimited power. It’s their strategy to extract maximum currency from society to get it collapsed. It’s them he’s paying the crush regged dollars to so he keeps getting away with his crimes.

  114. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “it’s hard to describe it unless you’ve seen it there”

    Well, he’s seen it. And yet, somehow, he is unable to describe it.

    But then, he seems pretty unable to speak coherently any time he’s without a teleprompter.

  115. Thanks Mike for the update and prediction:
    “He has to either release “Super Power” or “OT IX and X” or the game for those OT Asses is going to become “get him” as there is no other game for them to play…” 😉
    I think some OTAs are already on the game “go get him”.

    Just curious, Mike, Mary, Joe Howard do you know if Super Power, the original LRH version, is already available in the indy field?

  116. A ” Spatial Disorientation Simulator” truly sounds like something in Magic Mountain Theme Park or Disneyland.

    How can a 501c3 Tax free religious status CHARITY align with engineering gadgets and sensations that you can experience in exchange for megabucks $$$$$$$$$ ?

  117. mrinder, confusing indeed. Then again, they like confusion!

  118. Also, this is just more of that “Hidden Data Line” he has.

    It’s doubtful LRH dictated that all this “massive, massive, massive” stuff be built before Superpower can be released, but thats the impression Miscavige gives here.

  119. Mike, re: the over fund raising, didn’t that PTL dude, Baker, go to jail for something similar. If I recall, it also had to do with some building financial fiasco.

    I wonder if anyone here remembers. I wonder if they are similar crimes or not. It seems to me to publically ask for money for funding a project, and then not doing so, or spending the money elsewhere is a con, isn’t it?

  120. Bobo, I would certainly classify it as a con. At least enough of a con to require return of funds, if not criminal prosecution.

  121. Well Sinar, some guys like to have “macho” stuff for other guys….

  122. How true Mike, there are those unnatural relationships!

  123. Pascal Dorion

    What happends if you’re a theta clear? You gotta go in the body? God this culture is degraded… Almost funny! Thanks, now I know why I never belonged in that “targ-esque” wannabe culture.

  124. Today, while fixing a late lunch, I watched Oprah. I find her to be truly remarkable.

    What I found so remarkable was that one man, formerly exceptionally wealthy by directing hits (Ace Ventura etc) gave nearly ALL his money away and reduced his MEST from an 18,000 square foot mansion to a (very nice) double wide mobile home. And made another movie.

    One thing that struck me was this comment: “Take no more than you need”

    dm embodies the EXACT OPPOSITE: take WAY MORE than you could ever need or use and do it while ruining lives.

    And this line: “It is scientifically proven that the entire human race is connected.” — if dm could possibly understand that, he would be terrified for his soul for the pain he has caused just ONE person (take Heber for example) touches us all …

    I hope to see this movie if it ever makes it’s way to the hills of New England:


  125. 😉

  126. Dylan,
    Thanks, mighty interesting as it seems Dear Leader really has a fixation on huge high dollar homes for LRH which is just a lot of fancy mest that LRH himself never really was into.

    It seems that Dear Leader wants it to appear as a hidden data line of sorts and that he is Pro-LRH in a Mesty manner, or showing that his own digs of a luxury suite Villas enclosed in walls within the ultra barriered walls if the Int Base is rather modest in comparison.

  127. Impartial English Girl

    Having seen all this “macho” stuff, I am afraid that I couldn’t resist sending this little 1980’s pop classic from the UK, which I thought is BOUND (hmmm… pun in there somewhere…?) to appeal to our very own Little “Camp David”…:

    IEG x

  128. Carol,
    I guess that son was in CMO CW in the early 2000’s right? There was another Feshbach, Katie(?) who married Fed Tisi at Int.

  129. Carol,
    I guess that son was in CMO CW in the early 2000’s right? There was another Feshbach, Katie(?) who married Fed Tisi at Int, to add to the confusion…

  130. You’re right! I should have said … a 13 year old reptile (with apologies in advance to reptiles everywhere). 🙂

  131. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hi, I’m a Feschback, and I don’t know which straight up and verticle tree I belong on. Is uncle davey my daddy?

  132. Maybe he got addicted to the gas and has it pumped into his office and berthing spaces. That would start to explain some stuff….

  133. Dylan,

    Interesting that the new meter is called the Mk (8) Ultra 😉


    I doubt if the OTAs would question the Manchurian Squirrel to much about CST’s involvement since probably most of these so called “OTs” are unaware of its existence.

    Since it is one of RTC’s best kept secrets for obvious reasons contained in its Articles of Incorporation and in relation to the Transfer Agreement.

    As you remember at the glorious IRS “victory” in ’93 there was nary a mention of its existence or that all copyrights were transfered from Trust “B” to CST.

    Supposedly the key reason according to Trust “B” for seeking 501 c iii status.

    Anyway aside from the possible “cloak and dagger” undercurrents playing behind the scene is the fact that most public including these OTAs are blissfully ignorant of this fact.

    Probably to prevent a general uprising from the Scientology public who would probably demand that CST take over control of the Scientology Network before RTC under the direct control of Miscavige for sure and probably with the assistance of some of the so called “friends” he referred to in that speech completely wreck the subject.

    Right now to most Scientology public RTC by careful cloaking of these exact facts that I have mentioned is currently considered the highest ecclesiastical body and that Miscavige is its supreme ruler, “religious leader” or its so called “pope”.

    In other words a false perception that is not only currently perceived by his adoring public, especially these OTAs who for this reason he has taken into his “confidence” and the staff but also even many of the Scientology critics and independents.

    To Miscavige and his “friends” (one of who happens to be a guru of perception management) perception or image is everything.

    Like a false or implanted picture it doesn’t erase because the PC *assumes* that it is real.

    Miscavige to me never had any legitimacy and never will.

    True he is a squirrel but that is because he has managed to have the highest trained terminals left in Scientology go along with his insane *Squirreling* because they perceived that he had some kind of false “authority” or “power”.

    Authority or power he was never granted but with help of others he took as he said in that SP Times article that was written about him so long a go.

    Personally I think the more false power including *blame* we assign to the little rodent the more power he will have like a false engram or problem (the one that the PC continually runs according to the BCR yet doesn’t produce any relief) and the further the TA will stick.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents on the issue.

    BTW I was somewhat joking about the CIA.

    However what Miscavige is doing parallels some of their objectives of creating the perfect implant.

    One that can now be created with the help of Black Dianetics.

  134. Sinar, yes about Matt and Kathy’s son and yes about Katie. I do know that Jessica’s faternal twin was Melisa. Katie is Matt and AJ’s daughter.

  135. Thank you for this, Sinar. The way you have written it, well, it’s just like we were all there! Beautiful … L, H

  136. Yeah, you’re right. Katie was the nice one and Melissa and Jessica’s cousin. Those two may have been nice at one time but were turned into DMbots…

  137. Word has it that COB’s official tape recorder went kaput right after the above segment, but Deep Fax, who was assigned as Standby COB Emergency Cleaning Crew and just happened to have his digital recorder with him, was able to captured the following with his recording pen:


    “…so there! Now as to financing, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. There are two reasons we haven’t already had these machines up and operating, making Supermen, one is finances, the other is opposition by internal forces.

    First, the finances. Did you know that we had to hire the very top scientific researchers, theoretical physicists, computer theorists, NASA rocket scientists, psychics, and the world’s most renowned engineering and design firm from Switzerland, all of them working on this flat out for years underground in New Mexico? Do you have any idea what that costs?

    We have so far invested $123,567,931.23 on this project and we are now just a squirrel hair from completion. One more infusion of energy into this project and we can blast off with our marketing program and take this planet in its entirety. Finally!

    (thunderous cheering)

    Now, I can’t continue to count on hidden donors like Tom, who by the way definitely does NOT want you to know that he has personally donated $10,000,000 to this project, but I will tell you he’s tagged on reg cycles totaling over $90,000,000.

    (thunderous cheering)

    We need another $50,000,000. I can’t ask Tom, again, to handle this for me. He’s done enough, particularly what with his fortune-rattling anonymous donations to our secret operation we have going on in North Korea where our underground orgs are starting to flourish.

    We’ve got, what, about a hundred of you here? OK, how many of you are in bankruptcy? OK, that shows real commitment, I want to applaud you people. Let’s give these seventy people a hand for stretching their credit until it creaked, just like the Old Man said.

    (diminished clapping)

    OK, the rest of you…you thirty…I needed fifty mil. Let’s do the math…50 mill divided by thirty equals $1,666,666.66, right? Well then, THAT’S today’s target for each one of you guys. $1,666,666.66 times thirty will give us the fifty mil which will finance the rest of this project and each of you will go down in history as THE beings that brought this to life so we can accelerate the taking of this planet. And THAT’S what we expect from an OT Ambassador! Your names WILL be literally carved into the Stone of Generosity placed under spotlight right outside the front entrance of our almost finished grandiose new Super Power building. Those who do not meet their target will have THAT fact etched right along side their name on the Stone right with those who WERE able to make it go right!

    (a clap is heard)

    So…who’s first? You! Andy Savas! Aren’t you through with your bankruptcy yet? You’re not trying to skip out on the responsibility of this one, are you? OK, Feschbach Boys, you gotta lead it off…what? Bryan Zwan has just volunteered $10,000,000, good this week? OMG!


    OK, I’ll stretch the target to this week, then. Rest of you hold-outs, come on now! Good! Feschbachs are down for $5,000,000! OK, now we’re getting somewhere! We only need thirty-five mil now.

    Let’s see…there’s about twenty-five of youz left, we need thirty-five mil…where’s my damn calculator?! Got it, only one point four mil each now, instead of the one point six. Hey, we ain’t leaving here tonight until this is handled, we’ve got MAJOR campaigns going which are just sucking up our resources but the worst thing in the world to do is to slow down that would be suppressive and the only ones capable of coughing up this much dough this quickly are you guys right here so who’s making their pledge?

    (unintelligible…can’t you use the billion dollars you have in reserve?)


    I KNEW that guy was suppressive. Anybody else see his lip twitch when I came in? No one? Hmmph. OK, enough with the live demo of how to handle CI, back to the target. Raise your hands if you DON’T think you can make your target…let’s break it down….anyone? anyone? I don’t see any hands, so OK! The rest of you, $1,444,444.444 by the end of the day. Sell your yachts, your wives, your kids, pull your gold teeth out, sell the nursing homes to the Chinese, I don’t care how you do it and no questions will be asked.

    We meet back here at midnight and we’ll either share champagne or goldenrod, your choice but I hope it’s the former.

    Oh, one last thing…the second reason I was going to tell you about…CI… well, I’ve handled that one by my lonesome by striking down and eliminating every single spec of counter-thought, opposition, hesitation, questioning, thinking about questioning, non-allegiance and separate individual thought or actions that were holding down every single project we’ve had going. Those SPs are now paying the price AND they are no longer obstructing my path, weighing me down, keeping me back. All my rocket boosters are firing full blast and there’s no one to stop me.

    Let’s get YOURS firing full bore, too! See you back here at midnite!”

    (muffled clapping)

  138. Flytrike, No, Super Power does not exist in the Indy field. Someone years ago put out a bunch of processes that he called Super Power but these were just some sort of way out there repetitive processes that bear no resemblance to anything in Scientology much less Super Power. I compiled the rundowns that had not been done during the 1978 developmental stages when LRH worked with RTRC (Phoebe Mauerer) in fall of 1991 and ran a pilot on base staff. Unfortunately, I do not remember all the rundowns accurately enough to recompile them. Regardless, Super Power is no substitute for the Bridge notwithstanding LRH’s remark that it could be given to Dn Clears. The reason for that is that one of the rundowns is very similar to one of the Power Processes that unsticks the pc from a particular point on his or her track. Sometimes, I wish I had an eidetic memory like Marc Headley. Until that day, no, no version of Super Power available, in the church or out.

  139. Matt, this is hysterically funny. ROTFLMAO! Yes, that is what he needs, a machine like that!

  140. I SO do like to curse those pretty implanters.

  141. And, the rest of your comment was spot on, too. Right indication. He robs the hardworking to buy the products of the hardworking! and then acts like HE did something. HE IS THE ULTIMATE CRIMINAL, IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD, ON EVERY DYNAMIC!!!!

  142. Firebreathing Frog

    Great post but quite scary.

    Just one comment if I may: you say DM has “co-opted the minds of the Opinion Leader public”; well most of those OTVIII and OTA are not opinion leaders anymore. A few of them are really criminals, and went up the bridge with gross financial irregs. I don’t want to make generalities, but those few really out-ethics cats have given a very bad image to all OTs.
    They bought their way to OT by ripping off others and doing big crimes.
    Yes they are considered “upstat” and have more consideration from a few than the staff working long hours for no money, but they are no opinion leaders.
    No one listen to them anymore. Few years ago, we will go to any event where an OT was talking about his wins.
    Now, all success briefing with an OT is followed by a crush regging event, and the wins you hear is the kind “how I made more money since I am clear/OT…” So disgusting.

    I just hope LRH don’t hear them.

    I mean, look at the asses that came to “handle” you few days ago.
    That so degrading of LRH tech and the OT level.
    Who want to be OT when you see people like this?

    At last, we can read some good success story here on this blog.
    Genuine Success that was not enforced.

    A friend who attested OT VII few years ago told me she had to thank DM in her speach – she didn’t want to (after all the nightmare she went trough during her 6month check) but SHE HAD TO thank COB or she would not be allowed to go on stage and attest.

    I really think that you would have failed the “tech inspection” from the asshole who visited you: look you have no IAS reg, no RTC rep to enforce your PC to thanks DM for ensuring the tech is pure…

    And that’s probably where the best win are made.

    Sorry for rambling on this post, but I have no one to talk to, and the more I read your blog, the more I am convinced that I have no chance to getting up the bridge within the Church.

    Just have to find a good auditor in the independent or come to USA.

    Peace and love.

  143. I’m wondering if, in a few years, he will move into the accomodation created for LRH. The usual way to carry out a strengthening of power would be to recruit various opinion leader shills to start a proposal that DM should be promoted to the status of Commodore.

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  145. Certified by 2 psychiatrists?

  146. You are right, Mike.
    BTW, I guess DM’s version of Super Power didn’t work for Matt because his business went down which his investor’s also suffered as a result based on this report:

  147. OTDT,

    There’s another mouth full of coffee that I’ll have to clean off the computer screen…


  148. Scott Campbell

    Here’s the final process of Miscavige’s Stupid Power Rundown.

    It’s called the Spacial Perceptic Intensity Amplification Module. (S.P.I.A.M.)


    Do it and see the world from Dave “Superman” Miscavige’s eyes.

  149. Joe,

    I think the process that was very similar to Pr Pr 6 I believe was originally issued as the “Bright Think RD” in early ’77 and withdrawn later that year.

    I vaguely remember running across it when I was at NWC.

    Like the power process that is very similar it unsticks someone from a stuck point on the track.

    I think the reason it was withdrawn was that auditors had trouble running the process after it produced full revivification of the incident the PC or Pre OT was stuck in and ran it out.

    From what I heard from Auditors and PCs who actually ran it to EP the results were pretty spectacular.

  150. Sorry but I sure as hell wouldn’t let anything Davey personally is seeing to near my thetan OR body. That said, this kind of reminded me of this:

  151. Joe Pendleton

    After all these years, I’m still very suprised at what many “OTs” seem to be interested in. I understand the effect of all the “super” promises in DMSMH and then the even more spectacular ones in the Philadelphia lectures. I remember Wollersheim’s tour for NOTs (where among other super powers he now had, he intimated that he could time travel). And now Super Power.

    I noted on Jeff’s blog (and I think on here too) that to me, an OT is someone who has the certainty of their own being, someone who KNOWS they can postulate their life, someone who can confront the MEST universe – especially the force thrown at them by other beings, and can CREATE a theta life and environment for oneself AND for other beings.

    Awareness of “body motion”, “saline content”? Man, I have too much awareness of those things already! No kidding. An OT is EXTROVERTED! Anyway, I am continually suprised at how many folks fall for this bullshit. My guess is that since so many of these “OTs” lack what I talk about above and are probably in apathy about ever attaining them, they cling to these “minor super powers” that Miscavige is “letting them in on.” It’s pathetic how these “OTs” dramatize third dynamic propitiation. The example they set is the main reason Scientology and LRH are in such bad repute (Who wants to be like THEM?). I want to say again how pathetic these “OT lapdogs” are, but I risk repeating myself too much. Well, no worry – as long as you have a checkbook, you have a friend in Dave.

  152. Perhaps if all the people we have who saw parts of it contributed then something could be created quite close to the original?
    The perception step you mention sounds incredible. LRH originally talked about having Super Power available within a few months at St. Hills – clearly not enough time to build all that machinery.
    The original ethics repair list which I saw was quite a simple and powerful list with all questions run on 4 flows except for the last few end rud style ones. I have run it on a few people to excellent wins – it is available.
    I also saw the second step regarding safe space and could reproduce that.
    I suspect that one of the rundowns involved the pluspoint outpoint list which was withdrawn at about the same time as the ERL?? That is also available.
    Perhaps some adventurous soul would create a moderated forum for a project for the recreation of Super Power?

  153. Superpower?

  154. ^^THIS. And speaking up megabucks, the super power price list says it all:


  155. Spot on Brian.

  156. I think the CoS eventually weeds out the smart ones. The naiive and gullible are the only ones left.

    I did a little math, and when you divide the high estimate of 50,000 by the estimated number of 10,000,000 quote-unquote “Scientologists” (as defined by anyone who has ever taken a course), you come up with .005. Or if you express it as a percentage, at most, .5% of all people who take a Scientology coursed end up staying in the CoS.

    Put another way, 99.5% of all people who take a Scientology course leave the Church of Miscavige, (wiser for the experience, no doubt).

    Congrats, Davey Boy! At this rate, you’ll have this planet cleared in about…well, maybe you ought to amend those SO contracts to about 10 Billion years!

  157. I think the purpose of the original was to run out all those things that you mention. It sounds like that doesn’t quite match DM’s purpose.

  158. Funny you should say that Mat, most of the divers on Nitrox say that they do feel better after diving. Seen some of them suck in what’s left in their tanks after their dives.

  159. Clearwater Lawyer

    I’m agree with “splog” that it is difficult to determine exactly what he is trying to say. The reason could be that he really wasn’t saying anything at all – or maybe simply establishing the basis for a new fund-raising campaign. In reference to the “macho” comment, it seemed like the audience was laughing at him and his limited vocabulary or poor choice of words.

    Btw, Marty, very well done dealing with the attack at your house. Just now read it, and I’m still in shock. Will you be asking for a copy of the police report when its ready? It is a bit reminiscent of Mike and Christie’s “flash mob” experience at the doctor’s parking lot. In both cases they really backed down once the police were involved. I could sense that he was starting to sweat when he said “this is public property, the police don’t have standing”. Huh? So, the police only have jurisdiction on private property? They can’t respond to a call if the suspects are on a public street? Seriously, how can they think they can get away with coming to a person home, uninvited, unannounced , with a gaggle of followers pretending to be news media and DEMAND an interview? This is bad enough on public property, much less on one’s own home – the very place where your peace and privacy is most protected. Then add the matching tee shirts, the “hat cams” (“OT cams”!), the obvious threatening combative aggressive behavior. Who knows these people may be capable of doing. I’m don’t see any judge or jury being sympathic to that
    behavior. ESPECIALLY in Texas! I could go on, but I know it’s not the right thread!

  160. Haven’t read all the comments, but just want to add that Dear Leader has presented such a … dreamy, dreamy, dreamy nightmare of a luscious, luscious, luscious dog’s breakfast of a valuable, valuable, valuable rip-off of an empowering, empowering, empowering implant … that I cannot resist!

    Have you done your SP rundown yet?

  161. After all this, DM is sounding more and more like a Manchurian Candidate. It was not an accident he “inherited” his position. He has certainly taught us all a lot of lessons and he’s still teaching!

  162. Really nice comment, Firebreathing Frog. So glad you spoke up! You are among friends. H

  163. I have had years of Miscavige useing the reverse tech of Scn (and it appears those exact mechanics as discribed in your briefing on Super Power upon me, since at least the mid 90’s if not earlier). It is suppressive in the extreme. I have I suppose been not only a “guinea pig of sorts”, but it has been being done to test out how their slave making mechanics actually will work as well as to utilize me as a pawn in his game of “Project All Clear I/C” which I propose he has appeared to play that role, but in fact most likely works both sides of the fence working with government sorts that keep his little hiny from getting slammed (or he is feeding them $? who knows, he is psycho). What he has done to me are those mechanics as mentioned (screwing with my bodies endoctrine system, flows to the body and altering of time etc). Where he fails is if you are even somewhat aware and even minimally trained you know that these experiences just do not add up to standard tech, no way no how and after a point the outpts lead one to seeing the bigger picture. He is still in his attempts to use and enslave me along with Hubbard who is alive (seen numerous times in the flesh for real), living on the lam and “promised” by Miscavige to be working out how I will be the alibi for his last and final court case by the feds. Meanwhile all manner of uses of reverse Scn (must include superpower from what I can see from what you said) has been done in an effort to make me a enslaved puppet for their use at trial and to later be discarded if not disposed of.

  164. DylanG, thank you for your reply.
    I have an important and urgent question regarding LRH’s home at the CST property. I’d like to know if LRH’s house’s value was approximately $3.7 million. The reason I ask is that one of the houses on the property was denied a tax exemption and the value was around $3.7 mil.
    Because LRH’s home should not be used, it would not get a tax exemption. (If a church building is not used at all, then it is not used for religious purposes and therefore tax exemption is denied.) Here’s a copy of the 2010 property tax filings at CST:

    There’s a similar situation at Gold Base with the 30-40 million LRH house there. It is only used for the occasional party for rich celebrities. Gold Base staff claimed it was a museum, but in order to make that claim, it has to be open to the public.
    You may contact me on YouTube/AnonOrange

  165. I think that this Super Power high tech project is not to widen ones views and perceptics but to stick a person into his body that he no longer can exteriorize.

  166. Wow, Arthur Bolstad … when we were kids in australia in the SO, I was 15, we were amongst the best of friends, even going into RTC, he went to Int as well. If he, DB or any of the family ever need a safe place to go, they are welcome to call me.

  167. OTDT,

    And they’re always soooo nice, sooooo concerned for your well being. Dressed in the finest fashions available. Ready to set an example of what life can be like.

    And by “curse” I’m sure you mean: “You guys are so damned funny. You’re fucking brilliant! I can’t wait to try this shit out! If you mother fuckers can’t get me in by Friday, I’m gonna be really, really pissed.” (at which point, you give them a friendly chuck on the chin to let ’em know you still love ’em. Nothing like a little macho cussin’ between friends. )

    Man, that’s the kind of cursing that lets a person know they’re doing a good job.

  168. ditto! It’s macho, I guess, whatever it is.

  169. …the “magnetic pull of his body”? Yeah – we’ve worked that out. “Body motion”, “saline content”, down to “endocrine system”, things like this.
    That right there is absolutely scary implant talk!!! Be afraid! Be very afraid!
    They only could be laughing in the glee of insanity and restimulation.

  170. I am especially intrigued by this tornado-hurricane simulation room with the greasy poles! 😆 OMG I’m rolling over here!

  171. Jim, that is EXACTLY right!

  172. Lynne, to wake up next lifetime in a much worse state then you started in Scientology with is totally where this is headed… You’re right. There is no “get rich quick” method to spiritual freedom.

  173. Sinar~ Thanks for the inside scoop. It makes it very very very clear that LRH’s purpose was to help mankind while David Miscavige’s purpose is very very very clearly to enslave mankind. Crystal Clear.

  174. I peg him at the mentality of a 5 year old. My kids spoke like that when they were 5:

    Daddy, can we, um, um, , can, can, ………….. maybe later, errrr, can we go, um, …. movies??!!

    I expect that from a 5 year old, they only started grasping language a year prior! And four coherent words in a row is about their limit. But a 50 year old man claiming to be the “ecclesiastical leader of the world’s fastest growing religion”?

  175. Mike, Bruce Bolstad also is on staff at CST. I worked with him at the main base (rim forest) untill he was sent to INT and the RPF. He is back working for CST at the Denver External site. Bruce is a (arthur as well) fantastic person and super great to be around and work with. He is welcome in my house anytime.

  176. That trailer is beautiful!

    Interconnectedness and the importance of honoring it have always been the source of the most profound and expansive cognitions I’ve had in or out of SCN.

    Failing to honor interconnectedness, or compromising it, are overts.


  177. (totally off topic) – Dr. Evil finally got his Sharks with Lasers as a secret room in the first alien mothership zone in the first person shooter game Area 51!
    Michael A. Hobson

  178. DM’s Super Power (TM) will have OT’s exteriorizing like never before: stomach contents first!

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