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ID the Benchwarmers Contest


It seems the Creed of the Church of Scientology worked like water on the wicked witches of the west.  “OT VIII”s Allender and Ed Bryan have not been seen since; apparently given the mushroom treatment by Miscavige.

Camera man Bart Parr was also subbed out today for another fellow.

Pictures of today’s subs are below.

The first ones to positively ID each one of them gets a special prize from Mosey and me. 

Ringmaster of the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

This video excerpt is but the latest example of the degradation of Scientology at the hands of Pope on a Box. It is one section of the Opening Night of Maiden Voyage 2011, an event devoted almost exclusively to the surreal, off-policy “fundraising” circuses staged by the OT Asses in orgs around the world, even those that already have an “Ideal Org”.

Watch it and weep for what was once an organization that had some dignity, compassion and offered genuine help to man.

If you might have ever had a fleeting thought “there’s no way anyone could condone this insanity, it must just be local people who are a bit wacko doing their own thing” – here is the proof that it is commanded and promoted  from the “top”, the very pinnacle of the applebox.  These OT Asses are POB’s “stormtroopers.”  They do as he commands and then he validates them for their accomplishments at the annual  Maiden Voyage.

And, while you are spared the full implant, the exact same Joker and Degrader, Shermanspeak ™ mumbo-jumbo, delivered in his annoyingly hypnotic sing-song was presented for Africa, ANZO, Latam, UK, Canada,  EUS, WUS and Flag.  So, you can imagine the pain of having to endure 8X what you see here.   

In many areas, the “big win” was that they have “design and construction documents approved” (wow… now THAT’S straight up and vertical Planetary Clearing!!!). In every area a LOT of orgs are left out.  Just taking EU as an example, there was no mention of Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Aarhus (still an org there?), seems like DK and Copenhagen Orgs have been combined?, Angers, St Etienne, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand, Hanover, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Lisbon, St Petersburg, Nuoro, Monza and probably others I am forgetting. Every Cont had the same omissions — yet inclusion in this gala presentation required nothing more than putting on some sort of “theme” event and having a postulated building and/or some “design” documents.  For all those waiting for “OT IX and X” until all orgs are “Ideal”, you are in for a VERY long wait. 

Also of note: not one person from “International Management” is in the audience. It used to be the first three rows on the left side were occupied by “international management”, IAS and Freewinds execs. Now, because the entirety of “International Management” has been dismantled by Dear Loser, its just CO FSSO and the Port Captain as part of the applauding seal brigade.  Of course, the front row consists of the biggest contributors, the Baybacks, Jensens and Feshbachs – and front and center, POB’s speechwriter extraordinaire smirking and applauding his own witty incomprehensibility – Dan Sherman.

This single video clip should be enough to snap any real Scientologist into reality.  THIS is what Corporate Scientology has descended into under POB.  A parody mash-up of a game show, Saturday Night Live skit and Sunday Morning televangelist money grubbing.

This is apparently the best evidence POB can come up with of the unprecedented, unheralded, previously unimagined, superlative, massive, greater than all 50 years combined, straight up and vertical expansion he keeps talking about. Wow….

IAS Atrocities (Part One) – Dennis Clark

This is a wake up call.

It is a sad story.  But, it is unfortunately true.

It should be distributed to everyone who has ever paid one thin dime to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) or who is contemplating doing so in the future.

As anyone who has attended an IAS event knows, each and every minute is a lead up – in Miscavige’s rolling thunder style –  to the IAS Medal Award Winners.   The audience is overwhelmed with special effects, blaring music, impossible (false) stats and poingnant, emotional vignettes about the winner and how he or she allegedly changed the fate of an entire nation or the world itself.

Miscavige understood early on that the medal winner crescendo was the IAS’s bread and butter. That is why he spent so much time in the editing bay at Gold personally constructing the deceptive hype videos introducting them.  It is also why he early on knocked out the practice of anyone but himself dishing the medals out on stage. 

One of the early IAS Freedom Medal winners was one Dennis Clark.  Many newer Scientologists don’t know much about him.  He hasn’t been showing up for the reunions at the annual IAS event at St Hill for a while.

That is because Dennis Clark over time lost grip of his mind.  He was of the Allender ilk – the type of public that would kill for David Miscavige if asked.  He is the overrestimulated zealot who was sending out mass emails after the St Petersburg Times Truth Rundown series in 2009, claiming Mike and I were being sponsored by big pharma (how else could such incredibly huge effects be created, he (and Miscavige) “reasoned”, I suppose).

Dennis later had a massive stroke more or less paralyzing an entire side of his body.  One might think (particularly the likes of those dupes who spent millions on IAS statuses) that the IAS, or even the church, and surely their cult leader David Miscavige would take care of the old war horse in his time of need.

The answer turned out to be a definitive “NO.”    And the proof is contained in the following email cycle between Clark and another IAS Freedom medal winner, one David Pomerantz.  Read it yourself, and come to your own conclusions about the intentions and integrity levels of David Miscavige, IAS, and the “church” of Scientology. 

Realize, these hearfelt, if bizarre, pleas by Clark went unanswered.  However,  friends of Dennis got into direct comm with me about getting Dennis help.  And irrespective of his unprincipled and false black PR campaign against me personally, we answered the call.  In fact it was an Indie who arranged for a guy in “good standing” to pony up some bread for premises for Dennis and some medical care.  It had to be someone in “good standing” because Dennis might have suffered another stroke had he been approached directly by Indies. Until then Dennis was living out of his car. He was washing himself in public restrooms, and was in the streets begging for food.  I am glad someone is taking care of him. I am appalled that worldly people like the Feschbacks and Bob Duggan continue to pay millions to Miscavige in attempts to bury us.  Nonetheless, when Miscavige has betrayed them sufficiently and they too are out on the streets, we’ll be there for them as we were for Dennis.

First Email:

 From: Dennis H. Clarke []
> Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2011 1:46 PM
> Subject: If I Want To Be Treated Like A Human Being, It Will Cost Me Extra
> Dollars
> I have been stupid in thinking the torture I have been subjected to here and
> at Hale Nani and at Straub Hosps has been personal. Making it worse for
> myself, I instinctively fight back. I have been very nieve and now see how
> this, like the prison guard situations, works on these captive populations
> and their families.
> These places are run by a mafia of some flavor, with some administrators,
> doctors and nurses plus the CNAs and and other staff involved. I had
> forgotten I was here in the far East!
> Food, baths, proper care in terms of medications and actual rehabilitation,
> all are subject to extra money, bribes and other extra dollar factors.
> I have missed their W/Hs and so now know my life is in danger here!
> I need extra dollars for bribes and/or to get out of here, ASAP.

> Dennis

Response From David Pomerantz

On May 14, 2011,  David Pomeranz wrote:

> Understood, Dennis.
> Wow! That sounds like a bad espionage movie – one I don’t want to see. I’m
> sorry you’re having to go through this.
> This makes it manadatory that we get you to the Philippines pronto. Is the
> only unresolved problem your accomos?
> Love,
> D.

Dennis’s final plea

From: Dennis H. Clarke <>
To: David Pomeranz <>
Sent: Sat, May 14, 2011 5:03:42 PM
Subject: Re: If I Want To Be Treated Like A Human Being, It Will Cost Me Extra Dollars

Yes, its accomos and I still dont know what I am gettig for my money ($1600 for three months of what?).

In doing some due dilligence over the Internet and with acquanteces here, I have been told/learned that overall, treatment at the Dr’s University Hospital in Cebu City, runs about half of St. Luke’s in Manila and is comperable. I’m more than a little afraid of running out of money and so, have hit something of a Q & A between the two.

I’ve gotten exactly zero assists through the org here and have had to rely on three friends here and my son. The only one I can actually rely on at this point is my son and he is going with me. The three friends have either blown the cycle or lost intrest, months ago. That leaves my son only, for assists at this point.

I have little hope of being able to buy further services from our Orgs. Thus, the worrys about cash and the need to get as much rehab as I can get with what money I have left.

That’s what I am working to resolve.

I am also going to go legal against another member here who is refusing to discuss $400,000 he had agreed to pay me for solar sales I made for him here. Since the stroke, he has apparently decided to simply steal the $400,000 commission. He has hired a former senior HCO terminal here to help him. Together, they have the backing of the local org.

Believe me, there are these important (to me) matters I still have to deal with here.

I’m working on them as best I can but I’m hitting the wall, physically and theta wise. I have been mid OT V since 1987 and that’s appently much too long. Frankly, I’m wearing down fast without help from my group.



Incomplete on NOTs for twenty-four years?  Only a suppresive group of the lowest order could manage that. I could, and would if he woke up and reached, straighten him out with a yank in very short order.  Easy.

In the event there is any remaining mystery why I chose the the email address, there ought not be now:

Miscavige’s Jonestown Cult Escalates

David Miscavige’s Jonestownsian Cult has escalated its export of the Hole (Miscavige’s torture chamber at the Scientology International Headquarters in Hemet, California) to the sleepy litle town of Ingleside on the Bay, Texas.

They performed a “Scientology” Sunday Service on my property line on Sunday afternoon.  Spontaneously, five neighbors went and gave them a taste of their own medicine.   I had to restrain Ralph S Gomez (being a reflection of Miscavige’s cowardice that Gomez has become) from getting physical with a seventy-year-old neighbor.   The neighbors asked a simple question, “what is your doctrine, if you are a church?”   None of them (including OT “8” Ed Bryan) could or would answer them.   So, when they returned this afternoon Mosey decided to educate the cult members on their own doctrine.   As you will see they weren’t too interested.  As you will also see, Miscavige’s answer to the matter escalating into our neighbors becoming active on their own accords and consciences, was to escalate temperatures by flying in perhaps the most violent and confrontational cult member he could find, one John Allendar.

The Cult’s response was to point their mini cam mounted on their golf cart into my neighbors house – something I have admonished them not to do time and time again.    Miscavige just can’t get it through his racist, mysogenist, fascist mind that people in the United States of America possess certain rights, and that, in the words of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard,  “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

The Ass Clown Offensive – Miscavige Becomes “Anonymous”

I recognized a remarkable development recently that I believe warrants discussion.

When I began to speak out about two year ago, I walked onto what appeared to be a very black and white playing field.   It appeared to be occupied by two opposing forces,  the church of Scientology vs. the anti-Scientologists.  In fact, after observing a while I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum.  That in fact the two extreme sides (Miscavige Radicals) and those who vehemently professed anti-Scientology views (the whole subject should be retired, not merely the organization reformed or de-fanged) were reduced in some ways to creating one another, and resisting one another so strenuously as  to perhaps even be flirting with becoming one another.  See,

In late 09 and well into 2010 my wife and I were subjected to a number of intelligence operations and juvenile pranks – from being egged in London, to having our blog taken down, to having a locksmith attempt to re-key our home (on our alleged order that never occurred).   Some were followed or preceeded by ominous sounding phone calls (altered electronically to sound techno-Anonymous) about how terror would continue to rain down upon us.  Clearly, in the light of Anonymous pranks of that period, it was made to appear as if we were the targets of Anonymous.

Initially it was easy to believe that it was Anonymous exerting extraordinary efforts to terrorize us.  Except, there was one little problem with that easy conclusion.  Individual members of Anonymous reached out and provided proof that in fact these were not the acts of Anonymous and proof that some of the activity could be traced back (definitively, albeit sometimes without admissable documentary evidence) to being carried out by  card carrying, Kool Aid drinking Radical Corporate Scientologists.

The Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) ops were relatively slick back then.  For example, even while Why We Protest (Anonymous’ on line forum) was making me the brunt of the bulk of their verbal, written attacks (late 09) Miscavige’s RCS managed to derail – and delay by six months – the Anderson Cooper 360 5-part series (A History of Violence – Scientology) by somehow “linking” me to Anonymous.   I was literally made to – among other things – document how absurd that proposition was in order to satisfy the nervous nellie lawyers at CNN Atlanta and Time/Warner New York.

In studying the phenomena that came to be labelled Anonymous I came across a very well researched and measured piece of jounalism that I believe most accurately described how a group of predominently young Chanology hacktivists found the perfect trolling target in the uber-paranoid “church” of Scientology.  What the article did not cover, but I did in the post The Great Middle Path Redux (link provided above), was that so too had Radical Corporate Scientology – and specifically its head David Miscavige – found its perfect justification for dramatizing being the victim. That of course is a necessary, continuing target of Miscavige’s so as to justify continuing to bankrupt gullible cult members for the sake of his “defense.”  I recommend this piece to anyone wanting to understand how this match made in hell came to be:

After observing this conflict play out, and vicariously and sometimes unwittingly participating in its unfolding, over the past two years, I have to hand it to the late-teen/early-twenty somethings.  They prevailed.  And they did so predictably per the very philsophy they protested.  Again:

“What you resist you become,” is here more accurately stated as, “That against which you have overts [committed harmful acts], you become.” One becomes more and more individual and individuated up to a limit, at which point, the harder one tries to individuate, the more one becomes a sort of fake version of that against which one has overts.  L Ron Hubbard, Future Org Trends 9 Oct 1962

Let us fast forward to the present.  For the past three months solid, David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology has become fully that which it so forcefully resisted.

All one need do to see the proof of it is to peruse this blog from April 17, 2011 forward to the present.

Miscavige has easily spent $20,000 a day over that three month period on the following:

a)  Send unidentified people in bizaree costumes to stand on the property line – and sometimes within it, which I never saw even Anonymous try – shouting insults into the faces of Scientologists trying to peaceably practice the philosophy.

b) Plaster the internet with Lulz sites – by anonymous RCS members – devoted to smearing Scientologists with the most over the top, denigrating, scatalogical propaganda.

c) Smearing practicing Scientologists with the most lurid, personal allegations posted on signs as they approached their oases to peaceably practice their religion.   Again, far exceeding any outrage RCS might assign to Anonymous, Miscavige’s attacks included twisting kernals of truth lifted from the confessional folders of those Scientologists.

d)  Spend perhaps hundreds of thousands on creating lulz videos about Scientologists that are so over the top and hateful and juvenile that virtually everyone who sees them develops a chilling aversion to the cult of Radical Corporate Scientology.

e)  Made Ass Clown moves in public that have forever tainted the cult as exactly that, a cult.   The John Allender April 17 antics with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs miner head-cam has overshadowed even that Anon guy who marched on the church covered in pubic hairs that the church made so much hay over years ago.

In short, Miscavige has become a cheap, lower-harmonic mimic of that which he so strongly cried bloody murder over for years.

Interestingly, while Miscavige and RCS have regressed into juvenile delinquency what has become of Anonymous?

It seems they have for the most part grown up and matured while Miscavige became a lower harmonic perversion of them.

Last year they rallied to the cause of the end of the Radical Iranian fascist regime.

This year they rallied to the defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Asange when the corporatocracy was trying to publicly hang him for letting the truth see the light of day.

Some can still argue that Anonymous’ tactics are over the top, and perhaps even counter productive to some extent. But, no one in their right mind would argue that their intentions and objectives in those causes are as objectionable as those that Miscavige and his cult have adopted and dramatized during that same period.

Miscavige and RCS are dedicating millions to the suppression of internationally recognized Human Rights and constitutionally recognized civil rights.  Specifically, they continue to demonstrate to the world that they will, by any means necessary, if left unchecked destroy the rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.

In short, Anonymous people appear to have grown up while Miscavige’s cult has regressed toward fascist infantilism.

As for most of the folks involved in, or watching, this drama unfold: no worries.  I think most of you get what just about anybody of any stripe gets, be he or she Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Deist, Atheist, or whatever.  We all reap what we sow.

Sneering, Whining and Lying – DM’s Trademarks

The only Trademarks Miscavige has left are sneering, whining, and lying – the hallmarks of the Radical Corporate Scientologist.  They are about the only sure signs that one is in a Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology or one is dealing with a lock-stepping, Miscavige cult member. 

While I was in Los Angeles late May/early June,  as has become David Miscavige’s habit, he sent cult members to my home in an attempt to rattle my wife.  After having publicly exposed Miscavige for sending two men each time, and his two year pattern of attempting to intimidate my wife and other independent women with teams of men, this time Miscavige sent a female cult member (with an unidentified man in a car nearby surveilling the scene).

In some ways the woman cult member was even creepier.   She – as has become Miscavige’s modus operandi – did not fully identify herself, she gave only her first name.   But, we have since identified her as Anna Paddock from Austin Texas.  Once known as Anna Stilo.  In the early eighties she was a WDC member – notorious for being constantly downtone. Being a former SO member Ms Paddock has been going through hell for some time trying to get security eligibility to engage in upper level Scientology studies.  Apparently, her program consisted of drilling for several days, then camping out around my home for several more till she got the call to come to my home and make an ass of herself in public by ambushing my wife.

I post the full video of Ms. Paddock’s performance below because of the educational purpose it serves.   Ms. Paddock is the archetypical cult of Miscavige member.   Note the oily acknowledgments that communicate “I do not understand what you said, nor do I care to.” Note throughout the trademark Sneer, Whine and Lie.  That is vintage Miscavige, the world’s greatest disdainful victim.   He quite apparently has succeeded in exporting the sneer and whine valence to public volunteer level.  Michael Doven’s audio tape “discussion” with me and  John Allender’s videos on this blog served as  earlier demonstrations of the New Miscavige cult member TRs (Training Routines, Scientology Communication Drills).  Tommy Two Tone Davis is a great study in sneeing, whining and lying.  And Tommy learned it directly from the master of sneer, whine, and lie – David Miscavige.

Below that you will find the latest installment of the Ingleside Index on the local Miscavige Bustees.  Check their comments, all sneering, whining and lying.  And they’ve even got their P.I. doing it.

Sneer, whine, and lie Training Routines:

Bustees arc breaking the public with Sneer, whine and lie TRs:

Next time you run into a Corporate Scientologist, listen closely, then call them out on their lies, their whining and their sneering.  They are in  Night Of the Living Dead  zombie-like valences.  Let them know that Scientology can handle that and possibly even bring them back to life.


New York Village Voice:

How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)

The despatch below from Tommy Davis  to the head of the Office of Special Affairs Network concerning Tom Cruise is revelatory in several respects.  I have included some comments in between certain paragraphs in the following document to clarify and provide context.  All inserted comments by me are in italics.  The rest of the text is the original document in full.

For those who are concerned about me being a little tough on Tom, I invite you to use the search function on this blog with his name and see how thoroughly I put him on notice about the serial human rights violations his support of Miscavige has wrought.  I probably would not even have posted this, except that I saw the Int Scientology News New Years 2011 edition with Tom Cruise front and center of the two page Shrine spread worshiping at the feet of his lord, Miscavige.  Publication of such would absolutely require Tom’s personal green light.  Ethics gradients, my friend, and believe me to date they’ve been light.

The internal church of Scientology memorandum:

CO OSA Int                                                                          9 January 2006

SVP CCI                                                                    cc:       D/CO Ext OSA Int

PR Chf OSA Int


Pres CCI

D/Tech Sec 4A CCI

Re: Yours of 8 Jan

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the ack.  It was a bad oversight on my part to have not sent that debrief to Mr. Rinder.  Thanks for doing that.  I would very much like to see his plan on MI3.  Mr. Cruise and I have been having a lot of comm on the subject and I want to make sure I am in the loop.  I still have catching up to do myself in this area.

There are a few things that have been coming up that I would like to touch base with you on that are on a similar line.

One thing is that he told me today that he has been asking for regular CCHR briefings and has not been getting them.  He mentioned that when he used to get them they were just suppressive as they were filled with MUs, etc.  I told him I would handle this.  I did brief him a bit on the recent feedback from the CCHR tours and the recent Time magazine article on Ritalin.

Tom used to carry a dictionary he was so big on word clearing. But, now that he is D/COB it is “suppressive” when someone uses a word that he does not understand.  This is the vicious victimology practiced by Miscavige. Ask anyone who spent much time around him, he is very good at convincing those around him that the world is out to get him, his stewards, his cooks, his secretary, the groundsman, his staff, his wife, his mother, his father, the US government, the psychs, you name it.  He is being attacked by “suppressives” at every hand. Guess he got his tight friend to buy into that crap too. By the way Tom knows about psychiatry (despite the misunderstood words) and you, Matt, don’t.

The other thing is that I would like to get a new briefing for him on the results of his dissemination and PR actions.  I.E. what is the count of kids off drugs now?  New FDA or CCHR products as a result?, etc.

I think the point I am harping on here with all of this is that the MI3 press tour is coming and it will be on us before we know it and we have to be prepared.  That means briefings on what is happening in the EU, Japan, Mexico, surveys from those areas from the marketing units, buttons, etc.

Translation:  Tom Cruise is being provided with church of Scientology surveys which will give to him the “buttons” to push in his press conferences in different countries in promoting his movie Mission Impossible 3, so that Tom can a) become more of a star and make more money and b) promote Corporate Scientology objectives.

He asked me to draft a note to Sarkozi (he is Interior Minister now isn’t he?) for him then there is Pinault (the French billionaire T met on the Collateral tour who owns FNAC, the major EU electronics, music, books store, etc.) and those two are just France.  What do we want to do there?  What about Spain?  I don’t want to just leave this all up to COB to figure out because you and I both know he will if we don’t do it now.

Translation: Tom Cruise’s correspondence with world leaders is being drafted by church of Scientology hack Tommy “two tone” Davis so that David “low toned” Miscavige won’t have to bypass, and kick the living … out of Tommy for having to do so.  Tommy can’t even spell the leaders’ names and doesn’t quite know their positions; but hey, in the scheme of things they are just riff raff.  After all, Tom knows that Dave is the “leader of leaders”.  To make sure it stays that way he is going to insulate himself from any information about the actual world leaders, and he is going to prove it by having the church communicate to those leaders for him. Guess what Opinion Leaders of the world who have confided in Tom Cruise?  Every word you’ve said has gone back for processing and handling to the “church” of Scientology.

COB made it clear that the message for him is to promote the film.  Be the biggest movie star ever, etc.  He is pumped about this and is already on a full create on getting proficient with his planes, cars and motorcycles, and just doing cool intense bigger than life movies star stuff.

Translation: By then there was already severe repurcussions from DM’s previous coachings of Cruise (to wit, Matt Lauer meltdown, Oprah psychosis) so Dave is doing the 1.1 thing:” Tom, just go out there and be a movie star, just like I always told you.”  Remarkably, Tom is “pumped” about that, and with the direction from his guru is going to dive into movie star valence with reckless abandon, because that is what COB has directed.  Interesting how date coincident with COB’s message to Tom to “become the biggest movie star ever”, Tom steadily fell from approaching that target and instead plummeted toward becoming the biggest laughing stock in town.

However at the same time we need to nail down the exact DA docs that can be used when he does these interview or when Paul and Arnold do the pre-interview preps.  Like the one doc that DAs the silent birth, or the sonogram crap, or even the psych stuff.  I will of course have the guys in my office all over this but I want to have the line in very tight with you, Karin and Linda.

Also, I am working with Michael to ensure Paul Bloch and Arnold Robinson are on track and on message, that they are getting T’s stats as a star out there and that they ride over and out create and stay above the  BS.  I’ll be meeting with them with Michael this week when I get back.  I also want to work out how to attack these “year end list” people who are saying he is voted as “most annoying” or “most irritating” as I don’t believe them.  I think getting Paul or Arnold to demand from these magazines the actual survey results/raw data, the numbers, the questions asked for the survey, etc.  They can not let this crap slide with out a fight but make sure that it never looks like it is T who is behind it or cares about it or create a new sit by digging into it.  They are going to get to the bottom of things like why TC has not won a People’s Choice award in ten years.  The point is that more pressure has to be kept on Paul and Arnold to get out there and be proactive.  The kind of pressure that will counteract the negative SP pressure they are getting from the press and their PTS comm lines, etc.

Ok, when Tommy says that “I” don’t believe the polls that consistently voted Tom “most irritating” and the like, he means David Miscavige doesn’t believe it.  Tommy, and anyone else for that matter on those lines, is not allowed to have an opinion let alone express one.  DM was already ordering Doven and Tom’s sister to gather Tom’s stats and ordering they be “slammed dunked” on every publication that attempts to say a negative thing about his tight friend as early as 02/03.  In other words, DM is the source of turning even Tom’s outside professionals (publicists in this case – and as you will see later his agents and attorney in later documents) into robots carrying out terribly unpopular, ill-advised strategies that cemented the uber-mirco-manage, laser head image they wanted to erase.

I think this is it for now.  I will for sure come and see you guys when I am back and we can catch up on all of this.

ML, Tommy

The Joker/Degrader Camera Boy

As Sinar Parman has several times noted, Danny Sherman (who is supposed to be writing the L Ron Hubbard biography, but instead has acted as DM’s personal public relations hack full time for twenty years) has carefully omitted from David Miscavige’s puff biographies an interesting bit of history. 

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment.  Well, as Miscavige likes to say about others, Miscavige has gone back to native state.

First, one of the only two Maiden Voyage 2011 events that Miscavige spoke at this year on the Freewinds was largely consumed by Miscavige Joking and Degrading about the Joker and Degrader events local orgs are carrying out across the world. Those events of course are designed to push public out of valence and overwhelmed to the point they tap out their 401ks or 2nd mortgage their homes for a Idle Org status.  We’ve posted about some of them – talent contests, out of valence hysteria whippings up in pirate garb, Top Gun garb, etc.   One might have thought Miscavige would rein in such activity with the exposure it has gotten here. No, it turns out he was the author of it in the first place, and spends the better part of an entire event aboard the Freewinds joking and degrading about it…and giggling (a giggle horrifyingly similar to that of Jim Jones just prior to the Jonestown massacre).

Similarly, after being exposed on the front pages of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, the San Antonio Express News, and the Houston Chronicle for making absolute fools of themselves in masking their overt harassment of Mosey and me as a “documentary” production activity, Miscavige’s answer was to publish his work for the Squirrel Buster Productions.  Here it is, promoting their assininity for the world to see (of course the world wouldn’t see it unless someone like me – who has a substantial readership linked it). 

Please note that the star of the video with the white hair and black jacket dancing on the sailboat is an “OT VIII” – the highest level of spiritual attainment in Corporate Scientology.  One Ed Bryan, who stalked me in Los Angeles, and is now in my hometown stalking me up to 23 times in one day.


(in the event they replace the lead video, the video I refer to is titled “on a boat” 1:43)

I guarantee you – and I guarantee Mike Rinder will confirm it – that David Miscavige personally edited this video.  Just like he did the Tom Cruise travesty that went viral on the internet and probably more than any other factor ruined his career.   What Corporate Scientologist’s fees buy:  twenty thousand per day to track Marty and make fools of themselves and enemies of the public,  millions upon millions of dollars for state of the art video editing equipment so that the j and d camera boy can continue to do what L Ron Hubbard busted him so that he could not continue to do.

Again, I refer to Sinar Parman and his corroborated observations:  David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.  Here (and in C/S Series 100 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS) you can see why such joy spread over  the face of the camera boy on that day that was so sad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 6:33 July 13:  New York Village Voice coverage:

Miscavige Reform

Miscavige Reform. An oxymoron?

Please review this post of mine from 21 October, 2009 – approximately 9 months into the Reformation:

In that post I outlined the “reforms” that Miscavige was hustling into place in order to escape the heat we put on him.  I noted at the end of that post that one would be a fool to fall for such public relations moves on Miscavige’s part. He always feigns reform when his crimes come under the spotlight. It was all calculated tactics, organized crime SOP since the dawn of such groups.

And history proves once again that we can predict this criminal Miscavige like sunrise and sunset.  For example, Miscavige tried to counter claims of harassment by Private Eyes for several months while being investigated by CNN and BBC and a host of others.  The second the outside lenses are off him it is business as usual – examples given: 

And now this.  Remember the buy offs of potential Independents by drastic reduction of Freeloader debts?   Hell, Tommy Two Tone and the Sutter/Pouw mission were telling people coast to coast – “we had it all wrong, there was lost tech on F/L debts, Ron says you owe nothing (as long as you continue to worship Botox Dave Miscavige)” .   Well, even that hush money strategy has been shelved – and the bait and switch is on like never before.

The evidence is in this “Church” of Scientology email message below:

Hi, I want to let you know important data that I just got from
uplines. This is not to make you worried or a gimmick etc. I found out that this pilot project in ILO on freeloaders does not exist anymore. Also an issue on FL billings is being worked on and will come out soon, which changes the way how FL’s get billed and the amount of any bill will very likely increase.
I urge you though to find a solution and you are done and can get back on lines. You don’t want to wait and pay more afterwards. For example, the earlier issue on freeloader bills told to pay all courses at full price. That was quite different. Now let’s see what will be done. In addition we have a regular 25% credit and that ends at 30 June! Look this over and find a way. You can also go over with me. I am interested to see how we can complete your debt right away,ML, Marcel Org Collections Officer FSO
Tel (001) 727 467 5302
Fax (001) 727 467 5301

Bait and switch is essence in the Radical Corporate “church.”


Ron Ubaghs on The Not So Ideal Org

After eleven years out of the church, my son brought me back into the Seattle org in 2003. I had several amazing years to follow. But by the Summer of 2007, I began to see things going wrong. Fewer people in the courseroom, more pressure to donate to more things, all events ending in fundraising, students trying to avoid regging on their way to course, apparently “awesome” cycles such as completeing The Basics (adding months or years to Auditor training), repeated false promises about the opening date of the new Ideal Org, high-pressure recruiting sessions to join staff with “ethics” overtones, and more.

Well, it all finally came to a head this Spring. I had said to myself I would give
the new Ideal Org roughly half a year or so to begin displaying what had been so heavily promised. After about eight long months, I could see things weren’t getting any better. In fact, it was just the opposite. Early on, I had asked about a few outpoints I’d observed:

Is there a place to store my course materials? Is there a refrigerator to keep my lunch in? Is there a place to sit and eat? Is there a place for food-service during events? The answers were all “no”. Each person I asked had some temporary solution, but no one ever said “No, but that is something we will be correcting.”

Eight months after the grand opening, I was ready to deliver M-1 to my twin. Upon requesting a space in which to store my student materials (including my meter), I was told “No, you’re supposed to bring them in with you each day”. I communicated that I often had to park literally blocks away from the org due to the extremely insufficiant parking allotted for the new facilities (mostly being used by staff), and often in the rain (it being Seattle). I’m also 74 years old, with a bum knee. The org, being located amongst a few rather steep hills didn’t help things either. I was informed there might be a place in one of the storerooms on the fifth floor, near the Purif area, where I might store all my materials. I was invited to head up there and check it out.

Oftentimes the two or three, or maybe even four of us in the Public Theory Courseroom on the second floor, wouldn’t have a Supervisor, and a note would be posted at the entrance, telling us to head up to the Academy on the fourth floor for the afternoon. This was actually okay with me, as it meant I would actually be allowed to interact with other students once again, giving star rate checkouts, running drills, word-clearing, etc. But the Sups in the Academy seemed to have different ideas from one another about how the HDA course I was on should be run, and a lot of time was wasted figuring things out there. I’m sorry to report that they never did figure out whether I needed to be supervised while giving Book One sessions as part of the course, or if I could independently audit “walk-ins” down at the Testing Center, a mile and a half away.

Adding insult to injury, an SO member sat me down and personally guaranteed
that he could get me completed on the course by the time of the next event that coming weekend. Seeing as how I still had a lot of auditing steps to accomplish, and very little available course time between that time and said event, I’m saddened to say that this individual was apparently more than ready and willing to quickie me through to get the stat. NOT what I signed up for!

All the while, I watched with my own eyes, as the org literally became emptier and emptier, most courserooms not even being used, other than for off-purpose reasons like acting as temporary daycare. I distinctly observed the individuals I’d known for years becoming less friendly or amiable. Not at all what had been promised for the new org. Staff and SO alike, people I knew and had spoken with in spirited conversation on a regular basis, were visibly going down tone. Losing their native enthusiasm. Now mocking-up “ARC” rather than living it. The 800lb gorilla was in the org. The place was dead.

Just then, my own son, Bryan, was “declared”, mainly for expressing too much counter-intention to all the above and perhaps daring to question upper management and “command intention”, not to mention associating with others who had done the same. Bryan had not received a comm ev. He had never been sent his own goldenrod. He had not been given a chance to defend himself after twenty years of dedication and standing up for LRH and Scientology.

When I was finally pulled into “ethics”, the team there attempted to brief me on the disconnection policy. I simply said there was absolutely no way that that could possibly work for my family. I would not be disconnecting from my own son!

Ron and Bryan Ubaghs in the 70's

Thus, I was informed I would be declared PTS and would no longer be eligible for services. I told them “Good! I really need a long break from this place”. And out the door I went.

I really love and miss many of the wonderful people I have worked with over
the past eight years at the Seattle org. But, lately I had found it increasingly difficult to simply have an open, friendly conversation without touching on something that is so obvious and yet seems only to cause unintended “enturbulation”. When I think of the following LRH writing, I can only hope that many more people will eventually look and see what is really happening.


That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write
freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the
opinions of others…

And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these
rights, overtly or covertly.

-The Creed of the Church of Scientology, 1954

It seems that somebody has been playing God, and that thinking and talking freely now only gets you a trip to the Ethics officer.  How sad!


Ron Ubaghs