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Who Is Joel Phillips?

An industrious individual decided that David Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs black ops propaganda campaigns, and their Corporate Scientologist puppet executors, are overdue for a little of nature’s most effective disinfectant, sunshine.

First on the line up is the sponsor of the Corporate Scientology web rag with the Orwellian title Religious Freedom Watch.

Joel Phillips is welcomed out of the shadows.   Steve Hall has also put Phillips on notice.

I encourage anyone who has time on their hands to see to it that each and every one of Phillips’ business contacts are made aware of what Phillips has been up to.


More reflections on Phillips from Just Me and Mark Bunker:

Joel Phillips is an effing brownshirt Nazi! Here’s the crap he writes at .

Joel Phillips: “So I am calling for the total elimination of Islam. Many other religious choices are available to those currently in Islam. Islam must go and no Muslim can be allowed to remain anywhere in the world.”

Joel Phillips: “All Mosques must either be destroyed or made into something else. The other day we did a title for one that was converted into a shopping center, now that s a good use for one!”

Joel Phillips: “All copies of the Koran must be rounded up and burned or otherwise destroyed. If libraries insist on keeping them for historical reasons they have to be under lock and key and they have to post a guard to make sure no one copies them.”

Left to his own devices, Phillips will be packing people into cattle cars headed for concentration camps and gas chambers. He is either completely unfamiliar with or completely opposed to the U.S. Bill of Rights — particularly the First Amendment.

Astonishingly, Joel Phillips funds a publication called (this next bit would be so funny, if it weren’t) Religious Freedom Watch.


Mark Bunker clarification:

This is an old post from someone looking to defame Joel Phillips by pretending to write extremist stuff as him. Not that I’m defending Phillips because RFW is filled with the over-the-top lies that corporate Scientology has spread about little old SP’s like me and my friends for years. Someone in the past also created a website supposedly from me and opened a twitter account in my name and spread similar anti-Islam messages in my name. I got the twitter account and website taken down. Tony Ortega wrote a piece about it way back when:

RFW is crap and the folks behind it are crappy. I think Phillips is likely just a front for RFW since in the video I shot of him talking with Andreas he seemed not to even know what he had on the site. But the anti-Islam material was written by someone else simply to cause trouble for Phillips and as a parody of Phillips own RFW site.


Now this is a test.  Phillips refused to answer my communication to him two years ago about correcting a litany of false, black ops PR he has posted on me.  He knows how to get hold of me.  If he refutes the comments about Islam, and wants them removed – notwithstanding it being posted with the opinion of Mark Bunker – all he has to do is communicate.  My bet is he won’t – because he is hiding like the little rat OSA operative he is and doesn’t want to open himself to return communication about his obligation to take down his OSA propaganda designed to destroy a number of people.

I also suggest people write to the “religious experts” who have been paid to legitimize Phillips OSA op page – and tell them a thing or two about who they are whoring out to.


Council for Spiritual Integrity

In the mid 1980’s a Class VIII Auditor named Ian Waxler headed a group called The Council for Spiritual Integrity.   He recently sent me an April 1985 newsletter The Free Spirit that the council published.  A copy of it can be accessed at the end of this post.

I highly recommend people giving it a thorough read.   After having done so myself I recognized a couple of important things.

The parallels between what was happening in the field in the mid eighties and now are remarkable. The newsletter reads much like this blog in terms of issues the field was contending with.  Though many doubt it, I had very little exposure to the “Independent” movement of the eighties.   As will be made very clear in my book between 81 and 85 I was thoroughly consumed in dealing with dozens of lawsuits and a number of criminal investigations targeting L Ron Hubbard.   It was not till November of 1984 that I was thrust into the Mayo/Advanced Ability Center lawsuit, in my position as Legal Executive Author Services Inc, as it was perceived that then-RTC honchos had thoroughly screwed it up.  Even then, it was only one of dozens of disrelated lawsuits I remained involved in.  By the time I got into RTC, March 1987, there was little to nothing going on overtly in the Independent field, at least nothing that effected the church very greatly.   I give this brief history to make the point how remarkable I find it that Moving on Up A Little Higher so parallels The Free Spirit.  Uncanny in some respects, like choosing July 4th for an annual Independents’ get-together.

Having been accused of all manner of skullduggery  – there was plenty I was involved in, just not so much in this sector – by folks on the receiving end from the eighties, I batted back a lot of nasty comm I’ve received from that sector for three reasons. First, it was full of false accusations and arguing facts seemed to go nowhere.  Second, and more importantly, it didn’t open the door to any handlings – their presumptive why for the past Independent movement having nothing whatsoever to with anything they did or didn’t do (the why is God).   The comm only reinforced the conclusion I had already drawn about the ebbing of the “squirrels” (from my church perspective) that they had suffered the fate LRH had suggested they would if they did two things : a)  squirreled, and b) denigrated Hubbard and his technology.  Third, I found both “a” and “b” to be rampant within the current Freezone.

However, reading the Waxler CSI newsletter caused me to re-think this historical era.  It has prompted me to conduct a thorough investigation and evaluation of the 1980’s Independent movement for purposes of learning from its strengths and weaknesses.

I am interested in receiving hard facts from the perspective of pioneer Independents on what went right and what went wrong from their points of view.   I do understand the impact of the Mayo/AAC going down.  I was most definitely involved in that.  But, there are certainly other factors.  There must be more useful facts for pure evaluation, that is, what did the Independents do or not do to lose their momentum, cohesion, and effectiveness.

While this process can certainly lead to important connections being made by various sectors of the Independent field, I am quite certain a bunch of comm attempting to “enlighten” me on the virtues of “a” and “b” above is going to be counter-productive. Because of the volume of traffic on my lines on a lot of productive fronts, this is a word of warning that I am not going to devote any time to such origins.  If that is the bulk of what I receive, I’ll understand my initial conclusions – though omitting pluspoints like Waxler produced – were probably right in the first place.

If you have such facts and are willing to share them, please forward me reports at

The Free Spirit newsletter


The FBI and Scientology Inc

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice published an interesting story on the spiking of the FBI investigation into David Miscavige, supreme leader of Scientology Inc’s human trafficking operation.

If someone wants to really understand how Scientology Inc is able to manipulate the highest levels of America’s most powerful law enforcement agency they should read the two references I suggested Tony read.

First, read Matt Taibbi’s epic story in Rolling Stone magazine, Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?    Taibbi’s expose of corporate corruption at the top of the US federal government is very accurate.  It has been going on for decades, and over three decades under the direction of David Miscavige I helped Scientology Inc perfect how to capitalize on that filth bucket.

Second, if you want a post-graduate level understanding read Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower.   Wright was deservedly awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for this work.  His description of the political and money motivated systemic corruption of the FBI tracks on all four corners with what I observed in interfacing with them (and out-maneuvering them) over three decades.

Don’t get too worked up.  I’ve been saying it for three years and I’ll say it again. The solution to Scientology Inc is not ‘over there’; it is in the hands of Scientologists.   Independent Scientologists who take responsibility for the subject by proliferating its practice in a safe and sane manner.

Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

The International Freezone Association has apparently made a very interesting  announcement.  They are changing their name to Association of Professional Independent Scientologists. 

For those who have not been following this blog for long, in its early days of late 2009 I initiated the idea of people standing up and announcing themselves as Independent Scientologists.   Some of the benefits of doing so and some of where I saw this trend going was covered in the post titled Independent Scientologists Community    26 Sept 2009.

Since then I have taken some heat from various sectors for not embracing the “Freezone” or the “International Freezone Association”.  Rather than waste a lot of time in debate I kept carrying along with the “Independent” agenda.  The idea was that given enough numbers and enough persistence three aims would ultimately be achieved:

a)  Scientology would ultimately become differentiated in the public mind from the Church of Scientology as Independent Scientologists took a stand and took more responsibility for it.

b) Scientologists in greater numbers would no longer feel they had to disassociate themselves with from Scientology to survive and flourish. They would de-pts from Scientology Inc and recognize that no madman can or should have a monopoly on their religion.

c) By the continued momentum of “a” and “b” the dark empire of Corporate Scientology would become increasingly irrelevant as the subject of Scientology rose from the ashes like the Phoenix in the forms of myriad Independent Scientologists.

We are one month past the beginning of year three in a plan that I initially estimated would take about five years.

There is a long way to go.

There will always be peaks and valleys.

Hopefully, we will continue to experience momentum.



A Trip to Scientology Inc Headquarters

Independent Scientologists Jim Logan and Sinar Parman recently took a trip to David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc Headquarters near Hemet California.  Here is Jim’s report.

I went back to Gold.  I was last there in October 1992.  It appeared bigger in memory than it was yesterday. Yesterday it seemed like the buildings had actually shrunk.  There was “more” of the place, with the Castle, the Berthing buildings (I couldn’t see theRTCBuildingor the grotesque Bonnyview from the roadside), but even these seemed to  physically be withdrawn,  actually shrinking back. Not there.  It was just something I noticed even in the real excitement  I felt at returning to this place.  It was a palpable perception of even the building structures themselves pulling back and getting a smaller space.  Of course, I’ve had a lot of auditing in the past few years too, plus some really extensive study so maybe my viewpoint has shifted a bit J

I had the intention of returning there for the salutary act of Confront, Reach and Withdraw on the spaces that I was forbidden to be in, but, prior to that prohibition, had put so much of my own life and free theta, and my literal blood, sweat and tears, into creating.

I also wanted to bring a simple bouquet of flowers for the memory of my wife Annie and our life we created there, and in honor of the dedication and devotion of her own to a purpose we both embrace.

As I drove from LA toHemet, on the way to meet Sinar Parman, a fellow former Int Base staff member, and someone who I feel a special relationship with as he too worked personally with L. Ron Hubbard and knew and loved Annie,  I was envisioning what it would be like to drive up to the gate, get out of the vehicle and approach the Main Booth.  I saw in this, Danny Dunnigan, coming out of the guard booth, in his black uniform.  He didn’t recognize me at first, as I saw myself approaching with the small bundle of flowers, handpicked from the garden at Scott Campbell’s house by his wonderful wife Karry, for me, for that day and for Annie.

But then he responded, with hostility and refused to accept the token and went back in the booth, picking up the phone and spreading the word – Jim Logan is here.

So there I was, in fact, driving up to the Main Booth at Golden Era Productions, with Sinar in the passenger seat, instant hatted on the little Canon digital camera, and both of us coming back.

I stopped and looked through the darkened glass and there was Danny, pretty much as I had viewed him earlier on my drive in.  I picked up the bouquet of fresh garden flowers, and stepped outside.

I noticed that Danny didn’t get up, there seemed to be a communication lag of reaction there, and I made several steps toward the little structure, hoping someone would emerge so I could ask if I could leave the token in memory of my recently passed wife.  One of their fellow staff.

The door on the side opened part way, and Kevin Caetano put his head out.  I said something on the order of “I’ve come with these flowers for Annie, would it be possible for me to leave them?”

Without answering me Kevin Caetano in a sort of fearful hostility, and without looking directly at me, or Sinar for that matter, said “You’re trespassing, get off the property”.

I repeated my request, as I wasn’t sure he’d actually heard me since it didn’t appear to me he was actually looking at me and he certainly wasn’t communicating TO me.  He was kind of oddly, angrily growling at someone, something else, looking askance and growling this little tiny, hostile growl at his imagined enemy, out to destroy all that is good, to destroy him.

If it weren’t for the randomity of the moment, I think I would have guffawed at the circumstances, in complete reflexive rejection.

Here I was, offering a bouquet of flowers in memory of a loved one – to a Church of Scientology –  and I was greeted with a terrified hate and barely moving to even open the door of the darkened little room these men lived and worked in, all they could manage  to expel was a weakly bilious croak “You’re trespassing, you’re trespassing” and then shrink back into this tiny cave, closing the window and hunkering down again.

As some sort of “buffer” against the evil Sinar, me and the flowers I offered, presented to them, they had a non-Scientologist it appeared, ask us to leave directly.  Kevin wouldn’t talk to us, only this presumed Private Investigator, who relayed the orders.

We got back in the car, turned around, and went to the west end of the property, just past the “NO TRESPASSING” sign, at the edge of the orchard that Sinar himself had helped to plant.

We parked and got out, to complete the process of Confront, Reach and Withdraw, and for me to place somewhere on the side of the property line, the flowers.

As we walked up theGilman Springs Roadtoward the Castle, Danny raced by in the Security truck, blackened windows and all, and went to park behind where I’d left our car on the side of the road.  We started to walk back, me wondering whether I’d parked on public property and  not wanting to have them tow the vehicle in some puerile bit of nonsense.  I approached while they peered in the empty SUV and walked about it, writing down the license plate, and as I did they got back in their truck and when I got within about 20 feet, they pulled out, and parked again in front.  Some silly cat and mouse game.  I realized I was parked freely and left them to do whatever it was they thought they were doing.

Back toward the Base we went.  I stopped at the first place I wanted to confront, the old golf course, from the first flood way back when, that destroyed it and where on Saturday renovations, in the base “all hands”, I had gone to mark off the area as it was planned to be a large garden to grow self-sufficiently and feed the staff.

We continued up the highway, at one point, and right beside us a giant Dodge 3500 truck blasted their horn sounding like a ship’s foghorn.  I thought it might have been Security playing around, but it was actually a public person, expressing their somewhat less than cordial affinity for whom they thought were Gold staff.

I saw the Castle for the first time aside from photos. It came after I left in 92.  A nice enough place.  Then we came to OGH. Old Gilman House, the home of the former owner of Gilman Hot Springs Spa.  I’d spent the last few days I was at Gold at OGH.  Along with Jesse Prince and Fred Houck, both “pariah” at the time, and on the line to “route out” of the Sea Org.

My time there was spent in utter turmoil, with no sleep as I was way too enturbulated, and crying at the losses I was experiencing in real time, guarded and unable to speak to my wife, or return to the apartment were we lived. The only communication coming from Jackson who was trying to get me sessionable to be Sec Checked before being removed from the property.  I never did get sessionable in the several days I was there, getting only snips of sleep, and unable to even eat, doing nothing more really than literally beg to see Annie and protesting “But you’re supposed to be the good guys”.

I reached for it, I withdrew from it and continued the process.  Bing, attention freed up we moved on.

I glanced over the swamp,  and up toward the LRH Music Studio where I last worked.  I could see “the Hole”, and we stopped across the road, on the south side, to look over the garage.  Reached and withdrew and was able to completely have the space, permeating it, and the surrounding grounds.

On we went, this time just east of the garage and viewing the parking lot behind and the rear of MCI.

Here Sinar and I reminisced about the days when we would muster together back of the Massacre Canyon Inn for Saturday Renos, the whole of the base, and all of us looking forward to a day outside in “civies” and “grungies”, able to express some little style in our choice of clothes and enjoy the grounds that we were busy creating.

Sinar’s haunt, MCI, as a chef and his own life spreading through the building, withdrawing, reaching and a return of ownership for spaces he creates.

Up the road a bit and I could see F&E over the roof of the Lodges.  LRH Films and Equipment, where Annie worked and where I proposed to her, and why the flowers in the first place. There was a symbolism to this, and a recalling of my happier days.

I had bought them one day in LA.  I’d written a note for her “ Say uncle, there’s more where these came from”.  I’d dropped them off with Roberta Lantz to give to Annie and went back to my post, just after supper.  Later that night Annie called me and asked me to come to F&E; she wanted to talk.

I got there sometime late in the evening, maybe 10:30 p.m., and asked to see her.  I was shown to an anteroom of the darkroom where she worked.  I waited, leaning up on a counter, with my arms folded across my chest, ready for rejection, hoping for her hand.  She came out of the darkroom, in her white uniform but with a powder blue sweater on for the cold temperature of the space.  I think it had a little design on it, maybe a teddy bear.  I don’t recall exactly as I was so taken by the color and her hair over her shoulders and the figure of this woman I loved so deeply.

She stood across from me, maybe four feet away and looked me straight in the eye and paused.

I stood, as cavalierly as I could mock up,  but excited beyond description and held the look and the silence.

She began to speak.. softly saying… “Uncle.”

And our life began with our first real kiss.

Returning to Gold, and looking at that space, I did cry.  But this time, it was different than all the tears I’ve shed over these years we’ve been forced apart.  This time there was an end to it.  She’s not there, she is free again, and we know each other with no space or time to separate us as beings.  We won Dave.  There is nothing you can do to tear asunder what we alone create.

With R&W complete on this spot, I felt very much awake, very much aware and continued on, east of the Main Booth.

Sinar said he didn’t want to go on, up the road.  I urged him forward as I needed to continue and I wanted a suitable spot to place the bouquet.  As we went up and came directly across from the Villas, while I was looking at the various places on the other bank of the road, the back of theMainGoldBuilding“36” as it was known,  I felt something and my attention went to the Villas.

There it was, Dave’s offices, and as clear as the exhaust from a dump truck, a black roiling mass of hate and frustration.

I asked Sinar “Do you see that?”

“Yes” he replied. “I’ve seen since the Guard Booth.  That’s why I didn’t want to come up here”.

I called across the road to Dave. “Hey, come on out, you pussy”.  And in that moment, with ZERO affect on me from this being’s entheta and hatred, I laughed and realized just how pitiful a coward he really is.

I was done.  End Phenomena reached and I could have at will any space there, including Dave’s, and penetrated all through it.  I owned it.  I could let it be.

As we sauntered back Sinar realized it was probably about dinner time for the staff.  It was then I noticed that we had seen absolutely no one from the Base, save a brief fearful encounter by the Guards.  In fact, the only person that came close to us appeared to be a non-Scientology PI that was in the area of the Main Booth, and had been filming us.

As I thought about the poor staff, kept within their walls, blinds drawn and in the “intruder” drill, hungry, I thought we’d better walk a bit faster and let them at least have their supper.

Walking back we reached a marked curb where a public bus stop had a sign.  There beside it was a nice large stone, and I placed the flowers, carefully removing the twist tie so there was no reason to charge me with littering.

Out of the booth came the non-Scientology PI.

“You can’t leave that there.”

“It’s a public bus stop”.  I answered as we walked by.

“Are you refusing to remove them?”

“It’s a public bus stop”.  I replied again.

He asked twice more, I responded similarly, and couldn’t help but smile.  After all, they were a bouquet of flowers for a loved one, and this was the argument he was having, representing a Church?

He walked up to the spot where I’d lain them, and I decided to pull out the Canon and film him taking them away.  I don’t know how or why, but as soon as I aimed the camera, he stopped.  He didn’t get to the memoriam, but turned around and carried on filming Sinar and me.

I didn’t see him take away the flowers.  Perhaps he saw what it was, he realized himself what I had placed, and maybe, that which is good in him, the angels of his better nature, stayed his progress.  I’ll say that is true.  Even if it isn’t it’s what he would choose were he to be who he really is.

A few seconds of this reciprocal video game, and I was done.  It was so silly.

As we walked back, passing Qual on the other side, and MCI on our side, both places we’d worked with fervor and purpose, we came again to “the Hole”.

This time, with my process complete, I could see a different thing over the Hole than I’d seen first time passed, or up at the Villas.  This perceivable mass was thinner, with no hate, and more of an apathy, a dark sort of death pall. I’ve seen this at funerals, which is what it reminded.

It was then that I noticed something about the whole place.

It had no life.

Gone was the vigor I’d recalled.  Gone was that feeling of excitement, and purpose, and hope and joy that I completely sensed as I lived and worked there from early 86, just after LRH had left.

All that was there, the only visible life energy, was Dave Miscavige’s hateful, angry bluster-mass, and the thin apathetic pall over the Hole, with all else noticeably absent, even the Guards unable to speak and needing a via.

I looked at this once bustling hive of purpose and the postulate of freedom for beings in all places and saw it was bereft of the real life that animated it.  The life and creation of beings like Sinar and myself.

As we got to the car, Sinar got up an artistic urge and wanted to take shots of me in the fading sunlight.

I was happy.  So I stood where he wanted me and he reeled off some pix.

My happiness is expressed by the awareness that I am free to create anything I want.  I created spaces at Gold, building a large majority of the places I saw at one time on the track.  Here is a new unit of time, and what lies ahead is the infinity of future.

For those at Gold.  There will come a day when you muster in MCI and someone else will speak to you collected there, other than David Miscavige.

You will be told “It is over” once again, only this time it’s  the end of the torturous years.  The end of the toiling, with nothing to show.  The end of the reversal of your goodwill and intention and malignment of your being by this single Suppressive Person.  The end of the “ogre” and the return of truth and cause to you.

You will be “shell-shocked” and dazed.  You’ll be asked to walk freely among the areas you choose, leave if you want to, as the gates are opened, but just walk and talk to whomever you wish and whatever you please.

You are being given full pay and a fair exchange for you work.  Go to the canteen, splurge.  Go to town, buy whatever you want.  If you come back, it is on your own determinism.  We’ll be doing some Group Processing next.  I think you’ll like it.  But it is your choice to be here for it.

It is time to deal with the past and clear it.  To be here in the present.  To decide what is the future.

There are those of us who wished,  who have come here to help you as we can – to be truly FREE.

Life Is So Good

I’ve added another book to the recommended reading section. It is Life Is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman.  Dawson was 101 years old when he worked with author Glaubman to chronicle his life which touched on three centuries.  Dawson had become somewhat famous after having checked into Elementary school at 98 years of age to learn to read.

This book will be of particular interest to those who bought into Dianetics or Scientology out of concerns for health and longevity – two things the subjects have consistently promised to better.  In a way the book validates the core reasons the subjects posit as the primary causation of ill health and early expiration.  On the other hand, it might help free one from the misconceptions the Corporate Scientology culture hammers into one about the alleged importance of becoming superman and lording over people and things.

It is a wonderful exercise in ‘problems of comparable magnitude’ (a Scientology concept that if you view a problem you are having against ones of greater magnitude than your own, your problem won’t look so nasty any more).   Worried about starting a new life outside of the cult in your forties, fifties, sixties or seventies?  Read George Dawson’s story.

In either event, it is a simple, enjoyable, and educational read.   It is a view of the 2oth Century from eyes that simply observed with no jaundice, no agenda, no disappointment, no justifying.

It also a great study in the Tao. Though Dawson never references it and presumably was never aware of the writing Tao Te Ching, he certainly understood and lived in accordance with the Tao.

The Case of Sergeant Grischa

A little story from L Ron Hubbard:

There was a wonderful book written one time called – I think it was The Case of Seargent Grescha or Grischa. It had to do with the fall of the German Empire.  The fall of the German Empire was postulated to have occurred with the German army’s arbitrary execution of a Russian soldier by the name of Grischa.  He had not sinned against the German state in any way.  It was totally unjust that he was executed through the indolence, incompetence of various German officers, so forth.  And it builds this whole thing up into the whole rhyme, “For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of the rider the battle was lost and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

Well, interesting example of the state forgetting or overriding the rights of one human being with terrific consequences because the death of Grischa, by the way, was historic – World War I – it evidently actually occurred — and I know that it did cause riots, not amongst the Russian soldiers, but caused riots amongst the German troops.  And a lot of smoke occurred through the death of one person who was wronged.

— LRH, Personality, 14 August 1951, Wichita Kansas

In my opinion we have yet to hear of Miscavige’s Seargent Grischa.  But I have a strong premonition we will in 2012.  And it will be our several year collective emanation of truth and energy that will make the reaction possible. I am preparing for the fall out.



Update from Debbie

There has truly been a river of warmth, kindness and support!

I just want to say thank you for your caring communications in answer to my post as well as through emails and Facebook messages. I have been quite amazed to receive literally thousands of such emails and messages. 

I would like to make a point about all of this – if it wasn’t for the unbelievable support we have gotten from so many this entire quest for truth and justice might already have been squashed.  What has given us strength and resource has been the fact that so many people have come with support – information, brilliant ideas and funds to help with the legal defense. We have even had some help in getting more clients for our marketing business after losing many of ours. All of this has served to give us the strength and organization to be able to present the truth. And it is the truth that can pierce through 16 inch thick armor.  And remember “truth is the only thing that can go through 16 inch armor plate steel.”

We have an attorney team that truly is incredible. They often work longer hours than Sea Org members and they are in it for the cause of justice. On top of that, they are absolutely brilliant. And they know they are up against deep pockets that can pay for the most expensive counsel.  Independents have been there every step of the way since the TRO and suit were filed with support in every way. 

It is a real shame that parishioners’ hard earned money is being used to cover up the crimes and gross human rights violations being committed by the “leader” of Scientology.

Anyway, it is I who owe you the thanks. Those who have come through with real help to win this battle. Whether it is being done to help salvage Scientology from ruin or to protect human rights or whatever drives you – your help is the only reason we are able to have the strength, resource and skill to fight this battle and have any hope of winning.

As has been covered on this blog, we were served with a 34 page motion for summary judgement. In a nutshell, on May 7th, the Church of Scientology will walk into a hearing with a judge, and demand that Wayne and I are found guilty without trial. If they can prove none of the facts that make their case are in dispute, a judge can simply bang down the hammer and our case will never go before a jury.  The work that is ongoing to prepare our answer to this is considerable.  

To deal with this we are asking for your continued help.  And please be assured, no information will be divulged by us as to the source of any donations or otherwise. Any and all information will remain completely confidential no matter what pressure is brought to bear. You can donate to the defense fund here: ;

Maybe my new nickname should be THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST! And it is a hornets nest of out ethics at the top. But it can’t be allowed to just go on. It has been going on to the extreme detriment of many good people and to the detriment of a movement that would otherwise be thriving, helping others and protecting and preserving human rights.

If only the last 30 years of real stats for Scn orgs internationally, like Auditors Made, Grade Chart steps completed, Releases, Clears, OTs made, bodies in the shop, etc. could be laid out on graphs. The decline would be shocking. If only the public saw those real stats instead of the BS that they see at the glitzy events, maybe it would break the spell and they could see that we aren’t in Kansas anymore. 

Deep down you always believe that truth and good wins in the end, but when you look around in life that often doesn’t really seem to be the case. Those who can afford top legal defense certainly have a way of getting away with murder. So we definitely have our work cut out for us.

Thank you again for your support. We have a ways to go to win. But it can be done!

– Debbie

You Are Not Alone

On March 13, 2012 Moving On Up A Little Higher received its sixth millionth (6,000,000) visit.

People from 107 countries have tuned in so far this year.   I have included below a list of the top fifty countries in order of rank by number of visits.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for participating in the conversations. And thanks for letting others know about the Scientology blog that never sleeps.

Top fifty countries in order.

United States 1
Canada FlagCanada 2
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 3
Germany FlagGermany 4
Australia FlagAustralia 5
Sweden FlagSweden 6
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 7
Italy FlagItaly 8
France FlagFrance 9
Denmark FlagDenmark 10
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South Africa FlagSouth Africa 12
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The Reppens Rip on March 13th

A fitting post for March 13th.  Before L Ron Hubbard wrote LRH Executive Directive (ED) 339R he did some serious research.  As many of you know the ED was all about the question of what LRH wanted for his birthday.  He  answered  the question: big, booming Scientology organizations.

 He formulated a game for Organizations to play with one another that would encourage them to expand from year to year to achieve that.  Part of his research to make this game work included surveying staff across the world about what it was that they most wanted as a reward for achieving the target he had set for them.  The answer was overwhelming: to make it up the Bridge to and through the OT Levels.  And so, LRH ED 339R was anchored on that reward.  It was THE  incentive to get org staffs to go the extra mile to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly toward expanding their organizations.  The sabotage of that reward was not minor.  It was a betrayal that marked the beginning of the end of the LRH Birthday Game.  Mike Reppen and his wife Betsy tell in some detail how that sabotage was achieved.   Their story parallels what happened to virtually every org that achieved the target of the Birthday game in the 80’s and 90’s.  If you wonder about Miscavige’s motives for carrying out this sabotage look no further than HCOB 10 May 1982 OT Levels.   – Marty

A-E Declaration: I have seen enough

by Mike Reppen

Hello Friends,

For you Scientologists who have been in theChurchofDavid Miscavigesince the 1980’s or before, I have to ask you a question: Have you ever scratched your head and wondered whatever happened to LRH ED 339R and the Universe Corps?  Whatever happened to Old SH size Orgs?

I was a Universe Corps Auditor from 1990-1997.

LRH ED 339R was issued in 1982 with words from L.Ron Hubbard to all Class V Org staff that if they actually expanded their Organization 5.4X to Old Saint Hill Size, then he would make good on a promise. That promise was that International Management would in exchange send a team to the org to get the staff up the Bridge and deliver them the OT levels. Incredible concept, eh? In my opinion this LRH ED 339R was a major stimulation for theChurchofScientology’s statistics upward trend in the 1980’s; it certainly motivated staff.

I have for decades had a soft spot in my heart for CL V Org Staff.  Having done 50-60 Sea Org Missions from 1978-1992 to such Organizations around the world, I know from first hand experience how hard it is to survive in that world.  Having been in the Sea Org for 25 years, I knew at least I would be given a bed to sleep on, 3 meals a day (even though it was beans and rice often) and 2 1/2 hours study each day. CL V Org staff, believe it or not have it much harder.  They do not get these “luxuries.” Their pay will often be lower than a Sea Org member’s, and they have no “berthing” covered and no medical. And BTW, they usually have to eat Spam, Raman Noodles and/or peanut butter sandwiches. Most of them moonlight to get by. I used to know a former Executive Director at San Francisco Org who drove a taxi as a moonlight job.

I am Mike Reppen, husband of Betsy Reppen, and son of the late Claire Reppen.  And I hate David Miscavige, literally.  In fact, I believe he was a major reason for the decline of my mother’s health and eventual fall to breast cancer in 2001, after he RPF’d her for refusing to call 3 swing FNs with his bogus “Golden Age of Tech.” You can look at Marty’s website from April 2010 and see a memorial blog about Claire, and a disgusting KR written on her when she was fighting for her life by her caregiver.  In fact I was the one who saved that KR for 9 years in a file folder and provided it for this blog. (Sorry, OSA, you missed that leak.) That was the start of my disaffection, though there are several earlier beginnings.

Now, the so-called IJC has declared and expelled my wife and me jointly.

I joined the Sea Org in 1973 and lasted until 1998. I have been RPF’d 4 times, Comm Eved at least 10 times, and even given a “provisional declare” in 1997 by the then IG PAC in an RTC EO. People ask me the reference for such, and my answer is, “There isn’t one.” One of David Miscavige’s many inventions. In my 25 years in the Sea Org, I did have a lot of good times and was able to train to CL IX (Ned for OT’s level) in 1990.

For those of you who may have run into me over the years, I was on the Apollo in 1975, at FOLO WUS afterwards.  Through most of the 1980’s I was the CO CTO WUS, where I also wore the hat of Athena Cram Off for the WUS Org execs and staff. I also audited most of the CMO PAC and CLO WUS staff.  In Nov 1989, my wife and I had our only child, so I was shipped to the Universe Corps, and Betsy left the Sea Org. I served in the Universe Corps first at Stevens Creek Org and when it was determined they falsified their stats, I went to Orange County Org UC.  Today I still live and work in Orange County.

In the 1990’s Jill Graham (RIP) my co-worker (C/S) and I made more OT’s inOrangeCountythan any other Universe Corps.  I believe we made around 100 OTS from 1991-97. Despite being constantly pulled up to CMO IXU at the HGB building onHollywood Blvdfor handlings of being married to my “disaffected ex-SO wife” and being told to divorce her, I managed to use my production record to fend them off.  Things were going quite well, I was able to have a normal life outside the bubble of madness ofPAC.

In 1996, another major incident occurred, which was the beginning of my demise.  GAT came out and LA D went Saint Hill Size (supposedly).  As there were no personnel to put together a Universe Corps at LA D, Jill and I were placed there.  What this meant was that I would audit in the daytime at Orange County Org then drive up to LA and audit at LA D in the evenings. As I had been out of PAC for almost 6 years, I distinctly remember how different PAC had become, much more militaristic. Jenny DeVocht’s infamous “Masturbation Mission” was there and it looked like everyone on the PAC Base was running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. The RPF in PAC had grown to around 200 +.  The stress of driving every day 50 miles each way back and forth between OC and LA D and auditing up to 10 pcs a day in 2 cities plus the bullshit of GAT was getting to me after 2 years.

In January 1997, I was ordered by CMO PAC to Sec Check the ED LA D John Woodruff, because he didn’t want to re-sign his contract.  I was told I better find 2D abberations such as having sex with dogs. I knew this was going to be trouble. The Sec Check went on and on for months.

Now, here is the answer as to what happened to the Universe Corps, literally overnight:

On May 30, 1997, the OC/LAD Universe Corps (UC) was wiped off the face of the planet.  The UC was called to PAC for handling and little did those CL V staff know that this was the end of their hopes of going OT while on staff (that they worked so long and hard to get).

The entire OC/LAD UC got eliminated over a single isolated auditing flub without any prior gradients of correction taken, no cramming.

The SP (COB RTC) wasn’t physically at this event however he obviously orchestrated it as he does with everything currently, especially something of this magnitude, as LAD was his pet project.  His juniors in RTC/CMO carried out The SP’s orders of injustice and violations of LRH policy that resulted in a huge contraction of LAD/OC.  They are nowhere near the size they use to be, despite all the Ideal Org baloney.

HCOPL 7 Apr 69 ORG REDUCTION OR ERADICATION, “There are several ways an org can be collapsed or closed…18. Use ethics suppressively.

The Universe Corps posts of OC/LAD eliminated overnight without Committee of Evidence were:

1.  Mike Reppen, OC & LAD NOTS Auditor – RPF’d with a “probational declare” by RTC EO.  There is no policy covering Probational declares, another squirrel policy by David Miscavige.

2.  Jill Graham OC/LAD CS & NOTS Auditor – RPF’d – died of cancer while on the RPF, she was segregated from her 2 young children for 3 years and it is my belief that this alone probably escalated her death as LRH says cancer has to do with 2D losses.

3.  Judy Ferguson LAD UC I/C – RPF’d – last heard has M/S.

4.  Bridget Sheriff, OC staff auditor & C/S – offloaded w/ no F/L debt, now public in OC drinking the proverbial Kool-aid or maybe she’s lurking…

HCO PL 17 Mar 65 – RIGHTS OF A STAFF MEMBER, STUDENTS AND PRECLEARS TO JUSTICE, 6.  …  HCO justice prevents wrongful disgrace, demotion, transfer or dismissal and protects the staff member’s reputation and job from being falsely threatened.

For further details of how this went down, see my wife’s declaration of the events from her perspective. Also there are further policy reference quotes on her declaration.

After a year on the RPF, I managed to “route out” on May 31, 1998.  I vividly remember signing the same type of documents Debbie Cook signed in that video, and nodding my head up and down like she did (meanwhile thinking that I would sign anything to get the hell out).   I’ll never forget the moment I finally walked out of that horseshoe entrance onCatalina St, with no guard next to me, and feeling so damn good. I also firmly decided I would not seek employment with any Scientology Wise group. Very smart decision.

For many years, I just moved on with my life, and was being “a good boy,” although I had no intention of paying my $150,000 freeloader debt nor getting back on lines.  I then decided to attend the 2007 Basics event at the Orange County Org’s Idle Morgue, which has been sitting there untouched since it was purchased in 2005.  At this event, I sat there listening to Miscavige ramble on for hours how LRH’s basic books were never edited, etc.  Once again my radar went up, everyone else in the audience was acting like they were high on crack. Privately I thought, “This absolute bullshit.” I exited the event before it was over; 2 hours of listening to Dave’s rant was enough for me.

Nevertheless, OSA Int was starting to get aggressive in recovering me. They almost cut a deal with me to reduce my freeloader debt to pennies on the dollar, but I held my ground and said I wanted an RTC BOR on my RTC Provisional Declare first. Of course, since Anne (then) Rathbun wrote this issue, I knew they would never do the Board of Review.  Thank god I didn’t go for the bait.

Then, in 2009, I was reading the LA Times like I do every morning and there it was an AP wire story that David Miscavige was beating Int staff execs.  That did it for me, which led to the Tampa Bay Times “Truth Rundown,” to Marty and Steve’s blogs and to further associating with “SP’s.”  I knew a lot of these Int staff members, but I am proud to say I probably got at least 5 people to get their heads out of the sand and start researching the Internet, and to stop giving Dear Leader and his minions $.

My point declare issue says that nearly 15 years after my RTC Provisional Declare, I never re-canted.  My response is I will never re-cant with theChurchofMiscavige. Similar to a disconnection text message I received from my nephew a few weeks ago, I am “done” with the  Church of Miscavige. Goodbye.

The declare issue is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I finally feel free of all the crap that infests you when you are a member of the C of M.  It’s a good thing I left in 1998. Reading so many testimonies, others have had it far worse than me.

I hereby join the group of Independent Scientologists,

Mike Reppen

Betsy Reppen’s Story

If you’re wondering what right do I have to talk about the annihilation of the Universe Corp, 1st of all, if I hadn’t agreed to be offloaded from the SO in 1989 when PG and bear the brunt of all the expenses of having a child, Mike would not have been allowed to stay in the SO and the UC.  2nd in order to keep him in the UC, I wasn’t allowed to have other children, (suffice to say it caused me huge grief for a long time).  3rd I carried the burden of raising our 7 year old daughter alone when he was RPF’d.  She was not allowed to see her father for 11 months (a once a week phone call was all that was allowed).  I did get permission for him to come home for the day at Xmas which was miraculous as other RPFers are not allowed that.  (Mike took full advantage of that and blew for a week, letting them know he’d return to route out).  I had to lie to my parents and his family that Mike was inFlorida training as they couldn’t possibly even begin to comprehend why a father wouldn’t be allowed to see his young daughter; even people in jail are given better treatment.  Our daughter cried her eyes out over the loss of her father, I had to do an assist on her which helped and I even bought her a little dog to help her cope.

As you will see, the destruction of the UC was done callously, deliberately and purposely by DM. If he had any kind of heart he would have seen that Mike got corrected standardly while the rest of the UC was held in tact.  There was no need to wipe them all out over Mike’s miscalling an FN.  Yes – YOU – could have still been going OT, but DM destroyed it, confront that bit of evil.

HCOPL 20 Jul 70 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF, “Any and all trouble occurring in orgs during a long period of heavy enemy attack on them was traced not to the enemy BUT TO THE LOSS OF TECH MATERIALS, REDUCTION OF THE USE OF TECH (as in quickie grades) AND IGNORING STAFF CASES.”

Prior to being RPF’d, Mike was Sec Checking John Woodruff for 5 months as John was not re-signing his contract as ED LAD.  Mike miscalled an FN on video (didn’t meet the def of the DM squirrel 3 swing kind) and was assigned a Liability condition, this was the only prior ethics gradient taken on him. (Also there was no qual correction). Our Declare says that 15 years ago he was given a Probational Declare for squirreling and never recanted, what a crock of lies.

HCOB 16 Aug 72 FLUBLESS C/SING:  “3. The C/S follows a very standard handling of auditors: A. 1 error of any Kind—instruct by reference to HCOB.  B. A second error of any kind—send to Cramming and get the Auditor crammed at once, without any loss of auditing time but before the Auditor is allowed to audit further. (This is 2 hours, not 2 days!)  C. A third error of any kind—RETREAD, wherein the Auditor’s weak areas are located and the Auditor has to M7, M6, M4 and restudy the materials of that area. This takes the Auditor back to Step A.”

Starting on May 30, 1997 the following occurred:

1)    Mike reported to the RTC AO office and 10-12 RTC & CMO Execs, Security, & Snr C/S AOLA were standing in a semi circle in front of Mike in full SO regalia with that dressed to kill look.  Imagine reporting to your Sec Check and 10-12 people standing there staring at you in an intimidating way while your Auditor is Sec Checking you?  Mike was told to sit down and pick up the cans and R-factored by IG Ethics that he had 3 minutes to get off his crimes or he would be declared and he put his watch on the table to time it.  Mike gave off a few overt’s which weren’t good enough and was told to get out of there, Mike walked to his car thinking he was Declared.  Jesse Reiss then D/IG MAA PAC recovered him as he was walking to his car.  Mike was put under 24/7 security watch and additional metered interviews ensued with Gianni (CO CTO/WUS) and Hans Suli Stahli standing as witnesses during the “Sec check”.  O/W write-ups were also given.  During this time Mike was physically abused twice and was taunted that he had better give up his crimes or else.  The pressure was so intense that Mike started making up OW’s to satisfy them.  HCOPL 29 Apr 65 ETHICS REVIEW, “The above is a rough guide to the severity of discipline.  Note that none of it carries any physical punishment or detention.”

2)    During this 1-2 week period Jill Graham (C/S, CL 9) from the Universe Corp, as well as Mike a CL 9 scrubbed toilets around PAC.  Mike was a 24 year SO vet and trusted tech terminal and a good producer making OT’s out of OC/LAD staff.  A complete waste of highly trained tech terminals, and complete disregard of their production/stats. Note there is not a single Universe Corp left and OC/LAD are a fraction of the size they were.  HCO PL 17 Mar 65 ADMINISTERING JUSTICE “11.  The only overt in handling justice is not work for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

3)    After 1-2 weeks I was called up and R-Factored that Mike would be going to the RPF with bare few details as it was “Confidential”.  Mike was censored in his communication with a “guard” present and I was dumped with raising our 7 yr old child, handling our debts and moving our household.  The financial hardship this created was enormous but I persevered. I was promised by these CMO terminals that if I ever needed help to just call, and when I did they ignored me.

4)    I found out later that this RPF assignment included a Probational SP declare – there is no such LRH policy, more squirreling.  There were no gradients of correction on these valuable tech terminals such as cramming, retread, retrain, Courts of Ethics, Committee’s of Evidence, etc, more squirreling.  Mike went from a Liability condition assignment to Probational Declare and RPF’d.  This violates HCO PL Ethics Review and a High Crime per this reference:  HCOPL SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. “8. Running any organization on squirrel “policy” or third dynamic administrative or management procedures that are contrary to approved policy.  11. Acting in any way calculated to lose standard Scientology policy to use or impede its use or shorten its materials or it application.”

5)    Mike’s RTC EO #1101 RPF assignment/Probation Declare issue contained generalities and misinterpretations which blew it out of proportion, such as Mike coached John Woodruff on how to handle his situation in between sessions.  The truth is while taking John on walks to get his metab working, John discussed his huge debts; Mike suggested that maybe he should request an LOA to handle it, a standard handling if one cannot make it on staff due to heavy debt overload.  Note that not a single High Crime was listed.  It is my understanding that John Woodruff is still groveling to DM for forgiveness.  HCOPL 2 Jun 65 WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER, “Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery.  Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in!  …Ethics Orders are issued on real data, not opinion.” 

6)    Hans Suli from RTC told Mike that he knows he is not an SP as he makes TA.  In an effort to get Mike to do the RPF (Mike was refusing) Hans Suli told him that after he took over the Sec Check on John that he agreed to re-sign his LAD contract.  Mike felt responsible and agreed to do the RPF which turned out to be a lie to manipulate Mike as John didn’t re-sign his contract, and in fact shortly thereafter left staff.  Mike was told he could complete the RPF in a year – after 6 mos and after still not having a single session, Mike decided to route out of the RPF (he already hated the RPF from prior bad experiences). 

7)    The Jun ’97 RPF assignment (RTC EO #1101 written by Ann Rathbun) Mike’s hard earned certificates were ALL cancelled (not just suspended) without a Committee of Evidence, another huge squirreling of policy.  HCOPL 7 Mar 65 CERTIFICATE CANCELLATION, “All other offenses where they concern certificates, awards and classification changes are handled by suspension of certificates, classification or awards or reduction to a lower certificate or award by Committee of Evidence.”

8)    Mike’s RPF assignment was read aloud to all of PAC at their muster which damaged Mike’s good reputation.  If this were to be a “head on the pike”, the wrong head was picked, Mike’s stats were up and he was working from 9 am till 11 pm daily auditing OC/LAD staff along with the other UC crew and creating lots of OT’s out of staff members.  HCOPL 1 Sep 65 ETHICS PROTECTION, “In short, a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can’t sneeze without a chop if it’s down.  To do otherwise is to permit some suppressive person to simply ethics chit every producer in the org out of existence.”  Sound familiar? There are untold thousands of good staff/SO/public that have been pounded out of existence.

9)    In Jan 98 I was ordered to Sec Checking at my own expense to see if I was trying to pull Mike out of the SO, which I was clean on.   In April ’98, (while Mike was on his Leaving Staff RF) I was called by Snr HAS PAC and told that Mike would be declared if he routed out of the RPF/SO and that I would be to, if I remained connected to him. (More squirreling as there is no policy on declaring someone for routing out). I would not disconnect, as Mike is not an SP, and I was not given any proof as it was “confidential”.  I was told that he may not be suppressive on the 2D but he is on the 3D.  I decided to take the SP declare for the sake of our daughter as I wasn’t willing to take her father away from her.  After Mike left the RPF we waited for about a month for our SP declares to come down, The Snr HAS PAC said the SP declares were dropped, so much for the bogus lie on our current SP Declare that Mike never recanted 15 years ago. 

10) Despite repeated attempts to get a BOR on this UC cycle from RTC; Mike’s communication(s) were ignored along with my Things That Shouldn’t Be Reports over the years.  LRH would have corrected this cycle within months of it happening.  It shouldn’t take 15 years for a blatant injustice to be corrected. LRH would have never left such a valuable tech terminal dormant in the field for this long in light of the “urgency” to “clear the planet”. HCOPL 23 Feb 70 QUALITY OF SERVICE, “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an “ARC broken field” shall be deemed a high crime for the Executive Council.”

11) In the fall of ’08 Mike was called by OSAI and told that if he bought his Basics it would expedite his F/L cycle, we did but nothing happened.  Then in Jan 09 another OSAI call from Mick McFarland said that if we buy the Congresses it would expedite his cycle as Mike was #2 on the list in getting his F/L debt handled.   I told Mick “no as we were told that before and nothing happened, and when something finally does occur, we’ll go forward from there.”  Mike submitted his BOR request again & then again in Apr 09, nothing happened and no ack.  Buying books/tapes was never a requirement by LRH to get standard justice applied.  Mike told Mick that he wants his RTC BOR done first; of course we now know that DM would never have allowed this as RTC would have to correct their injustice. OSAI kept saying they have sent the request to RTC, but nothing would ever happen.

12) Mike left with a $150,000 F/L bill which we have in writing, yet Bridget Sheriff his co-worker was offloaded with no debt (in 1997).  It’s a capricious arbitrary organization where very little is standard anymore.  Mike was not there for 24 years and 11 months to get free service and leave.  For the 0-$50 a week allowance he received, he delivered far above and beyond that in terms of millions of dollars worth of VSD, we have the WDAH records as proof of delivery.   It was $7.399 million, just in UC production alone, not including his other many years of auditing prior to UC. We also have a complete list of people completed on OT Levels.

I almost don’t want to go into all the policy violations as there is no hope of standard LRH policy being followed anymore in Davey’s nutty cult like world but it just shows you how far off course the ship has gone. I’ve been told that the OEC Volumes aren’t even sold anymore.

HCO PL 17 Mar 65 – RIGHTS OF A STAFF MEMBER, STUDENTS AND PRECLEARS TO JUSTICE, “6.  …  HCO justice prevents wrongful disgrace, demotion, transfer or dismissal and protects the staff member’s reputation and job from being falsely threatened.

HCOPL 29 Apr 65 ETHICS REVIEW, “A staff member may not be suspended or demoted or transferred illegally out of his division or dismissed without a Committee of Evidence.” 

HCO Exec Ltr 18 Mar 65 JUSTICE,  … “Under the Ethics Codes nobody can be demoted, transferred or dismissed without cause and must be reinstated if wrongly treated.”

HCO PL 4 Jan 66RA PERSONNEL STAFF STATUS, ‘’A PERMANENT STAFF MEMBER may not be demoted, transferred or dismissed without a full Committee of Evidence being held.”

HCOPL 25 Mar 79 A NEW HOPE FOR JUSTICE, “We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices.  We must be academically committed or we will never make it.”

HCOPL 23 Feb 70 QUALITY OF SERVICE, “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an “ARC broken field” shall be deemed a high crime for the Executive Council.”

 HCOPL 23 Feb 78R BOARD OF REVIEW, “The function of a Board of Review is to look into injustices, technically incorrect findings and instances of flagrant injustice or out-ethics actions which are destructive to stats.”

HCO PL 12 Apr 65 JUSTICE, “The purpose of justice is to clear the organization and the environment.  One cannot make Clears in an uncleared environment.  Justice is the auditor of the group.”

HCOPL 17 May 71 JUSTICE – CORRECT APPLICATION, “But injustice recoils on those who deal with it.”  “To make the problem worse, the omission of enforcing truth and justice can damage many and can be itself a severe overt.”

HCO PL 24 Feb 72 INJUSTICE, “It is injustice that destroys discipline.  When you indicate the wrong bypassed charge on a case, the case caves in.  When you accuse wrongly and punish unjustly, the group caves in.”

HCOPL 7 Sep 63 COMMITTEES OF EVIDENCE SCIENTOLOGY JURISPRUDENCE, ADMINISTRATION OF, “Justice should clarify.  Good justice in effect runs out group engrams.  Bad justice runs them in.”

HCO Exec Ltr 18 Mar 65 JUSTICE “You are entitled to recourse from injustice.” … “All we have to do, each one of us, is insist upon our rights under and the uniform enforcement of the HCO Ethics Codes and we will achieve expansion and achieve as well dominion in the society.”  We tried but this is an impossible task with DM at the helm.

I haven’t been seriously involved in the CofS for 15 years (because the above left me raw and scared of my own Church) but have always left the door open a crack in case things would change.   I opened that crack for a brief 5 months in 2009 and didn’t like what I found so slammed the door again.  But opened the door wide open to the internet and the real deal going on from those people laying their hearts and souls on the line of what really went down behind closed doors in the CofS.  This started with reading the Truth Rundown in the St. Petersburg Times Jun ’09 (link below) that helped me to understand the deeply imbedded suppression that contributed to my withdrawal.  However, I still kept the door open a crack for the sake of a few comm lines that I knew the CofS would sever if I shut it completely.

Well the crack ended on 2/22/2012 after finding out we were declared because I forwarded an email Debbie Cook sent out to Scn’s on 12/31/11 exposing off policy actions that the CofM is perpetuating.  I also associated with people who have been blowing the whistle on DM’s physical/spiritual brutality, out tech/off policy actions that have been occurring in greater and greater magnitude since LRH died in 1986.  You won’t find these kinds of specifics in our Declare, so I’m speaking out as the CofM certainly won’t publish any truths.   HCOPL 2 Jun 65 WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER, “Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery.  Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in!  …Ethics Orders are issued on real data, not opinion.” 

If you want more details on the things that DM has done, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, go to Marty’s blog  there are tons of testimonials, or Steve Hall’s site, which contains tons of articles written by many people, here are a few that contain a lot more details of what’s going on:

For more information on the torture/physical violence go to:

True to his word, LRH says it takes 3-10 days to destimulate from an incident (Declare).  It’s now day 11 (March 2, 2012) and I’m over it, the handful (3) disconnections weren’t so important after all.  That should give hope for those of you who are worried about suffering the same fate, there is a whole bright wide world out here and quite frankly it’s opened doors.  My stats are already in affluence. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’M NOT PTS ANYMORE.  No more hiding, it feels good to pick up any phone call.  You Scn’s who are still connected to the CofS know exactly what I mean, not wanting to take those phone calls or just plain ignoring them, not answering the door, hiding…..  Finding excuses to avoid events for fear of what might happen at those events as you might get squeezed for every last dime for off policy donation campaigns.  In apathy that you will ever go up the Bridge as its expensive enough – then add in all the required donations, it’s simply out of reach for most except for the 1%.  Cringing at the thought of going into the CofS, the mirage of lies enacted to explain/justify why you aren’t active as a Scn.  It’s really PTSness, I can see that clearly now that I’m out, it’s been a long road out and it’s come off in layers; it’s amazing to be experiencing it.  I’ve read this from others, but it wasn’t quite real to me till now. It’s like the 2 ton gorilla came off my back and the Elephant in the room has gone. To say the least of which, the tone level that I had to occupy to maintain that façade, I feel so much higher toned, in valence, and my batting average on closing deals is way up. DM tried to crush us, but instead he’s helped us, as the shackles have come off and I feel set free, honestly and truly!

FYI, I got in Scn 12/1/77, CLV/SO staff for 9 ½ yrs, OEC/FEBC, numerous HCO hats, the favorite of which was MAA CLOWUS for 4 ½ yrs.  Lastly, I’m happily resigned from the CofM and hereby join the Independents! By the way, LRH’s philosophy is alive and well out here and you can avail yourself of it at a fraction of the cost and its standard, not like the squirrel versions being delivered up in the CofM, more of the squirreling is covered in detail by others.  No more constant hammering for off policy donations for IAS/Super Power/Ideal Buildings/Basic books and being assigned lower conditions and KR’d out of existence if you don’t give.

Wishing you well on the confronting of evil process, hang in there you can do it.

“HCOPL 7 Dec 69 THE ETHICS OFFICER HIS CHARACTER, “Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait.  It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL.

“Evil takes a bit of confronting.

“People who want desperately to “have no trouble: often won’t confront and handle trouble.

“Murder is murder.  It occurs.  A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occurred.  It occurred.  Somebody did it.  There’s the body.”


Betsy Reppen