Independent Scientologists

Let’s begin creating a sane global community on a simple, but effective, gradient.  There is a thing called a meet group.  People with similar interests create local groups with people who share their views, interests, hobbies, religion, whatever.  Former Jehovah’s Witnesses is a rather large one. Stay at home moms is another. The real purpose of a meet group is to allow people to find people in their area who have something in common and to meet with them and perhaps continue to meet with them and establish ongoing relations.

A local meet group is best left to itself to define itself. It is usually as simple as one founding member takes the initiative to host a meet of any kind. Could be a picnic, a BBQ, a ball game, a cup of coffee, a party, you name it. From there, people get to know others similarly interested or situated, friendships develop. More meets are agreed upon. It may go no further than serving as a platform for people to connect up and enjoy the company at those meets. Depending on the chemistry of the folks involved, it can develop into something more directed and may take on goals and purposes of its own. As they grow in numbers networks of such groups can become powerful social forces.

I suggest people who have decided they are Scientologists irrespective of – and even in spite of –  their standing with the church create meet groups in their local areas. The initial purpose of such a group is  to create a community of independent Scientologists.  The simple action of doing so can bring about a number of beneficial results. It can help any or all members to achieve any of the six points I listed in my post of 25 Sep,  Independent Scientologists Community.   That is possible merely by the fact of making oneself known to other independent Scientologists and sharing your experiences.

I suggest another purpose be adopted in addition to meeting up and beginning to form a community. That is, to serve as safe terminals for others who are being hounded by the church for asserting their own independence or having the temerity to honestly look at what is happening within the church and comparing that to what is happening in the world.  I pledge my support to back you up directly should you run into flak for simply exercising your Constitutional rights to communicate and assemble.  I know several others experienced in such matters who will do the same.  We’ve got your back if you’ve got the backs of others like you in your zone.

I am willing to use this blog spot as an initial clearinghouse to any Independent Scientologists groups that make that pledge to defend others similarly situated.  All I need is a jpg photo of the initial members, names, single terminal contact information, and a short description of anything you all want locals or  the broader independent Scientologists community to know about you.

I’ll devote a section of this blog spot to list and show your group and supply your contact information so that folks interested in your local area can easily join in. I’ll also post features reporting wins and achievements you all report.

Initially, you can coordinate members of your group via email. Your next step might be to set up your own blog spot to make yourself known and to coordinate your meetings. Once several meet groups are up and running, they can learn of other such groups in their vicinity and even afar, communicate, coordinate, and network.  The possibilities across the dynamics are limitless.

There are two datums you might want to consider in terms of how large you want your groups to become. First, in HCO PL Why Organizations Stay Small, LRH writes of the ideal organizational set up of allowing any executive to have no more than five direct juniors. One rationale for that is that he considered that is about the number where a group could operate and still any member of it could easily approach the I/C or coordinator on a personal basis. Interestingly, Clay Shirky in Here Comes Everybody – The Power of Organizing Without Organization came up with a similar datum in terms of groups forming and communicating on the Internet. He graphically showed how a group of five can comfortably communicate one to the other without creating too much density of meaningless, background, catch up comm.  At ten, the density becomes so thick the relationships lose their intimacy. So, I suggest when you approach somewhere between five and ten members – you consider having  a couple members start up an additional group. If you all get along  just fine, and don’t want to break it up, the two groups (or more) can stay in close touch and sponsor larger meets. Or, if larger groups work for you there are no hard and fast rules. Remember, it only takes two to start a group. Once you’ve made the move, like minded people in your area will know of your whereabouts and how to contact you.

Initially we’ll refer to you as your city name followed by “Independents.”  City’s can be divided up by sections, neighborhoods, etc as expansion occurs.

There is absolutely no legal ground for Miscavology to do a blessed thing about this exercise of your Constitutional rights to freedom of religion, expression, association and assembly. None.  There is no fee, there is no obligation beside creating community and providing support for those persecuted by the Church for applying Scientology in a humane, sane, and pro-survival  manner.

Make it safe for Scientologists with integrity – including yourself – to flourish.  Move on up to cause.

Please send your photos, names and contact info to me at

42 responses to “Independent Scientologists

  1. And I would like to add that it would be nice to extend our hand in friendship with those currently on-lines as Scientologists, including staff and SO. It would be nice if we were all able to meet and debate the issues that divide us with respect and courtesy to all. Not to have our communication lines artificially cut and distrust and hatred prevail. There is really no good reason it has to be ‘us’ against ‘them’.

    The current Church of Scientology will absolutely not allow open and free discussion. We here can be a great counterbalance to that viewpoint, by proving we welcome all viewpoints to be heard and respected. We can be a bellwether of how free Scientology can communicate. We can flood OSA and current Scn members with love and respect! We can validate what they do right. In this way we demonstrate our tolerance and compassion. The current Church is not capable of that freedom of communication. But we as free Scientologists are!

  2. Dear John Travolta,

    If you read this post please consider this:

    Our Church is run by a madman. If he isn’t removed from post now, the field of Scientology will be disrupted and destroyed for decades. Your name and reputation will probably go down with it, unless you resign as a member of the Church of Scientology. I know that you would hate doing that, but I also know, that you consider doing so.

    But there is an alternative.

    What if you went out in public saying:

    “I am a scientologist and will for ever be. I believe in immortality, and that I will live again and again and again. I cannot die as a spirit. I believe in the goodness of all men, inclusive Mr. David Miscavige. I am very concerned about the rumours I hear about his abuse of staffmembers in my Church. I urge him to resign and get some help from a minister in my Church. Others can take ower the leadership, so that immortality can be taught to the worlds population in a distraction free environment. Scientology has a lot of answers to the troubled world at large.”

    That would for sure give a hell of a lot of press, and all scientologists in the world would unite and help us to get a new management.

    If you don’t read this message, then I hope someone close to you will forward this suggestion, or communicate something similar to you. You must be so frustrated. I know how frustrated I am myself.

    Much Love

  3. Marty, you are a great man.

    This is so cool.

    To all of you wonderful people ~ I have been experiencing what Marty’s talked about, for about 2 months now and I can report nothing short of absolute MIRACLES. Marty introduced me to someone of ‘like mind’ and our friendship took off like a rocket. Almost instantly there was a rapport of validation, sanity, safety, mirth…. I could go on and on. Wanna see power, strength and joy start to blossom like a wildflower? Do it.

    This, coupled with this website and all of Marty’s blogs, all of you guys posts and the other websites like have provided truth. Truth and a real sense of community. For 10 years I have tried everything, with enormous effort, to no avail, to experience what I now experience all the time — numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 of Marty’s post ” Independent Scientologists Community ” of Sept. 26th. OT stuff all the time, baby !!

    It’s time to rock and roll. Write your own personal Creed ! It’s time for fun, and being PTS was NO FUN. PTS = powerlessness, unhappiness, blah blah blah.

    I’m reminded of this much quoted quote. (I guess I’m supposed to say ‘fair use’ here or something like that) “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them….. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you — because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you.”

    Well, tally ho, my friends, let’s go. It’s time to really have a life worth living, and I am behind you all in helping in whatever way I can for you to create that life. I think the biggest contribution is for whoever wants to, to start living that kind of life themselves, to be that generator, then hook up, watch their life take off and do what YOU WANT TO DO. You’re free, man, truly free.

    Thank you guys, all of you.

    Jane # 1

  4. martyrathbun09

    Not as great as you and Christie. You two are truly an inspiration to us.

  5. Undisturbed,
    Your calm is spreading widely. I agree completely with your postulate and what you’ve expressed.

  6. All good. But I prefer the term Free Scientologist because of the connotations for the tech itself, the mindset of the individual him- or herself and for the aspersion is casts on those inside the church who still support what is going on there.

  7. It’s true. Without organizations, things do not tend to survive. LRH wrote many policies for organization as he wanted Scientology to survive. But his organizations were humane, friendly and fair. Oldtimers often told how kind and helpful Scientologists were in those days. Donations were really affordable too.

  8. Joe,
    Free Scientologist would embrace any and all, within or without. It’s inclusive, not schismatic. Sounds good to me.

    Since you and I are already Free Scientoligists and we are friends. We’re a group. I’ll have to get a nice photo to send in.

  9. martyrathbun09

    A few reasons for “independent” came to mind. “Free” almost seem like a redundancy. A Scientologist by definition is free. Independent communicates “regardless of status or approval earned or bestowed by a corrupt institution” – particularly the one that makes being a real Scientologist (thus Freedom) unattainable. I think it validates the idea that personal integrity (independence) trumps any base desire for group approval. Something Gahndi, who also served as inspiration for all this, said comes to mind: “You may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.” Finally, one of the key architects of freedom, our own T Paine, suggested that if enough folks take the initiative as far and wide as we’d like to see, we might wind up as WINS – Worldwide Independent Network of Scientologists. That is what the subject is all about. We’re simply trying to get people to reverse this pattern of taking losses (through out tech, coercive financial tactics, and a group think that encourages hatred) acknowledge their WINS so they can start having them routinely again.

  10. WINS works for me too. Just about any label works, now that I think of it.

  11. martyrathbun09

    You know, if someone doesn’t want a label – or a different name – just note it when you write in. It really is your own group. But, what we might end up with in the end – T Paine’s idea – you like that?

  12. I’m in. Washington DC area. Feel free to give out my email for others like minded. The truth set me free…..others are waiting.

  13. Marty,
    I like all of that, particularly the WINS, Worldwide Independent Network of Scientologists. T Paine really has taken the mantle of his namesake.

    Free Scientologist has a nice ring, and it is kinda redundant. I’m myself a free, independent Scientologist, with open ties to the any like-minded beings of the field, the church, and any other darn place I feel free to decide.

    Man, what an outrageous adventure LRH started.

  14. I love WINS. I love INDEPENDENT and the knowledge that we can reverse this dwindling spiral of pain, losses and betrayal with a new track of wins, good experiences, creation and cooperation! From having been in an “other-determined” environment for so long we can start to create as independent and self-determined beings with each other! Just the thought of/communication about this is so rehabilitating!
    Thank you.

  15. Yeah I like it Joe!

    The Free Scientologist…kinda catchy yes 🙂

  16. I think this is very cool Marty. Something we can work towards 🙂

  17. Hallo,
    today some hours ago I am sitting on my balcony smoking and thinking about my life and what I have to do. Thinking about that I would need some company and help. While in this thoughts a tiny feather flies form the sky and lands on my hand and sticks there.
    I think some things will change soon.

  18. I think once the suppression is finally off the lines, things will rapidly improve.

    I believe that things are not naturally in a bad state, they have to be continually created that way. -And if you leave something alone long enough, it gets better.

    Orgaization is definitely the key to getting the suppression off the lines.

    Removal of suppressive/warped ethics tech will blow a lot of charge.

    Imagine removing a disconnection policy carefully designed to turn your own friends and family against you if you exercize your inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely your own opinions and counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

    Imagine removing someone who thinks he is above the laws of God -which forbid man:

    To destroy his own kind;
    To destroy the sanity of another;
    To destroy or enslave another’s soul;
    To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.

    I believe organized, independant Scientologists could provide just the right amount of ethics needed to get tech in.

  19. Jane, That’s a hell of a post. Well said! I think I’m going to get your post tattoed across my chest! You are totally right. No one could have said it better: “It’s time to really have a life worth living!”

  20. I love T Paine’s idea. Love “Independent Scientologist.”

  21. Thoughtful,

    Thank you !! I love the articles you’ve written on, they have helped me so much. Can’t wait to see your tattoo ! 🙂

  22. Hear! Hear! or is it Here! Here!


  23. Concerned Citizen

    Dear very dear Marty,

    I have been going through the dePTSing process since I only became familiar with the truth recently and frankly, even bringing myself to look at the other sites has been difficult. Emotions become overwhelming and I literally have to lay off a few days and digest more slowly. Some things that had happened and were so painful that I just filed them out of view are coming back, I’m solving some conundrums here. I think it is coming off in layers, first step is realizing that what is in these pages is true.

    That is the first all important process. It helped greatly that I know what you have said is true because, you say what the facts are, what your opinions are and call them opinions, and you also point to your conjectures and call them so stating why you are coming to that conclusion. I can tell you are telling the truth, also because it makes sense, explains things, clears up mysteries and most importantly it opens the door to a handling, and it is simple. (and the brilliant idea is indeed brilliant) I am still blowing charge literally, I have not really line-charged in years. I spent the afternoon line-charging. I have had tremendous wins with the tech, but I had lost some of these. I had certainty that I could get them back, but I was not really sure how. Now I think I understand how I lost these.

    I think a page where members of the group can share their wins applying Scientology- (strictly theta) will add to the success of the group. It gives showcases the group’s flourishing and prospering for the world to see, It will show scientologist on or off lines
    (I consider all Scientologist, on or off lines to be IN Scientology regardless of their status) conclusively that CofS is not the sole beneficiary of the tech and certainly holds no monopoly on it’s effectiveness, despite their claims to the contrary. I think this would be excellent as well because though there may be many little communities across the world, the group is still one, WINS = “Scientologist who are not PTS to DM. Thank you” and one can see it’s true proportions via this page. ( of course you communicate as little or as much as you wish, but the activity here will invite more activity.)

  24. Concerned Citizen

    Unfortunately I can’t come out of the closet yet. I’d love nothing more, I’m not good at pretending, but there are 3 precious lives for whom I need to be there when the S*** hits the fan. They will not come to me if I’m declared. They have no access to the information here or any other info besides the DM approved “info”. And they have only me. I can not risk this, since I brought them in and I could not live with myself if I abandon them now. Is there a way for those of us in this pickle to communicate to you personally, and securely? I know your comm lines and this board are monitored. If not, I’ll have to take what I can get from just reading this blog. ( which is not little) This forces a withhold, I hate it, not good at withholds, but it is a necessary evil at this time

  25. Scientologist

    I know Scientology works and what I had to see yesterday night shocked me.
    I agree, something needs to be changed

  26. martyrathbun09

    Thanks CC. Stayed tuned – we are tracking in a manner.

  27. martyrathbun09

    CC, I understand your plight. One purpose for announcing people who made it through what you are going through with shining colors is to facilitate the process you are going through. A blog gets to a certain point where you can’t interact directly with everyone who comments like one should or might want to. I highly recommend contacting groups you will see posted here (when one gets in your territory) and meet face to face. That is so much more powerful than mere words posted electronically. In fact, many of them will be people who have a far more directly shared reality with you than I have. I was relatively cloistered for decades.

  28. Scientologist,
    What did you see?

  29. CC,
    That is quite a pickle. I’ve got friends now that are in ‘good standing’ and I’m not. I understand the difficulty to the extent I’m able to be you and assume that viewpoint. With that, and on the withhold aspect, you might look at the idea of a withhold on this may be in terms of a ‘moral code’ (LRH lecture Moral Codes, What is a Withhold is the title as I recall).

    For example, an overt is defined as an act of omission or comission which does the greatest harm for the greatest number of dynamics. If ‘going public’ brings about destruction to the greater number of dynamics then that falls under an overt then withhold that impinges on the Code of Honor. That’s an ethics code, as opposed to the Code of Offenses and Penalties which is a moral code.

    If staying low is the correct estimation of effort to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, it’s a good choice.

    On the other hand, if speaking up and taking direct action to deal with suppression brings you to cause over it, that may outweigh other considerations and actually, in the longer run, be the greatest good.

    These circumstances we face, and you face, are the points of life where Scientology is not just theory, but practice.

    Dig out your materials and apply Infinity Valued Logic and evaluate the data and grade it plus or minus on the scale. Get enough data to resolve it and make an informed decision. All that can happen is you can be more right than wrong or more wrong than right. It isn’t the end of time or life. If you blow it, I’ll be here for one, to help you back and give ‘er another go.

    My PERSONAL opinion is being in good standing means you’ve got lines to people that can be used on an appropriate gradient to change the R of others and increase their confront on all that you are now confronting. That’s valid and valuable.

    If that puts you on a ‘withhold’ then you’ll have to do some study and application of Scn to get yourself to a higher level of ability on that area. Having to communicate isn’t being cause over the right to give or receive communication when you yourself desire it which is a Code of Honor point.

    Whatever you decide, it is a truism that the degree of simplicity is proportional to the degree of confront. Keep at it, you’ll do fine.

  30. Rather than adopt various labels and terms to set ourselves aside from Miscavology, I’d like to suggest that people start with the postulate that WE ARE the Churches of Scientology, and Miscavige is the imposter.

    We should go forth, start missions, build websites, openly declaring ourselves to be The Church of Scientology. Not Free Zone, not Independents, or any other confusing-to-outsiders subcategories. WE are the Church of Scientology and Miscavige is not. Refuse to be shunted to some category off to the side of “Official” churchdom. WE ARE the official church, no matter what anyone in Clearwater or Glendale says.

    If we all stand up and dare to call ourselves the Churches of Scientology, Miscavige can’t sue hundreds of new Churches all at the same time.

    The resulting debate of “how can one man claim to own an entire religion?” would become picked up by the media. Miscavige cannot publicly silence people who are very loudly insisting they have the right to open their own Churches of Scientology without his interference. And I mean actual Churches, not secret living-room gatherings or coffee-shop auditing.

    From this day forward, Miscavige is NO LONGER PART OF THE EQUATION. His opinion carries weight only if you want to believe it does. Keep Scientology Working YOUR WAY, not his way.

    I am the Church of Scientology. YOU are the Church of Scientology. Our fellows are the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige has NEVER BEEN the Church of Scientology, and will no longer be recognized as such, starting RIGHT NOW.

    Go out and seize the day. The Church of Scientology belongs to YOU. What are you going to do with it?

  31. martyrathbun09

    Wonderful idea for somebody who hasn’t identified himself publicly. I detect you’ve got a problem with gradients, namely the first one. Come on man, you ain’t going to cause a damn thing by hiding.

  32. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Jim.

    Thanks, you are right, I know though that for right now, I have to stay put. On the withhold, it is not an overt for me, just the withholding of actions I wish I could take, info I wish I could mention, to help illustrate. I agree with you on helping open the eyes of people on lines, it is simple actually, for anyone still in, you just need to remain in ARC and when people bring up some of the things that happen, which they will. You point out the applicable LRH reference being violated, which there invariably is a violation of a reference, and get them to insist on the correct application of the tech or policy. I have been doing this for years. It ‘s just as simple as insisting on policy being followed. And making them see that not only do they have a right to do this, but actually a responsibility. Thanks for your encouragement

  33. Scientologist

    Hi Jim,

    it was the first time I was confronted with the video on what was/is going on in Int Management.
    And the scales fell off my eyes. I was just a week ago on this war-is-over graduation. The first thing what came in my mind in the very first minutes I thought – and this thought did not go away -while watching this stage: Hitler would have liked it . It is absurd.

  34. Pollifax,

    Marty is right. Reveal yourself! If you are not ready to publicly come out with your true name yet, at least e-mail Marty with you real name and where about.

    What do you think?

  35. Chuck Beatty

    It is such an irony that Scientologists are trained to communicate in whatever rough circumstances (the Pro TRs Course EP), yet buckle to the imaginary shadows of misapplied ethics/justice policies. All SP declares can be overturned, hopefully there will be an International Amnesty by a new round of saner WDC and Exec Strata “top management” someday.

    There are so many intelligent ex members who are clearly NOT suppressive persons today acting like normal citizens, I agree, others “hiding” ought to become normal citizens and behave normally without fear of retribution by misapplied Scientology ethics/justice procedures/penalties/tactics.

    In time, that will change the scene if more people become normal citizens about who they are and what they believe.

  36. One thing’s for sure, DM is slowly caving in right now because of all this. One of these day the OSA people monitoring this website are simply not going to follow orders.

  37. You guys give me hope… many years ago I joined a group, it wasn’t a perfect group, but it was a fun and caring group. It’s motto was “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology”……

    Could the future hold some fun?????

  38. Nancy M,

    A group would be as fun and perfect as the individuals makes it to be.

    We are definitely a theta and a kick ass group. Welcome to our team.

  39. Lady Lancelot

    Chuck, are you related to Nancy Beatty by any chance? I knew her some 30 years ago in Lake Tahoe. Just curious.

  40. I want to create a truce between the recognized Church of Scientology and the Independents. It does neither side any good to Black PR each other, regardless of the apparent “truth” of any allegations. It is only serving to hinder the dissemination of the very Basics of Dianetics and Scientology which I believe both parties claim to agree are valuable. Please, let’s apply what we have come to know through our studies of LRH Tech, the communication formula, 3rd Party Law, etc. and come to terms for the sake of all humanity. Sincerely, Dee (Desire) Harmon (Harmony

  41. Sorry Harmon, but this is one of the most uninformed comments in recent memory. We aren’t spreading “Black PR” (propaganda) — we are auditing the CoS by exposing actual crimes of David Miscavige. We are running out a 3rd Dynamic engram. There is a subject you may have heard of long ago, called “truth.” Remember? It’s supposed to be the keynote of Scientology and now we’re putting it back into place. Truth isn’t “entheta” and truth isn’t “Black PR.” Wake up and start differentiating. If you want to help Scientology, START APPLYING IT:
    1. LOOK don’t listen.
    2. Confront — the basis of all TR training.
    3. Think for yourself.

  42. Hello Thoughtful, Understood now more than ever after some intense study of the situation. In our wildest dreams we would be able to have a conference and work things out. Obviously we are well past that point. You will see an updated posting soon.

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