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Roberto Sanchez Nunez – known on this blog as Mexican Amigo – has founded the first independent group in Mexcio, WINS Mexico. He is joined by his wife Damaris and daughters Ninive Dalai and Xcaret. Roberto is a Class V Grad auditor and Purif C/S. He was affiliated with the Church for twenty years, serving ten of those years on staff. He began auditing at the age of 13. He has audited many pc’s through the Grades and NED, and several through Clear. While on staff he C/S’d hundreds of people through the Purif, and after leaving staff C/S’d hundreds more through the Purif on his own time. He was the Executive Director of the Leon Mission from 1995 through 1998 and then, after intensive tech training, again from 2000 through 2005.

Roberto explained his reasons for taking a stand, I have attained a lot gains through my auditing but my most major wins are through training and auditing others. There is no apparent reason for me to wrestle with the mighty Church of Scientology. My family and my life are flourishing and prospering. So, why do this? It is a matter of personal integrity. Just that. It is my truth and what I believe in; like it or not. I see that Scientology as it is managed in present time is not reaching its purpose of ‘improving conditions’. What it is achieving is Sea Org executives who are abused in their fundamental rights and who are manipulated through Black Dianetics. Public are in debt across the world only to buy buildings for orgs that do not have staff or public to succeed on their own. I didn’t get into Scientology for this. THEREFORE STARTING NOW I PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE MY SEPARATION FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY UNTIL IT HAS A SENSIBLE AND DECENT LEADERSHIP THAT RESPECTS ITS FELLOWS.”

Roberto is launching a new blog and will translate many of the truths that have been published on blogs like this and others for the Spanish speaking public of Mexico and other countries for that matter. The blog is up now and he can be contacted directly through it,

Roberto is working on his Phd in Sustainable Development Management. He serves on the board of a respected state ecological association and is the main adviser in improvement subjects of the businessmen association of his home city. He is already doing quite a bit to improve conditions in the world and recently he has started doing a whole lot more.

Roberto is located smack dab in the center of Mexico in Leon, Guanajuato state. That is good news for all Mexican Scientologists. Godspeed to Robert, Damaris, Ninive Dalai and Xcaret.

38 responses to “Mexican Independent – WINS Mexico!

  1. Hey Roberto! I’m very proud of you as being the first latinamerican in taking true responsability and having the courage and integrity to do it! aplausos!!!

  2. Hola Roberto & family!
    Well done to you all for being on the team. Fabuloso! Felicidades! Muchas Gracias!
    I hope to meet you all of you some day. You both look like awesome people.

  3. This is exciting, good for south of the border!!. This is the first non US WINS group. Your story is fantastic, a real mover and shaker. I quite like Mexicans actually, your wife has a beautiful and infectious smile, with big bright eyes full of this spark. This Mexican girl told me once how Mexicans are so spiritual in nature and so hardworking, and so happy usually, in spite some horrible suppression. I remember her talking about how Mexicans can put up with just about anything, but when they can’t take it no more, they are a force to reckon with, and since they are heirs to great ingenuity I hope many people like you get WINS Mexico going. And that the Mexican ingenuity grows your group. Form a group very large. Wouldn’t that be something? She felt Mexico was a kind of trendsetting place for the rest of the Spanish speaking world which is Huge! Anyway, then we can have WINS international reunions in Mexico and see the sights too!!!!

  4. Tku.

    I hope this helps a lot of goodwill people in and out of Scientology in Latinoamérica.

  5. I hope the same Christie.

    Yes. My wife is awesome. An angel.

  6. Hi Happy.

    Tku for your kind words.

    Yes; the smile of my wife is the most beautiful thing on the entire Universe; I know.

    The things that your friend told you are very accurate about Mexicans. Humble people but with pride also.

    Wish you the best of the best dude.


  7. Viva WINS Mexico!!!! Good for you and your family. Thank you for your story and making it known.

  8. BRAVO Roberto!!

  9. Cathy & Christie

    Can you send me your email address? I don’t see it here or on your other website. If you are keeping it private, can you send it to me at

  10. Thanks to you.

    See you.

  11. Tku my dear fellow.

    See you around here.

  12. Yes Cathy & Christie.

    Mail sent.

    Also you can post on my blog any message and I attend to it very fast.

    You´re welcome.


  13. Dear Robert, Damaris, Ninive Dalai and Xcaret!

    Welcome to our team! :O)
    You are truly a beautiful and theta family. I am so proud of you and your wife for becoming stable terminals for Scientologists in the Latin world.

    You surely have high integrity and that is the key to success in life.

    Flourish & prosper.

  14. Roberto, You and Damaris have set a radiant example of what it means to possess real personal integrity. You bring great honor to your family, to your country and real Scientologists everywhere. Viva la Mexico!

  15. I have to agree with Happy. Mexicans are the warmest people that I have ever known – hence having a large group of them in my life. You both look wonderful and happy. Thank you for your courage.

  16. Roberto, you your wife and your whole family rock dude!

    Welcome to the independence.

    Viven de largo los triunfos de México

  17. Dear Roberto,
    You are an inspiration and awesome OT!! Thank you so much for your courage and leadership.
    Much Love,
    OT 7

  18. Viva Mexico. Speaking of great wives, here’s LRH’s wife:

    “To me, the most important foundation upon which Dianetics and Scientology is built was stated in the First Book—that is, “Man is
    basically good.” I know of no one who believes this as strongly as Ron does. It is my feeling that this alone in times of contemptuous press, financial difficulties, the betrayal of friends—
    times when it seemed that all he had built was crumbling to pieces, kept him going, kept him persisting to his goal of helping MAN.

    In Phoenix after the fall of Wichita, a producer with whom Ron had worked in Hollywood came to see us at our small apartment. He was
    offering Ron what would seem to the ordinary man like ice cream and cake for eternity. After picturing this dream in the clouds, he said
    to Ron, “Now, really, do you think this Dianetics, this research of yours, is worth it?” Ron sat for a very long time—silent, his eyes
    closed. Finally after what had seemed like hours he opened his eyes, and said, “Yes! Yes I do.” After his producer friend left, I asked
    him why he had taken so long to answer. He replied, “I was watching pass before me a parade of all the people I had helped, their
    expression one of hope and faith in the goodness of the future.
    Nothing can be worth more to me than that.”

    And that’s the way he is. His belief in the innate goodness of Man, in being able to bring this and Man’s abilities to the fore continues him in his research. It enables him to communicate to
    anyone despite their physical disability to do so, or any language barrier.

    His preclears are all over the world. The time he has spent processing is too vast to enumerate. Even he does not know the hours; he works and there is no time to him. This used to be very
    disconcerting to me. I remember one time in Spain, I had spent the whole morning shopping in the market and the whole afternoon
    preparing dinner on one oil burner and a charcoal fire. This was a difficult process for one used to supermarkets and a gas range.
    Ron had gone to the park. Dinner time passed. The food got soupy from reheating and the charcoal supply got nil. My patience wilted
    and I went to the park. I found him sitting at a sidewalk cafe, a middle-aged Spaniard with him. He motioned me to sit down and be
    silent. He was processing. The fellow had been in the Russian army, had fought in the battle of Stalingrad and then had been forced into
    servitude in Siberia. His legs had been so badly frozen that they would not bend at the joints. This peglegged walk was to carry him
    through life and to deny him work because of his slowness. After Ron had finished, we invited him home to dinner. He walked naturally
    again. His realization of what had happened to him did not come until he walked to the door to leave. He suddenly stopped and began
    shouting, “I walk—I walk. ” – Mary Sue Hubbard, 1955

  19. Welcome Roberto and Damaris! It gives great comfort to hear of your activities and wins in Mexico. It is truly amazing the “greater heights” of civilization that can be achieved with a good heart, integrity and good cheer.

  20. Concerned Citizen

    This is one my favorite LRH stories. Few things I enjoy as much as hearing LRH stories and people’s real life wins from the application of Scientology – real scientology. Thank your for sharing this. This is the RON I know.

  21. You are welcome.

    Is a intention of change.

    See you around…


  22. Hi TRUTH.

    We have been always on the same team.
    The ones that miscarried were DM and his gang.
    I hope someday you join this public “posse” of lovers of life and justice.
    Meanwhile; I am totally good about Truth will be your name and damn!
    I truly appreciate your kind words towards me and my family.

    You are apreciated.


  23. Thoughtful…

    I don´t have a clue of who you are but I really appreciate your articles.
    Very, very illustrative and clear.
    I appreciate a lot you taking time to write this kind words to me, I can only say with humble respect that all you are real heroes and the task is one that makes me remind David and Goliath.
    Of course we all know how the story ends; so…

  24. Yes.

    Every goodwill and pure group in the history of mankind has come to a time when it has infiltrated people in his high ranks to disrupt it.
    As far as I know… all have failed. Just look arounnd.
    Can we be the first to restore a group and take it back to it´s pure shape?

    Viva WINS!

  25. You´re welcome dear Alex.

    You are the one with courage and leadership; may time let us see that and find your story.

    Meanwhile do good!


  26. StarsAwait:

    I appreciate a lot your kind action ao taking all this time to write for me this MSH quote.

    It´s one of the best things I´ve read in a while.

    I can imagine THE MAN thinking about the question; I myself did the same many times when I was on staff whitout money to take my little ones to the park for an ice cream.

    If feels like fu**** hell.
    But a promise is a promise.

    May you keep on helping us with this little pieces of freedom.

    I appreciate it.


  27. Hi Tom.

    Thanks for taking time to write me.

    I appreciate your kind words.

    I really do.

    They come in a good time!


  28. Roberto, Thanks and believe me, I’m going to continue helping this group in bigger ways soon.

  29. Thank you Marty for getting in touch. By now you know I am 100% willing to help in any way I can.
    Once again, I truly appreciate what you are doing. You and whoever else is with you, deserve all the backing in the universe!

    Alex C.

  30. Here’s another LRH story and a Miscavige story:

    The longest continual member of the Sea org who signed up at the beginning of the Sea project, told me that one night Ron was on the deck of the ship looking at the stars and he said, talking to a group of people, “this isn’t the first time we’ve been together”.

    DM story:
    I knew someone who was in charge of assembling every mission holder together in one room in the 80’s. At the time DM was COB or on a project, I can’t remember.

    Anyways, this guy did his job and assembled them all in one room. CMO manned all the exits and Miscavige told all the Mission holders to come to the front. One wouldn’t come and said “I’ll stay right here”. Instant verbal declare. DM then told them all to write up their O/W’s, and if no F/N within X amount of time (can’t remember), instant declare.

    Keep in mind, per reports I’ve seen on this site, franchise Missions fell apart after this point. This was a violation of LRH policy regarding no heavy duress, or heavy ethics on Mission holders. The policy was written for a reason.

    I don’t know the policy name, I’ve heard about the policy on this website, just so I’m honest about this. I’m not an OEC grad either.

    But it makes you wonder…

  31. Two more LRH stories. One time I asked a lady, long since having gotten her 25 yr ring, what LRH was like. She said he was physically larger than life, as in the head and shoulders were big like the famous bust. Also, LRH was normal and his actions were normal, he was not eccentric. On the ship he’d come down for dinner, stay the whole dinner, and eat and talk with the officers. He wasn’t in an eccentric type valence.

    One time I asked a lady who was a past life Clear (audited by LRH before DMSMH), what he was like. She’s on the OT levels in this life. She gave a big smile and said he was the kindest person she’s ever known.

  32. The reference is “Ethics and Missions” HCO PL 18 April 1970 Iss I

  33. Hi Roberto !

    WOW !!! Beautiful picture, gorgeous beings. All the best to you and your family.

    It’s a real pleasure to know you are there, living your truth and extending a hand to others.

    I hope we can all meet one day!

    CW Indep.

  34. Well; you know people needs it; so in name of a lot of them; thanks!

  35. Great stories StarsAwait!

    Tku very much!

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  36. Thanks Cathy!

    I hope the same.

    I think we would.



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