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Below is a promotion sent out to the Flag Service Conultants internationally. Attached to it is a briefing by Snr CS FSO, Richard Reis. I had heard about Flag requiring people en masse to do one hundred hours of objectives and was floored by that news of outright squirreldom. I doubted the veracity of the report. Now that I have it in writing, let’s confront what is really happening in the Church of Miscavology. Its collapse is happening much faster than I ever imagined it could occur.

First, if you have not already seen it read my post regarding the insanity of Flag promoting the delivery of Grades.

That Flag promotes and delivers grades is a huge indicator that no Clears are being made around the world for Flag to reg to Flag for OT Levels. To have Flag bypass the orgs to deliver Grades further drives the shriveling orgs into the earth. Recent reliable reports estimate Fort Harrison occupancy to be less than fifty percent. Several years ago, anything under 90% was a flap of magnitude, and that was when Flag was delivering the upper OT levels.

With that backdrop, the latest news from Flag is that Flag Service Consultants are to reg T.R.s and Objectives Co-audit students to Flag! They tout having over one hundred students on T.R.s and Objectives already.

Note this little sleazy curve ball in the Reis briefing:

“Even on a case with only a light drug history, a TE of 100 hours for TRs and Objectives is not unusual.”

It is fraudulent to say “it is not unusual”, when in fact it is NOW STANDARD PRACTICE AT FLAG.

The one hundred hours of objectives order came from Miscavige. How do I know? First, Richard Reis is a freaking Oxford Rhodes scholar and has an eidetic memory of all of the Tech volumes. He would not order this without a gun pointed to his head. The only one with the power to enter such an off policy order (and the viciousness to put a gun to someone’s head to carry it out) is Miscavige. Miscavige specializes is off beat “failed executive C/Sing” actions, even in Cram Orders, like “50 hours of Op Pro by Dup”. Finally, Miscavige is the only dedicated practitioner of Black Dianetics who is on the chain of command above Reis. And this is Black Dianetics, simple and plain.

The first few independent groups I announced (CW, Mexico, and Mountain View) and others not yet announced are getting flooded with reaches by people looking for help to try to understand what has happened to the Scientology many of us used to know. I think the effort is going to need to be stepped up. Miscavige’s effort to destroy the Mecca is close to done. A lot of people are going to be looking for direction in a hurry soon if this suppression continues unchecked.

Currently at Flag we have a course room totally dedicated to delivering the TR’s and Objectives Co-Audit. We have over 100 students and our co-audit supervisors are also Flag trained Case Cracker Auditors. This course room delivers over 500 auditing hours each week. I am sure that many of you know somebody who is taking a long time on this part of The Bridge. This is an excellent opportunity for somebody to experience Flag and move up The Bridge with very little financial strain and they can complete in a matter of weeks. Call me or write me anytime for anything.

Love, Barbara Dews
Flag Service Consultant
323 872 3585

Snr CS FSO briefing:

Once someone has completed the Purification Rundown his next step on the Grade Chart is “TRs and Objectives”.

LRH said that a “Failure to run Objectives fully and completely, especially on a case with an extensive drug history, can set up the pc for less than optimum gain on Dianetics.” It is obvious that this is a key level that when fully done can set one up to rocket through the rest of The Bridge.

It is very definitely the key prerequisite for going onto the Grades and being able to move through the Expanded Grades in the LRH TE of one month with all EPs obtained.

TRs and Objectives is not necessarily a short rundown or level. For some cases it can run into hundreds of hours of auditing. Even on a case with only a light drug history, a TE of 100 hours for TRs and Objectives is not unusual.

The solution then is to Co-Audit which not only allows one to get as many hours of auditing as one needs without financial strain, it also affords one the invaluable experience and gains of helping another spiritual being advance toward freedom. Getting in both sides is highly recommended. Ask any trained auditor or C/S.

The Tech of Objectives is unique. The goal is to bring someone fully into present time. LRH said, “As you know a pc can get ‘stuck in the past’ and if you can get a pc out of his engrams and reactive mind (his perpetuated past), he becomes aware of the present.” Also, “The pc is stuck not just in engrams but in past identities. In fact the pc out of present time is being the past. The pc can be made to see he is being the past and that there is a present.”

Without this tech of Objectives, a pc’s chance of making it out is just non-existent. LRH said this flatly when he states, “Without Objectives, no being is likely to recover in his infinity of futures.”

The Tech of Objectives is quite extensive. Each Objective Process has its own unique EP, and part of the power of these processes has been the recovery of the tech of ensuring that each Objective Process is continued until all the EPs for each process run have been obtained. The C/Ses are fully trained in the mastery of this tech and can guide each pc and his twin through to attaining these EPs every time.

One learned while studying the Basics, “He (the preclear) has to come up to a full tolerance of it (the physical universe) before he can get out of it.” The TRs and Objectives Co-Audit is a major milestone on any preclear’s journey up The Bridge toward Total Freedom.

Richard Reiss
Senior C/S FSO

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  1. How could it go farther? All will be put on it. I look at the crystal ball (DM) and I predict that will follow. Will he require this as the next ‘Golden Age’ fognition he’s bound to have and thus nullify all previous Grade Chart actions? Well…

  2. Not too overly outrageous a thing to send out, FOR A MISSION OR CLASS V ORG! For Flag, this is beyond the beyond. Maybe the main RTC stat has been changed from Advanced Tech VSD to Flag GI. Yes, RTC’s main stat, the stat on which they get paid is not a stat that would reflect planetary dissemination like Number of Books Sold to Individuals or Div 6 Course Completions. Oh, NO! RTC runs on the amount of delivery of Advanced Courses only, which means that all they have to watch is Flag and the AOs. Makes it much easier than having to manage those pesky orgs (the mission network was disposed of in the 80s). That op basis has worked for years but it seems like things are drying up since the flow from orgs probably dried up with the push for pure donos and no push at all for selling org services. Prediction: Flag promo in the next few month– “Send your Basics students to Flag’s Div 6/Academy/AO Courserooms!” You read it here first. Excuse me while I go throw up.

  3. If FSO were booming; would it be necesary to have the Snr C/S send a letter to public to convince them that they go to FSO to recieve an action that IS SUPPOSED any mission anywhere in the world can deliver standarly?

    Does it even make sense?

    Why bother in put auditors to do it instead of theining them up to class IX or XII to eliver what FSO were designed to?

    (COMPLETE NONSENSE and money need)

    Money, money money…

    Roberto Sánchez

  4. Now Miscavology is going for quickie TRs & Objectives.
    Not long ago a friend of mine received some auditing at Flag and recently he was diagnosed with cancer. This is one of DM’s (SP) products at Flag.

  5. martyrathbun09

    WINS: I think it is money, and bodies so that more money can be made. With the lack of Clears being made, the place is turning into a boneyard.

  6. martyrathbun09

    It is actually OVERRUN Objectives.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Joe, you’ve got it precisely. RTC sucked the existing public dry – endless, repeated OT VII, sec checks, – stat pushed the orgs, and bypassed them to drag up any possible body they could jack the Ad Tech VSD up with, and in the process killed the geese that laid their golden eggs – the orgs.

  8. LRH formed the Sea Org to guard the upper levels. This is outrageous.

  9. This is typical Miscavige. Using the Tech as punishment rather than for spiritual gain.

    He was notorious for ordering such things at the Int Base – 50 hours of Op Pro by Dup or making an OEC trained executive have to star rate checkout every OEC volume, not with the purpose of correcting what they don’t know, but to “prove” they don’t know it completely and then shooting them from guns.

    Objectives have always had the image of being grueling. Ordering everyone to do at least 100 hours for no apparent reason is DM’s sick way of punishment while making money at the same time.

    Talk about overrun!

  10. Yes; I can hear them…

    So we must have a “bright idea” to have public moving over the FSO.

    Bright idea #1: ED Int, CO WDC and Snr C/S Int de´ptsed. No.

    Bright idea #2: Exec Strata back, Evals to orgs and missions so the natural flow is retaked. No.

    Bright idea #3: A wrongdoing public recognition + handling to regain public acceptance and trust. Scientology VIP´s and Opinion Leaders such as artists demanding a handling for all the mistakes recently done; thus retaking the road and public flowing to missions and orgs and above. No.

    Bright idea #4: Bypass “out-ethics” pieces of sh** orgs and missions not doing his job and FSO handling this lack of new public from very, very above and even as next action doing on super power building a big football-size sauna to MASSIBLY deliver the Purif. (you know; just to keep the reg line close to it). APPROVED WITH FLYING COLORS!
    Promote to COB advisor the originator. Immediate FSO execution. This time we got THE WHY!

  11. I’m so glad the ether wore off and now I’m free.

  12. And so the destructive, short-circuit of lower orgs has begun. It will, in no time, drive them into a Non -E condition. They are already struggling. Miscavige is getting even more desperate. By his actions, and very soon, Flag will also dry up. Then he will have accomplished total destruction, fully contemplated.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Joe, I was just informed Der Fuhrer beat you to the punch. They are already promoting Flag as THE place to do the “basics.” The place has apparently become a rogue field group.

  14. Marty,
    I can confirm that this alteration did come from DM. At a base briefing (at FSO) in 05 or 06 DM was addressing various points regarding “discoveries” of how tech was being altered and lost and how he was “finding” it for us. He stated that they (RTC I take it) were looking at some folders that LRH had C/S’d and that “not one” had been audited less than 100 hours on objectives. He stated that this was the BIG WHY that people were taking so long on their grades and that objectives run like that would cause people to ZIP through their grades… (All of this is in fair use of DMs lecture). I was never a tech guy so someone should fill in the blanks for me as to what’s correct here and what isn’t. I do know that Tech is contain in unaltered LRH HCOBs. And if this datum of “at least 100 hours” were paramount, LRH would have written it in. As well I know from personal experience that it takes as long as it takes and that processes taken passed their EP can drive a PC in.

  15. It is appears that Miscavology is collapsing and consolidating all operations into Flag.

  16. I continue to underestimate Dear Leader.

  17. Bingo SK. Fully, knowingly calculated.

  18. Oh please – the Class V orgs are already destroyed. Div 6’s are so completely squirreled they couldn’t drive public in at the point of a gun.

    For those public who actually somehow do outwit the org and get into Div 6 lines will be sabotaged by the org regging them for upper levels in violation of “Ridge on the Bridge” because the org is so desperate for money.

    I put a new girl on lines at an org and she did one Div 6 course. She liked it. But then the org got the order that it was going “Ideal” and she was blown off of the lines by constant fund raising. She told me that she might come back after the org goes Ideal. But she was ARCxen.

    The Class V orgs are gonzo already. So now it is a big bypass of the orgs to get the public up to FSO. We need to move fast.

  19. Marty,

    Your right about the clears. I just posted this on Rebel’s Leaving Scientology Blog but it should be posted here as an observation:

    “This may seem off topic maybe not but I just picked up a copy of “Auditor” magazine (which is now smaller than one of those bulk mail flyers now and now on cheap news print) and the Clear tally world wide is now less than 20 grand actually 19,943!

    I remember back in the mid 80’s when the number was close to 40,000!

    Remember this is a supposed to be a cumulative stat!

    So one has to ask what the heck they did with the other 20,000?”

    As I wrote the Clear tally is a cumulative stat (in other words a stat that can’t do anything else but go up or at least stay somewhat level) but the organization under Miscavige has managed to do the impossible and crash the stat!

  20. DM’s Obj.s agenda has been on the cards for 18 months that I know of.

    That was when I was still C/Sing at Narconon Melbourne and I was informed by the chairperson of their board (an OT VIII) that she’d been briefed by DM on the ship that Objectives “everywhere” were being quickied and he had a plan to get them being run right (= lots of overruns for hours and hours.) He’d also told her that Purifs were being overrun and He was soon getting out a tech film to correct that worldwide. It was not long after that that I was busted for “quickying” Objectives as the pcs hadn’t done the required 150 hours that Narconon cases HAVE to do on an Objectives program.

    Funnily enough, I’d received a commendation from Senior C/S Narconon Int four years earlier for my “standard C/Sing” of four Objectives cases he’d side-checked when at Narconon Sydney. I still have this in my papers.

    Obviously the Tech had changed in those intervening years and someone forgot to let me know.

  21. per my understanding the prices at Flag are going down. I don’t fully understand it but it looks like that you get around 40-45% if you pay up to to OT VI (or another package) and when you arrive to do it you a service completion award of 10 %. Auditors in Class IV Orgs are currently desesparetly trying to find pc’s. They are made responsible for to have somebody to audit !

  22. I did not know up to now that Advanced Tech VSD was indeed RTC’s stat. This answers the question why every AO has a D/RTC Rep solely dedicated to stat pushing Advanced Tech VSD so madly. In EU the Deputy micro manages and product officers this stat with a complete stat push approach and basically bypassing the entire command channels continuously. There are also the senseless “Bridge flow” meetings where even the ED Able EU gets asked how many people he sent to the AO. Not even closely his strategy. Meanwhile no one asks him about what he actually is supposed to produce to make a better world. Believe me all the old timer Sea Org members there see all this nonsense to one degree or another and tries to make it make sense mentally as they are too afraid to speak up.

  23. A TE of 100 hours for “TRs and Objectives” is not unreal or overrunning at all. TRs and Objectives includes both TRs and Objectives. I sup’d this co-audit course at ITO. 100 hours is a good TE for them both at this level, not a quicky and not a Pro TRs approach to TRs.

  24. martyrathbun09

    There is an EP to objectives which Richard correctly states. It takes as long as it takes. A hundred hour order has issued. That is squirrel. Your TRs would have to suck pretty badly to take one hundred hours on somebody – assuming he hasn’t been locked up in the back ward of a mental institution for some years.

  25. martyrathbun09

    NS – So nice to have you here. Your observation is consistent with mine. The multiple viewpoint system is at work. Thanks.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Yeah. Ran into someone recently who went through the reg machine at Flag. They were crunching all sorts packages, sliding scales on a calculator so as to undercut a Class V org on Grades auditing. Go figure.

  27. martyrathbun09

    The tech hasn’t changed. The EP is the EP and it takes as long as it takes. It is ‘Arbitraries Implanted.’

  28. martyrathbun09

    RJ – that is what happens when they conduct purge after purge for some perceived slight on Der Fuhrer.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Yes. I have heard stories like this from Dallas, Tampa, and Buffalo.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I believe the purpose of the op is three-fold, money, drive the person in, make him/her more susceptible to suggestion. T Paine’s Mechanisms of Miscavige, at Scientology-cult.com, exposes how the entire Sea Org has been turned into his cult of personality. This seems like the natural progession to extend that to the public.

  31. The Epic Failure of the Scn Management network should come as no surprise to anyone with any ability to LOOK, instead of listening.

    But even if you were just listening, Miscavige telegraphed his intentions and plans when he launched “The Golden Age of Tech”.
    There were many outpoints in the presentation of his “Eval”. the most glaring one to me was
    violation of Data Series #8: Sanity. “Whenever an observer himself has fixed ideas he tends to look at them not at the information”.

    Miscavige’s fixation on “piano playing” was the clue, as it is an inept analogy on its face. Oh, and his dad was a “piano player”.

    Miscavige hasn’t changed any since then. Per LRH:
    “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology.” – KSW 1.

    Oh yeah, and “Auditing is for the PC.” – LRH

    Data Series 18 points out that a false ANYTHING is an outpoint: “A false anything qualifies for this out-point. A false being, terminal, act, intention, anything that seeks to be what it isn’t is a falsehood and an out-point.
    Fiction that does not pretend to be anything else is of course not a falsehood.” and “Propaganda and other activities specialize in falsehoods…”

    Has Miscavige ever done ANYTHING other than “False Report?”

    What is the traditional Sea Org Ethics condition for False Reports?

  32. Paul,

    Good to see you here! I agree that a TE of 100 hours is not necessarily out of line. The outpoints here are 1. They are being promoted and delivered at FLB. (A spiritual retreat in the full sense of the word…)
    2. The promo piece itself is acknowledging “Failed Cases and Case failures”. Back in the day, Flag had NO FAILED CASES. Only failed Auditors and C\S’es.

    Flag advertising failure? LOL.
    Co-auditing that level is the way to go. It used to be done heavily in the mission network. I wonder just what they are planning to deliver in these “Ideal Morgues”?

  33. But all the ranting here is about a TE of 100 hours for OBJECTIVES and Richard Reiss’s briefing is about 100 hours for Objectives AND TRs. Maybe you guys got through toughish TRs 0-9 in five hours but I never saw it happen.

  34. this same type of thing occurred with Solo Nots.Since LRH did 1000 we all needed to do 1000. Now you talk about overrun? DM has completely lost it that we know. It will be interesting to see if he even shows up at the IAS event on Oct 16th in England. I think Not but then he may just dust someone off and send them in. This has been about dollars for a very long time.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Paul, It takes as long as it takes. My reality is that T.R.s have not been instructed in the Church for a good long time. As a consequence, the greatest addition of time to objectives, as well as quite a number of other actions, is bad TRs. It is WRONG WHY and ARBITRARY to assign a fixed number of hours for ANY action.

  36. Not turn up? He jolly well better! Can’t wait to see him!

  37. I guess that these objectives are run a way to push a being into the body hard.
    By the way: that objectives auditing push is not new. It was in 1979/80 that all that failed Clear Check and in 82 that all that attained Clear had to do Objectives. But mostly at the Org level. Not especially Flag. I personally got into quite some trouble both times in 80 and 82 I had to do the Objectives. As a side comment: especially 1984 I worked myself half to death (literally) to save Scientology from being closed down. If I had any clou that Scientology ends up that way I had not done it!

  38. Allen Stanfield

    I think it is great that Marty is providing a place where the freedom of speech can be exercised on the policies of the Church of Scientology.

    That has been needed for a LONG time. More and more of it needs to happen. Within the Church, as well.

    I hope that all the members of the Church of Scientology in good standing exercise their right to free speech, and get on Marty’s blog and contribute their voices.

    For only by EXERCISING your rights, can you ever hope to be free.

  39. On Purpose,
    You sound filled in to me. It takes as long as it takes to get the EP. It is GROSS out-tech to either boast about ‘time in auditing’ or aribtrarily state how long it takes a case to get the EP of any grade or process.

    It is however very much a part of Mythcavology. No wonder beings avoid that stuff in droves.

  40. NS,
    Yes, that fact made clear recently on this blog and the scientology-cult site, the stat of RTC is something that makes a whole lot of oupoints come clear as to ‘why’.

    DS 13, Irrationality:”In setting a statistic one has to outguess all efforts to falsify it (predict possible outpoints in collecting it) and has to see if following the statistic would mislead anyone from the ideal scene.”

    No wonder DM stat pushes and interferes with progress on the Bridge of those on OT VII with out-tech 6 month invalidations.

    The penny drops.

  41. Just for information – I know two people who just completed the TR’s & Objectives. Irrespective of what is stated in the briefing sheet the way it is being carried out in the courseroom and duplicated by the public is a minimum requirement of 100 hours of Objectives processing. Time on TR’s not included and actually that section of the checksheet went pretty quick.

  42. DOUBT. That is the condition for False Report, based on the Flag Order that I recall. I don’t have the # or the title anymore. But somebody else might.

  43. Christie,
    DOUBT it is. I can’t recall the FO number either. There is another one, it says there is a point where stupidity becomes treason. DM has crossed that line, in spades, way, way down he goes, trying to drag as many as he can with him.

    NOT US!

  44. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Now I wonder what plan Miscavage has now regarding after the whole Scientology orgs are no more able to survive.

    Is he destroying orgs completely and then
    does he literally escape from the SO , taking all the money ?,
    close down all orgs and dismiss the SO ?
    live happily in WOG with the money ?

    What is the consequence in his universe ?

    I don’t quite understand his universe.

  45. Hi Scooter,

    I did a short stint at NN back in the ’70’s when it was under SOCO and back then we were allowed to use meters. From what I understand all current NN auditing is done with out a meter to verify the EP (in complete violation of Standard Tech refs), because of “legal concerns”, at least here in the US.

    Is that true down under?

    Also as you noted this is typical of Miscavige he’ll make this “announcement” to the effect that everybody was doing whatever it was wrong which is in fact a generality. In other words the guy specializes in generalities, like now “everybody” needs 100 hrs of objectives!

    Not only that but he creates a hidden data line where he’s supposedly seen C/Ses by Ron confirming this!!!!!

    Yeah right! In his dreams!

    Worse now he wants to make an (out) Tech film when he himself has had very little tech training, to show Auditors how to “correctly” (over)run objectives!!!!

    Talk about the “blind leading the blind”!!!

    As Ron has said and Marty has pointed out “the result is the result and TIME IS JUST AN ENTERED ARBITRARY. (emphasis in original) (fair use acknowledgement HCOB 21 June 1970 C/S Series 9)

    Also quickie as you know as a C/S, has nothing to do with time involved an action can take forever yet still be quickied.

    For instance when I audited at AOLA I became a specialist in patching up PTS RDs that went on forever and the reason they took “forever” was because nobody bothered to setup the case ie. with a C/S 53, 40x and a full DRD. The latter was the grossest omission in most cases!!!!

    Anyway if the you don’t set up a case that needs it with a life repair or repair any past auditing they may have gotten per C/S Series 3. As you know you will have a case that could conceivably run endlessly on objectives!!!!

    You could probably audit them hundreds of hours and not get any EP, but despite that the case still has been quickied, because it was never set up to run objectives in the first place!!!!!

    Because they were being audited over out ruds and earlier errors in auditing!

    Being a C/S yourself then you know what Miscavige is proposing is insanely destructive and suppressive!

  46. I think that this has been made clear in this thread, but I simply want to point out that LRH does give all the tech needed to run TR’s and Objectives. Any additions are squirrel, hidden data line, arbitraries, and Miscavige knows very well all that I write here. If Miscavige notices an out-tech worldwide situation having to do with quickie objectives, he knows very well the only solution is to cite relevant policy and correct it this way, NOT to interject his own arbitraries.

    I mean for anyone to have ANY disagreement at all with what I’m saying, you’d have to be a wog.

    This is the mechanism most notable in my own recent research on Miscavige: Forcefully point out a possibly valid outness and enter in a subtle or not so subtle twist into the solution which leaves most people scratching their heads at least a little bit. But whatever, it’s COB so lets run with it. Most times “Something” can be found in policy to support his new “bright idea”, but many times it’s explicitly forbidden.

    Little by little it’s becoming more extreme or fringe to insist on HCOB’s and HCO PL’s.

    One example is the famous “straight up and vertical” Miscavige speech in Africa in the early 2000’s. In this, if my memory serves me correctly, he’s talking to CLO AF and asks (paraphrase) “Why don’t you guys stop crouching in the corner worrying about how your going to pay the bills. Go out and do something for Sowetto.” (the ghetto slum near the CLO).

    How about concentrating on the orgs? Is the CLO just some goodwill activity now? (See other posts regarding Ideal org outnesses – it’s too much to cover in one post)

    The CLO isn’t supposed to sit there and send out telex after telex on the same subject and never reach out (via SO missions). But that’s how CLOs have fallen down. The CO CMO sits there in Network Coord Committee and pounds her fists. What would she like these managers to do, write more persuasive telexes?

    When I was in management, Mission tech was a lost tech, and if you wanted something done, have the telex officer call the org everyday and nudge telexes! It’s ridiculous, but the CMO pushed this heavily.

    That’s about all the reach that was occuring. So you’re comm lines lose their ethics presence = no comm line. If I’m losing anybody here, all I’m saying is orgs need to know they will get a Sea org mission if they continue to non-comply with management. This is crystal clear in policy, but its not happening under DM, so the CLO’s have become a useless entity.

    But why not have the CLO send out missions to correct orgs, as covered all over the place in policy? What’s with insisting on helping out this ghetto? It’s not a bad thing, but why didn’t Miscavige do an on point presentation with references telling the CLO exactly what it’s function is and making sure they understand? The Sea Org’s MO is missions, and if you’re a Dir Comm in an org, and External Comm calls you, hang up the phone on them and tell them they’re squirrels. CLO’s have no business calling orgs unless they suspect the ED is a criminal.
    And yes I’ve written up tons of reports to management on this and nothing results.

    This is one example of the twists and turns Miscavige utilizes to subtly shift away from LRH, I’ll write more example later.

    some Ref’s off the top of my head:
    SO references including FO STAFF COORDINATION, and FOLO PHONE LINE (maybe it’s an HCO PL) and HCO PL CLO’s OTL’s and Orgs (think it’s an HCO PL).

  47. 47 comments in 24 hours. It wasn’t like this three weeks ago, and that’s the trajectory right now.

  48. Hi Marty,
    I would like to get your opinion on this idea I have that the way for the COS to handle attacks is to “attack back, never go on the defense.” I see some workability to it, but when you have valid out-points that need to be handled, “attacking back” doesn’t seem rational to me. I realize that DM is an SP but how do the others rationalize the current OP basis by OSA?

  49. Mark A. Baker

    Marty, it’s good to see you taking steps to undermine the RTC’s control of the Co$. It’s also a pleasure to see new groups forming in the Independent & Freezone Scientology movements. However, for many of us who have been active for more than 20 years in continuing to provide genuine scientology in the face of Co$ opposition & squirreling, you have a major credibility problem.

    The fact remains you personally were very active in suppressing the actions of many of the finest old time & founding scientologists on the planet. You were absolutely instrumental in aiding and abetting David Miscavige’s squirreling of the fundamentals of scientology tech. And your role in actively & brutally suppressing not only field scientologists but active staff members of Co$ organizations is well established.

    Hence, your endorsements are considered by many individuals, especially those who retained their own integrity in the face of your active suppression, as at best suspect.

    My suggestion is, focus YOUR efforts on making amends for the abuses & criminal frauds perpetuated by you & your associates in the RTC over the last 27 years. You’ve a lot to make up for in your actions. Only by new efforts can you hope to overcome the brutalities of your past.

    Best wishes along your new path,

    Mark A. Baker

  50. What is going on in Buffalo? I am near there and it has been dead since forever. No power or heat when I was in or phone.

    That was a long while ago.

  51. martyrathbun09

    I’m doing my damndest. I really had nothing to do with freezone or anything after the eighties fellows. As far as those earlier blokes were concerned, it is not as black and white as you infer. Many went straight to the enemies of SCIENTOLOGY AND LRH and aided and abetted attempts to drive the old man off the lines – which aided and abetted what Miscavige was doing internally to grasp power. During the eighties I was busting butt to make it safe for LRH to return; wasn’t involved in Mission Holder purges for example. Rather than motivate for another twenty years, you might want to take the advice of the great Bo Didley :’fore you cuse me, take a look at yourself.” And your cohorts for that matter. Mayo and his cronies were not ME, and I am not their why or who. If you want to continue the discussion email me: you are seriously misinformed.

  52. Who among you has the crystal ball? Or is DM that predictable in his destructiveness?

    Someone made the recent prediction regarding Flag and public courses. Today I found an OT8 working furiously on a new person who lives thousands of miles from Flag but close to orgs and missions. They were trying to get the new person onto a course of HOW TO MAKE WORK EASIER. Fair enough. But it had to be the Flag extension course version. Go figure!

    PS. It’s 100 hours of objectives at Flag as a MINIMUM. You don’t even pass inspection (coming from an outer org) if you haven’t done at least 100. But the figure put about verbally is 300. And they are actively pulling people off the Grades to get their Objective hours in. ARCX City.

  53. I can’t speak for Mark, but I know many exes have BPC on the Sea Org and missionaires. Whereas your current activities speak for themselves, may I suggest that you post a brief bio of the different posts that you held and the different activities that you worked on. This is more for pragmatic reasons than any request for mea culpas.
    Also, could you elaborate on who were “the enemies of SCIENTOLOGY AND LRH (that) aided and abetted attempts to drive the old man off the lines”. I don’t know that bit of the history. Please email me if it shouldn’t be on the public board.

  54. Great post Marty(as usual) and the timing is perfect. I had just been thinking about what is going to happen to all the wonderful Scientologists I know when it all comes tumbling down. The fallout will be huge. The confusion, emotional and spiritual trauma will be massive and there has to be somewhere for these guys to go for comfort, at least a place to get their head on straight and sort it all out in a safe space. There are a number of people in my area, at least 10 individuals who would be willing to provide succor, myself included. I’m most interested in the OTs, being an OTVlll myself. I don’t consider myself an “Independent Scientologist”. Just a long time vet at the very top of the ‘bridge” whose lost their religion and who’s not sure if they’ll ever find it again.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Duly noted.

  56. MissedGarbagewalker,
    I think his plan is to walk us into impending inflation with huge understaffed orgs and offer more and more wrong solutions till he dies, invalidating in the public’s mind that LRH management tech does work. The public will see the inflation and whatever crisis happens and won’t blame him, wrong why. No one will have savings for the bridge because it all went to the IAS etc.

    Mark Baker,
    You must have a motive here besides pushing in anchor points. Why do you attempt to seed doubt publicly rather than get your questions answered over email first? You claim to be an enemy of Miscavige and you’re so dedicated to this yet you’re supporting him by attacking his main enemy. Why exactly?

    Don’t want an answer, these are rhetorical questions. I also noticed on Geir’s forum that you advocate the most radical position possible: Destroying all orgs and the Sea org permanently. This is exactly the line of attack that OSA wants. Any questioning of Miscavige policies MUST be thought of as equal to the extreme fringe so we get no new support from public in this awakening, because we’re all a bunch of extremists. If I didn’t know any better, and I don’t…..

    Not answering if you answer me.

  57. Oh Paleeeze, Mark!

    I haven’t seen so much self righteous sanctimony since Nixon resigned!

  58. JJ,

    I used to go by the theory that Miscavige was a controlled operative and he might of been at one time but now it seems the guy is out of control!

    So I’d say it’s anyone’s guess.

  59. The crystal ball is glowing. Pulled from Grades now, OT levels next.

  60. Stars,
    I think you’ve nailed Mr. Baker. (And I don’t want any response from him either.)

  61. Dear Marty,

    You are one of the MOST effective people on exposing the truth about DM and his crimes/abuses and getting some major TA actions. You are truly making all the wrongs, right. Keep it up.

    Don’t buy into all these time wasting noises such as Mark Baker’s.

    Do not listen to any noises

  62. Wow you all look happy and I am so happy for all of you. You all deserve a big hand so here’s a big hand!!!! As you are aware many people are reading, thinking about posting and will post and I am sure are going through a lot right now in their lives. Boy a double wamie, the economy and the church all at the same time. Once past all of this the world will be brighter. Thanks everyone involved.

  63. Why?
    Mark had some valid questions and dismissing them is not the solution. Why not talk openly about his concerns?

  64. “Flag Relative Importances” CBO lays out the relative importances from top management’s viewpoint.

    All these changes for Flag’s “public” cannot be per any Hubbard reference.

    This is clear policy violation ordered from RTC.

    Is there a WDC FSO on post, who might have done the eval ordering this selling of Grades?

    Only way I can think Miscavige is justifying this, is that Flag is where Interns from all orgs get trained, and this might just be a temp project to get those interns the public to audit while they are at Flag training up.

    I heard that months ago the speeded up Grades processes checklist was going to be piloted, to get Grades auditing done within LRH’s original ordered timeframe.

    Thus, to generate income for Flag, plus get orgs sending their trainees to Flag to train on this new Grades auditing checklist lineup of speeded up Grades, the Interns are trained at Flag, Flag does the auditing in their HGC, making Flag income, and also getting these outer org trainees trained.

    It is slightly squirrel, but that’s how I think it is being farfetchedly justified from a management viewpoint.

    We will see if this peters out, after a year or less, with the Interns going back to their orgs and doing a whole Grades auditing of their own public in their own orgs.

    It could all just be the latest Flag training evolution, focusing on the Grades, and the selling point of whoever it was that proposed this, is that it would make some new Flag public.

    I’ve also heard that Scientologist business people in Clearwater are regging their non Scientologist staff for Flag services, even, and it sort of makes sense that these newbie Clearwater area people who are coming from the Scientology business community, that those people will need their Grades, and these Interns on the Grades evolution will have them as pcs, etc.

    If we had access to Flags CF we could see who these pcs are, and who the Intern auditors are, etc, etc.

    Everything else said from a management view on this thread I agree with, this is a very deteriorated scene.

    There is no talking back to Miscavige, that’s the problem.

    He violates all of Hubbard’s final years of coord council policies, the various hats each WDC Member and each Exec Strata member were all to wear and actively do, NONE of that seems to be happening.

    Power and all top management decision making was NOT supposed to be reduced to one man/person. That’s Miscavige’s biggest mistake, and the mistake of everyone who has let him violate all the coord council and top management writings of Hubbard.

  65. Hi Chuck,

    Wow that is a different take!

    What you write here makes total sense.

    I know when I was at Flag on the IV internship that there was a complete lack of grades PCs and therefore this could be an “unusual solution” to “fix” the problem. Instead of doing the obvious like audit the staff.

    Methinks you may be on to something here.

    In the world of Miscavige nothing is what it seems.

    Anyway, Chuck it’s good to have you here contributing your incite to Marty’s blog.

  66. Are you by any chance the same Dagny who was MAA ASHO Foundation in December 2005 ?

    If so, we need to talk.

    Michael A. Hobson

  67. Only 100 hours? I’d say they were getting off lightly.

    A friend of mine (still ‘in’) got sent back to do his objectives again (after previously attesting to Clear twice!) at London org. He is doing it via the co-audit route and apparently taking 800 hours to finish is not uncommon!


  68. I had done up to grade 4 in the local org and when I went to ASHO before I was tossed in the late 99 and 2000 I was put back down to the bottom of the bridge and had to redo stuff I knew about already except for objectives. Took all the of the intensives which I thought I was going to go clear. Now I am out.

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