Texas Independents – Steve Hall, aka “Thoughtful”


In my estimation one person has done more than anyone in the past year to assist Scientologists to wake up and differentiate between the Church of Miscavology’s Reverse Scientology and LRH’s real Scientology. He goes by the moniker “Thoughtful” at his website Scientology-cult.com. Steve has created a hub where Axiom 19 (BRINGING THE STATIC TO VIEW AS-IS ANY CONDITION DEVALUATES THAT CONDITION) has been brought into play in a big way.

While Steve’s activities are international in scope, he is a stable terminal in Big D for a number of folks across Texas operating under the radar in the application of Axiom 19 to the condition that we are confronted with. I help out in the southern region.

If you haven’t already seen Steve’s bio, it is available on his website at:


One of the reasons Steve has been so effective in spreading the word about Scientology, both while in the Church and now outside it, is because he personifies the characterstic that LRH considered the hallmark of a Scientologist: insouciance. So much so that when Steve spoke out publicly, the Church’s only line of attack on him was that he understood and spoke of existence in terms of LRH’s Factors and acknowledged mankind’s joint responsibility in the creation of the universe. In other words, they accused Steve of being a trained Scientologist and OT.

For years Steve led many positive attempts to make Scientology relevant through his specialty, marketing strategy. You’ve seen many of his dissemination campaigns, print ads and TV spots over the years — you just didn’t know he was the creative force behind them. And he’s at it still. Not even Miscavige could shove him off course; Lord knows he tried.

Steve has a high level of confront of evil and a strong purpose to find out the truth and make it known. “Thoughtful” has been a beacon for a lot of folks navigating their way through the fog of suppression emanating from the church. Steve in person is a dynamo that helps people find the strength and wisdom to overcome any odds.


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  1. Steve is class, pure class.

  2. Hi Steve !

    I’d say welcome, but you’ve been with us all along.

    Your articles have helped me so much and your talent and integrity shine through everything you write… and do.

    ‘Oceans Eleven’ has nothing on you guys — Steven Soderbergh is probably working on your movie right now, “The Fantastic Five” !

    I’m honored to be in such great company and look forward to meeting you and your beautiful wife.

    CW Indep.

  3. Hi Steve!

    Love your moniker!

    So appropiate!


  4. So there you are Steve.

    Finally we know who this thoughtful of http://www.scientology-cult.com is.

    Thanks and keep on the leaders squad.

    Roberto Sánchez

  5. Hi guys…

    Speaking of new powerful faces…

    With the permission of Marty and Steve; just to let you know we have a new member of WINSMéxico.
    A long time; mexican founding scientologist OT VII; in a couple of days we´ll present him to all of us.

  6. That’s great Steve. You’re writings have been key in my own awakening.

  7. Steve Rocks! Always brilliant – and often making us laugh too. Thank you for what you do.

  8. We have a new member who is joining our group soon too…. but I’ll let him show his face at his own pace. It’s very exciting!

  9. My hat is off to you, Steve.

    Wow, what a group! Great to see all of you again!

  10. Thanks heartily for the many sincere, warm wishes! I can’t wait to meet everyone in person. We have some exciting non-PTS friendships forming up and that will for sure be followed by gatherings all over the world.

    You know, I read a great book a couple of years ago — “Man’s Search for Meaning” written in 1946 by Viktor Frankl. He survived four Nazi death camps.

    His message was that everyone is searching for meaning. Sometimes things turn out the way we intended and we find meaning in those experiences. Sometimes our expectations fail to materialize and when that happens, the tendency is to write off that lost time as “meaningless.”

    But he said meaning is not something that “happens” to us. It’s something you have to go out and get!

    A lot of us have many years invested into Scientology. And some things have gone awry. That’s for sure. But there is always another chapter to be written in history and we are the ones doing the writing.

    Together, we are scripting a new ending in the story of Scientology, one that will give all those invested years genuine meaning.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. Ahh, so you are Thoughtful. You are to me what the Big Beings are all about. Thank you for what is happening and the rehab of so many other bright, big beings.

  12. Hi my theta friend, Steve!

    We have recently talked on the phone. You are truly an inspiration.
    Thank you Marty for bringing all these beautiful thetans together.

    You are all powerful beings!

  13. Your blog has been so powerful, thank you.

  14. 8 Enlightened Scientologists

    You guys look absolutely great in that photo.

    I just wanted to report we just spent 6 hours on a Scientologist and he’s now out! The day before we spent 5 hours on his girlfriend. Both out!

    Key parts to them getting out were obviously the awesome videos you guys made with the Pete Times and adding Mike Rinder’s name is a very big plus.

    Another really big part for them was the PDC alteration. We’ve got an original ’86 tape lecture and it’s pretty hard to argue with the removals from lecture #20: http://wiseoldgoat.com/papers-scientology/hubbard_vs_nwo.html#selectionpdc

    Then they started wondering when these beatings started occurring, which is when Don Larson’s video came in really handy. It was recorded in 87: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6454589518364422755&ei=mq7OSq3GB4fYqAPVytCJBg&q=don+larson&hl=en#

    Then the LRH lecture on not obsessing over real estate was good to reinforce the idea that DM’s strategy isn’t based on LRH: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/08/10/response-to-miscavige-propaganda-campaign/

    Also mentioning Debbie Cook having left was a big plus.

    Letting them know that OT’s like Geir Isene are getting out is also very good.

    The fact that nothing in writing backs DM’s reign was good. I very briefly mentioned how the Broekers were above DM in the Will but need better dox before I rely too heavy on this point.

    The Icing on the cake is when I played the Church’s official response. They were shocked that Tommy reacted the way he did. That sealed it for them. They told me they were hoping that the church would come back with some great response. When Tommy “set the record straight” by saying it was 50 beatings on 22 people that’s when they had seen enough.

    Including myself 8 people are out from my initially discovering the SP Times articles. And there are more to come. And we’re talking hardcore Scientologist Public.

  15. 8 Enlightened Scientologists

    Forgot to add we also showed them DM’s letter to the SP Times and the date he said he would do an interview. Then the fact that he didn’t show looked pretty bad.

  16. thatsnotmyname

    I got a reply e mail recently from Thoughtful partly as follows “That’s the most awesome letter I’ve ever seen!!!!!! On a scale of 1-10, it’s 10,000! You are highly commended. My hat is off to you.
    What you’ve done is so awesome. WOW! I’m blown away. You are the man!!”
    I knew then – that’s Steve Hall! That’s what you call an acknowledgement!
    Steve, YOU are the man. Your actions and writings are truly an inspiration to many. The way you dismantle the nature of reverse scientologyIN PRACTICE in your video interview and make it understandable is just – wow! Amazing. Thank you, on behalf of many.

  17. Germany is in the “Start-Position”

  18. That’s awesome Steve!! Your writings have had a major influence on me and they are very funny a lot of the times too. I am really happy that you are being there and communicating!
    Your friend,

  19. Marty, Thanks for your friendship with Steve. I love him too. I am so proud of you all, it take a lot of courage to expose the dehumanization and mistreatment that members of Scientology have been subjected to by this tyrant. Power corrupts is an old but in this case true statement. I want to add my praise to you and your friends. I have always been proud of Steve, he is a wonderful son and a shining light in my life. Love Mom

  20. martyrathbun09

    Hi Glenda. You are are a hero for raising the whippersnapper.

  21. martyrathbun09

    I noticed on Alexa.com that German visitors to this blog are increasing more than anywhere else in the world – up to 17% of all hits come from Germany. I was wondering when we’d start hearing from you all. Welcome!

  22. Here`s every critic very hidden, the OT 7`s all want to make the level without problems and justify DM`s Donald Trump valence. Oh isn`t that upstat, oh isn`t that beautiful, oh isn`t he smart.To donate money and get others to do the same nonsens is easier than to get new public in. And its the cheaper refresher! You need not to wait about 15 minutes until the needle is floating back and forth, back and forth…after you said that you had tiny thought about DM alias Donald Trump

  23. Hi Steve,

    I just want to thank you personally, and all of the Texas Independents for demonstrating in real time that the heart of Texas has Heart.
    It swells my American pride, but perhaps more importantly it restores my pride in being a Scientologist. And if it does that for others, then this could be the start of something really big, a revitalization of our mutual co-created hopes and dreams for a better existence for all.


  24. Concerned Citizen


    I love your writings, it shows that you are indeed thoughtful. I’m also thrilled to know you were behind so much of the great marketing I was always proud of, and specially to see that you are at the forefront of this evolution.

    I particularly love the piece above, you are in fact right, we can’t let this major chapters of our life go to waste. We need to do all we can to restore LRH’s Scientology and to rescue so many blinded. I find that you are sensible and smart and I also find that you have an ability to associate with very theta beings, like Marty Tom and the rest. Also judging by my very high opinion of Sue, I hope she is well, wherever she may be now. Thank you and count on my helping out. I have been working on enlightening some people who are ripe for the cognition- and your articles pack a punch. I’m so honored to be part of this team that you helped create

  25. Well then:


    I would be happy to have another country added.


  26. The pictures speak volumes, happy relaxed confident smiling faces. All look truly VGIs. I’ve seen Steve 10 years ago and he looks younger now! I remember SO days (when they had them) and everyone being bleach white, thin and just sick-looking! What a difference! This is Scientology – just the photos say what every “church” mag cannot!

  27. I´m Sure Ms. Glenda you are a very bright and lovely being.

    We only need to look at your son (actions and achievements) to see the kind of people he has behind in his life.

    I bet you are so proud!

  28. You guys all rock. Since 30 years its now the first time I can dream again. I’d forgotten how to dream. Life is so beautiful again, more I read all your stuff more younger I feel. Continue !!!
    Marty you are not fair, we Swiss have over 6% visitors to your blog and you didn’t mention it. Something is cooking in our Country !
    KSW1 Fan you want to connect ?

  29. martyrathbun09

    I can’t wait for you all to stand and be counted.

  30. I love your articles, Thoughtful =D

  31. Steve, your website is amazing. I’ve read nearly every single articles. You guys are an inspiration. We have a few loose ends to tie up and we will stand & be counted very soon. BTW, Steve did you get the private email I sent you?

  32. thirstyfortruth

    Hello, I’m not a Scientologist, nor against it. But I’m very curious, This site is very interesting. I feel you are probably a more trust worthy person than the pro and against people, you seem to be very middle of the road, like must of us are in the real world and you must be very knowledgeable since many of you were very high on the structure, or have been around for long. I read the official site and wonder if you could answer a few Qs for those of us watching from outside

    What do Scientologist actually believe?
    Why do you still believe in Scinetology?
    Why do they say it is related to the Buddism and the Vedas?
    In your opinion, is this true or
    Is it really a UFO religion?
    If not, why do they classify it as such?
    Did anyone here know Hubbard?
    What was he like?
    Was he paranoid and terrible?
    Was he kind?

    Should I worry that the church will come after me for talking to you?

    ( I have read what the Church says it believes, but I want to hear from people, people I can relate to better)

    I wish you luck in your endeavor, thanks for answering this.

  33. What do Scientologist actually believe?

    Personally, I think like other people Scientologists believe different things. But I think the most important thing that most of us believe is that man is basically good.

    Why do you still believe in Scinetology?

    I personally don’t believe in Scientology. I just know from personal experience and observation as an Auditor or counselor that it works and I have observed subjectively from my own auditing or counseling that it does.

    Why do they say it is related to the Buddism and the Vedas?

    Many concepts like what we call the “cycle of action” ” continuous creation” “the void before creation”,come from the Vedas.

    The ability to achieve the state of Buddha in this lifetime or personal spiritual enlightenment and enlightenment in others through application of philosophy parallels Buddhism.

    In your opinion, is this true or
    Is it really a UFO religion?

    Personally, I don’t see why since their is no mention of UFOs in any Scientology doctrine.

    Also no one I know is waiting around for the mother ship to drop by.

    If not, why do they classify it as such?

    Probably because of the mention of past existences spent on other planets and in other Galaxies in more advanced civilizations that had space flight.

    Did anyone here know Hubbard?


    What was he like?

    Nice guy very empathic, very understanding could be funny, would sometimes get angry about things but in most cases his bark was worse than his bite because he’d get over it and he’d forgive you for the screw up.

    Was he paranoid and terrible?

    Not necessarily paranoid, but sometimes suspicious, many times with good reason, sometimes not. Though sometimes he’d be too trusting as the case of David Miscavige exemplifies.

    Was he kind?

    Very kind to me at least though other’s may differ.

  34. Concerned Citizen

    Hello Thirsty for truth,

    That is a great thirst to have an satisfy. I too will try to answer your questions, but don’t look for too much consensus in matters of belief, Scientologist are not required to believe anything. The founder said he would feel insulted if anyone ever tried to turn his religious philosophy into a dogmatic system, hence this website.

    What do Scientologist actually believe?

    Because of the above, this varies greatly, some believe in god, others don’t
    Some believe nothing and only accept what they can observe.
    But here are some of the major tenets of the philosophy.

    Man is basically good, any evil he is capable of is due to various phenomena
    Which the founder investigated. Same with troubles and shortcomings.

    The mind is a perfect machine capable of perfect computations, but like a computer, if you feed it wrong data, it will give wrong answers.

    Man is a composite of Mind, body and the spirit. The spirit is capable of though, the mind is just the tool, like a filing cabinet that stores and evaluates data, but decision is the function of the spirit we call it thetan to avoid confusions.

    Communications is one of the most basic tools to deal with life and learn. If you can learn to effectively communicate, you get along a lot better.

    Again, these were hypothesis that when tested bear out. But Hubbard explains how he arrived at these ideas in his lectures and fully expects everyone to test them and decided for one self.

    Why do you still believe in Scientology?

    I don’t believe in it, I use it, it works and I’m much better for it, so I say what I find in it to be true. But here you have to be very careful to find your own truth and not take other’s truth as yours, it never works when you do that.

    Why do they say it is related to the Buddhism and the Vedas?
    If you read the works of Buddha and the Vedic hymns, there is much that Scientology’s founder learned from these, in fact in the earlier editions of the book Science of Survival, he acknowledges 10,000 years of thinking man and special mention goes to a number of philosophers, like Aristotle or Will Durant. He learned a lot from them and then isolated the most fundamental ideas and coordinated them into a workable system. I always laugh when people claim he tried to take credit for ideas others developed earlier. I make it a point to read these works he read and it enriches my understanding of his philosophy o so much more.

    In your opinion, is this true or

    Yes it is true

    Is it really a UFO religion?

    I have never read anything that gives UFOs any importance whatsoever, I have read accounts of people who experienced past lives in ancient civilizationson other planets and in other Galaxies

    If not, why do they classify it as such?

    I find that most people who assign such classifications never bother to read the works and simply go by rumors. But I guess if the mentions of past lives in other planets which is by no means the central theme of the philosophy qualifies it as such in some people’s minds, then so be it. To me it is just another label.

    Did anyone here know Hubbard?

    Not personally, (me) others probably did

    What was he like?

    I can tell by his works, I see a very caring human being, who like us made mistakes and acknowledges them. I find that anyone claiming to have all the answers for everyone is a very arrogant person, and to my delight, Hubbard has specifically stated that he does not have every answer to everything and everyone, he simply has a system that he hopes, will help man find his own answers. His system is workable, not perfect.

    Was he paranoid and terrible?

    I don’t see that.

    Was he kind?

    You get that sense a lot when you read his works

    Should I worry that the church will come after me for talking to you?

    No, the Church is really a generality, most people within the Church have no ax to grind with anyone. Those who have been targeted are specifically vocal critics of the Church’s activities.

    They are good people, otherwise very sensible, but since there have been some real attacks on them and the philosophy, by some very nasty people, they have taken the stance that any criticism is an attack. – they are no longer really looking for themselves. I have faith they will sooner or later recognize we are not fighting them and all will be fine.

    And you, you are just an inquiring mind, They actually would love to help you too, but are somewhat precluded by the things discussed here.

    I really recommend you buy/get from library and read a book and decide for your self it the Philosophy has something to offer you

    I’m very glad you asked. I wish you the best for you too.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Man, Concerned Citizen. That is sweet. Combine that with RJ’s and we have the beginnings of a great FAQs. Thoughtful – if you are tuned in – you might want to grab those up off this blog. Might fit in nice on your site.

  36. Thought provoking

    I think Concerned Citizen has given a very complete answer that is quite fitting. I will not address all of your questions as he has already covered that. I will only address one.

    Why do you still believe in Scientology?

    Because it gave me tools, that when applied, made me a better person. I have been a Scientologist for over 30 years. I was an average person with average life experience…nothing dramatically good or bad about me. When I did my first course in communications, I was constantly impressed by the genuinely happy people that I saw. I gained confidence and was quite extroverted after doing the course. So I continued to find out more. Between the tools that I had aquired over time and the counseling, I found that I had achieved a high level of confidence and certainty about myself and had experienced levels of happiness I had not been able to conceive possible. Those feelings/experiences have stayed with me even though it has been almost three years since I left Scientology.

    Over these past few years I have gotten to know many people and I have found that it is common to struggle, be confused and unsure. These things are considered normal. There are many people who just don’t know anything else. But, I do. If I hadn’t seen something beneficial, I never would have stuck around.

  37. I am having so much joy reading all this stuff, not from the antio-tech guys…glad you get rid of that. I made a video on you tube, and took it down for the nasty comments I was getting from there’s no such thing as clear, to – well you can imagine. I LOVE the name, “Church of Miscavology” – perfect, because it’s not what Ron intended. YOU MADE ME LAUGH. I am glad now I didnt spend tons of money for bridge, I had a bad feeling. All I saw in the group many times, (not all) was people that were in this thinking that had nothing to do with everyday life, which ended up invalidating, suppressing, making wrong the church member, staff or not. The “church” became suppressive to me, and my dynamics. And my kids. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE, and I have to read more…

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