News from the Mecca of Quickie Grades

Here is the latest from the Mecca of Miscavology:

Hello! I want to share the NEW news to you, that this past week at Flag Oak Cove the Grades completions were highest ever! One couple arrived to Flag last week to get moving on The Bridge, and the husband has completed HRD, ARC Straightwire and is now on Grade 0. The wife completed Grades II and III and is now on Grade IV!!! An elderly lady, who has been stalled on the lower Bridge for several years, started on her Grades 2 weeks ago.  When she was told to come and do her Grades at Flag and that “Yes, you can do your Grades!” – she worked it out to go in session daily and she completed ARC SW, Grade 0, Grades I, Grade II and is now on Grade III – all in a matter of weeks! What are your plans on getting through your Grades and NED?
ARC,Michael Farah
Advance Scheduling Registrar(727) 467-5206

My answer to the Mecca rep’s question is: I don’t have any plans for getting through Grades and NED, I am already through them. However, my plans for those I am getting through Grades and NED is to ignore the stat push Mecca, and continue to listen to and apply LRH. That includes, but is not limited to, the following three C/S Series references.

“A cognition at lower levels is not necessarily an ability regained. Thirty or forty cognitions on one lower level might add up to (and probably would) the realization that one is free of the whole subject of the level.”
C/S Series 6

“One day the pc comes into session with a dial-wide, floating, swinging F/N and anything you say or do doesn’t nothing whatever to disturb that F/N. It’s a real Release, man. It may last weeks, months, years.  Tell him to come back when he feels he needs some auditing and chalk up the remaining hours (if sold by the hour) as undelivered. Or if sold by result, chalk up the result.”
C/S Series 20

“’Quickie grades’, instead of making fortunes for one and all, crashed the whole Scientology network. BECAUSE QUICKIE RESULTS ARE LAZY AND DISHONEST. Let’s just face up to the facts of life! Selling out the integrity of the subject for a buck wrecks the subject.

“…Honest grades and time spent in C/Sing and in auditing to obtain them add up to success for the individual, the org, its field, the country and the planet.

“The time it takes to process somebody is how long it takes to get each single result available. It is not how slowly or quickly it is done. A book is not a good book if it takes seven years to write. And a bad book isn’t always written in two weeks. It takes as long to write a good book as you get a good book. The result is the result and the TIME IS JUST AN ENTERED ARBITRARY.” –  C/S Series 9

26 responses to “News from the Mecca of Quickie Grades

  1. All good refs Marty particularly C/S Series 6 which I’ve had the good fortune to do in clay.

    It’s easy to see by the promo you posted that Flag and therefore Miscavige view the Grades as something to endure and to get through as quickly as possible so you can get real case gain on the OT Levels or whatever.

    Nota bene, that the PCs that they allowing through the grades with any rapidity are those who will be future patrons and big donors. For the rest of the Scn public it’ll be the same old grind .i.e. 300 hrs of O Pro by Dup giving and receiving etc.

    While the richer ones they are going to be lighting a fuse under to push them through all the “preliminary” steps to Solo NOTs and once on NOTs they’ll be on that endless tread mill of 6 month checks. In either case the end result will be the same. Overwhelm.

    The fact is that in the original quickie grade phenomenon that occurred in the late ’60’s there was no actual malice involved. Here there is and to me it is obvious. Davy here is trying to create a Potemkin Village in this case for the dubious benefit of the peasants.

  2. Marty, so are they pushing this just for GI? Are the OT levels worth more to the org and that is why they are hurrying people?

  3. martyrathbun09

    I suspect because the Class V org network and Mission network have been so decimated that there is no flow up to Flag. DM now thinks he will have Flag create the flow. Of course, he bastardizes the Mecca with Quickie Grade delivery, which will give them huge problems with delivering OT levels in the future, and pretty much signs the death warrants of the orgs and missions by stealing all their pc’s.

  4. martyrathbun09

    RJ, thanks for the new take on Reverse Scientology. OT III is supposed to produce freedom from overwhelm. Well, the org process set up by DM proves to the pre-OT he never got the EP. That is because he will succeed in overwhelming them with financial ptps, arbitrary behavioral standards, and sec checks.

  5. I received an email promo from the nearest flag representative, similarly extolling the virtues of the speed of flag delivery of the grades.

    I queried him with reference to “Tech Degrades”.

    He replied that he saw what I was talking about, but “More to the point, seeing as you’ve been around, is simply that Grades have been overlong due to arbitraries. And now we’re getting it done exactly per LRH—not quickie and nothing added—with unbelievable success stories—regular F/TAs, persistent F/Ns, exterior, etc.”

    I didn’t have the heart to email him back and tell him that those successes are not unbelievable.

    Nor that he side stepped the issue of the tech degrades issue.

    Perhaps this is why the church got off track. People like me doing nothing when something needed to be said/done.

  6. Wow – it just gets worse and worse. The promotion is really stressing how “fast” these people are getting through. Ick!

    Thanks for the refs too. Those are great ones.

  7. Also once a PC goes to Flag, he/she is so trapped with donating to IAS, Super Power building, Basic books campaigns, Planetary Dissem Campaigns, IHELP, ABLE and so on that there is no escape from those regges.
    Then after the Grades 4, the PC is a great prospect to be regged for Ls.
    This is Miscavology’s way of creating financial mess for the PCs at Flag.
    And if the FSO staff are not following the “command intention” order, they will be sent to a nasty RPF. it seems as Miscavige is able to manipulate/control the SO staff more than he can the orgs/missions staff, therefore it is easier for him to get the public to Flag and suck the last drop of their blood like a vampire.

  8. Very true.

    Not only that but with the lower grades by passed it’s doubtful that these new Pre OTs will run III with any reality.

    Of course they’ll explain this lack of results by saying you need your next level etc. Ignoring what the Ol’man says in the HCOB Case Gain Completing Levels about each one producing a stable EP.

  9. Well actually there were a few of us who did or said something about all this who became persona non grata.

    What happens when you persist in pointing out the error in their ways is that you end up on their reverse ethics program which is very similar to being water boarded.

  10. It is important that scientologists understand the full view of this.

    For the highly trained and staff experienced ones it would be easy.

    Not quite so for the ones with little or no training at all.

    Yes; as Dave Adams says; is a clear Technical degradation.
    In this reference LRH states:
    “The best way to really handle pcs is to ensure they make each level fully before going on to the next and repairing them when they do not”.

    There´s also a generality and alteration on interpreting that “grades and basic books COULD take some weeks” to the alteration on “grades and objectives and DRD and HRD and basic books SHOULD ALWAYS take some weeks”
    Big, big difference here.
    There are some conditions that make possible to make the A to B achievement in any grade, action or course shorter with respect to other in diferent conditions. im not going to try to explain them or number them; because there are a lot and must be UNDERSTOOD and referenced to.
    But fast speed is not always the rule.
    It takes for each pc what it takes.

    Why take advantage of a low or not trained pc who does not know this and making HIM believe, with a little help of the non technical trained registrar, that ALWAYS is going to be fast, easy go, next now!?

    For me; the bottom of this is not only promoting to the people that in FSO they will receive better and faster delivery. Making implicit that the missions and orgs ARE NOT capable of doing so; thus betraying to the orgs and missions by downgrading them in something that is supposed to be his specialy (that part of the bridge).
    If the org and missions auditing through the grades were not as fast as it should be (standard) then the correct handling would be send a program or cramming to the orgs involved in this and correct it; pc´s speeded up and arrived to flag to recieve only FSO exclusive auditing (OT VI, VII, L´s, Super Power, Etc.)

    Why there´s no Org or mission WW now screaming at the top of his lungs:
    “What the f*** are you doing?
    That´s my part of responsability in clearing the planet?
    Don´t mess with it!
    That´s NOT your hat!

    Has everybody gone blind?

  11. ThatsNotMyName

    I was a little sceptical about the authenticity of this notion that Flag was grabbing grades PCs…until 5 minutes ago when the post arrived, with an A3 fold-out glossy promo piece from Flag. HALF of one side is devoted to extolloing the virtues of going to Flag for your grades!!! “DO YOUR GRADES AT FLAG” is the banner headline. This is 180 degrees contrary to LRH policy; Flag should be taking responsibility for lower orgs and THEIR delivery of grades. For example from HCO PL 11 Feb 1971 Upper Org Central Files and New Names to CF under the heading of Role of Upper Orgs in Bridge Flow: (begin fair use) “The flow up the Bridge is composed of FSMs and groups – missions – Class V Orgs – Saint Hills – AOs – FSO and FSSO, each flowing people upwards to the next higher level.

    The Public Divisions in a Class V Org are majorly concerned with GETTING PEOPLE TO START THE BRIDGE.”.

    Under the heading FSO and Bridge Flow: “Moving Clears up the Grade Chart is a vital action for the FSO as well as for the SHs and AOs. In the AOs and lower Orgs there are persons who have done OTIII but have not gone onto audited NOTS and so on, and all of these should be contacted by the FSO” LRH
    “Lets buy some very expensive Org buildings and make sure there are no PCs to audit in them”. DM

  12. Highest Ever?
    Compared to what?

    A generality is an outpoint, what should be there (a datum of comparable magnitude) isn’t, and thus is simply an “ARC Break mechanism”.

    This is the smoke and mirror PR tech of Miscavology. Hiding behind generalities.

    Senior Policy has gone out the window.

    Another point of observation I have had over the years is that when “Executive C\S’ing” is allowed on the line, the “Executive” tends to “C\S ” people for the things he himself needs.

    When Miscavige went nuts on “External Influences”, he conveniently overlooked how HE was an external influence on cases by routinely violating the Ivory Tower rule.

    Real production needs no such interference.

  13. You all can see how this promo and others like it that Marty has been bringing to our attention can be “innocuous” to the untrained or unenlightened. “Do Your Grades at Flag” is not unusual promotion to the field. We know it is the last of final assaults on the Class V orgs, which are on the verge of foundering. It is up to us to continue to enlighten our friends and get them aware of these situations. We have to move fast.

  14. I have a question if I may. The Bridge flow aspect is obviously nuts. On the quickie aspect, it seems like another pendulum swing. Now I must say that being in orgs in recent years (up to 2006), I did see public that were on the same grade for years. Yes, years. Things like 12 intensives on Grade II, etc. That also did not seem right to me. So the question is: 1. What’s the exact arbitrary or arbitraries that has supposedly been removed? Has anyone asked and run verbal tech checklist? 2. If there was indeed an arbitrary on Grade delivery, why would it only be removed at Flag and not in orgs? 3. What other out-tech exists so widespread in orgs that so many orgs don’t seem to be able to get their public up the lower bridge at all?

  15. Hi NS,

    The biggest arbitrary I see is that Miscavige sabotaged the Auditor Training with the “Golden Age of Tech” lineup, and the re-definition of what an F\N is. Further, he ran off all the stable tech terminals with bad ethics handlings and hidden standards, and then destroyed the LRH implemented concept of Internships to make perfect auditors via intensive application.

    To cover this up, he then had the gumption to supplant LRH books, and set himself up as ‘source’.

    It is not a pretty scene.

  16. That answer from the Flag representative is so unreal I could punch my face through the wall right now. “but more to the point…?”

    How about acknowledging that it is a tech degrade and you’re going to attempt to fix it or die trying? You ARE in the SEA ORG you idiot!

  17. Hi NS,

    I’d been on tech lines for quite a number of years and to answer your questions would at least take C/S Series 1-10 to answer but I’ll make an attempt here (hopefully not in vain)1. What’s the exact arbitrary or arbitraries that has supposedly been removed?

    This is Miscavige’s favorite catch phrase which includes needed actions as well such as those required per Solo Series 11 RG the solo checklist required for Advanced Levels. Many of these required actions were dropped out in favor of ….you guessed it….sec checking.

    Has anyone asked and run verbal tech checklist?

    I did and look where I am now 🙂

    2. If there was indeed an arbitrary on Grade delivery, why would it only be removed at Flag and not in orgs?

    The PR is that Flag is the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”. In fact the last word should be deception or perversion.

    Flag’s standards were high when the Ol’man was directly responsible for Technical Delivery. Now under Miscavige the place exists on its past glory.

    Also see below.

    3. What other out-tech exists so widespread in orgs that so many orgs don’t seem to be able to get their public up the lower bridge at all?

    Omitted Auditors. Most orgs don’t have auditors, some only have one or two. Davy has managed to wipe out training with his own arbitraries added to the training line up like the “Golden Age of Tech” and now everybody including those on Academy Levels has to do the Basics.

    Instead of handling this omission per the PL ‘What No Auditors’ and canceling GAT. He is sending everyone to Flag for their grades. Either that or having them endlessly “coaudit” on objectives.

  18. RJ – Fast Flow Training is knocked out by GAT. LRH wanted us to make thousands of auditors and C/Ses in order to clear the planet NOW. 100% Standard Tech was not expected until Class VIII, (we still we needed Standard Tech it all across the lines, but you understand what I am saying here).

    The last time the orgs were booming was in the 70’s when Tech Training was affordable and there was FFT with a strong internship.

    I was the Lead Sup in a Class V org in mid-70’s and FFT was in. We made 2-3 auditors every week. Then we put them on their internship and kicked their asses until they could do it right.

    And man did we boom. We’d send our Grade 4 comps to ASHO and they would fix our PCs as needed, followed by a cram from them to us, which we did heed and promptly fix. Oh man, the whole thing worked just fine. There were happy people everywhere.

    God, those were the days.

  19. So true PS 🙂

    Those were definitely the days.

    Remember the LRHED on Training 10,000 Auditors, C/Ses and Course Supervisors?

    The LRHED the End of Endless Training and others directed towards making auditors.

    Talk about a Golden Age of Tech!

    It makes Miscavige look like Cortez.

  20. I consider the word arbitrary to be a generalization as it does not give specfics of what it is.

    So who is it that like generalizations. Even I would know that answer. (SP)(DM and more)

  21. I think NS’s point was that those questions need to be asked of the Flag reps, to show up the fact that they’re telling lies. eg. Why have the arbitraries only been corrected at Flag and not at the orgs?

  22. I remember years ago if you would tell someone else how many intensives took you to go through an action, you would end up in Ethics for handling. But now CoS publicly announces the following:

    Dear Los Angeles Scientologists,

    My name is Jeff Mintz and I have been a Flag Service Consultant for Los Angeles for over 25 years. As a CL VIII auditor I Want others to receive standard tech and move up the Bridge as LRH intended from LRH ED From Clear to Eternity. What is happening at Flag right now is a dream come true for Scientologist to get up the Bridge. We have Standard Tech and a new package giving you 45% off on your intensives to get through Grades and NED. I want this for you. I want you to have these wins.
    Contact me – I will help you get there!!!

    Jeff Mintz
    Snr Flag Service Consultant LA.
    Office: 323-953-3230
    Cell: 323-893-6690

    FACT: All pcs who have arrived and stayed for their Lower Grades in the last
    5 months got through ARC SW to GRADE IV in less than 1 month!
    FACT: In the last few months, MORE THAN 75 PCS ARE NOW THROUGH their Grades in 6 Intensives.
    FACT: Since MV 2009 Flag has produced an average of 5-6 Clears every week!

    FACT: FLAG offers 6 intensives of LOWER GRADES & NED auditing at a donation rate at 45% discount.

  23. Just to be fair, the FH has always had a Grades HGC. If FLAG only staffed Class IX’s and above, they’d have nothing to do. Outpoint? Yes. Proof the stats in events are wrong? Yes. But I don’t object to FLAG delivering the grades. PROMOTING it to the extent they are now, yes, that absolutely robs orgs…BUT the “new” grades have not been released to the orgs yet and won’t be until all the Snr C/S’s internationally have done their cramming cycle at FLAG. Could be months to a year. Lord knows we’ve been expecting this release every Auditor’s Day since about ’02. I guess it could be argued that FLAG should simply keep doing what it’s always done on HGC delivery and COB should just wait for the orgs to be ready to deliver the “new” grades and not bother promoting it for FLAG at all…

    Yeah, I guess even if you support the “new” grades…using FLAG as the Grades monopoly while orgs are obsolete on the subject is pretty damn weird.

  24. First, when you say the HGC’s always been there, do you mean when it first came ashore? I heard there’s a reference banning grades PCs to Flag. But maybe it specifies in the ref that Flag isn’t supposed to be recruiting from all over the world or something? Doesn’t make sense if there’s an LRH reference against it. Do you know?

  25. I just got an email from a “Fort Harrison Staff” asking “have you heard about how Flag is getting people through the Grades within 3-4 weeks?” What is the exact policy that talks about this? Is it Technical Degrades? I know it’s the one that is in the front of every Academy checksheet. I want to write it up.

    (I’m a born-into-it Scientologist who hasn’t really been active for several years and is questioning current management. Hi all!)

  26. April I talked to Flag about this and they told me to “find your M/U’s in “From clear to eternity”.

    I told them LRH was giving in effect a Tech estimate in that reference where he talks about getting through the grades in a month. Flag was promoting speed of service, LRH was giving a tech estimate. There’s a big difference and it is indeed a tech degrade when they “boast as to speed….”

    What about when an org decides to “boast as to speed” by promoting two week grades completions? Flag is taking their grades PC’s so why not? And what’s Flag going to do be a hypocrite and call them on it?

    The terminal I spoke with didn’t get the difference between LRH giving a tech estimate and any one org boasting on a promo line “grades get done faster at our org than at your local org, so come do them here!”

    Black and white tech degrade and her overt did speak too loudly when she got nasty with me so fast in the email.
    That’s how F***ed we are right now.

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